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File: 5ed05ecb7d79c07⋯.jpg (103.37 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators smug drink.jpg)


Magane is back, the anime is fun again.


File: b60fdfbfe6062f7⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators jump.jpg)

File: d0eaf7f37c79c0f⋯.jpg (146.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators poorfags.jpg)

File: 6f27c42c1252936⋯.jpg (156.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators LOADSAMONEY.jpg)

While everyone else is trying to put together their OC, Magane has been living the good life being smug in her penthouse.


File: 7a3a060b12d7594⋯.jpg (135.55 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators rough and enjoy.jpg)

File: d31c1167381ba1f⋯.jpg (99.11 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators point.jpg)

File: 52af19899a18517⋯.jpg (112.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators smug11.jpg)

For a second there I though the one talking to Magane was her no fun allowed counterpart, thank goodness it was just the Justice Knight.


File: 4b80347fb82c2c6⋯.jpg (132.36 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators cup.jpg)

File: 64183a8e4d11d17⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators going to die.jpg)

Ohnishi confirmed best creator, he's going to save the world with the power of fan service.





I don't know how you guys can stand this bitch, not even the smug can make her likeable



I don't see why everyone likes her either. Her smug only works because everyone else is written as an idiot, which just makes it annoying, and her power is stupid.



In a way, Justice Knight is Magane's "no fun allowed" counterpart. She is just in a different manga is all.



Yeah, but she doesn't have the advantage of being able to canon shut her down.




It's her VA, she really sells it.


>New Creation is from a fucking ero-VN

>The other one is Grasshopper-glasses' rival

Welp, now the question of porn is answered at least in part. Can't say I don't feel for her, but she's completely useless for now. As for the other guy, he looks completely generic.


>fan disk

They're gonna go Nanoha with the hentai girl.



That's what I was thinking. Is this perhaps the rebirth of Mamika as a teenager?


File: 1d3381e430e865a⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 650x468, 25:18, nanoha attack.jpg)


They're gonna turn that pantsu flasher into a gundam. I'll stick around for that.



She's obviously part of Sota's plan for mophead.


File: 41ac2d5d359b4ca⋯.jpg (71.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shadow.jpg)

I don't really understand how they can have that Magane scene this episode, when a couple episodes ago they put on this ridiculous shadow to avoid a pantyshot. It's not even a matter of wanting to see her panties, just that that shadow was so big and ugly and I don't see why they put it there.



Our desire has manifested and affected reality. This is all part of the direction's plan.



Maybe she was nopan



It's called "Buy the Blu-Rays". Works every time.


Did this show get any better? I stopped watching around ep8



I think it's back to watchable, but this show is bait as fuck. They show one good episode and follow it up with 7 garbage tier ones. I couldn't watch the previous two episodes they were that bad.


File: ad6796d9be4848f⋯.jpg (507.52 KB, 741x2316, 247:772, best anime of the season.jpg)


>Did this show get any better? I stopped watching around ep8

That show is awesome.

It's in the category "so bad it comes all way around to be cool again", I'm really having fun watching it.

It's literally "we're gonna cram as much meta into one anime and then having anime makers saving the universe".

The Eroge writer that is gonna save the day through the power of fan service while until now they were all "this is serious business about work ethic and relation to the subject and acceptance by the fans", it's so fucking meta it's awesome.

I'm fairly certain this is not on purpose but it's still an hilarious show.



The recap episode had the best writing so far in the series. That should tell you everything you need to know.



That's the worst thing about this thing, the fucking recap episode was the best episode. I didn't know what to expect when other Anons were praising it but man Meteora best girl. I also feel kinda vindicated that I noticed thise side of her personality sooner. But that doesn't make up for Soda's "tragic" back story episodes.

I'll give credit to the show, I have no idea what is going to come out of the talking heads next week.



I was thinking more along the lines of Kiminozo -> Muvluv rather than Triangle Hearts -> Nanoha. From from how the Creators interacted, Ohnishi seems to be no other than the expy of Mushroom-sensei (aka. Kinoko Nasu), so we might be getting the Carnival Phantasm version of Angel Notes TMfags always wanted (besides a Tsukihime anime), basing this entirely on my theory that the Creators themselves are stand-ins for actual authors in real life.


>I'm God now, because because


The villains powers are the most bullshit plot necessary nonsense in the world, what a crock of shit. I guess any nonsense in the plot can just be chalked up to "well we're fighting a living mary sue" which is aggravating.




I don't know how you guys can't stand this girl, especially the smug makes her likeable.

Her smug works because everyone else is written as an idiot, which just makes it hilarious, and her power is entertaining.



I thought it was Nasu's friend, his illustrator, who did all the waifuing, leading to every girl looking like Saber after a certain point?



It's been a fucking rollercoaster and I'm loving every second of it.



>The villains powers are the most bullshit plot necessary nonsense in the world, what a crock of shit. I guess any nonsense in the plot can just be chalked up to "well we're fighting a living mary sue" which is aggravating.

But, that's what makes it awesome! It's like terrible writing incarnate, complete with the shitty protag sad past exposition, the bullshit exposition about how meme physics works!

Everything! It's raw unfiltered jap writing autism!



She becomes a god for NO REASON, not even meme physics she hasn't been around long enough to even have that many fanfics and there's no reason for her to be any more malleable than other people who have fanfics. fanfiction.net super exists and there's no way the more popular heroes aren't accruing way more rewrites and powers and that's ignoring the fact that most fanfics are just "and then my fave char sucked my OCs dick" not "I've decided that my fav char has this new strange ability".



