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File: a642d75fc40ade4⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1690x1200, 169:120, ClipboardImage.png)


>3 days remaining until the Apocryphalypse

Are you ready for the light novel adaption starring Saber Of Black Kirito?



It's an infestation of man-eating pauldrons and shoulder garments.


>excited because loli jack the ripper might appeared with her glorious ass, thighs and hips

>not so excited because sabers and archers are the john cena/roman reigns/hhh of fate/autismo series


Apocrypha is going to be great for the first few episodes. Then the good characters start to die and the whole thing goes to shit with the absolute worst characters in the story being the leads.

Even F/GO Septem isn't this shit. At least it'll be good for a few fights, though.



>Then the good characters start to die

When will writers stopped doing this? I was genuinely depressed when the priest died in grimgar.


File: 64201a94702b880⋯.png (251.37 KB, 471x642, 157:214, mordred pout.png)


Not getting my hopes up.


File: b6c93f263cee89a⋯.gif (3.18 MB, 480x271, 480:271, JohnCenaSuperSeiyan.gif)



>loli Jack the Ripper

>excited over this

She's the most ridiculous Servant in the whole mythos, and her backstory is edgy nonsense. No waify sex appeal can outweigh that.


File: 91b305170055f09⋯.jpg (77.15 KB, 539x526, 539:526, 1461786385212.jpg)


>At least septem isnt this shit

That bad?



>She's the most ridiculous Servant in the whole mythos

As ridicolous as atila the hun being a martian?



...Almost. I think I tried to blot that idiocy from my memory.


File: d7a35d78540bc2b⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 314x308, 157:154, saber alter enjoying a fin….jpg)

nasu is a hack

grand order is shit

tsukihime when

We got that all out of the way now?


File: 633b74501823f34⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 400x299, 400:299, mushroom milking a cow.jpg)


Wrong pic



>nasu is a hack

But he didn't even write Apocrypha, right? Did he write anything from the fate series except stay night? I only really know that and Zero. Everthing else looks really stupid. Too many shitty character designs, genderswaps and dumb shit like >>701407



>man-eating pauldrons

>shoulder garments

>Fate is turning into Warhammer 40K

Just when you thought it couldn't get more autistic.


I'll be hnest.

I'm just here for Astolpho.


File: 09fbac632678901⋯.png (661.7 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Apocryphalypse.png)

>Approximately 24 hours until the apocryphalypse


File: cb4584168b3975e⋯.jpg (240.15 KB, 945x1009, 945:1009, 1477161941860.jpg)


Time for SUMANI


File: 1ee913beffd37ab⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1153x1700, 1153:1700, latest-1.jpg)

Are you all ready for the greatest cuckhold of our time?




The main Fate things that Nasu did:

> Stay Night

> Hollow Ataraxia

> Extra + CCC

He's also acted for consultation on other things. I think he might also be doing Clocktower and Labyrinth? I don't remember who wrote those two. Sakura might be the Labyrinth writer. He was heavily involved in Extella, but I don't think he was as involved in it as the stuff above. I could be mistaken. Narita is the writer for Strange Fake, Sakurai for Prototype (Fragments of Silver), and Higashide did Apocrypha. That's in a rough order of quality.

Grand Order is a weird one because different Orders/chapters are written by different people. The infamously bad Septem is attributed principally to Sakurai; admittedly, with the English release, it's a bit easier to see that it wasn't as terrible as the translators initially claimed, but it's still a giant mess with characters appearing and disappearing. The rest of Grand Order varies from writer to writer. Nasu himself wasn't involved for a huge amount earlier on, and it shows. He stepped in around America, which made a clusterfuck-tier chapter even more of a cluster-fuck since it's easiest to classify it as a massive Tiger Dojo with gratuitous violence. But it's still at least fun.

Camelot on the other hand is srs bsns and is quality wise on par with earlier works, albeit a little derivative in that the Lion King's main aim is the same as Araya Souren or Dust of Osiris. Babylonia starts off slow and is more lighthearted, up until the 3/4 mark where shit hits the fan. The final chapter of the story, the Time Temple, is a mix of writers for different segments, but the opening and closing are done by Nasu. He also did the CCC event and a few other things. The CCC event being noteworthy because what everyone thought was a short event ended up being longer than the earlier chapters of the story and gave a few of the characters otherwise stuck in gag positions a bit of limelight for the first time in a long time.

Nasu can be good or bad. Narita's stuff feels a bit like fanfic, but it has some fairly cool things in it. Sakurai's writing varies but is generally not that great. And then there's Higashide...

The best way to describe Apocrypha is if you took Fate/Stay Night, doubled the number of characters, upped the general power levels, killed off the interesting characters first, and made sure the expy's to the F/SN characters were less interesting than the others. The best example is Assassin of Red, the rough equivalent of saying "what if we took Medea, gave her an overpowered NP, made it so her dragon tooth warriors could fly, and then removed any nuances to her character so we can go with straight powerlevels?".



>Hollow Ataraxia

Man, I forget that it exists. Still gotta read it one of these days. i was so happy that it finally got translated and it's just rotting away on my hard drive. I didn't know he did Extra + CCC

Is it even possible to read the story of grand order if I don't speak japanese?



HA is just so mch goddamn fun. Interacting with Lancer outside of the War is a joy, Caster as a literal waifu is cute, more of Ilya, it's basically my go-to thing when I'm in a poor mood.


Well, are we streaming this shit or what? I'm game for watching this with you guys.



>Tfw still no subs out


File: ad4ad0dd0b61326⋯.jpg (100.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Fate Apocrypha….jpg)

That last scene with Mordred.


Looks promising so far. Can't wait for next week.



>Is it even possible to read the story of grand order if I don't speak japanese?

Just released in Burgerland my dude. It's only prologue + the first 2 chapters for now though.



I just want a game where I can play with Shirou/Archer's powers.



Literally Funal Fantasy.



You mean XV? He doesn't copy the weapons of his enemies.


File: af8d7401daf91d5⋯.png (141.63 KB, 335x400, 67:80, astolfo excite.png)

I forgot how subbers can take upwards of a week these days if it's not released on Crunchy Roll



>Siegfried voiced by Suwabe

Funny how Mr I wanna be a Hero of Justice is voiced by Mr FUCK BEING A HERO OF JUSTICE.


There's the manga, too.


A man can dream.


Who's subbing this?



Afaik no one. Heard something about some anon picking up Spanish hardsubs to translate into English, but fuck that shit.



>Afaik no one

How the fuck did we get to this point?



>simulcast: Netflix

Uuuh, so hs?


Why is no one picking this up?



I did a quick search and it looks like SallySubs are subbing it ex novo, according to a supposed member on MAL



the folks over at the sallysubs site aren't confirming the rumors. they made sure not to deny it either, but don't get your hopes up



Well, I understand about 75%. But it's good to be able to check. If the novels were translated, I wouldn't need subs, but they're coming out pretty slowly, so no go.



Because fansubbing is dead. Has been for years.



What went wrong?




Crunchy jews.





File: f0bd2033537796c⋯.jpg (35.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, prosit.jpg)



Netflix achieved Heaven's Feel.


File: c09444810c7820e⋯.jpeg (70.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 83cc52c156f20cde88a1671ab….jpeg)

>have bodies in jars

>give them all maintained haircuts and underwear

Why do artists do this?



