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File: 665332baccf59eb⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1811x1300, 1811:1300, 38_39.png)


Oh look! They finally achieved the thing they wanted to achieve since the fucking start of the manga. Kill the titans and see the fucking ocean, but wait, that means nothing now because this is all some crackpot Nazi germany-esque fairy tail with shit characters that is just a shittier version of the Village.


Time for them to sail on a boat and go on hiatus.


File: a8f1a637bab8a5e⋯.jpg (117.81 KB, 607x415, 607:415, 1376578264925.jpg)

I totally forgot that it went off the deep end into whatever the hell it is.

Kind of hilarious.



If only


Did they breed these horses to have huge asses?



Yes, Just like Mikasa



They have needs.


>All the continents are titans

>Ocean is a titan too

Place bets now.


File: a54d0538278b0f5⋯.jpg (154.76 KB, 660x495, 4:3, dino20riders-660x495.jpg)

The Nazis should be able to pull this off with their titans, right?



>Dino Riders

Oh god the nostalgia. I would love this to get turned into an anime where the dinosaurs are moe monstergirls.



I thought the Titans were Jews.


I read the synopsis to this manga online and it comes off as some of the dumbest fan-fiction tier edgy shit I've ever seen. The MC turns into a titan, but then you find out the other characters are titans and then you find out titans are being controlled by the King or some horseshit and they're created with this space alien technology that can also create giant walls. The titans can also turn into humans, and you find out the MC's dad what is the appeal?



The Titans are Jews I think it's not really clear that or the Nazis are Jews and the main characters are Germans and Mikasa is asian... for some reason.


The creator changed the plot when it got popular it was originally a kill em all zombie story. So the legends go.


Go read the recent chapters where the people living behind the wall were ACTUALLY shoa'd by ebil Nazi's.


I could have sworn there was a thread with that exact same OP like a year ago. Am I tripping balls?


File: dca4b8044d514f6⋯.jpg (194.23 KB, 1284x980, 321:245, 1453116919381.jpg)

Does this series seriously end with them finding the fucking ocean?



Have you even read the story numbnuts? Latest shit revealed that all the people in walls are literally jews who were shoa'd by the outside world which is basically just a parody of nazi germany. This story is retarded, much like your compulsion to ignorantly jump the gun on the subject.



Fuck off /monster/. Your crap is infectious enough as it is.



If only. The big reveal is that the rest of the world is still fine and that there is no titan plague. The characters and wall country are literally jews who were kicked out from the outside world by the rest of the planet and the titans are mutated jews sent to exterminate their fellow jews. Now they're planning on fighting off against the mainland. The entire fucking series was on an insignificant little island. This shit should've ended with all of them dying. Fuck the anime.



>The entire fucking series was on an insignificant little island


I knew this series would get worse and worse, but not that bad. It had a lot of potential. I'm kinda disappointed because I really liked the games and Mikasa, all the others characters were shit.



You now realize the only reason Mikasa is good is because she doesn't give a fuck and says almost nothing so she can't look stupid.



Brazilian horses



She's just Erens cocksleeve in waiting anyways.



I knew this series was total garbage about three episodes in


File: ce6d70c6753850c⋯.gif (666.31 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1373868525129.gif)

File: 602ab7041eedbce⋯.jpg (198.08 KB, 764x1080, 191:270, 1380424645024.jpg)


There's Titans working for the Not-Nazis.


The way I'm recalling it (it's a damn blur): the Titans apparently Nazi'd the Not-Nazis for thousands of years. The Not-Nazis eventually were able to Nazi the Titans.


>all the others characters were shit.

You take that back.



I imagine they breed these horses to have other horses.

If you were trying to get asses of any size, you'd have to breed asses.

I'm pretty sure a horse can't give birth to an ass.

'Ass' can mean 'donkey'.



Fuck your stupid potato meme.



>Telling /monster/ to fuck off.

>On /a/, the imageboard.

Oh, shit, Nigger. What are you doing?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Better not watch the live-action version then.


Attack on fat horse ass.


File: fce79d147e4e01b⋯.png (91.92 KB, 672x808, 84:101, 1470381914070.png)



the horses are titans



The horse asses are titans.


File: 52446fc1314048e⋯.png (260.77 KB, 620x916, 155:229, 1413945710037.png)


>'Ass' can mean 'donkey'.

>explaining the joke



The hair on the horse asses are titans.



>asking for sauce on /a/

Read the last 10 fucking pages of the manga, numb-nuts. Why are you even in this thread if you aren't reading this train wreck? Literally this is all Attack on Titan fags have been talking about for months you fucking retard.



Posting quality is dying.


Did they confirm that the titans are made from bread?



Close. It seems to some eldritch abomination. Thanks Ymir.



i dropped this ages ago.

was it Shamalama tier?


File: 590a0d0c31d55d7⋯.png (302.16 KB, 569x308, 569:308, through the eyes of the de….png)


No because ShamalamaintheLoo at least had a few movies with decent twists. This was all one long drawn 8 year death march to an awful twist no one wanted.


I dropped this shit as soon as I realized it wouldn't be a Humanity Fuck Yeah story. I really thought it went that way first; that they would beat the fuckers through pure bravery and attrition, Imperial Guard style. It really had that vibe in the beginning. Such wasted potential. Would have been great.



