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File: de825089a285422⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1784x1300, 446:325, 02-03.png)

File: 933f56280d42a5c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1770x1300, 177:130, 04-05.png)

File: f91533f66034f2c⋯.png (975.84 KB, 1787x1300, 1787:1300, 23-24.png)

File: 08353d8119f380e⋯.png (163.6 KB, 583x531, 583:531, Screenshot_1.png)


New One Piece thread!


According to Jaiminisbox, which stated that last week's chapter was a double issue, meaning that there'll be nothing for us this week. I appreciate Oda needing his break's to rest and y'know, survive, but damn, it kills me when this is such an interesting arc.

Character polls are in and unlike some series (fucking Bakugou stealing the #1 spot), One Piece fans have their heads on straight.


>ywn enjoy doujins of smoking hot pirate monstergirl impregnation

Such is the curse of Shonen Jump manga: To never have good doujins made.


>How likely is this arc to end with them just getting away from Big Mom, instead of beating her in a fight?

I think Katakuri will be the real boss fight here, the guy somehow already got to the Sunny and has his crazy good foresight abilities and pseudo Gum-Gum attacks.


>Quick question. Are the movies canonical?

The one's Oda wrote could be considered canon but they'll never be referenced in manga.




>In other news, Big Mom was smokin' hot for a few decades and then her body went all funhouse mirror on us.

>Ah yep. Explains how she got laid so often.

>Yeah.. it really does.

Knowing what she's like and what she becomes. Would you fuck Big Mom?

It's a shame she's such a freak now, her twenties and forties look cool. I wonder if she was a simpleton back then too or if she grew out of it and then regressed in her old age.



And I forgot to put the subject in, damn it.


Does Oda really have a say in if he should take a break or not anymore? I would think It would be the company thing doing that since that hospital scare some years ago that kind of set that in motion, as well as that interview that admitted he only sleeps about 3-4 hours a day that kind of instituted that in place.

You don't want your best selling mangaka to die of overwork now so I guess he gets a mandatory break every 3-4 chapters completed. Oda seems like a guy that would work himself to death if there wasn't something in his job putting something in place to prevent overwork or his own wife's concerns for his health, well-being and continued longevity. This will likely be the normal schedule until he finishes the final 1/3rd of the series and he can work on that mecha manga that he's always wanted.

I don't think there will be a fight with Big Mom right now since Luffy says he'll take her down once he takes down Kaido and his words have come true for the most part. I always thought that Big Mom would be kited to Kaido since the crew separated back in Dressrosa. That would give Luffy some leeway to takedown two Emperors in a relatively short amount of time.


You know, some worried cynics theorize that One Piece the treasure will turn out to have been "the journey," with only a handful of gold. I theorize that One Piece is a weapon or ideology which will allow the Pirates and Revolutionaries to take on the WG. What's more, that the story will end not in Raftel, but in Mariejois.



One piece is the truth behind the forgotten century that will destroy the world government and will make the Marine useless.



>treasure will turn out to have been "the journey,"

Oda confirmed years ago in a SBS that the treasure is a physical thing.

The one faggot that keeps parroting this "the journey" meme is fucking stupid and clearly has no clue what the fuck is he saying.



The breaks are mandated, Oda would die if he kept up the work hours he'd chose.

I really can't tell where this fight is going to go, all it's shown is that you can't easily fuck with a Yonkou. Their main forces are basically Doffy tier and then the head is even higher above that. The power scale and sheer numbers is crazy. Without the cloud, Big Mom can't chase them across the ocean, but her children and abilities would still likely allow a seriously extended pursuit. I think we're going to see a fast pacification by Sanji and his cooking skills while Luffy and crew deal with the children present. Luffy vs Katakuri will be fun.

Could Big Mom implant life into water? Could she make a homie (was that the right term or Niggastream being Niggastream?) that exists in sea water? Can homies enter sea water?




Yeah, that guy has been fucking around for a few days now. The treasure is definitely physical, Gold Roger is pretty explicit when he says all his wealth and treasure is left "at that place" (Raftel). Other characters have further assigned importance to that treasure and believe it'll change the world. So it's possible there's a weapon or truth that will change the world once exposed.



>the world

You know what I want when this is all over? A complete globe of the One Piece world.



With how absurd and huge the oceans are it'd be one hell of a globe to witness.


File: 68fa308ab035203⋯.png (337.77 KB, 720x390, 24:13, Pudding a good girl dindu ….png)




It'd certainly be bigger than the average man's head. It'd probably cost an arm and a leg too.



Sanji didn't even give her the dick and he already tamed her. Imagine what she'll be like once he unleashes his pent up, sexual energy inside her all at once.



Turning in his v-card with a villainess? Well, stranger things have happened.



He'll probably die. Or activate his petrification ability and fuck her for days on end. Shame Oda doesn't want romance to be prominent, Sanji will never get laid at this rate.

Even Zoro at least ploughed Perona I'm sure. Speaking of, that's another missed opportunity for doujin artists, Zoro and Mihawk tag teaming Perona to help Zoro master his haki. A Sanji doujin would see him thrusting so hard and fast that he'd start launching into the air like how he does with his air kicks. Seriously, is Shonen Jump taboo or something?



I just want some genuinely warm and goofily romantic Luffy/Nami vanilla, with some Zolo/Tashigi on the side. Is that really so hard to ask for?



But there are tons of X-rated doujins of One Piece out there Sanji/Zoro, Luffy/Zoro, Trafalgar/Luffy, Mihawk/Zoro and the list goes on...

All I've ever wanted is a cute Luffy/Nami dj



>Oda confirmed years ago in a SBS that the treasure is a physical thing.

If this manga were written by anyone other than Oda, then it would definitely end up being "the journey" or some shit about friendship. In fact, that's exactly the sort of shit Mashina would write, considering "the power of friendship" allowed all the characters in Fairy Tail to get asspull power up and pull of shit even when every single bone in their body is broken.





Robin fucked Luffy with a futa cock.



Sure, they're pirates, but they're also a bunch of kids minded by a handful of adults. Luffy and Nami have gotten close ever since Arlong Park. It's only natural that they'd want to try a little of this-and-that. Considering Luffy's unnatural flexibility, they'd probably have lot more kinky fun than other anime couples.



Eh? Why?


Ironically, that might make any extant romance better and more subtly written.


No, that Nami with a seastone on Robin, with King Crimson's help.


File: 3d21fdd56a08958⋯.png (399.65 KB, 922x352, 461:176, ClipboardImage.png)

>Sanji's a furfaggot

Disgusting. Worst character. I'm almost caught up. Soon.



Sanji just loves the attention.




>Eh? Why?

Why not? They were all sharing an island at one point.



I'm glad someone else agrees. Sanji is one of the most annoying characters in the manga, his whole shtick is just about being a gigantic tool for anyone that was born with a vagina.

He should have been bullied by his brothers more. It's the one time I felt Oda completely missed the mark by trying to squeeze out sympathy tears for Sanji. Maybe if he wasn't such a tool I would've cared more.


File: deb4acb079d18e2⋯.jpg (279.3 KB, 905x1280, 181:256, 53732335_p0.jpg)


He has great taste.



Kill yourself.



>whole schtick

What happened to "becoming best cook/chef in the world"? Or his rivalry with Zoro? Or his resourcefulness in a fight that goes the opposite tack from Usopp?


Most One Piece women are quite fuckable. Even Carrot.









>Stop liking what I don't like

This is the most exquisite kind of post. It's quality will never deteriorate, no matter what the situation.


File: cb4d88da8971888⋯.png (729.96 KB, 1280x1409, 1280:1409, 59647627_p0.png)

File: 1c9afc75072f6f9⋯.png (504.55 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 58767739_p0.png)

File: 7bfb466a187a501⋯.png (359.35 KB, 550x734, 275:367, 58930388_p0.png)


Just because you asked nicely I'll post more



The second and third image is lacking in fluff.


I'm a bit confused. Last week on Jaimini they had the final page stating there'd be a hiatus this week, but I haven't found confirmation elsewhere and their status page says that a new chapter is being worked on. Anyone know what the situation is?



Update: Did some more research. SJ is on break this week. No new chapters for any series.



Of all the characters, Sanji has the weakest motivation. It's a wonder he could develop Haki at all when his biggest ambition is

>I want to go to a place with a lot of fish and cook some of them



Cooking is his hobby, worshiping females ad nausea is his character.


