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File: 6a2beaed5b6080a⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_4.png)

File: 9064f1c103f7b1c⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_3.png)

File: dd1889f13b473da⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_1.png)


"Villains" laughing constantly.

Universes getting squished.

Angels smiling malevolently.

18 wearing shades.

Must be a new episode of Super.

The action of the latest episode was alright. It's a shame that the Trio De Dangers couldn't really show off their gimmicks again. Bergamo didn't get huge, Lavender's poison was worthless and Basil is nothing without his steroids.

I want to fuck that rabbit.

I want to fuck that cat.

Pretty much every female is a qt.

Also, Frieza's walk animation and replacement of Buu is so cheap looking. Look at him!


Am I forgetting something or is this barrier thing an asspull? The universe deletion was different from the previous one too. Very likely there is something up and there wont be a need to wish the universes back with the super dragon balls. We also need more frieza screentime to make up for ditching buu.



Frieza looks so fucking off.



>Am I forgetting something or is this barrier thing an asspull?

No, it's an asspull. Goku and Vegeta specifically outright say they developed it(and Gohan apparently) in the like, 3 days they had even though Vegeta had never seen the technique. Never been done before. When the previews came out for the episode people thought it was a new transformation or something.


I would've thought that we would see more of 17 and other fighters. My guess is that Krillin will be the first one to be knocked off.



Why is it an asspull though? Its not something new, when Goku came back to earth from Namek he made a barrier in his finger to stop Trunks sword, and they knew in advance that the yellow furfag had poison, not the best way to handle it, but not an asspull.


File: e3759abc185e97f⋯.jpg (701.88 KB, 1920x2160, 8:9, [AnimeRG] Dragon Ball Supe….jpg)



Is Frieza a God of Destruction yet?


File: 3e60d8ffd0af2b0⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1700x1200, 17:12, 22475496c2427e14a938566831….png)

>U11 dies

>No 100% Pride Troopers only filler episode later on

>U6 dies

>We dont get to see Vegeta visit Sadala like he promised

>We dont get to see Frost and Freeza get into some shit (though that might happen in the tournament)

I'm especially torn because I don't want them to copout with the super dragon balls wishing back all the erased universes.


Actually, according to spoilers:

Krillin is the first member benched, but not because of a ring out. He accidentally kills someone with his destructo disc and gets disqualified.


File: 095befefac83b20⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Super.png)


But in all honesty, I was pretty fucking gobsmacked when Zeno^2 actually went and erased(?) U9 right off the bat like that. I was at least expecting them to wait until the end of the tournament and then erase everyone en masse.

Those stadium seats are gonna end up awfully empty.



>I was at least expecting them to wait until the end of the tournament and then erase everyone en masse.

I thought the same, but thinking about it, isn't that even more cruel?

Letting you live on for a few minutes even though you know you're going to die anyway?


File: 2da446e74a7ca64⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 444x334, 222:167, daitr2.jpg)

File: cb168b53fca907e⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Db121-25.jpg)

File: b2c5e63e72f22f0⋯.gif (439.56 KB, 500x483, 500:483, Sword vs finger.gif)


The durability of your body increasing with your ki and focusing your ki isn't a barrier or new. Goku isn't the only character in the series to have blocked Trunk's sword. He gives his finger a ki charge and throughout the duration of the fight with Trunks they both just look like two full-SS ki Super Saiyan with no distinguishing All of the actual barriers we've ever seen in dragon ball, including the one used by Goku, have been spheres that deflect energy. These barriers don't seem to help defend against energy or help reinforce against physical attacks as displayed in the episode, their ONLY function is to defend against poison. If it wasn't, Vegeta wouldn't have had to dodge another comparably sharp attack to Trunk's sword, the catgirl's claws, when fighting both of them at the same time, and wouldn't have gotten his arm frozen by the beam. Neither Goku or Vegeta either showed any improved durability against the attacks of much weaker opponents to boot.

Beyond a new form of full body barrier it's also an entirely new barrier against something they've never faced before.

>they knew in advance that the yellow furfag had poison

And what is your explanation for Vegeta, who wasn't at the exhibition match, trained alone in the hyperbolic time chamber when he agreed to fight in the tournament, and is specifically noted for ignoring and even getting angry at the idea of planning and coordinating for the tournament, somehow developing the exact same counter measure against something he had no idea would be at the tournament?

Why are you so intent on defending the embodiment of ass pull, the series? Should anyone be surprised over how many decades that a shonen series, DB of all series, had an ass pull?

At best this is inconsistent. Which should also not be surprising.



>And what is your explanation for Vegeta, who wasn't at the exhibition match

Literally seeing Goku do it like 3 minutes prior?



>Literally seeing Goku do it like 3 minutes prior?

He copied a move to counter a move he's never seen before using technique dissimilar to anything any of them have ever done that Goku and Gohan had to develop because... Prince of all Saiyans?

Totally not an asspull.


File: 35d216f8f0ec4c9⋯.png (299.45 KB, 635x475, 127:95, 18_breaks_Trunks'_sword.png)


And of course that's the only thing you bother responding to when the evidence is completely stacked against your autism.




Remember that time when Goku used the kamehameha after seeing it a single time?

Remember that time Vegeta used a destructo disc out of nowhere after seeing it once to cut off Gohan's tail?

Remember that time Vegeta learned how to sense ki without a scouter after seeing other people doing it?

Out of all the shit to complain about in this show you are really going to make a fucking ki barrier your hill to die on?




Hence why DB was better and Z was shit.




>Out of all the shit to complain about in this show you are really going to make a fucking ki barrier your hill to die on?

I believe I just said

>Why are you so intent on defending the embodiment of ass pull, the series? Should anyone be surprised over how many decades that a shonen series, DB of all series, had an ass pull?

Yeah, obviously this is the only problem this show has ever had because someone asked "is this an asspull" and I said "of course it is". It's a shitty shonen show that designed to sell fucking merchandise. I'm the one acknowledging that here. For some reason you have a problem with people pointing this out. You really are fucking autistic.

Remember that time Vegeta learned instant transmission after seeing Goku used it?

Remember that time Vegeta learned spirit bomb after Goku used it on him?

Remember that time Goku learned Frieza's death beam?

Remember that time in Dragon Ball Super where Goku learned the Evil Containment Wave right away because- OH WAIT.









The autistic one here is you, shitting up the thread with multiple posts in a row because you're so assmad that people are enjoying a dumb shonen show that is doing the same shit that it's always done since the fucking 1980s


File: 2e40039ceaebe4e⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 305x300, 61:60, 1433344704794.jpg)

Do these assholes really need to explain fucking everything that happens every 10 seconds? Jesus Christ mate, show, don't tell.

I'm glad 9 got wiped out. Fucking faggots with their lame ass names and furries. Worst universe.



>>Very likely there is something up and there wont be a need to wish the universes back with the super dragon balls.

I had a strange thought while watching Zeno use the "godpad" (eyeroll). What if, he's actually saving the people from the universes to some kind of "database"? Maybe he wants to rebuild the universe itself, as in the entire plane of existence and then "reload' it with the saved data, or beings in this case. Just a weird thought.



It is strange, i thought it was just a toy like a bingo card for them to stay engaged but your theory sounds plausible.

Why can't their be weak universes anyway? It's not like there are multiple existences and we'll have existence fights between different sets of universes...



>Why can't their be weak universes anyway?

The weak should fear the strong.