>As soon as this goes up every site magically finishes the subs they were totally working on this whole time

Can't say I'm surprised




Only Netflix could be so shit as to resurrect dead fansubs. It's amazing, in a way.



What does Netflix have to do with this?



>its another Fate show

I have genuinely never payed attention to this series.

Is it fun? What order do I consume its media?



Read stay night and leave it at that



That's kind of shit advice for someone completely new. Would have been fine 10 years ago, but I think it's perfectly fine for someone with 0 knowledge to start with the UBW and Zero anime and then read the light novels if they're interested in the clusterfuck.


I do not expect this to be very good from the impression I got watching the first episode but will still probably watch it like the sucker I am.


File: f5f87e1ae02d785⋯.png (450.65 KB, 500x758, 250:379, f5f87e1ae02d785964f80a4afd….png)


>watching the anime first



Are the novels translated because I feel kind of guilty just diving into the anime.



Honestly I understand the sentiment but I think in this case it's misguided. I mentioned ten years ago for a reason, the deen anime was pretty mediocre, and back then I couldn't recommend people starting with it, but the ufotable adaptation is perfectly functional and a good introduction for someone who wants to start figuring out what Fate is without having to read a light novel. Both are good starting points, ultimately the LN is a better starting point, but not by much. No reason to be elitist about it in this particular case, better be realistic and tell people who don't know anything about the series.



>light novel

If you watch/read zero first and haven't been spoiled by /a/ first shirou is the red man you'll be spoiled anyway, I wouldn't recommend it



Too edgy, too shitty, too horrible design, too bad of story, too cringe of chuuny.


File: b09f45c68e30ea2⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 276x480, 23:40, 1259124353644.jpg)


Is this real life?





The second that CR goes down HS goes down too.



So is Mordred a guy or?





>Lambs are castrated for two reasons. First, it allows breeders to raise male and female lambs together without fear of a Billie Jean moment. Second, wether (castrated) lambs are easier to slaughter for better quality meat than ram (uncastrated) lambs.

>There are three methods for castrating ram lambs: surgery, elastrator, and emasculator.

>Lamb castrating surgery is less surgery and more an act of violence. It is a two-person job. One person holds the lambs legs apart. The other person places a bucket to the side of the lamb, pulls out a knife, slashes off part of the lamb’s scrotum, pushes the testicles out of the scrotum with his or her hands, bites the exposed testicles with his or her teeth, and tears them out with a swift jerk of the head, dumping the testicles into the bucket. The wound is then closed and the lamb released.

>An elastrator is a small, but strong, rubber band about the size of an orthodontic elastic. The castrator places the elastrator on a metal tool, which opens the elastrator to a reasonable size, places the band around the lamb’s scrotum, and releases the elastrator from the tool. The deathgrip of the elastrator on the scrotum cuts off blood flow, and in a week, the scrotum will atrophy and fall cleanly off the poor lamb. During this week, the lamb is seen to be distraught and unable to function due to pain. The lamb will not be able to stand over the pain of scrotal constriction, collapsing several times as it cowers and retreats into a corner of the barn to lie down. In wretched agony.

>An emasculator is a tool which crushes the spermatic cords and blood vessels in and around the testicles, often destroying the testicles in the process. The emasculator is placed around the lamb’s scrotum and given a squeeze. The lamb’s testicles are instantly crushed. For the males in the audience, this is like being bound and your scrotum placed on the concrete sidewalk, before someone raises his or her foot and stomps down, trampling your testicles underfoot and grinding them into a bloody pulp.

>The next time you do anything involving sheep, remember the wether lambs. Imagine being male and having your scrotum being cut open while someone rips your testicles out with his or her teeth. Imagine being male and having an orthodontic elastic strapped around your scrotum and left there so that your testicles will simply fall off, and the week spent in deathly agony. Imagine being male and having your testicles crushed on a sidewalk under a merciless heel.

>If you still want sheep products after reading this, you are scum. You deserve to experience all the pain of all the animals raised for human consumption. You deserve to die.

What the fuck happened to UTW?




>July 30, 2015


File: 6e8f516949988d8⋯.png (141.56 KB, 945x1326, 315:442, Screenshot_20170703-002111.png)


>If you still want sheep products after reading this, you are scum. You deserve to experience all the pain of all the animals raised for human consumption. You deserve to die.




Wait I thought the Fate stuff was a VN?


Really disappointed in the first episode. Characters suck, and nothing retains the charm of the series origin. I'll keep watching because I have a massive inexplicable boner for Type-Moon but I won't enjoy it. And does anybody know if Shirou is any good in this? It's really cool to see a version of him saved by Kotomine instead of Kiritsugu but it seems like they aren't going to do him justice.


They have it licensed but they aren't simulcasting it.




It is a VN, but there are a bunch of LNs that take place in alternate timelines that share the same concepts and occasional characters. For the best 'canon' experience start with the VN, then watch Fate/ Zero. VN is long and has pacing problems though, so if that's not for you just start with the UBW anime. You can also get really hardcore and start with the Tsukihime VN, which is a separate story and franchise but takes place in the same universe, although the translation and art is nauseating. If you still have questions just google it and look at the wiki or something, there's been a million threads about how to start.


File: b2c437c86fa8bd6⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Semirama 7947536.jpg)

File: 67a7cbfa5e6b9f5⋯.png (201.84 KB, 500x438, 250:219, semirama 49674599_p6.png)

File: 67215a2d8db6b95⋯.png (916.89 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, semirama 55664852_p21.png)

File: cd12ac29f631f3d⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1421x1200, 1421:1200, Semirama Amakusa 24555956.jpg)


>And does anybody know if Shirou is any good in this? It's really cool to see a version of him saved by Kotomine instead of Kiritsugu but it seems like they aren't going to do him justice.

Sorry, it's not that Shirou. He's still pretty cool and Semiramas is pretty fucking cute, too.


File: 21949fda1fe2450⋯.png (255.81 KB, 500x707, 500:707, siegfried 53559693_p2.png)

File: 5009f5be67b3e8e⋯.png (261.73 KB, 424x600, 53:75, siegfried 57054744_p38.png)

File: d3eb0c63dfa4f8b⋯.jpg (530.61 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, siegfried Black.Saber.full….jpg)

File: 9bb70a3a08f1a8f⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 1870x1324, 935:662, siegfried Black.Saber.full….jpg)

File: 49d25087a49b3a8⋯.jpg (110.04 KB, 500x350, 10:7, siegfried qZcyj1r7ec3io1_5….jpg)


The closest thing to Shirou in this is Siegfried, who was the OG Shirou back in the day. Hell, his wish is "Ah man, being a king limited my choices. Now, I want to be a commoner and become a Hero of Justice!". Add in Archer's voice actor for double the effect.


I'd rather have a lighthearted Tsukihime spinoff anime over this generic looking adaption of yet another Nasuverse mistake. Just how many products can they squeeze out of this hack's crappy writings?



>VN is long and has pacing problems though, so if that's not for you just start with the UBW anime.

The UBW anime is long and one long series of pacing problems. It's also a mediocre adaptation of the second part of a story, that lacks the appeal of the source material. If he doesn't like the VN I can't see him liking the UBW anime.

>although the translation and art is nauseating

The translation of TH was better than FSN's. The art has lower production values than FSN but it's not 'nauseating', just simpler, minimalistic. I also think it's the better work of the two, in terms of plot and characters, if not production values. Plus with TH you get Melty Blood.


>When your husbando is working for the 'evil' team

Goddamnit, all I knew of astolpho before this was his look.



