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File: fe6d7312da19708⋯.png (1.17 MB, 900x1280, 45:64, 0003.png)


>Group of "talented" slang for superpower peoples are deemed harmful to humanity and must be exterminated

>Round up all the talented peoples in an island under a false pretense of training their power to fight some bullshit monster

>Send an assassin to "X-Men" school to covertly kill these peoples

>First target is a harmless student with the ability is to cancel other peoples power, basically like Leech from X-men series but less ugly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leech_(comics)#Powers_and_abilities

>First fucking chapter and it makes no fucking sense already

Explain to me why she need to kill him? His power is to cancel other peoples power, other than that, he is basically just like normal people. If anything he is crucial in the fight against "the enemy of humanity".


One character seems to bring up the prospect that there isn't an enemy of humanity, but it just bothers me that no one seems to give a shit that two people are missing. It also feels like the bitch is being manipulated by the powers that sent her there, but she doesn't really care.



>One character seems to bring up the prospect that there isn't an enemy of humanity

The enemy of humanity is the student itself because they have superpower.

>but it just bothers me that no one seems to give a shit that two people are missing

Because the entire teachers are in on it

The biggest flaw in the story is that they killed the only student with the countermeasure to stopping all there "talented" students from causing damage, which the main plot why the government want to kill them in the first place.


File: 9228a448f05a231⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 445x506, 445:506, shadowmood.jpg)


>Want to kill people with superpowers

>Kill the person whose superpower is negating other superpowers

But why. This is actually counter-productive. Who thought this was a good idea.

It honestly feels like the author just wants to have some cheap edge



"We want the Hero Academia audience but how do we differentiate ourselves..."


So the plot is that they take kids with super powers, isolate them on an island for training as a cover to kill ones that would pose a threat to humanity thus giving the kids with superpowers that could be a threat to humanity a perfectly justifiable reason to fuck shit up?


File: 1f144e91e2f4eda⋯.png (137.74 KB, 276x473, 276:473, Screenshot_1.png)


>Author : Looseboy

At the very least he is honest in his choice of pseudonyms.



it's like pottery, it rhymes.



>protag power is to cancel other's

How fucking original holy shit, must be like the 12th time i see this crap.

Also why not just nuke the fucking island?



No, the protag's first victim had the power to cancel other powers. He had to die because apparently he would potentially be responsible for 10 million deaths in the future or something, despite having the one thing that would put humans and "Talented" on even ground.



He's not even the protagonist. He's the villian's the pink haired girl first victim. So far this seems to be more of a murder mystery with superpowers.


File: 479460e3d6acd1d⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 312x312, 1:1, villager.jpg)


>His ability is just cancelling other abilities

>responsible for 10 million deaths

Fucking How.



Something something he'll start leading the people with superpowers something something.


File: 37e8794644ff5f2⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 300x169, 300:169, confusednitori.gif)


Aren't the superpowered guys a bunch of high-schoolers who believe they're training to beat some off-brand kaiju tho? Even if the Power-Nullifier somehow managed to lead all the superpowered guys, they would still try to defeat the monster. It's not like they will start to riot if they find out the monster was just a lie. I see no way this could lead into 10 million people getting killed, unless the "unexpected" twist is that the "people" are actually monsters.



Maybe he accidently stopped someone who was going to activate an ability who would prevent a nuclear explosion.

But yeah, bullshit premise, bullshit plot, bullshit characters, the list goes on.



Yep. They're being there under the pretense that there are some some monsters that are a threat to humanity. The best I can figure is they're killing kids not because they will be a threat but because they have the potential to be one. Although yeah I still don't get how they figured the bullied nerd would rise up and command superhumans into killing 10 milliong people.


File: a7efdb7e9a308e2⋯.png (526.87 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch2 pg8.png)

File: 71d9909ee65d1cd⋯.png (262.31 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch2 pg9.png)

File: ea9037cd9ef2dc9⋯.png (665.25 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch2 pg10.png)

File: 40d48fea3225834⋯.png (428.89 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch4 pg14.png)

Hello. I am the only fan of this stupid manga on Earth, as I am a sucker for twists and keikakus. All I needed was the 2nd chapter to bring me fully on board with the complete genocide of the "talented", as well as to make me fully sympathetic to Nana. I will show you all that Nana did nothing wrong.

