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File: c64e6aec4bed4c4⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 1124x1592, 281:398, 1493033419213.jpg)


All negativity aside, how could this have been a better show?


Actual characterization and development.

The main character is a girl and she fucks all the chicks.



An internally consistent setting would have helped. Instead of constantly making you scream


You would instead be focused on the characters and their problems.. But then that requires actually characterization and development, like >>731269 said


File: e8823f033c9ced8⋯.png (96.97 KB, 1182x197, 6:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f87af0383f6d9f6⋯.png (115.79 KB, 1181x301, 1181:301, ClipboardImage.png)


Are you that buttmad guy who shits up the thread on /tg/? "Everyone who disagrees with me is one person" aside, the timing is just too perfect.



Season 1, First Half = Good

Season 1, Second Half = Bad

Season 2, First Half = Almost good

Season 2, Second Half = Garbage


Having a writer who has played video games in the past. Failing that, a writer that did some extensive research on the subject he was writing about. Failing that, a writer that opened a wiki page on gaming to cure himself of his woeful ignorance. Any of these three options would have substantially improved the product.


They'd have to change so much stuff for it to be good, it wouldn't even be the same product.


File: 53fb96df0ee5cfe⋯.gif (1011.49 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 1370718766005.gif)


>show is entirely surface level the entire way through

>little in the way of social commentary

>Pretty much entirely about how the MC is a total badass lone-wolf who wins the heart and marries his pure waifu

>ACTUALLY it's about social commentary and how virtual worlds affect society! CLEARLY you don't understand because you're just thinking of the series compared to mouse and keyboard games! You just don't understand how real everything is!"

I didn't know such pretentious faggotry was even possible. This is some full-blown pretentious reddit autism.



By following the progressive novels.


SAO's biggest crime is that it's a melodrama disguised as an action adventure, so it would've become way better by either

>1. Dropping the action adventure pretense and presenting itself as the melodrama it is


>2. Dropping the melodrama itself and becoming the action adventure that it appears to be


File: d117471a5ff301b⋯.jpg (286.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d11.jpg)


With a dick.

I can't say much about the anime, because I dropped it after the first five eps or so.

I believe it had a good premise. The first two eps were good. I liked how the characters reacted when they found out they were stuck. Plenty of understandable emotional anguish unlike in, say, Log Horizon where everyone is like "oh, we are stuck in a game and our real life bodies are probably out there somewhere, withering away from the lack of nourishment but that's okay, let's build an utopia".

And then that Hot Topic reject came along.

The instant original OC Kirito dispatched several lvl 1001 bosses said something along the lines of "Yeah, I'm a hax. A l337 h4xx0r." and walked off to the sunset is when I started drinking. It was then that I knew this anime is not going to be anything but a wish fullment anime of some rejected 14 years old fanfic author.

Just to make sure I asked my weeaboo friends if the anime ever gets better. No, they said. But it gets worse. Apparently the sad l33t hax gets a girlfriend who then later gets >raep'd, a cheap plot device not even Marvel hasn't used since 1996.

Not that I ever got that far. The bullshit meter was already off the charts.

Back on topic, how to make this anime better?

I think it starts with the creator of this anime. He (or heaven forbid, she), should wipe that thick black mascara off his fucking face, get more loose fitting pants and get a real job. I don't know where this kind of human recluse would actually work in, but I hear Buzzfeed is hiring.

The anime itself is beyond saving.



After SAO, most of them became Attack on Titan fans, if I'm remembering correctly.. and not long before all of that, they were Homestuck fans, who mutated from Hetalia fans. What I'm getting at is that these people are part of a long lineage of cancer.



I think you're getting some people mixed here. Yeah I can see the AoT and SAO fans being the same people, but I'm pretty sure the people who used to be homestuck fans became undertale fans. Two different groups, shitty in different ways.


Well I just got done watching the abridged series. That shit had no business being that good.


By letting best girl who actually is a boy win.


Less {game of this half of the season} more romance.

Less everything, more romance.

Kirito is an unlikable faggot and asuna a shit but more romance.



Oh yes, and this.


File: 6b360e4303c8f15⋯.jpg (204.67 KB, 1107x793, 1107:793, 1437191790807.jpg)


But is SAA actually trash? I've seen a clip here and there and I can say for sure that it's not funny at all and you'd have to be pretty autistic to find it humorous (seriously, it's ridiculous how bad it is), but is every thing else in it at least better than SAO?



The explains why Log Horizon was much better since its author actually played MMOs.