I thought that shit doesn't happen because they only get their powers from recognition and canon, but since the main antagonist is a popular OC anything goes for her.



If that were true the eroge fan disk plan would be impossible.

>but since the main antagonist is a popular OC anything goes for her

But she's not even OC she's a fanfic, like mexican superman.


File: 8b7a4fb424270a3⋯.png (313.16 KB, 710x528, 355:264, serveimage.png)



But of course it doesn't make sense! That's the beauty of it, going at length to explain how something work... then it's totally not what you explain.

Can't you see how polished and shiny this shitty writing is? It's in all it's aspects shit, it's so pure it's a new element: the shitonium.

It's great. It's the best entertainment I saw in a long time!



That flies in the face of establishing people's belief of those characters shapes them. There is a whole bunch of shit fans believe about their favorite characters that isn't implicitly or explicitly cannon.


File: d83ff0eebf3c3cb⋯.webm (675.75 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, smugshark having a blast.webm)


>smugshark detected



File: aca2a9304c8d28c⋯.jpg (286.72 KB, 950x1200, 19:24, DBxm7IWUIAAkfXg.jpg)


Nasu still does the writing, so even though Takeuchi Takashi is the (same)"face" of everything that went wrong with Type-Moon he is not blameless for the fanservice direction it's been going. Though you may have a point there, with Ohnishi being TT's stand-in rather than Nasu's. There was an interview (I think it was Hellsing-related) years ago mentioning that Takeuchi was friends with Kouta Hirano (who's the fat guy standing in), who in turn is friends with Hiroe Rei (who's the lead writer of Re:Creators and who Selesia's author was standing in for).


You just described Type-Moon.



No. The newer character introduced is good but so far it's boring.


I was going to ask if the episode is out yet, but I double checked and the next episode is next week.



How is it that they've made a horrible bitch their best character? Did they intend this?



>not loving Meteora's hour long expositions

Look at this pleb.


File: 4b63f783929216b⋯.png (659.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Re-Creators….png)

Fourth Wall Meteora from the recap episode confirmed canon; she is in fact reading ahead in the show's script.


>Steel Donut Princess going full keikakudouri

I hate that cunt so much, holy shit. Drunk chief was neat, though. Wouldn't mind her managing my schedule.



Their secret weapon is totally going to fail, you don't just casually reveal you have one and expect it to go according to plan. Mophead is obviously playing along because...?



Her plan is to unmake reality so that Soda who is actually already dead can finally let go of his life and reach the afterlife to be with Setsuna. She is really the angel of death come to help his soul pass on after he committed suicide by jumping in front of a train



I liked that anime when it was called Angel Beats. It still wasn't very good.



>last episode airs

>has her talk directly to the viewer

>actually exits the anime and enters our world

>tells us that our lives are just creations of 4d beings

How would you feel?



Like I'm having another acid flashback



But we are 4d. (x,y,z,t)


File: b7103bdedd48eff⋯.png (95.91 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)


>time as a dimension

>time only moves forward for us

Do you consider 2d characters 3d because you turn the page to see what will happen next? No, because that's stupid. Stop buying into that shit.



It doesn't matter how it "moves", it's still a coordinate you need to specify.


I have come to the realization that the best part of this episode was seeing the animated likeness of Amamiya Sora. Everything else, with the small exception of the scene of summoning the Vegelchevalier and posing, was more of the same boring shit. This is dangerous territory we're treading.



No Anon, although that'd be a nice twist instead she'd hows about she put him in the bird cage and head on right over there after ending the world. Bam husbando she got wet for and him can restart anew as Adam and Eve.


File: efac1b6f5b0d757⋯.jpg (337.93 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, re creators ops.jpg)



That scene was awesome. To the extent that just seeing it is plenty, it shouldn't even bother you that you will never have your likeness appear in an anime, voiced by yourself, anon.



Has this gotten any better? i stopped before the episode where why explain where military girl came from because it was just too shitty



The recap episode is unironically the best one in the series. Watch that and determine for yourself.


No episode this week?



It was another "special". Meteora lied, nothing is under control.



I bet the show continues specials forever until people forget about the Altair and she loses her power. At that point the final episodes air all at once showing how weak she is. 4D chess the anime if true.



I wish Altair would just end this show already


File: 45853e09e2da8f7⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 605x768, 605:768, recreators smug13.jpg)

File: 82622004a463763⋯.jpg (143.62 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators smug12.jpg)

Altair has achieved counter keikaku teleports behind you status. I can't wait for both sides to end each other so the Smug Magane Show can finally start.


File: 15eba9e9db5b4b5⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, churro shark.png)


>you will never eat nipponese churros while she smugs all over you

This is an existential crisis.



Best Creator shows how Best she is. I was not expecting her to pull that shit at all.

Also that wonderful snipe on Altair's motivation was fucking great. Little bits of genius in all the shit just makes me more angry.

I really, really hope they found some little girl and trained her for this


File: 5a5337b372642ca⋯.webm (10.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, surugabutcher.webm)



What if the daughteru is actually Hikayu using her newly gained power? Her creator gave her the power to mimic/copy other characters, as a riff on VN protagonists as faceless anons.


File: ffc4fea8c3a9f84⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators fun things are ….jpg)

Magane just wants to have fun, but this anime isn't any fun so she's helping it end quickly with Altair losing, all so that when Altair is at the peak of the most fiery of butthurts, she can gracefully greet her with the most obscene and incisive of smugs. Truly the best girl.


