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File: cf191d0c8c148ca⋯.jpg (516.29 KB, 1806x2560, 903:1280, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka.jpg)

File: ffb8c56314a58e7⋯.jpg (155.2 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, Crimsons.jpg)

File: 7b43575b9a44a16⋯.jpg (127.59 KB, 480x745, 96:149, Pao no Monogatari.jpg)

File: f8533a56ef88695⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 339x475, 339:475, Keroro Gunsou.jpg)

File: 28cc16e960e46f7⋯.jpg (170.74 KB, 319x500, 319:500, Oumagadoki Doubutsuen.jpg)


Last one is autosaging.

I'm posting here some Animal-themed mangas.

I can't guarantee anything

>Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?


>Pao no Monogatari

>Keroro Gunsou

>Oumagadoki Doubutsuen


File: ac80a988216cd34⋯.png (332.67 KB, 894x1300, 447:650, 002.png)

File: aabf5252e64aa69⋯.png (871.75 KB, 1769x1300, 1769:1300, 009.png)

New Dr. Stone is out.

The new girl is a bombshell and the village has a Star of David in the watchtower.

Also, the plot thickens and Senku is a faggot.


That spider one was more engaging than I expected it to be...



She's going to be a mother.


File: 5c26b376371a92e⋯.png (1005.18 KB, 1769x1300, 1769:1300, hnnnngggggg.png)


the way this man draws females is fucking 10/10


For animal themed manga I guess Ogeha springs to mind which ended pretty recently.

>High school boy raises alien butterfly semi human abomination.

Also Jagaaaan is something I've read later and that has a pretty prominent owl along with frogs I guess but it is a loose link I'm making... Mostly it's about a cop who wants to shoot people and it turns out every one around him are turning into monsters and so is he.

Any recommendations for medieval manga? I had forgotten the name for the manga Wolfsmund and was going to ask ITT for it but I ended up remembering it. It's got a lot of gore from memory and is about border control in switzerland.


She gets pretty OP though, the LN kind of went down a crummy route pacing wise but it was probably the best plot potential.


File: 3998786b9ecc0e8⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 178x179, 178:179, shit.JPG)


>the way this man draws females is fucking 10/10



I dropped it because I got LN spoilers, read ahead at own risk:

Apparently once she gets out of the caves, she becomes some sort of super-spider-god-thing? God, I fucking hate LNs like that, where the MC starts with a weak-but-abusable-in-corner-cases power and OH WHOOPS THE WEAK PART OF THAT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER ANYMORE and it just turns into wank.

It happens so often, too. I actually check whether something is an LN adaptation these days because of how common it is.


File: 01d85e157ad20b5⋯.gif (599.49 KB, 625x345, 125:69, 01d85e157ad20b5d8d18226ecc….gif)


You think that is bad writing? so much potential with dark subject such as Spider finding the mate, or then cannibalising it, but in the order, getting a nutrition to lay legs now, hence a willing sacrifice from male, but guess what? holy shit! zo she automatically gains the skills to lay eggs! and how did she ever know that???


File: 3d69283a774529f⋯.png (146.46 KB, 397x468, 397:468, all right fam.png)

>new Kaguya


File: fbce746c8941443⋯.png (298.49 KB, 1102x1600, 551:800, tsugumomo tracing.png)

Anyone else picked up Tsugumomo because of the anime and was thoroughly disappointed?

I had a great time with the anime and people were talking about how it was censored to hell and the mango was better so I was excited to pick it up after the anime was done. But the story the anime covers doesn't start going as hard into fan service as further chapters, I don't think the anime barely censors anything and the way it did using soap bubbles and hair instead of beams of light was pretty good, kept it erotic even while not showing nipples.

And then the things that happen after the anime events just feel so lazy. It's like the author got tired of thinking about new Obi powers and new Amasogi. Instead of trying to think of powers that would make at least a modicum of sense being done by weaving 3 obi together he just gives Kazuya whatever powers. The "muscle reinforcing" ones are the worst... that was the worst part of the anime and he even expands on that with the same power but for legs instead of arms. The story could really have done without a super strength super power.

And the amasogi got stupid too. The dream arc was weak as hell, as dream arcs usually are. They're usually just used as an excuse to increase everyone's power levels and make the characters do things they would only ordinarily do in fanfictions and this was the case in Tsugumomo, going as far as genderbending for no good reason. Then there was the fighting game amasogi, whose owner knew all of the rules instantly for some reason. And then the board game amasogi who was so similar to the dream and fighting game ones (pulling people inside a space they control and having them fight under the amasogi's rules) that it feels like he needed to hurry with the new chapters but didn't have a fully developed idea for a monster of the week yet so he just remixed previous ones.

I'm going to keep reading because it's still fun, the fan service is good, I'm interested in the story and it's short enough, but I was expecting a lot more from it.



>Picked Tsugumomo because of the anime?

I'm sure everyone here on 8/a/ read it before watching it.



I have dropped it at some point without watching the anime.



I read so much stuff that I'm always careful about picking up even more stuff. I never saw any reason to start reading, looked too much like Tenchi to me from what I had read about it. The anime just gave me the small push I needed to pick it up.




Weird, I vividly remember last year here on 8/a/ everybody started reading it because a translatorfag started posting here, many threads were made.



