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File: 26b014522dd5616⋯.jpg (111.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, abyss.jpg)


Last thread caught the curse.

We have entered the abyss now.


File: 222a112d0fafcf5⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 957x768, 319:256, abyss calm sadness.jpg)

File: eaa767925ab533a⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 821x768, 821:768, abyss cry2.jpg)

They didn't show Nat's vomit. I wonder if that means they plan to focus on Riko or if they will tone down stuff.


The legend of Riko the Defecater begins.


File: 42452ff184be902⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SFX loli blowing a load.png)


>tfw Riko will never blow her load all over you

>tfw you don't get to tell her everything will be daijoubu



You shouldn't lie to her like that.


File: 0e0349bb48f3f6e⋯.jpg (342.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot1330.jpg)


I'm sure it will be fine. What's the worst that could happen? They'll just have some fun adventures, find some cool relics, and come back up to see their friends again.

On an unrelated note, this creature seems familiar.



Should I tell her that she's gonna become a white whistle instead?


メイド could be either made or maid. I know, I know, it's also spelled out in English in the main title, but still, it could lead to some maid-themed fanart down the line, right?


File: 8f143f2becb35e3⋯.png (271.23 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 62191310_p0.png)


It is funny seeing Japanese people mix it up.



At the bottom of the abyss lives the Meido who moderates /a/.



Well, there is a meido. But not quite at the bottom. And she has a dick.



I'm sure we'll get some nice art of maid Maruruk.


File: a946d171254af2c⋯.jpg (106.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, confused girl who did noth….jpg)


What do you mean anon?


File: 857bc491b71af8e⋯.jpg (165 KB, 1023x1453, 1023:1453, 6c252fcc863ad.jpg)

Episode four couldn't come sooner. >>711608 Hindi subs when?


File: 17d5284e865e014⋯.mp4 (1.21 MB, 540x360, 3:2, contemplative mariachi.mp4)



Why is her name spelled differently so much? I've seen it as both nanachi and nanashi and now nanati.


File: cecc94f0bc07dae⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 271x186, 271:186, asdasdasdasdasd.jpg)


Because english.



Is that a .jpg for ants? Seriously though, japanese is mostly phonetic, shouldn't nanashi have a set spelling? I mean し is different from ち and I don't even know where ti is coming from, why is it so hard to translate?



> I don't even know where ti is coming from, why is it so hard to translate

>TI in the naTIon pronounced as SH

Because its hard to translate some bullshit language based on random symbols into language based on random pronunciation.



I think his point is that there is a standardized mapping between Japanese kana and the English alphabet. Exceptions are relatively rare and I've never seen チ written as "shi" before. Usually it's just variations like tu/tsu or r/l.

Maybe it's more of a playful distortion of the name. For instance there's one image on pixiv where she's called ナチチ.



They pronounce it like "chi" so I don't get why they sometimes use "ti." I guess that's consistent with ta/ti/tu/te/to but I'd rather they be consistent with pronunciation instead.



Japs don't really know about or care about having consistent mapping between kana and romaji because they don't give much of a shit about English. There really shouldn't be any excuse to have inconsistent translation between writing systems, but some westerners still have trouble with long vowels.


At the pace things are going, I wonder where they'll end things. Doesn't seem like there'd be enough time to get through Idofront without cutting out a lot.



I know what you mean, although im less concernec about them cutting content from the best dad arc and more concerned about them trying to stuff everything else into the few episodes inbetween.





>standardized mapping

There's not just one standardized mapping, there's three of them - one western, two nipponese.

>Despite its official recognition, Japanese commonly choose between Nihon-shiki/Kunrei-shiki and Hepburn for any given situation. However, the Japanese government generally uses Hepburn, especially for passports,[10] road signage,[10] and train signage.

They just can't decide which one to use, so they use all of them.

>Additional complications appear with newer kana combinations such as ティーム(チーム) team. In Hepburn, they would be distinguished as different sounds and represented as tīmu and chīmu respectively. That gives better indications of the English pronunciations. For some Japanese-speakers, however, the sounds ティ "ti" and チ "chi" are the same phoneme; both are represented in Kunrei-shiki as tîmu.

So, because of the above, IME has to be able to recognize all of the spelling options so you can write both "nanachi" and "nanati" and still get ななち. It's easy to see how people could get confused from this.


File: 7fe6b051f49e35a⋯.jpg (79.58 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, skeleton.jpg)

File: ff7336c9f9e6a36⋯.jpg (180.42 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, spooked.jpg)

File: ea21a5dccc0e879⋯.jpg (151.92 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, riko will never hold you l….jpg)

File: 48d38f96c686d5b⋯.jpg (100.8 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, daijoubu.jpg)

Don't worry guys; absolutely no suffering ahead.



What if they cut all the suffering out?


File: 35ac2d2a9b4370b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 692.13 KB, 1025x665, 205:133, topdad.png)

>I was only 9 years old

>I loved Bonedrewd so much, I had all his black market artifacts

>I pray to Bonedrewd every night before bed, thanking him for the fantastic discoveries he has made in the name of science

>"Bonedrewd is the best dad" I say; “Bonedrewd did literally nothing wrong”

>Ozen hears me and calls me an edgelord

>I know she was just jealous of my devotion for Bonedrewd

>I called her an old hag

>She slaps me and hangs me naked before sending me to bed

>I’m crying now, and feel violated

>I lay in bed and it’s really cold

>Suddenly, a disturbance in the forcefield is moving towards me

>It’s Bonedrewd

>I am so happy

>He whispers into my ear “Let's go on an adventure together.”

>He grabs me with his powerful hands and begins to remove all my non-essential limbs and organs

>I’m ready

>He tears off all my skin and inserts my horribly mangled corpse into a cartridge

>It hurts so much but I do it for Bonedrewd

>I can't see or hear anything anymore because he has removed my eyes and ears

>But I want to please Papa

>He roars in a mighty roar as he closes my cartridge and connects it to his life-support system

>Ozen walks in

>Bonedrewd looks her straight in the eyes and says “You're boned, dude.”

>Bonedrewd leaves through my window

>Bonedrewd is love. Bonedrewd is life.



Cartridges are used on ascending the abyss to put a curse on the remains of human child instead of Dawn? Because curse has "spikes pointing downwards".



I think that is the case, yes.