Not a furry but I kind of wish Carrot could join the gang.



I think at this stage it's developed into being the best chef he can be so he can support Luffy and the crew in their efforts. It's like how Usopp didn't really have a dream and when he's under pressure he'll talk about helping Luffy accomplish becoming the Pirate King. Luffy's will has them completely under his command.



actually ussop's dream was to go to Elbaf and be a great warrior of the seas


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Hogback Edition.



And ultimately to leave his coward's ways behind.


File: a6f6578e23a8e46⋯.png (428.36 KB, 599x788, 599:788, loving marriage.png)


That pairing makes me dry-heave. It's just fucking wrong. They're too close to "siblings" for me to see anything else.

Now Nami becoming Absolom's bride, that's where the real romance is at.


File: 8485aa1373e9283⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 466x350, 233:175, tyjfdhjgfgb.jpg)

Hey so I'm trying to clear up when I watched one piece as a kid. I know I watched whatever was before the 4kids dub and whatever it was i remember it being decent, and I stopped watching it right before highschool started which was around 2008 which I believe whatever dub I was watching ended. Does anybody know which dub this was and the bigger question what episode that dub ended at? thinking of picking up where I left off, but this time form the manga since I've got nothing to do on the train to work now.



I'd just restart the manga from the beginning. It would only take a few days to catch up to where you were, and you wouldn't have to be stuck with a shitty Toei adaptation in your head.



4kids dub was abysmal. You would not have thought it was okay.

Several years after their license lapsed, Funimation took it over and did the series some justice. Last I checked, they are still going and intent on catching up to the current releases.




And what other pairings have we seen where "siblings" become couples once they get over themselves? Besides, it looks a little more Ash-Misty to me. Also, I haven't reached Boa Hancock yet, so I don't know how well that ship works.



Funi reaches top quality in Water 7, with a good lead-up. It will make you cry, or at least well up. My tipping point was in Chopper's introduction arc. You might not last that long.


To respond to all the shipping talk:

-Oda all but confirmed Robin and Franky are fucking. He said they were the "mom and dad" of the crew. Also, when he showed up nude in front of the ship when his underwear were stolen, she was very quick to use her powers to grab and squeeze onto his balls, and after the timeskip they were the first two Straw Hats to run into eachother, and upon seeing his new appearance she remarked "I see you haven't changed at all."

-Zoro/Perona is possible, but honestly? She's probably fucking Mihawk. I mean, if she was with Zoro, why didn't she go with him? Luffy would most likely have allowed it.

-In a similar note, Luffy will totally end up marrying Boa if he survives the ending. Oda stated she spent the entire timeskip learning how to cook meat to appeal to him more.




Now that's another pairing I can approve of.

What others?



I liked Sanji/Viola. I would have been cool with her joining the crew and using her powers in a position in the crow's nest, she could have been lookout. That's from a totally utilitarian perspective though, they like eachother and were openly a couple.

I would say I feel more strongly in favor of them as a couple now just because I don't like Pudding, at least not yet. She just doesn't appeal to me as a character. Of the two I'd rather he end up with Viola by a longshot. I could see him with Nami as well, but that seems less likely to me just because if she reciprocates she's been hardcore tsundere about it, but that *does* fit her personality.


Holy shit Enel would be so proud at this






What did the harlot do?

Seriously, I prefer 3 Big Mom redemption arcs than any redemption arc involving puddin or the Vismon.


File: 6f0688d048aa1e9⋯.png (248.14 KB, 849x501, 283:167, btfo.png)


It's all over for the pudding crowd

>retarded waifufags were truly so stupid as to believe a consumate actor was suddenly switching sides for no reason instead of merely pretending



>He said they were the "mom and dad" of the crew

That's your standard for "all but confirmed"? Fucking hell. Oda did that with all the crew members. And I'm shocked that you've never heard someone say "you haven't changed at all" in reference to one's personality/mannerisms after not seeing them for a long time. Must be under 18. Shippingfags really do deserve the bullet.


So aproximately how many episodes is the manga ahead of the anime? Started watching a few weeks ago and caught up now but im wondering if I should just put it on hold again and/or maybe read the manga instead later. And I really hope they dont stretch it out so much like the dressrosa arc holy fuck



Gonna laugh my ass off when next chapter Pudding proves that she *is* trying to save Sanji and this chapter's slip was because of her jealousy towards Nami, and she's now into full Yandere mode where she's neither straight up bad, but not healthy either. Then both sides will be BTFOda'd.




Pudding is great. Nobody knows where she stands. Not even her.

Nami is really showing how useful she can be.



Spare yourself the suffering.


File: 7a78ab79ec344ef⋯.png (467.64 KB, 654x557, 654:557, 9857433654.png)


>Spare yourself the suffering.

I already went through over 800 episodes man


File: 9c078130a0c0357⋯.png (52.59 KB, 245x368, 245:368, to shiggy or not to shiggy.png)


Christ almighty, I don't know if I want to slap your shit or hug you and tell you everything's gonna be daijoubu.


why dont people get that pudding is yandere now?



I can withstand a lot of bullshit and im autistic enough that I have to finish every show I start watching. Still had to quit watching the new berserk though



You can probably do both... and to me. I'm about to reach Enies Lobby in the anime, with plans to keep going from there. Watch my progress in the other thread. I can't wait to grind my teeth over whatever CP9 does next.



She's not yandere she's a rotten cunt that faltered for a moment over someone giving a shit about her for the first time ever.

Do not mistake this for her suddenly being redeemable.



>imblying most yanderes are redeemable


Next chapter Pudding is gonna attack seeing Sanji carrying Nami and it will turn into those "I'm suppose to marry him but I don't like him baka" situations.


If you want to watch the anime then I recommend onepace.



He specified them as the only members of the crew in roles that would be fucking. Or are you so autistic you don't see this obvious difference between the roles of mother and father, and brothers and sister?

>I'm shocked that you've never heard someone say "you haven't changed at all" in reference to one's personality/mannerisms after not seeing them for a long time.

And yet, not a single other member of the crew said this to Franky. Also note you ignored the whole "grabbed his balls" thing. Confirmed for avoidant retard.



Oda meant that's how they function as a hypothetical family. Franky and Robin are the oldest crew members besides SOUL KING who was the grandfather in that answer too. They're mother and father because they're more mature, tend to act in advisor roles to Luffy and the crew and are at an age where they'd be parents.

Hell, it was just an SBS answer, he didn't mean anything by it besides who they'd be if they were a family. The ball grabbing wasn't flirtatious, Franky was in pain when she did that too, it was done to subdue him and force him to join the crew because he wouldn't cooperate otherwise. "You haven't changed at all" is something really only Robin would say too, dunno why that's a point you're fighting on, it's really nothing. Franky got fucking massive in two years but had the same attitude as always, so of course Robin just notes his personality is the same and ignores the physical change he's performed. It's like how she often thinks of bizarre things as cute and imagines odd images and suggests morbid things - Robin never thinks along the same lines as the crew. Before anything else though, Oda doesn't want to fuss about romance, so even if you want to ship things it's all assumptions because Oda isn't bothered to write that stuff anyway. Maybe someday he'll do an SBS where he pairs off the crew, but it's unlikely.


File: 4dad5d236bd6a6c⋯.png (1.36 MB, 950x1300, 19:26, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6bd707414941900⋯.png (26.69 KB, 102x107, 102:107, ClipboardImage.png)


Fucking mangastream.



Maybe she has double personality?



She's going full yandere at seeing Nami being carried by Sanji



File: deb9b68f06431b7⋯.jpg (42.52 KB, 360x949, 360:949, 0fd.jpg)

Which version of the mango is best to read? The original black and white or the colored version?


The prediction that sanji is gonna make food to calm big mom down is correct



That was become increasingly obvious after the cake rampage started, and I'm glad it's really happening.

So what happens after she eats the cake and falls in love with Sanji's cooking? Demand him to stay at her kingdom? "I'll let you strawhats go for now."?



They'll probably get away as big mom is stuffing herself.



Pudding will be getting a new stepdad


So, Pudding is now the most ultra-Tsundere I've ever seen, and her evil face moments are just her inability to properly express that she's now head over heels in love with Sanji.

Zeus has for now returned to Big Mom.

