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File: 8a340a53e26f1ff⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-2017-08-25-21h59m5….png)


How did they manage to fuck these films up so bad after the show was so solid for the most part???

It leaves out literally everything of substance from the LN that made it interesting and worth reading and replaces it with gaudy, flashy trash with no loyalty to its intellectual or more meaningful aspects.

So insanely disappointing, I really loved the LN and was so hyped for this for so many years and after all these delays we get this overly-flashy spectacle with no depth.


My only guess is they really wanted to be focusing on "not so Monogatari" bits of novel, I mean it seriously attracted casual faggots without explanation, maybe that is what they aim for with the movies like these, I have heard similar complains before too, like how the conversation between Cat and RRRG about "I'd rather be a tree" was left out so people thought that Araragi transformed his limbs into that of tree into a random, well I have no idea what was their reason to do so.

So yes, I guess this is just to boost up the audience's count, I can't really think any other reason, honestly I'd rather have them charge me extra money for the tickets than attract casual fags, simple as that anon.


File: 809097b1839f178⋯.jpg (208.43 KB, 640x2504, 80:313, meanwhile at shaft.jpg)



While it was very different from the show, at least in terms of the way the story was told, I didn't really mind it. It worked well enough on its own even without the full story from the LN and its always there to read if you want the extra details. Ultimately they focused more on the visual spectacle & animation than presenting a well told story. They could definitely have made it more detailed and coherent, but I was still satisfied after watching it.


I was saving the LNs for after I watched the movies, but movies 1 and 2 were so bad and 3 was taking too long for me, so I read the books and god damn were they better than the movies... I have no idea what they were thinking but they fucked up bad in several aspects. They couldn't even make them look good, to me they were a disaster, the weakest animated adaptations of my favorite animu series.


File: b04144a19a6a301⋯.png (778.08 KB, 1366x581, 1366:581, bakemono cinematography.PNG)


You have no capacity to appreciate cinematography or visual media in general and honestly the sooner you shut your plebean mouth the better.



Just because they know what a golden ratio is, and that they can use it to make good scene compositions, doesn't mean it was good.

In fact, if I had to make a movie, and it was expected to me that it had to be artsy and appeal to people who know at least something about cinematography or visual media in general, throwing some Fibonaci spirals here and there seems like an easy enough way to trick some suckers into thinking I knew what I was doing.




>I can take pretty pictures, forget about everything else

*mono is better in written form. Throwing in some pointless pictures that no one cares about is just a distraction from the content.


the director had a vision, he carried it out fairly well.

Reading Kizu you get this vibe that its tonally different from the rest of the series.

And to be honest it works. Monogatari works in 30 min chunks pretty effectively. The different tone and dialogue styles work well for classic cinema. And the visuals straight up arose me (most of the time)



Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.


I liked Kizu the novel and I liked Kizu the movie

They were quite different but nonetheless done well



I thought all of it was bad.



I liked the director's vision.


I haven't ruined my expectations with the LNs.

Certainly it was worse off than the regular show. They lost that "film noir" with the films, the ever changing backgrounds, strange cuts, randomness, the "pretty pictures" as you say. And I wasn't really fan of the sunburnt artstyle, but I guess it fit because it was about vampires. And burning. Burning vampires.

I follower the plot, I got my closure to the series and enjoyed it.



Reading posts like these make me kinda envious of watching the movie.

One of the best things from Monogatari is the atmosphere, the avant-garde & experimental elements.

I hope Shaft knows what they're doing, since they have one more "arc" from the author to adapt.



Pretty much this. The show turned to shit early on when they ran out of plot or direction and replaced it with fetishism. And now they're trying to pull in anyone using anything for that sweet cash and OP's confused. If it took you this long to realize the series was overblown disappointment, you only have yourself to blame.



Your grand mistake is to believe anime is some kind of high level art when it's only entertainment. By that logic, you don't watch anything, because almost every anime appeals to fetishism and casuals.


Not to mention kizu is a plotholefest.



This feels like it was made by a 3D.



No I thought it was patched up pretty well. What plotholes are you talking about? The story was very straight forward.



You're talking as if there had been plenty of better anime since 2009, when in reality there barely has been anything even in the same league, nevermind better




All I wanted was a quirky show about a half-vampire doing occult things. I never asked for loli incest.






I think you misunderstood something. The fetishism is there but I don't think it was a detriment to the plot or the show's direction at all, and in fact even complemented it in some segments. Just because one things is there doesn't mean the other can't be. Monogatari never left me wanting for story content.


I liked this, especially the Araragi-Shinobu cute moments, but also the moment they meet.


Does koyomimonogatari and after even have good subs yet?

I've been stuck at koyomimonogatari which doesn't seem to have anything good, there's just commie which is always so-so.



>commie subs

Isn't that the one fansub who always stick epic memes on their subs?


File: 37fdd893d1bf01b⋯.jpg (71.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1424144125498.jpg)


Good God, that is reddit-tier thinking anon.



Depends on why he might not like it; also, he didn't necessarily say he didn't dislike it, just that it wasn't what he wanted.



Depends to be fair. Anime is a medium, and you get a very different experience when animes change, despite similiar art perks.

The most easy to commidify package of today is entertainment, so there are huge financial incentives and rewards to make your average anime show as entertentainment.

Simple right? Trouble begins when you realize the average anime watcher is someone who feels of entertainment-platform-obsessed western media in the first place, but not ready enough to turn reading books into his/her #1 hobby.



*who feels tired of entertainment-platform-obsessed western media in the first place



They don't always do it but yeah.

Their subs can also be really shit for animes they don't care about but sub anyway, although monogatari isn't one of them.

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