People rarely get into VNs until they're well into the rabbit hole. There's something about them that puts people off, and I don't know what. If you're trying to get someone into the Nasuverse, Tsukihime is probably not the way to go about it.

Personally, I started with watching UBW, then raced through the VN after about episode 4, when I'd actually gotten into the story. It's not a sensible way to go about it, but I don't think there's a right way to do it.

Starting with Fate/Zero is objectively the wrong way, though.



I know a few people who started with the F/SN VN, which is actually well-made with a lot of cool features. Notably, if you can get the Realta Nua version you can avoid Nasu's terrible sex scenes.


File: 14259abbca3faca⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 2350x3174, 1175:1587, nasu prose.jpg)


>you can avoid Nasu's terrible sex scenes

But these are the best part.


File: a4d6962f29cb470⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 75.17 KB, 1271x226, 1271:226, astolfo.png)

File: 8a76e859d6fa710⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 160.04 KB, 1186x330, 593:165, Astolfopost.png)


Actual plot spoiler for Apocrypha: He cums out a good guy


I saw an ad at Ebgames for Fate/Extra, the pre-orders of which were doing so bad that both SE and LE were down $10 (making the LE the same price the SE was originally) so I preordered that and plowed through Tsukihime (Anime and VN) F/SN (Anime and VN) and what was released of F/Z at that point before launch



Yeah this is probably all true. Tsukihime was the second VN I've read and I only had Fate to compare it's art to at the time, but looking at it now I actually find it more appealing than most VNs I've read. There's something very charming about Takeuchi's simple but distinguished character designs, even if they aren't always well drawn, but I could still see a newcomer getting turned off by it. It's also been at least 4 years since I've read either work so I probably shouldn't be comparing the translations but I remember thinking the writing in Tsukihime felt a lot clunkier.



Damn, that's unfortunate. I would read a whole novel around that concept. Make Shinji the protagonist (maybe him and Shirou interact differently as kids in this causing him to actually act like a man) and introduce some new ass in place of Shirou/ Kotomine.


File: 14cbd9377cbbf8f⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 347x316, 347:316, ruasword.jpg)





> there are people in this thread right now advocating the creation of secondaries

The moment /a/ has fallen so far that it literally endorses people watching the anime instead of saying >rtfvn is the day that shit really has taken over.

Read the fucking VN.

Do not watch the fucking anime.

Do not watch Fate/Zero.

Read F/SN. Read F/HA. Read Tsukihime. Read Mahou if you want to go all the way. Then start up with the other shit.



>Do not watch Fate/Zero

Please be bait.


File: c5ea7f5df11bc6f⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, secondaries posting in a t….jpg)


He sounds pretty clear to me.





>That complete underplay of the final Berserker fight

>Kotomine and Kiritsugu not even fighting in the right location

>No Emiya time Alter

>Incorrect musical placement

>Lackluster Sword of Promised victory cover for situational purpose only

>Holy Grail manifested wrong

It was alright.


File: c389157e3e4dbcf⋯.png (335.96 KB, 501x510, 167:170, smug nero.png)

Fate/Extella coming to the PC.



File: 8989a25b08c4d85⋯.png (347.46 KB, 740x498, 370:249, umu as fuck.png)


>umu on pc



File: eab7a95c64bd597⋯.png (462.47 KB, 851x315, 851:315, Smug Tammy.png)

File: e936c8a4fd5fe92⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1540x1188, 35:27, Pollresults.png)



Reminder that Umu was shit and she was cucked in her own game


File: 085ff4f39996d59⋯.png (207.82 KB, 609x498, 203:166, emperor's decree.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Tfw used to be my favourite Saber

>Tfw they sabotage her character and force her and the haremshit down our throats

It has to be this way


File: aef4fd1c3bb8f35⋯.jpg (7.49 MB, 5669x8598, 5669:8598, 4bfff3e6c72464338fe9859fa0….jpg)



Umu is the best saberface thats not a very big accomplishment though, the rest are kinda shit. Caster is best girl.


File: 407cf5befa097bd⋯.png (121.77 KB, 236x206, 118:103, sad umu.png)



Now if only that CCC fan translation would get done, eh?


File: 59accabac22cc9c⋯.jpg (22.78 KB, 313x668, 313:668, 1459058770680.jpg)


>umu on PC

What a time to be alive


File: 04ab6fd53c6d040⋯.jpg (72.25 KB, 840x377, 840:377, DD-69HAUQAEyNR6.jpg orig.jpg)


>tfw grand order devs didn't even know that ccc never came out



What we get to see into the Paladins is fucking hilarious in nasuverse. Astolpho is a terrible gossip, apparently, and likes to talk about how Roland is into hard bondage, while he himself is into crossdressing because he likes cute things. I guess in Nasuverse physical might is paired hard with being a dork/pervert/idiot.


Fucking always read the VNs/novels first. Nasu's writing style is very distinct and doesn't translate to animation super well (For example, his habit of repeating things for emphasis and clarity, and the pacing of his VNs is fucking amazing) but at least his character writing moves over well.

I play HA purely for the Lancer scenes. I wish he had his own comfy anime about his legend, He's just so wonderful as a character.


File: 3a8391e7d8c4a44⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1203x2081, 1203:2081, archer saber lancer 494234….png)

File: 7ed36050c1a8144⋯.jpg (954.17 KB, 1100x922, 550:461, archer saber lancer 497639….jpg)

File: d34e3492e0344ae⋯.jpg (806.52 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, archer saber lancer 497639….jpg)

File: b09ddf951b1d0a3⋯.jpg (291.31 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, archer saber lancer 503720….jpg)

File: ba95eb3096339c8⋯.jpg (437.68 KB, 900x765, 20:17, archer saber lancer 504674….jpg)



Just bought the fucking thing on ps4 for half price after I realized I had a weeb friend who owned a Bloodborne-machine. FUCK!


But pirating all the dlc, fuck that shit. Unless Archer or Lancer have cool costumes. Maybe.


Nah man, Saber is still best Saber.


Lancer is best bro. I just wanna sit down, fish and drink beer with him for a day or three.



Saber is boring though. Her personality is as flat as her chest.



I'm not a big Saber fan but I agree that Saber is best Saber. The only other saberface that should even exist is Mordred.


File: 15a77ba6ebe9cd9⋯.jpg (168.71 KB, 763x664, 763:664, 1436321902921.jpg)


Well, I won't argue about boring as that's your opinion. But her personality is hardly flat, given that she's one of the main characters in a VN which so heavily relies on its cast of multidimensional characters to drive it forward.

Sure, she appears a bit kuudere and flat but that's because she's a very serious person. Beneath that calm surface is a competitive, gluttonous, bull-head, frankly more than a little dumb, overly proud and driven dumb ass who just wants to live the normalfag life but is driven by her strong morals and her oaths to do shit she isn't really suited for.

When most people say that Saber is the worst Saber, I just take that as "too challenging to waifu" when compared to someone as "easy" as Nero for example.

Also, there is nothing wrong with Saber's chest. It is perfectly enticing and lovely.



She's an idealistic Mary Sue, with a 10yo sense of justice and worldview.

She's the shittiest, her design and umu would take her to the stars if she didn't have so great downsides.


Why do lancer and archer hate each other or is it just a rivalry?