Brook has impressed Katakuri with his ability to take down their soldiers, and they'll have to break any mirrors on the ship and deal with two of her strongest children to secure it as a means of escape.


File: b2e1f4f1c5cc4c3⋯.png (41.42 KB, 410x320, 41:32, Screenshot_1.png)


Pudding's tsundere is so intense she can't control it. Will she join the crew though, that's the real question.

I love this image of Brook too, he's been MVP this whole arc.

The new cake solution is great, having this arc end without Luffy pummelling Big Mom is a nice change of pace. The chapters where everything was going wrong during the assassination attempt were so tense and full of surprises, Oda has really outdone himself here. This arc is shaping up to be one of my favourites.


File: 40365b867a72b5d⋯.png (157.13 KB, 747x403, 747:403, ClipboardImage.png)



Mein Gott, Oda has gone and redefined what it means to be tsuntsun



She's one of those weird tsun yan mix you see sometimes. I don't like it and I want this arc to end soon, it's been nice but it's starting to drag a little.



This is what happens when an insane supervillainess falls for someone. Look at that blush, look at that sweat. That's not acting.



She doesn't know how to act normally after a lifetime of wearing a mask.



Just like us.


File: e9759e197a10eab⋯.png (126.8 KB, 302x449, 302:449, Encountering Society.png)


Wow. I didn't expect something like that to hit me so hard.

Goodnight, anons.


Anyone know where I can get my hands on some official viz scans?



I'd preffer Big Mom redeeming herself and becoming a new crew member that have anything to do with Puddin helping the stray hats.

That's how much I dislike Puddin.


File: 53fb96df0ee5cfe⋯.gif (1011.49 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 1370718766005.gif)


I think I'm going to go lie down for a while.


File: c75a355f709baf5⋯.jpg (79.48 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1384843963669.jpg)


That hurt me anon.


File: dde0519cf80a10f⋯.png (24.12 KB, 351x250, 351:250, 1376821020568.png)



File: 73a20904aa72465⋯.png (156.87 KB, 790x1150, 79:115, Happou Navy returning home.png)

>Happou Navy

That's the family with Sai and old man Don right? Can't wait to see the Baby 5 shenanigans. Just hope her "desperate to be used" attitude stays directed at her new husband.


Vis-a-vis what happened in the MHA thread, anyone wanna try and kayfabe all of One Piece (or at least the first couple Sagas)? I don't know the terminology nearly well enough, sorry to say.



You can see tiny love hearts there. He's gonna be making great use of her.

As a weapons platform.


We can only hope.



On reflection, if that's her "true" face and if she ever hooks up with Sanji, then their relationship is going to be hilariously loud and dramatic. Hope Sanji likes imperious women.


File: 3084b96cfe750fd⋯.png (85.93 KB, 527x302, 527:302, PuddingFuck.png)


>lololol stupid Puddingfags never stood a chance!

>I hope she dies along with all Puddingfags!

Whose laughin' now 'ey?!

Seriously though, wtf is Oda doing with her? I'm guessing we can write off her "evilness" as just a split personality shit now?


File: dbca61e9fd85e45⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 346x386, 173:193, dbca61e9fd85e45e45567d1f99….jpg)



>psychotic tsundere


File: 31129172f527137⋯.png (81.84 KB, 327x316, 327:316, sanji says love this.png)



>anti-puddingfags still can't handle the three eyed devilish angel cake girl of this arc


File: 2efa985b6fdfa23⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 718x628, 359:314, british puddingfag chuckle….jpg)




You were saying?


File: 129484efb8765b4⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 300x293, 300:293, 13413242134121.jpg)


>mfw the anime could actually make decent filler out of these cover page arcs

>instead they wasted on dragging out chapters and pages for longer than they need to be

>we will never get animated Baby 5 bonus filler


File: 7c025bc993ad0b7⋯.png (673.33 KB, 796x1150, 398:575, chopper and brook hanging ….png)

This is from last week, but I appreciated this page.



Don't be paranoid my dude, I'm not anti-Pudding, I don't have anything against her, I just don't like tsunderes that are also yanderes in general. I don't like tsundere or yandere behavior normally, when someone combines both of them it's even worse.

Puddinfags sure like to jump at fucking everyone to justify liking a character. Just be happy and enjoy Pudding, who gives a shit what someone obsessive with hating a character thinks?



Looks like she's shaping up to only be psycho-sweet to Sanji while just being a bitch to everyone else. I wanna see her crying while trying to do her evil face.


File: 8a307bacd2757ff⋯.jpg (18.65 KB, 314x338, 157:169, 1460150233688.jpg)

>heart eyes with all 3 eyes




From Arlong Park:

>I swear, the Wano arc can't get here soon enough.

>Later during Wano arc: "Elbaf can't get here soon enough."

>Elbaf: "Raftel can't get here soon enough"

>Raftel: "The final war can't get here soon enough"

>Final war: "Whole Cake was the last decent arc"



>Seriously though, wtf is Oda doing with her?

Don't you monkeys get it? Oda has made the most realistic depiction of an irl woman in recent shonen history. Psychotic moodswings, bipolar disorder, unpredictable behavior, high standards, difficulty rationalizing situations, uses threats to get her way, was abused by other equally unpredictable women around her, she wants to both kill you and fuck you at the same time, etc etc. She's pretty damn realistic, only difference is she'll apologize for her bullshit in between moodswings and she's actually attractive, so that still makes her a million times better than 3D trash.



Bro shit like that between skull grandpa and littlest deer brother really warms the cockles of my heart. Also what merman could they have been talking about? Some random Tottoland denizen or a sun pirate? Could they be showing up again soon?


File: b65f29d82536b85⋯.png (202.65 KB, 798x414, 133:69, Pudding.png)


File: 46651c253722cf0⋯.png (281.61 KB, 507x409, 507:409, I wuv this woman.png)


This is stupid. Why did neither Katakuri or Perospero deal with Brook/Chopper? Or even just sink the Sunny? Obviously I don't want that, but then just have Brulee not be able to use mirrors she's not aware of. It's not like she can teleport to EVERY mirror in the world, so it wouldn't be far-fetched. Instead what we got IS far-fetched.

I'm not even anti-pudding or pro-pudding, but why is she just ridiculous all of a sudden? She went from being a cold and calculated bitch to being this weird MPD schizo tsundere/yandere with uncontrollable bipolar disorder. I feel like it's just exaggerated so the readers can't take her seriously and therefore not be able to take her past bitchiness seriously either.



Wait. They don't make filler arcs from the cover stories? That's fucking terrible.




This was the best path for Pudding and Sanji. It reminds me of Boa and Luffy, both girls don't really know how to handle these emotions after being villains/detached for so long. It's both cute and hilarious. Especially with how extreme it is here. It's a testament to the power of dick.




I thought the mermaid-merman mistake was Chopper mistaking that fish with the tiger head in the same panel. We've had some great character combinations this arc.


Fuck the other websites. This arc has been excellent and I can only hope Oda maintains this quality throughout the rest of the series.


>Why didn't Perospero or Katakuri deal with them

Probably to spare themselves the effort/gauge their enemy's strength. Brook is pretty quick, Kung Fu Chopper is too, could be they were able to dodge their attacks and counter so they decided to overwhelm them with numbers instead. Or maybe Katakuri is too scared to act because his future sight is busted to hell now.

>Sink the Sunny

>Incur the wrath of the entire Strawhat crew

Even with future sight failing him, I'm sure Katakuri can see that that's a bad idea. But really, I think Katakuri might be preparing to betray the family or cut a deal in some way. Him and his brother both tried convincing Brook and Chopper to surrender instead of attacking them. It seems like something more is going on with the two.

>I'm not even anti-pudding or pro-pudding, but why is she just ridiculous all of a sudden? She went from being a cold and calculated bitch to being this weird MPD schizo tsundere/yandere with uncontrollable bipolar disorder. I feel like it's just exaggerated so the readers can't take her seriously and therefore not be able to take her past bitchiness seriously either.

You got it in one. Over exaggeration of her personality will make if easier to accept her past behaviour and forgive her. Plus it's funny.



>Wait. They don't make filler arcs from the cover stories? That's fucking terrible.

They haven't done one since the Buggy and Helmeppo/Coby ones.



Arlong Park are a bunch of snobby faggots anyway. It only got worse when all the Narutofags moved in after that bastard author put the Straw Hats jolly roger in the final page of his manga.



