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File: e31d216438e3712⋯.jpg (119.23 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black clover.jpg)


Magically challenged MC gets anti-magic powers instead.

I have to say I enjoyed this first episode.


File: 1ac78afb8bcf28e⋯.jpg (130.95 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black clover cant be helpe….jpg)

File: 9cde756692a5b14⋯.jpg (150.85 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black clover pathetic.jpg)

File: 3f801eae9faa6b2⋯.jpg (104.4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black clover seriously.jpg)

File: 8912140b0bfb78d⋯.jpg (119.09 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black clover smug.jpg)

MC is so fucking loud, but his fighting spirit only turns it into a good point. I also noticed the animation was more fluid than usual, the silly bits were very nice too.

I hope they keep it like this until the last episode.


Isn't the manga strongly derivative shonen-crap, or does this have some merits?



It's not only self-aware but also tries to get away from tropes or subvert them sometimes.



Looks very bland and generic


His voice is terrible but I'll give it a few episodes. Crunchyroll has been shilling this really hard.


File: 18610a7a8b0d6d2⋯.jpg (62.01 KB, 381x604, 381:604, 14623965538070.jpg)


It kinda is, but not always. There are things that definitely feel like they are taken from other shit, but overall it's quite enjoyable. For a while it's just "this guy with strong magic laughs at me, but I got ripped and will punch him in the face with my sword".

Right now it's at a horrible tournament arc.

And yeah, just like every shounen started in the last five years it feels like it tries to be the next Naruto



But is he living his life correctly?


File: 83bb84314f16482⋯.jpg (172.08 KB, 819x791, 117:113, 3a3afb47a4fed561388b03a45d….jpg)

It felt like it was trying to be another Naruto. I'll give it two more episodes then probably ditch it.



>Magically challenged MC gets anti-magic powers instead.

The idea of not wanting the MC to have a special power, so you instead make them even more special by giving them the ability to counter special powers, is really popular these days.


I liked the little comedic parts and the random sakuga, but the characters seem awful and cliched. The voice acting is also pretty bad, not just on the MC but on pretty much everyone else, which is a weird thing to fuck up. I'll give it two more episodes but I don't think it can win me over at this rate.


File: 33e599bfae828de⋯.jpg (258.6 KB, 640x960, 2:3, index.jpg)


It's because Index was big and every time there's a hit people copy it in a superficial way.



>And yeah, just like every shounen started in the last five years it feels like it tries to be the next Naruto

>Watched HeroAca

>Does Tournament arc so well that no other tournament arcs can compare

>Almost all other shounen series are mostly tournament arcs

>Can't watch shounen shit anymore because it's been ruined

Not even kidding. I was in the middle of watching Shokugeki no Souma and Yowamushi Pedal when I watched/read the HeroAca tournament arc, and as soon as I went back to the other shows, it was impossible to enjoy them because I realized how poorly they did competitions in comparison.


There is no way I can spend 12 episodes listening to MC yell constantly. I'll give it one more episode to see if he mellows out a little, because aside from that it seems watchable.


Holy shit that annoying frog voice, how is this guy's debut as a seiyuu MC of a shounen jump manga?

I know they've been getting inexperienced idols or random celebrities to voice act lately but who the fuck is this guy?

I like seiyuu with unique voices but this guys uniqueness seems to be yelling with a throat full of phlegm.


File: 587af46faafedd2⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 229x343, 229:343, chrysippus anger.jpg)

Disappointment of the season, maybe the year. That fucking flat, scream-everything delivery with the same exact inflection every sentence made me want to mute the show. The way every little reaction was flamboyantly animated in the beginning drove me nuts. I thought the setting was okay but everything else was hopelessly generic. I suppose that's what I deserve for not doing my due diligence; I probably wouldn't have touched it if I knew it was from Shonen Jump.

But that fucking five leaf clover grimoire was the stupid cherry on the stupid cake. This is some fanfic-tier writing. It blew my mind how anyone over the age of 10 could think that was cool. They say it gives him anti-magic powers but it's just a giant sword. Why give him a grimoire at all if he doesn't have any spells?

I ended up watching it at 2x just to get through it, and then instantly purged it from my hard drive.



>Magically challenged MC gets anti-magic powers instead.

Sounds like Index but somehow even worse.



This sounds like the most amazing sack of shit, I must see it.



>I probably wouldn't have touched it if I knew it was from Shonen Jump.

Hey, that's where we got Saiki Kusuo from so it can't all be bad.



I like some things from Shonen Jump, but I wouldn't have bothered if I knew it had all the trappings of generic shonen all over it.


>Starts with a babies crying nonstop

I'm loving it.

>Abandoned twin brothers

Ok, so it's Blue Exorcist



>3 minutes in

Awful shitty midi trumpet sound track. 20 seconds later shitty awful recorder soundtrack.

>MC has to be explained to that nuns can't marry

>5 minutes in

I'm already about done with hearing the MC go "NERNERNERNENERNER"


File: 338a534b38f8f9c⋯.jpg (471.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Black Clove….jpg)

You people weren't kidding, this guy is beyond insufferable.



>Ok, so it's Blue Exorcist

Holy shit, it's literally blue exorcist.


I feel like he auditioned with that "screaming" voice, but after getting the job he can only ever sound remote like that when actively screaming. So he's forced to scream. ENDLESSLY.


File: 3aa6ad66a48e373⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 680x551, 680:551, 1456505574512.gif)


Well aren't all manlets annoying?


File: 32eb82912532f95⋯.jpg (580.32 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Team_Toguro.jpg)


Hero Academia Tournament arc is shit and pointless because it only serves to show that Deku is a bitch loser and needs to get better (a message that is in every other arc).

