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File: 0788904e42a9ec4⋯.jpg (151.99 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset all is sadness.jpg)


It's time to go on a silly and convoluted ride leading to absolutely nowhere.

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>Girl jumps of the bridge

>Marie starts crying

>Arguing about who gets to take Marie to orphanage

>All this happens in the last 3 seconds

You're not supposed to do this.


This is shit but I'll watch it to episode three in case it's not a total shitshow.





Im with you there. I was forcing that first episode. Lets see where this goes


File: ac024511c1ac726⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 543x426, 181:142, Capture.JPG)

Did they misspell their own name?



What are you on about? Daivd Production IS the name of the studio.


This show is the visual equivalent of a 6 year-old asking "why?" constantly, I hope it ends up beyond grey-tinged sadshow 2deep4u shit with the depth of a puddle


Is this train wreck of the season? Do I need to jump on this for the fun or should I hold off?



Yeah I can't really handle any of the characters, reminds me of women who think they're smart simply by not talking and acting autistic.


File: 13b9f5be5973ca6⋯.jpg (110.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, to be hero I don't know.jpg)


That's the fun. We don't know.



Acting autistic is probably the most notable thing here, the whole cast feels really autistic. Everyone keeps talking so fucking much. It's an issue of pacing, too, this shit has 2 cours announced, 24 episodes, and yet they're burning through the dialogue as fast as they can.

Aoi Yuuki talking a lot is nice though.



Isn't it David Production?



>this shit has 2 cours announced, 24 episodes

So it's pretty much confirmed that episodes 8 to 22 will be slow as fuck with establishing shots and a lot of 2deep4u talking.


File: 19408150d1dfdd3⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….jpg)




That Flash-tier animation for the falling made that scene rather hilarious to me.


No, it's always been Daivd Productions?



>Daivd Production

They better update their wiki then https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Production

... and their website http://davidproduction.jp/english/



Berenstein strikes again.



Perhaps, we'll know in two more episodes.


This is going to be a huge waste of time isn't it?


File: 6d3d07306966bd5⋯.jpg (126.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset kiss.jpg)

File: 672268407fcb7e0⋯.jpg (175.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset remembered the sadne….jpg)

Alright, Marie's smile was protected and the other girl fell in the river. Things are going just fine. Now they start doing their investigation missions until the final one which will be resetting two years back to save the girl because reasons.

Also, spring 2017 confirmed season of the kissu.


File: 6b82cc2e3a255cd⋯.jpg (124.19 KB, 1279x720, 1279:720, mpc-hc64_2017-04-12_21-59-….jpg)

They really managed to get the autistic girl's lack of feelings through because I have no idea what to make of this shit.

First there's the case solving, nothing to it, that went exactly as expected, then the driest romance I've seen in years between characters that I could not give less of a fuck about, and then the one character that gave me some semblance of a reason to watch this pretentious philosophical potato of an anime is killed off.

The directing continues to be terrible, despite having two of the best voice actors on there, all the dialogue sounds awful, everyone talks as if they were reading lines off a screen.


Hold on. Hold the fuck on. If Soma was found dead at dawn on September 1st, why didn't he hear about it the first time through before he had Haruki reset to the 31st? She went to hike in the mountains both times.


File: 85859c8562aaa74⋯.png (70.84 KB, 307x293, 307:293, shrug.png)



In the first place, it doesn't make sense that she did not visit him. The only way this could make sense is if there was another person with a memory ability, or at least something similar to it, who was affected by the reset and caused alteration of the events


File: 277527bedc64c39⋯.webm (1.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wakarimasen lol.webm)


File: 717afc4f6cc65b8⋯.png (655.74 KB, 569x629, 569:629, complaints.png)


You're right. Moreover, the foreshadowing strongly suggests suicide, it's obvious she had a crush on MC, and the conversation they had when she apparently didn't die ended on a sour note for her. But somehow not having that conversation resulted in her death? It doesn't add up in multiple ways.

It would be one thing if her death really was accidental as the news reported. Maybe him talking to her delayed her trip long enough for the rain to stop and the mountain conditions to improve. But we know that isn't the case, and it still doesn't explain why she didn't visit the second time.

And then they just skip ahead 2 years to avoid elaborating on it. God damn, I'm mad.