God damn, that's retarded. There's so much material they could utilise to stave off catching up to the actual story. What a joke.



>snobby faggots

Worse than us?


Huh. Was it really such a substantial wave of them?



The end of Naruto seemed to mean the end of major activity to Naruto fansites. And the kind of people who are Narutofags are kind of people who have need to be part of the biggest fansite they can find.



I wouldn't say we're particularly snobby. There's anons that'll tell you to read the manga (myself included) but that's fair considering the manga is better in almost every instance and our userbase is small and so we can't really afford to split up discussions into multiple threads.


You'd think Boruto would have drawn them back in.



I forgot Boruto was a real thing.



Boruto couldn't draw in a speck of fucking dust into it's yawning mouth, it's just so spectacularly BORING.

I gave it a read out of pure curiosity, expecting an amusing trainwreck like Bleach, and between the extremely plain art, uninteresting characters and cheap fanfic plot I just dropped it out of boredom.



>You'd think Boruto would have drawn them back in.

Boruto, despite riding the final wave of Naruto's finale, has not been received well. The characters are largely unlikable, the release schedule is roughly monthly, and sometimes seems like it's not even that. The anime premiered with nothing but filler. From what I understand, the movie they released covered most of the plot the manga has taken years to tell.

It's pretty much the worst possible way they could handle a series that was already losing popularity and fans for years before it even ended.



They didn't even adapt the Hatchan and Keimi ones despite how important they were to the story.



>Huh. Was it really such a substantial wave of them?

Yes. It doesn't help that (as many anons have said) that Boruto was so fucking shit that many refused to go back. A large chunk of Naruto's female and faggot fanbase were also yaoifags who thought retarded shit like NaruSasu would be canon, so they moved on to OP thinking ZoroSanji will be a thing and that Oda doesn't mean to make Sanji a 'sexist' or the okama seem offensive.


Well now we know which of the animal buddies are joining the crew


Wow Chapter 877 was so fucking good.


Didn't know the strawhats were jihadist.


Pop on the Nasheed, we the al-qaeda now.



We're in full-blown clusterfuck territory now.




File: a577708934c93a9⋯.jpg (131.57 KB, 916x868, 229:217, 01b.jpg)

>mfw I behold this stellar fanart



Luf, Luff and Luffy


>Luffy is going to fight someone with similar powers but better


>Chapter ends with fake drama about a side character that might or might not have died


I've been waiting for another rubber man to show up, I knew it would come eventually, I figured it was going to be someone who ate an artificial devil fruit that copied Luffy's, but this is better.


I wonder if the explosion really did perospero in or if the web the sunny was caught in was just hit by it / shockwave. Also did mama get caught in the explosion ? I thought i saw her just left of it.


File: fd15d4e3e93fdac⋯.jpg (419.49 KB, 1800x1370, 180:137, 01b.jpg)

Niggerstream just hit a new low







File: 26b665fff57be72⋯.png (98.19 KB, 323x499, 323:499, DORKS.png)


File: 761f697422d4459⋯.png (76.4 KB, 537x420, 179:140, 1453600402119.png)


Katakuri went from being a Logia to a "special paramecia" in the new volume release despite that he can dissolve and create more of his own substance like a logia. Feels like the only reason they're not calling him one now is because "logias have to be a natural element shit". If anything this just means "logia" was the wrong name to give DFs that turn you into a substance/element you can produce in vast amounts. If Katakuri didn't get blown to pieces though I could easily see him as being more like Luffy in terms of DF.


What the hell Niggerstream?



I guess Carrot now "lost a loved one", which was pretty much something she was lacking for nakama induction bs. Question is if Pedro is really dead or not. Last thing we need is more fake drama. >>726708



Assuming Pedro didn't just pull a Pell with his rapefugee ackbar stunt, I guess Perospero may have legit died or have been knocked out. Question is, if he dies or gets knocked out, does all the candy he made end up disappearing or do his most recent creations just dissolve due to not being subconsciously maintained by his powers? I mean, we know that certain DF powers that alter someone wear off when KO'd, like Sugar's toy toy fruit (Moria's is debatable since his magic being undone was probably more due to him extracting all the shadows on the island for himself before being ko'd), however, Strausand's DF powers remained active even when he was ko'd, with Whole Cake Island remaining made of food as was possible through his powers. Would be nice if only recent candy creations like Brook and Chopper would return to normal while the older ones remained for the sake of preserving Tottoland's unique style since many of its areas use so much candy.


File: 5ef87a645a7e64b⋯.png (81.24 KB, 327x316, 327:316, sanji says fuck this.png)


>they're actually defending it


File: 608b182b25cff31⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 236x295, 4:5, bigmom.jpg)

Anyone wondering if Big Mom got hit by the explosion, bottom right corner above the thousand sunny you'll see big mom giving her best Charlie Brown impression.


File: 21e55ef7615c7d1⋯.png (162.91 KB, 805x1150, 7:10, already engaged.png)


No problem with the future patriarch of this family marrying twice I guess.



It looks like shes in the water



>nakama introduction bs

One Piece ain't One Piece without bawling over some silly character's backstory.



At least she probably wont get a 10 to 20 chapter flashback. Probably just some brief shit with Pedro training her as a kid if we're lucky.



In ~100 chapters, we'll flashback to Pedro allahu ackbaring in the middle of some intense scenes for 9 chapters.



why is this allowed here?



Because whether we admit it or not, most of us read it in one manga or another.



This question has been asked repeatedly and answered several times, you`re either new or some shitter who simply doesn't care and just likes to start up trouble, but I'll answer anyways.

For starters, dismissing shounenshit as always being bad is fucking retarded.This applies to basically every genre, I've seen posts similar to yours against about everything, moeshit, mecha, isekai, SOL, specific studios and directors, etc. It's fine to not like something but don't be retarded about it, "I don't like it" does not equal "all of it is bad."

Second, you have to realize One piece has been around for a while. A lot of people still reading it now started as teenagers and are close to their 30s, and possibly over that, and like it or not, during all the time it's been around, it's been good more often than it's been bad, and has retained a lot of old readers. Some people who read it and post in this thread are people who were posting about it in old anime BBS and IRC way back in the day (at least I know I was).

This is allowed here because it's mango, and this is an anime and mango board that still values a lot of things from early imageboards, like writing things properly, being polite when you post, laughing at new people, stuff like that, and as far as I'm concerned One Piece doesn't interfere with any of that, doesn't break any board rules, and in fact has very civil and good quality threads.

Lurk more.


File: 92103463094a61d⋯.jpg (44.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, f438d00f004609fc85dfb733a7….jpg)

>mfw niggerstream losing its shit over allahu ackbar jokes in OP comments section

>literally screaming 'racist' every chance they get


Its like a quick and easy salt mine.



I hope Pedro doesn't turn into another fucking Pell.



Same. Pell surviving really bugged me. I know Oda likes his happy endings, but he shouldn't pull his punches and fake us out like that all the time.



A good answer, but some cuckchan refugee doesn't deserve a rational response.


W-Where...? 😵



Off this week, presumably.




I knew it. I should've made the post for you guys like I always do.




The schedule is 3 on, 1 off, right?



Yeah spot on, the breaks Jump takes for mid-year holidays causes Odas breaks to go off the regular pattern that starts from the new year. It was the first three weeks of the month for a while at least.



ah this fool



3 weeks seems to be an almost perfect amount of time for people to get used to having a new chapter every week and forget the breaks, only to be reminded of the schedule when there's no chapter. What's that saying? "It takes 3 weeks to break/form a habit" or something like that?


I look away for a few days and both this and the catchup thread almost get thrown off the board. Are we enduring newfags?



/a/ doesn't have a ton of pages and has a 250 post bump limit. Also there was no new chapter last week.


File: 60ca07e6734bd62⋯.png (445.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Carrot_Marine_Outfit.png)

File: 3dd0431bd2f9864⋯.png (340.06 KB, 375x680, 75:136, Carrot_Orange_Dress.png)

File: a31b263797dbb12⋯.png (398.85 KB, 331x889, 331:889, Carrot_Anime_Infobox.png)

File: 736bf6e376648ad⋯.png (2.25 MB, 696x2164, 174:541, Carrot_Casual_Outfit.png)

File: ff21e85a0a576bd⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1080x2757, 360:919, Carrot_Second_Totland_Outf….png)


I want to see more Carrot.