>why kill innocent children?

Humans tried to be humane to these freaks, even work alongside them, but they always fuck society up. They have already killed millions of ordinary humans, sometimes single handedly. The danger has been consistent over 100 years. It would happen again and they are not to be trusted. Until this fact is revealed to be some sort of hoax from an evil shadow government, I want them neutralized. Something needed to be done for the continuation of human civilization.

>But isn't the talent-negater guy's power perfect for-

No. You saw the first chapter right? "Leader" "leader" "leader" "leader" "leader" "leader". He had all the potential and ideals of a coming-of-age shonen-protag mixed with the incomprehensible charisma of a harem MC. I'm half convinced the true nature of his power was being the most generic MC possible. A character like him dropped into a somewhat darker series was the perfect person to lead the talented towards a revolution once he knew the truth. That's when the genre would override his ideals and things would get bloody. There is no doubt in my mind the 10 million deaths estimate was a good one. I'm glad he's dead.


Then they wouldn't have the islands. There are always more freaks being born. This is a long-term strategy.

>Gradually, I began to hate them.


>no one seems to give a shit that two people are missing

I don't know why people keep saying this. There's been multiple scenes of people wondering where the hell they are, and it's only been a day or two. The teacher is freaking out and doesn't know how to handle kids going missing on an isolated military school and was advised not to tell the students.


File: cdb29f18bbc58a6⋯.jpg (49.94 KB, 257x392, 257:392, asdf.jpg)

Really sets the noggin rollin




It will probably be some stupid self fulfilling prophecy or some shit. They're afraid because they know the future the super powered guys turn on them, but it was their treatment of them that lead to them turning on them bla bla.



A just system is based on deeds and facts, not speculation. If you preemptively execute everyone with the capacity for murder you're not going to have many left, talented or otherwise.

Microbe girl did nothing wrong. Her talent could save millions just as easily as it could have killed them. But no, they had to try and execute her for existing, so she met them with force.



>If you preemptively execute everyone with the capacity for murder

I think you're sincerely overestimating the average person's capacity to achieve "high scores". There was a pretty clear cut-off point as to when these people became dangerous, and at they passed it a long time ago.



>No. You saw the first chapter right? "Leader" "leader" "leader" "leader" "leader" "leader"

You realize he doesn't even want to be leader in the first place, and the only reason his name was nominated is because of Nana. He didn't even fight for the title and just negate fatso power because he want to protect other peoples.


File: 13258a19f3fb160⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 132x232, 33:58, therefore kill all gun own….jpg)


>There was a pretty clear cut-off point as to when these people became dangerous

Which is? What exactly was the estimate for the first victim based on, that his score would be somewhere between Thomas Midgley and Joseph Stalin? What conclusive proof is there that that boy in particular would be responsible for so many deaths?

But that's beside the point anyway, because it is fundamentally in opposition to the principles of justice to execute someone for something they have not done yet. The girl has murdered more people than everyone else on the island combined.



Someone with a gun can kill people in the tens. Someone with a bomb can kill people in the hundreds.

Someone with a talent can kill people in the millions.

To pretend that all else is equal is ridiculous. Nukes aren't handled like firecrackers, even if they both explode. Justice does not factor in- this is explicitly a preemptive strike to reduce further risk factors in the future. The talented are being stuffed onto these islands because they aren't being considered as people at all, but reasonable and present dangers.

So far, Nana has gone after potential leader candidates that had either strong powers or strong connections. Nanao post 'development', which might take decades or just days. Iceguy's powers are flashy, but he's not going to amass an army of other talents to his disposal. What were the death estimates based on? Quite possibly extensive monitoring or even a captive talented who has the power to divine probabilities, see the future, or the like. Frankly, it doesn't even matter. The risks are too high. Nations would go to war if someone started sneaking in dirty bombs, so why wouldn't they purge these stupid kids?



This also makes no sense, they specifically said they have a database of talented peoples and "estimate" how much damage their powers could done to humanity. How do you estimate a destructive power of a making peoples powerless?