File: 8114bf605e80f18⋯.jpg (130.42 KB, 350x400, 7:8, 81141e.jpg)


who is responsible for this


File: 5b97ff8824dcf42⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 20.96 KB, 291x337, 291:337, ClipboardImage.png)



They are pretty much pic related.



when inputting the kana for chi, ち it's more convenient to use the shortcut of typing it out as "ti" than it is to type "chi". Some japs, when typing out romaji will forget that the sound of ち doesn't match the sound of "ti", and produce unreadable words.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Such a cheery intro for a bunch of kids exploring deep into Hell.




I'm really excited for whenever the full version of the next episode preview song comes out.


File: c16faf165d41d81⋯.webm (6.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Reg's Discovery.webm)


This song.



If I'll ever be a father, I wanna be just like Bestdrewd.


I wonder if we will see Riko be cursed.

Because it seems like it does not take a lot of ascending meters for the curse of the abyss to start taking shape, and the fact that they are in the sixth layer and if the need to ascend, or ascending by accident happens, she's fucked.



Thats the thing about the Abyss. Descending is the EASY part, the problem is ascending, and unless magic bullshit happens, they will have to go up, unless they want to stay in the last layer forever.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





I really love that ending. The claps make it extra cheerful.



I think they are aware that there is now no turning back, at least for Riko and Nanachi.

I do wonder what happen when you return from the seventh layer. It sounds like it's instakill.



Nanachi is fine. The curse doesn't effect her. Of the party, only Riko gets hit by the abyssal bullshit. When rising, she'll either die or become a Narehate (which means Hollow, according to crunchyshit.)

Probably. You could debate she's already inhuman



Even though Riko's dead she is still entirely affected by the curse. Even the first layer hits her just as hard as anyone.



I am aware. As stated, she gets the full brunt of it, but I think you could reasonably argue that she is -or rather, would be- immune to the final "inhuman or die" layer. What with technically already being dead and all, which would certainly qualify you as both inhuman and dead considering she's still walking around.



>Nanachi is fine. The curse doesn't effect her.

Did I miss something? She got "blessed" and can now sense and navigate through the forcefield, but what if someone strapped her to a balloon and sent the rabbit on a magical journey?


File: dca712e2901b540⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 424.83 KB, 1128x460, 282:115, the 5th burden.png)


Nanachi is effected by the curse. She's just better at getting around it and dealing with it.


File: 3e6f1a6995f6c4d⋯.png (180.49 KB, 421x488, 421:488, i dont get it.png)


If you see a pair of big ass anime titties and all you can think about is men jacking off, then the problem may lie elsewhere.



Oh, well, silly me. My mistake.



I'd guess it's just death/inhumanity the whole way down from the 6th layer, maybe at increasingly frequent variables the deeper you go as the curse gets more intense. Bondrewd could hold an awful lot of child cartridges in his suit.


File: 0785f2c76277f8b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1405x2000, 281:400, 002.jpg)


According to this, it seems like everything below the sixth layer is just plain death.



Ascending! It represent difficulty of ascending. And its still not 100%. Sometimes you lucky and get cursed with fluffiness and good scent.



Only if you have a small loli strapped to you



Looks like Meinya is piloting lolibot into battle.


How many episodes do you guys reckon there will be until we finally get to meet Nanachi?


So. Could this be called a genderflipped HunterXHunter/One Piece, but pointed down?



I'm guessing next episode should end with a cliffhanger on the observatory and episode 5 would be everything Ozen, then it can go in two directions for episode 6, either they cram most of the third layer, the CRACK and end with a Nanachi cliffhanger or they do part of the third layer with cliffhanger on Riko getting stabbed, then do episode 7 with CRACK, and focus the episode on Nanachi and Mitty

Overall I'd say between episode 5 and 7 depending on what they include in each episode and how close they follow the manga.


File: 805c86f2635ef5f⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 607x531, 607:531, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)


Assuming the shows will end with the defeat of Bondrewd and the descent into the sixth layer, which we have every reason to expect will be the case, then they'll be covering 38 chapters in 12 episodes. That's an average of 3.2 chapters per episode, which suggest that Nanachi would appear at the very end of episode 6 (chapter 19) and be actually introduced the following week (chapter 20). That also makes cinematic sense, leaving episode 6 as a cliffhanger. Also it would be hilarious to go from that scene to the ED.

My guess at the schedule for the next few weeks would be something like this:

Ep 4: First layer, second layer until the arrival at the Seeker Camp.

Ep 5: Seeker Camp, Ozen and the revelation about Riko, episode ends at the end of volume 2.

Ep 6: Survival training, departure from the Seeker Camp, and confrontation with the Tamaugachi, ending with the appearance of a mysterious fluffy and good-smelling stranger.



Use the spoilers anon.



I think it would take two episodes from meeting Nanachi to Liberation. Otherwise it's five chapters in one episode, which is an awful lot. If episode 8 ended with Liberation, and the end of volume 3, that would set up the last third of the show for Best Dad's arc.

Episode 9 would then be Riko back awake, the departure from Nanachi's house, and the events at the flower garden. Either ending there with them looking at the flames, or continuing until they are welcomed to Idofront.



You definitely can't have Nanachi's introduction and liberation in the same episode, it's not only too much, but it would be an awfully awkward pacing.



So it takes nearly 10 chapters of mango for them to finally go down into the abyss?



It takes 8 chapters.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you have a webm of the montage that happens after?

That song is so good.


Has this turned violent yet? I just know it's gonna pull a madoka soon.



What are you talking about?

This is a wonderful and happy story about exploration and friendship.



It would be amazing if they only play it again when they are entering the sixth layer in the final scene


>thread is 70% spoilers

Don't make me suffer, I don't have time for another manga



It's only 42 chapters so far, and fairly infrequent releases. It wouldn't be that big a deal to pick it up.



It certainly is wonderful. In the same way Pratchett spoke of Elves.



What if they play it when Riko get's CRACK'd



That would be an interesting choice.



I think it would fit if they do it in a montage at the end After/when they defeat Bon Voyage and collect themselves and then have the montage end with them stepping into the pod that leads them to layer 6. Something like that could work I guess. I do want them to make use of the song once more before the anime ends.


File: 43e85ccd823c4ff⋯.webm (10.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Ab….webm)


File: 94eab222dfebbcb⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 700x394, 350:197, p_002.jpg)


File: d8eba0e4d4dae00⋯.jpg (230.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Made in Abyss ….jpg)

They are about half an episode behind where I thought they'd be.



Yeah, thanks anon.


Not sure how I feel about how the monsters are being rendered. On the one hand, it makes them strange and unsettling.