It at least gives Kirito a personality that matches the kind of person who believes that they can solo everything in an MMO that is most likely designed for parties.


File: e8d662049a8ee66⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 540x405, 4:3, tumblr_ots6btjNi21uqmh0po1….gif)

There are many places this went wrong.

For one, why the hell is someone writing a virtual world about a video game when he doesn't understand a single thing about video games? It wouldn't have killed him to do a little research. This really shows with how they barely explain shit on how the game's mechanics work or the game having mechanics that would completely break the game and ruin everything. Like a special skill that randomly shows up for high level players and only they have that unique skill. Said skills can turn characters into one man armies or OHKO anything that can be killed. If a top player decided to just be a cunt and go on a killing spree, no one would be able to stop them. If they leave the game for ages on end, who gets that skill then? None of these questions are answered.

Second, the MC should have been Klein and his group going through the dungeons or individual stories of other characters going through this game and how they died/survived. Klein is a much more level headed character than Kirito and it would have been interesting seeing him manage a group and dealing with the pressure of losing men constantly. Kirito's story could have been him being a wannabee hero because he was a loser in real life. He would go off and solo everything by himself, showing Klein he didn't need allies to win only to settle down later with Asuna and decide living in that world was the best thing that has ever happened to him. Episodes of the other girls didn't have to be them simply slobbering over the MC's dick and they could have had episodes dedicated to just them and how they managed to go through this world. Episodes would vaguely reference events from other episodes to paint a picture to how everyone was contributing to getting out of the game or at least making it a less miserable ride.

This is all just for the first 13 or so episodes of the show. Fixing the show would be rebuilding it from the ground up. Essentially, you can't fix it. If it was fixed it wouldn't be SAO.


File: 3593bebf2acd257⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 727x834, 727:834, ok ren.JPG)


Please write reviews once this upcoming season's animes have aired, Senpai.


>This really shows with how they barely explain shit on how the game's mechanics work or the game having mechanics that would completely break the game and ruin everything. Like a special skill that randomly shows up for high level players and only they have that unique skill.

That was literally a mechanic in Star Wars Galaxy to an extent.



The Force Sensitivity mechanic, at least in the original version of the game, only really allowed you to go through a very difficult questline which then unlocked a single character slot to make a Jedi character with, which then needed to be carefully leveled and kept hidden until you started unlocking force powers, because if they died too many times, they ended up permanently dead as blue glowie spirits... In other words, it was the coolest possible way to do something that would otherwise break the game, but didn't, and actually made that game feel even more special. It felt like it was a word full of possibility and mystery with secrets that only a few would ever uncover. It was the kind of stuff that everyone expected out of MMOs before WoW came and fucked everything up forever.



Humor aside, here are some things SAA does better than the actual show

>Kirito is a significantly better character, and actually acts like a lone wolf super good player would actually act

>Asuna/Kirito's relationship actually has complexity to it, isn't just two people "perfecly in wuv"

>Trims out all the stupid bullshit of the show like the fishing arc

>Kirito realizes who the bad guy is for reasons other than "NO ONE CAN BEAT ME IN A VIDEO GAME SO HE HAS TO BE CHEATING"

>The bad guy is given actual real motivations for why he trapped everyone in a death game

I'd definitely try watching it. The first episode doesn't seem very funny, but once you get a feel on who the characters are it's really hilarious. But even if you think the humor is bad, it's legitimately just better written than the actual show.



It was okay until around episode 5 or 6 when the guy voicing Kirito started with the "yelling about my own problems vicariously with Kirito" cringey, forced bullshit. Abridged series' are meant to be parodies; you can't suddenly decide that your parody is supposed to be serious now.


File: 41fc54a78948673⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1058x731, 1058:731, ClipboardImage.png)


>fixing SAO

Didn't asanagi already do that?


Finishing Sword Art Abridged. I hate to be a memelord and say "it's better than the actual show", but how the living fuck does an abridged series make me care about two mary sues and their story when the original made me hate the shit out of them?


File: 1daf71a5ba27ea7⋯.png (307.88 KB, 610x343, 610:343, Overlord-anime-teaser-009[….png)


It already is



Because both of them established personalities, real character flaws (being actually shitty people), and actual character development/growth.



Somehow they made a decent combat system out of SAO with Hollow Realization. Switch is a cooldown ability that uses no SP(MP) and cancels out your actions so someone else can jump in while you can retreat. It can be used to continue combos, make certain attacks safe if you don't have enough SP to chain into a safer move, or avoid attacks. Each weapon type actually performs different with dual blades being one of the best combo weapons but is mediocre if you don't find an opening from the enemy or stun them which makes it a mediocre solo weapon. You actually have a good amount of control over your allies so you can tell them when to team attack, switch, evade, heal, and stun the foe with skills.