A cascade of any events could explain the change in things that took place, something like a 1-2 hour long change of plans is enormous in preventing a low-chance accidental death like slipping into a river. The problem is that they changed nothing apparent about the setting. MC was inside his home doing fuck-all the entire time, and the outside world had the exact same conditions.

To make it even more shit, once they revisit this, if they don't pull the "another person with memory abilities" shit, it will be the "MC did something offscreen after the reset" crap, like sending her some message.


File: 316bed4c2313605⋯.webm (2.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Re….webm)

File: 761319d1f36fafc⋯.png (528.03 KB, 1008x403, 1008:403, sagrada.png)

>Wait, how could this girl exist if she died at birth? Oh I know, cloning abilities! It's always abilities!

>I can't love this girl because the real version died at birth, but even though I created a clone version of her I still don't think loving the clone is right even though the real version is dead and the clone version is in fact an actual human beam.

>In the name of justice, I will threaten to kill myself with this glass bottle if you do not give in to my demands.

>Don't talk, side character. I only need you for your convenient abilities.

>I can decipher your motivations and personality and relay them to you and our audience directly because our scriptwriter is a fucking hack when it comes to adapting LN material.

This scene had me laughing so fucking hard. As if it were an unintentional anime parody of Drive. I have a feeling that second pic might apply for the entire series.


>Moreover, the foreshadowing strongly suggests suicide, it's obvious she had a crush on MC, and the conversation they had when she apparently didn't die ended on a sour note for her

This characters in this show are so inexpressive that feelings of love might as well be scientific curiousity. It's not like we can read into the director's mind when every single fucking character in this show is on the fucking spectrum. We don't have any anchors to reality here. I might forgive them if they reveal that EVERYONE is an android which could explain their faux-human behaviour, but at this point I'm more inclined to believe this is just a sad excuse of stylistic writing.



I wonder why the fuck they even did the reset there. All that talk about justice and rules and then they reset because their feelings might be ever so slightly unsettled despite them claiming otherwise.


This might be autistic in its delivery, but fuck man this episode was brutal.


I like it.


File: 2c2ea37b85eb404⋯.jpg (106.05 KB, 1079x768, 1079:768, lain worry.jpg)

>That scream at the end

Do they really need to make the previews so intense?


File: 06b2acbea20ced5⋯.png (708.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0005.png)

>two years on

>haruki is still just an impressionable automaton doing whatever kei says

Seems like the story is going somewhere. Unfortunately, the characters are so unbelievably dull that I don't care what happens to them.


File: 81c431a5ca10904⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Youjo Senki….jpg)

I might keep watching this because of how unintentionally hilarious this is. You get the MC talking to cats, repeatedly making phone calls to an empty number (granted it's for a purpose, but the first time around when that wasn't apparent yet I figured it was the MC's autism at work again), suggesting his android follower might as well wear a red miniskirt, staring bitches changing gravity, and nobody seems to either care or think it's abnormal. It's not as if the abilities were described to be frequent occurences which everyone got used to seeing them, like the Quirks in BnHA or something. The fact how almost nobody seems to care about the weirdest shit happening right in front of them or instead get fixated on some random idea or object most people wouldn't blink twice over just fucking kills it for me. It's almost like Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden without the self-awareness.


They have to make up for the monotony for the majority of the episodes somehow.


>>haruki is still just an impressionable automaton doing whatever kei says

I'm telling you, she's the android Aoi Yuuki suggested the existence of in the first episode, learning what it's like to be human. Or a cat.


This episode was slightly better on timing, instead of them non-stop spouting autistic monologues, they were spouting autistic monologues with some breaks and tiny bits of dialogue interspersed. It had less impact on enjoyability than expected.


File: a009bf88fc9df32⋯.jpg (457.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….jpg)

I just remembered that there is three parts of the child story. Will it return at a later date or did some translator/animator fuck up?



>It's not as if the abilities were described to be frequent occurences which everyone got used to seeing them

I'm pretty certain they said in the first episode that everyone on the island has an ability of some kind. So seeing some chick fly away shouldn't be that strange in context.



That's how you know they'll come back to it to save the class rep.


MC said "about half" in the first episode.


File: f53253163b7aa33⋯.jpg (277.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset ded.jpg)

>Two other people can bypass the reset besides MC

>There's a stone that grants all abilities and it's kept in a fucking drawer in an office

>Ending shows Dead-chan picking up the stone

I feel the ending theme mocks me every time.