And don't try to tell me otherwise, Deku hits that two face motherfucker twice, does it so hard he shatters his own hand and yet somehow he still loses because he has to learn the same lesson over and over again.

Tournament arcs are pointless filler that serves to pad out the length with secondary characters (and to fan the flames for power level arguing faggots), and the only good tournaments are those that get interrupted.


The MC is a caricature, and not in a fun way. He's consistently in one mode for most of the episode, and his behaviors are so exaggerated they don't resonate with me at all. Characters have to have more range than this, even the brothers from Osomatsu-san are more relatable than him. It would have been nice if he'd had a moment of quiet where we get to see how bummed out he is at not having magic, instead of just super autistically striving all episode. I hope he mellows out and acts like an actual person from time to time.

Beyond the protagonist the show doesn't seem bad, but not good either. The part where Yuno said Asta was his "rival" to the chain wizard was horribly cliche. And we all just knew Asta was going to get some super special magic before the episode was done. Hopefully it improves from here, but I wouldn't bet on it.



>And we all just knew Asta was going to get some super special magic before the episode was done.

And to think, instead this could have been a show about an amazingly /fit/ bro in a world of weak assholes that rely on majic, who studied the mechanics and limitations of magical abilities and uses that knowledge to beat the shit out magicians with no powers. Like, what's the point of him working so hard if nothing at all comes of it? He didn't get the powers from working hard, or from his can-do attitude, they just fucking show up.



>Like, what's the point of him working so hard if nothing at all comes of it?

Presumably that train's going to come in useful in wielding that sword, it looks like he's going to be a warrior type who uses magic to augment his combat abilities rather than a straightforward, ordinary mage.



>an amazingly /fit/ bro in a world of weak assholes

I was hoping it would go this way too. A world of magicians is a world where no one has any muscle tone. The one fit guy that knows the weaknesses of magic would be hard to beat. Of course its not that. Its just Naruto with Touma powers.


So is the manga better or is it as shit as the anime?



I thought the Fairy Tail tournament arc was pretty good. I guess that got interrupted but I enjoyed it before that.



HeroAca has only had one tournament arc, and it didn't use it to cram backstories into nonstop, it was used to actually develop the character beyond what you've seen so far. I usually bitch and moan non-stop about tournament arcs, but HeroAca's was done incredibly well. I'll still get made if I see another one anytime soon, though



IMO it would be hugely improved just with a different voice actor so I can't imagine the manga isn't better.


File: 8eac366765738e4⋯.jpg (22.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, RuneSoldier3.jpg)



There is a show like that.

Of a muscle mage that punches people.



Why are they stepping out of a giant vagina?



There is a tournament for all the highschool age groups.

If we're unlucky we'll get another one.



Why is there Shredder in a vietnamese rice field map?


Did they get the seiyu who did usopp's voice and tell him to roll his l's and r's to the point of annoyance? This was not the voice of Asta I was expecting.

Manga has been derivative for a long time. It feels like it hit its peak already and coasting along for no real reason like World Trigger (though, that seems to still be on hiatus). I kind of wished he went back and fixed the mess that was Hungry Joker.



Yo, that show is fucking great. Rogue best girl.



File: 83039b00ed5c137⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 300x251, 300:251, Walter_Akatsuki.jpg)


>instead this could have been a show about an amazingly /fit/ bro in a world of weak assholes that rely on majic

I really, really want something like this. Rune soldier gets pretty close.


I think I'm legitimately excited to continue watching this trash heap, and I have no idea why.



>Sounds like Index but somehow even worse.

Or Break Blade.



It's probably going to be my guilty pleasure this season.


Really generic in the worst possible ways

>just bee urself and never give up :^)


MC can't talk for five fucking seconds without rattling his throat. I'm not going to put up with a whole season of this for something so uninspired.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am not going to put up with an anime incapable of respecting my eardrums.



FAVAROOOOO this guy ain't.



Index has no idea what it's doing, I've never seen a story meander more.



>I ended up watching it at 2x just to get through it

I watch everything at 2x speed, except for maybe live action shows. People in media no longer understand or respect dead air and I see a lot of it in modern media and it's fucking unbearable.


File: bd53bd43eec49fe⋯.jpg (73.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1427400722222.jpg)


>I watch everything at 2x speed


File: 9caf14aab32dbf5⋯.mp4 (802.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 9caf14aab32dbf5462f428ea53….mp4)

File: 716a4ce094fb27d⋯.webm (2.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 716a4ce094fb27d104888f3ba….webm)

Dear God his fucking toad voice.


This is terrible. I couldn't even get through the first fucking episode. As others have said, why couldn't this be about a /fit/ chad MC that beats up wizards. And who the fuck okayed that VA? What the fuck.

The generic-ness of this anime coupled with the MC just makes it a trainwreck not even worth watching. Nothing like Re;creators which at least has few watchable episodes and was such a spectacular dumpster fire. This is just plain old boringly bad.


I don't know if it makes it better or worse, but this is the first role the MC's VA has.



>Its just Naruto with Touma powers.

You could say it's Toumato.

I'm sorry.



>let's have the MC of our flagship shonen jump anime adaptation be voiced by a complete newbie because he can SCREEEEAEAEAEAEAM

The person in charge of voice casting for Black Clover is the biggest fuck-up of all here.


I didn't know Aho Girl was getting a 2nd cour.


File: 4b04a1a5e9907ef⋯.jpg (44.96 KB, 540x743, 540:743, 4b04a1a5e9907ef8ab3a0a2a70….jpg)

The premise seems pretty ok. But man, I just can't get over how ugly the MC is.



