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File: ca090e63dbe3bfc⋯.jpg (26.83 KB, 480x325, 96:65, aggretsuko.jpg)


What is the appeal behind this show? And why do I see everyone frequently flaunting it around and needlessly obsessing over it? I've watched a couple episodes but I can't say I'm a fan, if anything, it's makes it's popularly more confusing to me. It's character design is good sure, but that's the only quality I admire about it. I don't particularly like any of the characters nor any of the situations they're involved in, not to mention the animation is severely stiff at times. Surely, design can't be the only reason it's successful.

Polar Bear Cafe was a better slice of life with animals anime.



>What is the appeal behind this show?

Its an anime aimed at woman.

>And why do I see everyone frequently flaunting it around and needlessly obsessing over it?

Furries and Tumblr.


File: ebecb9775cf2677⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 311x450, 311:450, a better animal show.jpg)


Again, Polar Bear Cafe had the same targeted demographics and fanbase but was a much more enjoyable and well done show. It's not that Aggretsuko has a bad premise, it just doesn't work well with it or keep an interesting pace. Seeing as the company who made the show are the same people behind Hello Kitty, it makes me believe marketing fuckery and character design really are the only reasons it's getting out there. That and it might be this show was purposely written as bland as possible in an attempt to appear relateable. Not just furfags and Tumblr are praising it.


It's cute. It has adult-focused humor without being crass and vulgar. The main character's struggles are equally comedic and sympathetic. The characters are charming and can be more nuanced than expected. Its sense of humor is cynical but retains enough optimism to stay relatively upbeat instead of becoming a sad pity party or black comedy. It has some funny gags. And it's cute.



>It has adult-focused humor without being crass and vulgar.

Lots of anime do this.


Am I wrong for not wanting to watch this because it was made on Flash? I saw enough Newgrounds Flash cartoons when I was a kid.



I watched it and was unaware it was made in Flash but considering it's simplistic style I am not surprised.


File: 029a75b30195fb5⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 654x667, 654:667, 029a75b30195fb5efd61f9c56f….jpg)

Because its shown on Netflix and made by Sanrio, the creators of hello kitty. People always talk about the netflix shows because it is what most people will have seen due to ease of accessibility. Personally I just think its just a bit bland, not bad but not anything particularly good either. I suppose some viewers can connect to it since its about office work and it might strike close to home.

Damn Netflix, not sure if I should dislike them or not.


File: 9e23e6cb200e022⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 720x447, 240:149, [laughter stops].jpg)


>Company co-founded by the Great-nephew of Edward Bernays

>Not sure if I should dislike them or not

Do you want the public to be indoctrinated by psychopathic elites that believe they know what everyone should feel and think? If no, you should dislike Netflix.


Nobody knew it existed until it hit Netflix, then the normalfags and tumblrites latched on.


Fucking normalfags reeeeee and etc



Unfortunately true.


Is an anime about adult office people in Japan, and I kinda like those kinds of slice of life animes.


You don't even get a MAL (not entirely normalfag site) link on the first page in search engine when searching "Aggretsuko", really makes you think. Not saying that it's bad though



I swear these people are the most unaware of history. They are actively destroying everything even our anime. Thank god Japan hasn't even looked in the direction of the feminist virus of you know who else

This shit is an attempt to undermine Japanese anime in favor of netflix anime shows(which are shit compared to true anime).

God I fucking hate them.



I want a second Hitler to gas all normalniggers in every media, I'd even give up anime altogether to live in a better world



>Company co-founded by the Great-nephew of Edward Bernays

Are these kikes really that ubiquitous holy shit I just read about this bastard.



Pretty sure the new Netflix series is the reason for it's large Western popularity.

The original Aggretsuko which aired from 2016-2018, was at least to my knowledge far less popular than the Netflix 2018 version, though since it's Sanrio it always had normalfag appeal.


I remember watching some episodes before it hit kikeflix.

It was pretty alright. Some parts were average, but some got a chuckle out of me.

Kikeflix is cancer and the normalfags should go fuck themselves.



They have a documentary defending Gawker called Nobody Speaks.

They have a TV series called Dear White People.

They have a documentary portraying the White Helmets as heroes.

They have a show about teenagers drawn like 8 years olds where they show a little girl talk her vagina. Big Mouth.



>They have a show about teenagers drawn like 8 years olds

Isn't that something normalfags keep complaining about when it's anime? Even when it's not actually true.



But what about Little witch academia and other collaborations funding anime.



Now watch as someone makes a 40 minute video praising it for being a deep deconstruction of the slice of life genre.



It is cute, not entirely terrible, and is on Netflix, so of course it will be hailed as something great by normalfags.


File: aeb1df00b0fd656⋯.png (47.78 KB, 196x230, 98:115, 1440988973131.png)


I was aware of it's existed before then because furry porn, although I paid no attention to it beside I knew it would be something I wouldn't like, but as more and more people began latching onto it I had to watch at least 1 episode to try and understand the craze. Long story short, confused anon and this thread.