File: 56b847e510a831f⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 773x800, 773:800, archer lancer _mbw8bhFKbw1….jpg)

File: f89030c6a624955⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1500x850, 30:17, archer lancer 25f04eb34cd2….jpg)

File: 012052d6feefdde⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2894x2039, 2894:2039, archer lancer 7414098.jpg)

File: 8bd32145d431779⋯.jpg (767.5 KB, 910x746, 455:373, archer lancer 23086921.jpg)


>Mary Sue

You don't know what that word means, do you?

You do realize that Fate/Zero is literally the authors getting together and thinking "how can we bully the fuck out of Saber, to the point of tearing apart everything she believes in and worked for until she literally will want to erase herself from existence" and then putting all of their best ideas to paper?


They're pretty much antithetical to each other on every level when it comes to personality. Also, Lancer did kill Archer once, so you know...

But they would make the greatest 80s buddy cop movie pair ever.



I just don't like her because I see to much of myself in her personality

>Also, there is nothing wrong with Saber's chest. It is perfectly enticing and lovely.

I can agree with that.


File: 99c10d347747a1f⋯.png (168.53 KB, 598x430, 299:215, alter pet.png)

Saber is terrible.

Saber Alter is perfect however.



I know what Mary Sue is and Saber is one. You're too blinded and it has nothing to do with Fate/Zero only.


File: 73435a77c7af2ce⋯.jpg (111.41 KB, 1288x962, 644:481, grahams-grading-og-disagre….jpg)


>only a contradiction


One of the key defining features of a Mary Sue is that they can do no wrong in the setting and that people at large will bend over backwards to accommodate and fawn over them. Even discounting Fate/Zero, very few characters in Fate/Stay Night, Garden of Avalon or Fate/Grand Order truly believe that she was faultless or 100% right. And usually those characters are portrayed as somewhat unusual, like Agravain or Gawain.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And every character who is insightful or understands Saber denies her reasoning and beliefs in the wars.

>Merlin: "OH SHIT, We dun goofed making a perfect king, she has zero pride as a ruler. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

>Iskander: "Zeus Almighty you're so fucking wrong that you could not be any more wrong. Fuuuck."

>Gil: "Oh lawd, I'm going to enjoy drinking your tears when you inevitably fail and crack under pressure."

>Shirou: "You're not suited for fighting or being a king, you should let it go."

>Archer: "Bitch, you're telling me to drop my goals? You're twice as fucking bad as I am, you dumb ass."

>Lancelot: "King Arthur forgave me... God, that king is monstrous beyond belief and I can never accept her."


Also, another common facet of a Mary Sue is incredible power and prowess in combat. Meanwhile

>The Saber class is the strongest class

Is a meme of its own because she jobs all the fucking time.


File: def7363720beba3⋯.png (478.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 95f715793c34f2f⋯.png (996.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7a35d78540bc2b⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 314x308, 157:154, saber alter enjoying a fin….jpg)

File: 0bd920e741266cf⋯.png (571.22 KB, 804x642, 134:107, War Has Changed.png)

File: d7a476b69841940⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 11738137_914453328614132_1….jpg)


>physical might is paired hard with being a dork/pervert/idiot

This is true. And magical prowess is paired hard with sleeping and eating



So, you don't know what's a Mary Sue? You described it horribly wrong.

Saber is shitty, deal with it.


Where did the Nasuverse go wrong? The new stuff is garbage and it makes me upset!



Since it stopped being based on edgy dreams and started being all about Saber.

A similar thing happened with FFXIII and YahariOre.

The authors simply decided that their Waifus were better than the rest.


File: 08f53a662294787⋯.mp4 (3.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, saber alter is fucking hun….mp4)

File: 2a50c8e210cde0e⋯.jpg (389.8 KB, 795x2340, 53:156, british food is shit seiba….jpg)


This guy gets it.


File: 6649394f445658d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 700x994, 50:71, RiderofResistanceStage1.png)

File: 1c320e79ae21ad2⋯.png (1.1 MB, 700x994, 50:71, RiderofResistanceStage2.png)

File: 6c129d6168c6bf6⋯.png (1.08 MB, 700x994, 50:71, RiderofResistanceStage3.png)

File: 29124bf17b69e2a⋯.png (1.61 MB, 750x1062, 125:177, CC_A4.png)

On the Grand Order side of things, a couple new servants got added recently. Dumping art starting with Christopher Columbus (Rider). Art by Moto Murabito.


File: 63160fdd8b52b16⋯.png (967.57 KB, 720x1020, 12:17, BersekerED1.png)

File: efa1e644e7b334a⋯.png (1001.05 KB, 720x1015, 144:203, BersekerED2.png)

File: 4cb1f719f9eb814⋯.png (1.06 MB, 720x1020, 12:17, BersekerED3.png)

File: 40a2a7c099282bb⋯.png (1.03 MB, 720x1018, 360:509, BersekerED4.png)

Penthesilea (Berserker). Art by Shinjirou.


File: 9950dd83f335d5b⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1450x2036, 725:1018, Screenshot_20170629-030032.png)

File: 662d18e736c4072⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2042, 720:1021, Screenshot_20170629-030134.png)

File: af25ffa172b6041⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2042, 720:1021, Assassin_of_Nightless_City….png)

File: 8c3f9d385143416⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2042, 720:1021, Wu_Zetian-4.png)

Wu Zetian (Assassin). Art by Takehito Harada.


File: 1528d8eb34df265⋯.jpg (1009.6 KB, 1440x2042, 720:1021, cast1.jpg)

File: 4104428664bbc04⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1440x2042, 720:1021, cast2.jpg)

File: c3268f9e0baeb19⋯.jpg (566.32 KB, 717x1013, 717:1013, cast3.jpg)

File: 9db4311333861da⋯.jpg (483.82 KB, 812x1140, 203:285, cast4.jpg)

And finally Scheherazade (Caster). Art by ATK.

Roland, Megaros, and Drake Alter added as NPCs.




>Literally 'Free MAN'


>'Iran', literally 'Aryan' in Iranian

>Dark Skin

So many things wrong with nips interpretations of foreign culture. About her clothing, I really don't know how she's able to move with the skirt.


Shitty, maybe it's the artist's first time doing those.


Very nice, but pussy bulge is almost a tiny dick.


No good.

Until today, the best ones I've seen are from Bahamut.


File: ef4bdfff30aab9b⋯.png (1.06 MB, 850x1186, 425:593, __etna_flonne_flonne_and_p….png)


>Shitty, maybe it's the artist's first time doing those.

It's the Disgaea guy.



The Disgaea art is abysmal.


File: 2634a9c7dd0206b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.92 KB, 586x866, 293:433, etna paizuri.jpg)





Fuck off, desert pajeet. Don't you have any loos left to worship?


File: d7ec401bddf136c⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 251x251, 1:1, 1314431423457.jpg)


>So, you don't know what's a Mary Sue? You described it horribly wrong.

Literally not an argument. Saber a best.


File: 6026f3e76b320ff⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, an autist tries talking to….jpg)


Fuck off Moly, Saber a shit.


File: cb70753a7b89519⋯.png (60.39 KB, 176x176, 1:1, 19-MsHerX_C11a-N.png)


Says the wormsleeve.



Iranian means Aryan. Today's Iranians are not the original Iranians though, learn some history.



A Mary Sue is idealistic, naive, self-righteous, and has worldviews of a child.

That's Saber, that's shit.

You're just too absorbed into Umu to see the light.