There are some rare almost decent things buried under the awfully autistic presentation and the totally half-assed writing. Using that ability to get directions was pretty neat, ghost-chan was cute for all 15 seconds she was on screen, hinting at the lead autists fucking shit up to save Aoi Yuuki. If only they hadn't gotten lost up their assholes.

Timing was also completely fucked once again so last episode's improvement was probably just by chance.


File: 15ba127b64edeca⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0016.png)

This is convoluted for no goddamn reason. I still don't know why they were attacked the first time. And if their goal is to save dead girl, why don't they just steal the stone that gives them all abilities themselves?


>haruki just stands there and watches

Next level autism.



How kind of keikaku doori mc to give glasses girl ptsd.



Why did autist-chan cut her hair? She was way cuter with long hair.

This show is really bizarre but I'm not sure if its weird enough for me to enjoy. I'll keep watching for the time being.


File: 4fe7c6cc1309833⋯.webm (7.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, autism1.webm)

File: 00a739d2d5f7157⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 180x207, 20:23, PROMOTIONS.jpg)


>>There's a stone that grants all abilities and it's kept in a fucking drawer in an office

Every episode I keep asking myself why this isn't a fucking comedy.

You've got a character turning into a ghost for a minute just to end the previous episode with a hook, Haruki contemplating whether she wants to add a cat to her "collection, a pointless yukata fanservice scene, and an MC shrugging off pain and death through sheer force of autism. It's more hilarious to me how nobody in the anime acknowledges how hilarious some of the things that transpire actually are.



Is his head made out of room temperature butter?


I really want to drop this but I'm sure it's going somewhere worth watching (a trainwreck most likely). Fuck.



I dropped it


File: 59c9bb335d8836d⋯.png (601.91 KB, 732x768, 61:64, when you can feel the auti….png)

It's another autism episode.

>All this shit because the girl wouldn't eat the fucking candy.



File: cae0ba14284fe0c⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….jpg)

File: e858cd5d2f84eae⋯.png (309.12 KB, 376x537, 376:537, this autism is fucking lit.png)

Fucking finally they're acknowledging that their relationship isn't normal at all.


I really can't see the point of this episode other than being filler. So a girl now has the confidence to break the rules sometimes and not retreat to her safe marble? Which is then done by spending over half the episode talking to a fucking marble. The director must've lost his marbles.




The point is that when she was younger she was told she had something pure inside her, she wasn't sure about it anymore if she was doing it out of habit, because she was told to, or because she really wanted to . When she resisted eating the candy, then was sad when she did eat it (thinking she was breaking the rules) she realized the purity was still there without having the guilt of breaking the rules for real. She locked herself in the marble in desperation the first time because she regretted breaking the rules by skipping the ceremony.

so basically, autism


Isn't this this season's Another?


File: 0a46def25675346⋯.png (951.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, kumamiko stop thinking.png)

Alright, the witch is Dead-chan from the future. This has gone beyond ridiculous, I'm just going to try to remember everything that happens and hope that they do some kind of wrap up before the end.

He should've just smacked some sense into Okaeri and tell her not to be a cunt.



>There's a stone that grants all abilities and it's kept in a fucking drawer in an office

The stone is obviously made up or not in fact kept in the drawer.


I wonder what kind of memory could even faze Haruki. Since there's no screaming in the preview I bet she's just going to beat Okaeri's mind games with sheer autism.



>I choose to click this webm while at work

>The owner of the fucking building where I work walks by

>I don't see the next image until after I panic and close the webm.

Is this the work of a reset?



I'm guessing that's going to be the fatal flaw in Oka Eri's master plan. Haruki stood there quietly and watched Kei die a gruesome death, I think she's impervious.


I don't like Eri the edgehog.



I can't believe she can really steal powers.



She doesn't steal powers. You might have gotten that impression from how she locked Kei in a photo, but you should recall from earlier in the episode that the old man's ability is activated only when he takes a photo, so presumably anyone can tear one of his photos to enter it/send someone else into it. I wonder if Eri knows she only has ten minutes before Kei gets out. She also might have difficulty planting a memory in Haruki since the bureau guy told her that Eri has to lock eyes with her for 5+ seconds for the ability to work.