I wanted the bonus preview of what the prototype was instead of this shit, it's premise was even more ridiculous but that looks so much more entertaining.



Thanks for explaining the joke, now I get it. Baka


Anyone who hasn't dropped this POS when it was revealed that all the Rookies are titans 100% deserve what it happening to them.


Isn't this literally the same twist that claymore had? At least that manga had decent moments until then.



The biggest difference is that Claymore didn't shove in a Nazi Germany allegory. It was just an island for crazy experiments, not the ghetto island that the bad jews were sent to for trying to bomb the evil Nazis in a world where the Nazi-run civilization seems to be entirely stable aside from zionists trying to kill them.


File: 5d80265a9d2bc82⋯.gif (142.62 KB, 429x611, 33:47, 1433554453327.gif)


Here we go.


File: e637c0f737299c4⋯.png (942.94 KB, 808x1300, 202:325, fug.png)

Behold, this is the last fucking titan. This crawling pile of autism is all that's left.



Why does it look like the end of a JoJo part? Why haven't we started editing in faces.



I bet your understanding of the word fascism is the kind of understanding that pissed off George Orwell enough for him to write a book about it.



Of course it works the Jews were all forced into camps because they couldn't stop being Jews thus the economy is fine. Compare to the Strike Witches Universe where there are no Jews because a Neuroi wiped them all out in 400BC or something.



This is kind of poetic, in a sad way that reminds you that this was something casuals actually enjoyed at some point.



>Isn't this literally the same twist that claymore had?

Yes, but it sort of made sense in Claymore.

Not really, but the idea that the organization is just looking to make super soldiers, which is what they're doing from chapter 1, the idea that they also made most of the monsters, which was known for a long long time (nobody was sure whether or not they made ALL of them, or if only some of them are botched experiments to make super warriors from them) make perfect sense if it's just a experimental ground given by a much larger country to the organization, then you had the fact the fact that there is no real form of government despite having some population, the populations being sparse and isolated, etc..., there was enough degree of foreshadowing and it was sort of believable in the overall plot (because the main plot since day one is 'the organization makes claymores").

In Attack on Retards the plot is humans fight titans in gigantic fortress city made to fight titans.

PLOT TWIST: the titans are the nice guys.

Now forget about all the times they've been bathing in the sea of blood of hundred of thousands innocent civilians...



>they've killed all the titans!

>it happened off screen




Because it'd be boring to have a shitton of chapters where everyone's just standing around operating the cannons and anti-titan deathtraps. There was no fighting, just mechanical slaughtering like animals.


Umi da!


The only thing I really know about AoT is that the wall is made of titans, does anybody have a pic of that?


File: 3c36a35025124cf⋯.png (135.87 KB, 249x381, 83:127, Umi isn't sure about what ….png)



>hundreds of men dying heroically like spiderman

>when the most efficient method was just crushing them with a reusable trap from safety

This is retarded and the writer should be shoad.


File: 3813724467f159b⋯.jpg (292.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, umi_paranoid.jpg)


What kind of trap?



I meant the device, not the mental disease.



But what kind of trap? I gave up on this shit long ago, yet it sounds interesting.


File: 13325233dccc01f⋯.png (276.37 KB, 410x616, 205:308, 1.png)

File: 7ef7e050e0eacdb⋯.png (309.59 KB, 409x617, 409:617, 2.png)


Unless they created a new trap, the old one was a giant guillotine to decapitate all titans that approached the wall.


Is SNK really bad? Maybe you are all just too stupid to get it.



I don't think it's awful, but it has a lot of retarded moments and anyone who read Claymore knows the story already.

Plus it attracts a lot of normals and that alone is enough to piss people off.



/a/ loves to hate it because it started out kind of interesting; a shounen influenced by horror manga. Then it got too popular for its own good and the plot went full retard. While this happened, it escaped into the mainstream and was celebrated for how edgy and deep it was.

If it never got popular, I don't think /a/ would hate it as much; we just would have stopped discussing it.



The Titans are shitty zombies, unless a disease converted billions of humans all at once.



And in the anime, the girl titan wins the fight....but doesnt finish her opponent off, so she loses because girl stupidity of just wanting to run away.



>all the people in walls are literally jews

Wait. Waaaiiittt. Explain



So? The fight ahainst Titans should never have been so desperate.



>Does this series seriously end with them finding the fucking ocean?

Just like real life, after Titans there is likely... space


File: ac71cccfbe051b7⋯.jpg (9.24 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 442541.jpg)

>make a normalfag anime

>make it popular

>wait for a few years

>reveal that it was the JEWS



All according to keikaku.


File: 48877b15b8e279d⋯.jpg (150.59 KB, 1082x1082, 1:1, Микаса.jpg)

>knows that Eren has less than a decade to live

>makes no advances on him for an entire year

>will probably die a virgin unless raped by some Mare

>the timeloop storyline is pretty much confirmed so she is a beta on infinite planes of existence

Why is Mikasa such a lazy idiot?



She is simply retarded. And so is everyone else. Never marry and reproduce goim.


File: 7cfcd0a777b9794⋯.jpg (160.91 KB, 506x640, 253:320, shingeki-no-kyojin-422841.….jpg)

This series is utter shit.

