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File: 0ad8cbe36eb5883⋯.jpg (135.38 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Made In Abyss.jpg)


I went into this series completely blind, expecting some beautiful, whimsical and cute story of a couple of kids going on some exploratory adventures in some Ghibli-esque form.

I didn't expect it to turn into, well, that.


The Abyss is not a child-friendly place.


File: 2b104e38390dbfc⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, wonderful_adventures.jpg)


>I went into this series completely blind

That's lucky. I was already reading the manga before the animu started and even then I already heared about some of the darker parts.

I wish I could have experienced it like you did.


File: 5b8154cecca497b⋯.jpg (191.88 KB, 1534x2048, 767:1024, IMG_20180420_205622.jpg)

I want Nanachi to nnaa at me.


File: 5dc6af66d990e3b⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 420x458, 210:229, abyss.jpg)


It was an experience, to be sure. I was completely blindsided, with entirely different expectations. Now I'm torn as to whether or not I should continue by reading the manga, or wait for more animu runs.


File: fd41f8973ab73bd⋯.png (162.27 KB, 531x366, 177:122, 10.png)


She's willing to step on you for the right price, so I expect it would be the same for nnaa~ing.


File: 294d1f7acb53884⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 950x1000, 19:20, 14001112550834.jpg)



>Watch entire series because everyone tells me its about loli and shota suffering.

>Rather tame and whimsical up until last few episodes.

Fuck everyone, one or two scenes of suffering does not make this a suffering series. I was lied too.



That was just the beginning.



Have you read the manga yet? The anime cuts off right before the best character that isn't stupid sexy Nanachi.



It sure is taking its time then.


File: 523085d619471f0⋯.jpg (91.35 KB, 1024x1009, 1024:1009, hmmmmmmmm.jpg)


I haven't yet, I've been debating between reading the manga or just waiting for the series to continue, when/if it ever does. If the series does see continuation, I don't want to spoil myself of any events/characters that happen later on.

What do you suggest?



Read the manga now, then check out the anime to see the differences and how it was adapted. That way if they add something in or change events around a little you can appreciate the difference. Also because the manga is really good looking and some things don't make it over to the anime.



The anime is only very good, the manga is early Berserk'sq Lost Children tier of good yeah, fite me if you don't agree.


File: af7fdcf18ccfba5⋯.jpg (75.81 KB, 547x566, 547:566, Bondood.jpg)



I'll check it out, then. I've been reading through the manga, but only what the anime has covered. The art is nothing short of incredible. I'm absolutely in love with this series.



If you don't care about the victims then any amount of suffering is meaningless. If there is no contrast between happiness and suffering, then suffering is also meaningless. If all you want to see is suffering then go watch some LiveLeak, countless people experience suffering that makes Abyss look like a joke, but you probably won't care because of the aforementioned reasons.


File: 4ec689a539e9073⋯.png (127.99 KB, 1018x919, 1018:919, WhyAreWeStillHere.png)

File: fd8313937bb827d⋯.png (678.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SteeringBlueWhistlesTheRig….png)

File: 6be2066166b65e7⋯.png (636.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bully.png)

File: 79d61238f833a9b⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mount lady.jpg)

File: 52d86bdf32a3bff⋯.png (966.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Ozen the Immovable.png)


Oh I agree with you anon, but I mean in the memetics kind of way. Everyone kept hyping the suffering as at of high point spectacle. Like a "brah you gotta see this shit its soooo fucked!"

Even worse is when people try attempt to point to other examples like for example, use that one episode where shota gets bullied as a sign of suffering. When that would just be an example of getting your ass kicked in an action adventure story, not "suffering". She even said sorry/shit gonna get crazy from here on son! Really though it was people just hyping the shit out of the failed arm amputation scene and making them forget that the rest of the adventure up to that point was pretty standard high stake adventuring. As far a season one goes, it was a fun adventure show.