They look like children.


File: f73bf91610d6e9e⋯.png (525.54 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, rapeape.png)

File: 2a65874d0505292⋯.png (524.82 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, img000014.png)

Another predictable match again.

Rape nigger is going to get destroyed because he's a nigger and had his backstory revealed which is a death sentence every time with this author


File: 72506822fdf081c⋯.png (190.79 KB, 500x364, 125:91, not_cool.png)


could you fucking not?



Cash Money Chiyo?

And, do you perhaps hate the lovely arachnid?


A new love rival


They presented him in a clear manner for the audience to hate him, a death sentence. The only way for him to live is either a counter flashback during the fight or him clinging to his owner's importance in the story.

He also has a "foe turned ally" potential.

But yeah, let the guy die already.



The whole trope

>Reincarnated into an alternate world where everyone has levels like a video game

Is so incredibly done to death. I agree with your point though. Re:monster was incredibly similar to kumo as well.

It's such an easy writing technique as you can numerically express character progression for autists and make their abilities to accomplish tasks believable or restricted. I have read at least 20 manga which have a leveling system as part of the world that the MC is in. In a crazy way keeping a level system for characters when writing a story for the authors benefit only might be a helpful tool to track character progression. It's interesting why the authors seem so inclined to quickly turn the MC into a God, one enjoyable exception I guess is Adu of Hades which seems like it is trying to be like Berserk and is more unique as the MC starts off as powerful as a God and inhuman and gets drastically weaker and more reliant on others as the story progresses.

I am still happy to read dungeon seeker though as it is humorously edgy and violent.

Out of interest... how do you think it should be written? How do you think such manga should end? (after defeating the big bad?)

I've been planning to write such a story where the MC through investigations in science essentially realizes they are in a simulation and wields magic through the use of glitches and explanations will mesh significantly with our understanding of quantum probability in this universe and be a parody of this leveling trope. It will be about a quest to understand how their world is programmed and how exploits can be used to become a higher dimensional being and an AI in the universes of the Gods which could be us.


File: 5b662af9d0b369c⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1013x1600, 1013:1600, ClipboardImage.png)

Just finished re-reading Kongou Banchou. Man.. this series was dumb and cliched, and such a silly fun ride. I'm on a serious delinquent/banchou kick because of /tg/ right now, so I'm going to go read Crows and Sakigake!! Otokojuku next.



I did the same thing a few years ago, but I went Sakigake -> Crows -> Kongou.

Kongou Banchou really is fun, Gouriki banchou is a cute. It's also mercifully short, because I just know the author would fuck it up if it was any longer (like he did with seven deadly sins).



Seven Deadly Sins had a decent amount of potential and it feels like it could have ended with Hendrickson, if they took out all the mysterious plot threads and just got all the characters together again. Instead, it kept going past the 100 chapter mark (where most series turn to shit) and literally started in with power levels, training arcs, and asspull powerups.


Anyone feel like Helck has been going downhill for some time now? It's fucking slow as hell now with boring action taking up all the pages and barely any plot or character moments to really make up for it. It's made worse by the fact that the chapters have been a tug-of-war of "nuh-uh, I have the upper hand now!" with both sides either displaying infinite stamina or another keikaku, it's fucking boring as sin has went on for too long. A fucking shame considering how good the first 40 chapters were.


never have I seen someone actually say that about Boichi's women




Why you faggots keep looking at the faces?



Retain as much danger as possible, if you start with a dangerous outset. Make sure weaknesses are never fully discarded or that new ones are introduced as old ones are overcome. As a good example, note One Piece's progression:

>Initially, Luffy seems outright invulnerable, but it turns out that slashing weapons and water in general are dangerous. Enemies without a substansial body are also problematic.

>The weakness against water never goes away, swords remain very dangerous, and as Haki becomes more common, normal blows are also a problem. While enemies without a substantial body can be struck properly later on, they're still a threat due to their offensive capabilities.

Like, I hated Shield Hero because eventually his lack of offensive power simply didn't matter. I hated Spider because eventually she just plain became unkillable and all the tension left the narrative entirely. I hated SAO because the MC became boring and unstoppable and never made mistakes.

There is literally nothing that will make me care less about your narrative than a total lack of meaningful conflict. By meaningful, I mean interesting and tense in the scope of the narrative. A story about a professor in a college is unlikely to have many combat encounters, for example, but him being set up to be fired due to bogus sex scandals or allegations of rascism/sexism would be interesting - until he gains tenure and/or those trying to get him fired mysteriously simply give up. What I'm saying here is that you must maintain the tension you introduce as best you can.



Narrative =/= Story.

Just saying, you seem to be mistaking both.



It's one of his major weaknesses despite the male faces he draws having more variety. Just look at the women in Sun-ken Rock, a sameface so omnipresent it'd make Hirai blush.



Those "faces" you speak of... are you referring to the girl's tights, hip, ass, waist and boobs?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ok I still haven't gotten my shit together since I've read Gantz.

Anything similar to it? With violence, weirdness and still making a sense and a point?

I already have read Inuyashiki.



Anon, calm down, don't you want some squeezey and soft cute girls instead?