It's shit for reading.

Shit for watching.

Even if you make fun of it, you're automatically shit, no "i read it ironically" "i read it to shit on it", you're shit, just by association, you're always going to be a shithead, you can't worm your way out of this one.




Decent about this series, right now, is this game.

I didn't say "great".

I didn't say "good".

Just "decent".

The type of "decent" that means "it's shitty but a sequel could be interested if expanded upon".

By the way fuck off with the "LE FREE VERSION WAS LE BETTER XDDD" shitty ass meme motherfucker, i'm speaking the objective truth here, if you disagree you can go shove broken glass down your dickhole and run pelvis first against a wall with a raging boner.

This game right here is the only thing that can be salvaged from this shitheap, and possibly with a sequel it could be the only GOOD thing about it.

That's it.



>not the fangame



enjoy your shredded dick





It always felt like it would have some similiar plot twist. With the whole: "Who created the fortress and this advanced gear? Where do the titans come from and why can some people transform into them?"

This is literally all I know about the series. Was there every anything reveald that made this twist less likely



the free fangame WAS better though, at least in terms of combat mechanics, movement, and physics.



Well it's not like the titans were all smart like the infiltrators. Traps really are the most effective method of dealing with Titans it's just a matter of being able to build them.



They literally gutted Mikasa's character in that version.



>whole premise of the story is humanity's survival against the titans

>plot twist

>everyone is a titan and titans are the good guys

>there was never any survival shit and the real story was that everyone is a titan but they forgot because actual fucking magic and they gotta fight jewish nazis now

>answer to every question is literally fucking called 'magic'

If you're gonna be a moronic defensive contrarian white knight, at least know what you're defending.



Keep up with the story faggot. There is no disease and they ain't zombies. They're just a race idiots that all the characters belong to who don't know how to control their racial powers.


Its been explained a million times in this thread. You lazy queer. >>625659


File: ca9ae6382ba64e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.67 KB, 498x482, 249:241, 1428094578382.jpg)


Do you seriously think they're going to end the series here when there's more jewyen to make off the franchise?



The series originally sold itself as being a brutal story where even the most shounen-y protagonists could die a nasty, unpleasant death.

When the anime premiered, normalfags creamed themselves over the intense opening and the fact that Eren gets fucking eaten right away after having such a cliche introduction... And then it turns out that most of the characters have plot armor and only the no names get offed, and everyone can turn into a Titan.



Gonna post the same thing I do every SnK thread. I think the show is fucking awful, but I'll also admit that the first 7 episodes (number 7 ends with Eren in a Titan's stomach missing an arm and leg) are seriously some of the best episodes of TV ever. I'm not even talking specifically about anime. I believe the first bit of the show is that fucking good. The problem is that it turns to complete shit after that, but because the first episodes are so good, audiences are duped into thinking the rest of the show is good.



Gonna post the same thing I do every SnK thread. I think the show is fucking awful, but I'll also admit that the first 7 episodes (number 7 ends with Eren in a Titan's stomach missing an arm and leg) are seriously some of the best episodes of TV ever. I'm not even talking specifically about anime. I believe the first bit of the show is that fucking good. The problem is that it turns to complete shit after that, but because the first episodes are so good, audiences are duped into thinking the rest of the show is good.>>625622




Sorry for the double post, thought it fucked up



I never understood how people thought that part of the show was even bearable.

It was mind-numbingly boring and the characters' actions (Levi comes to mind) felt really idiotic.


File: b75daa228281bbd⋯.png (563.43 KB, 887x901, 887:901, 1455652676804.png)



There was ONE thing about that bit I liked, and that was just the fact that they pleaded him to "believe in his friends" and he told his friends to fuck off


File: ff99cdfc6fe5f72⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 632x475, 632:475, Aha - take on me.jpg)


>All this trouble for an ocean

Whats the meaning of the ocean?



Well, it was Armin's dream to see the ocean. He thought that once they get there they will see that the world is bigger than three walls.



Armin, or at least an older Armin reminiscing about his past, is the narrator from the very first episode/manga chapter. The anime makes it fucking clear by giving the very specific role of the narrator's VA to the same one who did Armin. Now let that sink in and consider the implications.



Eren isn't long to live, is gonna die one way or another. Only now it's the cop-out version.



>Now they're planning on fighting off against the mainland. The entire fucking series was on an insignificant little island.

Isn't that how Claymore ended ?



Jesus Christ is that the plot?! I watched the first season and thought it was fun. I was a little disappointed the the main character was a Titan, but I had no idea it would end up like that.



This might be the best OP title in the history of /a/



>bemoaning about lack of quality posts

>in /a/



It wouldn't surprise me if they somehow found a way around dying in 13 years bit. Just got to fondle whatever original Ymir found.


The moment the retarded twist killed the story, so all titans which were the only worthwhile part of it, they died too.

There's something to be learned there. You can be a writer so shitty, that even your own characters leave you in disgust.



Well duh. That's what everyone's been saying from the get go. The difference is that the whole story was about humanity's survival against the titans, but now it turns out that humanity did defeat the titans and overthrow their reign and that all the main characters were titans all along, and now these titans idiots have been rooting for wanna wipe out the outside world.