European Sabers were supposed to be the apex of Sword Designs, literally the 'Top Sword', but then came the Shashka and improved it a little more.

Also, people used Broadswords in Arthurian times and her name is shit.


File: 253f6fe490419d7⋯.png (288.82 KB, 450x330, 15:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Magi's looked better

Too bad season 4 will come out at the same time as Carnival Phantasm's



Those are elements of a Mary Sue, yes, but they only make a Mary Sue if the story presents no consequences for being that way. To be a Mary Sue, the world has to twist itself beyond the limits of suspension of disbelief to prove them right.

If people were defending her for being stupid as all hell, she'd be a Mary Sue, but as the other anon described, basically every character in the canon takes issue with her way of thinking. In Zero, Archer and Rider take turns telling her that that's not how kings should be. In retrospect, Zero was practically Urobuchi alternating between kicking Saber and kicking Kiritsugu. In F/SN, Shirou tells her that her wish to make it so that she was never King is nonsense.

She's not vindicated, and she's not handled with kid gloves, which are the defining elements of a Mary Sue.


File: 648b77aae3613e7⋯.png (985.63 KB, 1389x810, 463:270, ROGER ROGER.png)

>nobody picking up on this



Yeah, that kids hair is fucking weird.



Roger golems are really not that special compared to liquid terminator meido.



Weird hair? In an anime? Whose leg are you trying to pull?



>B1 Battle Droid Golems

>Clone Troopers Homonculi

What's next, Delta Squad? Nasuverse Midichlorians?


File: 25a13a02d744991⋯.png (650 KB, 2350x3174, 1175:1587, nasu_sex_scenes.png)


My pet peeve is recompression turning images to shit, here take the original.



>A Mary Sue is idealistic, naive, self-righteous, and has worldviews of a child.

A Mary Sue can be entirely the opposite of those traits and could still be a Maru Sue.

In fact, the Chinese vein of Gary Stu mc tend to be cynical, grim, amoral and completely certain that their grimdark view of the world is completely true and will often lecture people at the drop of a hat yet no one will ever learn because that would mean they couldn't repeat that performance whenever they wanted. None of that makes them not a shitty character or not a Mary Sue.

You are literally only equating a buzzword with traits that you don't like.


Astolpho a cute, but there's something about Mordred's insistence on being a man and her constant hunger for approval that is a charm point as well.

Not to mention that outfit.



>Red Saber's True Name is Mordred (モルドレッド, Morudoreddo?), The Knight of Treachery (叛逆の騎士, Hangyaku no Kishi?), and the "son" of King Arthur, but she is actually female despite being raised as the secret male heir to the throne.[3] She became known as a "rare villain" who managed to tarnish a glorious legend at the end of her life. She was conceived between Artoria and her sister, Morgan le Fay, through unorthodox circumstances. Artoria, normally female, was a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's magecraft, so Morgan enchanted her with a spell to extract sperm from her. Morgan developed it within her own ovary, and made the child into a homunculus clone of Artoria. Due to her status as a homunculus, she was given a much faster growth period than a regular human being, and her life span was far shorter.[2] She was raised in secret and told to hide her status and obey the king until the time was right.

What fucked up lewd stuff is that?



So, for a time in her life Artoria was a futa. Did she fucked her maids? Did she liked to cum? Does she miss her dick?


File: dedec230e7b71c8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.35 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, splish splash.jpg)

Shirou's decision to remove the Ruler in order to secure victory for his team is the mark of a true genius.



Would Mordred be happy if she gained a dick of her own? Would she engage in her dreamed male activities with it?


Half /a/ is turning even more gay thanks to black rider. I'm sticking around until all the good characters die and the show becomes trap and dragon boy's homoerotic adventures.


>no Helena

It's shit, guys. It's shit.



What the heck is a Helena?


File: 95dd2a0fd61f3d5⋯.jpg (365.16 KB, 700x600, 7:6, helena.jpg)


The best caster class servant.



>All that shit piled on Saber

Been a while, what did she do wrong again? She doesn't seem that bad a ruler, at least, compared to modern day politicians.



She failed to connect to her people on a fundamental level. While Gil did that (He was an asshole, but he was a very public, showboaty asshole) and Alexander DEFINITELY did that, Arthur was an unreachable, untouchable 'concept' to her people, and thus not a true ruler.

Comically, Saber was basically a Counter Guardian to her kingdom, which is why everyone casts mad shade.



Same thing EMIYA did; purely for the sake of others, doing the hard shit in a most efficient manner possible and bearing all the hatred that came out of it stoically and alone.

In the end, both were done in by someone close to them betraying them because because of that coldness making it seem like they weren't human, despite accomplishing the very thing asked of them.





File: c2a9fa16013174b⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 851x821, 851:821, mordred bike.jpg)

>apocrypha anime airs

>people who don't think mordred da bes still exist




Mordred's dream is to have a penis and she has two mothers, which are sisters, and one of them had a dick, which the other one sneaked in the night to sleep-fuck and get impregnated.

One of her mothers is a complete absent retard and the other is a lunatic hateful cat lady.

Everything's fine, right?


File: 035a820d84f65cd⋯.png (246.84 KB, 474x546, 79:91, mordred love.png)


Sounds fine to me.


File: bcacec4510ef361⋯.png (239.88 KB, 674x666, 337:333, fuck.png)

>got bored and decided to watch the first two episodes of this on a whim

>never paid attention to fate

>the setting explanation didn't explain shit

>the tone fluctuates from fetish bait to hardcore violence

>not sure if I should have a boner when vladdy impales those highschool girls

I'm not sure if I hate this or like it.



'This' being Apcosomethingorother



It's boring, hardly good and on the level of shounenshits out there.

It got famous because the visual novels already had a fanbase and were famous. Also, Saber fanboys everywhere.

About the VN, they're not that good either, but not bad, you could say they are many's first VNs, therefore, with a biased fanbase. If you're from the SNES generation, you could call it TypeMoon's Final Fantasy.


File: db59838a787cb29⋯.png (150.76 KB, 498x383, 498:383, pizza pasta.png)


Noted, I guess i'll still give it the third episode though. Mostly because I cannot help myself.



>tfw you realize Saber spent most of her life, from even before walking and talking with a magical dick

>tfw you realize her whole life she had a dick

>tfw she peed standing up

>tfw she had to use male underwear

>tfw she got bonners from her nurses and maids tending her

>tfw she had her first fap thinking of her maid

>tfw that same maid sucked her and drinked all of her cum

>tfw she probably got pressured by soldiers and fucked war brides in tents while campaigning

>tfw she fucked Guinevere everyday

And this all until her death

>tfw she got summoned again, thousand years in the future, she was with a pussy like she was supposed to, not with her magical dick

>tfw she finds it weird

>tfw she must feel like a girl properly for her first times

>tfw she's probably having her first periods

>tfw she's basically a girl that was turned into a guy, lived all of her life like that, and now she returned to being a girl and finds it completely out of place and alien.



No. Literally stated that Merlin's thing was a one-time thing only and that Saber never knew the touch of the opposite gender.

You also have shit fetishes.



The Merlin stuff was trough her life to disguise her.

>Opposite gender

Sure, she only fucked girls, no homo.


Not my fetishes, just pointing out that Saber had a dick for her whole life.



>The Merlin stuff was trough her life to disguise her.

In that case the oft-repeated line "encased herself in steel to hide her gender" makes no sense. Rejected.

>Sure, she only fucked girls, no homo.