Ironically, I got into the series because I saw everyone talking about the caliber of suffering, but it was the sense of wonder and mystery of a fantasy setting which felt truly original that kept me going. I agree the suffering is over-hyped in my opinion. There were many points where the party could've just become mind-broken from the horrors of the abyss and their encounters, but the themes of adventure and exploration prevail so much stronger. Even after Riko bleeds through her eye sockets, after Prushka gets canteen'd, after Benis :DD gets torn apart by the market gods, the story always returns to a contented atmosphere where the reader can freely take in the sights, imagine the flavors of abyss cooking, and watch Riko piss. Overall, it's story of adventure with suffering. Not a story of suffering.



>and watch Riko piss

Thanks for reminding me that the reason I had started reading Made in Abyss was because I wanted something similar to Gleipnir Horror, werid sexual undertones, good art


File: df63422e2f69c85⋯.jpg (174.13 KB, 437x677, 437:677, comfy.jpg)

>tfw got into it because I saw the map of the abyss and not because of any recommendations or promises of "hype"


File: 65eafb8bfe657e0⋯.png (202.88 KB, 1392x780, 116:65, IMG_0097.PNG)

I got into it thanks to /tg/'s manga threads.

Bondrewd is still best dad.


File: 6777b94d209a597⋯.png (241.42 KB, 467x573, 467:573, nanachi.png)


Somehow, I didn't know that the series takes a hard turn into quasi-guro suffering territory or the stuff that happens later with Pruska but I knew about Nanachi and Mitty. I hadn't even read or watched the series, but seeing the Mitty scene had me crying like a bitch to the point that I had to actively force myself not to think about it. The context of the scene only made it hurt more.


File: e52c65f883f2fdd⋯.jpg (201.49 KB, 753x1050, 251:350, quackery_cover.jpg)


>spoiler texts

That was the worse "science experiment" ever, no control groups, nothing was being "tested" literally just "lets keep throwing things down a hole and see what happens" who funded that experiment? I don't think he was even recording anything. Should have been gradual repeated drops, that slowly increases the distance. Changing the test subject out constantly would only hurt the research. Man was a quack. Everyone who funded that should be burned simply for stupidity and not reading the proposal.



You're not special in any way.


File: 44a7e50a9c05bb7⋯.jpg (323.14 KB, 869x874, 869:874, Abyss32.jpg)


That's how it turned out for me too. I honestly expected the whole series to be a fantastical, Ghibli-like adventure, through and through.

I noticed something was 'off' when Reg uses his Incinerator for the first time, and has that dream where Riko is lying on the ground, and the blue light explodes her. seeing her being disintegrated in an instant and the last thing to go were her eyes. It was uncharacteristically detailed, that's why it stood out to me so much.

Then the bleeding happened.

But then it wasn't until the Mitty thing happened that it really hit home for me. Filled me with the same kind of dread as when I saw FMA for the first time, with the Nina episode.

It didn't make me cry, but it definitely left me feeling sullen for a few days, and this was no exception. I only saw this series for the first time the other day, so I'm still mentally/emotionally digesting it. In a good way.


I've seen this brought up before, but with how nice Made in Abyss's world is i wouldn't mind playing a game based off of it. Something like an adventure/exploration game similar to Breath of the Wild, but with the overall goal of reaching the bottom of the abyss.


File: 38a28d8fd925de2⋯.jpg (714.56 KB, 2000x1409, 2000:1409, 19032_p0.jpg)


I recall rumors that the author wanted to make this a game, but couldn't find a studio willing to do it. Akihito has been drawing pictures of cute kids in whimsical, hyper-detailed settings for years, now. It's kind of his thing, and he's wanted to do something deeper with the ideas in his head for much of that time. Hopefully the success of MiA will result in the kind of influence he needs to get a good dev team to bring his ideas to life in vidya form.