>leader candidate

There's that word again, the database estimation is based on the student power. Its easy to gauge how much damage you can do if you have ice or fire power but how do you estimate a potential threat from a whimpy kid with harmless power?



>Someone with a talent can kill people in the millions.

Someone with a certain talent can. I'm not asking whether there exists at least one talent in the story that can kill millions; there obviously is. I'm asking whether Nanao's specifically, in his hands, would. What the other talented do is irrelevant to that. I don't buy the whole "talent guilt" claim that the talented can be responsible for acts they not only had no part in but had no opportunity to prevent, just because other talented (who likely do not have the same talent in the first place) perpetrated them.



The only conclusion I can think of is that they have someone who can see into the future. Of course the flaws in that idea are that the immortal guy has no database on him and making such rounded numbers out of visions of the future would be almost impossible.



Okay, well lets roll with the theory that the government also have talented peoples on their side, why not recruit the power negater guy?

I know from chapter 2 onward the manga shift tone and became about 2 "detective" playing cat and mouse game rip-off of deathnote but the setup of the story in chapter 1 is so stupid I can't get my mind around it.



In terms of the logic of the story if we assume that the theory is true? There is absolutely no reason, in fact it only hurts them to not have him. With the shift it is likely the author might have just killed the guy people thought would be the MC as a hook by catching the readers off-guard.


File: 3cd5d71d0496dac⋯.jpg (62.88 KB, 358x478, 179:239, tails.jpg)

This series truly speaks to my soul.



There definitely is the possibility of a Minority Report type thing going on, given the second victim's Talent, but it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Her reports are so vague. "X million" and nothing else. Nothing about who or how or when, just a number.

Assuming Touma's danger was in becoming a leader, what evidence is there that killing him would make a difference? If a young pre-Chairman Mao had been killed, would the Communists have still won in China? Would the policies of their leader in this alternate reality be more or less effective than Mao's? Would the same millions still die, or more, or fewer? Or would Chiang Kai-shek have won in this version of history? Who can say with certainty how any of these changes would affect global geopolitics, the Cold War, and so on? There is absolutely no way to simply summarize this into "killing Mao would save X million", even if you have a Talent on your side. And all these questions are only if the leader hypothesis is true.

But nothing makes sense regardless of future-seeing.

The cover-up is that the Talented are training to fight the Enemies of Humanity. OK. What does the public get told about the fighting? Where are the veterans, the medal-winners, and the honourably discharged disabled? Is the general public getting told their last, best hope is suffering a 100% combat mortality rate? And why is Autist-kun there looking for his sister? The family clearly wasn't told she was KIA against the monsters, but if that's not what the government claims how do they explain everyone's disappearances? Is there no war reporting on the supposed fighting, no after-action reports, no footage? This conspiracy has gone on for 50 years; how has it remained intact with no evidence of the fighting? If the goal is to eliminate the Talented, why make them sympathetic to the public and elevate them to heroic martyrs? What is the impact on the economy of an imaginary war, and on international politics? 50 years is at LEAST 10 governments in most democracies, so how have the different leaders and different parties all agreed to keep things going - in every single nation that would be aware of the Enemies?

And why bother with any of the murder in the first place? They're going to kill them all anyway. Doing it one at a time just gives them the chance to catch on, which is exactly what is happening. Take them on a spelunking field trip where the cave is a giant gas chamber or something. There's no way this is the first time in 50 years that anyone's been paying enough attention to notice. And how can the teachers not be aware of the situation (see Ch.4, p.17-18)? If the students are killed while they're there, how have the teachers never noticed?

It doesn't even make sense to make those predictions. If they can accurately foresee which Talented are dangerous they can also predict which are harmless, undermining the entire program of exterminating them all. And then there's a boatload of potential paradoxes that come out of the ability to see a future and trying to change it.

This manga is so fucking dumb.


This mango is fun but I don't understand why the protag picked mind reading as her pretend power. She could have picked something extremely inconsequential but say using it even a little puts a huge strain on her body. For instance, she could say her ability is to direct a few bug's flight path, but it's hard to control, lasts very little, and she feels light headed and nauseous when she uses her power. There, stupidly shitty power no one would even want to see and much easier to fake than pretend mind reading.