Yeah, the break weeks always see the thread really drop right off. Especially considering there's not much for us to discuss with this type of arc, no grand conspiracy or foreshadowing of greater events. Just chaos.


Pic 3 is my favourite Carrot.


So how the fuck can Luffy throw fire punches regularly now? I thought the first time was some bullshit "Ace spirit is within him" tripe, but that clearly was not the case this time



He just throws his punch so fast it catches fire, he can do that with the aid of his manly spirit.


File: 9737d94ff717f0d⋯.png (139.42 KB, 489x282, 163:94, nakamafags must embrace be….png)

File: 8bd3deabbac7294⋯.png (503.83 KB, 850x859, 850:859, T5lpTMP.png)


Oh, we'll definitely be seeing much more of her says the delusional nakamafags



Wasn't he just using gear second to heat up his haki-hardened arm which then heat up due to friction or something and that Ace's spirit being there was because Luffy created the technique in his honor? I'm pretty damn sure that was the fucking case.



Yeah, that's the rule with doing anything for someone. If you do something once it's a favor, twice as well.

If you do it three times from then on it becomes expected of you. Like, if someone asks you for a ride to work three times, if you say you can't help them the third time that ends the loop with no problem, but if you say yes the third time and no the fourth they'll naturally be upset because you've created a pattern.



>fire from friction

>while underwater

fucking what




When you stretch and release a rubber band really fast, it actually heats up quite a bit. Luffy already starts steaming in Gear Second from his body rapidly pumping blood with his rubber circulatory system. I'm guessing the Red Hawk is just such a powerful/fast attack that it ignites the air.


File: c50b8a899325cb2⋯.png (614.98 KB, 1567x1150, 1567:1150, physics.png)


>Luffy punches so hard he ignites water


File: 6b8116d98602b4a⋯.png (56.8 KB, 600x489, 200:163, ClipboardImage.png)


To be fair, it looks like it's just steaming underwater, at first, but it does seem to end with an explosion and flames coming out of Hordy's back... Not sure how that didn't kill him.. But the whole thing seems to be a combination of haki, bullshit high tier devil fruit use, and rule of cool






Look into pistol shrimps and what they can do with their claws.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Huh. Well, I wanted to tell you guys that I've reached Enies Lobby. That's a unique location if I've ever seen one, the music and atmosphere of the reveal were surprisingly dramatic for the show. Then again excepting filler, we haven't seen a major World Government base before this point. Are Marineford and Impel Down similarly exciting?



Are Marineford and Impel Down similarly exciting? Marineford is.


Latest chapter is up on Jaimini. Luffy is going to beat the shit out of everyone.



Impel Down might be my favourite arc. It's non-stop action. Dunno about the anime though.



I like the revelation that Katakuri can see shit coming but he can't always do something about it. Makes his relaxed attitude less unnerving and more rational.


Even if Luffy beats Katakuri 1v1, how the fuck is he getting back? Linlin is gonna be waiting for him right outside and there's not a thing he can do to force Brulee to play ball for him anymore at this point.

We might end up going to Wano without Luffy



The plan is to come back with the wedding cake, remember? I think it just means we might be another 20 chapters out from finishing this arc


>people calling him katakuri even on niggastream comment sections

hahah the dogtooth shit is so done



I think Luffy is just going to rampage for the next few chapters while the crew handle the cake mission. Maybe he'll use Brulee to burst back out onto Whole Cake Island and start fucking everyone's shit up to make a distraction.


Yeah, it's pretty good that he doesn't have absolute future sight, he just sees potential outcomes but I reckon it's only for the people he can see around him. The whole attack from Bege and Luffy wasn't seen properly because he had no way of knowing Luffy was going to come into play.


What I wanna know is if we're actually gonna have Luffy vs Big Mom or if he'll just beat the piss out of this copycat (even has a damn scar on the opposite side of his face) and then find a way out.


Niggastream BTFO.


File: 76ab30868b9aa3a⋯.png (107.49 KB, 406x249, 406:249, newkakakama.png)

File: 9832fe935d6c142⋯.jpg (29.11 KB, 461x469, 461:469, missed-my-cigarette-sanji.jpg)

Newkama confirmed goys.



I'm still a bit miffed that they never explained why Ennies Lobby is a "day island". Makes you wonder about the source of that 24/7 sunlight. Its clearly not coming from the gaping hole below them and there's no sun in the sky that I could remember. Would be interesting if it turned out that the island was being kept lit by Caramel's sun homie pandora, assuming homies can survive without their creators, but that's not usually the case.


We can't say for sure that Wano might come straight after this. We might get a short in-between arc like what we had with Zou where they can rest and make plans for entering Wano.



>Luffy vs Big Mom

Fuck no. That's just ridiculous at this stage. Only way they might do it is if Big Mom was severely weakened by an outside force. This bitch is one of the most powerful beings in the OP world and even fucked up an entire village of giants at age 5 while proceeding to become a tyrant not soon after. Luffy will not likely be fighting any Yonko head on, unless its alongside others or something happens that severely weakens them. OP stands out among shonen for knowing where the protag has reaches his limits and finds other ways to survive. Like losing to Kuma only to come out stronger 2 years later, or escaping Magellan without physically defeating him but instead breaking his ego, and losing at Marineford but gaining an impressive reputation in the process. Oda knows how to handle his fights, and Luffy facing off against Katakuri was the best option we could've gotten. Only Yonko Luffy will likely fight on his own will be Blackbeard most likely due to being responsible for Ace's death and whatnot.


File: 4acb701c392a222⋯.gif (469.61 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Whatcha gonna do Yusuke.gif)



>Niggastream BTFO.

If only more were here to appreciate it. Usually there's over 20 new posts when a new chapter comes out. Must be due to some expecting a release on thursday.



>he just sees potential outcomes but I reckon it's only for the people he can see around him.

I think he does have proper predictive powers, but he's not omnipotent or omnipresent. Meaning he can know that something is coming and react appropriately, but he doesn't always have the ability to do something about it. He's perpetually mellow because he fully understands that some things are absolutely out of his control and are not worth getting worked up over.

His reaction to being Haki-grabbed and thrown into the mirror world wasn't "Oh no! Stop that!" it was "yeah, this makes sense."



I think it's more like he can see a faint outline of possibilities and then just works it out in his head through sheer deductive ability. So instead of some futuresight bullshit he's basically a keikaku master.



Seems like this is the more likely mechanics of his ability.



No shit, OP merchandise of cute characters sells like crack.



Well the world of One Piece is pretty fucked up, wouldn't be surprised if its a result of ancient terraforming with an old solar mirror shining constantly there...

could also explain the aqua laguna storm surges...



>could also explain the aqua laguna storm surges...

Say what you will about all the other islands, but Enies Lobby for me was easily the weirdest and also the most frightening to me. The whole thing was so fucking unnerving with an almost alien-quality. Its been like 8 or 9 years I think since I first read that arc and it still weirds me out more than any other location. It's surrounded by constant storms, the island is suspended over a massive gaping empty void-like sinkhole in the ocean that sucks up everything, the whole island is suspended by a tiny strip of land which also serves as a bridge, the whole thing still remained in tact despite a buster call with only its buildings being destroyed, the whole island is a marine base yet it has a very interesting and unique architecture that while simple in design stands out among other marine bases seen so far as if whole thing was once a town or kingdom, and the oddest thing of all, for some strange and unexplained reason the whole island is in a state of eternal daytime with no source of light in sight and only simply little clouds in the sky that all look alike. The gates of Justice are also pretty damn weird, but I just assume that giants were the ones who made those things for the marines.

Although to be frank, I'm kind of glad they never explained it since I enjoy islands that don't have some DF powers or artificial reason behind their weirdness, like Little Garden, the Florian Triangle and the Island of Strange Animals.



Don't forget all the dead ocean spots where water doesn't move and the wind is still. If you had a shit navigator you'd be totally fucked when you inevitably stumble across it.


File: 71d2ec493217910⋯.jpg (289.29 KB, 1278x1007, 1278:1007, seakings.jpg)


This moment was a treasure. This is how you knew to expect anything and everything.



the one right above the frog always makes me chuckle




Keep in mind, that strip of ocean is hundreds of miles wide on both side of the New World and Grand Line and those Sea Kings are the most docile, peaceful, and most of all small kind of Sea King.



