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File: 378c278ed4d8a7f⋯.jpg (83.09 KB, 676x418, 338:209, 1439510533249.jpg)


Just take a look at this.


It goes beyond that too.


>Anime review and community discussion site, Anime News Network, has suffered a devastating attack resulting in a lost of their original domain, a compromise of their email address, and a momentary loss of control of their twitter account.

>While the details being released are not fully released, the damage has been made clear, with the site reporting that it is so bad they had to abandon the domain.

Some people think the hacker's motives were bad reviews of their favorite anime but that just sounds silly. Why do you think they did it?



And nothing of value was lost.


It was the hacker known as 4CHAN


File: cbf6709c05d7127⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 250x333, 250:333, who is 4chan.gif)

I don't see this thread going anywhere. Might as well have fun while we can.



Maybe the admins are bitches or niggers and the hacker just wanted to point it out.


File: 052347d05ce2da4⋯.jpg (110.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, koume1.jpg)


I have no idea what the fuck was that place, but it sounds like Normalfag Central, so I'm glad.


File: 5b6e10ad24118d1⋯.png (266.77 KB, 529x610, 529:610, face.png)


>While the details being released are not fully released


File: 9df1a7e48d22bfc⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 709x625, 709:625, 1402140264093.gif)


Your new is showing Reddit-kun.



>Some people think the hacker's motives were bad reviews of their favorite anime but that just sounds silly

People have hacked sites for less, but this guy seems like he lacks imagination. He could have made this really funny.


File: bce9db48978ffba⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Storm Team Deploys.gif)


No kidding. Like keeping the sight completely normal looking but putting out a bunch of fake news. He had access to nearly everything they had for a while. And all he does with it is add some lame background and some nig music. Hell a "Nice Boat" background would have at least made me chuckle.



You're right he is a complete newfag, however I think it would be more reddit tier to be using ANN.


Hope it breaks their cuck backs.


Are there any sites out there for anime news that aren't garbage?



No, they are all garbage in one way or another. They're aimed at normalfags after all.


File: 4aad34a5554824d⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 889x813, 889:813, 1400083777519.jpg)


True, MAL-kun might've been better in hindsight.



>sites out there for anime news

There really isn't a need for sites like ANN. They only exist because people enjoy aggregate sites since the information comes to them.


File: 12c078d79b59ca4⋯.jpg (397.67 KB, 700x879, 700:879, 20170626.JPG)


Takes over ANN; doesn't post sankaku style ero news




A cancerous hub that needs a good hacking too



I think it could have been that WHITE SUPREMACIST 8CHAN



Literally who?



>While the details being released are not fully released



>Not hacking MAL

Then it would be fun. ANN is never relevant.



> Have you seen how lame liberal faggotry of place it has become?

No, because literally the only thing I've ever done on that site it to keep track of my anime I've watched/plan to watch



ANN is particularly useful for Cast and Staff information. MAL is dreadfully lacking in the details of who worked on what outside of primary roles.

In general, ANN tends to have the most complete staff information, then anidb, then MAL, then the shitty newer websites.



Uno de los mejores OCs de /argentina/, lástima que el tablón se degradó muchísimo.


File: 3954801cc6b8879⋯.png (346.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1400100216032.png)


Eso pasa cuando pintas la dirección en los baños de la UBA, a eso sumale los taringueros y chisperos que ya de por si estaban. Copado ver a otro chori en /a/ igual.


File: 88db598d40e6de2⋯.jpg (552.54 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, 66e0e7f7-5358-42c0-a079-03….jpg)


I don't see how you guys get into all this drama. Like Tumblr and Twitter. I just use it for porn and 2D art I can't find on Pixiv. MAL for tracking anime and ANN for recent releases.



There's always one faggot who uses those kind of site seriously. Just ignore them, they're a lost cause.


File: 30ec500637cc901⋯.gif (265.58 KB, 250x202, 125:101, chen getting pissed off.gif)


>Eso pasa cuando pintas la dirección en los baños de la UBA

<Lurkear y esconder el powerlevel? A la mierda, quiero e-fama y amiguitos en el foro

Y después mucha de esa gente postea en redes sociales también, los choris fueron un error.


Should have just been a Boku no Pico webm on loop.



Why would any sane person go to tumblr?



Tumblr does house some artists that don't want the decay of civilization as we know it. Some japanese artists use it as just another place for their work. They'll post stuff on pixiv, twitter, and tumblr without knowing about all the other rancid shit that tumblr harbors.


File: 9651fdf7cf7a71e⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 389x386, 389:386, [hoehs internally].jpg)


>mfw my sister started using tumblr a little over a year ago and she's already well on her way to becoming a piece of shit



She's 3DPD, there was never any hope.



Maybe you can redirect her to care about environmental issues or something? That might make her less of a piece of shit, other than that >>721408 is right.



You know what you must do. Brush her teeth



Kill her.



I always thought the point of MAL was to make a poor man's normalfag halfchan.



Don't bother with her anymore, and so if it's possible stop talking or making potential vocal contact with her from now, she needs anything then do it out of obligation as a brother, if she uses Tumblr she will take it for granted anyways, take my word and better distance yourself as now than try to do it later when things really become bad.



>To find diamond in coal mine

Their are loads of blogs dedicated to pixel porn gifs, hentai CGI gifs, and quality artists, the RPG pixel arts, indie games, RPG mock boss designs, and japanese artists (they are fucking artisan! They're all so good)

Sadly the whole place is fucking unbearable, every small thing you see is ready to ruin your mood, their is a legit tag that says "#men rape" "#yes, all men" and with that someone adds the classy "#deal with it" it's like they are speaking a new fucking language at this point, what's with "deal with it" are you saying it's great that all men on earth rape? What the fuck.

But yes, if someone wishes they could aim for good reason to visit Tumblr, I my case their was a certain art I am unable to find anymore, it was of a boy who held huge cannon in his hand and had cool Shonen aesthetic design, kingdom hearts like hairstyle, huge zipper chain in his jacket (about as big as bike key) sadly never found it again.


File: 4475f9964d9be90⋯.png (32.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1237087812470.png)


>insufferable faggot at work

>exactly the type of person big bang theory panders to, basically

>catch him browsing on his phone when he's supposed to be working

>accuse him of being on reddit

>he corrects me "no, tumblr"


File: 126676d8e0befb9⋯.png (49.81 KB, 213x246, 71:82, popte outside influence.png)


>Talking to faggots

You are entirely to blame. Repent and correct your ways.



I didn't say socializing with. I said talking to. As in acknowledging their presence.


File: 5e8764ffdf64093⋯.png (1.45 MB, 818x950, 409:475, Cuck Bertschy and He-Man H….PNG)

The site's been back for a week now, the URL is now animenewsnetwork.cc

How they got hacked was laughable:


>Finding my phone number isn't particularly hard. It's on my business cards, it's on every e-mail I send, and it was in ANN's whois information.

>With control over my cellphone number, the hackers were able to exploit “account recovery” features to gain access to one of my e-mail accounts. Of course, the e-mail account they targeted was the one used for ANN's domain registrar. Once they had my e-mail account, they were able to use it to retrieve the password for ANN's registrar account and then transfer the ANN domain to a registrar in Hong Kong.

How they still operate after a history of poor IT decisions (like when some episodes of Oriemo, I think it was, were leaked from their server when they tried to stream anime themselves) is beyond me.


File: 35fe17f71a33b36⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 450x443, 450:443, 35fe17f71a33b36745ace0d0dd….jpg)

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