File: b99ef155d3dd66c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, every frame a smug.png)

File: a6d24ce62097285⋯.png (714.18 KB, 900x716, 225:179, shhh, no tears now -- only….png)

File: dd6463d781f24eb⋯.png (986.59 KB, 858x893, 858:893, smug grapes.png)

File: 7fdd1ac48f2a42d⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smug shark a cute -- CUTE.png)

File: 7ea2709ebf4e288⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smug shark not giving a sh….png)


Smug Shark truly has a heart of fool's gold.

>you will never man-handle her with your limp NEET wrists and shoot your pathetic load prematurely while she smugs and snickers all over you

>she will never whisper Holy fuck, Anon, you're such a faggot into your ear

Being 3D is the ultimate form of suffering.


File: f54fe661a9f8869⋯.png (602.68 KB, 566x836, 283:418, smug shark what.png)

File: 6a3c14943665426⋯.webm (60.37 KB, 600x486, 100:81, snickering smugshark.webm)

File: e06fb5eefbc999a⋯.webm (210.46 KB, 900x506, 450:253, smugshark more.webm)


File: 694b683b0ecea33⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 800x450, 16:9, martial tits 一拳必殺.webm)

File: 0b1447667a82077⋯.webm (242.17 KB, 900x506, 450:253, it's perfect.webm)

File: 6bd5a00189459b5⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 900x506, 450:253, martial tits.webm)


>Ah finally this shit is going to end with a long protracted battle of everyone vs Altair

>Another character shows up

Just end it already. Theyre going to make us sit though useless specials to drag this out until the end of fall season arent they?



Probably. And I'm loving it.


IF this is supposed to be Fate, but with anime characters, from which anime is shark teeth?



She only had LN.



Ok, from which LN is she from?





>Character drops the big spoiler for their story casually

I want to hate this show but shit like this keeps happening.



I was waiting for them to talk about that. There was no way he had murdered those like hoodie thought.



>everyone expected Hikayu getting the Nanoha treatment

>Re:Creators overshoots the franchise, ending up with Vivid instead


This is being broadcast live, but they're pretending it's an anime, and they have the VAs and such.

So their "real" world is itself 2d anime? If their world does look the same as anime, why did the creators talk about how the characters look exactly how they imagined them, even if the character came from an anime that, as we know from the last two episodes, must already look the same as the "real" world? I thought those comments meant "you look how I imagined a 3d incarnation of the character to look" but apparently even their world is not 3d from their perspective.



I think they said some bullshit about applying a filter.


dropped this shit for the 6th time today



See you next week.


This was the worst episode yet!






One by one they fall until only the smug remains.


File: 0dd36e751e7af4d⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, recreators suffering.jpg)


File: 5ee564a1510c160⋯.jpg (255.89 KB, 913x754, 913:754, 716d76035b132339e38043e6e0….jpg)

I'm so fucking tired of Donutsteel pulling asspull after asspull.


RIP in pie.


File: 528d62428bc7574⋯.jpg (141.18 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, tattoo return return check….jpg)

File: 731c4d6ef86b0bb⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, tattoo return checkmate.jpg)


Now we know she can actually use Magane's power I wonder if we will see a double checkmate battle between the two, probably not.



>you countered my double-reverse-counter-keikaku

>but can you keep up with my afterimages?

I can see it happening.


Finally we are deleting characters. Hopefully this comes down to Keikaku-return-checkmate-doori vs smug shark and the shark wins just by talking.

Princess already spoiled the ending this episode. She said Alice is not the main character of this world so we can assume the character deletions will continue until no one is left. At that point spineless MC arrives, recall that thing he told red hairs creator, and wins with double-reverse-counter-keikaku-checkmate. Naturally there will be a long protracted talk about how he "killed" princess girls creator which makes her weak or some crap all according to his plan.



>Keikaku vs Shark

It'll be two jerk kids yelling rubber and glue at each other.


>altair isn't mc

>beta isn't mc

So this is the story of meteora?

this, virgin soul, and reset are disappointments of the season



Maybe you should stop watching anime and go pick up another hobby. All you ever post here is to bitch about shows you never watch.


>Seresia does absolutely nothing all season but job.

>She finally gets her robot and then jobs.

>With her indecision and purposeful interference, she costs one of their strongest members both of his robots arms and breaks his left hand, severely reducing his effectiveness.

>After finally making up her fucking mind, the best she can do is a kamikaze on some nerd introduced half an episode ago who has absolutely no bearing to overall structure of the plot.

Remember guys, Selesia is not weak.


File: ad62251088e1e95⋯.jpg (16.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

>They killed off my favourite character Alicetaria

>She gets killed off through bullshit Keikaku

>Everyone immediately forgets about her so they can worry about Selesia

This makes me sad.


File: f295fe82a079a5d⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Koukaku no Pandora - 04 (A….jpg)


>He thinks dumpster fires like Re:creators and virgin soul are representative of anime as a whole


File: 91db0143a5f9ca7⋯.png (821.13 KB, 865x807, 865:807, 1455159267492-0.png)


>He expected anything from Sagrada Reset


File: 1a1b7e832cb2398⋯.jpg (212.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, UN-GO.full.815543.jpg)


>considering picking up this filth just to see if it gets any better

>read thread

>it's gotten worse and smug is still the only likeable part of this show even if her power is "i'm rubber and you're glue"

How did this get made?


File: 45f10723e85d47e⋯.jpg (107.2 KB, 821x571, 821:571, 45f10723e85d47e302dd7953c6….jpg)


It's a classic, though!