Looks like Jinbei.


File: 8d50555d127dd4f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 299.1 KB, 781x1150, 781:1150, One Piece chapter 878 end.png)

This page exemplifies what I love about Luffy as a protagonist.

Take notes, Mayweather and McGregor. This is what real hype looks like.






No, it's more than potential future outcomes, have you already forgotten how his power was introduced?

He knew step by step what the guy at the gate was going to say and do, and who would die in the resulting fight. What's more, he also knew exactly what Bege would say afterwards in reaction.

I think the limit is how far ahead he can see, probably only a few minutes at most since the weakness that keeps coming up is him not knowing how to react to things. When he can't think of a reaction to something he completely freezes.


File: 88f4e3a5beb35fd⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SKFI.png)

Is Shirahoshi the strongest character in One Piece?



Gotta be honest, if this arc is supposed to be Carrot's flashback arc happening in real time, it sucks as a flashback. "Oh no, some guy I kinda knew from my island died in front of me." We've barely seen anything to suggest they were that close, just one freaking panel of him saying she's no good with swords. Big whoop. Everyone else's tragic past has been a thousand times more dramatic.

Luffy: Never met his father, forced to live with bandits and fight wild animals as a child, only real family is two adopted brothers, believes one dies as a child, other is murdered in his arms later.

Nami: Her whole island is enslaved, forced to work for the guy who did it for years, adoptive mother murdered by him for refusing to deny she's her daughter.

Robin: Entire island including her mother destroyed by the world government, escapes on a boat as she watches another friend freeze to deah on the exploding island, forced to work for criminals her whole life.

Sanji: Abused and disowned by his real family who kept him in a cage in an iron mask for being weak. Adopted by a chef pirate who eats his own leg to help Sanji survive. Lives with the guilt of taking his fighting style, cooking techniques and dream.

Usopp: Never met his father, watched his sick mother slowly die, hated by everyone in town for constantly lying, only friends are half his age, has a big nose.

Chopper: Rejected by his deer family for being different, also rejected by humanity for being a monster, adopted by crazy doctor, tries to cure his illness by getting him medicine for it before learning how to read, accidentally ends up poisoning him instead. Learned to be a good doctor largely out of guilt for poisoning the closest thing he had to a father.

Franky: Framed for a crime he didn't commit, watches his mentor and father figure murdered for it, run over by a train, forced to rebuild his entire body from scrap.

Brook: Laboon, watching his entire pirate crew slowly die in front of him, coming back and being stuck as a corpse alone on his ship with his friend's remains for decades.

Zoro: repeatedly defeated by a stronger swordswoman, embarrassed by her being a girl, trains hard to eventually defeat her, discovers he can't challenge her again because she's dying of a rare illness so his goal of surpassing her can never be fulfilled. Probably more shit'll be added in Wano.

"What about Jinbe?" Death of the queen of the Fishmen, death of the captain of the Sun Pirates, decades of racial segregation both ways, watching Arlong become the Fishman version of BLM, witnessing the death of his island's protector "good ol' Whitebeard."

If this is really her defining moment then it's Law's backstory all over again where despite his shitty power Corazon ends up way more interesting.



Now that you mention it, Zoro's backstory is lackluster compared to even minor characters like Senor Pink. Hopefully he gets the full Goda treatment in Wano.



> discovers he can't challenge her again because she's dying of a rare illness

No, she just falls down the stairs and dies.



She's one of the ancient weapons, which were all believed to be objects and ships, so she might be the most powerful being alive at the moment.



>I think the limit is how far ahead he can see, probably only a few minutes at most since the weakness that keeps coming up is him not knowing how to react to things. When he can't think of a reaction to something he completely freezes.

Most likely this. They did say he could only see a little bit into the future. But even with its limited view, it's still better than Madame Sharley's foresight abilities, which are completely random visions of an unspecified point in the future that, while accurate, are easy to misinterpret and can lead to everyone getting saved or severely fucked.


And also take note that its usually 3 or 4 of those same set of sea kings who show up the most and even reappeared in Fishman Island and upon Shirahoshi's call to save Noah. Zebra Sea King, Bird Sea King and Frogger seem to be pretty damn important. Centipede sea kings seem to be a dime a dozen though.



Luffy's backstory wasn't remotely tragic until after Marineford. Before that he just watched Shanks lose an arm which was his backstory for almost a decade before Marineford came along. Usopp's mother dying was pretty sad, but his life was hardly tragic, and despite his neighbors hating him for the lies, they did apparently appreciate his ability to liven up the town, and the only time he was actually hated was when Kuro tried to convince everyone he hurt Kaya. Sanji's story before Totto Land was basically starvation and watching Zeff eat his leg, which was emotionally moving but not as tragic as the other back stories until over a decade later when we finally meet the rest of his family in the New World. Zoro's is the least impressive and the least tragic of all, but Wano will likely expand on that. So yeah, Carrot's backstory is shit now, but we'll probably see more about her life in the future. Also recall that we never saw or knew dick about Robin when she joined the crew until years later in Water 7 long after she initially joined.



>If this is really her defining moment then it's Law's backstory all over again where despite his shitty power Corazon ends up way more interesting.

The fapfest over that flashback was ridiculous. One of the most forced and shitty ones easily but saved by Corazon's interesting backstory and character also, fucking hell, is his DF easily the worst one or what?



Corazon's DF is amazing with the right prep-time, which he went to show. Combat wise, not at all. Excellent spy set though.

I don't mind if Zoro's backstory isn't as tragic or if he's not that important in the setting. I'd rather he be strong because he's determined to be and has the motivators of his dead friend and defeat by Mihawk than have it revealed he's got some special family bloodline.



His ability has great utility








All this reminds me, what do you want to bet that the Florian Triangle Thing is another Chekhov's gun waiting to be fired? What's more, that Shirahoshi will help fire it?


>the worsening Aqua Laguna

Could explain why the One Piece world's geography is so weird. I'm betting they'll find some kind of cave or ruin which acts as a wonky tide regulator.


File: 7c24d18042ffb23⋯.jpg (276.05 KB, 718x679, 718:679, 9043157286_34cd715c85_b.jpg)


>Could explain why the One Piece world's geography is so weird. I'm betting they'll find some kind of cave or ruin which acts as a wonky tide regulator.

That just kinda ruins the uniqueness of the setting's nature. There doesn't always have to be some kind of scifi or DF shit behind everything, otherwise you'll eventually end up getting the overused "It was Earth all along" trope which takes away from the unique alien aspect of the setting. But I am willing to suspect that maybe prior to the Void Century, OP's world had continents which might have been blown to bits by the three ancient weapons, leaving behind only the scattered islands we see now. But if there has to be a reason behind the wonky geography, I hope its at least because of the three ancient weapons. Would be amusing to find out that Uranus was actually an ancient weather Homie created by a previous user of the Soul Soul fruit who wonked up the world with its powers.

As for the Florian Triangle things, probably just a reference to the umibozus of japanese lore. But if they are more than that, maybe they're a unique breed of sea kings or an unknown race which might play a tremendous role in the future, especially since they're quite possibly the largest beings in the world. Or heck, maybe it is one of the three ancient weapons.



>end up getting the overused "It was Earth all along" trope

I vaguely recall someone once saying that the planet One Piece is set on is several times larger than Earth.



To add to this, something tells me that's not all of the backstory we'll see, seeing as shit is going the fuck down right now.

It's not like Oda's one to shy away from just pausing the action, to show the backstory, but I don't think he'd skip to the snackbarring of Pedro, and then dedicate the rest of the chapter, and however many subsequent ones, to carrot's backstory.

Oda's not perfect, but I think his track record is good enough to not worry.



>previous user

That's it, now I want to see the Devil Tree (Yggdrasil?) what bears all these Fruit. I bet it's sapient and has a nasty sense of humor. It would also explain why the hell folks know the names of these fruit before eating them.

>tremendous role

Well we're definitely heading for Elbaf, so if this thing's gonna show up anywhere, it'd be around a land of giants. What do you suppose they would do?


File: df5b0845e779840⋯.png (53.66 KB, 191x264, 191:264, devil fruit book.png)


That's actually very interesting. The entire setting is very unique which really expands on what we can expect. Heck, its perfect for all manner of media, like RPGs, tabletops and the like.