On the other, oh fuck that framerate what the fuck


File: dc2bea773401620⋯.jpg (201.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot1363.jpg)

File: 284e734e582cd45⋯.jpg (322.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot1366.jpg)

This smile will be protected, right guys?


File: f4ec650dc0467b1⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 504.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, you_serious.webm)


She is still fine overall in the manga, but I dont think that it will stay the same for long. Expect her become wasted by whatever eldricth sexual abomination there will be in the bottom of the Netherworld

Especially if its her own mother. AND MUCH MORE IF ITS FUTA MOM


File: d87d28bef0a786d⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d87d28bef0a786dae489017b66….png)

Does anyone else see a resemblance to ICO? You have a boy and girl pair exploring a vast and ancient civilization. I love it, few things have this sense of mystery. It also has that kind of tranquil feeling like mushishi and kino no tabi. This is spectacular, I gotta get on the manga now.




Best taste, anon.



>kino no tabi

I haven't watched that yet, but I've heard good things.

Is the new series next season a reboot or a continuation? Is it expected to be any good compared to the old one?


File: b47596eec1dec14⋯.jpg (200.73 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, b47596eec1dec14aa22c8daf93….jpg)


I didn't know they were making a new season, but I'm guessing it's a reboot, as it got a movie that was one. Also the original series is pretty great, but the tone can be inconsistent with some episodes. If you're liking made in abyss so far and want more philosophical stuff, then it's for you.


File: b26d067a3505849⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 210.44 KB, 628x438, 314:219, ara ara.png)

Interesting design choice with the depiction creatures so far and the music makes me really nostalgic.

But more importantly, what if best dad was a best mom instead?



>Interesting design choice with the depiction creatures so far

I'm not sure if I like it or not yet. I mean, it seems better than just leaving raw CG, but the weird pastel and shaking is just that, weird.



I also expect them to go further. I guess this delays Nanachi for one episode more beyond current speculation. I don't remember that blue haired girl from the manga either.


Prushka confirmed he has a "rod".

Also, pain train takes off next episode.


>less than two chapters

I'm not sure how they'll make it to the end at this pace.



They probably won't. I guess they are aiming for the end point that was when the anime was starting to be made



But what if, Anon? What if.



>next episode.

Never mind that, we'll at least get to see Ozen next episode, right?



>I don't remember that blue haired girl from the manga either.

I'm guessing it's one of the illustrators own character they threw in for shits and giggles.


File: 85c1f5af55129a5⋯.jpg (381.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)


Best smug hype.



You understand that he is bodyhoping, right?



You understand that I'm posing a hypothetical for doujins, right?


File: c5fead8272c6250⋯.png (981.72 KB, 872x1236, 218:309, bon hanged.png)


Of all the good characters, she's probably my favorite.


File: b8425b7514c3d09⋯.png (266.9 KB, 835x495, 167:99, 5f4efbcf11805f404d783ea851….png)


Bondrewd is a slut. A SLUT.



Definitely. Either the full Ozen boot camp or at least in a cliffhanger



At this pace they'll probably just end on a cliffhanger at the base of seeker camp when Ozen grabs Reg's arms



I don't think they'll pull such a tease. I think if they go for a cliffhanger it will be Maruruk spotting them and Ozen just going Ah, they're here.


File: b4dc446e6bf625e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 852.58 KB, 1100x1600, 11:16, 016_1496520462.png)


I was just about to post that.

This point will probably be the end of the episode.



Ah right, Ozen first shows up after grabbing his arm so it would be closer to what >>713963 said.



I dunno, is Ozen smug or broken in just the right way?



Probably broken, she does say that the abyss will affect both your body and your mind.

Still tho, I think she has a really nice hard but fair character to her.



I did a quick skim when I searched for that image and you are both right.

Those two events happen almost back to back.


Probably both, and that's why I love her.

She knows exactly how hard the abyss will destroy a person if you underestimate it, and she probably got a bit of being funny from Lyza.



>is Ozen smug or broken in just the right way?

Both. She's just perfect.



Or she is just batshit crazy like the rest of white whistles.



File: 56dbd1f6f03254e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 882.3 KB, 1100x1600, 11:16, 009_1497988066.png)


Compared to Bon the Bastard she seems like a genuinely nice person.



They get worse the deeper they are.

There are still two more down there



We only know about 3 of them. He is just one place over Ozen in bastards ranking.



>mutilates lolis for a living

>just one step above

That must be a hell of a step.

Post last edited at


And what about ancap village? Are they nice or bastards?


I will say that things get more bizarre the deeper they are.



Not just any lolis. His own sons and daughters.



They aren't human anymore you can't see them by the same standards.





Is neither one of them is a hardcore pedo rapist sick fuck, I will be both surprised & dissapointed. If Ozen and Bowdred are that fucked up, then imagine how Srajo and Wakuna will be...

Im really scared of what kind of monsters they will be. That and also scared of being dissapointed, if they fail to surpass Bowndred





>Ozen and Bowdred

Don't put them on the same level, at the end of the day Ozen just wanted to help Reg and Riko and send them on their way.



>Ozen just wanted to help Reg and Riko

That's kinda the point, though. They already have a deep connection. Maruruk on the other hand got bullied into becoming a cute girl.



That was also an improvement.



>Srajo the Obscure, Eldritch Lord

How far gone do you have to be for people to describe you as obscure and eldritch compared to everything else in the Abyss?



I bet they call him that because he watched all the obscure anime no one else in Oath has watched.



>he berates Reg for associating with impure 2DPD whores

>teaches him the gospel of 1D perfection

I can see it.


File: 83e157897bbaf77⋯.jpg (450.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, made in abyss field.jpg)

File: 9bbb61dc9b6af12⋯.jpg (258.75 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, madoka field.jpg)


I get Cave Story vibes from it, given the robot, blonde girl, and rabbit, also, the pics related remind me of each other.


All this wait for Nanachin is killing me. I need her naa's in my life. Still 3 more weeks by everyones reckoning, yes?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I agree. Note that it is also a horned boy in strange clothes, who holds hands with the girl for most of the story. The ruins also give the same ancient vibe as the ones from ICO/SotC.

>mushishi and kino no tabi

Go taste. I'll add Fragile Dreams to that.



At least. Just keep repeating the PV meanwhile.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And also Spice and Wolf.


File: ea4311d14478102⋯.png (27.94 KB, 106x164, 53:82, ClipboardImage.png)


>Maruruk on the other hand got bullied into becoming a cute girl.

Yes, and?