I hope no one ever lets that video go, or allows him to forget the hilarious levels of wrong he was


File: c6093072a1d2d92⋯.png (187.5 KB, 351x329, 351:329, 1447787435632-0.png)


>How did a terrible anime get made?



Look at that smug face. It's all according to keikaku.


By the end of all this it's just gonna be Magane left, looking smug as always.

Glad Selesia's out. They're gonna do an asspull and bring her back aren't they?


>watch this animu for shark

>shark shows up, best girl

>ids a villian

>so much fake tension filler




I don't think so, if they were bringing back anyone it would've been Mamika using her funeral as the excuse, but at this point they will probably keep going down, until only Magane remains, free to smug at the world.


File: 373e6d7df787544⋯.png (613.49 KB, 647x692, 647:692, Untitled2.png)


Did smug wear pads in her maid costume or is it an animation error?


File: bba6257c5c62de4⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, PSDX6D3D642.jpg)


File: 5c835877a4fb4ec⋯.jpg (164.79 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, 1371244262904.jpg)

>OC Donut Steel comes out of nowhere, gets absorbed

>Magane is the true hero of the story.

>Glasses-kun's dead gf is back

>Everything is conveniently covered by the prequel story



>The audience is ok with all this bullshit

Is this a meta story about jap's shit taste?



They deserve to be erased for their acceptance of Donut Steel, to be honest. wwwwww


Magane is already taking a plane far away from these fags. She's done with being in such a terrible anime.


File: 037d517048e2212⋯.png (149.73 KB, 368x368, 1:1, 1438449258045.png)


Imagine being boxed in between her and the window on a 17 hour flight.

Imagine awakening to her smug breath bullying your ear ever so tenderly after having dozed off.

You will never be this close to heaven.



This is beautiful.


Yes, while being a complete mess of a POS itself.

I keep telling you guys that's the greatest entertainment of the season, maybe of the year.

Never has anyone seen a dumpster fire burn so bright!



It has to be. They eating up everything happening, even the part where its made clear that Donut Steel could have one hit killed everyone and not wasted her time with this shit.


File: 1d7d2d3f5d99c9b⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 525x685, 105:137, 1d7d2d3f5d99c9b02a600b8f7a….gif)

This show gets dumber every episode. I really hope Mophead wins.


I can see how this went down in Sagrada Reset

>Okay guys, the anime is written but it's going to be two episodes too short. Any ideas?


>That's one down! Anything else?

>Let's put a Donut Steel to fight Altair for absolutely no reason what-so-ever and let her die in a way that it doesn't affect the plot in one way or other.

>Great thinking, Jerry. Let's get on it.


File: 31b429b428688a5⋯.gif (650.11 KB, 647x363, 647:363, 31b429b428688a5077db18cc33….gif)

>Retard crew manage to summon Altairs creator.

>The audience has absolutely no goddamn clue who this random bitch is. Never seen her before in their life. Get her the fuck out of my crossover chuuni battle "anime".

>Altair still has all her powers and then some.

>Altair's creator says her piece and fades away because no acceptance. Hell, she should be fading away near instantly.

>Altair proceeds, still at full power, to wreck shop.

The staff and writing explicitly went out of their way to make sure that we knew she has no acceptance. Can't stress that enough. Even if Smugs stupid lie power managed to pop her into the world despite low odds, that doesn't guarantee she's going to stay in it. People and things with far more acceptance than her have been deleterized with no regard to circumstance before.

I think the anime staff are just huffing paint at this point. They've forgotten their own meta rules about all this stupid shit going on. If this birdcage business were all the anime that they're trying to sell it as, the real life (us) audience could buy it as anime logic. But it's not. It's taking place in the anime's real life, following real life rules, and in real life they need a fuckload of viewers to accept things or else they just phase out of existence, as this dumb bitch should.

Jesus, this was so stupid it's got me bewildered and outraged. And I'm double pissed because they ruined Altair's cute chuuni character design for some mishmash garbage.


File: d0e757b77e84dce⋯.png (395.62 KB, 470x470, 1:1, 1491622577865.png)


What the fuck does her minutes long monologue even mean?


Man, this episode was even more garbage than usual. I'm so glad there's only one episode left, it better include the scene where every creation goes back, but Magane remains.


File: a06f422884bbf07⋯.jpg (102.86 KB, 220x224, 55:56, Laura fucking despises thi….jpg)

Whelp, can't wait for the next episode where all the characters go back to their home planet.

The only way this can end well if Magane remains in the world and continues to fuck about,

The worst is that it seems people loved this piece of shit episode because of "muh feels". This is Plastic Memories all over again. A lot of missed potential but because it had a sad part people forgive it.




Was totally expecting Shimazaki-clone to an hero herself at the end of her spiel, with Altair failing to save her from the Almighty Plot Train. The shock of this recreation on live broadcast would've shocked the audience (with some piecing together that this scene was a "flashback" to Altair's origins, giving Altair a canon background and this "nerfing" her in the process), as a monologue wouldn't cut it. Who actually listens to characters monologuing in action films, anyway?

Souta fucked up (as expected). No wonder Surugabutcher laughed as his proposal backed then. Sharky likely knew this was going to fail all along (her origin franchise and the genre it's built on is all about character interaction after all) but "helped" the government+corporation alliance (interesting to note that the indie doujin scene as represented by Altair is implied to be the villains here) so she can harvest the salt and schadenfreude.


What happened in the end? Did MC write a story of Altair meeting that girl and Altair plot magic'd it into another universe where that girl doesnt die?


File: fdeef2450a42e5d⋯.png (45.91 KB, 224x247, 224:247, ah.png)

>Nicht wende den Blick von der Wahrheit ab

Not even google™ translate™ is this shitty.