Slice of Life is an overrated and overdone genre, Polar Bear Cafe is the only one I've seen that at least attempts to be interesting or less mundane. And it plays around with the fact that some of the characters are animals and doesn't try to play a one note narrative. Retsuko's problem is that there's no motivation or incentive to watch her succeed or get better, I can't care for any of the characters when Retsuko doesn't, she doesn't even care for herself.


>not entirely terrible

That's a bigger flaw than being bad. Bad works at least offer incite on what not to do, mediocre works do nothing but waste time and effort.



I don't think your criticisms hold up the further into the show you get. You could watch it and see if it solves any of your issues with the first couple of episodes. Or you could just give up and resign yourself to the unfathomable mystery of the popularity of a cutesy short young adult anime series on Netflix.

>not entirely terrible

<That's a bigger flaw than being bad.

This is just a meme that people use to shit on average shows that aren't nearly as flawed as the actual bad shit.


File: b7cd6a79a331b3c⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 330x269, 330:269, super retard.jpg)


>you don't understand the show gets better

That's not an argument. I'm not wading through 10 episodes only to find 4 or so good moments, when it comes to shows like these, I don't mind spoiling myself to see if it's worth the time or if my premonitions are correct. I already mentioned a far better show in the same genre.

And the difference between a bad show and a mediocre show is that a bad show can try and fail while a mediocre show lingers, flounders, and outlives it's welcome. I didn't say there was anything wrong with average, you seem to be confusing the two or at least I don't consider them to be the same. Mediocre is far worse than average. A show can have average moments and still be great or still be mediocre. An average show at least sprinkled with good moments and isn't consistently bland.



And you can't say anything about the show's consistency because you barely watched it. Then you made a thread to go "I JUST DON'T GET IT YOU GUIZ, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T GET IT???" What did you want, for a bunch of anons to pat you on the back and jerk you off for dropping it? Congratulations, you spent an hour on an anime, didn't like it, stopped watching, made a thread on /a/ to complain about how you didn't like it with little more criticism than "I don't like it" and "the bear show was better." And then you dragged in this "ACTUALLY, by not being BAD bad, this show is actually WORSE than bad" nonsense.

What's the point of making this thread when you have fuck-all to discuss?



>you don't understand the show gets better

Who are you quoting?



I've seen a couple of the original shorts circulating on social media sites, but it was more of a passing thing, rather than a "fandom".. now we're seeing fanart, shipping, and all the typical normalfag cancer exactly because it's a netflix series. The ease of access and width of distribution means as many normalfags as possible can see it and further ruin anime.


File: 1c9bf1260147934⋯.gif (516.21 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1c9bf12601479343f39572f31f….gif)


I follow the 3-episode rule, if it doesn't catch me by then, it's lost me.

>What's the point of making this thread when you have fuck-all to discuss?

That's my problem, the show itself doesn't give much to work with. What the hell would you want to discuss? Fire away. Give me material instead of saying insisting I'm wrong and can't dislike something you like and provide actual arguments instead of condescendingly mocking me. I'm at least trying to understand why people like it and discuss what I do know or what I think because even I believe my own judgements are unfair to an extent, but eventually I know I should shrug it off and admit to myself this isn't my sort of thing regardless if it's an objectively good show. Retsuko isn't pitiable, I can't support her from what I know from the first 3 episodes and sometimes that isn't a problem if there's a decent supporting cast. But there isn't. None of these characters have any personality aside from "work sucks/anger", "so-and-so did this", and "it'll get better." And I know they develop more later on, but there should at least be a sliver to grab onto. I don't care how truly reflective this is of actual Japanese office culture or society, Japan is a hellhole to live in in this regard. There needs to be at least some focus on driving an actual plot or narrative, like an event or some sort of life scenario, rather than just living it out. Polar Bear Cafe does this and another Netflix show, Bojack Horseman does this. And in Bojack's defense, at least I wanted to see Bojack get better, at least I wanted to see how things would turn out. I'm not saying it's a good show, but in that respect it's a better show because it pulled me in and got me to watch at least the first season. With Retsuko, I expect her to return to her office and have something to be angry about. I have no reason to keep watching because nothing is making me want to see how events pan out for her nor do I care.


>he doesn't understand greentext can be used for sarcasm and an overview of a general statement


>I don't think your criticisms hold up the further into the show you get.

I'm mocking your post, dumbass.



>I'm mocking your post, dumbass.

That wasn't even my post moron.

>>he doesn't understand greentext can be used for sarcasm and an overview of a general statement

I am well aware that newfags and /v/ermin are incapable to correctly use greentext, but that doesn't mean I need to tolerate you retards here.