When anime creators learn how to stop it with dead air I'll stop otherwise it vastly increases my enjoyment of shows. Everything feels like a boring slog without it as you listen to morons moan and grunt for what feels like half the air time not to mention lingering shots on fucking nothing.




Didn't this already come out?

Yeah it did it came out five months ago.



File: 488941a70bfe0e8⋯.webm (11.79 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, tolerable shouting.webm)


I like this version better.


>starting the episode with 5 minutes of nothing

Real classy

>continuing it with 15 minutes of nothing

>faggot giving a speech about how he needs no magic while wielding a magic grimoire and a magic sword and performing a magic attack

I don't know why I bothered with the second episode.


So is the sister going to be anything important? I mean, why did the frog-MC confess? Just so he could be shot down for the audience to go "lol what a loser"?

MC seems like personalityless flake.


That's actually a lot less painful.


its blue exorcist x naruto x boku no hero

but I enjoyed the first episode, except for the MC VA. hopefully that'll be more bearable in the future




>This was the gimmick for a book I wanted to write back when I was a kid.

>Now it's actually being used as the plot of something.

Oh well. You snooze, you lose.


>watch it thinking the screaming can't be that bad

>holy shit it really is that bad

Even a good VA wouldn't be able to polish the heaping pile of shit that is the MC. 0/5, don't waste your time.


File: 9dfc228f5935156⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 400x260, 20:13, k.gif)

"Not giving up is my magic!"


What's funny is that I actually seem some good in this show, but they completely fucked it up. It seems to show the giant fuck-all sword as weighing a "realistic" amount, except MC is autistically /fit/ so he can actually wield it. So that actually would have been really cool to go in with his whole "can't use magic but is still strong" but if it were a sword that wasn't inherently magical because it gets summoned by a grimoire. If it had been an ancient artifact usable only by someone who literally had no magic, or maybe drained the magical ability of anyone who touched it and he found it while romping through the forest as a kid, that would have made this who show work a lot better. But instead they insist he has no magical ability, even though he has an obviously mystical power that blots out the sun, makes everything glow, and summon an impossibly big sword. Hell, his mystical ability is even RATED ON THE SAME SYSTEM AS OTHER MAGIC. 1 leaf is supposed to be poor and 4 leaves were supposed to be god-tier. His grimoire is rated at 5-leaves, and yet they act as if this is somehow completely different?

The other potential the show has still is if they had the balls to make it about how Astra autistically inspires Yuna who becomes the greatest Wizard King of all time or something. It'd be interesting to see them do a story about, instead of the "greatest hero ever," made it about the guy who made him into that, protecting him on the way through his journey. Like a Three Kingdoms show with Dian Wei as the protagonist or something. However, I know that will never ever happen.



No, she won't be.

She's there so that he wouldn't think about the harem he's unwittingly building like any shounen protagonist.



>If it had been an ancient artifact usable only by someone who literally had no magic, or maybe drained the magical ability of anyone who touched it

It is



Assuming you're not lying, that's honestly worse now that it's clearly portrayed as a magical item.


File: d5284c9577522e9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 297.49 KB, 892x1300, 223:325, 008_1486719393.png)


The swords were weapons used by the ancient elves, who have apparently been destroyed by the first Magic Emperor. The sword isn't created by the grimoire, and is actually a weapon of the elven elder.

Asta can only use it only because by coincidense he has no magic at all.


With the pacing of that second episode it really seems like they're in it for the long haul.


Is that a whole new voice actor or just edited? It'd be worthwhile fan edit to do the whole season like that.



I didn't. The mc's VA is annoying I don't know why. The voice just feels fake or forced.

The sound direction is shit in general. I heard voices reverberate 3 times in episode 1. It felt like amateur hour in sound editing or mic checking.


I tried to give the manga a shot because I like the art but man the writing is beyond terrible

There's a part where they introduce two characters and just go "Yeah Asta saved and became friends with these people off-panel, don't worry about it"

Extremely generic shonenshit




In a fucking LN no less.

Also it borrows heavily from both bleach and naruto, I can feel some fairy tail and seven deadly sins too.


The MC voice is the single most annoying thing I have ever heard but I feel that is by design, you aren't supposed to view him as the stereotypical hero but a loathsome douche.

Reading ahead in the manga there's plenty more cringe but hopefully they draw loli farnese with proper nopants.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She certainly has energy and spunk and that loli feel.

But I dunno. Cleric girl is better looking.

His mage friend is also great.



He sounds like Natsu from Fairy Tail pls no bully but instead of the VA varying his voice based on the situation like using a high-energy yelling tone for action sequences and such, this VA seems to just yell all of the time.



>Hero Academia Tournament arc is shit and pointless because it only serves to show that Deku is a bitch loser and needs to get better

Character Development, you fucking retard.


File: ed52d7b0bee5757⋯.gif (350.18 KB, 500x281, 500:281, serveimage.gif)

They did it.

They actually did it.

The managed to do THREE episodes out of ONE manga chapter.

I watched it with the intention to drop it after because I was thinking they would do the entrance exam and it might be no-brainz fun to watch.

WRONG. They're still in chapter 1.

That has to be a record.


File: 1ca806ea4105c19⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 476x360, 119:90, slapslapslap.mp4)

File: 804a1cbaa41f707⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BGM.webm)

>He claims he doesn't have magical abilities while pulling a magic sword out of a magic book

>He doesn't ever fucking try and read what's in the fucking book

>He keeps fucking proposing to a nun in the worst running gag I've ever seen


The worst bit about this show is the fact that I'm actually having a degree of fun because watching Yuno and Astra play off each other is kind of endearing.