Pretty much, yeah.


File: 3b6bb5b2033ed61⋯.png (115.21 KB, 250x292, 125:146, plastic quality.png)

Well this has been something. Its been a pleasure gentlemen. Lets look forward to what bullshit they pull next week to have a happy ending where all the characters come back and go to their respective stories. I still believe Alicetaria. They won't let you be dead will they? ;_;


>The worst is that it seems people loved this piece of shit episode because of "muh feels". This is Plastic Memories all over again. A lot of missed potential but because it had a sad part people forgive it.

So much this. Plastic Memories had an amazing first episode of being cute girls Blade Runner, where they would decommission old robots and there would be a little story about that with sucker punch emotions. Except it turned into generic trash by the next episode with a shitty romance and awful writing. Yet most people seem to think its not bad. I think Recreators will get a similar free pass because of character deaths and pretentiousness. I haven't forgotten those endlessly boring episodes Exposition-chan.


>the climactic final "battle" is two people standing at a train station and talking for literally 15 minutes

I can't think of a more fitting end for this show.


File: 53f108eb86f939e⋯.png (468.31 KB, 800x440, 20:11, 1401046175577.png)

>A shitty recreation of a dead girl by a failed artist (and overall massive faggot) is such a smooth talker that she somehow manages to convince a nihilistic omnipotent near-god to just fuck off forever in a 15 minute scene that stretched on for 9 millennia.

>This is the culmination of this entire anime.

>This is what everyone has been waiting for.

Plastic Memories was a million times better than this. At least that show was a serviceable romance show. All complaints are generally born from disappointment at what could have been, understandably so because it could have been awesome, but what we got was decent enough for what they were going for. Re:creators doesn't even have that to fall back for. It's entirely trash in all applicable levels.

The most frustrating part of this entire shitshow is that it's just another notch on the post that business execs can point to as an excuse to not fund 2 cour seasons. 'Too risky', after all.


File: 11dd4be2160168f⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1809x1018, 1809:1018, sodacansfolly.png)

So can we just talk about the fact that the only way they could save the world was for Sodacan to bring his dead not-girlfriend he could barely even hover-hand just so he can cuck himself by sending her off into an infinite loop with the villain?

At least we got a yuri subplot.



It had the climax it deserved. Two autists spouting lines that makes no senses in each other general direction culminating in a good ending asspull and yuri fanservice.

That show is the greatest masterpiece I've ever seen. When /tv/ ask for anime kino you're strongly advised to point them at that show.

It's refined shit. They could have just made a shit and call it a day like so many other shows but NO. They cut it to tiny piece put it through multiple distillation process, mix with copious bleach, to only have the purest essence of shit ever witnessed.

It's the first time where I'm genuinely entertained by a show that is "so bad it's good" that's not about QUALITY but simply by being so massively pretentious (the amount of meta in it...) AND badly written at the same time.


File: a80b8140e30815d⋯.png (45.44 KB, 316x475, 316:475, meteora a CUTE.png)

Good im not the only one who isn't impressed by this show.

Was this the last episode? It was incredibly boring.

This shit would be a thousand times better if it was just about Meteora being a cute glutton



The show would have been so much better if it were just the first ED.

A bunch of anime characters appear in the real world and engage in cute and humorous fish-out-of-water antics. They meet the authors and artists, with jokes about silly design choices. They encounter spoilers. They go to Comiket, interact with cosplayers and the doujin scene, and face shipping and porn. It could have been fun. Instead we got this "classic".



No, next week is the last episode. The show would a thousand times better if it was about any of the individual series, except for Selesias's, it wasn't very good.

>Alicetaria's anime

<Set in an dark empire setting full of despair and JUSTICE

>Mamika's anime

<Cute mahou shoujo with battles every now and then

>Magane's anime

<Smug: the anime, anime of the century

>Meteora's anime

<Adventures of kuudere Meteora helping her MC and eating a lot.

>Giant Mecha Boy's anime

<A show about a cute boy with a giant mecha who is also a proud lolicon

>Old man with a gun's anime

<A show with an adult MC with plenty of despair

>The two rivals' anime

<Battle anime with special abilities and summons.

>The eroge girl's anime

Cute and lewd SoL


<Every character above gets together and they do a talk show for 20 episodes, the other 2 episode things happen, but it isn't really satisfying.



Unfortunetly, there's still one last episode remaining.

I guess we are going to see an emotional episode where all the creations go back home in exception of smug Meg.



How did no one call Smugane yet?



>Meteora being a cute glutton.

Nah, it's better to just make her stand still in some machine for multiple episodes.

This anime is truly a classic in the making.



>classic in the making

Wasn't there an "anime critic" youtuber saying this shit about this?



The show could have also been much better if it was just the first episode: a bunch of anime characters appear in the real world and engage in a battle for supremacy because that's all they know. Only one survives, and that one gets to go back to their own world with all the plot knowledge needed to fix their pet peeve with their own world.

There's at least a hundred ways they could have taken this show that would have been far better than what we actually got. They could have made the exact same thing, but cut out the dozens of episodes of nothing but talking and it would have been far better. As it was, it wasn't even a 'so bad it's good' trainwreck.


File: f169c3615b0d7a4⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 316x352, 79:88, f169c3615b0d7a44fa63f7eb99….jpg)


The normalfag weebs love this fucking show so I wouldn't be surprised.



Seriously? Now that I think about it, the show has that same level of mediocre as Kabaneri.



Please, Kabaneri was just dumb shlock. This is a trainwreck that takes itself seriously.