The game is decent but fun at times when played with a friend.



by re-writing the entire thing.

Not that it matters when Log Horizon actually captures the appeal of the premise.



Characters freaking left the game, and it got so shitty after 1 season episode 17 that it was not even worth watching



But then we wouldn't have gotten a chance to see Kirito become a trap in GGO.


End it at episode 14. done.



So fucking what, you fucking faggot? This anime sucks too freaking much, with freaking fairy wings, GUNS, i mean, WHAT.





File: 7ef157058cd0a86⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 252x244, 63:61, 7ef157058cd0a866a48593cf74….jpg)

I like the abridged version.


File: d293de579a30177⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 600x337, 600:337, sword-art-online-plot-hole….jpg)

File: 4c9a3dfaff1ab96⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 3874x2741, 3874:2741, dessin_195_sao_vs_berserk_….jpg)


It's a far more garbage version of dot hack. Even a shit anime like PSO2 is better than SAO, but that's not even an accomplishment. The entire thing needs to be rebooted and handled by more competent writers.


File: 4011f1f11908e64⋯.jpg (59.41 KB, 525x600, 7:8, 4161110i.jpg)


I should have made it clearer that I was being sarcastic, here's a picture of his avatar to apologize.



>Kirito is a significantly better character, and actually acts like a lone wolf super good player would actually act

That alone would fix most of the problem SAO has. Kirito is the living embodiment of retarded edgy teenager mary sue. If he was instead just a really fucking gud player that has an elitist complex all the bullshitting would've been more believable.

>Asuna/Kirito's relationship actually has complexity to it, isn't just two people "perfecly in wuv"

This would be very nice. I actually don't remember why they got together, nevertheless fucking married. Their reason for being together was just that forgettable.


File: 7f19f17c927e8ea⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SAOA Marriage.webm)


Their reasons for getting married were also a lot more realistic in the abridged version, considering the two characters are 16 years old.


>2nd half of season 1 is terrible

By the authors own admission, it is a hackneyed romance; but it can be read in such a way as to improve the quality of the show. The scene where Kirito kills for the first time is a major turning point in his relationship with Asian. Every scene with Sauna before that point can be thought of as an almost normal teenage romance, though tinged with tragedy (as his last crush was killed and he has baggage). After he kills the Laughing Skull, it is no longer a romance but an unhealthy dependency. Kirito needs to love sauna to help him cope with his deeply rooted issues. Notice that prior to that scene, Kirito had a bit more of a personality. However, during his fucking "honeymoon", he's depressed and lethargic. The rest of the season, he's like that. S2 seemed to cure it, but that's a bag of crazy you shouldn't care about anyway. was any of this intentional? No. But it could help to make the story more bearable.



FUCK YOUR SISTER MORON DO YOU THOSE BIG OLD TITTIES!? It could be better by not constantly shifting the plot, never have I been more blindsided then when they 'beat' the game seemingly halfway through the season.

What a strange anime.



>that short clip with two shitty VAs and mediocre at best joke is more entertaining then the entirety of the franchise together

Seems about right.



Nice "review" up until the end. If you tell bad writers to stop writing, then you have zero rights to complain about the overall quality of anime or any other type of fiction. You don't tell bad writers to stop writing. You tell bad writers they need to get better.



I feel you mate. Abridged was actually funny and good imo. The real anime had such potential and honestly I like the yui arch. Second season wasn't so bad, the villain was just shite. I gave up on gungame though, is it worth checking out again?



Literally the only things about SAO:Abridged I hate is Klein's voice in his first couple appearances, and the retarded framing device for the Sachi dies episode.



by not being a pathetic wish-fulfilment fantasy for sad losers?



It's funny because I never watched the original because I of course knew it was a panis et circenses disaster for the dirty weaboo masses, but then one day I saw it on youtube and thought "why the fuck not, time to watch it". After I was done with it, I look at art like the one in the OP and don't even feel mad, in fact it makes me miss the abridged because I liked the characters so much.

The people behind the abridge are geniuses, abridged generally is lol so random jokes but theirs had a plot and everything.



> You don't tell bad writers to stop writing. You tell bad writers they need to get better.

Cuz they're all we got.



Also its faggy libtard shit, rather than bitching about people being retards like a misanthrope would he's mad about what? Genocide? What a fucking pussy.