File: c7ff235a7db76b2⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1455x941, 1455:941, Gantz.png)


You are a meat bag. There is not any higher purpose. Your existence is on greater scale meaningless.

All you have is satisfying yourself with your primal desires and stupid things like "cute girls".

Any hope you have for any higher existence is 21 grams you know nothing about.




Go home /m/, you're drunk.



Hey I am just doing what Gantz made during the end.

Went all philosophical about entire thing. As well as made guns so large making giant robot instead made more sense.


File: 07b850fca0e5628⋯.png (293.26 KB, 1252x1800, 313:450, img000004.png)

The last chapter of Treefugger is out.


File: 320a83d05cf421a⋯.png (204.02 KB, 1124x1600, 281:400, wewlad.png)



There's ton of violent stuff m8. Try Shigurui.



He wants something futuristic, not historical like Basilisk.



He's a picky little shittasted faggot then. Spoonfeeding is over.



>tfw you're not me

>feels good


File: b833afad4b9adb3⋯.jpg (143.71 KB, 500x664, 125:166, tmp_7874-tumblr_nzw2flVuLQ….jpg)


Try dorohedoro, it's good.



Try terraformars. It's good while they're on mars, then it turns into complete shit. Should scratch your itch.



> dorohedoro

oh god, I stopped reading that manga several years ago, I guess it is time to catch up again

Ebisu best girl


File: 58f970b223ad823⋯.png (16.84 KB, 192x145, 192:145, 1446186216805.png)


>it's ending

I feel sad. This feels too short, like it should have done a second volume to then end like it did in this one. Though I guess it's better than going on for too long.


File: 120c671b8e93536⋯.jpg (290.51 KB, 1600x1140, 80:57, 9b13255b2f19092ce4976f8ee2….jpg)

Are there any new harem manga out there that will actually have a chance of ending in harem? I'm reading pic related and keep seeing it try to break the usual harem cliches and always fail. Hopefully since all the princesses are gathered some character development can take place and the relationships can advance.



A please would be nice...


File: adaab1fffaf9932⋯.jpg (681.03 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, img000021.jpg)


Absolutely adorable. Was waiting for the last chapter so I could read the whole thing in one go.


Despite being only 12 chapters, we still got more progression then something like Tomo-chan. Another volume would be nice though, even is its just seeing some awkward interactions as a couple.



I thought it was about the harem joke ending with this page.


File: 3e2b342502cdf62⋯.png (311.83 KB, 637x561, 637:561, Screenshot_2017-07-03_12-3….png)

Let's get this out onto a tray... NICE!


File: ec28b11e1a4c5a8⋯.png (967.56 KB, 1010x1600, 101:160, 06.png)

File: 160753ffc433e67⋯.png (497.36 KB, 1010x1600, 101:160, 07.png)

File: ae4173d6aadae35⋯.png (587.32 KB, 1010x1600, 101:160, 08.png)

Just found this on Helvetica. Looks fine.



Ia she a shy cute girl who just want to be love and cuddle but has a face that scares people?



Nice hiss!



Nah, it's just Lovecraft tier horror. Name's "Souboutei must be destroyed".

I'm already hooked after two chapters. And now I have one more mango in the waiting purgatory.


File: b26d067a3505849⋯.png (210.44 KB, 628x438, 314:219, ara ara.png)

File: f295d1a173f48ce⋯.png (243.21 KB, 489x522, 163:174, don't look.png)

File: 7a4848b6880941e⋯.png (408.09 KB, 1024x477, 1024:477, what.png)

>ara ara, you couldn't be possibly interested in an old delver like me

>could it be that you're craving my SUFFERING



its by the guy who did Ushio to Tora?


File: 1a48e70aec0c80b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 724.51 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, Made in Abyss - c036 (v05)….png)


>SFX: the rumble of scientific triumph


File: 9e7e87a91f5b943⋯.png (203.31 KB, 827x1300, 827:1300, Fire Punch returns.png)

All will be cleansed in a baptism of fire.


File: 7c0cae26f01cdfd⋯.png (367.57 KB, 718x834, 359:417, tanaka maximum lazy.png)

My heart rejoices when Tanaka-kun updates.


File: 587e7806b235bbb⋯.png (157.7 KB, 313x357, 313:357, 1437845855140.png)


After reading the newest chapters all I feel is despair.


File: 32df2729eb370ee⋯.jpg (138.44 KB, 640x744, 80:93, Kaguya Vol 6 cover LQ.jpg)

Stalker on the front cover.



She even got some nice army mocha to go with it.



I've already read that and I must say it is same as Gantz but also opposite of that.

And looking at how people seem to compare Gantz to just violent stuff it seems it is good time to make a point about it.

Well first off all ignore myanimelist link and because I need this interview with Oku Hiroya.


>KC: What were you doing between your previous series, GANTZ, and your current series, Inuyashiki?

<HO: Actually, there was hardly any time between those series. I thought of the idea of Inuyashiki when I was wrapping up GANTZ.

>KC: How would you describe the two main characters in Inuyashiki?

<HO: They both start out as human, but as they become robots, they start to feel a void in life. It would be hard to deal if your body suddenly became a machine. I imagined that they'd feel like they weren't truly alive. In order to fill the void, one character starts to save lives with his new body, and another starts to take lives. One becomes good, and one becomes evil. Ultimately, they have to face off against each other.