File: 9961e5f8a7ff303⋯.png (81.77 KB, 460x351, 460:351, magic.png)

Literally everything is magic witchcraft. They turn into titans because ancient gay viking magic and the fucks within the walls dont remember that they're titans because the king was a titan wizard who erased their memories using a magic spell and they built the walls using witchcraft.



Did they ever explain potato and her inhuman appetite?





File: 4d66f6297375e6f⋯.png (102.92 KB, 729x572, 729:572, 1375940747477.png)



Pretty much.


File: ba4151706e6b041⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 259x208, 259:208, SmugCat.jpg)



Does that mean when they come back from hiatus everyone will complain about how terrible the art has become?



She is a fucking titan.



What if it's not her, but the potatoes are actually titan flesh?



No. She is a titan. Everyone we've seen in this fucking manga since its inception is a fucking titan. No joke. Potatoes are actually the mainstay of a pureblood Titan's diet.



Claymore ended with the mc basically telling the only guy from the mainland to fuck off and tell them everyone is dead, the experiments failed and the island is unusable so they can live on their shit island in piece. Then again the mainland was waging fucking war so no one would have time to really check things out. The final fights were horrible by the way. Clare dying then resurrecting then turning into Teresa and then awakening and then back to Clare was beyond ridiculous.



Well awakening were always ridiculous.



File: 5e7ce395bfb4caa⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1479265113954.jpg)


Good thing I dropped it. As for Everything is a Titan, I'm in too deep.



I'm not sure what's a joke and what's not anymore.



I am not joking. How many times do I have to say it? Every character in this series is a disgusting titan. The only real humans were the not-nazis seen in the flashback. All this survival bullshit about humanity surviving against titans was turned into meaningless drivel by the author when he decided to do the worst twist in the history of twists. Humanity already prevailed against the titans and these walls fuckers were the last of the titan race and they were slowly destroying themselves. Now these shits are going to destroy the rest of the world and their prosperity over "muh titan master race shoah". All of them are fucking titan scum, including the potato slut.



For some reason I have always rooted for the titans from the very first time I read the manga, especially Reiner & Bertholdt, although I could identify with Eren & company up to the moment that random titan swallowed him. Things quickly went to shit afterwards. The shitty constant whining of the supposed protagonists only made me root for the titans even more.



I'm the guy who said "Titans". I actually haven't seen more than the retarded anime


Even after all the explaining, nothing seems to make sense.

How long does it take to read the entire manga?

I remember reading a few chapters back when the anime aired and they were all extremely stretched beyond necessity.


I remember when they did a title drop in one of the last few chapters

>by the way, each of the 9 great titans has a name, this one is called THE ATTACKING TITAN (i've been told this is the correct translation of shingeki no kyojin)

also does anyone know if chapter 90 is the last chapter? Or is it going to keep going? I think it's at a good stopping point.


File: 7158df4993b0518⋯.png (888.28 KB, 1200x748, 300:187, Fun Times Ahead.png)






>I knew this series would get worse and worse, but not that bad.

Can I ask how exactly this makes it bad? Seems like a trivial thing to get hung up on.


I dropped the series this after that chapter when we find out that the wall is made out of titans. What have I missed?


File: 3e8ca44ca83507e⋯.jpg (29.92 KB, 650x253, 650:253, zplayer_2008_05_16_20_11_3….jpg)

File: 5b9aa776f529c49⋯.jpg (29.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, zplayer_2008_05_16_20_27_5….jpg)







YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sounds like you need to watch some better TV pleb.




So what you're saying is, like Lodoss War was a D&D session put into animu

This is some autist's Dorf Fortress campaign, only nobody understood how to operate the drawbridge until there were like 20 left and got savaged by cannibal elves.

And then after he reloaded the save all his dorfs also turned into cannibal elves.


Is that the injun from Pathfinder?



Nothing. It just that Armin is an special snowflake, and they must take him to see it. He's an terrible case of Mary Sue.



I can relate. Even more now that the old commander was just left to die like that.



And don't forget near the end there were pretty much about a hundred Awakeneds just chilling and their de-facto leader basically told everyone "Lol, we can survive without eating guts but they're so yummy most of us prefer to have a short lifespan. We've been chilling all this time and each of us is practically as powerful as your best warriors, fuck you."


File: c169b140cfd2a97⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 14867626347690.jpg)


I would much rather see him take it.



>Is that the injun from Pathfinder?

Yup, good eye.


So what happened to the ape Titan?



He's Eren's half brother. But way more cooler and sane.



So, he must have become a titan shortly after Grisha's exile. How many years does he have left if Eren only has about six?



He must have got his titan when he was 15 something. I don't think he got it so soon.



Giant guillotine smasher in a narrow passageway by the 2nd wall.


File: bef6b32fa0e7f43⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1040x1684, 260:421, attack on groundhog day.png)

How did you miss this?




Time loop was confirmed when the author listed Muv Luv Alternative as a major inspiration.

And yes, Owl looks like Eren.


File: 72b5fb7ebeb260d⋯.jpg (80.08 KB, 592x496, 37:31, 1458112031462.jpg)


Hahaha, no way, it truly in the end is just a giant pile of "A wizard did it"? Holy fucking shit, I had a feeling it's going to end like that when I started watching the anime just to understand what the big deal about it was. What a joke.