File: cf87c64df2ab5d7⋯.jpg (212.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, EtrianOdysseyV.jpg)

File: 60ca4b4bf19c837⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 509x650, 509:650, ca9af42075dd069ed98d7bacda….jpg)

File: 7f84a2555fe8ff3⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 509x650, 509:650, 0c19bf1c366ca1203b7010568a….jpg)

File: 7079827a66c7f08⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 5957713_sd.jpg)

File: a319092ad7c17dc⋯.mp4 (14.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ETRIAN ODYSSEY V - Masurao….mp4)



Is this close?


File: f1061b78066be76⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 550x330, 5:3, kabegami_03_1280_768.jpg)


He did the art for the game Elebits



Anime S2 is literally just the bonedrewd arc but no further than that. They're pretty low with that arc but not low enough into the abyss to find mom so you'll need a third fucking season to MAYBE get it to conclude (and to do so they'd need to rush through the current crapfest of manga content or go 24 episodes). Given their quick progression through the abyss it really shouldn't take so fucking long but the manga goes into quite the detour to make sure they stop instead of continuing the trek down (for absolutely retarded reasons too).

Read the manga or the anime will be a severe disappointment in terms of how much they're planning to cover vs. how much they actually need to cover without going for a 4th season in order to provide a conclusion to the story.



>Anime S2 is literally just the bonedrewd arc but no further than that

The length of the arcs makes things awkward for S2. Liberation of a Soul to Challengers is only just over half as long as getting to Liberation from the beginning, which was all of S1. But the AnCap village arc shows no signs of ending yet, so including that would be at least as much content as S1.




Made in Abyss would need to either be like a cross between Etrian Odyssey & Hyperdimensional Neptune, or an action game similar to the stupid Naruto RPG games released every year or Morrowind maybe.


File: 10d40bdb43e2585⋯.jpg (46.69 KB, 300x450, 2:3, akihito-tsukushi.jpg)



Fucking AnCap village is starting to piss me off. This is the Made in Abyss version of the fucking boat right now. I think Akihito is just torn on how to take the series forward at this point because he wasn't expecting the fame so quickly, but holy shit.


File: 519e45ab2c6fcc3⋯.png (167.3 KB, 369x678, 123:226, 519e45ab2c6fcc3699f4d02765….png)


It's just so slow and lack of updates is killing it hard.

I don't mind it but it has to update faster for sure.



>including ayn rand world would be at least as much content as S1

Thats IF they add it, you can easily add lots of dialogue ozen style and stretch an episode into two. Prolongue the fight scenes a little bit and ta da, bonedrewed only for arc 2 concluding with the descent as a teaser for a third season. Your average fan wont cry about an ending thats a 2 or 3 episode bonedrewd fight with some bits of mitty nostalgia thrown in the mix. If they do add ayn rand world they'd need to rush a lot of stuff in order to make it fit. You'd need at least 6 episodes to do the ayn rand world and even then its kind of rushed.


>he's torn on how to take the series forward at this point because he wasn't expecting fame so quickly

its fucking easy: you keep it exploration based add your monster of the week for the layers and continue descending until you get a climax for the mom and an explanation of ragu's history. If you're out of layers you can literally just add another one that was never previously discovered or just keep expanding the incline and call it "drastically different landscapes within the layer as a result of competition by different plant species driving evolution of animal species" until you reach the bottom. This ends up cementing loli adventurer as a prodigy worthy of being her moms daughter, ties up all the loose ends and even allows for true suffering when she dies at the end because her zombie life timer ran out (or she's turned into a narehate gatekeeper of the bottom of the abyss as a ressurrection penalty).

>the village is ancap

not really since they've got a queen of the narehate, a 3 leader "government" and a magic force (state) to punish thieves that do what they want. Even fiction cannot make ancap real.


quality memes m8, r8 it 8/8


File: 259f7768d4bff91⋯.png (148.95 KB, 372x279, 4:3, 1405405257853.png)

>wanna read the manga

>not sure if I can handle best dad arc thanks anxiety

Should I?



Just do it, you faggot.


File: 3094be7ae3f4f0d⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Where do you think we are.webm)


Oh you fucking cunt.