My normalfag co-worker told me he watched it and liked the first season, the second one not so much. Since I haven't watched it I couldn't really add anything.

I can't believe I'm going to have to watch this crap just to restore my honor as a know-it-all weeabo.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a short summary. I hope this doesn't count as shilling a youtube channel but since he is pretty much dead I doubt it helps him much anyways.



I feel you. Not that long ago I could have said, "If you can name an anime, I've seen it." And now anytime I say that, the immediate response is, "What about SAO?" God damn this shit series for ruining that. At the very least, I've seen enough shit about people raging at the show for how bad it is that I already know everything that happens.


File: 2876c3ad5992d99⋯.jpg (71.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0067.jpg)


I swear this is some data collection or some shit. I've seen this exact thread with the exact picture and question several times for years, ever since it came out.

And I haven't seen this thread for any other shitty show.


>terrible pacing and time skips

Actually tell the story of our heroes leveling, working hard to understand the world around them.

Basically, completely disregard the LN and possibly even change the MC.



Have you read SAO: Progressive yet? This may deliver on what you're asking for.





SAO had potential out the starting gate, with a neat premise and decent animation, and it fucked it up in every way imaginable. It only started improving once the MCs' lives weren't at stake anymore and they couldn't rely on Kirito/Asuna dying as a crutch at every turn.

>SAO = look how supakool Kirito is, ignore the world and the people in it

>ALF = blatant fanservice and more dick sucking

>GGO = started taking the piss out of Kirito a bit, some actual character development happens

>Mother's Rosario = Kirito mostly absent and arc is better for it, some character development happens

It doesn't know what it wants to be other than "lol Kirito is cool and girls like him" and "he is a super faithful husbando even though everyone wants his dick". Either go full action with a romance subplot, or go full romance with the action in the background. Something. ANYTHING, just pick a proper direction. And for the love of FUCK, develop the world a little better; the game was the fucking WORLD they were in and you could barely tell how it functioned. Develop the characters better and make your protag something else other than a more gentle Coldsteel. It's a schizophrenic mess that doesn't care about its quality or how much sense anything makes. It just wants girls lusting after Kirito's cock so he can turn them down because that gets the writer hard.

Even Kirito's own fucking sister gets in on this action. Just in case you get weirded out by incest, don't worry! He's adopted, how tragic! Isn't he so strong and stoic and alone and DON'T YOU JUST WANT TO BE HIM? Now they can hypothetically fuck with no issues so it's fine! It won't happen though because he has a waifu. Then it throws in a fight to show off how high his leet skillz are just in case you forgot. When the steady relationship became too boring for the writer, he decided to throw in some fetish rape fanservice, but with Asuna instead of the loli dragon tamer.

Very few characters have developed personalities beyond [general tone] plus [does/enjoys a thing] and [opinion of Kirito]. Blacksmith girl has "kinda sassy, makes weapons, likes Kirito". Beast tamer has "naive, loves Pina, likes Kirito". We don't learn much of anything else about them because it isn't important as long as something about Kirito is in there. Shino and Yuuki were a step in the right direction since neither seemed to want Kirito's cock, and both had their own serious issues to deal with and work through so they could grow as people.

SAO focused on the least interesting character. He's a teenager who wears black, does martial arts, is a supreme hacker at age 16, really good at building electronic shit, his parents are dead, rides a motorcycle, is so good with a sword that he gets a special unique skill (IN AN MMO) revolving around his style, is apparently the only one who solos high level areas in the game even with his life at stake, every girl is slobbering over him, and in the end he gets what the series deems to be the best girl. And he is STILL the least interesting character. Go onto dA and there's a million teen OCs just like him, all that's missing is "hates happiness, likes MCR". There's no struggle here other than having to tell a girl "no", work a bit harder than usual in a fight once in a while, or having ACTUAL PEOPLE DIE because they're not as strong as he is. And the only reason the last one is a struggle at all is not because someone real is now gone forever, but because it causes Kirito angst. It relies on "people die irl" as its main, and often ONLY, sense of proper stakes and conflict fucks everything else. For an additional giggle, he only chose the Spriggan race in ALF because he liked how it looked, not because they would be the most effective at getting him to Asuna. They are themed around the color black. Wew fucking lad.