>The worst bit about this show is the fact that I'm actually having a degree of fun because watching Yuno and Astra play off each other is kind of endearing.

Some other anon mentioned it but the manga isn't bad (as far as shonen go), the current arc is a "we run out of idea = tournament" BS, but before (100 chapters or so, as usual) it was fairly entertaining.

This is a high budget really terrible adaptation of something that shouldn't have been that hard to make...



The BGM sounds like something from lego racers but more incoherent.


File: 4b7d5081fe91607⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1918x1400, 137:100, IMG_5643.PNG)


The manga is terrible too, what are you talking about

It doesn't even try to change up the shonen formula

MC will meet powerful villain who's cocky about their strength, defeat them with power of no magic, then either become friends with them or they will die

The only reason to read this shit is for the art


File: ef2fd77d24a31f9⋯.webm (4.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Leopard-Raws] Black Clov….webm)

File: 3657f1f045e09e5⋯.png (481.71 KB, 670x546, 335:273, Screenshot - 18_10 002.png)

I wonder if Asta is supposed to be autistic.

The fight definitely made it look that way. Not a single punch to the balls, really?



>the manga isn't bad (as far as shonen go)


>It doesn't even try to change up the shonen formula

See where you're problem is?

Black Clover manga isn't a bad shonen... it's a perfectly average one and was fresh enough and nicely drawn enough, as long as they explored the setting, to provide "suitable" entertainment (IE it's nothing great to talk about, but it will do if you have nothing else to read).

Black Clover anime is something terribly bad you would only recommend to people you want to see in pain, and because of how average the manga is, it shouldn't have been hard to adapt.


File: 1c3532a74ffcbfc⋯.gif (281.34 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1436321233947-1.gif)


I'm kind of disappointed that I feel like I could enjoy this if MC wasn't screeching autistically the whole time.


File: 883bc3b054e34ca⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1569x880, 1569:880, Untitled.png)


Can't Japan stop making stories about supposedly underdogs who try their hardest and then gain bullshit powers that have nothing to do with trying your hardest?


His every line is delivered with the exact same cadence/intonation. Even his non-verbal vocalisations. It's actually pretty impressive that he's able to reproduce the exact same sound pattern every single god damn time.


>everyone understands that the number of clovers represents the general power of your book

>4 leaf clover books are immensely powerful and rare

>faggot kid with no magical ability gets a 5 clover book

>"hmm, probably nothing suspicious at all"

This isn't the only reason this show is fucking trash


>they waited until the end of the 3rd episode to reveal that it's just going to be another god damn tournament show

Did they think this would help them get around the 3 episode rule or something?



Are we sure his seiyuu is a real person? This might be an attempt to have voice synthesis replace actors.





File: 7b76adc6aa032c0⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hello darkness my old frie….jpg)

>normalfag friends gushing over this

>sit me down and show me the first episode going "see? see? isn't it great?"

>its literally naruto.

>all of them love naruto

>SJ is just shitting out the exact same thing again to replace one of its big 3.

>show them Made in Abyss and

>"umm yaa i dunno that art kind of looks like ghibli and that shit looks old and gross"

>Reminded again we arent friends due to similar tastes in anime


File: abd04ca62ab4402⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 215x365, 43:73, 1456687155594.jpg)

I was kinda hoping the mc would have a different weapon for each page, (page 1 is daggers, page 2 greatsword) do i just end the anime here?

Also it's retarded someone can just take your grimoire? Like just nig away with it no problem? Yes, they can't use it but it's not bound to you at all physically?

Voice is bad ect ect. The whole thing just feels like a waste of potential.


>hanging out with normalfags

My guy please



>normalfag friends



You were wrong from the first step


File: 491cd356695d615⋯.jpg (77.96 KB, 600x848, 75:106, DM1bGE4V4AA2SNy.jpg)


but anon if trying hard actually worked we would all have money and wives and wouldnt be watching nip cartoons or be on /a/


File: 65dc78bb7a803bc⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 267x405, 89:135, topgun.jpg)


>normalfag friend

>watches shitty anime

Why would you even have these people as friends? I'd rather be friends with an actual normalfag who hates all anime than these cancerous peusdonormalfags.


>an "elite" group of some sort

>they're all absolutely ridiculous looking motherfuckers

This has to be the one shounen trope that I really fucking hate. Jesus Christ



I've had some casual normalfaggot friends back in the day but I'm glad I never knew any that liked Naruto. Jesus, man.


File: 5e9c10eb9cfe7b2⋯.png (1023.16 KB, 1277x716, 1277:716, Screenshot - 26_10.png)


File: 49289860eb1fffd⋯.gif (16.61 KB, 465x229, 465:229, Freak Out.gif)

>tournament arc

>Spends the entire episode making up bullshit reasons why we should expect the MC to lose

>18 minutes have passed

>MC will finally get his cathartic "get fucked" moment where he obliterates an opponent

>He wins in one sing before anyone realizes what happened

I swear to god, this show fails to make even the easiest storytelling methods work. It fucks up on every god damn level. The plot progresses way the fuck to slow, which at the same time, events in each episode take way the fuck too long to happen. HOW DOES THIS WORK? HOW CAN THEY SUCK LITERALLY EVERY MOMENT OF ENJOYMENT OUT OF A SERIES?



Well, to be realistic, trying your hardest and pushing yourself to the utmost limit (or beyond) would see your body wrecked by the time you reach 30, if not sooner. Just take a look at top athletes and see how early they retire and look at their health after that.