That's a funny way of saying you're shitting up the thread defending a shitty shonen show because someone pointed out a flaw and WHY DON'T YOU LIKE WHAT I LIKE FUCK YOU EVERYTHING IS GREAT JUST LIKE IT'S ALWAYS BEEN EVERYONE IS A CRITIC I JUST CAN'T LET IT GO.




Here's a thought: Don't want someone shitting up a thread with multiple responses? Don't ask them multiple questions objecting to their response to someone's question about an episode.


File: 938f4c2294defdd⋯.jpg (119.14 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, dragon_ball_super_trio_de_….jpg)

I'm just frustrated that jobbers who look like one-hit cannon fodder get to fight on par with characters who we've seen rise to surpass literal gods.

Not only that, but we spent most of the episode hyping up their special teamwork attack like we're supposed to care about the fact that they exist.



To be fair to them they're the strongest beings in their universe



Well thank god it's gone now.



Who got their asses handed to them by one of the universes in this tournament. That alone should have taught them caution. Or at least taught them that they shouldn't go all in attacking the guys that dominated them previously.

In addition, we as an audience haven't been given a reason to think of them as a credible threat. Their "fast" guy is slower than the good fighters in U7, their "strong" guy got easily overpowered, and their poison guy couldn't finish off U7's #5 fighter after poisoning the shit out of him.



But one of those furfags beat up a cute fairy from another universe!



>Who got their asses handed to them by one of the universes in this tournament. That alone should have taught them caution

Yeah, no shit. They obviously should have gone after some of the weaker fighters and waited for Goku and Vegeta to wear our.

In fact the ONLY PERSON in this entire tournament who has any fucking sense is Jiren. He's hanging back and waiting for almost all the other universes to lose their fighters, thus saving his strength for the very end, when everyone else is exhausted from fighting for their lives, for over half an hour non-stop.

Tactically speaking, when you've got two enemy armies and they're fighting each other, you DON'T fucking throw your own army into the fray. You wait until one side is taken out, and then curb-stomp the one remaining. It's goddamn obvious.



The garbage dump that is universe 9 doesn't really have the best people in charge. They got baited hard into gunning for universe 7 and were too fucking dumb to think tactically.

Hell, Gohan had the same idea as Jiren. Hang back as a group and act defensively. No reason to rush out and try to take out people when it'd be much easier to let them try and take you.




>In fact the ONLY PERSON in this entire tournament who has any fucking sense is Jiren.

Yeah, I could understand people running in like Frieza because it's the sadistic part of their character and they hate everyone they're working with, Goku because being autistic is part of his character, or even Hit who has had experience with inter-dimensional fights before and keeps winning with a special ability you really need to 1v1 him to figure out going all at it and he has a target/job completion mentality.

But Vegeta, 17, and 18 acting like retards makes no sense. Vegeta has shown as early as Namek as late as the Zamasu Arc, that he has plenty capability to work cooperatively and strategically with people to complete tasks for the sake of survival. He could just as easily have fallen into "As long as we know who's in charge here and I make all the calls because PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS BLAH BLAH BLAH" mode instead of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Sayain mode but he didn't. I could understand if it was a one on one tournament or a one on one threat to the Earth and SAIYAN PRIDE, but it's not.

17's character has no consistent motivations or depth whatsoever so that's kind of an easy write off. 18 is well aware she isn't even particularly strong and has plenty of reason to want to stay around Krillin after training together specifically for the purpose of the tournament for duo moves and being married, but still went out on her own anyways.



Vegeta should really understand the value of teamwork against tough odds. He lived half his life that way. He did get pretty conceited the more powerful he grew though, the whole, "SAIYAN PRIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!" shit only started really emerging once he felt confident enough to challenge Frieza.'

17&18 soloing is fucking dumb.


File: 1904877878def9d⋯.jpg (178.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0018.jpg)

File: 3fd5592e2cd9668⋯.jpg (186.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0017.jpg)

File: 9baa048d8eecad3⋯.jpg (216.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0019.jpg)

This level of smug is not normal, right? Their passive menacing smiles is not a red herring? I swear we better see something happen between the Angels and the Kais & ningen. There's a few theories out there about why if anything that just means there's potential for this to get really interesting.



Whis has always had an aloof attitude about what goes on in U7. Look at the several times Beerus bitches at him that he shouldn't act so cavalier just because he wont get derezzed and Whis just laughs that litthe "oh ho hooo" laugh and smirks it off.



I read that the description for U9's angel was that he actually really hated the state of his universe. So he might be enjoying watching their doom. Whis' dad probably enjoys watching it all because he wants to purge unworthy universes.



Well they did say their universe was a fucking dump on top of a bunch of furries being the top dogshuehue



Who doesn't hate U9? The God of Destruction was lame, the Kaioshin is a fucking disney villian, and it's all furries.



Yeah, Goku bullshitting himself into using the Kamehameha was my favorite part of Dragon Ball Z.



They explained it in the episode; Goku and Vegeta were trying to use as little ki as possible whereas the furries were going all out. They even made a point of how xXWolf-Bros1998Xx weren't being taken seriously



>Throw your entire team at two guys

>They don't even take it seriously

Good riddance.



U9 was a shit universe.

I wanna see the U6 Saiyans and the U7 Saiyans fight. Specifically I wanna see Gohan's mystic form walk on SS2 Mary Sue.




>Not jobbing to literally everyone he meets to show off how strong that enemy is, so Goku or Vegeta can beat them later

>Power levels meaning anything, ever

It's like you don't even watch this show.


As a child I loved Goku

As an adult I fell in love with Vegeta

As an older adult I realized both are fucking stupid. Especially Vegeta's all over the place personality

At least Goku has always been consistent with his personality (disregard his fighting style/power level)

But god dam Vegeta needs to seriously be taken down a peg. I wouldn't mind if he was Prince again or some royal shit came back in the story (because its all but been washed away. his backstory) but he isn't. He's just an everyman now. And a weak one at that.

And I don't even know how he can act all mighty when like 4/5 of those cast members has kicked his ass to the point he wanted to give up or literally died.



okay i just got here

why the FUCK is freezer in the team?



Buu went to fucking sleep again so they needed a 10th member to avoid automatic deletion.



>Vegeta's all over the place personality

Yeah his character has some really sloppy writing. Half the time he'll do something he knows is foolish because 'MA SAIYAN PRIDE!', the other half he'll entirely swallow his pride and act on common sense. Which he does seems to depend on what the narrative requires at the time.



>they needed a 10th member to avoid automatic deletion

Two episodes ago Zeno-sama viewed one of the universes team on his pad and it was incomplete. They just added freezy pop to the team because they wanted everyone they could I guess.



That universe might actually have a full team with two members being invisible. Tien stated he sensed something from them when (18 I think) pointed out there was only eight of them.



How sad is it that DBZ had solid consistency going with power level bullshit. It was bullshit but it was consistent.


File: d1a7998443ad305⋯.png (56.29 KB, 450x558, 25:31, d4ed2b7a900cf245aa9ca40136….png)


>work your entire life in a shitty universe to be the best

>become the best but find out your gods suck

>learn of other universes and then embarrassed in front of all of them by a madman who is fine with wiping out entire universes so he can have a bit of fun

>the multiverse is run by a literal child

>not only get wiped out, but your last few seconds of consciousness are in freefall with your failed brothers


File: a89b383f90f528d⋯.jpg (140.13 KB, 511x516, 511:516, blgt_zwee_fighting.jpg)

Re: Newest episode



One of them specialized in poison which doesn't work on half the shit you find, they're shit.



>Just thinking 'bout home :'(


I'm fucking pissed that Freiza replaced Buu. The entire time the intro had me hyped to see Buu fight, only to find out it was a gigantic cock-tease.