The tumblr weebs are doing the usual thing of drawing ugly versions of the characters and calling them things like "my big gay cinnamon mom uwu" to the point where I doubt they even watch the show in the first place, and everyone else in the shallow pissing pool of entry level anime seems to think it's some real deep commentary on the industry and stuff maaaan. The fact that there's nothing "offensive" like loli helps too.



>the show has that same level of mediocre as Kabaneri.

Kabaneri was just stupid shit well animated. This is on another level.

Of course the landwhales and professional anime """critics""" are gonna eat this up. It has meta that even them, with their 76 IQ and low attention span can recognize...



They could have taken the meta to the next level and made it an actual crossover with like 8 different popular IPs that already exist, and then held an actual live event for the finale and animate it differently, making all the fans begin to doubt reality.


File: edf4b56e152277b⋯.jpg (985.27 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, re_creators_by_sanohiramug….jpg)


> They go to Comiket, interact with cosplayers and the doujin scene, and face shipping and porn.

I'm still disappointed that this never happened, especially with big-name creators like Hiroe Rei attached to the project.

The manga (Re:Creators One More!) supposedly did it better by veering away from the anime's storyline entirely, at a cost of Altair having a significantly different interpretation of her powerset.



I want to molest Magane.



With her power she could probably turn the tables and molest you.




Kabaneri had a good premise but the antagonist was lame and the protag didn't really go places and the story was dull.


File: 0cf41ec6bd9a83d⋯.jpg (419.39 KB, 800x773, 800:773, rip.jpg)

So will they get a wake like Mamika? Or have the japs already moved on from this trainwreck?


File: d3821a092cc9cde⋯.png (25.27 KB, 175x175, 1:1, d3821a092cc9cded400308aece….png)


Pic related.


Wasn't that a publicity stunt organized by the producers?



If nobody showed up for Mamika's wake, what the hell makes you think they're going to show up for those losers?



It was great to take the piss out of the whole show, because of how stupid the whole thing was. This? This is just disappointment after disappointment. The best episode so far is the fucking recap episode.




That's ridiculous! She'd never be able to molest me, she's just not strong enough.


>No Magane

Absolute garbage, irredeemable shit and the biggest waste of time ever made except for Magane alone.


Garbage anime


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Magane was cool enough, but she wasn't the only good thing this shitshow had going for it. There was also the Russian and Grasshopper. That's about it though.



>Russian and Grassshoper


I'm convinced this a meta story about japs absolute shit taste. How was this received over there?


>Setsuna wasn't revived she was just a copy from Sota's mind

So the real reason he didn't write himself to go with Altair and his old crush was because he already knew the truth, I'll give credit where it's due there.

>a winrar is Meteora

So wait, what?


File: 92cbecffba25fa0⋯.webm (277.82 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Re-Creators writing in a ….webm)


>So wait, what?

I think webm related should answer your question.


So Meteora and Magane became real while the others went back even though they didnt have to. This show was a waste of 22 episodes. The story could have been a lot of things to make it better.


>Last episode is just a sappy episode with even more BS about the creators and their creatures!

>Magical girl lose her magic for no fucking reason

>Actual villain psycho-character on the loose is not even mentioned once. FORGET HER. Nothing to worry about, it's not like her BS power can bring dead gods back to life or anything... What happens if she had open a Lovecraft novel before losing her power?

>Magical girl doesn't gain 100 pounds despite writing tumbler fanfiction.


In 10 years you well see, we're still gonna be talking about it, it's the new golden standard of awfulness.


File: b71e7a5279d3ccc⋯.jpg (83.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, recreators smug14.jpg)


I won't talk about it, but I will post Magane's smugs until the end of times


File: 79c2103ece15bfe⋯.jpg (171.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d5c6b8a1da31eb80fb3a47f382….jpg)


>meant to be a love letter to authors, artists, and the industry as a whole

>turns into a commentary on how most of the audience has shit taste


File: 6ccf1a4f78d8a46⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 6ccf1a4f78d8a462631f78ce4f….jpg)


I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. The show is irredemable. Thanks to the anons that soldiered on though. I dropped this shitshow but like to pop in for a bit of casual car crash viewing.



>I'm convinced this a meta story about japs absolute shit taste


>turns into a commentary on how most of the audience has shit taste

It's really not though, except the parts with the H-game girl can be modified as much as they want literally because those guys have shit tastes. It's directly implying "BUT NOT EVERYONE", the others fans are exigent and well brought customer that won't accept silly changes in their characters!!!

They wanted to write something cool about a myth of creation and a smart meta about the industry, but it's just garbage writing piling on forever.

So you're lead to think, "this is shit and full of meta... wait is this a commentary on how anime fans have shit tastes?" which will be the normalfags PoV... while no it's just a garbage fire burning so bright you're briefly mistaking it for the sun before the fumes hit you.




This show is unintentional meta commentary on how bad original anime writers are. The audience even goes "this is so stupid" at one point.


File: 59696149663947a⋯.jpg (75.54 KB, 860x960, 43:48, 21430600_1526371960759302_….jpg)

Did you rike it, /a/?



No. I did not rike it.



So I guess this means donut princess's quips in the first episode counts as foreshadowing to her being a lesbian?


File: 7627747c48d5fe8⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 23a938a3c6a6f405365872d30c….jpg)

The show at first left me under the impression that each of the characters were copies of themselves in the story. What does sending them back even mean? Did Meteora just dump them into a dimensional trash furnace while their actual story selves go on with their lives and the whole bit about "not being able to throw myself" was just a ruse?