Shonen has a boner for "unlimited growth" and "just a flesh wound"



It's not the pushing yourself hard that ruins you, it's that most of the athletes you're thinking of are in contact sports. Pros in sports like Tennis and Golf last a lot longer than other sports, because they aren't putting themselves in harms way. Mike Tyson competed in a grand total of 58 fights in his career, which isn't really much if you consider it. NFL players nicknamed the league "Not For Long," because playing for more than 5 years or so basically guarantees you a crippling injury.


File: b60974f74ccde3b⋯.jpg (84.87 KB, 418x279, 418:279, ChenLemon.jpg)

This shonen is like as if it was procedurally generated based on previous shonens. Nothing seems to work well.

Being unable to use magic would be the equivalent of being a quadriplegic in our world, yet somehow everyone behaves like school bullies. (Naruto)


File: d7b2a4c6a8b8b2e⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 381x381, 1:1, 1424080751101-1.jpg)


Honestly, Naruto is much better. Especially for its time. Context actually made sense.

Loudmouth dumbass who cannot ninja gets looked down on by his fellow students and constantly gets rejected by the girl he's interested in.

Here we have a loud mouth moron who cannot into magic at all. Which would be the quadriplegic equivalent of their world.

Yet, the writers saw fit to make everyone look down on him same as the classroom. And the girl he desires is a fucking nun who raised him like a big sister. Shit is stupid.


File: 8f7138a019a5637⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 640x314, 320:157, most annoying sound.webm)


Naruto was a loud mouth misbehaving kid, because all he wanted was for people to notice him. The only way for Naruto to get people to notice he existed was to act like a delinquent. In Black Clover, he's a loud brash idiot because....He's autistic, I guess.



that british olive ricenigger does some shit videos nowadays



>tournament arc

It's not a tournament arc... It's not an arc it's the basic intro.

It's literally Chapter 2...

They're going for TWO episodes per Chapter of a classic 20 something pages of a Manga.

Again the manga isn't anything to write home about but that anime is something very special as it looks like it's intentionally meant to be really bad from a perfectly ok/average starting material.



>Shonen has a boner for "unlimited growth" and "just a flesh wound"

You mean Jump's shonen.



I tried watching a few episodes of black clover because I saw that the manga was supposedly popular but I had never started it.

Glad to see that I wasn't crazy thinking that the constant screeching was the worst thing ever. Shame, because I kinda like the whole 'anti-guy in world full of power guys' theme.



>Shame, because I kinda like the whole 'anti-guy in world full of power guys' theme.

Then watch Index, because it's a straight fucking ripoff of that, combined with Ao No Exorcist



I did, Index was what made me like the idea



What annoys me about Black Clover is how they missed the point of Imagine Breaker. Touma isn't amazing because of his ability, it just allows him to not fucking die the moment a fight starts. Touma wins fights because of clever thinking, luck, or sheer scrapping ability that comes from always getting thrown into crazy situations. In Black Clover though, it's a super special awesome ability that has completely dominated every fight he's been in. And if someone is going to bring up how the two fights we've seen happened really fast in the manga, that doesn't fucking matter, because we're watching the anime, not reading the manga.



>Touma wins fights because of clever thinking, luck, or sheer scrapping ability that comes from always getting thrown into crazy situations.

Don't forget his usual plot armor. A regular knife or gun is the best thing you can fight him with. Everyone he fights does the opposite and uses their Imagine Breaker affected magic/science.



Yes, but they even show in season 2. Touma has to go against a bunch of other Level 0 espers and, while he still gets to play the hero in the situation, he's generally running for his life in most of it, because they have the super power of GUN. In a genuine fight against normal dudes, he can maybe take on 2 people at a time due to his action hero status, but he's not a badass ninja, he's still a normal guy. The super powered niggers he fights are people that have never had to rely on anything else, and they don't know how to fight.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ohhh yeah. You could resonate concrete with this stuff.



I can't remember exactly but I believe it states somewhere Touma could take on about 3 people at once due to experience brawling but any more and he runs the fuck away.

Lots of people forget that Touma had experience fighting for years due to bad lack prior to where the series begins, nevermind how much he reasonably improves over the course of the show.


*Angry Asta noises*

If I was any good at photo shop I would make it



>When you 200% ganbare 100% of the time

VA's gonna die at this rate


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This guy sounds like a jump up synth



Japs openly look down on cripples, so I chalk that up to completely different values. Whites baby and coddle cripples and are "beneath contempt".


It's a bunch of buildup to the fight, then the fight is over that is how the animu fights have turned out.


I've just finally decided to give this a go. I'm only three episodes in, here are my impressions so far:

-I think some of you guys are seriously downplaying just how completely generic this series is. I mean these things seem incredibly obvious to mention, but let's go over the plot removing the fill in the blank shit.

There are two characters who are rivals. One is tall and handsome, mature and technically skilled. The other is childish and energetic, has (unusual/light) hair and is shorter than average for his age. He has (no powers, a tendency towards being lazy and can't study but is naturally talented, a learning disability) and is shunned because of his origins (unnatural/demonic origin, powers tied to evil, son of a criminal or tyrant, orphan/poor, from a low caste in a society with a caste system, MAGICAL RACISM [i.e. 'you can't be friends with him, he's a fishperson!']) Cheerful in the face of adversity and never willing to give up, despite what everyone says of him he seeks to become the (pokemaster, pirate king, hokage, emperor, the greatest hero ever, popular, WIZARD KING) in a world where everyone has a power his power is that he has no power, and his lack of reliance on one gives him an advantage because fuck logic.