I don't know why they kept playing up U9 being the evil universe. They were just the opposition. Besides their Kai being a complete dickhead, they mostly seemed to be doing their best with the shit hand they've been dealt.



DBS is for little kids and Westerners, who are only capable of thinking in terms of "good guys" and "bad guys".



>by a madman who is fine with wiping out entire universes so he can have a bit of fun

To be fair zeno sama was just going to destroy all the other weak universes until he had the tournament idea



>To be fair zeno sama was just going to destroy all the other weak universes until he had the tournament idea

He had completely forgotten about destroying any universe at the time Goku reminded him. I will say that Zeno is not really the one in charge. I say that head priest is the one moving Zeno along and without him around, someone could probably trick Zeno into a pocket dimension for the rest eternity.



How did such an all-powerful being become so stupid? Is he a reincarnated version of an older self and is growing up again?

>He had completely forgotten about destroying any universe at the time Goku reminded him

That's not the way I remember it I might re-watch



I think it was around the time that Goku teleports back there to remind him of the tournament when Beerus said he would erase him if he did. He had completely forgotten about everything and didn't know what to do next until Goku reminded him of the tournament and destroying the universes. Even before we meet Zeno, it was said that he had already destroyed several universes during a temper tantrum. I believe that was around the time he was used to conclude the Goku Black Arc.




My best theory is that he's actually more of an ascended God of Destruction, one that destroys whole universes instead of just planets. Therefore, there has to be some kind of Creator God to balance that. The Great Priest is a good bet, just because his relationship with Zeno mirrors the kind of relationship Whis has with Beerus: he's subservient to some degree, while also being much more powerful.



>Supreme Kai of the Multiverse

>Even worse at his job than the current Kaioshin and let Zeno run the show



>let Zeno run the show

Except he doesn't actually DO anything besides blowing up universes from time to time and fucking around playing "games". It's at least implied that Kaioshin have some governing influence over their respective universe and direct it in some way.


File: 746fd48f4a06540⋯.jpg (217.67 KB, 850x1706, 425:853, __android_18_dragon_ball_a….jpg)

Gosh, she's so fucking cute with the sunglasses


I wish the manga was getting released/translated faster.

It was a blast to read. Wondering if I should start watching the show as well.



Where did she get those glasses though?



Remember when Krillen fought Gohan several eps ago and busted out the solar flare x's 100? There a scene where 18 instantly has some on and so does marron and she's pulling some more out of her purse for Goku. It would make sense that she brought some to the fight, since she knows what Krillen can unleash, or she just stole them from Muten Roshi. Either works for me.


File: 902bfb47a58bc5a⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 800x448, 25:14, Dragon-Ball-Super-84-8.jpg)


in that episode where krillin fought ssblue goku and used that powered up solar flare. she pulled them out of her bag.


File: 19e3f14978bff24⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 586x276, 293:138, caulifla-new-transformatio….jpg)

I'm just gonna leave this here



I don't buy it.


File: a7225d2496c7dc9⋯.jpg (95.01 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 9785825791341324.jpg)

File: 6d3d0cd3065665b⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1266x1800, 211:300, broly_chan__by_onatart-daw….jpg)

File: 77fe4b2d316a9f3⋯.jpg (154.15 KB, 943x864, 943:864, 63229926_p1.jpg)

File: 0c56bb4b81b8281⋯.jpg (175.46 KB, 943x864, 943:864, 63229926_p3.jpg)



>not one, but two saiyan musclegirls

yes please


File: f575ba15dfc07a4⋯.png (28.9 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1407275664060.png)

File: e11f82396807e93⋯.gif (490.67 KB, 320x242, 160:121, 1408567250678.gif)


We're almost to the new episode we still don't have a shop of 18 doing this.


File: 4a8a67983449352⋯.jpg (67.49 KB, 379x291, 379:291, jew monkey.jpg)


Would broly still be kawaii without tiddies?



I wished the female Broly lusting for Yamcha idea was real.


File: f9862153b695a9b⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 500x376, 125:94, main-qimg-f3a593c3ab607b66….jpg)

>New episode

>Krillen gets eliminated in a dumb way


At least he got a "cool guy" moment when he saved 18, but that just gives rise to the question of what qualifies as "flight techniques", as he flew via energy blast. Realistically, nobody who has stamina left should get rung out because they should be able to "blast" their way back in.



The energy blast recovery should've been him surfing on a destructo disc instead.


Can't wait for Cauliflower to pull Super Saiyan 3 out of her ass, or Cabbage patch boy to go all SSB.



I understand WHY flight had to be banned, considering the whole '"falling off the edge of the ring" bit, but it's been handled extremely poorly since it was introduced. It's bullshit when they had creatures that could fly naturally with wings or whatever, and DOUBLE bullshit where there's some magic somehow preventing everyone from using the ki-based flight technique. Logically, since learning that ability, everyone should be using it continually to help move and balance themselves during fights (like when they jump into the air and can change momentum or whatever shit). Suddenly removing it would be like cutting off a cat's tail: they'd be falling all over themselves and unable to properly coordinate their movements.

Really, like with so much else here, Toei just wrote themselves into a corner with that rule, and have had to real way to fix it. What they SHOULD have done is have the ring be surrounded by an invisible cylindrical barrier; if you touch that barrier, you're eliminated. It serves the same purpose of making a "ring-out" the only way to beat someone, without arbitrarily shutting off or banning certain abilities, while allowing other weird shit that accomplish the same thing.

Also, can we go more than THIRTY FUCKING SECONDS without commentary from the various angels and gods of destruction? It's getting extremely tiresome.

Anyway, next week is episode #100. I wonder if they have something planned or if it's just going to be the Mary Sue Saiyan Special.


>Gohan and Roshi being relevant

>Super cute 18/Krillin moments (best couple)

>Creative shit like the ki blast ping pong move

>Exciting fight where I actually didn't know if Krillin was going to win or not for the first time since the beginning of Z which was solved in an entertaining way

>Krillin is knocked out right away and next week we are back to Goku power wanking shit


At least I can root for my boy Vegeta for a while yet.

It's interesting that I am watching this tournament for literally every character who isn't Goku


File: 71aa0651edf56e0⋯.png (426.74 KB, 548x482, 274:241, goku pose.PNG)

Krillin's True Power!!

Getting his ass beat and dropping out first. Good job.

Also I'm pretty sure Goku just stood there in that fighting pose the entire episode while the focus was on someone else. He didn't even react to Krillin getting fucked up. He was probably expecting it to happen.



>Only five minutes have passed

>We have a clear period of time where nobody was fighting

>We had an extended focus on Krillin and 18 fighting

>Nobody stepped in to assist

>Nobody was shown being distracted

>This fight should've taken place alongside Goku and Vegeta's fight with U9


File: f194df6a73bf64d⋯.jpg (86.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fuck.jpg)


He did manage to eliminate three others with 18. 3 for 1 ain't too bad. I wish they'd actually give him some more time with Frost though. Some wasted fucking potential having him just thrown off like that without any interaction.

They'd be able to do that if they'd cut the useless commentary and didn't show everyone standing still and looking angry because the furry universe got wiped.for five minutes.

The stalling is getting ridiculous.



Well one of those was actually by Roshi, but I still count that assist cause I like him.


File: e58ae7190fa3e49⋯.png (420.2 KB, 938x477, 938:477, gdgedg.png)

it was a good episode.