File: 2c28b1b7afa4a35⋯.gif (916.86 KB, 500x204, 125:51, 1428103630656.gif)

holy shit, I just got to the chapter where mitty dies I wasn't expecting this much despair. I could handle ozen's bullying but jesus fuck. Is it only downwards from here? pun not intended



The series devolves into exploitative torture porn.


File: a26305bf878fda3⋯.jpg (126.23 KB, 1034x825, 94:75, worlds best dad.jpg)


SFX: loli spilling noises

You're in for a treat.


File: 31087e645caee93⋯.jpg (575.59 KB, 1400x785, 280:157, 1464464631257.jpg)


>hasn't made it to the part with sfx loli spilling noises

Oh boy anon, you sweet innocent child.



>help Reg and Riko and send them on their way

Best Dad Ever wanted the same thing. Does everyone else really think it was just some random coincidence that he wanted Prushka to make friends with them after not bringing her any close-in-age playmates for her entire life beforehand, knowing that Riko would need her own white whistle in order to continue? The guy is just desperate to save the world, and obviously Riko's quest is the key to that, so he gave her some assistance and additional practice at dealing with difficult threats. Stop trying to demonize the poor guy who sacrificed his own humanity and sanity for the greater good. He didn't put anyone else through anything worse than what he had endured doing to himself.





So, question did best dad not really die? Or were those just other praying hands with the same mask?



The last panel on his human eye clearly filled with realization, regret and hope made it seem like he went to his original body ready to make a clean start



His original body was turned into his whistle.



You're giving that faggot waaay too much credit



he came back to another body, but he didnt have any battle able bodies left. also, he did nothing wrong


File: ce3b0c12103132c⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 1024x659, 1024:659, bondrewd.jpg)

File: df5f49cee2df566⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 58916444_p0 - いやらしい触り方.png)


That's nice, I really liked best dad even though he does all that shit, I didn't want to see him go Speaking of that, I hope this catches on enough for there to be a nanachi and bondrewd nendoroid. I really like their designs.




We need to go fluffier.



>Bondrewd nendo

>His face lights on

SFX: rumble of scientific triumph



>Nanachi nendoroid

Fund it! As it stands, even if the show becomes popular enough to get nendos, it's going to be of that faggot Reg. We'll need to wait and see how the audience reacts to best girl before she has any sort of chance of a nendo.


File: 1327d1fae3975a5⋯.gif (157.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Carl Pissed.gif)


>it's going to be of that faggot Reg

Now hold the fucking phone, I want a nanachi nendo as much as anyone, but you had best not be bad mouthing Reg.



Faputa go to bed, you don't show up in the anime.



Recall that Soul-Slave machine Zoaholic allows one to "plant yourself within another person, allowing you to increase your own self". Fluffy-Good-Smell, reflecting on a comment made by a Praying Mask at the nasty bug hive a layer up, wonders if it means that"[Bondrewd] can transfer his consciousness even without his mask", and posits that "It could be that the mask is merely a symbol of the Lord of Dawn... then it would serve to imprint the presence of a father to that sheltered girl, Prushka". So as far as we know, it could be that every single Praying Hand is "also" Bondrewd, with whomever wearing the mask Or having the coolest body assuming the role of 'Daddy Bondrewd'

So unless I've forgotten something or have otherwise misinterpreted the translation, sure why not.

On a somewhat related note, the gang knows of four "living" White Whistles Five if we count Lyza. We also know that at some point, all White Whistles undergo a "Last Journey" to go as far as they can into the Abyss, as Nanachi and co. have just done. But from what we know of the time dilation bullshit, and given the examples of Bondrewd and Ozen being nigh-unkillable for their own reasons, what are the chances of the gang encountering White Whistles outside of Srajo and Wakuna?

What are the chances that they've already encountered these White Whistles?



Extremely low I'd say. The manga likes its foreshadowing so I doubt it would pull a wild card like that.


File: c3a388a7812def0⋯.png (679.32 KB, 817x1000, 817:1000, fuzzy thing.png)


Season two never.



But anon Where do all the Narehate of the Narehate village come from?



I think so too, sadly. At best we best simple specials based on the cooking recipes.



We don't know yet. My guess is probably random dead people from the plates Reg saw falling from the sky



I thought people were cremated when they died in Orth? Given Riko's case, its possible the deepest layers of the abyss has other mechanisms for resurrection or undeath. But recall what Majikaya says to Riko on first encountering them; "It seems that you're... delvers too" which could indicate that they've recently encountered other delvers, such as Srajo and Wakuna, or that the inhabitants of the Narehate village were also delvers at some point. In addition, he explains to Riko that "Once someone surrenders their life and becomes bound as a Narehate, one can no longer escape from here. In return, one receives the maintained form of his desire and protection." We can understand 'surrenders their life' in a couple ways, but more importantly this would indicate that they were living humans who had reached the sixth layer before becoming Narehate. In addition, we find out later that the village is somehow able to read the souls or hearts of everyone inside, and while parts may have come from Orth funerals, I would find it harder to believe that the souls of the dead would accompany those parts.

I'm not usually this autistic, I swear.



I find it harder to believe that there were so many white whistles. Remember that the sixth layer is ONLY for white whistles, it's not like you can just accompany a white whistle inside. We also don't know how long the Nerahate people have been there. Maybe it was before the rule that says only white whistles can descend was established, it might even be before whistle denominations even existed.



If the time dilation stuff is true then there could be hundreds of years worth of white whistles down there. Its also possible that narehate have a longer life span than that of a human.



Of course, I would imagine it as being that Majikaya is the only 'delver' from Orth, seeing as he is the only one who can actually understand Riko. I would agree that its more likely the Narehate village is the result of an accumulation of bodies from across many millenia, perhaps from the older civilizations. In the context of whistle denominations, as far as we know the only way to for humans to descend is through the use of a white whistle, though this may have not been the case for previous civilizations, or perhaps previous civilizations had easier access to white whistles. In any case, these Narehate are more than likely 'delvers' of some sort, and only those with a strong enough 'desire' to allow them to maintain their sentience.

We should also not discount the fact that Bondrewd was able to at least influence the creation of a Life-Reverberating stone, which is used to create White Whistles. It is entirely possible he has been able to make white whistles in the past, perhaps using children who had already bonded to eachother, in order to send Praying Hand expeditions down under.



They do know the "masked man", so it's possible.


So what's the deal with the birthday deaths? Or those praying skeletons? Wasn't it mentioned that there a huge amount of birthday deaths every so often? and that each pile of bodies was found in thousand year intervals?