Now you may be about to say I'm more describing a problem with shonen in general, but nearly every other series has other twists and other original characters to make up for whichever elements are similar, and I've never seen one combine every single stereotype in one series. Not once in OP did I find Luffy anything but lovable. He has a great relationship with his brothers and his antics are generally funny. In FMA the Elrics have very personal motivation for their journey, and they don't take out all of the villains and on numerous occasions fail miserably. Boku no Hero has issues, but the characters are written with likable personalities, to the point that by the end of the second season even the school bully is likable even though he's still a total shit. Magi seems to be taking the standard shonen path when it then jackknifes right off the fucking road making other characters way more interesting and powerful than the supposed protagonist, giving the second protagonist a much more interesting quest, and devoting the second season to a subplot /pol/ has drooled over. Even Bleach as shit as it became started out good with great art and designs and some likable characters.

I watched the first episode, and despite all that I liked it. Even though the demon in the book thing had me thinking (magi+naruto+seven deadly sins+boku no hero) I liked the setting, I liked the idea of the book giving him swords, and in spite of myself I found myself grinning like an idiot when he said "MY MAGIC IS NEVER GIVING UP!"

Then I watched the second episode and I immediately understood why everyone was pissed off. I don't care about the voice actor, but the second episode is the entire first episode AGAIN, but with five minutes of flashback that tell us nothing new about the characters. THEY MADE THE FIRST EPISODE TWICE. The third episode is again more filler. The conversation in the church where the priest and tower master just keep repeating the same fucking lines back to eachother over and over for like five minutes. "It's okay for Yuno to go, but Asta should not." "But he wants to go." "It's okay for Yuno to go, but Asta should not." "But he wants to go." The entire episode was more filler. I didn't believe the reviews when they complained "This series is only six episodes in and 50% of the show is already filler."

But like I said, what's different than the other series is for the most part the other characters aren't likable. At least up to the point I'm at, and at this rate I feel like the season will be over before half the characters in the opening credits are even introduced. Everyone is beyond douchey to Asta about his lack of magical ability. And the running gag about the nun beating him with a water fist for proposing to her when he was a little kid was old three episodes in.

I want to meet the other T&A in the opening, and find out what Marilyn Manson is doing in the series. And I'm told there's a couple other badasses introduced later.


File: 286dcdf4f0cb3d0⋯.png (292.19 KB, 893x1300, 893:1300, 011_1495738854.png)

File: 065dc8777dfecc8⋯.png (237.58 KB, 893x1300, 893:1300, 014_1495738854.png)

File: 99028dc5c24f077⋯.png (204.44 KB, 891x1300, 891:1300, 016_1495738854.png)


>There are two characters who are rivals. One is tall and handsome, mature and technically skilled.

Yuno really isn't like that. It's hinted multiple times in the manga that his calm demeanor is a facade, and while he is a powerful mage, he isn't all that skilled, constantly needing help from Asta and some magic fairy. It seems he's just a quiet kid who goes along with Asta's shit.

The manga moves significantly faster, with all five episodes out right now covering three chapters of the manga. The chapters aren't even that long. It's baffling, because a few months ago an OVA was released, which covered the first chapter with slightly worse animation, but it only needed 20 minutes to do what the anime does in 40.

The characters start becoming likeable when Black Bulls are introduced, who are pretty much all even weaker than Asta in combat. Marilyn Manson is just some guy with no social skills, he never becomes relevant. The best character is probably Yami, who is jap who goes around with his katana and cuts through dimentions with his superiour japanese steel folded more than a trillion times. Best part of it is Yami and watching Asta slowly become more like him.

But yes, it is incredibly generic. Asta gets some berserk mode where he turns black and can't think straight, he has a weird creature trying to take over his body inside him and it's mostly a compilation of shit I've seen before. However, it's really not bad and appears to go into an interesting direction, with Asta being special for not being special and the whole Mage Emperor/ancient elves conflict being shrouded in mystery and hinted at sometimes. Conflict with the other country also has potential.

One thing I hate is how they fucked up Asta's character from "your usual hyperactive protag" into "the guy who can't shut the fuck up" with bad voice direction. He doesn't ALWAYS scream in the manga, he has quiet moments.



>Asta gets some berserk mode where he turns black and can't think straight, he has a weird creature trying to take over his body inside him

I honestly feel that this is so densely packed with the same shounen tropes it should expand into the physical realm and turn into a black hole that destroys the shounen genre under it's own weight.


File: f240a8375272f53⋯.png (357.94 KB, 899x1300, 899:1300, 007_1495109109.png)

File: a1da4a4c096d84f⋯.png (400.77 KB, 897x1300, 69:100, 008_1495109109.png)

File: 9f8194139870805⋯.png (305.34 KB, 897x1300, 69:100, 009_1495109109.png)


Honestly it really isn't. He actually can control it, and uses it a few times in the tournament with only lasting a few moments and having a cooldown before he can use it again.

Also unlike other shonen protags Asta not only realized he had such a form but made an effort to figure it out unlike any other protagonist who seem to get amnesia over such forms or never bother trying until late into their series.


File: 724396e98df1cc4⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1534x862, 767:431, Screenshot - 08_11.png)

File: 42c729ad23ac072⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1533x862, 1533:862, Screenshot - 08_11 002.png)

File: 4c52e008c7cf1af⋯.png (994.8 KB, 1532x860, 383:215, Screenshot - 08_11 003.png)

File: 748e00475257aed⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1536x862, 768:431, Screenshot - 08_11 004.png)

File: 2e7404a5afe2634⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1533x860, 1533:860, Screenshot - 08_11 005.png)

Episode 6 covers the entirety of chapter 4.