That's pretty damn clever I'm ashamed I didn't catch that



Rather than that, Haruki will let her plant a new memory, probably remain unaffected because autism, and the new memory will give her back the Reset ability. Or maybe they'll add some melodrama about growing to trust the MC again.


>He just fucking walked out of the fucking picture



>witch confirms dead-chan is coming back

I'm not surprised at all, I'm just wondering what bullshittery they're going to pull to get there.


This show is unnecessarily slow I feel like I should check in on it every two weeks.


I guess he figured the old man must've tried it and there was no real danger.



If she can really see the future she probably faked her death



Well, she did jump from a bridge and they found her corpse. Those would would be some real neat skills to fake one's death.



She got someone to make a fake with their power, she got the info dude to make her into an immortal ghost.

It's easy to fake shit when you're in a town of super powered people and you can see the future.



I assume MC-kun is going in to the picture with her in it and somehow tell her to not kill herself, or something like that.


Haruki forcing out her resets was cute.

Dead-chan next episode.


File: 5ce2c9fc55badc8⋯.jpg (124.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ep2.jpg)

File: 08cb9b3e7a94afd⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ep9.jpg)

At least they didn't stretch it out to episode 24. But now it feels like they'll pull some other bullshit to write her off for another ten episodes.



The Witch said she's her successor, so when she comes back I imagine the Bureau will scoop her up. Maybe that's why she sudoku'd, she saw that future and wanted to avoid living in perpetual captivity. I thought her motivation was much simpler and more juvenile at the outset, but I'd probably kill myself too if I knew I would be locked in a compound for the rest of my life.


The posts in this thread make me want to watch it for the silly shit to rage at with you.

Is it worth it to pick up before the season's over?



Do it.

I assume Kit-Kat™ lady's ability is to be guerilla marketing.



It shouldn't be the case, but it might well be anyway. There are exactly 2 people who can see the future and then exactly one more that can make resets. One of the two was at the bureau, has now escaped, and the bureau doesn't know about Souma. With them being the only people that possess these extremely powerful abilities, they'd have to be the biggest retards in the world to not be able to take down the bureau. But then, Kei being the stupid fuck he is, he probably wouldn't even want to.


The problem with this show isn't so much that the mysteries are dumb, it's that most of the characters are very unlikeable autists, and everyone's dialogue and monologue is super pretentious. Also this shit has another 15 episodes to go, it's two-cour.



Yes, come so you can join the disappointment rage party at the last episode.



>Also this shit has another 15 episodes to go

Yes, I can't wait for asspulls and 2deep4u exposition.




Well, now I have to pick it up. Thanks, guys.


File: c128303f9f6abbd⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1346111814099.gif)

Dead-chan is now Live-chan.

They actually did it, all went according to keikaku and the first episodes autistic gibberish was actually relevant.


File: de3bfc39c8adcec⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2017-06-07_20-51-….jpg)

This could've been such a great episode, but with the shitty execution and the awful taste the previous 9 episodes left, it only did so much. Still, we've probably seen the high point of the show.


I was surprised there was feelings coming from the main character.

Who knows what other emotions we will see next.



Next episode seems to be about Haruki doing cute things.


File: 27edaeab8b4017d⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 1494850285137.jpg)

Is it just me or have they still not revealed how Sumire Soma could possibly have died two years ago after the reset but not before? They noted that she had a secret reason to die, but not how it could even be possible.

Also, if Eri Oka's ability is to make people forget, and her ability to take away peoples' abilities is based upon her making them forget how to use them, and it worked on Haruki, then how did Haruki ever know how to reset if resetting also wipes her memory?



she can see the future of herself and the people she touches, resetting changed the future so her actions changed.



>how Sumire Soma could possibly have died two years ago after the reset but not before?

She knew not to, because she can see the future.

>if Eri Oka's ability is to make people forget, and her ability to take away peoples' abilities is based upon her making them forget how to use them, and it worked on Haruki, then how did Haruki ever know how to reset if resetting also wipes her memory?

In the first place, her ability is not making people forget, it's memory manipulation and only one memory addition/removal at a time. As for Haruki, she did make her forget, but she then put a memory in her mind and that overwrote forgetting how to use her ability.


File: df1f61ceab8bc13⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 726x683, 726:683, 1495170103995.jpg)


>she can see the future of herself and the people she touches, resetting changed the future so her actions changed.

Ah this makes sense, I duno why it didn't click for me.