Why are they layered like that? Could the abyss be getting deeper and killing people from the higher layers with that weird birthday death thing acting as the curse of the abyss or something? Although that really wouldn't make much sense




Why you say that? Season 1 has barely started, and I dont think this serieswill be a flop.



>So what's the deal with the birthday deaths?

We have no real answer to that yet.

What we do know is that it's tied to the abyss.



>Why you say that? Season 1 has barely started, and I dont think this serieswill be a flop.

The anime is apt to cover nearly all the manga's content. There will be no season 2 unless it's 4+ years down the line.



Every 2000 years the birthday curse happens, from what they have found of the skeletons so far.


File: 0fe224f697197d7⋯.jpg (156.12 KB, 600x871, 600:871, IMG_4237.JPG)

File: b79f76a6b1503db⋯.jpg (139.63 KB, 600x1067, 600:1067, IMG_4238.JPG)

Should I make one /a/?



If it smells good, then yes, I think you should. Ohehrwise, no.



It's like the next evolution of those squishy boob/butt/feet mousepads.



Just make sure her facial expression can be changed. That fur's gonna be a greasy, matted mess in no time.


File: d98016023f086ac⋯.jpg (416.8 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DF6L_JSUMAAQbjs.jpg large.jpg)

Prushka spotted


File: 701977c5fc28559⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.09 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, prushka lewd.jpg)


Got a little somethin' somethin' extra.


File: 37b2b3856f4d134⋯.jpg (239.39 KB, 1035x1027, 1035:1027, IMG_3774.JPG)


Call me when they make bondrewd or nanachi


You're the devil



Huh, they are exactly like that

Also, chapter 43 when?


File: d2efc992c32a42c⋯.png (150.6 KB, 478x490, 239:245, banit.png)


You can't keep getting away with this.


File: 8ed860f8e138ce3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, prushka.jpg)



I'd give an arm and a leg to become Bondrewds attaché.



Tits aren't big enough. Can't believe I'd say that, but it is what it is.



They look the right size to me.


File: 604ee0b8fe8b1e8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 705.95 KB, 1058x1033, 1058:1033, prushka.png)


If anything they look too big. She's pretty flat.


File: d6d306c1e66cf1d⋯.webm (575.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, What are you doing.webm)


This has officially gone too far.


File: 0090d8356c93781⋯.png (134.98 KB, 412x240, 103:60, muffled shota suffering.png)

I like faputa, she's cute, hope she turns out nice.



Unfortunately i feel she might be a bad girl.




She is the leader of the Land of Misfit AnCaps so it can really be either way. It seems that she will be a complicated antagonist to the party like Bonedaddy (who did nothing wrong) and her being just plain evil won't cut it. Conflict will arise because of competing motives in regards to Reg rather than faputa being a big bad evil.


File: df5f49cee2df566⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1200, 5:6, fluffychi.png)




File: 7493974402259d9⋯.png (449.08 KB, 810x810, 1:1, f4c5230179df0b8e0a5feedee0….png)


>It's coming


File: 4f8ea47367c0d91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.71 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)


Here's another one.



Turn yourself in.


File: fdb93f0aaec134c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 215.07 KB, 484x484, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: ef206f64edc3a25⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 415.15 KB, 729x409, 729:409, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 2e4ab09a17acb60⋯.jpg (386.01 KB, 917x1400, 131:200, IMG_3305.JPG)





That must be a nightmare to paint.


File: 027707ea8d4a0d6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 180.64 KB, 392x441, 8:9, time to fap.png)

File: e97c96126996381⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 3259x4603, 3259:4603, 64131674_p0 - 成れ果ての姫.jpg)


Why yes I think I will. surprised no one else made a joke about this yet


File: 98abc5c57acde4a⋯.jpg (50.43 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DF8fm4WV0AAceNR.jpg)

File: 14042ca4ea6eaf4⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DF8fmXkU0AEh-iX.jpg)

File: 31e8e2b756c2c59⋯.jpg (46.85 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DF8fnXiU0AEOsoW.jpg)

File: 03009d20b9d3c63⋯.jpg (63.92 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DF8foWNV0AEQ1Iw.jpg)


It's a complete figure anon, it just happens to be in the prototype/pre-release stage.


No one made that joke because _IT'S FUCKING LAME__


File: 135ede9da8b2767⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 46.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, this pleases my dick.png)


>It's a complete figure anon


just give me bondrewd now an I will be fulfilled. I can even put them next to to each other

>No one made that joke because _IT'S FUCKING LAME__

I couldn't resist.



It'll just get airbrushed in separate pieces.

t. /tg/


File: acc6cdc2c167ba1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 376.89 KB, 729x450, 81:50, you knew it was coming.png)


Why did you crop out the caption?




>Make Prushka figurine highly responsive to/soluble in Citric Acid

>People try to make hotglue videos and instead get footage of Prushka deforming and melting away and leaving behind a little canister that the manufacturers embedded inside

Yes, please.


File: ab96d4bd88dab7b⋯.png (757.52 KB, 416x1099, 416:1099, 1440672846992-2.png)


The sheer otaku asshurt from an event like that could cause a third world war.


File: f98f68c0fd283b3⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 63877117_p0 - 最高のお父さん.jpg)



It just occurred to me Depending on the range of bondrewd's hive mind thing, couldn't he send someone down, possess them and do what he wants, and then send his consciousness back into another body topside, thus having no ill effects from ascending? Also I need more best dad.



He can't transfer between his mind between layers


File: 1e3747d5bc17089⋯.jpg (518.52 KB, 1356x1899, 452:633, 63883033_p0 - さぁ、夜明けを見ましょう.jpg)


Ah, never mind then.



>"hot glue"



File: f3f69d01c26d29c⋯.jpg (169.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, abyss incinerated.jpg)

File: 3e69464edecdcdc⋯.jpg (141.16 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, abyss loli chest.jpg)

Ozen cliffhanger confirmed, just as predicted.

I don't know how smart it is to hide the best moment between frames, or only showing Riko covered in vomit instead of the actual scenes. I do know that focusing on Riko's loli chest is a very smart thing to do, very smart indeed.


File: 2ff420596b323c4⋯.jpg (181.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, My Pet Robot Did This.jpg)

File: 978459ab51ddaaf⋯.png (607.71 KB, 909x585, 101:65, riko no hair cenor.png)


Knew they'd have to cover her some, but glad they got in as much of her as they did..


File: 844fe7b84e46f13⋯.jpg (256.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)

From what little dialogue she had, it sounded on point.

I can't wait for Ozen bants.