He solos in an MMO for no other reason than "some guy didn't like me during the first boss" and "I don't want to risk other people lol", even though he's doing just that. He tries out a guild but they're stupid and all die, so he blames himself and tries to avoid grouping with anyone ever again. This the show's retarded justification to keep him being Shadow the Hedgehog, solo beater. When your LIFE is on the line, game or not, it pays to have someone to watch your back, even if it's just a small group. If the cost was irl death, I wouldn't take on a boss that strong unless I knew I had someone to draw aggro to allow an emergency heal in case things go south, since there is no second chance in this scenario. And this is coming from someone who actually does solo a lot in MMOs and always has: SAO would not be a good place to solo for a challenge or whatever reason, but it would be a great way to get killed. Even if it's not my usual style, I would get a group. He gets roped into being in a guild later on by losing a duel, but it turns out he only lost because the other guy was using admin cheats. EVEN WHEN KIRITO LOSES, HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY LOSE.

Oh, yes. The admin. There is no reason given for why he trapped everyone in a game other than he wanted to. He decided to make a world, populate it, then give them a way to get out. I guess it would be a pretty cool way to suicide that would beat out Toaster Steve in every way, but you don't see much motivation outside that. They could have explained that the man clearly wasn't all there, but they try to paint him as a polite and tragic figure. At least the cringey elf arc had Oberon want to fuck Asuna. It was a stupid motivation but at least it existed. Kirito uses his own 1337 skillz to haxx the philez at at least one point in the series, but the thing that really sticks in my craw is their AI daughter, Yui. Her entire existence and state of being is fucking weird, but that could be forgiven if she wasn't used as a deus ex machina at every turn. Surprise boss fight? She's an immortal object with access to game files, so she can just kill it in one go. Shit in the way? Let's wall hack! She knows where everything is in the elf game, and can apparently even remove the thing keeping Asuna trapped. (I'd bet my left nut that the writer considered the idea of making her crush on Kirito too at some point, but settled on pure daughteru instead.)

The show regularly ignores supposed game mechanics, or bends them to a really weird poin5t, so Kirito can burst in and break them, like getting out of attack/spell effects or making bosses he's fought appear as illusions without establishing why that's possible beyond "ALF was build on SAO". After laying in a hospital bed for 2 years, Kirito immediately stands up, grabs his IV stand, and walks out the fucking door. They retcon it a bit after and how him going through physical therapy, but they never actually change that ending. They pull some murder trauma out of their ass in GGO to give Kirito some semblance of an actual problem in the form of PTSD. Can't Shino doesn't steal the spotlight completely with her own, but at least they try to work through it together. The attack on the LC guild was never actually shown in SAO at all until the GGO arc, nor did any effects of it show up until then.

I really wanna rant more about the stupid shit in this show, like the whole LEVEL 78 OMG criminal roundup, and the slash combo against the Gleam Eyes, and that fucking failure of a final task in ALF that didn't even have a standby quest scenario programmed in on the off-chance a player actually did complete the ascension tasks because Oberon was too busy whacking it in his birdcage. The whole premise of transferring your character and stats over from one MMO to another completely different MMO just because they use the same base "seed". That Kayaba didn't account for the possibility that a good chunk of the people who got the limited game release might just be single shut-ins with no one to look for them and bring them to a hospital, so they'd just waste away and dehydrate/starve to death in the game. That a bunch of people wouldn't rip the helmet off the player's head before news got out that it kills them instantly. That no one would notice the fucking game helmets might just fry someone's brain if something went wrong with it in the first place. There's just too much of it and I'd have to write an encyclopedia to get them all. Almost nothing is explained properly, and the few things that are explained are completely retarded.



>not a pussy


>not afraid to show his power

>uses his power instead of hiding it

>still does the right thing as long as it favors him

pretty great



IRLfag who dealt with these people back in High School. Can confirm that >>731439 is correct. Most of these faggot weebs ruining anime in the west are from a long lineage of fujoshis and similar shit who have been watching the same sets of series. It started with Fruit's Basket and moved its way up through SAO, AoT, Hetalia, and Homesuck shit. They almost all spawn from the same plebbit subgroups and tumblr fandoms, and they just leech off the next cancerous subject when it comes along. They are the definition of 3DPD and in most cases I pity them because even they recognize their own 3DPD nature/understand the errors of their ways, but can't reconcile it, so they turn to cancerous shadow puppet cartoons as a means of escaping that reality.

Sage because I wish this thread would die and I'm surprised it hasn't been kill.


Also, look at Accel World for a proper example of how to pull off a shitty mmo world without it being complete garbage.