Dumb shit aside I still would have liked it if they all either had to stay or if more of them stayed by choice. I think it would have had more impact if for instance Meteora had chosen to stay AND become a creator instead of just "well since I'm here I might as well." Thinking about it, it doesn't even seem like any of them have anything they would want to go back to other than VN girl. Blitz could raise his daughter in peace, Grasshopper and protag could go on being bros, and mech pilot could keep picking up chicks who dig giant robots. Hell, VN girl, with the knowledge that her romance was all written, might have wanted to experience being a real life waifu on her own terms. The fact that they all treated going back as fate felt more like a surrender to all of the terrible things that would happen to them than anything good or happy.

Either way I would be okay with a spin off about hunting down the notorious international terrorist known as Sam Hyde Smug Shark, even if it was bad as this. The recap episode would be worth it.



>The show at first left me under the impression that each of the characters were copies of themselves in the story

This is what I was wondering the whole time.

The LNs, games, and shows were clearly all continuing, with new material being made and published. That means new events are taking place in the created world, and that means the characters have to be there to be involved at the same time as they are in the Creators' world. Hell, Selesia's anime got a second season even though she fucking died here, so the Creations we saw cannot possibly have been the only version. There must have been a version that never left, and continued on as normal. Given that the Elimination Chamber Festival probably isn't mainline canon, the versions that participated aren't the "true" versions. So as far as I can tell, when the characters "go back", they'd essentially get overwritten by the canon version and, for all intents and purposes, die.



Anon, I didn't mean to imply this was done on purpose, it just turned out that shit because every plot is shit, and it is praised in universe, and knowings japs shit taste, probably will irl.


File: 3c7a72729e62895⋯.jpg (118.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, recreators selesia isnt we….jpg)

File: 3b661ccf5e678ea⋯.jpg (155.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, recreators selesia isnt we….jpg)

File: 9b42c76c7f91530⋯.jpg (148.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, recreators selesia isnt we….jpg)

File: 0b50358c59fec0a⋯.jpg (154.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, recreators selesia isnt we….jpg)

File: 4f567a84ea4ca76⋯.jpg (274 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, recreators selesia isnt we….jpg)


>What does sending them back even mean?

I couldn't get this thought of my mind either as I watched. Do they real world versions go back and replace the fictional versions of themselves? One of them must overwrite the other replacing their memories and such. They may as well be killing them then. God this show was going for some pretentious meta crap and completely failed.

Recap episode was best episode.


File: 1d45d78c3a3200b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.25 KB, 538x755, 538:755, recreatorsfans.jpg)



Even if we assume that they overwrite their in-story self or they somehow merge seamlessly into one, I can't see why they'd want to go back either way. If we make the additional assumption that their creators will give them a good ending, there remains the looming threat of 'fan acceptance.' Considering the nature of Re:Creators being a giant crossover, we know damn well that VN girl, along with everyone else, has a future of getting fucked by every other character from every popular show, including futa versions of the females as the show fades into obscurity. Blitz doesn't have to worry about what his Creator will do to his daughter, he has far more cause to worry about what the fans will do to her.


This anon's pic is very much related to how the characters should be feeling about going back.

There is no reason to go back. Worse still, the assumption that they can go back without a worry lessens the impact of the sacrifices that Selesia, Alicetaria, and Mamika made, since it never really mattered if they lived or died. Not like Mamika's death really meant anything anyways. ;_;



The same blue cube effect was used for when creations die and when they got sent back. You can't just leave a huge ass robot in the real world, tell them what they want to hear. Meteora knows this, but hey she's not gonna cube herself.



>Meteora knows this, but hey she's not gonna cube herself.

Her excuse in the show rings completely hollow. She knows she can't go back because they "rehearsed" it? What if it had worked, and she had gotten sent back during the rehearsals, without saying goodbye and leaving the rest of them trapped there? It doesn't make any sense for them to have tried it.



>She knows she can't go back because they "rehearsed" it?

She knows she can't do it because she can't open the gate and step through it at the same time. She is the source of power for the 'stargate' if she goes through its power is disconnected and it closes.


It's also the same effect for when creations enter the world so it's not a reliable indicator of death.

I'm glad there was some kind of fight scene at the end but they literally talk God to death, MP becoming God was bullshit and made them rely on supreme bullshit to wrap up the story.

What a crock of shit, along with smug shark crying about how much she really loves people.



>She knows she can't do it because she can't open the gate and step through it at the same time

I can't prove it with a screencap since I already deleted the show, but I definitely remember her saying they tested beforehand.



I just checked it says they rehearsed it and the person casting has to be on the other side, I guess they really did try it with her. Maybe they assumed it'd work just like military princess' power worked and she could pop in and out.


File: 1c7fa622a46349c⋯.jpg (145.79 KB, 720x1152, 5:8, 1469937468056.jpg)


So far the only notable things about the final episode is that it doesn't outright tell you Sota's crush he drove to suicide wasn't actually revived and it was just a fictional copy, Meteora is the one who wrote the whole story so the talking heads is because of her shit taste and her self insert in the recap episode is a literal self insert, Magane disappears off the face of the earth, and the final scenes parallels the flashback episode (?????).

God damn it mang, half the shit I've thrown out as Shyamalan tier twists and turns in the last threads would've been better then this crock of shit.


Tracking down Smug Shark would've been a passable excuse for the Creations to stick around (and a possible hook for a NEVER EVER second season), but they had to force in some convenient bullshit like "the world correcting anomalies" because PARADOX BACKLASH LOL.