File: 6c25e4a56ebfa76⋯.jpg (199.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0036.jpg)

File: 61f385f10590b13⋯.jpg (206.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0037.jpg)

File: 707835f547f7813⋯.jpg (213.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0039.jpg)

File: e9c94b05f4766ef⋯.jpg (211.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0038.jpg)

File: e75cbcb4067f547⋯.jpg (215.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0040.jpg)

That gore though.


File: 77af00cf0e0bde0⋯.jpg (108.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)

File: a5619a3c3cefc87⋯.jpg (122.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)

This time they made a small change in the ED.


File: 1dbae3ac4d4543b⋯.jpg (209.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: fae2a25d42f6202⋯.jpg (203.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2.jpg)

File: 81b2e447a7ecdfe⋯.jpg (217.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 3.jpg)

File: 0e7eadc9862b01d⋯.jpg (180.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4.jpg)


Dat chargeup animation was pretty solid, and the blast itself totally erased my concerns for the animation from the previous ep.


I like how they made the monsters normal looking again, I guess the shaky pastel effect was just for the minor monsters.



Ah, that explains why Mitty wasn't there.


File: 53441519e355d38⋯.jpg (216.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, help me bird.jpg)


It kinda worked for the snake in at the start by the bug was very poor. I'm glad Tama-chan will likely be done in the normal style. Since it'll be he final boss at the pace the show is going.


File: cb79b718adc29ec⋯.jpg (574.83 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 64046745_p0 - オーゼン.jpg)

Also when does the manga update? I need moar.



The should have used hunched over Ozen instead of standing up Ozen.



I love how you were 100% on point.


>or only showing Riko covered in vomit instead of the actual scenes

Actual spoilers: What do you mean? Her beeing covered in blood will have to wait until the porcupine.



Never mind, I was wrong, there was no actual throwing up scene yet.


File: 543d28b43a31cbf⋯.jpg (150.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, riko meat of the beast.jpg)

Riko can be pretty fucking metal sometimes.


Is it just me or does it feel like the pacing is far too slow? Is it just my anticipation for stuff deeper in the manga or what? I'd like to hear from secondaries on this point, if there are any left here who are brave enough to dodge spoilers.



I think it's a bit slow paced as of now, compared to the beginning. It's good for maintaining the mood, not so good considering it'll cut off in the middle of the story and then s2 never.




I think it's an okay pace. I mean a lot of stuff is glossed over in those little montages, so it seems that at this pace we'll probably get to bondrewd and the entrance to the sixth layer by the 12th and presumably final episode. It seems to be gaining popularity so I wouldn't discount a second season or an extension to 24 episodes or something. And if not, the manga is better anyway



I'm trying to dodge spoilers, and it does feel a bit slow. We get lots of nice shots of scenery, which is a good thing because it's beautifully drawn, but not a lot of events happen in each episode. I guess they only have so much material to cover and didn't want to run out.


Reg needs better voice actor.



I am liking it so far. The pacing is pretty comfy.

Definitely might pick up the manga after the anime is done.



I think the pacing is comfortable, but at this rate, it seems like they won't even manage to reach the beginning of Idofront, let alone get through it, in 12 episodes.



According to MAL it will have 13 episodes.

Maybe we will see a cliffhanger ending?


File: 969fc3bfc8004fd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lwed.png)

Forgive me father, for my poor photo editing skills.


File: 82b06a21a7d131e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Made in Aby….jpg)

File: 18824b7469e80cc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.47 KB, 1002x735, 334:245, Capture1.JPG)


Now you need to photoshop this bit.



I don't think I've seen gore done like this before. Really neat.


File: d67e99e9620f4f3⋯.png (872.67 KB, 1100x1600, 11:16, riko face.png)


For comparison.



Mfw Mr. Bonedrewds wild ride.



Seems accurate.


Those instances feels like a cheap but good way to animate the complex designs of the monsters. We lose the detail but the effect is more important imo. To keep the savage and dangerous feel of the world they need to show a decent amount of creatures.


I feel complete the opposite.This is a show I wouldn't mind some filler in. I'd very much enjoy a spin-off where you could focus on the daily lives of the characters. The rich setting is enough to make it interesting to me.


How far would a modern soldier make it in the Abyss, considering they can carry as much as a well-equipped soldier can, and they got the same information and understanding of the Abyss that Riko or any Raider has?

Or, throw an amnesiac soldier with the best equipment available and a scarce understanding of the Abyss, and he feels the need to go down. How far would he make it?



I always hate these kinds of questions.

>why wouldn't they just make Marine pilot the EVAs?

Fuck that.

Any raider has trained for this, for a huge part of his life. Not only are they specialized in climbing and caving but they also know everything possible about the dangers of the creatures and the environment.

At best they could be as good as some of the worst blue whistles. How far they get heavily depends on how lucky they are.



Right, sorry then, thought it'd be an entertaining question. Who would be better adapted in real life, a rock climber, innawoods man, forest ranger, mountain climber, hunter, etc? I understand if you find them shitty questions.



Depends if the modern soldier is a loli or not.



Modern weaponry would have some effect, but the sort you'd need (a really, really big stick) would be too cumbersome to carry into the Abyss. In general, it could be compared to urban combat, except your opponents aren't playing fair or even human.

The biggest factor would be how well they could adapt to unknown threats. It'd be one thing if they were told to be afraid of literally everything that moved, and another entirely if they're just sent down without any warnings. Regardless of if they're told anything of value, soldiers are trained to be as observant and wary as possible if they know they're in a legitimately dangerous situation. In the higher floors, I'd think most casualties would be due to things that would attack while they slept rather than big stompy monsters.

I think it wouldn't be impossible to for them to make it to the 3rd layer, but much deeper would be too steep of a learning curve.



That's much more difficult. Innawoods seems to be kind of a broad term to my knowledge but I'll just assume it's a general survival expert.

I'd say he would have the best chance of survival, depending on how fast he can adapt.

I assume that both the hunter and the ranger would have a bigger trouble. I assume they very good at surviving in the wilds but mostly in environments that they already know. They might be better at dealing with some of the creatures though.

The mountain climber might be faster but how good he would be at survival would depend on his experience besides climbing.

Rock climber might be the best at the actual climbing but the worst at anything else. As far as I know, they usually only do relatively short trips on a steep mountain wall.

Again, they'd all have a hard time keeping up with a blue whistle as those are trained and equiped for this environment specifically.