Kirito dies in the first episode forcing Klein to recognize shit is for real. Told from the perspective of a normalfag adult new to video games, he relies on his real world life experiences and interpersonal skills to band together with other people to survive in this bizarre new world. Sometimes friends die and sometimes adversaries win and its not always cut and dry which are which, but he still adds to his repertoire of proto-dad knowledge with every adventure. Maybe have him explore the world of npcs and vendors when adventuring prospects seem too rough. A couple love interests developing naturally over time and drawn to his wisdom and maturity, rather than wanting to jump on his dick the moment he gives the most innocuous of compliments because MC.


File: 8f71866e5a93364⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2 years.jpg)



This bothers my autism. The quote is from volume 16.5.




This is actually a real quote?


File: 443a1310a75a245⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2880x4066, 1440:2033, mainvisual.jpg)

I don't know much about the series, but decided to give a chance to this Gun Gale Online "Alternative" spin-of, and I'm actually enjoying it. I guess I just love cute girls with guns too much, can't wait for the anime.


File: 91e0cfff054c86d⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 500x669, 500:669, 1446641223992.jpg)


It's a translation of a real excerpt from a volume of the original web novel that doesn't exist any more because Kadokawa took it all down when they started publishing the physical books.




The first part of the series gave two very large indicators to me: Kirito is the author's self-insert, and the author probably knew the idea of what an MMO is, but mainly played single-player games. While the former isn't the best thing in terms of writing a good story, LN's/WN's aren't usually trying to win any critical acclaim as they are trying to sell copies. So from a cynical perspective the author did an amazing job since this series now has LNs, an anime series, manga, and video games. As for the latter, it is beating a dead horse, but SAO and ALF don't play like an MMO would. From a gameplay perspective it would make more sense for it to be a single player JRPG, but that wouldn't allow Kirito to have players fall in love with him.


File: 231b60aca119f58⋯.jpg (67.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1253176219184.jpg)


>They pull some murder trauma out of their ass in GGO to give Kirito some semblance of an actual problem in the form of PTSD.

I completely agree that that was some bullshit, but I think that that was in the LN.



Isn’t all anime basically that?



About MMOs, they're the way they are (shit) because they work best when combat is turn or timer based rather than real-time, due to network conditions when they were invented, and the publisher's desire to make it functional for as many people as possible. A modern one could theoretically have real time action combat like some kind of co-op Souls, but for every additional player in the area, everyone's connection gets bogged down more trying to track everyone's actions with millisecond accuracy, and the combined lag of the players in the group makes coordinating dodges and parries and stuff near impossible.

It's possible that in a near future where VR has developed to the Matrix-like level shown in SAO, that internet connections have advanced enough to allow real time action gameplay in MMOs.



When I got half way through it I began passing out from boredom after a few hundred words. It was a good sleep aid for about a month. I did like the ending though.


if the anime was SAO Progressive


Yui full frontal nudity plus penetration, or as I like to call it Yui/lewd


the sao videogames are good



>being forced to play as Cuckito




File: fcef3525d9b013c⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, scissor.mp4)



The one guy to treat his girl like shit got his ass beat and thrown in jail. And he's drowning in a harem of bitches, including his own fat-tittied imouto.

Kirito is a lot of shitty things, but a cuck isn't really one of them.


File: 990c52f73f330de⋯.jpg (318.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I dont think thats how it ….jpg)


It couldn't because its not Log Horizon, Overlord, .hack or Only Sense Online. It is also the biggest "self-insert/I'm a big-bad-ass!" show I have ever >>731280



This guy needs to anhero.




And there you have it.


File: f74ca7bdf393d02⋯.jpg (157.18 KB, 823x933, 823:933, 1508531431399.jpg)



I hate it when these fucking nerd authors write sex scenes like it's a doujin

I bet they're the kind of people who think semen comes spurting out of a hole in streams when you ejaculate into it



>National Bestseller author De'nesha Diamond burst onto the scene as the co-author of the gritty Desperate Hoodwives tales. The Essence magazine recommended series has taken the street-lit game by storm and paved a brand new path for the edgy Memphis native.

>nerd author

Anon please.


File: bf6a6425eefb3ae⋯.jpg (991.68 KB, 1447x2048, 1447:2048, bf6a6425eefb3ae5758d7f54f4….jpg)

Seeing how much passion SAO generates in the form of hate here and love by almost normalfags, makes me think it's actually on to something. It wasn't the first anime set in an VRMMO. So why was it so popular? Probably because most anime actually does center around wish-fulfillment for it's core audience. People watch it to escape. That said, having absolutely everything always go Kiritos way, makes it harder to 'suspend disbelief.' The Asuna sexual harassment and almost rape generated the most interest especially from female fans. In general they really love the white knight vs dark knight fighting over the princess meme.