You little ass bitch.

If your anxious about something, you tell that cock addled part of your brain to shut the fuck up and do it anyway.

Because feeling fucked up by fiction feels good and you know you like the pain.



Made in Abyss is clearly Cave Story with Terraria and Mega Man Legends thrown in, stuck on 1CC mode.



AnCap village has explored and explained a lot of things, and deepened the mystery of the Abyss in a lot of ways. It's mostly the slow release schedule that's making Narehate Village feel like it's overstayed its welcome. It's also partially addressing one of common complaints from earlier in the series: Not exploring the layers enough. The first few were over and done with in a couple chapters, at most. We've reached the craziest layer yet and shit is getting weird. I want to see this stuff explored, not skipped over.



>I want to see this stuff explored, not skipped over.

Same. The current layer is interesting but I wouldn't have minded exploring the giant's goblet more as well. Nanachi's introduction sort of ate up the majority of that.



Get drunk first



This is a good bad plan.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Someone's got you covered.


To the contrary, it seems pretty obvious that Riko has a plan to kill the flying blob creature that's invading, and should she succeed (which of course she will; she'd the fucking protagonist) then she'll be rolling in more "value" than she can spend. That's enough to buy back Nanachi and get some supplies to get the fuck out of there. I could see this arc ending in as few as two more chapters.


File: f4a8971e88e928c⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x657, 1280:657, tumblr_nqinrow0I91sdqpmho1….png)


A MiA Terraria mod would actually work pretty well, but you'd need to mess with the world generation a lot. I don't even know if it's possible to make a world that's taller than it is wide.


That really does give you the 240 volts.


File: 0918cb5c8152caa⋯.png (353.37 KB, 800x450, 16:9, unbearably smug.png)


It really hurts to be confronted with your own peasantry, huh? Don't even bother replying, I don't want to contract your abysmal taste.



The technical details demanded by a Made in Abyss mod such as world width/height, custom map generation, and custom enemies, items, etc., are all doable with the current state of terraria modding. Hooking stuff into the world generation process or overriding it would be the most difficult part of it, probably. But aside from that, there's the matter of the quality of the hypothetical mod. The most sophisticated worldgen I've seen from any modder is still rudimentary compared to the standards set by the original game.


God damnit you faggots now I have to reinstall Terraria.



I've actually been replaying it with a few buddies and a bunch of content mods installed. It's been fun. Thanks to this thread I need to go grab MiA's OST for when we play it again.



What if he's special to me?


File: 435a099179c6cf6⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 245x294, 5:6, hmmmm.jpg)


I keep thinking a Made in Abyss game would contain a few things. Open world and exploratory like Monster Hunter or Shadow of the Colossus. With Reg's ability, would be fun to satisfyingly travel around like Spiderman 2 while Riko latches onto you.

Include a nice crafting mechanic for cooking like the Atelier games. And then overall, the game gets more difficult as you delve deeper due to the amount of crippling debuffs and statuses.


Cave Story/Terraria would be nice too. The series made me think of Cave Story as well as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance while I was watching. The whole formula of the series just seems ripe for vidya.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>whole formula just seems ripe for vidya

Somebody made a pretty decent case that that's exactly what it was supposed to be.

Post last edited at



Basically this sums up my thoughts on a MiA game.


File: 8c72dfb27845c19⋯.png (248.81 KB, 483x530, 483:530, 8c72dfb27845c1940158b0994c….png)


>mother's basement

He's a fag but he's not exactly wrong.



That's exactly why he's so infuriating, like half his shit is super on point. And the other half is cringetacular idiocy (RE CREATORS IS A CLASSIC GUYZ)


File: 9dda75d86788dc2⋯.png (84.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cogmind_factory_battle.png)


Open world would be okay, but Made in Abyss is obviously supposed to be a rougelike:

>Descend through layers to get the thing

>Survival is not expected

>Tons of random artifacts

>Knowledge of the Abyss is more useful than skill or stats

If no one makes an MiA roguelike in a year, that's gonna be my next game project.



