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Reminder that in the event 8ch goes down, our bunker will still be up and running.

File: f42d30ccca49708⋯.jpg (412.01 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, Image00000.jpg)

File: 86f8bb2908727c4⋯.jpg (598.77 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p061.jpg)

File: fb070261856cfaf⋯.jpg (484.57 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p062.jpg)

File: c41a80b590060f6⋯.jpg (514.33 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p063.jpg)

File: 4daa3221e82435e⋯.jpg (535.41 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p064.jpg)


Translator here. Slowly returning to the project. Reposting the chapter we ended on with the club hitting the hot springs.


File: a782c06ea3bb1af⋯.jpg (554.55 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p065.jpg)

File: bea5a96d009d09d⋯.jpg (560.87 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p066.jpg)

File: e60c0a70643c5bb⋯.jpg (510.67 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p067.jpg)

File: 97d397673051108⋯.jpg (452.74 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p068.jpg)


File: c990538cc1d0f9b⋯.jpg (550.67 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p069.jpg)

File: bd713159f075ae1⋯.jpg (495.53 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p070.jpg)

File: a20100363fe2461⋯.jpg (542.04 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p071.jpg)

File: 68a9fd94b655b0b⋯.jpg (549.82 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p072.jpg)

newly translated pages start here


File: 61564b5dddac569⋯.jpg (495.25 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p073.jpg)

File: 770280bd799765b⋯.jpg (541.31 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p074.jpg)

File: 1486955ee0bc816⋯.jpg (493.25 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p075.jpg)

File: c3a101503ae0542⋯.jpg (157.84 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p076.jpg)


File: 6cab3e96424a4c9⋯.jpg (666.38 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p077.jpg)

File: f22933e2add5149⋯.jpg (532.12 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p078.jpg)

File: 135c7324a865a0a⋯.jpg (400.71 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p079.jpg)

File: 7c876e45ce22b37⋯.jpg (438.55 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p080.jpg)

More furo fun


File: ced0ec36691e951⋯.png (237.78 KB, 505x472, 505:472, ced0ec36691e9518b8900acb41….png)



I feel a kinship with this sensei


File: 9e9d8ee68b76a25⋯.jpg (405.59 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p081.jpg)

File: 977c769284c185e⋯.jpg (380.46 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p082.jpg)

File: 074cf111036bd8e⋯.jpg (466.84 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p083.jpg)

File: 190b19f81ad9055⋯.jpg (527.16 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p084.jpg)

might halt the postings for now, since things to do early tomorrow


Thank you so much for your effort man, your translation is top-notch.


File: e94044da28c73e4⋯.jpg (494.98 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p085.jpg)

File: 0bdf90fefb217b0⋯.jpg (498.03 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p086.jpg)

File: ac277e95ed37da1⋯.jpg (469.62 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p087.jpg)

File: 55923053993ee4f⋯.jpg (554.86 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p088.jpg)

File: 8cccd9bb99fcfd8⋯.jpg (512.61 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p089.jpg)

TL Note: "Show" was actually "shou" / "salt"


Thanks for your hard work, OP. These are great.


File: a800004a204c948⋯.jpg (110.77 KB, 760x879, 760:879, BEEG.jpg)

File: a24893bce14090b⋯.png (510.13 KB, 618x736, 309:368, beeg2.png)




File: efe2f26d81ebd64⋯.jpg (486.39 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p090.jpg)

File: c0bc82253e5c773⋯.jpg (600.39 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p091.jpg)

End of chapter. There's an instructional wrestling move page after this before the next chapter though



Fuck you BEEG.


That's the most adorable thing I've seen, doing a Sleeper Hold like that.







How many chapters are left in this volume?



9 to go


This is awesome. Thanks for coming back.

Are you posting complete sets somewhere, or do I have to scrape archives? I don't know how much I got from before your hiatus.


File: bb83ca232250f9a⋯.jpg (202.99 KB, 995x1486, 995:1486, p001.jpg)


Vol 1 : https://mega.nz/#!SRtQAZwT!AiS_tZz-5mdX6tnbkJ5KAwKS_1EdZnpECx1ImtC4AqY

Vol 2 (up to ch.18) : https://mega.nz/#!DVVmnJLC!wNzX26Q4KWlCU2BEsz7S352fy8mu72wu2nkpez8_wgk

There are newer scans of vol. 1 when Vol. 2 came out, but the translations and edits were done to the earlier smaller scans.


Does Japan wrestling have a SHOCKING DEBUT? I want to see Ako tripping like the Shockmaster.

And if they ever get an animated series, to have the seiyuu in-character commenting on Botchamania.


File: 4ac1a58acbdf830⋯.png (104.36 KB, 250x250, 1:1, sweating gene.png)


Good golly, I knew the Mexican Surfboard had lewd potential, but never like this


File: 7e498f7b1572888⋯.jpg (453.4 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p093.jpg)

File: c0fd694e841c2b1⋯.jpg (465.42 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p094.jpg)

File: 461ecba1c5c9bde⋯.jpg (504.8 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p095.jpg)

File: 757a745fb22f84b⋯.jpg (600.55 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p096.jpg)

Skipping wrestling move page for now.

I like how Narumi claims she has Saiyan "Zenkai"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Japanese wrestling is really WWE tier.


File: 4ed98c3014851af⋯.jpg (612.48 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p097.jpg)

File: c14ca34bc2b3d2c⋯.jpg (641.3 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p098.jpg)

File: 139acc578e2893c⋯.jpg (406.97 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p099.jpg)

File: 3df82d5fe42d050⋯.jpg (435.3 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, RKHold2-p100.jpg)

Thus finishes another chapter. It was short, but the blood effect was fun to do



Question: What did the blood message originally read?


File: ee50493adbd9540⋯.jpg (505.67 KB, 1284x1920, 107:160, Image00099.jpg)


no joke, that's what the Japanese had. Not too many terms start with "purore / プロレ" in katakana


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Calorie's ass

>Sweet Chin Music

More like Sweet Ass Music


What kind of outfits would the girls wear once they had a budget and a seamstress?

I can easily see Calorie with a simple jeans/Jean shorts and shirt combo, Tanya with a cute/hot Joshi outfit and Ako with something wacky, or a full leotard with an outrageous graphic.




A formfitting babyface joshi outfit. Bright pastel colors and girly frills.


Either an outlandish Luchador or masked high flyer outfit, or something with a skull/ demon on it. Or a gender flipped Ultimate Warrior. Basically, KANA.


Wrasslin' cowgirl or something that involves a skirt, fishnets, and thighhigh legwarmers and fringes.


Something as close to Manami Toyota's goffik studded leather outfits as possible. With a middrift or a navel window for that sexy belly button.


As close as a girl can get to the Antonio Inoki/ Strong Style black briefs, boots and pads, just with a sports bra or something. Asymmetrical accessories like mismatched wristbands/ hand wraps.



Maybe it's some kind of joke about "pro-restling" sounds like "pro-retairat"

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