Its for the best. People want to see Luffy's next big fight against this badass looking mofo. Skipping that for a long flashback would cause a lot of difficulties. So saving a proper flashback for later or a future arc would be for the best. Also, maybe we could think of Carrot not as an individual, but as a representative of the entirety of the Mink Tribe who already in an alliance with Luffy and the race as a whole seems to be in a tragic position of sorts.


DFs don't come from anywhere. When a user dies, the curse moves onto the closest fruit in the area. For all we know, the curses could have originated from anything before choosing to settle inside fruits. Oda has implied that the reason people know the names of the fruits is because Vegapunk may have published the info and there's supposedly a book on them which Sanji had. For all we know, DFs may have been the powers of an actual "sea devil" which could be anything really, maybe even the king of the destroyed kingdom in the Void Century. Maybe the fruits were originally the powers of the D. clan which some suspect stands for devil, as in Sea Devil which has been mentioned before several times. Who can say? But no doubt (at least for me) that the Void Century's kingdom (which was defeated by the ancestors of the founders of the World Government) might've been the place of origin of Devil Fruit powers. Maybe the tenryubito's ancestors did something to cause the D.'s to lose their powers? Maybe they're not devilish at all and the tenryubito just called them that to demonize them. Maybe DFs are something completely unexpected, or maybe even the spirits of deceased figures from the Void Century, but now I'm just sounding like a youtube theory fag, so I'll stop.

>What do you suppose they would do?

Maybe they'll be "summoned" somehow like how Shirahoshi summoned the Sea Kings, who for some reason thought Luffy was tied to a prophecy. Maybe these mysterious Florian beings are waiting for someone like Luffy (or Momonosuke) to guide them, much like Zunisha the elephant. Heck, maybe those florian beings are condemned like Zunisha for whatever reason.



>Maybe they're not devilish at all and the tenryubito just called them that to demonize them

Actually, I kind of hope that they were devilish, or at least that they were these crazy strong "devils" whom everyone feared. It would totally explain the existence of the world government, since it's a common trope in shonen for the all the nations to unite against one common evil. So the tenryuubito could be the descendants of the "good guys" who allied with eachother to take down the D clan. Except that as the time passed, and there was no common evil anymore, the One-World Government with it's extreme 0.0001% of completely aloof elite got really corrupt, as would be natural. I imagine that the world government is much more cruel now than the D clan ever was. I assume the D clan weren't globalist villains like the WG, but rather just threateningly strong and unaccounted for. Otherwise I can't explain how the tenryuubito have such a strong clout of influence in the world. It can't be just wealth, and they themselves are just pathetically weak.


The Tenryubito thing really deserves more attention. Why hasn't a Bege sort just gone on a Heavenly Dragon hunt rampage and slaughtered them for fun and chaos? The admirals are scary but we have seen they are far from invincible.

Why hasn't Dragon made a move against them? Why isn't anyone?



>Why hasn't a Bege sort just gone on a Heavenly Dragon hunt rampage and slaughtered them for fun and chaos?

He needs more funds for that. A big part of his successful history has been how he'd use the ensuing chaos to ransack territories and expand his own influences. He'd probably end up headhunting them if he was able to secure enough strength underneath him. But, he's also pretty level headed, so it's unlikely he'd go for the Tenryuubito when he knows what forces he'd be facing down. His Big Mom assassination was risky as all hell, but he'd accounted for every aspect, besides her unknown ability to scream sonic bursts. Nobody could have predicted that.



Its definitely possible. Vivi's family were descendants of those who founded the WG, but chose to continue living in their original kingdom, and while Doflamingo's ancestor was a dick, his descendants (aside from Doflamingo himself) were quite honorable for tenryubito, so they must've gotten that from somewhere, so its very likely the tenryubito's ancestors were good guys and only their descendants became spoiled brats due to their luxurious lifestyle. It would also explain why the WG fears any knowledge of the Void Century getting out. The truth about the Ds might bring about the end of the world, especially since the poneglyphs also detail the location of the three ancient weapons. Maybe the Ds were the ones who made Pluton, and assuming they were also the original source of DF powers, they were most likely a monstrous people who could've destroyed the world. The WG is probably paranoid at the thought of them getting back into power.



Speaking of taking down the Tenryubito, Doflamingo wanted to axe them too after they rejected him, but he didn't want to until he was ready. Yet he had Pica with him who could assimilate with the earth itself. Pica only seemed limited by the size of the land around him, but with something as big as the Red Line, Pica could become the biggest thing in the world, easily toppling the Mariejois. So one wonders why they didn't just do that. Unless the Red Line's stone material has some sort of unique properties, or there's some sort of seastone defenses in Mariejois.



The other thing to consider with taking down the Tenryubito would be the power vacuum and loyalties of those that served them. Without them at the head receiving these luxuries and service of the WG, the power structure would begin to crumble. While we've seen some absolute garbage living as Tenryubito, there's got to be more level-headed ones that help run the show and give out orders. If Doflamingo killed them but didn't get all of them, then there'd be a shitstorm with angry rulers at the head. If they got all of them, there'd still be a shitstorm, probably an even more chaotic one with the various kingdoms and divisions of government turning into warring states all fighting for domination. The WG's forces aren't all on the same page, we've seen that well enough with various characters having bailed on them, infiltrated them or abused their status while representing them. So wiping out the Tenryubito would probably require more planning if your ultimate goal was to assume power or at least take advantage of the situation. Doflamingo knew he wasn't strong enough to rule the world and crush the Yonkou, which is why he was a Shichibukai and helped support Kaido's goals.

The new dawn that Luffy will supposedly bring will likely be a total destruction of the Tenryubito's power structure and liberation of those they've controlled. Letting everyone in the world choose how they want to live and fight for their own future.




There's that word again. Been showing up more and more since the New World. Then there's Romance Dawn which started it all. Wonder how much there will be to the Dawn.




The D stands for Dawn, perhaps?



What's this? They're doing the episode of Sanji kicking the shit out of Luffy? Or is it an Episode of Sanji?



That's gonna be intense



Its either Dawn or Devil probably. Or just an original family name or Dawn/Devil in another language like latin or something.


File: d8274b259b32289⋯.jpg (151.41 KB, 817x1000, 817:1000, Will of the D.jpg)


You forgot an important possibility.


File: b227a1e9b8379a7⋯.jpg (92.82 KB, 500x281, 500:281, I am a clown, alone and sa….jpg)



Well shit.


















Daddy, Dumb, Drugs, moist, Drama,


File: 5281d06c103bc48⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 400x218, 200:109, 1478723610722.gif)

File: ac266d1c75d5465⋯.png (35.95 KB, 234x203, 234:203, latest.png)



>Foxy even speaks of him as some sort of patron saint of pirates


File: 0ced7b5c641585b⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 1101x1069, 1101:1069, 0ced7b5c641585b480a0ca1b8d….jpg)

Something just occurred to me. Oda when asked everyone's nationality if they lived on Earth named a bunch of different, predominantly hwhite countries. Like, Sanji is from France, Robin is from Italy, Franky is from America, etc. The only notable exception was Usopp who he just said was from "Africa". This matches up mostly with the language they speak when they call out their attacks. Crocodile's are in Spanish, Sanji's are in French, etc. Notably Franky's are in Engrish.

However, the one odd one was him saying Luffy was Brazillian. I'd always thought he was Japanese, being the protagonist and all, and Zoro is. However, it hit me earlier that Luffy doesn't call out his attacks in Portuguese, but also in Engrish like Franky.



Croc moves are in Italian, Robin's are in spanish



Oh right, right. I meant the other way around.


File: c3cd87c0fd28c41⋯.png (23.52 KB, 470x353, 470:353, swedenball.png)


Maybe Oda just pulled a random country out for Luffy since he didn't wanna say Japanese again. Honestly, Luffy strikes me as more of a little okinawa shit. Or even Hawaii or Philippines at least. Then again, Luffy did grow up in a literal shit hole next to a jungle that was literally the dumping ground for the rich coast line city nearby, so that's a pretty good parallel. Also, I'm guessing all the languages they use (assuming everyone in OP land doesn't just use a crazy amalgam language) means each or a few islands in OP speak their own native tongue depending on their settlers, while the most predominantly spoken languages are english and japanese (which is weird since Wano is so reclusive, but the presence of Zoro's home island and Karate Island might suggest they have a lot of immigrants all over the place). So if we go by this, I guess this means Germa/North Blue or just Zeff speak french, Yassop is probably from or descended from the island where all the normal-looking zebras, elephants and giraffes in OP come from, Nami's island probably speaks in gay "borka borka", and so on and so on.