Instead of putting in more actual stuff, Asta screams for no reason and everyone tells him to shut up at least five times. In the corresponing chapter Asta doesn't scream like that and nobody tells him to shut up.

Is this anime some sort of money laundering scheme? The animation looks horrible, it moves ridiculously slow, main character is made needlessly annoying, which the creators are definitely aware of since every second character mentions how annoying he is. It seems to me like this anime is designed to be as bad as possible, and I don't understand why. I like the manga, but I can't like this trash. Half of the season is over and we aren't even past the introductions.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The dubs here get hype



>I don't understand why

My theory is that the studio was bullied into it... and they have to do this shit for more than a year (it's suppose to be 50+ eps) so they're actively trying to get the show axed.



>it's actually 51 episodes

Shit, I hope you niggers stop watching



>51 episodes

This is most likely money laundering or tax fraud.


File: 4a73fce93440860⋯.jpg (118.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4a73fce93440860cac6fa576a2….jpg)


> it's suppose to be 50+ eps

You can't be serious


File: 0bb4b281811aedc⋯.png (19 KB, 400x380, 20:19, Screenshot - 08_11 006.png)


It's real.

Also, what shocks me is that there was an OVA done by a different studio, with another voice for Asta. It also moved much quicker.



That can't be anything better than an effing MIDI.



Even fucking around, this guy sounds better then the va who uses his voice like some twisted cia device.


File: 7953c3c7265772b⋯.png (88.95 KB, 1437x754, 1437:754, 7953c3c7265772b2fde259bee6….png)

How exactly is this the most hyped anime of the season? It's like if Naruto and Seven Deadly Sins had a racemixed lovebaby born with a cleft palette. If this was made intentionally bad then 10/10 for the meta parody of shitty shounen but if it's actually earnest then wow this season is surprisingly thin on shows.


There are too many replies in this thread for you guys to be watching this ironically



Not like there's anything else to watch this season apart from Mahoutsukai



Your standards are as low as can be if you're watching this, you could grab literally anything else from the seasonal chart and you'd enjoy it. Have you tried Ousama Game? It's the AOTS for those who enjoy the taste of shit.



Nope. Not watching this past episode 12 or wherever the first manga volume ends.



I picked up about 25 shows and this was second only to Chuuni Taisen in how fast I dropped it, you can pick up almost anything else and it will be better.


>3 more episodes have come out and no one has posted about them

This truly is awful isn't it?


After watching the first episode I just powered through the manga and haven't watched another one since. Was this the right decision?



Depends. If you enjoyed the manga then the decision was right.


So is the manga actually worth it or is it still forgettable shounen trash?

My 3DPD and I are "watching" this at the moment and by "watching" I mean we watched three episodes of it and haven't touched it for weeks.

If she decides she can't be bothered and if it appears to be worthwhile, might just read the mango.

Good fucking Christ this serious is hilarious though, the first episode was laughable.

Oh he has magic after all!

Oh look, he's activated his super secret demon powers in the first episode, who could have predicted MC would have some super secret hidden power?

What would be good is if in the end Asta turns in to a big demon like the one the Wizard King killed, revealing they had basically the same relationship as Yuno and Asta because shounen is nothing if not original amirite.

Anyway yeah Asta transforms and Yuno actually kills him, imagine how refreshing that would be as a resolution?

But no I'm sure Asta will somehow, against all odds either make peace with the demon or somehow purge it without dying.

Post last edited at



>Me and the gf




Manga is alright, but it is a generic shounen through and through. It shows a lot of promise and has a nice cast, but you decide if it's good enough.


File: f7120f865add510⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1534x859, 1534:859, Screenshot - 15_11.png)

Episode 7 covers the entirety of chapter 5.

It finally shows something fun with lads running around.

I'm not sure I will be watching further.



...just one chapter? I sure as fuck hope it had long chapters to start with.

That's One Piece level bullshit right there, though at this point I doubt One Piece manages 1 chapter per episode since it's so fucking garbage.

Used to watch that shit and soon dropped it when they started making characters stare at each other for several minutes just to pad the run time. Fuck off.

In any case I'm glad some anime, like this and My Hero are getting it right by doing it season by season, been saying for years it should be done.


Watched Episode 1. Someone decided to try to make Naruto even more natuto with western themes because muh market.

it blows



I remember reading some of the manga which was ok nothing special just ok. but the adaptation is shit man the guys voice the pacing.


I thought this show was going to be a Naruto clone, but it turns out it's a Fairy Tail clone.

An extremely slow-moving Fairy Tail clone.


This is literally the original Naruto, since that one was supposed to be about wizards instead of ninjas but then Harry Potter became big and the author switched subjects before publishing



It's weird because the manga is a fast-moving Fairy Tail clone.

Except he doesn't save people with nakama power, just your regular determination.



>like this

51 episodes is not a season, it's a fucking year. This is just bullshit.

I'm glad that BnHA and JoJo are doing it season at a time, but black clover adaptation is a trainwreck.



The point is anon, that it stops. It's a long ass season but it'll stop at a point, go away for a year or two and then come back.

Compared to One Piece and Shippuden which shat out an episode every week for years and years leading to ridiculous amounts of awful filler.

Weekly shows are the true cancer in anime, most of them could be bearable with actual seasons even long ones.


