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File: 2cc98add2fefc9a⋯.jpg (108.3 KB, 728x1023, 728:1023, black general.jpg)


So apparently this came out a little while ago. Does anyone know a good way to watch it? Will it look like shit on a computer?


>Black General

I read like ten chapters and found it shit.

Why people like it again? It's a genuine question.


CrunchyRoll isn't subbing it so no one can rip itNo one's subbing it so it's not going to get much attention at this rate.


File: 8fb3ccae77c1aef⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 299x315, 299:315, 500.jpg)


>I don't like thing

>how come people like thing when I don't like thing

Not very clever, are you?


File: 1722cf06261b214⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 164x199, 164:199, 2cc98add2fefc9a1ac9b913787….jpg)


>Why people like it again?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't think you are midding much.


Do it for








File: 823092791ad338f⋯.png (348.54 KB, 639x764, 639:764, 823092791ad338fddb6e944cef….png)


This sucks. I might be able to stomach the phone format but the seiyuus suck and the animation is on par with something a fan might make. Even the editing is bad. This kind of cheapness doesn't do justice to Jin's style and writing.



Vertical anime is just an euphemism for insult. Stick to the manga.



This, everything also feels so fucking fast. I know it's a 3 minute short but come the fuck on.



That's why I asked, thanks to your great arguments that confirmed it's shit.


If that's what people liked, might as well engage in 3D activities, as she's worst girl material.


File: e1577e602bd1bd8⋯.png (44.37 KB, 269x458, 269:458, Boss.png)


I don't like it.



This is some monkey paw's bullshit.


File: 40ca1dfa2a7b823⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 373x339, 373:339, 17c1510deabe1c19e0dc44587e….jpg)


>drew ntr garbage of mai waifu

Karma, it feels good man.



God is dead and we killed him.


File: ee0271f9c1f9a72⋯.png (165.31 KB, 354x468, 59:78, ee0271f9c1f9a72fe94f1e833d….png)


Why the fuck do people subject themselves to watermarked and probably downscaled scans when there are so many different manga websites online?



The same reason you get store-brand toilet paper instead of going out of your way to find the best stuff available.





How did everyone watch it? I tried to get the app on play store, it's all in kanji, but I will manage, guess I will have to download it from other sources, how was it? Did it give justice to manga?


>Have no taste

>Read good stuff

>Not liking it

>Too autistic to get it

>Questioning validity of other's entertainment

Are a Tumblr user anon?



>Why people like it again? It's a genuine question.


>I never read the joke OrcxElf stuff he did: the post

Kill yourself.



>All these people completely unable to explain why they like it

It's got a slutty hot girl, that's all they need.



It's like trying to explain why do all people like sex so much, it's just inserting erect muscle in another muscular opening, the answer to such question should be "anon you are too much of faggot to use little common sense or for us to explain it"



Good god why? I mean really, why?


File: eb9aa1f20b7fd36⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 510x460, 51:46, uwaah.jpg)


>Did it give justice to manga?

There's some raws of it up on nyaa.pantsu if you really want to see it. The quality is bad but really you're not missing much.



What is the best stuff possible toilet expert-kun?








Yeah, I was not convinced.

If that's the appeal, then it's shitty. The lewds are definitely not a selling point and BG is 100% a 3D girl in the 2D world.

>Muh Orc

That was shitty as well



I'll make sure to take note of your opinion in my personal logbook of worthy opinions, however I don't see the point in shitposting about how you don't like something a thread where it's quite obvious other people like that thing and it's not very likely you are going to convince them otherwise or find like-minded comrades.



Because I first asked, genuinely, why people liked it.

I was met with bullying and no answers.



There clearly isn't an "answer" that will satisfy you because you've already decided you dislike it. You aren't looking for answers, you just people to agree with you.



>There clearly isn't an "answer" that will satisfy you

Not true

>because you've already decided you dislike it.

I dislike it, but maybe I missed something? That's why I asked, I only read 10 chapters.

>You aren't looking for answers

I am, stop thinking you know me or what i'm thinking, you're no Nanako.

>you just [want] people to agree with you.

Not my intention. That's what you think I want, and wrongly so.



You're either so stupid you can't form your own opinions and come to your own conclusions on something and need to ask if you "missed something" as if that would make a difference on your overall perception of a manga or you're genuinely an attention whoring faggot who feels the need to express the fact that he dislikes something in a context specifically aimed at people who like it, in which case I hope you appreciate the (You)'s.

You don't go to a Chinese restaurant, complain that you don't like Chinese food and demand everyone else explain why they like it. If you're seriously incapable of understanding how some people can like something you don't just because tastes differ, I can't see that as anything but stupidity.



>inb4 he replies by seriously complaining about Chinese food




It's obvious you don't find it funny, so stop reading it.



I'm not reading it anymore, and I thought you guys could give me a reason, the shilling for it here is pretty high, so I thought there would be indeed something worthy in it, but I was mistaken.


Yeah, I get it, people on the internet have massive shitty taste and is not worthy to ask them anything. I'll take my leave, have a blast eating Chinese food.



If only you did that sooner.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, faggot.



>and I thought you guys could give me a reason

I like it because I find it's humor funny, that's it. Nothing substantial beyond that.

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