File: ae7952b135e9527⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 232x231, 232:231, 1438316261819.jpg)


Are you going to come up with an actual argument or are you just going to argue semantics and hypothetical chan club newfaggotry? I did debate posting this thread on /co/ as I'm more frequent there, but ultimately I decided here because it's more of an anime and /a/ seems to have a wider variety of differing consensus. I already told you I'm open towards being convinced there's one good episode and I don't mind starting there if it can alleviate my current thoughts towards it. I don't believe in outright disliking something and I wouldn't have made this thread if I didn't believe there was material for discussion. If you want content or discussion, the first step is providing some yourself. Your negative attitude is almost as bad as Retsuko's, no wonder.

Also, despite not being that involved into the show, I'm aware of Resasuke and the whole scenario involving him. It throws me off a bit knowing that Haida has feelings towards Retsuko, when in this kind of world, they're all different animals and realistically a Red Panda can't have kids with a Hyena. Does this feel odd to anyone else?



Anon, I am just doing my job of self moderation.

> I already told you I'm open towards being convinced there's one good episode

No you didn't, because I wasn't even in any discussion with you. I just attacked you for your blatant newfaggotry.

I actually didn't enjoy Aggretsuko and found it below average, but that doesn't mean I tolerate obvious newfags/crossboarders on /a/.


File: 2594a8ad8581b3f⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 245x296, 245:296, 1437356446080.jpg)


Your gripes seem to be particularly finicky and therefor non-existent, I don't see why there's a problem. I've frequented /a/ before, but only recently have I encountered this type of hostility here among the rise of the newfag boogeyman blame game that I thought was exclusive to certain board autists. Quit fooling yourself into believing that we warrant enough traffic to encounter the constant influx of newfags like we used to. It was a simple mistake I mistook you for the other anon, I tend to blend everyone together. But my point still stands that I was using the greentext to mock his post. I don't see why you have to take it upon yourself to autistically police "newfags" when in reality, actual newfags will ignore it and continue to wrong post until they adapt on their own.

And if you didn't like Aggretsuko, this is the thread to talk about it. Again, spend less time worrying about the semantics of particular posts and focus on the actual quality of discussion or posting. We're arguing over such miniscule details when it's unlikely to happen again and only serves to derail the more we kvetch about it. I'll keep in mind /a/ might be a different place from when I used to browse it, but as it stands further hostility is unnecessary.


The only redeeming quality of this show is the cute voice actor. Everything else is garbage. The reason its getting attention is simple. Its on netflix and feminists are pretending its a social commentary on the patriarchy.


>slice of shit


Shirokuma Cafe and Retsuko are both mediocre. Retsuko is the better series because it has shorter episodes and you don't have to waste as much time on it.


It's popular because of how easily accessible it is.


It's popular because it's "relatable" and normalfags will love a character or series when they're relatable. Oh, she's an office lady like me, oh, she's lonely like me, oh she gets angry like me, oh she has a garbage office life like me. That's why so many anime that aren't flavor of the season don't get their attention, they can't relate that much to certain characters.


It's cute, relatable, decent writing, and a not shit English dub. It's pretty amazing by Netflix standards.


File: 9b63e6ce940f90b⋯.jpg (126.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aggretsuko.s01e01.720p.web….jpg)

Just started watching.

This shiteater cutie is my favorite already.


It's a hit with normalfags because it normalizes being a miserable brat and they can say "look that's me" when watching it. Also because it's on netflix. Every clip and episode I've watched Retsuko just comes off as a bitter bitch who's just on the cusp of throwing a literal tantrum at any given moment. I don't see the comedy in it at all



I'm pretty sure the appeal is cuteness instead of the comedy, and just a bit of absurdity and humor is the side dish, while obviously taking care to appeal to normalfags through and through.



I've watched it all and you're pretty much entirely right. The series is all about trying to be relatable. Having trouble waking up in the morning. Trying to be positive, but shit keeps happening to you. Having a shitty boss that you want to scream at. Wanting to just scream in general. It's not grossly offensive, but it's a little depressing when you dig deep into it. Knowing that the universal relatable humor is now "haha, we're all miserable and filled with a rage that won't ever go away!"

But on a surface level, it's alright. Mediocre, at best. The scene where she finally snaps and screams back at her boss felt nice, but it didn't really pay off. Then there's the end of the season where they are rushing to finish their work and we're supposed to be like, "Wow! The boss is actually a hard worker and a cool guy!" but then you remember the fat fuck wasted weeks, if not months fucking around and doing nothing while playing golf, so they only have to work so hard because he's a worthless fuck.

Needless to say, I have mixed feelings about it. 4/10


I'm not a furry, but I am a cute-con, and she >>830761 is cute enough to be erotic to me, and that's all that matters for me to keep enjoying all the rare appearances of her.

Otherwise, everything's been said, a pretty shallow wide-appeal show, which is alright but nothing more.


File: b38eb31e45e3942⋯.gif (435.8 KB, 264x136, 33:17, Concerned ★.gif)


>a not shit English dub

>English dub

>not shit

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