File: d9e9e1c414d2db9⋯.jpg (77.41 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1510949591198.jpg)

Well Toonami just became relevant again


File: 15287f10161ad88⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 112x212, 28:53, 15287f10161ad88b0b233b72f4….jpg)


Do you think the dub is going to cast someone just as terrible to be the MC?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best clip of Asta's dub voice I can find, you be the judge.



Why are everyone shilling black clover constantly? This sort of push reminds of when Toriko was shilled as the successor to Bleach



Toriko did indeed succeed Bleach as the most bland and insipid series ever to be published on SJ


File: ea0172a50a41a64⋯.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, black clover dub.webm)

File: 46db777b2d6c3b1⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, black clover sub.webm)


Compare for yourself.



Its toned down, but it feels like the dub took pointers from the japs.



Wow I think his English voice might actually be less annoying.



I wonder why



Good God. I had heard the Japanese voice was bad, but I never expected it to be so bad that the dub would be an improvement.



>feels like the dub took pointers from the japs

Well no shit. Shouldn't the translation be as close as possible to the original? What? Do you want them to re-write/reimagine the character?



I didn't tolerate Renton screaming Eureka's name half the episode in either language. And I certainly have a hard time tolerating this guy's shrill voice since shouting is his default state.


I really don't see much improvement with the English dub, he doesn't suit that voice at all, what obnoxious 15 year old sounds that deep?

I'm still kind of hate watching this in the hopes that it gets good but Yuno is at the very least a decent side character, I just hope he doesn't fucking disappear for aaaages to leave us with Asta for many arcs...that would be the end of what little enjoyment this show gives me.

Still, so far I kinda like what they do with magic and while Asta is fucking stupid OP I hope we see his ass get kicked soon(only on episode 4 or something currently, don't care enough to be current)

Question, in the manga does his sword ever actually CUT people? If it's a special magic sword that doesn't actually cut things then okay but it's really fucking stupid having this big ass sword function more like a baseball bat.

Imagine Guts himself swung the Dragonslayer at things only to not to significant damage, how riveting Berserk would be! Blood is dangerous and scary and teenagers can't handle it.



>I just hope he doesn't fucking disappear for aaaages to leave us with Asta for many arcs

I've been power reading through the manga so far and that happens

and yes the sword is giant and PG



No offense but the actor is abridge amateur quality.


I hate this shit. It is typical shonenshit and will eat up pages for another 700 chapters that could be spent of better things.



What are you, one of those gamergate creepshows?


It's a very predictable, unoriginal shounen. Watching it out of boredom and because I've got nothing else to watch tuesday.



Does that not just sum up English dubs as a whole these days?

The only legit reason I see people preferring dubs is "I prefer dub because read so hard" otherwise they're fucking shite almost universally, there's like 5 good English voice actors that frequent the anime industry.

The rest of them sound completely amateurish like it's the only acting work they could get rather than something they were picked for.

English dubs used to be decent in the glory days of DBZ, now it's pretty much all cringey crap with delivery flatter than the Earth itself.



It's super rushed, actually, so it might not last long. 20 chapters in and they fight the almost final boss and his gang twice.


File: adb6e4a48452ef9⋯.jpg (290.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Black Clove….jpg)

I like the Tsundere



>used to be decent in the glory days of DBZ

You mean where more of them were shit including DBZ


File: fb0959b7fd885ab⋯.gif (247.52 KB, 313x320, 313:320, 83228b2b5b_00.gif)


File: ace7504053d3233⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 426.9 KB, 1242x1818, 69:101, dBM4oRT.jpg)


I didn't think anybody could top Thriller Bark.


All in all. it sounds like a worse version of Ao No Exorcist. The difference being Ao No Exorcist has actually gotten pretty good in the last few arcs. It's been branching out from Rin and fleshing out some of the other characters.



Usually English dubs quality hinges not on the voice actors because they're all the fucking same people but on how grounded and close to reality the show is. Black Lagoon, Baccano, and Monster all have really good dubs, but all of them are pretty removed from what standard anime actually does. But as you go along and try dubs for harem shit and mecha, they get worse and worse the more Japanese they are.



Prison school was pretty grounded in reality outside of the singular contrivance. It is the "adapters" that ruin everything.


>Watching a WSJ adaptation

>Not reading the manga

Absolutely pleb tier. If you are going to Jump you need to Jump all the way. I force myself to read shit like RxL and BokuBen because even though they will fail and crash and burn the aurtists have skilled and are in the Jump talent pool so they will probably come back with something later.

Although RxL was supposed to be homobro's followup to FujoshitxBasketbaru and he somehow fumbled that so hard it is barely clinging to life and VanArch was way fucking better and should have been picked up for a regular series instead of a one shot but the current editorial staff is a bunch of mouth breathing retards and the only good newish series that is published is Dr. Stone and that feels like the Jump editors tripped, fell, and accidented onto quality.



I can kinda see that but still, generally I find older anime are much better in terms of dubs.

The acting in DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho is far superior to Super and Fairy Tail.

I feel like there's just been some sort of switch, if ever I watch Naruto I watch Naruto in English but then I switch to subs for Shippuden because for some reason the acting got super flat and lazy sounding, despite mostly being the same actors.

Kakashi in Shippuden never had the same hint of seriousness he sounds mostly emotionless which is pretty shit. The only vague hint of emotion you can sense is when people shout or scream but not like that says much.


This show is unbelievably crappy (and the manga aint much better), but I do like that they go out of their way to give the other members of the Black Bull group more screentime and even anime-only backstory. In the manga, Asta generally only hangs out with 1 or 2 of them at a time in a given arc, and the others might as well just not exist at that point until it's all over.

I know it's just a method of padding, but it genuinely makes the overall story a bit stronger.

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