My respect was completely reversed when he mentioned anime loot boxes.



You could just mod crawl for this.


File: 7ec4532ecadbaaf⋯.jpg (16.45 KB, 377x377, 1:1, st6.jpg)


I just realized who Nanachi sounds like.



Nah, crawl doesn't have any Z-axis, and descending/ascending is crucial for MiA. The best Z-layers I saw in a roguelike were in Dwarf Fortress, so maybe steal that from Tarn.

No, I don't care if Dwarf Fortress is not technically a roguelike. We have other, much more offensive roguelike pretenders out there, like all modern indie games. DF has ASCII-like tileset, and that's good enough for my point of using ASCII for Z-axis



Thanks for helping me realize the common trend in characters I like. I really liked Otome Saotome from shimonetta for the same reason.



There needs to be a thread on /cow/ for the Anime Skeptics.




Yeah, that's pretty much my thoughts on him. Agree sometimes. Strongly disagree others. He's also a leaf through and through, which explains a lot of his shit opinions. Still, he's the only person I've seen make a video shilling the Trails series (which is as fantastic as it is overlooked) that got more than 100,000 views. Hell, most don't get half that. Or a quarter. Or an eighth...



Would you play a Made in Abyss NVL?



>Anime whose main draw is the gorgeous visuals

>Let's adapt it into a game that's only ASCII

Are you fuckin' serious, DF-fag?


File: e112de3bdf62130⋯.jpg (18.62 KB, 393x265, 393:265, e96f93152feff76b9868b9646f….jpg)


If you think the gorgeous visuals are the main draw, you need to rewatch it. The world-building and story are where it's at. And regardless, the game should be about gameplay. Roguelike fits this show perfectly. If you want those juicy visuals, go watch the anime. Anyway, back on this show's dick: I feel like this show is a-work-that-becomes-a-genre-itself tier. It's like gritty-moe. Madoka and Gakkou aren't the same because they emphasized the dichotomy, whereas Abyss somehow blends the two extremes seamlessly.

Post last edited at



Hollow Knight made me think of MiA at points, it has a similar atmosphere. The game even has an area in the map called the abyss.



>this show is a work that becomes a genre itself tier

absolutely not, its good but its not its own genre. Exploring a new land with gore and suffering is not in any way in a new genre, especially not because loli and sexual undertones are thrown in.

>if you think gorgeous visuals are the main draw you need to rewatch it

you must be joking

>the worldbuilding and story are where its at

yeah nice goblet worldbuilding and story, oh wait its literally piercer, suffer and nanachi healing with zero exploration of the actual fucking layer. They literally make the world secondary to the story instead of actually using it to drive the story. Goblet was used to drive poison and backstory but they ignored the layer itself completely. They did the same thing with Ozen, the actual world was set aside to establish one scene where they spend a week in the woods learning survival techniques but is otherwise completely put aside to look at ozen's cabin for 2 and a half episodes. The information about Liza and Riko being a zombie could have been told MUCH better if ozen went camping with them to showcase the actual layer they're in, to demonstrate how to utilize the specific fruits or environment of a layer to survive rather than "look at me im so scary and mean oooohhhhh". Layer 3 had near zero exploration, they rushed through it completely as well, only establishing that non flyers had to tunnel through and that for some reason giant birds can still enter the miniature tunnels. The only actual place that had proper worldbuilding was the town as its the only place that showed a structure, societal divisions and exploration of the orphanage, slums, shots of the whole town and celebrations. Mangawise you can say the same for ayn rand world and partial worldbuilding for the 5th layer since you see almost none of the world, nor how the environment has any impact besides "oh look you moved up time for a punishment"


Fuck, where's the next chapter. Does this series have anything remotely close to a consistent release schedule, or is it completely random?