I'm actually interested in copying what made SAO interesting in the first place. The sense of adventure of discovering a new world, and how the love (and other emotions) for a fictional world can bring people together as friends/lovers/enemies, even IRL. The MMO as social network is a concept I find interesting.




BY making it into SAO Abridged. It fixed ALL the problems and it one of the greatest things ever made.



The first two episodes of SAO:Abridged have some real shit performances from the voice actors, and the "christmas tale" framing devices of ep 2 needs to fucking go away. A recut and some redubs, especially from Asuna and Klein's VAs would go a long way.



Someone must have it saved somewhere.



>Gets access to the game's coding and can do anything with it

>Decides to store an AI inside and item instead of attempting to re-enable the logout option or make himself himself invincible so he can easily beat the game solo like he wanted to


I wouldn't call them good. More like wasted potential. HR had many great things going for it and with a larger budget and some redesigns to how the game was made, it could be gold. Like put those mechanics and combat into a world like Xenoblade Chronicles. With real quests instead of this "Kill X Y amount of times" BS.


Wasted potential will upset people way more than a simply bad product. SAO could have been something great and many probably saw that in the first few episodes. However it took some of the worst turns possible while still being loved by many somehow.



I treat it the bad beginning as a sort of mockery of SAO too. The fact that it can be the "better" anime despite having shitty VA work and the like is a slap in the face to the actual show.

Also it's a joke youtube series, not an actual professional production, so I don't go in expecting anything beyond amateur quality in the first place.



SWE is affiliated with T4S, and as such can be held to a higher standard than most gag dub fangroups.



>Take the Elfheim-based game

>Fix the flying controls

>Let me build my own character

>Create a story that could be "the story" of ALO

>Throw in the known characters as NPCs/Cameos



Shit, if they feel like they need to inject waifu time, let the spurned women's club be partyable NPCs you can build affection points with. Shit, the more I think of this the more I want to be able to date Silica ingame as my own original character dougnut steel.




Honestly I would rather Kirito be an optional post game boss. Taking on the OP hero, like the Demi-fiend fight in SMT Digital Devil Saga, is always a cool feature.


If SAO came out when I was 11 or so it probably would've been amazing.

It feels like it was specifically made for 11 year old mmo autist chuunibyou me.



It's actually really simple too. Just include a "PVP" system where you can challenge most NPCs to a fight. But any time you try to challenge Jesus-kun he turns you down. But after beating the end boss, he sends you a PVP request stating that he'll wait for you at the end of a high-level raid dungeon.



>The ability to transport your conciousness into a world indistinguashable from this one

If this is bait it gets points from me for working on so many levels.


File: 925643b9bd578d7⋯.webm (5.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SAO Abridged Forging.webm)


That whole abridged series is just better, it's amateurish and pretty bad but it still manages to top the original. It also made the crafting system they pulled out of their ass amazing and something I'd actually want to play.


File: bacbf1e5cf1fded⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.97 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, Sword Art Online Alternati….jpg)

File: 2a615c5764436f2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.68 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, Sword Art Online Alternati….jpg)


The first volume of the manga released recently and already has scans online, it's pretty nice. The writing doesn't feel like SAO at all, even the GGO part has a much more military feel instead of how cyberpunk-ish it was in the anime. I'm enjoying it so far, cute MC and fun action.

I didn't expect the slutty loli villain, though.



No clue why MMOs don't make forging more fun. Where, instead of making forging easier as you get more points put into forging, you get access to harder minigames that grant way more bonuses. You could do the same for fishing, cooking, and mining.


Just continue with what the first half of season 1 was doing, it would've been an ok show like that.

Did anyone else find that the movie was somewhat of an improvement, I surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed it for some reason



MMOs, or at least modern ones, don't make anything fun. They aren't meant to be fun. They're meant to be cheap and very addictive to exploit the cash cows for as much as possible.



>that clinch win during the TTGL part

Yeah regardless of context that shit gets me rock hard.


Because that'd be fun and fun is verboten. Making forging a rhythm game would be neat. Add in more elements with difficulty until forging a masterwork weapon would actually mean something other than good RNG. Increasing your forging skill adds multipliers so that you can squeeze more out of your metal.

Hell make an entire MMO setting with an overall musical theme and make forging something like "Playing music to sooth the spirit of the metal" or some fluff like that. Same thing for different crafts, with an "auto" mode that produces the minimum potential result for the skill level.