Ok now I can make a point that a)both Inuyashiki and Gantz had similar ideas to them, b)They are not about violence.

Gantz was full of nudity, blood and gore but it had one point in itself. To describe us as nothing more than meat bags. First point about it was made extremely fast. Kishimoto Kei character was about what being a copy of a person. Later it just got more and more of it.

Resurrecting people, Sebastian character, meeting another Gantz team, Giant Aliens being same as humans, all of that was about making humans to be nothing more that animals or things. With final being meeting with God Aliens, where they literally said all that stuff.

This is what made it so fucking great. It wasn't ever mindless violence. It was action movie through it entirety that still managed to make a good points as it went.


Kengan Ashua depicting africans as normal people


File: 0f026548142da8e⋯.jpg (344.1 KB, 603x650, 603:650, 44085540_p0.jpg)


I wonder how and when dorohedoro will finally end and what she'll do next.



>mass murdering rapist


I think you meant depicted accurately



Where the hell do you get the latest chapters?



I've been getting them from Madokami. I don't know if it has ALL that's been translated, but more than most places.


File: 0ded2ba964e37a0⋯.png (679.67 KB, 1370x1016, 685:508, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at ….png)

Sodatachimaou is so cute and freaking hilarious.

Synopsis: During a war between humans and demons, a human child from unknown origin mysteriously appears in hell and the 3 ruling demon lords don't know if they should execute, enslave, or raise the child.





File: bd9454af8880bb6⋯.png (769.51 KB, 1030x1158, 515:579, no brakes on this train.png)

File: 23e592e63e3d882⋯.png (107.62 KB, 382x399, 382:399, prayer.png)

Another two chapters got released. The ride never ends.



Stop spoiling every thread you can find with this, we get it, you like it, people here are already reading or not.



What did I spoil? If I wanted to spoil anything worth spoiling I'd have mentioned that things happened.

If you don't want to discuss the most recent chapter or if you're slowpoke waiting for a niggerstream™ release, then kindly just fuck off.



You're from 4chan, aren't you?



>stop posting manga in the manga thread



He's posting it on every thread, it's spam at this point, specially because chapters are releasing lightning fast and he makes sure to post some of it when that happens.

He seems like one of those overly excited 15y.o. brats who just found their new favorite thing ever.



I've only see him in this and the summer season threads, and they're spoilered in that one. Take it easy anon.



And I didn't even post there.


File: d4bf30ef1a617f4⋯.jpg (156.88 KB, 822x616, 411:308, Yakumo-san.jpg)

To be honest I found this panel a little jarring.


File: 4c9952c43943f19⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1523, 1080:1523, Yakumo-san.png)


I was just about to post that.




Used goods. Disgusting.



This anon gets it.



To be fair, she is at least the most acceptable kind of used goods.

It's not like she was a slut or chose her relationships poorly. She's only in that situation because of circumstances beyond anyone's prediction or control.



We know. But still.



>I've been getting them from Madokami.

I really should make an effort to get in there.



It's not even that hard to get into Mado.


I have been out of the manga loop since last year. What has been translated recently that seems fairly good?



See in the catalog if the older threads are still alive. Ongoing ones in this matter were already discussed.


Been reading Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga dekinai recently. It's a stupid romcom and it's fairly entertaining.

Need help for some actually good shit.



I know, i'm just lazy


File: b199f85aa90414f⋯.png (181.15 KB, 308x618, 154:309, do your best.png)



She needs to be a mother...




It kind of looks like the story will be ending soon actually, since a lot of crazy shit has started happening. Might be about time to catch up



I just read it to jack off. Like a sensible anon would.

I am yet again done binge-reading all the new-ish series I picked up from recommendations in these threads and I think I should continue Dorohedoro after a few year long break. Should I start from chapter one again or guesstimate the chapter where I left off? I think it was a few chapters after some random cute died.


File: 7e28430ffbd6381⋯.webm (358.36 KB, 854x480, 427:240, donny WHAT IN THE FUCK.webm)

>"Why is there a chapter 48.75 in DeDeDeDe?"

>check the comments

>"For anyone out of the loop, M3OW has quit scanlation and isn't doing this series anymore. I'm still doing the translations and uploading them for whoever wants to use them."


File: 423aae7a7d91ad5⋯.png (346.24 KB, 743x484, 743:484, 1453885580696.png)

File: 00ff2cb1dd39704⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1178x1200, 589:600, ontan can't handle it.png)


Jesus fucking Christ, I haven't checked batoto in a while so this went completely over my head. I really do hope somebody picks it up once it comes out of hiatus, maybe WWW since they're still translating Watamote and whatnot.

Did he give any reasons as to why he's quitting?



Isn't this manga about a widow? Faithful widows are just fine. Just below virgins and certainly above "I only slept with my previous boyfriend before you".


You know what's worse than refusing to release any translations? Releasing a translated batch that has a whole fucking volume missing. And manga being a decade old and fairly unpopular there are no alternative sources either. Reading Gunslinger Girl is suffering.


File: 8439702afc9b2f0⋯.png (15.04 KB, 1022x65, 1022:65, ClipboardImage.png)

Are there scans of this version of Ranma 1/2?