File: ae8a0e0a4968fad⋯.jpg (290.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, I-Its not like I'm mad abo….jpg)

Is this the closest the Supreme Kai has ever come to having balls?



I keep reminding myself that, for a Kaioshin, this guy is still like twelve years old.



Universe 7 shouldn't have been left in the state it was after Buus rampages. Guess the Kaioshin don't have a support network in case shit goes awry.



He was actually pitched as a tough guy during the tournament beginning of the Buu saga, but quickly became a wet blanket because, "Wow, I thought I was a big shot, but saiyans are no joke."

Though he did have a good moment when he was helping Gohan fight Buu for the first time.



>At least he got a "cool guy" moment when he saved 18, but that just gives rise to the question of what qualifies as "flight techniques", as he flew via energy blast.

There is only one flying technique. The grand priest specifically disabled it. It has been made clear that recovering with some form of physical propulsion that is not maneuvering in perfect 3D space with ki is not against the rules, such as using wings.

The is no question because it's god fiat.


File: a838583311d051a⋯.jpg (68.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>There is only one flight technique

That doesn't make a god damn bit of sense, but I know you're right.

Isn't it amazing that every single universe developed the exact same singular technique for combat flight even though they have different energy types, fighting styles, and physiologies? Good job, Toei.



She stole them from Muten Roshi.



I asked before the episode was out. I know that now.



So there was a whole group of Supreme Kai, including a Grand Supreme Kai. And basically the only reason this guy is the one who survived is because the other ones rushed into the battle quicker while this guy stood back like a bitch. He's basically the Yamcha of Supreme Kais, but ended up being left as top god of the universe.


I could have sworn that when Goku and Piccolo first meet up to go fight Raditz, Piccolo says that Goku might have a hard time keeping up, because Piccolo isn't using the same old Bukujutsu technique Goku knows.


File: d6b396de1f0b84d⋯.jpg (121.35 KB, 790x600, 79:60, Nope.jpg)


>I could have sworn that when Goku and Piccolo first meet up to go fight Raditz, Piccolo says that Goku might have a hard time keeping up, because Piccolo isn't using the same old Bukujutsu technique Goku knows.



And even if that were the case, "using your ki to maneuver your body in 3D space" is a simple to understand rule but it isn't really necessary to spell it out that way. Galick Gun and Kamehameha aren't really distinct from each other in any real way even though they're clearly different techniques. I don't think anyone was confused when Whis said, "You saiyans really like to finish enemies off with energy attacks, that's a bad habit."

I don't think anyone would be confused if Grand Priest said, "I've disabled energy attacks." and people started flying and fighting.


File: 5cea3589eff9ba4⋯.jpg (488.21 KB, 1364x2238, 682:1119, Piccolo's flying technique….jpg)


This is what I was thinking of. About halfway through episode 3.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any of you catch this?



>And basically the only reason this guy is the one who survived is because the other ones rushed into the battle quicker while this guy stood back like a bitch. He's basically the Yamcha of Supreme Kais, but ended up being left as top god of the universe.

>U7 actually ends up losing the tournament

>The universe is going to be erased

>As a personal favor, Goku begs Zeno not to do it

>Zeno agrees... but still erases all the fighters for being losers

>Back on Earth, Yamcha now becomes the MOST POWERFUL PERSON in the universe except for Buu, who really doesn't count because he doesn't do anything



At the very least, Yamcha should get a filler episode about how, for 48 minutes, he is the most powerful person in the universe. Maybe Gotenks compares but he's stuck on an island. They can have a filler episode too.



File: 47916cb0746e328⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1424557874133.jpg)


>18 will never give you this looks as she rides your cock so hard it might snap off


File: e4655c934b5ac4a⋯.png (179.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, People told this shit was ….png)

>Said the Zamasu Arc is going to end differently from the anime

>Ends more or less the same way as the anime except without Trunks getting bullshit powerups or beating Zamasu

>Still ends with "Zeno-sama, please kill everyone."

Unless the text tells a different story, I'm fucking done with DBS.

Might as well write a fucking fanfic at this point.



The only possible explanation I can think of is that Zen-O killing Zamasu after he "became the universe" needs to happen because of PLOT from the current arc, and that doing it in a way that makes sense will ruin it.



>The only possible explanation I can think of is that Zen-O killing Zamasu after he "became the universe" needs to happen because of PLOT from the current arc, and that doing it in a way that makes sense will ruin it.


The universe survival arc is dumb idea.


The latest chapter is up on Viz's site. I don't know how the official translation team can make so many fucking bizarre changes. If Goku's name wasn't so firmly established I'm sure they'd translate it as "Gok".





>Lord of lords


Worse than Niggastream.

The chapter itself is pretty mild. It resolves the arc about as unsatisfyingly as the anime, Zamasu doesn't go full Gygas and try to become reality though. The Zeno button gets remembered when Goku pats himself down for extra senzu beans, Zeno gets called in and he immediately wipes the universe (even though he said "world" according to Viz). The crew escape to U7 and they have an extended recovery time, Pilaf figures out how to adjust the time machine so it can jump to parallel, future timelines. Meaning Trunks and Mai can go back to a future that played out like Future Trunks' minus Zamasu genociding them. Trunks and Mai don't really have a good reason to go, Bulma even tells them to stay but they take off. Future Trunks also says he'll be dropping out of the Supreme Kai apprenticeship so no more healing powers for him. We end with Zeno meeting himself and going off to play.

Honestly the best part was Goku and Vegeta deciding the best option is to go down swinging even though they're both drained.



They're the same tier of retard who still translate it Buruma and Kuririn to this day, don't expect their autism to change any time soon.


File: 01b819b2da250f0⋯.jpg (72.22 KB, 469x501, 469:501, failedsuicide.jpg)


It is better than the best arc in the anime and I still hated it.

The only good thing from this is having significantly less asspulls.

>Zamasu doesn't go Giygas mode.

>Future Trunks doesn't get an inexplicitly new form.

>Goku Black doesn't have emo magic.

>Actual stakes on the main timeline with the Time machine in Universe 12.

I read a comment that said that Future Trunks should have used Cell's Time Machine. This would be better than Pilaf suddenly becoming smarter than Bulma.

They say that God Ki is more than an incremental upgrade but they barely show it.



The translator likely thinks that the Japanese u is always voiceless, which isn't actually the case, and even the voiceless u should be romanized. I mean nobody romanizes desu as des.



>not translating Bulma as Bloomer

>not translating Ginzo Ningen as Artificial Human

>not translating Dabura as Devil

>not translating Kaioshin as World King God



Wait, I thought it was jinzouningen? Or are we just dealing with a gigawatt -> jiggawatt thing?


File: bdde9d6135dbf3c⋯.jpeg (38.16 KB, 325x337, 325:337, I like what I'm reading.jpeg)


File: 8a90e753e0d7a43⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 361x361, 1:1, 8a90e753e0d7a43d7da9535c71….jpg)


File: f19f4a8cc3bff6a⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 1039x583, 1039:583, kale 4.jpg)

File: 7db073ec6349f6e⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 1036x581, 148:83, Kale bully.jpg)

File: 2dda8035d62ff70⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 936x583, 936:583, Kale choke Goku.jpg)

File: 6daa0c9883264bd⋯.jpg (109.4 KB, 1043x580, 1043:580, Sis cry.jpg)

File: 9343e18016aaba5⋯.jpg (88.92 KB, 1041x578, 1041:578, sis tingly back.jpg)


It didn't last long though.



>SSJ blue literally not phasing her at all

This is worse than Roshi being relevant. SSJ blue is supposed to be pinnacle shit and these saiyans were literally just normal fucking saiyans mere moments ago.