I'm reading it expecting it to turn to shit soon, but for now I'm enjoying it.



If her power is mind reading, she has to pretend she can read minds, which gives the author more chances for the characters to try and out-keikaku one another.



I get that that's a plot point but it's so dumb, it's such an incompetent thing for a corporation dedicated to stealthily eliminating super humans to do. They send this normal girl to an island of monsters and don't even think up a proper cover up story for her?

It's because of stuff like this that Code Geass never sit well with me. It has the out-keikakuing thing which is fun, but it usually happens because of huge fuck ups from the players, instead of all parties involved doing things well but the one that wins does it by doing things better and thinking even further ahead than everyone else. It's been a while but if I remember correctly that's how Code Geass ended, and also how most of Death Note was, not with outplays because of stupid shit the loser did, but because of super good planning from the winner.


File: 03ab74fe17ca758⋯.png (513.16 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch1 pg36.png)

File: f9e75be4a288302⋯.png (474.98 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, ch1 pg22.png)


His dad wanted him to be a leader initially, and on his first day of school he took the initiative and announced that's what he wanted to be. It apparently wasn't the last time he said anything about it either. He was reluctant but he wanted it. We don't quite know the details of the death estimator, maybe it took this into account.


File: 4839943d9ecd705⋯.png (412.9 KB, 796x661, 796:661, ay.png)


I'm glad there are other people who hated this shit.

It's like dude made this entire thing for the first chapter, it was all for that twist. He one day had an idea "damn this would be great as a story" he did it and it got serialized but looks like motherfucker didn't think much beyond that point.

I bet the author will make the talented do some stupid shit so people can say "see they're actually monsters, people she killed all deserved it", just add a random genocide that came out of nowhere at some point so people can't defend the 'villains' who weren't wrong morally before that. Even if someone at the facility goes apeshit and murders others, that won't justify the death of Nanao.

If government had played their cards right he could've ended up as the leader of anti-talented forces. Just fucking euthanize the talented children under the pretense of a vaccine while Nanao holds their hand and they literally can't do shit, even immortality would be negated.

If Nana can trick a guy into believing he's saving a friend from death and kill him cold blooded without any remorse than fucking Nanao can hold a kids hand and comfort them while they get euthanized calmly, it's better than falling off a cliff, drowning while exhausted or blowing up in an explosion or whatever stupid shit she did in raws. All I know is everyone who has read the raws say it's disappointing.

I mean I don't even disagree with the "Superpowered kids are dangerous, it's like giving nuclear codes to a child" thing. The way how they deal with talented is straight up retarded though, why Nana? The "Our Nations greatest weapon is a high school girl" shit is really annoying when the manga tries to take itself seriously and be edgy.



The "notMC" have a better plot device than Nana

>inspired to be a leader

>Have power to negate all threat

>Basically the key for for a peaceful solution between talented and talentless peoples

Nope, all those traits are wasted for the purpose of "PLOT TWIST!!! AM I SMART NOW!!"



At least Autism-kun is a far more interesting good guy then Heir Leader would have been.


File: 3c8b1ef7f2e8af3⋯.png (268.02 KB, 824x592, 103:74, no bully.png)



I was impressed that the author didn't try and bring back Leader-kun the very next chapter, it doesn't forgive some of the other problems I have with this manga, but at least he can stick to his guns and kill people off.



From the kill counts of the last wimpy kid with a supposedly harmless power


File: f429d726b6534dd⋯.png (226.83 KB, 962x439, 962:439, 12312413244.PNG)


The kill count makes no fucking sense, what is it based on? Please note that the device isn't some kind of Minority Report shit that can see the future, it can't calculate the threat without knowing the person ability first. So from here we know that the device estimate your threat level based on power. How the hell can a power negater that doesn't affect human can cause 10 millions death



The kill count only exists to motivate the killer. It's made up.



They did note that their powers grow over time. What if he becomes actively immune to projectiles, or some similarly absurdly over-powered shit? Each 'talent' may be different, but if the last guy grew up to be practically invulnerable and fucked shit up real good, they'd be right to be wary of this one.



>What if he becomes actively immune to projectiles, or some similarly absurdly over-powered shit?