>In the first place, her ability is not making people forget, it's memory manipulation and only one memory addition/removal at a time.

Yeah and my understanding is that she removed Haruki's ability to remember how to reset. But as I understand it she never had that memory in the first place because resetting wipes her memory of everything since the last save, including her memory of resetting.

So if she needs to remember how to reset in order to reset, as indicated by the fact that she couldn't reset when Eri Oka took her ability to remember how to reset, then how does she ever reset at all when she's never been able to remember resetting at all?



Well, we don't know if Haruki immediately did a reset after becoming aware of her ability. Since her reset has a limit of two days, if she became aware of it at least two days before resetting she would still remember.

She did mention not being entirely sure of how it works, but I neither did the marble girl and that didn't stop her from getting trapped inside glass. So maybe forcing her to forget how to use her ability was akin to forcing to forget how to move her arm. She wouldn't necessarily have a memory of how to do it linked to it, but she probably wouldn't be able to do it if she forgot how to.


File: ef694de7e2f062d⋯.png (628.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1494743576497.png)


>maybe forcing her to forget how to use her ability was akin to forcing to forget how to move her arm

That explanation works for me, even if it's probably not what the creators intended.

Also just so you know it's 3 days not 2 days.



>Also just so you know it's 3 days not 2 days.

You are correct. I forgot that she would only remember the day before.


File: 287bb698d8ddd16⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2017-06-15….png)

>ywn have so much autism that even someone who speaks only to cats calls you out on it


File: 12055a48bc4ef10⋯.jpg (149.07 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset apples.jpg)

File: 5732ede15eddbcc⋯.jpg (136.98 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset glad.jpg)

File: 634d0c6674726b1⋯.jpg (162.6 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset wrong.jpg)

That was like watching dumb and dumber, but with autistic and autistic-er. It was lovely and comfy so I enjoyed it anyways.

>Monster in the preview

I wonder if Kei will also give it PSTD.


Haruki's autistic journey hit a little close to home for me.



Me too.




Her mouth is open in every shot. Is that an autism thing?



Yes, isn't it lovely? I am very temped to rename the apples image filename to "autism apples".


File: 16d17b5e7dbcb00⋯.png (266.3 KB, 598x347, 598:347, amanchu autism stare.png)

Yes, I didn't understand a thing as usual.

One day, we will all look back, and be able to proudly say: I watched 24 episodes of this.



Fucking ded-chan, and this fucking guy too

>asks her to tell him what would happen if she left town



>goes on to try and create an entire new world that is the copy of the present so he can find out

How about asking again? Fuck


File: 013e9749a851418⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 439x392, 439:392, 1438492908322-1.jpg)

>Ok lets go into a dream world Autism-chan

>Aesop's fables real world is like sweet lemons

>Bird turns into a guy nothing wrong here

>Yes im Autism-chan i will sleep on the floor

>Wow big tentacle monster, monster is monster amirite?

I can't tell if I love, hate or am bored to tears by this show. Definitely leans more towards boredom.


That monster reminded me of Kagewani.


>I can't tell if I love, hate or am bored to tears by this show.

I know what you mean, my opinion of it seems to change every week. I like this storyline though, I've also liked "dream world" stories.


I liked the first ending better, the new opening is nicer though.

>The bureau knows

What are you gonna do when they come for your autism Kei?


This week it was definitely the hate+bored to tears combo

We're also doing a subtle powerlevel creep now combined with general retardation



>I liked the first ending better, the new opening is nicer though.



>We're also doing a subtle powerlevel creep now combined with general retardation

Yeah I was thinking this. Why would the Bureau have let things play out the way the had if they were in possession of the Script? My only answer is the usual response of much time paradox media, which is that things were fated to happen the way they did, but doesn't that remove the point of the Script? What's the point of knowing the future if you can't change it?



We have now entered a keikaku game about how can see the other's future first.

>I knew you would do that, I can see you future.

<Ha! But I knew you would do that, because I can see YOUR future.

You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you since I know everything you're going to do.



File: 436712e38dc0abb⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1441508483739.png)

This show sucks but its still better than Eromanga


File: 7d0e3b6b06a6885⋯.jpg (309.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….jpg)

You can see in her eyes she liked it when Kei saw her panties.

I want more Haruki's autism adventure episodes.