Oh man can't wait to the doujins that will come from that bullying.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think SSJ blue is going to be phased out soon. The video hints that Goku might be getting a new form in this tournament. It looks like the angels might be the final badguys as well. Also, wasn't Toriyama already called the god of the DB universe?


The forms usually lose their luster pretty quickly. I remember when everyone was reaching ssj back in dbz.


I look forward to it.


File: d6fee9b2a173be8⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 1038x580, 519:290, sis brazeers.jpg)

File: 13fe9e043a57378⋯.jpg (101.58 KB, 1038x586, 519:293, sis ss.jpg)

File: 4e723dc78f2ba24⋯.jpg (92.11 KB, 1040x583, 1040:583, took sis.jpg)

File: ef44508e62741ac⋯.jpg (125.19 KB, 1038x583, 1038:583, Vegeta true form 1.jpg)

File: 4fd444af8c7751e⋯.jpg (87.94 KB, 1035x578, 1035:578, You scared.jpg)

The next episode looks like it'll be fun. The Super Troopers look like they're ready to finally attack.


File: e13c50d872b4885⋯.png (103.35 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1407197417916.png)


>Vegeta still doesn't get a new form before Goku


File: 5b7a1ad1183505c⋯.jpg (226.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ゴゴゴゴ.jpg)



The closest Vegeta will ever get to a new form is 1.5, which Goku surpassed in less time during his turn in the chamber. Being the prince is suffering.



Wait. Is that just lighting or does he really have silver/blue highlights on his hair for his new transformation.



Royalty are meant to rule, not fight.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Caulifla can't do SSJ2 again despite having done it before

>She does the buffed-out SSJ but runs out of juice in literally thirty seconds; that's supposed to be "a long fight"

>Manages to then turn SSJ2 effortlessly just by trying again

>Can compete with Goku SSJ2 who has mastered that form a decade ago

>He thinks she'll randomly turn SSJ3 during their fight, when it took him years of training and also having an undead body to do it

>Kale turns Legendary Super Saiyan, which was never much stronger than a weakling-mode SSJ2 Gohan

>She wastes Goku at SSJ2, and then no-sells a full-power kamehameha from SSB

>Jiren just one-shots her, and we're expected to believe that Goku will later be able to stand up to him for more than a second

>In the meantime, apparently, Vegeta and Cabba were fighting

>Fucking Cabba who can't even turn SSJ2, and Vegeta who doesn't pull punches for ANYONE, apparently were at a stalemate

The power-level bullshit is getting worse and worse.

Oh, and here's your friendly reminder that vid related was how Dragonball used to do a helpless little girl getting the living shit beaten out of her, and that such visceral uncensored violence will literally never happen again, because Japan has been thoroughly Westernized and thus made into another nation of pussies. I don't think Kale got so much as a single mark on her while being used as a "human punching bag". Shameful.



They also one-shotted that Yardrat. You know. The one that Goku eyes at the beginning of the tournament. Weird thing about that is, I'm pretty sure he wasn't from Champa's universe because that would explain the mirrored races because it would reflect Universe 7.

Wouldn't that mean that there are races that grew as a culture similarly in other universes? Minor thing but that seems just stupid. Then again, they did say about 30 races exist in Universe 7. They could limit the number of unique races to all the universes if they are feeling rather lazy about it.



It's a shame none of his subjects follow him.



Remember, Super is daytime Television now. They can't get away with ANYTHING they pulled in Z. No blood, minimal sexuality, etc.


File: c36e3529b805d08⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 969x580, 969:580, Kale power 2.jpg)

File: dc6cfdb76a750d3⋯.jpg (107.67 KB, 1039x581, 1039:581, kale sis .jpg)

File: 777516e2b4bdaea⋯.jpg (66.08 KB, 1033x583, 1033:583, Kale support.jpg)

File: c5d5a3f01620b95⋯.jpg (78.75 KB, 1039x581, 1039:581, Make you cry.jpg)

File: 48f0c9a06a6ae12⋯.jpg (86.47 KB, 1042x581, 1042:581, monster .jpg)


To be fair, the legendary status has always seemed to exist outside of the normal ssj structure and it's always as strong as it needed to be. In the first movie, Broli was only a bit stronger than ssj1 Goku and then he was dominating ssj2 Gohan in the second movie.

The other universe saiyans being stronger at lower ssj levels can be explained that their base levels are just naturally higher. That is, Caulifa, Kale and Cabba and the other saiyans from their universe are naturally stronger than their u7 counterparts except for Goku and Vegeta.

Power levels have been pretty meaningless for a while now. >>712199 This anon is correct. Super is going to get nearly as bloody as Z.


Did he fall off or did he just get knocked into the dust? Also, did Zeno get rid of that Super Trooper with the rope prematurely or did they cut away from the violence before we could see him getting knocked off? The only thing we saw was him punching Kale and then Zeno marks him before we can see their punches land. At the very least, they could have shown Kale knocking him through the platform.



>Super is daytime Television now

Hasn't Dragonball ALWAYS been daytime television? It's a shounen. Hell, it was daytime television in America, and the censoring wasn't even this bad. It's just a resurgence of the "cartoons are for children" coupled with some kind of bizarre worldwide backlash against all kinds of violence in media "for kids".



Power levels mean nothing and have always meant nothing, getting buttflustered about it is pointless.


File: 844f2a2edb63b7f⋯.gif (894.2 KB, 500x315, 100:63, shinji.gif)


Reading the end of Zamasu arc is like watching something fail twice.

How is this series not worse than GT?

Dragon Ball Super is a mistake by concept alone.

How is muh god status a good justification of Beerus' or Zeno's acts when Zamasu is the villain in one arc?

How is off-screen training a good enough explanation for a bazillion level power up?

How is fighting a bunch of one-dimensional fags with no backstory interesting?

How is forcing an arc to make weaker characters relevant again after making Goku and Vegeta God-level a good idea? And why did they avoided all of the obvious powerups?

People talk about a theoretical Q Gospel written by Jesus himself. I can safely say that Akira Toriyama either senile or doesn't give a fuck anymore. Maybe we identify the key plot points in DBS written by Toriyama and get the general idea, we can unfuck DBS.


Limit SSJG to pure saiyans of Universe 7 to have a good excuse to limit it to Goku and Vegeta.


Beerus is obviously bad in his job. Letting Maijin Buu retcon kill the other Supreme Kais was incompetence. Letting Freiza do his job for him while he sleeps. I would have Frieza ask Beerus for a powerup or training due to Frieza dutifully completing Beerus' obligations as the GoD prior to his death. Or have him revive Frieza for a day to explain the powerup?

>U6 arc

Maybe try to not make this boring.

>Zamasu arc

Just end it differently from the both anime and the manga.

I kept my ideas in a text file from the last thread.



It's a shame qt videl is gone. At least she transitioned into something not that bad.


Super series in general has been such crap I don't even want to watch it, (but I still will). I hard to believe the same guy who dragon ball and dbz is writing this.


File: c0fb43ed817d5bf⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 488x377, 488:377, Videl long hair.jpg)


I liked her best before she cut her hair.



>How is fighting a bunch of one-dimensional fags with no backstory interesting?


did you expect DBS to end after 100 Episodes ?



It's basically the exact same thing as what happened with Star Wars. You had a guy who made a story based on a whole lot of existing mythology and lore, who had other people helping him along the creative process. Then, later on when he became extremely famous, he was allowed complete creative control over his story with zero censure or editing or even alternate opinions, at which point he was only basing it on the story that had already existed beforehand. The quality continues to decline as it becomes more and more "original" and twists into a copy or itself that isn't quite a parody of itself.