There's another loose end besides Megane that's never addressed: it's assumed that Altair was the one who summons Creations into the real world, but from goddamn Episode ONE we can see that all Altair really does is transport characters from (an iteration of) the fictional universe into reality (noting that the version of Selesia that got transported is from the anime and has not experienced the events in her LN version). And later on, we see Meteora doing a similar thing, through a ritual that taps into the "Creators mana" aka Acceptance. This brings up the unasked question: Since the transporting of Creations itself isn't dependent on certain individuals but on the collective subconscious/mind hive/Akashic Records, why aren't there depicted other popular Creations running around the world? Note that there's already a government task force to handle these threats, so it's very possible that this has happened before, and will likely happen again.

...Or perhaps it is happening throughout the world, only that 1) the focus is on Japan because lol Japan, and 2) said summoned Creations include a omnicidal omnipotent psycholesbo emobitch.

Going back into above, a theoretical second season might have the cast run around Japan (if not the rest of the world) looking for Megane and run into other Creations and get into shenanigans ala Stardust Crusaders. And since it's supposedly a "love letter" to authors they could showcase different writer expys and have meaningful discussions on styles and techniques while the Creations bash each others heads in.

Such a shame, the premise had so much potential.

Aliceteria's author pretty much confirmed himself as Miura's expy, with the whole going into frequent hiatus periods yet somehow winning awards.


Just finished the series, I enjoyed this a lot. This is what I used to expect out of anime. Not necessarily amazing, but it takes a fun concept, runs with it, and gives an enjoyable ride the whole time. Why do we not get more shit like this and Drifters? Why must everything just be a new moeblob show?



Because moeblobs sell more. Taking risks doesn't.



If this show doesn't sell it has no one to blame but itself.


It was 90% talking, please god no more of this crap.




>watches anime

>complains about muh moeblob

You're better off watching western trash instead. Why do redditors insist on the idea of making every cartoon some ego masturbation for pseudo-intellectuals?



You're trying too hard to fit in. Please leave.



I will beat you to death!


File: 85553e570fcc605⋯.png (355.05 KB, 639x853, 639:853, 1469446372815.png)


>anything enjoyable about this dumpster fire

>and implying Drifters was good

>and complains about moe

Fuck off to wherever you came from.



>and implying Drifters was good

It was fun at least, unlike this show.


In the anime, how did they perform a 'live action' shooting of real-life events and people though it was still an anime? Big logic fuckup there.



They specifically mention they're putting everything recorded through a "filter."


File: f335eb6116e99ea⋯.jpeg (17.71 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 44489dcefee0794b83632719d….jpeg)



Well, the reason the Recap is the best episode is that it's a concentration of all the good ideas of the show. All the meta shit, all the silly playing around with tropes and whatnot, all the selfawareness, is most appropriate and best used there. Because it gets to do it to the hilt as hard as possible, even taking the chance to shit on recap episodes and the reaction to them during the recap. It's basically that bit with "Haha, all the characters are actually actors, hohohoho meta jokes about wages and screentime!" only now it has the additional layer of comedy that is justified by the premise. It just works, the sad part is it's like the ONLY part that works.

Meteora is also the best character aside from smug, and she was the primary character during the recap which is no coincidence. Like, if I were to show someone this show for some reason, it'd be episode 1, episode 2, recap, done. No, sorry, the rest ain't worth it and one and two are just for context. Like, there's so much here that feels totally wasted. Meteora and Smug deserved a better show, Magical Girl deserves HER OWN SHOW, the soundtrack deserves a better show, and so on. There was too much crammed into too little with poor direction with strong ideas, and the whole mess just felt like concentrated dissapointed. Like, I'm trying to think of a way to fix it without breaking either the bank or the concept. And the only thing I can think of is to cut like half the characters and even the concepts.

>Merge Meteora and Selesia. Make her writer dead, but the artist alive. This way you get the "shit, my god's dead", hell, you can even have the story's haitus lead to revelations from the artist that... I dunno, all the good story beats are actually her ideas and she can keep the story going with some confidence?

>Merge Mamika and Knight Girl. Make their story a middle point - not a shithole but more noblebright, giving her motivation to hunt for gods but also the brightness to confront the villain. Kill her off anyway, because Knight girl's story beats can be done easily with Meteora/Selesia (Stories not as entertainment but as moral inspiration, the point of stories, etc) and her late-game role was relatively narratively unimportant.

>Smug and Gun Gramps can stay. Fighting Game dude and his counterpart can go entirely, or be merged with mech kid and Selesia's last-minute rival?

>Main character needs more... stuff. Yes, he's stated to simply be an observer with some significance for the villain, but give him a little more. Reveal the big guilt earlier, maybe, so you can develop it a bit more. Maybe he can counter Smug this time more effectively, some bullshit about having read her fiction and thus being able to counter it (She's a physically weak Creation, so a normal punk ass human could kick her shit in, probably, so long as they SHUT THE FUCK UP?)

>Fucking ditch the bird cage shit. It is one way to counter the villain's bullshit, but hey, so would making shitloads of comically bad fanfiction. I actually thought they'd do this rather than the stupid bird cage plot.

>Hell, you could even use that last bit to take a shit on tumblr communities that ruin shows and games.

>For fuck's sake, kill or injure characters during the fights more. Make them have more impact. Yes, Selesia got hurt, but hey, a good way to cut characters would be to have a lot of snappy early fights and cull the herd hard. Establishes tone, makes fights have impact and meaning, and hey, great way to cut out the shit.

Overall, this series gets a 4/10, You Tried But Fell Flat On Your Over-Concepted Face

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