File: 16feb6daa2866a5⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1919x1075, 1919:1075, Julius.png)


Well, that anon really simplified it.

The story is essentially this:

Long ago a woman named Ymir got power to turn into a titan by "finding the source of all organic material". Marley, the people opposing her, claim she made a contract with the devil. Eldians, followers of Ymir, think she is a godlike figure. Her titan powers allowed her memories and will to be passed on, and allowed to essentially wipe memories of Eldians.

Eldians waged war on Marley (and conquered them) using nine titan powers. So, the overall amount of shifters is no more than nine. Only descendants of Ymyr can become titans. Everyone who gains the power to become a titan only lives for 13 years after that.

After centuries of war Eldian king decided that he's had it with constant war and decided to relocate to a remote island. During that time Marley got seven out of nine titans on their side and conquered the remaining Eldians, giving them the status of second-rate citizens. Marley began turning Eldian dissenters into mindless titans and sending them loose on Eldian island to ensure they don't expand.

After Grisha almost suffers the same fate, he is given shifter powers by Eldian resistance agent, gets to wwall Maria and kills the royal family, ensuring that founding titan can no longer control the people. He gives his powers to eren, leaves him evidence of the war. Marley sends their titans in order to control the situation, but gets fucked up and retreats. The Eldians are now aware of this and are no longer brainwashed. That's where the manga stops.

It's not exactly "wizard did it", and could in fact be science fiction.


File: 59697e5c58f1e82⋯.png (27.69 KB, 186x208, 93:104, cia_confused.png)


What did he mean by this?


File: 15e50efdd6e9502⋯.jpg (117.81 KB, 627x782, 627:782, 1455785281169.jpg)


From reading the clusterfuck to its end, it's the Eternal Jew (Eldians) vs the Goyim (the Marleyans) and the self-perpetuating cycle of hatred the jew feels towards the goyim. The whole enslaving goyim shit, ruling over them like gods, then fucking up in their hubris, getting overthrown, tossed into the ghettos and the goyim taking half-measures and just letting them exist in this sort of limbo of mutual fear that perpetuates mutual hatred. Oy vey, the goyim killed my sister so I'll kill all the goyim and enslave them again to just start the whole fucking cycle again because the Owl (Moloch) tells me so.

There truly is only one humane way of ending it once and for all and it's rounding up all the goddamn Eternal Jews (Eldians) and kill them all except of the nine honorary aryans, uh, Marleyans that have the perpetual titan powers. Right there, on the spot, no half measures, no way of them ever coming back. Anything else just ends up into a clusterfuck.

I honestly can't tell right now if it's the most severe case of hamfisted nonsense because the author couldn't really figure out what the fuck he's doing or the author has truly been working for all these years to create a fucking treatise on the nature of the Eternal Jew that is read by every single fucking teenager everywhere and this year, The First Year of the new era, is when he finally connects all the dots. Shit, there is some plausible deniability here, but there's too much details for it to be pure coincidence.

This is truly the greatest timeline.



It was either going to be magic or pseudo-science that might as well be magic.


He really did oversimplify it, but the more complex explanation is still fucking retarded (this coming from someone who still like the series).


File: 4a33cc0ea475a78⋯.jpg (489.91 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, p.ssstxt.jpg)

File: 8a498676c56e998⋯.jpg (438.61 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, p.xxxtxt.jpg)

File: 08dee55f57fdd3f⋯.jpg (477.27 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, psss.txt.jpg)

File: 54657ff1f2b8f13⋯.jpg (516.31 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, p.tsssxt.jpg)


Well yes, it is about jews. It is fairly obvious, especially when Eldians call themselves chosen people. The Marley uniforms also sorta look german. One of the officers even has a hitler moustache.


File: eec09bfe197dbc1⋯.jpg (8.26 KB, 177x200, 177:200, annie jew.jpg)


The parallels are outstandingly accurate. I can't tell if it's meme magics latent effect (pic related), or the author naming the jew.


File: 1c30fda9e3c0490⋯.png (284.24 KB, 768x432, 16:9, Tucker Eye.png)


>"We are the chosen children of God!"

>their ancestor actually made a deal with the Devil


File: e15aeb2f4fe6b52⋯.png (238.31 KB, 1002x552, 167:92, Cultural Marxism satanic d….png)


Just like in real life!


File: 3682993da8721d2⋯.jpg (83.99 KB, 405x401, 405:401, Battler's Dilemma.jpg)


>time loop



>asinine lore

>the "heroes" are uppity descendants of a devil-dealing whore and her rape-enslaving people who got ganked in their hubris

I have no one to root for anymore and the whole driving interest behind the story - being a horror/adventure element of "man vs titan" - died long ago when Titans became flesh-mechs and now is just a sodomized husk of what it once was.

Another manga I'm glad I never got too invested in.


File: 0a722eb8aba6837⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 484x750, 242:375, THIS IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE.jpg)


>Just like in real life!

I already know about the Kabbalists and the "world healing" zionist movement from https://8ch.net/christian/res/332929.html#332947

They are ABSOLUTELY DERANGED and actually get together to chant a special spirit bomb type curse called Dae Pulsa or something (essentially chanting really hard until God's wrath rains onto their enemy), and they think that if you know the "true" name of God you gain His power.