He can already did that, Fatso throw a fireball and he negate it. Even if he's power does evolve, it only gonna affect talented peoples if we follow the manga exmple

>Can control microbe in peoples bodies

>evolve into control microbe outside of peoples

So a power negater will probably evolve from negating to completely erase the person's power (a logical progression). But the author probably gonna give some bullshit excuse why he need to be killed that doesn't have any relation to his power.


That kid was only going to be a threat because he was a leader, right? Doesn't mean Nana is at fault since he lost all confidence in becoming leader before she pushed him towards it (just so she could kill him)?


What if Nana really is an enemy of humanity, or unknowingly working for the monsters, and the talented people really are training to fight them?



It's hardly even worth thinking about why anyone does what they do in this manga. Before you can even get to worrying about that, you'd have to figure out the reasoning behind the overall plan.

Their goal is to prevent the talented from fighting the rest of humanity and taking control of the world.

They decided the best way to achieve this goal was to (ostensibly) train them to use their talents in combat, to foster in them saviour complexes and inflated self-importance, and to bombard them with propaganda that they alone are capable of saving the world. They would then try to kill them in the most inefficient way possible, and in a way that has a high chance of being noticed, thus revealing to these would-be saviours of humanity that a shadowy conspiracy is manipulating the entire world through lies and fear.

I think the theory in this thread is right. The author wanted to write a manga that used the twist of starting with a character that was the absolute image of a stereotypical MC, then killing him off from dramatic effect. I don't think he thought much beyond that, and just haphazardly made shit up to enable it without worrying whether it made sense, then realized he'd only planned as far as chapter 1 and was stuck continuing to make shit up.


File: 2b570bbb8fa48de⋯.png (861.11 KB, 1022x720, 511:360, 1464409906679.png)


>But he doesn't want to be the leader

>Yet steps up and shows decisive decision making capability by simply being in the correct situation and people rally to him

>Implying he wouldn't start a resistance movement the second he realized what was going on

When the mutant scum planned a revolt the last time countless people lost their lives and it resulted in a five year civil war. Do you honestly think the government wouldn't have seen many mutants that were similiar to Nanao during those 100 years after that? They probably have those threat estimates based on prior cases of the same kind of freaks. All it takes is one small temper tantrum to cause the death of untold numbers. Co-existance has been tried, the time for mercy is long gone.



>planned a revolt

>against "inhumane treatment as research specimens"

>In the example of microbe girl she only fought back when they tried to murder her

>"How dare they rebel against our inhumane treatment of them and act to protect their right to exist?"

And if the talented are all complicit in all crimes of other talented, then by logical necessity all talentless are also complicit in all crimes by the talentless as well.

>>Implying he wouldn't start a resistance movement the second he realized what was going on

>what was going on

The willingness to rebel upon learning that you are being treated like that is a good thing. If he was likely to become a strong leader, maybe the best way to make him not lead a violent rebellion would be to not make a violent rebellion 100% justified. There is a government conspiracy trying to murder him and everyone he knows because of crimes they did not commit and damage they did not cause. What better justification is there to fight?



>playing cat and mouse game rip-off of deathnote

I guess anything that has magic in it is a harry potter ripoff too?



Being a leader isn't something you are born with, Hitler is a painter so every painter are capable of being a Hitler? The whole situations are force onto him by Nana, if she just stay quite, he wouldn't even be nominated for the role. What guarantee the government have that other maybe more dangerous peoples wouldn't rise up and be the leader? Fucking zero. The author kill Nanao not because of his power, but because he "maybe" a leader which is just lazy excuse that ruin the whole premise of the manga.

>Talented peoples are harmful to society and have to be executed

>oh, kill that guy with not only harmless but beneficial power too because reasons



Jokes on you, Harry Potter is a ripoff too


Where the fuck is the new chapter? I need something to rekindle my hate and anger.


Read through it and the Keikaku'ing isn't so shabby. It's like Danganronpa in a sense where the background setting is unimportant and its retarded to rationalize it when the present condition the characters are in is what should be focused on.


File: 901d312d1bb57ff⋯.png (7.17 KB, 485x116, 485:116, Helvetica_Scans.png)


It is delayed.

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