They should never have gotten a fanboy like Toyotaro to draw the manga alongside. They should have gotten someone who would act as Toriyama's brake and have the balls to speak up if the dumb fuck started to veer off track again.



There is only one thing that upsets me.

>Kale turns into legendary supersaiyan

>Goku nor Vegeta recognize tha power

>That means Broly had never been canon

I'm tired of this world already.



I was talking about both the anime and manga. The only antagonist that got a backstory in DBS is Zamasu. Even Frieza didn't get to show how he got his Golden Frieza form, we just expected to believe that all he needed to do was squats and pull-ups. At least, Vegeta had a benchmark to get SSJ and SSJB. Training should just make Frieza match up to Goku's SSJ2.

I just can't find any way to make the Universe 6 arc not boring.



> SSJ blue is supposed to be pinnacle shit

What?? Broly is the actual legendary super saiyan which is the pinnacle, as an expy she has the same bullshit green legendary powers.



>How is this series not worse than GT?

Because I like it and I don't like GT, I don't care about autism.



The manga normally gets things right but there's still gaps. Here's how I'd change things.


Pure Saiyans only.

God Ki can only be damaged/blocked by those wielding God Ki.

Beerus is beyond Buu tier but his strength is derived from perfect Ki control and erasure techniques that let him rapidly shut down non-God challengers.

Overall BoG isn't that offensive, just add in a few asides and you can end a few future issues before they begin.


Frieza comes back from the same effort, just clarify the whole, so evil his soul refuses to move on so Shenron can break his own rules. Alternatively have it be the same extra day trick that Baba pulls but done by a Frieza underling who figured out how to make it semi-permanent provided he doesn't over exert himself (tie the so evil stuff into the method), he comes to Earth for revenge but also to use his soldiers to retrieve the dragon balls.

Have SSB be False-God Ki, acting like an imitation with similar benefits but not on the same scale. It can fight Gods but it's not invincible. There's a bigger strength boost and Goku and Vegeta prefer it because there's no ritual required and it's easier to train up as a result.

The fight between Golden Frieza and the SSBs reveals that Frieza has tapped into the False-god Ki without realising (hence the crazy power boost and hell, throw in a line that his soldiers are getting buffed up from his Ki leaking out because he hasn't got it mastered and he's technically dead, giving a reason why they're such a threat still), maybe hint that the GoDs and Kais weren't always a permanent system and there were once many Gods long ago.

Final battle plays out similarly but with Vegeta saving the day while Goku deals with Frieza's underlings who are growing stronger from Ki bleed and have almost gathered the dragon balls. All the Z fighters are involved in trying to stop the summoning and hold off the army. Get scenes of battles all over earth featuring every fighter who didn't come to face Frieza as they chase and fight his soldiers. Nothing detailed, just give everyone some love and service.

None of this death laser penetrating Goku with his guard down UNLESS it's made clear that it had special, mystical, God fighting properties (it did get fired from that guy's ring from Memory). Make the shooter the mystic keeping Frieza present until that scene, then he gets dropped by Piccolo or someone and all hell breaks loose as Frieza realises he's on borrowed time and gets desperate and spiteful.

Earth is ALMOST destroyed. But, a revived Goku and allies stops the death ball while Vegeta ends Frieza.

Now brace for the full power of my autism in the next post.





Hint again that something caused the Kai+GoD system and that's why U6 has always had only one Supreme Kai. U7 was experimenting with a different hierarchy style. That way we don't need to question the Buu origins and don't need to worry about the other universes having different systems. A brief exchange is all it would take.

Include Buu, don't cocktease that shit. But, have him be the one to fight and lose to Frost instead of Goku. Give us a bit of a spectacle before Buu goes down. Then have the falling asleep gag play out and go from there for the rest of it.



My real problem is Future Trunks going back to the future and all that shit. It over complicates stuff and I'd rather keep him involved as a permanent member of present-U7. Though we're gonna need to do something about that hair.

Perfect SSB Ki control is almost mastered by Goku, he can get full power from it but it's exhausting. Vegeta has instead mastered perfect activation and uses this against Black and later on in desperation against Fused Zamasu.

Fused Zamasu is "defeated" by Vegeto using the hakai. It doesn't take because he's not a GoD and hasn't got the special privileges they do. Multiple Fused Zamasu occurs and Goku and Vegeta call on Future Zeno to ask for permission to hakai/get someone who can as a last ditch effort but he is so disturbed by Fused Zamasu that he instead erases the universe to be safe.

Start to elaborate on Kai+GoD system through Gowasu, Zamasu, Elder Kai and even Future Zeno. Something like mortals not being trusted with the potential power to challenge their creators as things get too chaotic. So the Kai+GoD system was established and enforced to ensure peace and maintain "balance". This is news even to Whis and Beerus. Hint at Great Priest being up to something when Future Zeno gets back and tournament is brought up.

One more should do it.




>Super Survival Arc

Great Priest is up to something.

Some angels are on our side, some aren't.

Hard to call what I'd like because it's not on yet in the manga and the anime is a mess anyway.

Sub out Roshi for Future Trunks (he's present as an advisor and coaches the team).

Frieza gets brought back by Beerus' suggestion after acknowledging his strength from RoF and we get a bit more info about God Ki and how some fighters might be wielding it or False-God Ki so it'd be good to bring someone who can help there. Nobody is happy and we build towards Frieza plotting his own revival again and usurping a GoD's place or even aiming for Zeno's spot. Turns out Frieza was always aware of the system but never wanted the top spot until he realised he might be strong enough to get there with his new form.

Also, we're raising the team cap to twelve to match the amount of universes. U7 packs Goku, Vegeta, Gohan (ultimate reactivated, nobody but Goku realises that there's some False-God Ki in there), Piccolo, Tien, Krillin,18, 17, Future Trunks, Frieza, Buu (fit or fat, no sleeping gag this time) and it's a toss up between Perfect Cell or a rebuilt (parts brought back by Shenron on Videl's request and built by Bulma but kept secret from the team until the tournament starts) 16. I'd want the last pick to stun the audience so hard that they wouldn't be able to think about alternatives because the last pick is that crazy. Cell would be fun for the interactions but would raise too many questions about his soul and probably piss people off. 16 would be awesome because we could get the full Android team together and have all sorts of fun dynamics to play off. Of course, he doesn't enjoy violence so I think a lot of his combat would be entirely defensive with him only really coming into play towards the late game. So let's say we pick 16 for now because everyone likes rocket punches.

So the tournament is announced during an exhibition match with U9. Stakes are made clear and we still get the whole sequence where Bergamo requests no universes be destroyed if he wins. Setting up Goku as a "villain", which is part of Grand Priest's plot. He accepts the request with the condition that if he detects Goku was holding back then all of U7 is destroyed immediately. Obviously Goku wins, but with a slight detail change; Bergamo isn't just blaming Goku for winning, he's blaming himself for losing. This was the universes' one chance at survival and he wasn't good enough to make it work. He leaves furious at Goku but also with himself. We also get the whole, "I want to see your true power" from Goku again.