>does this have a consistent release schedule?

if this is serious, its the best joke itt



>Does this series have anything remotely close to a consistent release schedule

Prepare to wait for months


File: ecc051146f92aa2⋯.png (671.06 KB, 792x712, 99:89, reeeee.png)


>REEEE worldbuilding isn't good enufff 4me

So what genre is it, smart guy?


The series has been pretty good up to this point with all the different characters we've seen on the descent into the abyss but im looking forward to some of the more dangerous creatures in the abyss that haven't even been documented yet just because of the one-way trip after the 5th layer. That weird giant giraffe looking thing was pretty cool but im more looking forward to creatures like the one that got lured into the narehate village.




You're a gay furfag. Nanachi has a penis.


File: e9ac918bc18c6fa⋯.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, 16:9, notto.jpg)



Perhaps, but it would be a feminine penis either way.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you want him to post? "They"? It's one of those cases where the characters sex is a complete mystery. Even the author's official answer is "Dunno, heh."

''In a game of pretend, I could be anything you want. Naaaa~

Also, I just randomly found vid related.


File: b404719124503f2⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1704, 160:213, tumblr_owxszbDvhM1vlzmz6o1….png)

File: b399ba09b35ed14⋯.jpg (465.24 KB, 1008x1497, 336:499, tumblr_owxtbdPkgt1vlzmz6o1….jpg)

File: 7c1ebba3a96bc94⋯.jpg (374.39 KB, 993x1485, 331:495, tumblr_owzouevZog1vlzmz6o1….jpg)

File: 17c7ce8b17f013d⋯.png (421.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_ox1upuRAr61qad8qko2….png)

File: 642c29ccb9dcb34⋯.jpg (110.76 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, tumblr_p80avv5Lqm1u5op4go8….jpg)

>not hooktube

Anyways Nanachi is a case of Schrodinger's Pussy "Whatever gets your dick hard" until confirmed one way or another. Though I'm going to go with the majority vote based on porn and say Nanachi is female.

And this isn't just for my overwhelming thirst for smug lolis


File: 2f7aff0ad17d003⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 480x270, 16:9, shiiacute.gif)


>small Nanachi

I need it.



It's almost certain that Nanachi is female. The author was probably only said it was deliberately ambiguous because people were asking about it.

That said, I'm tempted to want it the other way, because while there are quite a few kemono characters out there in anime and manga, a kemono trap is something I don't remember ever seeing before outside doujins.



Let nothing stop you from loving something cute.


Same here. I want to feel her Nnaa~ against my rod as she gives me a fluffy bodyjob.


>kemono trap

Come to think of it, neither can I. Closest was kemonomimi.



Nanachi is absolutely not for lewd things!


File: 45c8f1d6326dab9⋯.png (76.21 KB, 310x255, 62:51, trap.png)


>you will never get to cook a delicious stew for lovely small nanachi


File: c298ccd0e4a2ea9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 535.52 KB, 1082x1163, 1082:1163, newmeaty3.png)


What about a Mitty?


File: 84cb44ed9af18b0⋯.png (213.18 KB, 506x517, 46:47, 84cb44ed9af18b0154e92bb40d….png)


If it looks female and it's unconfirmed then it's a male. If it looks male and it's unconfirmed then it's a female. Otherwise why bother writing a genderless character? The only goal is to fuck with people as much as possible.



>one way or another

But what if what gets my dick hard is a featureless fluffy crotch that's still erogenous?



Then you have good taste.



I know this is a common problem in a lot of animu because at the end of the day they're cartoons, but it would have done a lot for my suspension of disbelief if Riko and the other orphans had some kind of better established reason as to how they can get slapped around a bit without dying or even survive/be useful at all. I get that Riko needs to be vulnerable for the show to work but it sort of wrecks the cohesiveness of the universe when it seems like she would die in 30 minutes without Reg but at the same time can fall dozens of feet and not perish.

It's particularly weird considering that they went to so much trouble establishing why Reg can endure all the bullshit and cross the terrain.