Kabbalah makes you understand how plausible it is that there really were cults of Jews who drank Gentile blood at one point. Today the Synagogue of Satan seems more keen on just raping children and maybe legit cannibalism.

I wouldn't mind a manga of unlikely heroes going against Kabbalists who are essentially trying to steal the throne of God. Sadly, AoTs is not that story.



>special spirit bomb type

>Dae Pulsa

That shit sounds like a jewish Shinra Tensei



A lot stuff in SMT comes from Jewish mythology so that shouldn't surprise you.



Meh. I forgot this happened not long after the chapter came out.



Eh, i'm sorry, but unless i've misunderstood your commentary

>Shinra Tensei (Naruto) =\= Shin Megami Tensei (videogame)


File: 3c194fdb63395f6⋯.jpg (23.52 KB, 460x321, 460:321, 1455909402890.jpg)



>star as an indicator of their difference

>chosen by God but made a deal with Moloch, devouring babies of goyim as payment

>treating the goyim like cattle, intermixing with them in order to spread their blood curse further to a point they're indistinguishable from the goyim

>traumatizing their children at an early age in order to control them and make them hate the goyim as a child

>willing to go to any lengths of depravity to achieve their goals, readily sacrificing their own people just to have a shot at revenge against the goyim

>their cursed nature is so strong they are willing to devour their own

>the leader is "Owl" (Moloch)

>the jew titans that work with the goyim are literally called "honorary marleyans", those self-loathing jews are ruthless in eradicating their loathed tribe for they despise the curse that has poisoned their body, mind and soul

>no matter what the jews do or where they go, they still revert to their despicable ways and try to have their revenge on the goyim for the crime of throwing off their yoke and seeing them for the ravenous beasts they truly are

The author is naming the jew. There's just far too many (((coincidences))) otherwise.

The jew fears the samurai, and for a damn good reason.


File: af3b017a79e1f64⋯.png (795.98 KB, 847x789, 847:789, 2ef89c96cdc0a29874f1884ba6….png)


>Now they're planning on fighting off against the mainland. The entire fucking series was on an insignificant little island.

How is this even going to work? This is literally writing yourself into a corner, how is a ragtag group of dumbasses with grappling hooks or one lousy city-state going to fight against a world power who had the means to stuff them onto the island in the first place? What resources or planning could these kikes possible have beyond plot armor?



Expect some more kikes to suddenly appear from the mainland and stab the goyim in the back.



Reading this thread I got confused or you guys are confusing or I am retarded. The islanders are jews or goyim?


The author will probably make some (((coincidence))) to make it possible or the mainland is fucked and divided. Maybe make the islander be super clever and through assassins, gorilla warfare and strategy they can win but that would be really stupid.


File: 9d228db5f6e20e4⋯.mp4 (376.87 KB, 320x240, 4:3, MyimaginationBECAMEREAL.mp4)


Time for demon witchcraft again!


File: 59ffa74e5d1f76a⋯.jpg (440.98 KB, 1000x1087, 1000:1087, titan frodo.jpg)

If I'm reading this right, the mainland would still have its own intelligent titans, right?

The future of the series seems to depend on whether or not they'd be friendly once the Jews make landfall. It might even enter legit SciFi if the mainland has been progressing all this time.

>titans in space



I don't think you've grasped the full possibilities yet anon

>titan spacecraft



>>titan spacecraft

>we TTGL now



This guy gets it.



>stuff them onto the island

The kikes stuffed themselves in the island by their own accord. And their plan is not only about Marley, Eren wants global destruction.



>the mainland would still have its own intelligent titans

They do, but that's the ape titan, Reiner and the other shifter with them.


File: 42c9319f16246a1⋯.jpg (85.68 KB, 714x832, 357:416, 42c9319f16246a1cf172d0435c….jpg)


They have titans, but Eren blew them the fuck out before. Annie is still imprisoned, Ymir loves Historia too much, Bertold is fucking dead.

Eren has the power of two titans. Armin is also on their side.

Zeke and Reiner are still alive.

Two other titans remain unnamed and are probably in Marley's posession, but if Eren becomes able to use his orders it won't be a problem.



>Eren blew them the fuck out before.

Eren always gets his shit handed, then gets lucky.


File: ab3f0089a747720⋯.jpg (4.63 KB, 124x200, 31:50, 1444378662766.jpg)

>mfw this is getting interesting again



Satan is referred to in the Bible as King of the Earth and God of this World. He rules it. Prince of the Air and all that. Lel Gnosticism



Usually you'd be right, except this time.

Have you actually read it? It's all very blatant. It doesn't have nazi and jew undertones, it's literally nazis and jews, they just stop short of calling them nazis and jews.



Yeah, no, you made it sound worse than the simplifications/short summaries. That is beyond fucking retarded.


File: b21b1e10783e5ca⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, b21b1e10783e5ca6bab6936d62….jpg)


>Well yes, it is about jews. It is fairly obvious, especially when Eldians call themselves chosen people. The Marley uniforms also sorta look german. One of the officers even has a hitler moustache.

I was going to say that this must be a joke, but the pics dont lie.