Entirely possible, but highly unlikely beyond the Guinevere/Morgan incident.

What meaning is there for a king to have sex beyond procuring an heir? Wanton lust and self-abasement is merely undermining her authority, she has no selfish desires for skinship and she cares naught if people follow her or if she has to save Britain all alone. Your understanding of Artoria as a character is woefully lacking; it might work on a waifufag, but I just like FSN.


File: c0f31be915ee1a9⋯.jpg (551.84 KB, 941x1011, 941:1011, Morganmanga18-27-04-.jpg)


>In that case the oft-repeated line "encased herself in steel to hide her gender" makes no sense. Rejected.

Makes total sense, she became a futa and had to hide her feminine body at all costs. The penis was an insurance.

>Entirely possible, but highly unlikely beyond the Guinevere/Morgan incident.

It was her duty as husband to try to make a heir with Guinevere. Saber fucked that pussy every day.

>it might work on a waifufag, but I just like FSN.

I'm doing this precisely to trigger waifufags



>Makes total sense, she became a futa and had to hide her feminine body at all costs. The penis was an insurance.

You're contradicting your earlier statement; first it was a disguise, now it's not.

>It was her duty as husband to try to make a heir with Guinevere. Saber fucked that pussy every day.

Entirely possible, given that she knows "how to please a man" despite never having know the touch of one. Moreover, Grey is listed as a descendant(though I think some kind of homunculus is more likely) of Arthur's.

Also, the manga's artstyle is hideous.



>You're contradicting your earlier statement; first it was a disguise, now it's not.

Never said it stopped being a disguise, it's like a double disguise if anyone doubted her being too feminine of appearance and not a man, she would just lower her pants and show them her veiny throbbing manhood.

>Entirely possible, given that she knows "how to please a man" despite never having know the touch of one. Moreover, Grey is listed as a descendant(though I think some kind of homunculus is more likely) of Arthur's.

Yes, she knows how to please a guy because she "was one" her entire life and is well versed in the ways of the penis. But how could you know she never knew the touch of one? Like, that brotherly hug where the guy puts his hands on top of her hidden boobs without knowing or anything, or when fighting on the ground in some Wrestling style grabbing each other. She would feel disgusted, of course, she had a penis, not a pussy, but I doubt she hadn't be touched all over by guys, specially because she lived among them like one.

>Also, the manga's artstyle is hideous.

Well, no comments here.



You've descended into the realm of uncommon nonsense. Goodbye.




Mission accomplished.



Were you shitposting all along?



I can't fabricate evidences against myself, so I can't confirm nor deny it.



Series ruined.



One of the things explained in other works, is that Britain was fated for ruin.

The Great Tree Known as Time has events called Time-Locks, where the World only accepts certain timelines because others have too little branching potential. One of the conditions is "a society that is too prosperous" for a timeline purge.

So "Britain was destroyed" is literally written into the fabric of reality in Type Moon. So when shit kept on being hard regardless of how much they fought, people blamed Saber.

>"B-but you killed Vortigern, why are there still droughts?"


So Saber pushed back their extinction for 10 years and brought many happiness, possibly even saving a number of civilians while at it, but people grew tired of fighting and blamed her for all the strife.

Incidentally, while on the subject of The Great Tree Known as Time, I'm pretty sure that the 3rd Reich would qualify as a Utopia and thus would have resulted in shit the World doesn't like. It's also explained that the World can allow further branching potential to be had in a "Dead End" world line if they allot extra energy. Presumably in the form of Guardians. Tying this into the 3rd Reich, we saw Archer in a couple of locations with weapons and armament that fit that time.


The World hates National Socialists.



Hitler would also make a legitimately cool Heroic Spirit.

>He could supposedly see right through you => Claivoyance of some rank

>That one painting with the wild hunt => avatar of Wodan/Odin, some Divinity?

>Thule Society still exists in modern day Mage's Association. Can call in all his old followers

>wearing a wolf mask to hide his iconic 'stache

>get fame/infamy boost in countries that fought in WW2

>play off his personality against the image painted of him afterwards, like Vlad III



No, the shit is all about a people reorganizing themselves after the Romans left a gap, but loosing it all due to constant waves of Saxon invasions.

No deep meaning.

The heroic spirit of the Knights of the Round Table, an idealistic group of role models, or some Mythical Kingship is all to justify union and is used by everybody in every nation, every time at history, no matter where.

It's eternal.




Those fuckers got beat hard and they had like a 10 year peace afterwards.

Merlin literally has a five minute spiel about how Britain is fated for doom as its the last bastion of mysteries, as the Age of the Gods is disappearing, in Garden of Avalon. Quantum Time-Lock also mentioned this and when in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver Camelot is made eternal the world fucking ends because of it.


>episode 3

>Siegfried literally is told by his master to STFU and not drop ANY HINTS about his identity because of his legendary weakness

>first thing he does when meeting Karna is go "hi, I'm Siegfried from the Netherlands!"


Who the fuck thought this was a good idea in the anime production? Neither the novel nor the manga fucked this up.



File: bc5f38c234b59fe⋯.jpg (409.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_03_….jpg)

Holy shit, that entire battle between saber and lancer felt like someone was taking a cheese grater to my ears. Is it my settings, the release? Do studios just not know how to make that meme hollywood explosion sound?



>TypeMoon's Final Fantasy

>not TypeMoon's Dragon Quest

You're embarrassing.



No, it's that Fate is edgy and shitty, not traditional and adventurous.


File: c4fed765b6d82ac⋯.png (177.17 KB, 325x378, 325:378, shakespeare amused.PNG)

File: 804285babd02121⋯.png (182.14 KB, 342x371, 342:371, shakespeare laughing.PNG)

File: 426108a6dc795b5⋯.png (164.34 KB, 330x353, 330:353, shakespeare ooh.PNG)

File: a5cc947a94cc783⋯.png (191.2 KB, 340x396, 85:99, shakespeare smug.PNG)

File: a44c7744762def3⋯.png (160.2 KB, 329x356, 329:356, shakespeare unamused.PNG)

My reaction folder was not prepared for this guy, every face he pulls is gold. Best Caster.



Your VLC is out of focus anon


File: 4c8b22bbb8a242b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_04_….png)

File: 3ba395b2eb60489⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_04_….png)

File: a7d2ed4fe627672⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_04_….png)


>Then the good characters start to die and the whole thing goes to shit with the absolute worst characters in the story being the leads.

Are we there yet?



It had the potential to be one of the best parts of the Fate franchise. They could have had crazy fight scenes with 15 servants all on the same battlefield destroying countries in a matter of a few minutes. Instead we get a harem with some literal who edge lord that can't even walk.



They should give Mordred a dick and give her the harem.



Can we just have a holy grail war where all of the servants are traps?




It wasn't translated last time I checked. Is it finished yet?


File: ca643f5f3896343⋯.png (357.74 KB, 417x418, 417:418, 1490114494680.png)

This show is quickly turning into a complete mess but I'm somehow enjoying it. Probably helps that I somehow enjoy that opening song.

>tfw you will never get Fate/Extra with Caster


>Achilles vs Siegfried

>Siegfried doesn't even get a single hit in despite having "swordsmanship that surpasses humanity"

>no hints at Achilles having his invulnerability

>somehow the command to use the NP by Gordes is still realized to be a bad idea despite this for all intents and purposes appearing to be a legit chance to take out Rider

For fucks sake, they both nerfed Siegfried as well as made Gordes look even more stupid than in the novel. I'm blaming FGO for Siegfried not getting a decent showing here, because "lol sumanai". Fucking hell, he's one of my favorite heroes of all time and I really liked his design, but nooooo. Because Sumanai.