A modern soldier would just send a remote-controlled drone to observe the lower layers of the abyss. If monsters actually attack drones, then they could just send a whole swarm of drones and pray that at least one of them reaches the bottom of the abyss, after dropping a few nukes for good measure. On the other hand, we don't know if radio waves(or whatever drones use to send out images) can penetrate the layers of abyss.


File: 20b8eb072e42f8d⋯.jpg (225.98 KB, 750x927, 250:309, 20b8eb072e42f8dd27f739e472….jpg)


Pretty much everything in the Abyss at least conforms to semi-realistic biological proportions of strength and resilience. A rip of 7.62x38 would probably instantly kill or at least mortally wound anything we've seen so far. Relic-bearers like White Whistles notwithstanding.

A well-equipped soldier is carrying at least a half-dozen magazines. Maybe grenades, and if you're feeling really saucy, possibly a light shoulder-fired missile like a LAW. If the well equipped soldier is an LMG gunner, then all bets are off, the Abyss is a shooting gallery, and the only threats are the terrain and ambush by something he didn't see coming in the first place.

Well-equipped is practically cheating as a phrase, too, because there are so many gadgets we can equip the common soldier with it's not funny. Thermal scopes that I've seen pick out a field mouse through underbrush at 3am from 200 meters away. Throw-launch surveillance drones that report realtime back to a laptop the soldier carries. Even flashlights so powerful that which ones they get to carry have to be regulated in the international treaties on blinding and laser weapons.

In any case, nothing we've seen aside from possibly Bonedrewd, Ozen, Mitty, and maybe those super up-armored scorpions and egg shell monsters from Lyza's notes would survive very far beyond the words "backblast clear".

Part of the charm of the setting is the low power of the protagonists, which only Reg breaks by virtue of plot MacGuffin. I'm not sure we've even seen firearms in the setting, though Lyza's signature tool of violence was a relic weapon straight out of RWBY; a pickaxe with a gunpowder charge that never expended no matter how many times it was fired.

All projectile weapons have been from relics. Even when Riko asks Reg how he saved her, she asks "how did you attack it from so far away?", implying a great rarity in non-melee arms. A musket would be a serious setting-breaker. A modern soldier is a walking dreadnought.



>Lyza's pickaxe

After using it on Bonedrewd did they loose it, or did they take it to the sixth layer?



I thought they lost it, but I can't remember for sure.


File: 4b9e5d859c3f4db⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 310x350, 31:35, abyss pickaxe.jpg)



They still have it, this is the last panel where I could spot it, right before they enter the inn.


Speaking of all these weapons, why do you think the people of orth and cave raiders are so lacking in weapons anyway? So far the only weapons people have/ violence that is really committed by humans is

>Reg's incinerator

>The praying hand's flamethrower

>Bondrewd's relic

>Lyza's pickaxe

Most of the raiders seem very non-violent except for the white whistles. And even then They've yet to really kill anyone except for bondrewd, but even then it is not done out of malice In fact the only person who is directly related to killing thing is Lyza because she's the annihilator. Why do you think this is, just a stylistic choice so it hits harder when riko and co get shit on? Foreshadowing for how Lyza will greet them should she be alive?



Dunno. Maybe it's just framing to keep it feeling light in contrast with the dark, whereas if people were carting around guns it might feel more like Attack on Titan. A distinctly militarized feel would kinda change the tone.

Also, Bonedrewd had at least 3 ranged weapons. The beam cannon mounted off the elbow, the shard-shooter over his wrist, and the reflecting beamspam out of his faceplate.



Guess I should've said relics instead.



Every relics found is auctioned, so any strong weapon found or viable material is super expensive, and in the end only white whistles end up being able to afford them anyways, and so far they're known for liking to hog all the good shit for themselves.

The people of Orth can have boob stones.



But even then, orth seems technologically advanced enough to have some manner of weaponry even if it's not relics. Why do so few raiders bring a weapon? Are they just too heavy or cumbersome to include? Are the beasts just too much of a threat to consider fighting?



Well, in the first place a raider's principle should be to avoid combat as much as possible, so any weapon would be for self-defense only. Second, because they are raiders, their main priority is to gather as many valuable relics as possible, so any space used for weaponry should take as little as possible and permit as much mobility as possible, it should also preferably be disposable/renewable in case you need to leave it behind. That leaves very few options for raiders in general, aside from moon/black whistles assuming they can handle themselves a bit better. And even they probably wouldn't engage in combat with anything beyond the 2nd layer unless absolutely necessary. Conventional weapons would likely only work on first layer monsters, which are already easy modo and are already hunted for lunch.



>a pickaxe with a gunpowder charge that never expended no matter how many times it was fired.

I thought they said when Riko got it that is only has few charges left.

Or maybe it's because Lyza is a white whistle it had unlimited charge.



It's probably because it's unnecessary weight. Who knows how much climbing gear, rations and/or cooking supplies they bring down.

There is also carrying all that shit back up when you are suffering the curse of the abyss.



Ozen said the gunpowder charge is fine, but the pickaxe used to discharge it is in bad shape. I took it as Lyza found the gunpowder thing and had a pickaxe made to use it with.


File: 5416f37bc00bee0⋯.jpg (103.45 KB, 815x768, 815:768, abyss blush.jpg)

I'm getting a bit worried with the pacing here.

Still no actual vomiting scene after the burden from the elevator. Hopefully the CRACK won't be done with off camera focus on Reg's panic face.



Not getting to the 5th layer, there's no way other than a second season which is unlikely. The training that was only a couple pages will be at least half an episode and the 3rd layer will be a whole one.



At this rate I don't see them spending the weekend with best dad. At best we see them arrive at the porch.



why is a second season unlikely?



Doesn't seem like enough content for another season anytime soon. The 5th layer could be done in a movie maybe.




So clearly our take on the pacing was wrong, so let's stretch out things more assuming it still ends with Entering the elevator into the 6th layer

Ep7 Ozen fight + boot camp montage, ends with entering the 3rd layer

Ep8 3rd/4th layer + CRACK, ends with Nanachi cliffhanger

Ep9 Nanachi and field force infodump

Ep10 Mitty backstory and liberation, ends with Nanachi joining in

Ep11 Flower garden + 5th layer entry, ends with seeing Idofront and Prushka

Ep12 and 13 Somehow cramming meeting Bondrew, Reg abuse, the mask change, the mask explanation, hypercharge Reg fight, fluffy Bondrew, Prushka backstory and entering the elevator

Yeah, at this point I think it will actually end with entering Idofront and just ending with hinting at Bondrew's search for scientific triumph.