Or something, i don't fucking now. I just want to be a potion maker in an MMO and have that be enjoyable.


File: 8022634d89812e1⋯.jpg (142.11 KB, 250x231, 250:231, 0761341d983cdb3166927bb4df….jpg)


I think we're being too hard on the edgy 14 year olds who want to live this wish fulfillment. While trying not to turn this into a moralistic tale, try to dull the edge on these kids.

Give a lot of screen time to Asuna WITHOUT Kirito around, to impress that she's a person too and not someone else's accessory in a fantasy, develop her character to more than "I want Kirito's dick".

Screw the fairy arc, story ends in first game, that's a long enough stretch of a premise.

Take away all of Kirito's cheats, no duel wielding, no game console hacks, minimal plot armor, he's just a "beater" who knows his way around games. Also none of the "my hp regen faster than your damage". He's good at video games, don't linger on it.

Change up the humour, it falls flat 90% of the time. Kirito is damn uncharismatic, and that fits his character so that's fine. But find humor somewhere else.

Now to the meat of the story. Kirito is a loner who doesn't want to be around anyone for admittedly selfish reasons. At worst he does not want others to get in the way, at best he does not want to feel the pain of losing them. And somehow this is not a weakness, there needs to be a week Kirito, the kirito who stalks Asuna with whatever social tools they have cuz he's lonely. There needs to be more dirty looks thrown at him for not helping out others by other than throw away thugs. There should be a show of how hard it is to live alone, without others to complement his skills, without everyone throwing themselves at him to help him. There should be an inconvenience to his loner lifestyle.

On the other hand show more of the Guild stuff through Asuna's perspective, show the social part of MMOs, people helping each other to accomplish things. Asuna is second in command of the biggest guild so give her more presence, not Satsuki Kiryūin levels, but give her leadership characteristics.

The romance; this is how I figured it out, here goes the neckbeard virgin brace yourselves:

Have Asuna reach out to Kirino on a purely pragmatic level contrasting the image of community she presents. Asuna wants Kirito to join her guild because he's strong, that's all she sees in him. He refuses cuz muh loneliness, she suggests a duel, if he's truly independent then he wouldn't lose, if he loses he joins her guild. She beats him and Kirito joins the guild. Given more opportunities to watch her he falls in love with her capacity to endure pain from losing others. After they form a professional relationship, Asuna sends Kirito and some goons on a dangerous mission he quips "I'm fine with dying as long as I know you care for me". The mission is completed with some goon loss, when he comes back Asuna confesses that she really can't bring herself to care about her subordinates, and that she's really selfishly using them for her own purpose. Disgusted Kirito leaves the guild and forms his own guild where he actually cares about his people, although deceptively, he is inspired by Asuna to endure the pain of being around others.

The finale:

The SAO holds a sort of olympics/sport festival to lighten up the mood, the competition is among guilds. Asuna is representing in dueling; Kirito enters the dueling matches to face her. They eventually face each other in the final match, Kirito says "I'll fight you cuz I care about you, let's see if you can ignore my feelings. If I beat you, you'll love me". They fight, he wins, the story ends in this lighthearted manner. No closure on whether they get out of the game or not. Perhaps drop hints that Heathcliff was behind the whole thing but leave it to the viewer to imagine the rest.

Let me know if anyone cringed their balls off.


Overlord kinda worked because it fully embraced its "what if scenario". It had both ok lets see how much I can fuck around now the game is no longer being restriction, and funny moments with NPC trying to comprehend players conversations.

Goblin Slayer works because it is story about how all the RPG raids would work out for new adventurers. You kinda have to appreciate how much it went all the way in terms with vulgarity and brutality. Especially when it later actually gives goblin king development to show why they are like this.

Konosuba works on similar premise but uses its setting as comic relief. Some shit that you should be able to do on lv1 unnamed but they failed horribly.

SAO failed because it was romance anime number 134, now in video game. It was we are stuck in video game anime that done nothing with its premise. Or rather it fucking failed because it failed to write its premise properly.

Entire you die in video game, you die in real world was overdone already and SAO fucked it up much more.


Skip from the first half of SAO1 to the second half of SAO2.


I'm aware that I'm bumping a thread about garbage, so pls no bully. Did anyone have the foresight to download SAO Abridged 12 before it got taken down? There aren't any mirrors that I can find.



>SAO Abridged 12

Again? I know the episode is good but it's not that good.




Note they keep a "season one" which has all the videos back to back if anyone wants to save it you have to edit it out of that right now.

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