File: 99774b4270269e0⋯.png (551.46 KB, 1566x1200, 261:200, [PAD]crows_v06_c020_[PAD]c….png)

Reading through Crows now. This series is fucking great and I can respect the author for having the foresight to use Bouya sparingly and focus on other characters for stretches of the story. I think it takes away from Bouya's ability to develop as a character, but he came into the plot as the strongest motherfucker around, so there's not much they can do with him without removing the tension or dialing up the power level bullshit.

That said, I'm on Chapter 63 and they've been talking about districts and schools and characters that haven't been fully established yet and my eyes are just glazing over at these walls of japanese names.



>its by the guy who did Ushio to Tora?

Anon knows its stuff, those pages were from Souboutei Kowasu Beshi.



The spider, how does she feels when she ejaculates her web?


File: 89ec8e88d6b5a07⋯.png (491.32 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, img000022.png)

Called it.

Rest in pieces, giganigger




And I bet imaginary internet money on him too, I need to brush up my skills on predicting the outcome based on the prior character setup.



The author threw a nice curveball this time by giving both guys backstory before the fight and making them both assholes



Don't be hasty, next chapter a turnaround may happen while I don't think so.

But by looking at the Owners, the fact that one is Japanese and the other is a Nigger, and other minor stuff, it's indeed settled.



Muteba wins.



This manga has become so very predictable, with the supposedly strong guys just getting taken down left and right like cannon fodder by people connected to the main cast.

Just once I'd like for a fight to go a bit more unexpectedly and have one of these hidden monsters outright demolished and killed by one of the competitors.



That's one of my favorite manga ever. It's the dumbest fucking ride ever and i love it.


I've just read Onani Master. God damn that guy got NTRed hard. That drawing was really the worst of it, one thing is giving the guy the wrong idea and then dating someone else, but don't cast people as side characters in your sick fucking delusions of herding a group of losers around with your boyfriend. I guess I'm full of spite and bitterness, but the main characters reaction to it really disturbed me, if I was in his shoes I wouldn't have been able to hold back the anger. Now I'm looking through heaps of romance manga for something with a female protagonist like Aya Kitahara, I usually can't stand the character type, but I feel like something I can at least understand a bit.

I really hate colored pages and cover images. Artstyle is one of the main things on which I decide whether I want to read something or not, so looking at something drawn in a radically different style, or something drawn the same but then colored really amateurishly doesn't do shit for me. Things would be so much fucking easier if what is displayed is indicative of the contents. I can't count the times I've initally turned something down only to pick it up way down the road after seeing actual internal pictures.


File: 711bd51547ce002⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 324x500, 81:125, tmp_29839-Jitsu_wa_Watashi….jpg)

>Jitsu wa watashi wa chapter 178

Holy shit!


Apparently the group translating Hatsukoi Zombie is experiencing difficulties and it currently has no translator, maybe.



>blaming the manga for the difference between cover art and content

>literally judging a book by its cover

Have you learned anything today?



So, you're shit?



Question now is whether time travel is single-timelime or alternate universe Steins-Gate-esque. If it's not multi-timelime, then we know that Principal isn't dead, since she delivered the baby. I still don't think that anything seriously bad should happen in this manga a la legit deaths since it's been almost completely 100% comedy up until now, except for Class Rep's future which is only a little sad.



But they described the daughter as an orphan, so in the timeline we saw where Akane survives, Dumbpire doesn't.

It's almost certain everything will be fine in the end though. But it would be hilarious if it really does genre-shift into a tragedy for the ending after nearly 200 chapters of comedy.



There's a difference between onscreen and offscreen death. The fact that we're shown the bloody body crosses a line that just alluding to a death doesn't. It's the difference between Scar in the Lion king pushing Mufasa off the cliff and Scar tearing Mufasa's throat out. It's the same result, but one is less jarring/out of place in a kids movie.



What if the old principal reappearing is an effect of all these time travelers trying to fix the past? Even though they can't effect the past because they shared what the past was like in order to change it the principal appeared as a balancing force to make sure the past happens as it did before.



One of the things that was really fun about it was that every villain past a certain point was designed by a young fan who sent in a drawing. It seemed like the author cut corners by having most of them show up and be defeated off-screen, but then they all reappeared several times.


File: 6da1d5d0ee382bd⋯.png (443.24 KB, 1269x1800, 141:200, danmeshi race mixing.png)

Half parts are truly disgusting.


File: fa6c0a1d63882a2⋯.png (338.14 KB, 605x603, 605:603, VERY fast spooder moving a….png)





So after Ham here comes Drumsticks. Saving Farlyn is the gift that keeps on giving.


File: eea4ac84613f9ec⋯.png (80.83 KB, 1242x1572, 207:262, IMG_3169.PNG)

>Shut Hell is over

What a ride


File: 746f8745bfaf1bd⋯.png (331.13 KB, 870x1250, 87:125, 006.png)

File: 64115957a2462ad⋯.png (952.8 KB, 1269x1800, 141:200, 025.png)

Good updates.

Farlyn became a cock-monster.

Holding hands confirmed sinful act.


Finally caught up with Dorohedoro. Another mango ruined because the author thought it wasn't deep enough.



doroedoro was trying to be 2deep4you from the start, I don't get what you're trying to say here.