File: c49daae3093798c⋯.png (463.15 KB, 698x565, 698:565, that was fast.png)



Now how long is this current dream sequence going to take? He couldn't possible extend Caska's retard state after finally coming to the island, which was the whole purpose of this journey in the first place. To cure her.



No one knows anon, it is still on hiatus



I still think that having a powerful magical being delve into her godhand rape trauma will cause a pseudo eclipse that corrupts the elves and turns them into demons.



>left to right



Yes, Shingeki no Kyojin means advancing/attacking giants/titans. I seem to remember that the very first use of the "Attack on Titan" phrase was actually a mistranslation by the Nip creative team themselves but then the big gaydom that is the SnK fujoshi fanclub and Western translators such as Crunchyshit decided to adopt it since it is considered an author's canon.


>reading shounenshit

Why do you hate yourself so much, /a/?



Honestly I think the mistranslation makes a better title


File: 24db818e62a6b41⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 320x290, 32:29, 1439974508591.jpg)


Because we have no 2D waifus and even if we did they'd think we're ugly and would kill us on the spot.


File: 8bbf3d4c7280311⋯.webm (8.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BF.webm crowbarcat.webm)

New chapter, anons....This manga has gone to shit fast, jesus... It literally will become something like webm-related, but with Titans.

To comment, it looks like Zeke and Reiner are going to be eaten since they failed their mission on capturing Eren. The kids mentioned that Annie and Bertolt have failed their mission as they have lost them. So now Armin is in a lot of danger.


File: a3635946680a3ab⋯.jpg (232.32 KB, 1908x800, 477:200, b88eb4e51c6bc1fd4bb09c8b8e….jpg)

What the fuck is that chapter even about? Is that the past or the future?

They say that they lost Colossal and Female (really, that's the official name?), so it seems to be the future. Eldian tech is much better now, the city looks different and Armored is different. There are no familiar characters in sight (unless it's a prequel chapter and that's Bertold).

Compared to previous chapters that had a lot of story progression this one feels like filler.


Can we just pretend that Attack on Titan never existed, at this point?

I doubt anyone wants to see a Season 2 happening, if the story has to end up like this.



>I doubt anyone wants to see a Season 2 happening, if the story has to end up like this.

It should be, but when AoT become mainstream, I have my doubts. Never be amazed by the normalfags inability to have good tastes.



>I doubt anyone wants to see a Season 2 happening

Whenever there is a somewhat high budget show that has zero moe elements and is bankable by the west, normalfags flock like rabid dogs. Next season's meme show has already been settled.





File: 3b0efb9bb9702af⋯.jpg (615.12 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, FUCKING TIME TRAVEL.jpg)






When I first read about this comic in 2011 I think, English readers just called it Advance of the Giants. Which is grammatically correct and not gay.


File: dac8bccddb8a73e⋯.jpg (128.41 KB, 957x1300, 957:1300, time travel magic.jpg)



>Female (really, that's the official name?)

Yeah that makes no sense. Doesn't that mean by definition that the other titans have to be male (which isn't true, because Ymir).

What even happens if a male inherits the female titan's power?

>Armored is different

That's a new titan.



SNK is alright. KOFXIV is still the best fighting game this generation even if the DLC characters coming out this month will cost 5.99 it's still better than the shitfests that are SFV and probably Tekken 7



>referring to the SNK which makes fightan gayms

The best thing about KOF are the tons of Maizuri porn that it generated.


File: 9acf251625ccd0f⋯.png (266.33 KB, 552x543, 184:181, 9acf251625ccd0f8091268c637….png)


Holy shit they found hotwheels.


People still read AoT? I thought it went down the gutter for good. Animation is probably gonna bring it back to the crowds.

Is it still worth reading? I haven't been paid any attention to it in a few years by now




Wait, they kill all the titan? how? Dropped it ages ago.



About a year passed and that automatic head smashing gate machine killed them until eventually there was not anymore coming to the gate. Apparently, most of the them were just in Shinganshina from that first attack (? I think that's the name). The last one was just crawling on it's side trying to get there from far away because of broken legs. We've reached the ocean where we're starting to fight against our true enemies. Humans!

We're now into a new arc to fight the nazi's because it turns out we were descended from jews held captive to be used for there titan transformation ability. We've got a slew of new characters which have been set up to be the rival "titanized soldiers" vs. Eren's team who seek to gain true freedom in this war.



They built some kind of super titan killer deluxe machine where they lure them into and turn them into mush, no need for aerial battles anymore. Whole Titan population on the island was culled, Hotman was the last of them.


Haven't heard from him in some time, is he ded?


File: 7611a8f5f527b0a⋯.jpg (159.42 KB, 705x1133, 705:1133, creed!.jpg)


I honestly have no idea why they didn't build Titans to fight the Titans?



>titan killer deluxe machine

I wonder if they executed the people who proposed spiderman equipment as a way to kill titans after this?


File: 15dd19d4c108f63⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 16376edd65b573b20a42b7cb49….png)


From what I remember, the retarded lack of technology that the Eldian's possess was on purpose. Something about purposely repressing scientific advancement so that they don't learn about the outside world, or the truth about their gay little island.



Titan killer deluxe machine was a huge tree(or something similar) on the entrance of town that dropped on heads of entering titans. Compare that to spiderman equipment in terms of technological advancements.