That said, the heart donation scene was pretty cool, but I have no idea why Ruler is here. Then again, Jeanne walking around going "oh no, oh no, where is he?" and talking shit with Vlad wasn't exactly all that important but this adaptation is still a complete mess.

Really digging the sound design and the fights, short as though they may be.



Just kill yourself



>twitchy ears

Oh my goodness, my heart can't take this.


File: 009b2221c55f69f⋯.jpg (162.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, __caster_fate_extra_and_fa….jpg)


Embrace the Caster. Do it faggot.



/tg/ statted him as Lancer with Longinus, which gave him EX-rank Battle Continuation, as well as that leadership skill. No NPs, shit for physical stats. Basically capable of regenerating from a single limb so long as he had the lance and could easily build an army around himself, but personally useless in battle.


File: 640a561d50ede2f⋯.jpg (235 KB, 2100x919, 2100:919, 1501390583967.jpg)

Sherlock Holmes just added to Grand Order. Ruler class.



>man with a corset





File: 38eb6b00d74a3e3⋯.png (295.11 KB, 399x489, 133:163, OPRockwell[1].png)

>US legal system recognizes his claim to not be able to miss as fact

How would useful would it actually be?


Why are Sigurd and Siegfried different people in Fate?


Gordes is truly a failure of a magus, has the fatass never heard of Gandr?


He should also have a high luck stat.



I thought rulers had to be saints?



All saints can be summoned as Rulers, but a Ruler doesn't have to be a saint.



> Why are Sigurd and Siegfried different people in Fate?

Because sumanai.



Hitler is the current age Avenger.

He should get the highest level of Innocent Monster ever available.

And at least he should qualify as a Caster, since Caster's class skill is Territory Creation, and he managed to create the Third Reich.



>Hitler as Caster

That would be broken as fuck, considering the stories of Hitler owning the Holy Grail, among other legendary relics.



Back in the days I had and Idea of the Spear of Longinius being an actual Heroic Spirit that can use people who owned it in life as its Noble Phantasms.



>Ability to basically instantly Reich anything up and remove local Weimar in all forms

>Has a piece, if not the whole Spear of Longinus, and can use it to change the outcome of the war and the actions of others struck with it

>Has a fucking UFO

>Deployable death camps

>Innocent monster/Varies from nicest guy you'll ever meet to the super jewified ultra demonized version of himself, which enhances all his other given abilities to reality breaking levels of silly

>Attuned to nature, has loyal dogs

>Probably has THE holy grail, or a number of lesser versions

>Has some level of divinity because he's literally the embodiment of this one buddisht thing I can't recall the name of

>Can instantly recognize true art from 'modern art' very good at picking people for their talents

>Followers are mixed between the zealots and the level-headed people

>Is still around even after his body is destroyed, will live on in the people and is remembered and adored by all leading to the kind of /pol/ shit we have now based on his actions

>Only weakness is being submerged in water, or being made wet, loosing his morale when present

>Also, his forgiving nature, said nature is erased if he enter Demonized Hitler Mode, where things hit fullblown "only a sick jewified fantasy Auswitz fetish novel could come up with something like this"

>This also turns anything remotely related to his worldview into exaggerrations of their current selves, hitting True Demon levels of Eldritch Hitlerism, breaking the fucking universe.


File: a94f0db65f14766⋯.png (143.64 KB, 435x767, 435:767, a94f0db65f14766311af794a47….png)



>Leader speaks through actions rather than words

>People think this means she has no feelings

That is so retarded it's giving me a migraine. Saber did nothing wrong.


File: a9ad9239715430f⋯.png (3.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_05_….png)

>a whole episode about Jeannu white-knighting the homunculus

oh fuck why


File: 89eaf56e7816a7d⋯.jpg (273.11 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, saber armor 59186422_p0.jpg)



Congrats, you just revealed that you know fuck all about swords. Broadswords do not, and never have, referred to arming swords or the like. Basing it on the migration period to early medieval designs, they would have used spatha derivatives which were excellent swords when used in conjunction to center-grip shields or bucklers.


There was also the fact that she favored the commoners over the warrior class. So just like Mordred who threw a tantrum over not getting the throne, it's probable that those who joined her in the rebellion did so because they were getting pissy about losing their privileges.


Branching off a little from Apocrypha but are you looking forward to Heaven's Feel or Last Encore more? I was looking forward to Last Encore more, but since Caster got ruined so hard that she won't even be there to confront Twice I've started looking forward to Heaven's Feel more

Plus it means we'll get more Saber Alter, which I've become a buyfag for lately


>stealing an important tool from one the groups because muh feels

How is this allowed? Wasn't she supposed to be an impartial observer?



Siegfried made her swear an oath, so it no longer counts as stealing.


File: be796011ac03151⋯.jpg (473.36 KB, 962x768, 481:384, shinji 3462943.jpg)

File: 11588bdc6ee6b3a⋯.png (419.38 KB, 1485x918, 55:34, zouken assassin shinji 345….png)


In the LN it was something like "he is a sentient being who does not wish to participate, therefore he is under my protection". Kinda like how the Kotomine Church is supposed to protect people in the Fuyuki Grail Wars.

Also, the timeline is different in the LN.

>Siegfried casts resurrection

>No one else there, aside from Astolfo, homunculus and Gordes

>Jeanne goes to Yggdmillenia castle to find out what the fuck happened to Siegfried since his signal is showing DYING but not changing which should be impossible and has talk with the Black side(Vlad asks Jeanne to join him as a fellow Christian, generally being best King)

>Astolfo returns voluntarily, gets jailed

>Jeanne leaves to go look for him, finds him eventually

>they go together to Serge's house and there's some romcom hijinks

That's how it went, but I might be wrong on the details. Anyhow, no one else was there when Sieg left and Jeanne had to find him later alone


Looking forward to Heaven's Feel, though I'm dreading the arrival of best oniichan Shinji who did nothing wrong. Christ Realta Nua is so fucking retarded at times.

Kinda meh about Last Encore.


Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 7a24f608591a258⋯.png (5.15 MB, 2599x3683, 2599:3683, __caster_fate_extra_fate_e….png)


>be there to confront Twice

You would think that would be enough reason to include her over Nero other than the popularity vote, being much more crucial to the story, not being another sabre as the protag's servant but whatever. Yes I am salty over Caster not being the one in the show.

>since Caster got ruined so hard

What happened in this? I haven't really been keeping up to date with this shit.

Had to delete to fix spoiler.



The fourth match, instead of being Arcueid or Dracula is Caster with Medea's original master. He back stabs her or something so MC forms a sub contract with her. I can only assume harem hi jinks ensue from playing the golden poem route. Then when they're all approaching the grail Saber kicks Caster off the bridge while MC isn't looking

Post last edited at




And to add to it, CCC's main is Gilgamesh


File: ae8293309df78da⋯.jpg (821.46 KB, 2399x844, 2399:844, 1501675067553.jpg)

Paul Bunyan, Berserker. Female



>Manga FGO servants in the actual game

Avenger/Ruler Gudako when?



>Paul is known as a big guy with a beard and a giant cow

>becomes a loli

I can't wait to see Johnny Appleseed.