File: ba9c2a5c48b375b⋯.png (457.65 KB, 751x875, 751:875, tanaka garbage onii-chan.png)

File: 7a78e74a9ce2524⋯.png (145.88 KB, 634x281, 634:281, tanaka this is nice.png)

File: 297cc1a4be27a89⋯.png (566.09 KB, 863x662, 863:662, tanaka comfy paradise.png)

Two new Tanaka-kun came out.

I cannot fully express the joy that brings me reading every chapter while listening to the OST and listening to their seiyuu reading the lines in my mind.



It's not "deep" (whatever you mean by that), it just has an intricate plot that has definitely been planned out from the beginning. Or do you seriously think she just decided what the lake of refuse was on these last few volumes? Same with magic smoke.



Exactly. It's not deep, but the author tried to be 2deep4u.



Exactly what? You don't even know what you're talking about.



>>it's not "deep"


Pretty explicit. In my first post, I didn't say the author made it 2deep, only that he wanted to (and ruined it by not being able to; this only made it boring).


File: 757cd6cc7782332⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1448x2046, 724:1023, img000002.png)

The translator of Black General has gotten volume 3 and we will at last be seeing more chapters.


File: 53ae1c4fe5a552a⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Char Assnable.jpg)


About time, i was getting worried there for a second.



Manga updated, time to act fast, we need a thread of this manga to now avoid any further confusion, in the current thread.


File: aec1b32d06ee877⋯.jpg (364.92 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, tmp_22496-5264225-01125830….jpg)

I just bought volume 1 of Kaguya-sama in Japanese as practice. Wish me luck.



Luck to you, Oh Anon.


File: 928705737b7419c⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 1562x3202, 781:1601, tmp_24480-20170717_233427-….jpg)

File: 14350677502e587⋯.png (142.01 KB, 1080x1425, 72:95, tmp_24480-Screenshot_2017-….png)


'Kaba-shita' = under the cover, I get it.



Starting to learn japanese only now? How cute.


File: 05cf375d97de450⋯.jpg (3.36 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, tmp_7061-20170718_005610-5….jpg)

It took me forever to realise it was a 結.



Anon, stop living in the darkness.


File: 8b27bdd4e7721e4⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, tmp_15472-20170718_013448-….jpg)


Ok. Fuck modern light bulbs, going out too fast.



>Not a little girl

Get out.



Some little girls have big hairy fingers, you fucking biggot.



I bet he thinks it can't be yuri if one of the girls has a penis either.



My point was that this change of tone we see in these last volumes ( I think that's what you mean by "making it deep") was the author's intention since the begging of the story. She didn't make that decision midway through because she "thought it wasn't deep enough".

And I don't care if you like it or not.



>Not LED bulbs

Why anon why.



Are those fucking christmas light bulbs?


File: f96ca1d457e8844⋯.jpg (30.51 KB, 220x314, 110:157, tmp_23097-Jin_MM_manga-589….jpg)

Is Jin considered isekai?


File: 6a0cefac6110179⋯.png (309.87 KB, 891x1300, 891:1300, FA_AwH_14_07.png)

Aharen you a cute


Please stop tempting me I am a happily married man of twelve years!



No, it's just good old fashioned time travelling.



Not really, I mean he had a job he was passionate for and the job he does is pretty much a high demand job with high standards, brain surgeon. In fact wasn't that story written because of how depressing healthcare was during the period he was sent too?

And wasn't translations for that dropped?



It was at one point, no idea if anyone picked it back up. I remember I checked up on it a year or so ago and it still was not done.



Not a delusion of time travelling? It was a while since I have read it.



Why's his shirt always look so baggy? I can't tell if he's fat or what...



He's not fat he just has broad shoulders a narrow waist and he is tall. When he bends or twists his shirt becomes a little untucked and sort of hangs over his belt line.



>he uses halogen lightbulbs for home lighting

My sides



Those look nothing alike though, the left part is different



At this rate, the official translation will catch up and go beyond the scanlations. I wish a new chapter would release just so more people would know he has a Patreon now, I like the artist and thinks he deserves the support.


>the nigger was blind all along




I don't think it was an Asspull™, but quite bullshiteous.


File: 0b71be13a9d62c1⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 573x400, 573:400, cataract.jpg.cf.jpg)





>Viz is now licensing this as Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Make sure to buy the official release, even if Viz's translation only has a portion of the memes.




No more scanlations?


File: 90aae0c1b86c5aa⋯.webm (7.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The only thing I know for….webm)



I swear if this means no more scanlations...




I'm seeing reports that the current translator was wanting to drop it for external reasons anyway, and that this was the last push he needed. Nothing on his website yet though. I'm sure it will get picked up by someone else, given the popularity, but we'll see.

On a happier note, it sounds like Hatsukoi Zombie may get picked up again soon.



>Hatsukoi Zombie

I'm really not sure how I feel about that, it just feels like Tomochan with a reverse trap and longer. It was interesting at first but the author has seemed to lost his way. as if he ever had one


File: 50800e7f4b0007e⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1534, 540:767, tmp_8747-Screenshot_2017-0….png)

>Watamote chapter 118

Palmtop-san learns that Tomoko is an idiot.