We get a year for tournament preparations instead of what, two days? In that time the team forms besides Frieza and 16 (who gets his parts wished back in secret when Videl, Bulma and Chichi get worried that there's not going to be a full team and don't want the boys entering and have their own mini adventure as a B-story in one of the chapters (or as cover stories to tribute One Piece)). Everyone trains and gets stronger, Roshi steps in to share his techniques with Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin but also helps the group out with tactics and synchronisation. Tien politely declines to join as he's assumed a master role and wants to instead use the opportunity as a chance to raise up his school's strength by having them train alongside U7 and impart his techniques upon Krillin (secretly). He doesn't accept his spot until Goku instant transmissions Monaka in closer to the tournament date and then he immediately claims the spot to everyone's relief.

Frieza secretly gets notified early on by Goku, Yamcha, Beerus and Whis that he may be needed (Goku is considering Yamcha until the God Ki argument is made and Yamcha opts to assist with training to grow stronger and pass on techniques as inspired by Tien). The deal for his revival is struck but on the terms that it's only if he's the last one standing. Frieza spends the year in Hell plotting, meditating and focusing his Ki so he can wipe U7 when the last few fighters remain because even he thinks they've got a pretty good shot at victory.

Apparently I wrote a lot more than I thought. One more post.



Final post.

The team is formed, Goku realises he miscounted and brings in both Yamcha and Monaka to rock paper scissors for the spot. Both are terrified until the Saiyan wife trio announce they'd prepared for this and unveil their entrant who gets revealed as 16 on the last page of that chapter. Tell me that wouldn't blow people's dicks off.

The tournament itself plays out with chapters highlighting each character's power growth and everyone gets their cool moment. Fighters are immediately erased upon being knocked out of bounds and it's U10 that ends up going first once they lose team muscle. I'd have U9 cling on with Bergamo, Lavender and Basil having worked their asses off in the past year to get stronger (maybe some sort of False-God Ki access with a later upgrade to God Ki on Bergamo as a last ditch effort via ritual from his bros).

The actual plot would arise once enough universes were down, Grand Priest starts his usurpation and used the tournament as a way to cut the numbers of those who might oppose him and his loyal children. Both Zenos are attacked and immobilised, the rest of the tournament are the remaining fighters from all disloyal universes teaming up to stop the Angels taking over. Frieza would try to play off both sides but ultimately sides with the heroes when the Grand Priest offers him a spot as his underling.

The Justice team fight the heroes out of duty and belief that Goku and co are the usurpers (Grand Priest playing everyone off each other and retreating into some other realm with his loyal kids) but in defeat or near it realise the truth and we get Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Bergamo and whatever other survivors remain taking on the Angels and Grand Priest. Culminating in a new form for Goku and Vegeta and ending with them finally being in synch and mastering their Ki usage (bringing it all the way back to RoF where Whis talked about that shit) to defeat the Grand Priest with support from everyone else.

That's my 3AM fanfiction done. I don't know why I bothered to write all this. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my insomnia.


File: b73196d3025d818⋯.jpg (195.78 KB, 640x720, 8:9, Son Gouki.jpg)


File: 6956f7783a2c3c3⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 1280x1835, 256:367, 81238579213432768.jpg)

File: 214c6b00ab589a1⋯.webm (4.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 7815928579132413247.webm)

File: 35aba3300824297⋯.png (266.11 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 895985713241234456.png)

File: 75a23876a339916⋯.png (324.01 KB, 640x474, 320:237, 8795123457913242134.png)

File: 0d64c9a65606cb4⋯.png (153.07 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 78591324579813241324.png)


>That means Broly had never been canon

none of the movie villains are canon


>Broly is the actual legendary super saiyan

only in the movies, and even then, Vegeta is the one to come to that conclusion

the only time we see the SSJ legend outside of the movies is when Vegeta is describing it in the Frieza saga

I think it's safe to say that the first SSJ transformation is the legendary SSJ and that every other transformation (including Broly's) that comes afterwards is just pure fanservice



Goku will Shun Goku Satsu Jiren into paste.



Yeah, there doesn't have to be a specific "legendary super Saiyan" form. It really should just be taken as being the very first Super Saiyan and then no Saiyan ever attained that form afterwards.



The movies have never been canon, m8.



He's not talking about the numerical values, anon. It's that what little internal consistency the series had went out with Super.



>>She does the buffed-out SSJ but runs out of juice in literally thirty seconds; that's supposed to be "a long fight"

It is. How many episodes did 30 seconds last back in the Frieza saga?


IIRC Super has the same timeslot the original Dragon Ball and Z used to have, which they took over from Doctor Slump. They were always considered kids' shows, but Japan didn't treat kids like such pussies back then.


I know people are saying the movies were never canon, and obviously that's true, but Super does reference filler only stuff (even in this very episode, with the Yardrat design), and the filler and movies reference each other, so Broly should be canon to Super.


That's clearly what it was intended to be, but then I guess the justification for Broly is that while Goku is a super saiyan who appeared after a thousand years, Broly is the actual one prophecised to be born a thousand years after the last one. Which is kinda retarded, but now Kale's done it too so we're gonna have to deal with it.




That's his name. "Krillin" is a romanization used because the amount of rolling R's in his name is rarely used by English speakers.



>Hasn't Dragonball ALWAYS been daytime television?


>coupled with some kind of bizarre worldwide backlash against all kinds of violence in media "for kids".

Thank Eva for scaring parents about what TV anime was showing to kids after school.


>They were always considered kids' shows, but Japan didn't treat kids like such pussies back then.

This. Remember that Hokuto no Ken was a shonen property before getting reclassified as seinen because of its violence. And even in the 80s it had to censored.



>Thank Eva

Oh, no, this is a MUCH newer phenomenon than when NGE was originally aired, or even when it was re-aired back in the early 2000's. This is more of a "last five years" sort of thing, starting with Dragonball Kai which stealthily scaled back some of the violence of Z while pretending they were only removing filler.



>Oh, no, this is a MUCH newer phenomenon than when NGE was originally aired

Eva started it. Parents vocally protested against the show's content, specifically when Misato and Kaji fucked off screen and when Eva 01 ate an Angel. The backlash caused sponsors to pull out and to move the show from an after school timeslot to an evening one. It's been downhill ever since


File: f1eacc0ff4554b5⋯.gif (863.71 KB, 312x143, 24:11, 45765634437364364.gif)

>Could have let Hit and Jiren duke it out

>Wanders in and makes himself the target like the retard he is

Every time with goku, anyway since kale clearly didnt get knocked out we will probably see her again so im anticipating another asspull of how she is totally able to control her powers now after she transformed a 2nd time.



Seeing old Vegeta Destructo Disc and the one we have right now calling himself the "Sama" like a Chunni, it really shows how much shit has got rotten with the time, I can't believe, Akira of all the people, who inspired so many by his works, will one day make generic content, the character are barely shadow of what they were, he needs a good long break to read his own manga series from begining to how it is now.



Once again, Toriyama is only doing rough plot outlines, he's not actually writing the scripts for either the anime or the manga, nor is he actually drawing the manga. It's debatable how much input he is giving, but it's pretty safe to say that anything that doesn't happen in both the anime and manga isn't something he invented, and even things that both of them share might not necessarily be from him.


File: ce0e151fc2c9b93⋯.png (822.29 KB, 312x952, 39:119, 998571324857913241234.png)


>another asspull of how she is totally able to control her powers

we've already seen a less bulky, non-white eyed version of her transformation, so it's probably going to happen



>It's debatable how much input he is giving, but it's pretty safe to say that anything that doesn't happen in both the anime and manga isn't something he invented, and even things that both of them share might not necessarily be from him.

Do you think the manga would be less shit without the anime? Just like how FO:NV would be less shit if it didn't have to pander to FO3 fags?