At the current rate of chapters per episode, we won't even finish chapter 30. The elevator was 38. I'm expecting it to end when they first reach Idofront and that having Bondrewd in the OP was just misleading.


File: 4391ecf8b86eab0⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, soushin the opening is a t….jpg)


Why are openings so cruel?



We do kind of see number one dad burning all the flowers.



That happens before reaching Idofront, so it's guaranteed to happen.



We really shouldn't have been expecting a fifth layer end once we saw the OP and ED. The fact they didn't show Prushka in them, in an attempt to get us attached to her and make us assume she'll stick around sort of gave it away in retrospect.



True, since both Ozen and Nanachi were there as well I assumed Bondrew's arc would be completed too.


File: 9918945669ad9af⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 705x720, 47:48, 1436811046763.jpg)

>episode ends right as the box is shown



>next week we'll get a full episode of best girl punching kids

My body and mind can't be more ready.



And also seeing her in her deranged shadow mode.


File: e38eb754fc3e10b⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, loli wets the bed.jpg)

She can't keep getting away with this.



It seems Japanese like to censor actual vomit in anime afaik. If it is shown it's always rainbows with flowers.



She also releases other fluids.


Indeed. I just hoped that being a recurrent theme in the manga it would be shown as well.



I love Riko and all of her bodily fluids. Too bad the show won't get to her solid stuff.


File: d757ffcab98641e⋯.jpg (166.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot1299.jpg)


I just want to adopt her, cuddle her, and never let her use the bathroom after bedtime.


File: c718c73e3a536cf⋯.png (230.89 KB, 470x612, 235:306, Ozen.png)

Am I the only one that's a little bit disappointing in Ozen's voice? The VA isn't bad per se but it just isn't up to what I was expecting after reading the manga



At this pace it's probably going to end on Liberation of the Soul or shortly after.



It was well within my expectations, but it can sound a bit forced with the deepness. A slightly older and more raspy voice would've worked too.


Then there would be no point in showing either Idofront or Bondrew in the opening. I wouldn't call the flower garden shortly after from liberation.


Also has anyone noticed that Ozen and the Director have the same kind of hairstyle? Do you think this means anything or it just because they're both kinda mean old women mentor types.



They do look similar, but Ozen's is way more notorious. The Director's only look like standing bangs rather than whatever Ozen's hair is supposed to look like. The color do seems to be due to age though.


File: a196b5cfb3a18bc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 642.63 KB, 1087x876, 1087:876, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bfae3e3c7a4e970⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 634.81 KB, 1017x859, 1017:859, ClipboardImage.png)



I like her voice. The only more "fitting" voice I could imgine would be some sort of distorted radio voice if she goes into creep mode.I do hope she looks more "unnatural" next week but thinking back, they went as far as they could without changing her color into black.



Ozen got her hair that way because of the abyss.

Maybe director got it in a similar fashion.



I liked Ozen's voice. It was pretty much what I expected.

It does help that her VA is an old lady. That also did the voice for Valmet so I might be a bit biased.


File: 25e4fb0d71d43be⋯.jpg (187.13 KB, 765x1043, 765:1043, maid in abyss.jpg)


File: 3261b4d7478be5f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 523.1 KB, 1485x587, 1485:587, Marulk.jpg)




Is maruruk still gay if he didn't choose to be a trap?



He wouldn't be either way.



Being a trap isn't gay, being attracted to traps (or being a trap to attract other males attracted to traps) is gay.


File: 5bd2950a6c7a247⋯.jpg (143.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5bd2950a6c7a2473ae6dc43c73….jpg)


Case in point, Naoto last season. He went out for a day in the city with his wife and daughter while dressed as a girl. Not gay.



>Then there would be no point in showing either Idofront or Bondrew in the opening.

That could be from the Dreadful Experiment chapter



Sounds like quite the stretch, but I wouldn't call it impossible.



I felt the same way.



No. She doesn't really nail it and sometimes sounds like she's gonna laugh. The more I hear it the better it seems to fit though, so either she's getting better at it or I'm getting more used to it.


>Riko's eyes are red in the manga until Volume 5 where they're suddenly the same color as they are in the anime




Maybe the anime had already entered pre-production or early production stage by then and the author wanted had to make some small changes to be more like the anime?




Or maybe the Abyss is still affecting her eyes somehow.



Being a trap is totally gay.


Is there a LN of this?


File: 5625aac5a31c1cd⋯.png (387.04 KB, 832x687, 832:687, 420ea56973afc33b90127275dc….png)


Only liking dick is gay.


Does anybody know when the next issue of the manga will be released?

Looking at manga.madokami all the raws were uploaded in 2015, including the last issue with Orzen and Leader.

Looking at the wiki, it only told me of the volumes which seem to be released once or twice a year.

So is the author still releasing individual issues, or is he making a volume?



I think he's releasing a volume soon, but he may be waiting for the anime to catch up or something now.



The way the anime is going now, it will end at entering Idofront, instead of them entering the 6th layer where the manga is a few issues after that. However, I do see your point, he is waiting for the anime to end, to have maximum popularity and potential sales for the new volume, as the audience has to know what's at the end of the Abyss.

Speaking of this, I hope the author doesn't drag the manga too much, but I think he is aware of the fact that the main plot hook is "what's in the Abyss?", like with the basement in Attack on Titan, and after the reveal he will need a new plot hook to not loose the reader's interest. On the other hand, if he drags it too much, while the reader won't loose all that much interest, because he "needs" to know what's in the Abyss, the quality will suffer.



They way he wrote the manga, it seems to me he is content for it to be a story with a concrete end. I'm not worried about it being stretched unless he gets pressured by the publisher or merchandising company or something.



We still don't know how many more layers there are after the seventh one.

What if it just ends. It's just a black void.



It goes on the other side of the world into not-China



There are still things left to be explained like the kids dying on their birthday, what is currently happening in orth or the aftermath of a white whistle being killed by two red whistles





Here's something that was very easy to overlook. Go back to shortly after Nanachi treats Riko's arm. Pay attention to the book Nanachi is reading to Mitty as a bedtime story in the background.

I think we're dealing with a Crystal Chronicles/Chrono Trigger situation.


File: 3f730d155052c8a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 216.86 KB, 541x310, 541:310, Jwils0Z[1].png)

File: b0b72bf8a55a1b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 425.93 KB, 750x466, 375:233, yDNNNvJ[1].png)


I went ahead and screencapped it for easy reference. Chapter 24.


File: 7b73d3a801e58a5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 1815x1886, 1815:1886, pinup lwed.png)


Here you are, friend.

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