File: 97f6066574eb98d⋯.jpg (553.11 KB, 836x1200, 209:300, 1a.jpg)

File: ebd097e05c6e478⋯.jpg (282.72 KB, 836x1200, 209:300, 1b.jpg)



>feels like Tomochan

No way anon, shit actually happens in Hatsukoi. I mean, sure, the mangaka is skipping around the part where Tarou finds the truth about Ririsu, but that is to be expected at this stage. It's imaginable that he's saving that for the end, where it will collide head-first into the Ebino-side of things.

Personally, I've enjoyed this shit out of it, and the girls are great and really cute and Tarou is a cool fucking MC. Plus, the all the filler is just comfy SOL shit, and I can not say the same (comfy) about Tomo-chan.

Does anyone have any idea what happened to Underdog Scans? They were translating it solo for a bit after Bosen dropped it but now I can't get access to their page on wordpress at all.



I really feel it does the same kind of ass pulls that hint at progress but nothing actually happens in the end. Tomochan probably wasn't the best thing to compare it to but surely you see the point I'm trying to make here. The girl has nearly been found out by the MC at least 4 times and "oh fugg the fireworks, what did you say, you like the fireworks?" is what makes me feel as if this is just another no progress romcom that will never stop being around. However, I'll still probably read it to the end.



She really does bring it upon herself.



>reading through gantz

>a few asspulls but whatever, still pretty good

>suddenly it goes full EDF

complete with BALAMs

i have no idea what the fuck i expected


File: d8ed58b2fc0ecb7⋯.jpg (826.24 KB, 836x1200, 209:300, image145.jpg)


Yeah, I see what you're saying.

In any case, we'll have to see is if anyone will actually pick the series up until then.


File: 846e2f994df8eed⋯.png (77.82 KB, 688x900, 172:225, img000020.png)


I wonder if whoever decides to pick it up will be in time for next week's chapter.



>pick it up

There's a "faggot code" among scanlators that they should ruin everybody's fun if the manga ever gets licensed.

I doubt very much someone else will pick it up.



>"The fan translation ends here."

Well fuck you too!



That's what struck me. Not that "my translation" is ending, or "the fan translation", but "the fan translations" as though it's unthinkable anyone would continue after him.

Licensing didn't stop Dungeon Meshi earlier this summer, so let's hope it won't end this one either.


File: 9383aa1ca77057b⋯.jpg (181.58 KB, 985x865, 197:173, EXTREMELY DISTRESSED DOG.jpg)

File: a23b19b656ff30e⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 261x189, 29:21, 6113365 _3135f4b844ccf5ae2….jpg)

File: 091ab8e97673e5a⋯.jpg (18.78 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 6113365 _9260f67f752168d87….jpg)

File: 6102c23686b2457⋯.jpg (10.26 KB, 326x205, 326:205, 6113365 _de8009fb9922c1e7e….jpg)


Enjoy NEVER getting to see the rest of this manga because the official translation will take 1 year per chapter and faggot scanlators will never pick it up because m-muh drama.

It's fucking dead. God fucking damnit all to hell.


So apparently Fairy Tail just ended not like anyone actually read this so the question is: Was this worse than Bleach in the end?




Fairytale was on the same level as Freezing



The last chapter is just some disjointed bullshit that simply down't make much sense.

Well, a lot of FT didn't make much sense from what I've heard recently I stopped reading it for the most part after "Erza always wins because she's Erza".

The best part of it are the fans that tear each other apart over the last kick to the nuts from Mashima.



Never had the pleasure of reading that one



Its the only manga to have ever made me physically angry



Guess I'll give it a shot then. What's the term for reading shit mangas for a laugh anyways? The equivalent of enjoying "kusoge"



> What's the term for reading shit mangas for a laugh anyways?



File: 1958050c442d18b⋯.png (51.13 KB, 244x281, 244:281, end my suffering.png)


I started reading Naruto for a laugh since it started coming out when I was leaving highschool and I never paid much attention to it despite its infamy. It wasn't that bad at the start but by the 4th war things are silly and drawn out. I've got another 150 chapters left to go. Don't tell me they spend like a hundred chapters wrapping Sasuke shit up.



Naruto was honestly not that bad. At some point, "crawling under my skin" aka Sasuke made it pretty shit, but it was never Bleach/One Piece tier, at least.




The villains were pretty shit for the most part



While I appreciate the translations so far, this guy managed to word everything about this like a prepotent fuck. Plus his follow-up post on people outside the US that would be shafted by the postal service, but that's just me taking offense

If I could read the kanji I'd translate it out of spite.



Scanlator logic:

>Licensed in the USA

>Now EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can have it and if you don't pay for it you're a biggot!


File: 7ef4cbf9573346a⋯.png (284.42 KB, 800x1150, 16:23, nurutu.png)

Another month another mouthful of bile.

This time Murata reminds everyone why he should not be allowed to write anything and just stick to drawing.



I didn't want to believe you and now I feel even worse. I don't see how all this """build up""" could possibly pay off.