File: b4f761dab5dd79c⋯.png (272.05 KB, 330x330, 1:1, caster disgusted.png)



>Extella wasn't lying about Caster getting cucked


I thought they were just using that as an excuse for having both Saber and Caster in there. I don't even want to play CCC if that's the shit that happened.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To be fair though she is the only servant to canonically sleep with the MC



>super curvy (borderline fat) ara ara~ woman with a cooking pot on her head



Wonder how the various old west figures with countless stories about them (Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday ect.) would be done given most of them have photographs.


File: 7f21099b089f72f⋯.jpg (580.8 KB, 2047x724, 2047:724, Billy the Kid (Archer).jpg)

File: d6b0a0c3a3f476c⋯.jpg (513.01 KB, 2048x724, 512:181, Geronimo (Caster).jpg)

File: e9aac75fdf661c2⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2048x725, 2048:725, Lobo (Avenger).jpg)

File: 3a5303c91603a75⋯.jpg (634.63 KB, 2047x724, 2047:724, Florence Nighingale (Berse….jpg)

File: 3594eb8e7d0e3b3⋯.jpg (591.96 KB, 2048x724, 512:181, Thomas MOTHERFUCKING Ediso….jpg)


A handful of other American servants exist, and Billy the Kid is one of them.



The Edison one will always put a grin on my face.



Edison and Billy are the only other Americans. Geronimo is a feather nigger, Lobo is a dog nigger, and Nightingale is tea nigger.



I'm wondering how low one must descend to care about this.


File: a4928d80116fb60⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 239x262, 239:262, cu ded.jpg)


There is literally nothing wrong with dogniggers.



>Edison is a majestic beefy-as-fuck Lion-head God

>Not a graven, cowardly faggot who used underhanded tactics and patent fuckery and brute force incompetence to build an empire of lies.

Not even trying to ride Tesla's cock, or whatever.. but Edison was a fucking cunt.



His NP is blasting the enemy with media bullshit. Also his stats are all effectively E-D rank even though he bullshits them so they appear as EX.


















How come servants in this timeline reveal their identities so easily? I mean they blatantly give their identities away when they meet an opponent.



Bushido dictates that they must introduce themselves before battle.



That's not why and you know it. It's common in shounen for characters to get introduced forcibly by bad writing because their child audience demands such.



Or because they're not competent enough to do it cleverly.



>Florence Nightingale in a red coat.




She is a brit right? what is the problem?



>it's probable that those who joined her in the rebellion did so because they were getting pissy about losing their privileges.

It's not just "probable", every depiction of the knights who joined Mordred's coup in media and literature had this as their main motivation.


File: b0f821c168e363c⋯.png (169.54 KB, 510x346, 255:173, 06ae790f5e8226e24e02a4e05b….png)


>Billy the kid is a literal kid

>Thomas edison is some captain america lion


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Now this is podracing.



This just makes me wish for another season of Carnival Phantasm.


File: 78c9984a2e2ac4b⋯.png (98.77 KB, 288x405, 32:45, e7.png)

>waiting for UTW



>The one fucking time I want the genderswap I get a fucking shota




At least they remembered Tesla exists.



>Edison is a majestic beefy-as-fuck Lion-head God

IIRC, in Strange/Fake, Edison ends up summoned as a Berserker, and his form is some weird mecha-spider with a lion's head. His first act when summoned is to destroy every electrical power source nearby, because they work on AC instead of DC.

Then his Master gets possessed by Ishtar, and because she's an empty Einzenbern homonculus, she manifests in her true form instead of just being an even more tsundere Rin.

Strange/Fake servants in FGO when? I want the Pale Rider as a Servant, fucking damn it.


File: 33c720990bf4ad8⋯.jpg (106.61 KB, 640x948, 160:237, a7e8279cc35cea970919dc5040….jpg)

I think it would be great if they starring a feminized Jesus as caster


File: e0ac430ba13790f⋯.png (834.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fate - Apocrypha - 06.mkv_….png)

File: c06a3a3735e5277⋯.png (877.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fate - Apocrypha - 06.mkv_….png)

File: 778dff5b36d7adf⋯.png (821.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fate - Apocrypha - 06.mkv_….png)

I can't say I was expecting that.

RIP Gordes.


>The usual translator is busy with real life and can’t translate the episode until Friday and finding someone to stand in for him took some time.

>We have finally started workng on the episode, I don’t want to promise any time for when we’ll release it though.



>Everything to do with Mordred this episode

I was stuck being absolutely weirded out by the entire flashback then it greets me with her chasing a cat on all fours.


File: 962e65fd9d32818⋯.jpg (148.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SHOGUN EVIL.jpg)

File: ee68778ac2d12ab⋯.jpg (104.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JurnalPost.jpg)

Man, I wanna watch shoGUN Evil.



>thinking Gordes is the one who will be used for the golem

I know apocrypha gets a lot of shit, but it's not that bad.



Fate is already mediocre as a whole, Apocrypha may be the cringiest and lamest of it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I love my Empress!


File: 31f79bd9f9edc47⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1880x5040, 47:126, saber rejecting her failur….jpg)

Man, how disappointed would you be if you daughter turned out to be a delinquent, otherkin genderfluid?

Saber did nothing wrong.



Is there a webm floating around of the op?



Mordred is a girl who wants to be a boy who actually wants to have her pussy violently raped by a huge dick.

And that's because one of her mothers had a penis.

Now she's all conflicted, just wanting some savage sex.


>sniping at two servants fighting from less than 900 meters away(checked google maps, the clock tower is roughly in the center and to the furthest end of the town is like 1km)

>target has B-rank Instinct, compared to Saber's A-rank

>doesn't even destroy the street, barely kicks up some dust

>gets into melee with a knight class and takes a debilitating wound in the first exchange and then runs away

So is it just me, or is Chiron basically just a discount EMIYA?


Goddamn it Mordred's smile was adorable. Arthur should have just given her the headpats.


File: 23f02a89069fda5⋯.png (768.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [APEX]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_07….png)

So, are they going to cut away to Cheeg every time something remotely interesting happens?


File: 200869378db45d5⋯.jpg (367.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_07_….jpg)


I thought you were exaggerating before I watched the episode. Fucking hell, no one cares about this fucker, doubly so when they cut out Jeanne. In the LN, they were both overnight there and as you can see in the episode, Jeanne going to Sighisoara accomplished fuck all and now she has to run all the way back to castle Millennia.

Also, who the fucks keeps their belt hanging on the middle of the fucking wall? And why does it have a frog(the part where you put the sheath)? Shit's dumb.


File: 053d02dfc4cbe3f⋯.jpg (361.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, moedred.jpg)

File: ca13691973b778f⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 430x519, 430:519, morded pout.jpg)

File: aafba775b21af85⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 482x560, 241:280, you what, knave.jpg)

File: 51e6dab5270faf8⋯.jpg (384.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_07_….jpg)

File: 778426e6393bbc8⋯.jpg (384.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW]_Fate_Apocrypha_-_07_….jpg)

Mordred and Astolfo are still cute, though.



At first I thought Astolfo would be trapbait but honestly he's been probably the best part of this train wreck of a story. Thoroughly entertaining through being a complete ditz.


File: ed7d5dd7bd2ddb9⋯.jpg (196.92 KB, 1024x766, 512:383, larger.jpg)

Jean-François Millet - Des glaneuses



>Last two pics

What is this lewd creature?

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