Sleep snug, smug



May as well make that the whole show at this point


File: 074718fac1cc0f3⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset kei does it again.jpg)

He plans to to solve things again by traumatizing people.

Sasuga Kei.


File: 75501683fc7f042⋯.jpg (171.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset special hate.jpg)

File: f7a31bd7a6fe041⋯.jpg (155.13 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset happy alone.jpg)

What's more autistic than Haruki talking to herself?

Well, two autistic Harukis talking to each other of course!


File: bc371bfc5e16a57⋯.jpg (127.99 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset told.jpg)

Kei has no mercy.


This whole arc was pretty shit and by the looks of it the next one's not gonna be any better. Kei a shit too. Not that it's new.


>15 episodes to unveil the love triangle

This show is a treasure trove of time wasting and autistic time wasting fuckery, I've never seen anything like it before and never will again. What were they thinking?



In response Soma tells Kei that his reset destroyed the once in a lifetime epiphany autist-chan had that she wanted to be someone special to Kei beyond just providing her ability to him. They're both pretty heartless.


File: a22ad4bacfce1a3⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2017-07-13….png)


This is why autist-chan is the best character. She knew that she was going to lose all knowledge of her epiphany and the meaning and motivation it provided to her, but she trusted Kei and essentially sacrificed herself by resetting at his command.


I hate watching this, but it feels like I have to see it through now.


File: 07dc24c0b6626c0⋯.jpg (192.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset smile.jpg)

Haruki wins the Keibowl.

Poor Bureau man is getting played by Soma

>Will my plan succed?

<That's what I'm seeing

But she already told him that what she sees isn't absolute.

>Will you stop me?

<No, I won't stop you. I want abilities gone too.

But he never asked if she was going to make someone else stop him, even though she told him she's the one leading Kei. Also stopping him and wanting abilities gone have no relation, she's already doing a lot of things she doesn't want.

I miss the first ending, it went so much better with the scene floods in the previews.


File: 3d165e151b891fe⋯.png (580.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….png)

For a while I thought I knew what was going on, now I'm back to being clueless aside from Bureau-san's plan to get rid of abilities. One thing I didn't understand, how was Soma conversing with Kei through telepathic message? I thought that was a one-way deal like a voicemail.



She probably already knew what Kei was going to say and sent the responses in advance as well.




>sent the responses in advance as well

No, that's not quite right, she was asked by Bureau guy and she said she did not tell Kei to do anything, which wasn't a lie. My guess is, she sent the messages before she died.



That's right. That's also what I meant by sending them in advance. She used the future she saw in Kei while she was alive, then sent all her messages in advance with the message guy, who probably just thought it was funny how she was sending messages years into the future, then the guy just forgot about it because a reset happened. And since she can consider herself as a different version of herself, the bureau lady didn't take it as a lie when she said "she" didn't tell Kei anything.



This is what I like about the show. There are some interesting interactions between abilities. I also liked in this episode how the Bureau guy uses the subordinate who can freeze people with his right hand to ensure that his memories survive resets, though it seems sort of cold.


I'm slightly surprised they actually explained how she sent the messages from the past. I wonder what she meant with the shower thing.

Maybe she was spying on Kei while he was taking a shower. How lewd.


File: 2538a566ee1a421⋯.jpg (156.68 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset what are talking abo….jpg)

>Making incidents on purpose to further his plan

Bureau's man Remove Noryoku plan is going smoothly.

Also, Soma butt next episode.


I think I missed something here.

Didn't kitkat lady remove all the abilities? Then why could lie-detector lady use hers?



Rewatch their conversation at the cafe. Her job was to use her ability in a flashy, but not dangerous way to use it as ground to remove abilities. We still don't know how the removing is done.


No, the next step is for her to lie about her ability's activation, then the Bureau will respond to the engineered threat, removing abilities by shrinking the boundary and causing everyone to forget. There's one more episode to this arc and since keikaku man's already shown his hand Kei will have a chance to stop it somehow.


File: a37c8e8c07d62cc⋯.jpg (145.8 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset at last I truly see.jpg)

Ah I see, the guy who "petrified" Bureau's man dad was the time stopping guy. Poor Soma, I wasn't expecting her to be referring to her past self in the shower.

I wonder if Haruki will ever be restored, probably not, then again it might end with "the last episode is the first episode again".