>flame of the hellfire





Fairy Tail was so bland overall that I don't even think it's worth getting worked up over. It was bland as fuck, the characters were all 1-dimensional. All the fights came down to "MUH FRIENDSHIP" and the end was a clusterfuck of unbeatable baddies who all got beat and then some other fuck showed up and it just kind of stopped and nothing mattered because there was never any kind of eventual goal. It was just fighting for the sake of fighting, because that hangs in the ratings enough for mid-tier manga-ka to get paid.


If I were to rank the 3 in terms of quality (art, characters, storytelling, worldbuilding, action scenes), it would be One Piece, Naruto, and then Bleach in a begrudging 3rd. It should be far lower, but there's only 3 in the "BIG 3" after all.

One Piece never disappoints, but it doesn't set your expectations too high either. Oda has it down to a science.

Naruto became kind of a mess, but that was largely due to executive meddling telling Kishimoto to keep going even though he wanted to end it 200 chapters again.

Bleach was a fucking travesty to the point of being somewhat entertaining because Kubo was such a talentless, predictable hack who got lazier and lazier in every regard. The fact that Ichigo ended the series as a ten-way incest baby between every special faction/race in the series was a level of fuckery that only some as awful of Kubo could pull off.


Just cough up to Dorohedoro yesterday, whew what a ride

I'm gonna be a massive fag and get a tattoo of either Kaimans face, Ebisus face or Nikaido in a sort of pinup pose. Can't decide, and I don't know how to find a tattoo artist capable of reproducing q hayashidas beautiful art


File: 8786108c67a0d2d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 850.87 KB, 626x887, 626:887, 60170417_p0.png)


>New chapter released the day before my birthday

>and it's focused on my waifu

fug i really need to catch up.

Murata you better not do anything bad to sonic or else i'll fly to japan just to bully your sorry yellow-ass



>he thinks anything of consequence is happening to any character in this turd

Newsflash fag, these chapters are literal filler.

This series has fallen so low we now have filler in a manga.



I hope this is a joke. Well, at least you'll be a fine meme along with Bernie tattoos.


Looks like Rough Sketch Senpai got some updates that didn't land on Madokami. It's a pretty good mango, really.


File: f1a1446ddc59442⋯.png (178.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, noboru.png)


I don't mind filler, i enjoy the smaller self-contained stories and seeing the characters interact without any bearing of the plot.

but that's probably just because i'm a pleb who's favorite genre is comedy



That's funny because OPM is supposed to be comedy, but Murata is deadset in turning it into some EPIC BATTLE SHOUNEN instead.



there's no pleasing you faggots is there?



I've heard of its fame, the reactions are positive, is it by any chance, done by the same guy who did "I can't understand what my husband is saying" and "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid".





File: f70f0590f048967⋯.gif (123.83 KB, 631x583, 631:583, f70f0590f04896746f3ce745f6….gif)


Is this nigger serious



Nope got you




I'm pretty sure it's not coolkyou drawing it.



It's a joke right? I mean I get that you like it, cool manga, but come on, have gave it a second thought? I mean if it's a big bad attempt at trolling, then I suggest you to not be such a jizz licking test dummy.



Apparently the cleaner and redrawer have found a new translator and will be releasing the next chapter soon.

This announcement was of course met with outrage that they are willing to "personally steal money out of the author's pocket", as one commenter put it.


The Negro won.


Good, only the translator was a faggot.



Are they charging? Because I can't see how the fuck that argument would work otherwise.



It's the same argument the MPAA uses that every pirate directly equals another person who WOULD have bought it, but chose not to


>giganigger won

What the fuck



My thanks to the cleaner, the redrawer and the new translator.

>This announcement was of course met with outrage that they are willing to "personally steal money out of the author's pocket", as one commenter put it.

I bet if the faggot lived outside the US he'd be singing another tune.


Kengan Ashura latest chapter was sweet. Kinda. More of a slaugter than a fight, as it should've been to be honest.

Only time I was glad a Kenyan won. Good for him. If "please punch me to orgasm" Gene Simmons was immune to lethal hits because he's incapable of pain, it would be official this author sucked. Also double nice since Judo-man was the BBEG's fighter.


File: 23e75aaf756c2a0⋯.jpg (166.06 KB, 800x1270, 80:127, angel-densetsu-271160.jpg)


Are there any good ways I can keep up to date with when manga has been completely scanlated?

I only like to read complete series so something that for example tells me "x series were completed in June 2017".

Something quicker than just going through my lists of manga that looks super interesting, that I'm waiting for.



>Hey guys, I want the ultimate spoonfeed, would you spoonfeed me about this?

This thing doesn't exist, also, don't remind me of Angel Densetsu, the author managed to ruin it by adding the girls and then those random halfs.

Halfway you can clearly see that he only wanted to draw girls in cute and varied ways as well, he changed their heads to be more dolichocephalic, pantsu started to appear, he started improving theirs tights, eyes, etc

The story died the worst way, it became boring to death.


Why does Blame! have such a weak ending?


File: 76c2150531e8c3c⋯.jpg (420.63 KB, 600x848, 75:106, Double.Arts.(manga).full.1….jpg)


>This thing doesn't exist

Yeah, it was a bit much to hope for I guess. Just finished going through everything and I've got fifty+ series that have finished in the past couple years to get started on for right now anyway.

Saw lots of series that look like they were abandonned right near the end of their run, which is kind of what led to my scanlation finished rule in the first place.

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