>Robin is from Italy

Didn't Oda say she would be Russian? Anyway, at the end of the day, maybe Oda just implied that if they had been born in the real world, the places he mentioned would be where they would end up.




Consider the fact that Brazil has a surprisingly high Japanese population. It could be Oda providing a western background culture for Luffy, but allow for room to interpret him as a Japanese-Brazilian by the home audience.







Luffy is a BR because he's a monkey



What happened to him again?



Got sent to Wano. He'd have been pretty entertaining here, beating the shit out of candy mechs with his General Franky. But, I feel like he'd probably have made things too easy, given all the modes of high speed transport he could provide and the amount of firepower he could bring. It's for the best that he got sent to Wano along with Zoro. The full Strawhat crew with their full gear and operating on Sanji-fuelled stomachs would likely be able to tackle most of Big Mom's forces. Seriously, imagine Zoro looking at all these candied up fuckers and then overpowering him with his sheer strength, only unleashing his haki when he faces off against someone like Katakuri. Luffy would be rolling face right now if this wasn't a rescue operation and he hadn't had seven shades of shit beaten out of him by Sanji. The whole arc has been great because we're seeing the New World really push the crew and force them to go as hard as they can just to survive. I'm so excited for the next chapter. Hopefully we don't waste too much time on Nami and co. and instead get to have a chapter of outright brawling.



The thing is, Luffy can't beat Big Mom yet. That was the point of this. Her haki drained his Gear Four almost immediately after their clash. This is a Water Seven moment, Luffy realizing "Yeah, I'm strong, but people out there are stronger than me, so I have to get even stronger yet if I'm going to beat them." One on one I think most of the Strawhats could beat most of BM's pirates, except for two people, Katakuri and BM herself. Only Luffy is *maybe* currently strong enough to beat Katakuri, but even combined they probably can't currently beat BM.

Now, my only regret about Franky not being there is seeing Germa's technology probably would have given him all kinds of ideas, but Oda probably doesn't want him turning the entire crew into power rangers. I know the real reason he went to Wano was because he and the others who went on all just had their big moments in Dressrossa, but I was kind of hoping he'd build some badass prosthetic limbs for the Mink leaders. I mean, it's basically his expertise.



Yeah rereading my post, I'm overselling the Strawhats a bit when it comes to the freakbeast, Big Mom. Maybe it'll be a combination attack to break through her crazy durability. Or they'll unleash a super weapon to destroy her.

>Big Mom gets defeated by Uranus

Poseidon is the ruler of the seas.

Pluton is the ruler of the underworld.

Uranus is the sky itself.

Would it be great or terrible if Uranus turned out to be the Spaceys that Enel saved from Space Pirates?


Is jump on break this week? does this use up one of oda's break weeks?



All jumps releases will be on friday from now on.

Theres already spoilers out and untranslated shitty quality pages, so no its not on break this week or next week.



Yeah, there's spoilers out, but the ones I'm finding are so shitty I don't think they're worth posting because they're so vague I'm hoping they're wrong.

The gist of what I'm seeing is: Jimbe tells the crew not to mourn Pedro because he accomplished his goal, Sanji is baking the cake and Pudding continues to be tsundere, Luffy and Katakuri clash and Katakuri uses a move identical to Elephant Gun.

That last bit is the only real spoiler, and also the only bit I can confirm as I saw a raw of the page. Honestly it's looking like that theory that Katakuri uses his observation haki to learn and imitate enemy techniques was correct. I mean it would explain him seemingly randomly carrying a trident, he could have previously fought someone with a focus on using one in their fighting style.

I'm also seeing a ton of people theorizing that Luffy's going to learn Awakening as a result of this fight, and I've seen a bunch of theories that basically for him this'll manifest as being able to generate rubbery objects and bullets from his body like Katakuri does with mochi.



Man, unless my memory is fading already, I'm pretty sure you could get translated chapters on Tuesdays about 8 years ago.


>Four Japanese men were arrested for scanning One Piece:


All this time, our supply of shonen was just four brave men. What's the punishment for scanning manga in Japan? Death?



I hope this wont fuck with tomorrow's release



>Ryoji Hottai and two unnamed associates were arrested in July for images from One Piece to one website, while Yo Uehara and one other were arrested, not just for posting images, but for allegedly posting “text and other content revealing One Piece stories” which they allegedly got from a store selling copies of Shonen Jump before its release date. In other words, they were apparently arrested for spoiling the comic.

That's lame.

>According to a report from The Asahi Shimbun, the pirates allegedly earned almost $3.5 million in advertising revenue from the websites where they hosted pirated manga over a period of several years.

They made a shit ton of money. Is Japan just as corrupt as the rest of Asia? I wonder if they'll just buy their way out?


They were arrested in July. It looks like the scans will continue. It looks like the main reason they're being arrested is due to how much money they made off of it.



How can they buy their way out ?

Don't they usually seize assets like that, especially since its technically stolen ?

Ironic that its a manga about pirates.



Japan's really fucking weird about this stuff. Spoiling manga you bought legally can get you in deep shit, but taking copyrighted characters and making hardcore porn of them is hard to prosecute for some reason.


Latest chapter is up on Jaimini, not much of the Luffy Katakuri brawl but...

Chopper breaking out his muscle mode to help the crew was great.

Perospero lost a fucking arm and is becoming more antagonistic by the minute.

BIG MOM WALKING ON WATE-NO wait it's Perospero being a fucker.

Luffy getting his shit pushed in by Katakuri just escalates things all the more, it's not just his observation haki, he's also stronger and able to rapidly adopt and improve Luffy's own attacks to counter him. Surely it's too soon for Luffy to awaken his Devil Fruit, but what could he do here that isn't a new form? Maybe Gear Four will be enough to outpace Katakuri, surely he's not capable of that too. He's totally gonna break out a copy of gear four.




A couple more points worth noting:

The reason Perospero is having to provide BM's transportation is because Zeus AND Prometheus have wandered off, with Prometheus commenting he wants to "eat more suns". Is it possible Nami is getting BOTH of them?

Jimbei isn't being a helmsman, he said his job will be to "monitor the current." Also, he's right. It sounds cold, but Pedro did severe damage to BM's crew with his sacrifice, and made Perospero cooler in the process.

Lola was the head chocalatier before she left.

Honestly, Luffy's fight with Katakuri is starting out like most of his major fights, but I'm not impressed because Luffy hasn't brought out Gear 4 yet, so I suspect Luffy's goal isn't to beat Katakuri (he may still, though) but to stall him and perhaps learn from the fight.


Have you guys noticed that most of the attacks that luffy is using against Katakuri are fire based? Why?



I think those just might be Luffy trying to hit as hard as he can. Maybe he's trying to cook the mochi-man?

I was thinking about how most long running series eventually introduce projectile attacks for their characters who normally start out mostly melee focused. After such a long run, Luffy has managed to avoid doing so. Maybe he's going to start throwing around haki-fireballs to take down Katakuri.



or maybe a fire version of gear 4th, but that would be somewhat stupid idk


You know those little name box titles Oda puts on characters sometimes? Will Niggerstream finally give up when a big box saying KATAKURI comes up or will they go full retard and redraw the whole thing to dogtooth it?



they called him katakuri in this chapter


File: af913b7835cfd04⋯.png (13.36 KB, 781x92, 781:92, ss (2017-09-22 at 11.54.53….png)



his minions called him katakuri



>niggerstream can't even keep their own story straight anymore



Not seeing it.



if you were pay attention they call him lord katakuri



Post the page


I'm still pissed off about Katakuri's bullshit devilfruit. He's a logia without being a logia and a paramecia whose effects are exaggerated beyond reason. Mochi is not that stretchy or that tough and being able to endlessly generate mochi and regenerate his body, create extra limbs, imbue it with haki and effectively mimic about a dozen other devil fruits is just bullshit.

The only thing about this that's remotely calming is the fact that he's made of food and he's fighting Luffy.



You know what else isn't that stretchy? Rubber


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's pretty tough. I think Luffy might be focusing on heat attacks because rubber is more resistant to heat than mochi. Mochi hardens if enough heat is applied to it. It's made out of sticky rice.

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