>long hair autism-chan has returned

I approve


File: 14cec05326bf799⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 332x408, 83:102, 14cec05326bf79907cc2aa40f5….jpg)

>oh boy this supreme keikaku doori arc will finally be ove-

>another 5 episodes



I was hoping it would be done and resolved. But no, they're dragging it out to the end. Soma's role is pretty much done, and now Haruki's going back to the blank stare boring brand of autism with no friends. I'm worried about the next few episodes.


File: 3e0330e3a4b416d⋯.jpg (282.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….jpg)

Holy shit, a facial expression all of the sudden.



I mean, did you expect we were going to get something better instead?



I'd have settled for something that just doesn't involve these shitty antagonist characters. Maybe I could've pretended that a different kind of shit was refreshing.



Yes, I wasn't best pleased about that either. This show was a lot more enjoyable in the first half when it was just about autists solving weird mysteries involving superpowers - I think this is one of those cases where a show is much better suited to short 1-3 part stories, attempting to do something bigger has really dragged it down.


So Haruki kept a last resource photohax, you really can't write keikaki without Kei. I would've prefer that Haruki didn't remember Kei for extra suffering, but apparently only Soma is allowed to suffer.



My god this was spot on. Another time when Kei saw everything coming and planned it all out perfectly. Just rename this show to Keikaku Autism already because its all the same story just at a growing scale, both in duration and stakes.


Soma is becoming a comical character. Every fucking episode she appears in just adds to her suffering, every time anything happens, things either continue being just as bad as they were or they get worse for her, for no particular reason. It's starting to become impossible to take it seriously.


>Keikaku man asks if Kei just took his Keikaku notes by force while abilities were off

He really should've done that actually.



In the first place this ordeal is very nippon, not even that, shonen. Keikaku man has been threatening violence, enacting severe violence on people - rolling them back, making them lose years worth of their selves, and the keikaku is set to cause deaths. Meanwhile the protagonists have not once considered anything violent, at all, clearly they're completely glancing over the possibility. Literally the only man behind this plan, the only person propagating it, and he's putting himself out in the open all the time, all they'd have to do is Sumire a situation where he's alone and trick the glasses girl to punch a hole in him, or just punch a hole in him manually, voila, everything's resolved. But no, we can't have the protagonists removing what is effectively a serial murdered dressed up in autism.


File: 3430fa51cc49e60⋯.jpg (180.32 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset kidnap.jpg)

I guess kidnapping the guy also works. I wonder who was the one who fell on the mattress though, they did mention something about Mari's mom previously I think, but there weren't enough hints to assume she was there and cloned keikaku man while he was in the slide. I was also expecting Kei to purposely let keikaku man hear about the karaoke plan since he never hung up on the call.


>you fell for my trap

<no you fell for my trap

>joke's on you that wasn't my real trap

At least they're conflicting properly now, but I wish the focus of the main climax of the show wasn't the two worst characters in it.


This would've been okay had it taken half or third as many episodes as it did


This is so fucking silly.


Just got around to whatever episode aired last week. The autism between those two was so thick you could cut it. It was a pretty worded version of


>counter-keikakudoori haha

>counter-return-keikakudoori hahaha

>that was my pretend keikakudoori, keikakudoori hahahahaha

>see you next week

Kei and notebook guy would have had an awesome autism fight if they were 10.



>you activated my anti-forcefield-forcefield

>turns into a slap fight


>Kei hates violence

Even though he already killed himself. Twice.

In the end Soma's suffering ride still goes on. Now that the keikaku is pretty much settled, looks like the last episode will be about winning the Keibowl. Cheering for team autism.


>If you dont do what I said I'll stab my self

Starting strong with the autism. Kei somehow got the ending he wanted. Now onto the final stake in Somas heart.


File: e8bbcfe796a1a5c⋯.png (708.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Res….png)

Even Haruki is tired of this shit.


Glad it's over. There were parts that could be enjoyed, but they were always packaged together with something bigger and much shittier. I almost thought I'd gotten used to the autistic non-sequitur conversations, but this episode they still stuck out, so apparently not.


File: 22e6e618305b732⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset suffering.jpg)

File: 6abcb012b19b173⋯.jpg (131.94 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, reset cruel and selfish.jpg)

Started nowhere, ended nowhere. Just like expected.

>The dead ghost girl ability was never mentioned again

Poor Soma, she was force to accept not being best girl, but Haruki was better anyways.

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