>Smug Kale

Inb4 fusion dance between Kale and Caulifla after the Yardratian teaches them.


I REALLY thought Krillin would last longer and hopefully reach some new level of power in this tournament. I mean, we had that ep where he faces his fears with Goku and seems to "unlock" something within himself, his training with 18 to work together was shown as a one battle hot potato toss, his taio ken x;s 100 was used in a very silly way, against a blind person and he gets knocked out by being distracted by a fighter who just walked up and then gets shit for it from his wife and brother in law. Would have liked to see him definitively own someone so it would even make 17 take notice and do a double take.


File: a432a2b5760a360⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 526x436, 263:218, 6435453264234667.jpg)


I'm actually surprised of how much shit gets leaked/revealed of later episodes and it sound so fucking retarded but it always ends up being true.



I'm pretty sure Super is just making nods to the movies as fan service, which doesn't make them canon.



Is universe 6 meant to be a literal fan-fiction universe? Because the Saiyans there look, behave and are written as though they come straight out of an autistic 15 year old's imagination.




What's worse is that Goku agreed with Caulifla.



>God Ki can only be damaged/blocked by those wielding God Ki.

I suggest that you make Goku and Vegeta still vulnerable to regular attacks. Maybe only God Ki can stop God regen?



Oh yeah, like they can still be struck and knocked about but they just tank it without stamina drain?



>knocked out by distraction

Was this ever a problem in Z?


File: 96cee68273d17ad⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 552x504, 23:21, 96cee68273d17adaa8829fad56….jpg)


>Broly confirmed!!

>mfw there are still people who treat wikis as valid sources of info


File: 841143888de7b1e⋯.jpg (117.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



Yardrats know Instant Transmission. Fusion is from the Metamorans.


Not just the movies, but filler episodes. Like Yamcha being a baseball player, or Captain Ginyu getting raped by a lady frog. And the filler references the movies (like Gohan's pet dragon first appearing in movies then later in filler) so if the filler is canon the movies should be too.


It seemed more like Goku was just kinda confused and was like "yeah sure, whatever."



>It seemed more like Goku was just kinda confused and was like "yeah sure, whatever."

I don't think so, it felt like he was legitimately agreeing with her.



>Yardrats know Instant Transmission. Fusion is from the Metamorans.

Oh right, Goku learned fusion in Other world didn't he. Well. No reason there can't be a Metamoran hanging around the battlefield and Goku just didn't notice. With Toei, it wouldn't surprise me.



I wish they hadn't brought that up, or at least had Goku brush it aside more clearly like, "Yeah! I'm feeling excited too!" Now it's always going to hang over the series, super saiyan is caused by back tingles.



Yeah, remember when that guy came with the episode titles of like a month into the future, saying that Frieza was going to join the team because Buu was asleep, and fucking nobody believed it? Then it happened anyway? I can't believe the Japs are this nonchalant about leaks.


>Because the Saiyans there look, behave and are written as though they come straight out of an autistic 15 year old's imagination

Literally all of Super has been like this. A super-edgy God of Destruction who goes around destroying planets on a whim. Goku becoming a Super Saiyan "God". Frieza coming back with a Golden transformation. New kinds of Super Saiyan that just change the hair color to blue and pink. Goku and Vegeta fusing to become Vegetto again using their new Super Saiyan. A new planet (in this case universe) filled with Mary Sue Saiyans to join the cast. A giant tournament filled with all sorts of fighters from all over the universe (in this case multiverse). This is EXACTLY the kind of Dragonball AF-esque shit that my friends and I came up with in middle school. Bunch of idiot 12-year-olds fanwanking over Dragonball, and arguably some of the stuff we invented was BETTER than Super.


File: 8c85cc649221766⋯.jpg (12.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, vegmad.jpg)

>Reading the manga


>Goku literally just calls mega-god down to erase the whole fucking universe

>Trunks is completely fine with this

>Decides to just jump back into his timeline at an earlier point and live with the fact there is two of him and Mai

>Instead of just fucking living in the past with Supreme Kai as his disciple and being a sick ass healing super saiyan who shows up to help occasionally

Super was written by literal retards. Like, you think Trunks would give a fuck that the future he was trying to save was just fucking erased instantly. He was all smiles despite the fact he completely fucking failed and it was all for nothing. Now he gets to be an awkward double in a time he doesn't even belong in anymore.



Yeah really, with how Trunks was trying so hard to take responsibility for the future world and failing you'd think he'd be more upset about that resolution.

He should've stayed. He should've stayed and been the white mage of the saiyans. Who cares how DBZ ended, just say he was off busy chilling with the Supreme Kai and that's why we didn't see him. He'd have been so useful as part of U7's team. Stick by Gohan and crew, dispense healing and ensure they don't get worn down from fighting.



Z's ending is going to get retconned sooner or later. It's way too restrictive on Super.



The manga has to resolve itself faster than the anime. Having to resolve Goku's promise to Zeno doomed Future Trunks' timeline. The only improvement that the manga made to the ending is the main timeline was also at risk because of the time machine in Universe 12. Future Trunks didn't get stronger. In DBZ, he became strong enough to defeat the two androids in his timeline by himself. In DBS, his only power up is getting healing powers by being a Supreme Kai's apprentice which he gave up mostly because he never intended to be a Supreme Kai anyway (partly considering that the current Supreme Kai will most likely outlive him). DBS fell into the writing hole that DBZ managed to avoid, using time travel to undo any consequences. I wanted Future Trunks to become the new Supreme Kai (he can use the time ring to be time cop that he was always meant to be) but that can't work with the Future Zeno destroys the multiverse.


>Literally all of Super has been like this. A super-edgy God of Destruction who goes around destroying planets on a whim.

This. Dragon Ball never had gods that had morality that doesn't align with human morality before. Introducing a God of Destruction is pretty new territory but that means that they needed to be more careful. They keep using the God status as an excuse to genocide but it is apparently bad when Zamasu does it. The manga and movies were a lot more careful about this. While Beerus didn't need to be a good person, he needed to have some kind of bounds, standards, or principles. Gowasu said that his job was to destroy evil in a large scale. While Supreme Kai said that Beerus was suppose to kill Buu. The anime was the worst with it. He destroys planets for arbitrary reasons. He makes unreasonable demands. He takes sides. In the manga and movie, he destroyed a planet for serving him a poisoned meal. In the anime, he destroyed a stone age civilization for not recognizing him and giving him his hunt. In both the manga and movie, Beerus deliberately spared Earth. In the anime, he was going to destroy Earth for Goku not being able to beat him. Not only that he risked destroying the entire universe with that gay-ass 3 punches colliding will destroy the entire universe. Don't get me wrong, all versions made it clear that Beerus is bad in his job. Champa is just as bad if not worse with him asking Vados to destroy for him, destroying planets from other universes, and offering Hit a travel cube. However the anime makes it out that they don't even really have rules. Elder Supreme Kai probably called him out on his shit but no trap him in the z sword.

Fuck DBS.


Maybe the reason for destroying universes in the Universe Survival Arc should be all of the fuck ups instead of average power levels because that basically means that the most powerful universes won't even fight. Beerus and Champa suck at their jobs and SSJB Vegito is already stronger than Beerus in the manga so maybe make their fault too.



It resolved better than the anime, but had to follow the DBS general story path. So Trunk's world was essentially ruined by zamasu. Staying in his universe would've been a death wish. No matter where he went, Zamasu would've simply killed everything until only he remained. So nuking the universe would make sense. Especially considering that now that everyone is dead there is no way he could ever bring them back to life.

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