Wasn't saying you are wrong, just saying that they were easily capable of producing greater technologies, but the government was suppressing the intellects. Spiderman gear is the result of retarded government officials not allowing technological advancement, not the Eldians being incompetent intellects.



No. Only ones who still read it are faggots who got addicted to it via the anime.


What's with this 'we' business?




>They built some kind of super titan killer deluxe machine where they lure them into and turn them into mush

That anti-climatic as fuck, so they kill ape titan as well?



>so that they don't learn about the outside world, or the truth about their gay little island.

The place being an island is an obvious retcon, it was always implied the whole world had been swept by the titans. Shit's indefensible, I can only pity those who were waiting for the opening of the basement.



…I feel faint. Was this the author's intent all along? Not superscience, but suddenly MAGIC? This isn't an editorial mandate's fuckery?


File: 1156bc51e7710f3⋯.jpg (49.88 KB, 877x391, 877:391, they live.jpg)


Jew magic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They Live is actually a leftist movie, the glasses are a metaphor for a certain understanding of the word Ideology. You can listen to the prominent leftist philosopher Slavoj Žižek talk about it in the video.

In case you don't want to watch it or don't understand what he is trying to say, here is a summary. How we perceive things is framed by our culture and surroundings, this influence distorts what we see. All humans have some such layer of interpretative filtering which allows them to make sense of the world around them, these foundations are called Ideology. People of different Ideologies can look at the same thing and interpret it in totally different way, just to name an example, if you showed a leftist and a rightist (is that how you say it, this is not my first language) the same black crime statistics, they would see different things, either systemic racism or racial inferiority, as determined by their ideology.

What Philosophy can do is allow people to put on anti Ideology glasses, only for a short period at a time. We can, with some effort, examine the problems and contradictions of our own Ideology, but we can't maintain this viewpoint for long. One might know that wedding rings are just something the jewel industry made up to sell more shiny stones, for example, but it would still feel wrong to marry without exchanging rings. Ideology is a part of people, changing it is hard, looking past it for just a moment takes effort and most people are entirely reluctant to try any of the two.

Sorry for off topic, I just wanted to put this right.



You can disagree with him all you want, I'm just explaining what he is saying.



Take your pills.



Wouldn't surprise me if Zizek has something to say on red and blue pills as well.



>They Live is actually a leftist movie

It is, the aliens represent yuppies. Do kids really believe the meme they're supposed to be jews? Although jews and financial institutions are closedly link, John Carpenter was just about droning about muh ebil reaganism. Like everyone virtue signaling at the time.



Hmm, he obviously doesn't know jack shit about videogames. I'll give his talk about identity some more thought but for now I don't believe in true or false identities, it seems to me that any identity we are able to assume is in a way a true identity, if only for that area of our life. I at least don't feel like I'm somehow lying or limiting myself in most situations, it's the environment that makes me act in one way or another, not my hidden true self that is showing itself in a lesser or greater extent.

By the way, the only videogame I know where you can actually rape people is Rance, where did he get the idea that this is somehow a common theme.


File: f5ec86a8e0959e2⋯.jpg (170.77 KB, 558x800, 279:400, Kev_walker_imperius_dictat….jpg)

File: 687d70deb40aaac⋯.jpg (73.61 KB, 720x544, 45:34, GINAT ROBOT.jpg)


That image is gold.

But we need to go BIGGER.



What the fuck is wrong with Zizek's body language. All the jittery movements, constant rubbing of his nose, they all point to either trying to hide something or lying. It's as if I'm seeing a fucking commie experiencing a cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics induced stroke. Oh wait, I am



He suffers from nervous tics you doofus, he is old. What would he be lying about anyway, I don't see how he would benefit from promoting a perspective on ideology he doesn't believe in.

What does this shit have to do with Attack on Titan again?



That's what cocaine does to you.


File: 7ed1494b3f6cdfb⋯.png (634.64 KB, 838x615, 838:615, better than being eaten.png)



File: ae3f82cdd8405dc⋯.png (546.63 KB, 809x685, 809:685, armored train.png)




I rabu mai station.



So are we supposed to root for the Eldians or what's the author's intention?



>They built some kind of super titan killer deluxe machine where they lure them into and turn them into mush, no need for aerial battles anymore

>>I dropped this when the MC couldd turn into a titan because I liked the aerial battles more

>>Friend tells me those will never go away to try and bring me back in


i knew i was right



Isn't that a superficial reason to read a manga?



Considering it was an anime, the lack of mecha is disturbing. Why didn't they build an army of oversized Zaku's to fight the Titans? I mean honestly, do they not respect the robot?



>the lack of mecha is disturbing.

Maybe you didn't watch far enough, because Titans are mecha.



I think considering they didn't opt for Mecha Suits as their first line of defense is disturbing.



>what's the author's intention?

>implying he has one

The story has been all over the place in the manga since the anime reached the halfway point. Even the original ending was changed to appease the anime fags. SnK was never anything special, but this is just a painful clusterfuck now. Nothing, not even the characters are consistent now or make any sense.


File: c9c8c741fdd29b2⋯.jpg (8.26 KB, 177x200, 177:200, She kinda looks like annie….jpg)


>make normalfag series

>make hints exposing jews

>expose jews for devilkin they are

>fuck with them by making it into a giant pile of random shit

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