Small children are actually better at surviving falls uninjured, because they're lighter for their size (square/cube law) and have more flexible bones and joints. Drop an elephant from three feet high and its legs will shatter like glass; drop an ant from the top of a skyscraper and it'll hit the ground and go about its merry way. There are reports of actual babies falling out of multi-story windows and being okay.

But human beings surviving otherwise-fatal impacts is something that happens in all media, even live-action. You can't really call out anime as being different in this way.



They still seem pretty under-trained/under-equipped and generally useless for facing what's actually in the abyss, even at the higher levels.



Children that age only go a few dozen meters down in the First Layer. There's nothing dangerous there except for environmental concerns (and they DO have the equipment and training for mountaineering). Big predators still come up to hunt on occasion, but not often, and there seems to be plenty of caves the kids could hide in if they see it coming.

Being "under-equipped" is kinda a theme for the Abyss, anyway. Even Black whistles have a list of creatures that are "certain death, avoid at all costs", like Orby. I don't even think Bonedad would willingly fight that fucker.



She is useless and it is dangerous, that's the whole point of the whistle system. Kids don't do much besides hang around the entrance of the first level where there is no real danger besides the odd monster or a fall, it is also why they have basic climbing equipment.



Okay, but then that brings up the question of why anybody could think it would be a remotely good idea for Riko to go the bottom of the abyss with just Reg, or even at all. The show wants to present a realistic sense of peril but still be kind of cool Dungeons and Dragons-y mode, and that never quite works.

Either the abyss is extremely fucking dangerous and Riko and Reg should be accompanied by a 20 man crew, or it's not and the show is an adventure, not survival horror.

It's also weird how Riko seems to be so well-informed that they're probably/definitely going to die by going it alone, and still goes ahead. But what really harms the immersion it that literally everyone doesn't stop them and forcibly haul them back to the surface. I mean they sent out the search party, sure, but every other person they meet should also have just immediately told them they're out of their damn minds and stopped them if the abyss is that dangerous. Another possibility is that adults are completely callous to children in the show's world, but that clashes with the children being protected/mentored aspect and being prevented from descending too far otherwise.

It seems like adults accept that Riko is just pushing her limits, but that kind of "kid is a daredevil who will prove themselves" stuff works in shounen like Naruto because the kids have super ninja powers, but it doesn't work the same in a survival horror kind of show with actual stakes where people can actually die, especially since Riko is supposed to be this naif that drives the horror element by being so vulnerable.

tldr: The show's setting is a slapdash combination of "horror world/adventure world" and that makes the characters motivations and actions confusing and contradictory. The author could have straightened it out more beforehand by putting in some more effort in the worldbuilding and deciding exactly what the fuck was going on instead of winging it.



The thing is that when most people go into the Abyss, they want to come back alive, which means dealing with the curses and other shit like that, and that's the hardest part, Riko has no intention of ever coming back, so she just descends. I know it's in reverse, but imagine a cat climbing a tree and it gets stuck, so it has three options, try to jump(risky), stay there and die, or keep climbing(easy, but it will be hared to come back down), well Riko is the cat, and she is just climbing(descending) the tree(Abyss).

The adults know that there is nothing stopping Riko, they taught her the dangers of the Abyss, and she knows it's a suicide missions, but she has to fnd out what happened to her mother, and considering she is at the bottom, she ain't coming back, and if she wants to die like an idiot in the Abyss, then it's her choice, it's not like delvers don't die in the Abyss, anyway.



I think you need to go back to ch.1 if you really think that way, because none of the adults in Orth ever believed it was really a good idea for Riko to try and reach the bottom of the Abyss. The only exception might be Habolg, but as >>835486 says he probably knew that even if he wrangled Riko back to Orth she'd try again.

>every other person they meet should also have just immediately told them they're out of their damn minds and stopped them if the abyss

There is a single other sane person they meet in the Abyss, and he isn't in any position to tell them they're in over their heads.



>why anybody could think it would be a remotely good idea for Riko to go the bottom of the abyss with just Reg

No one thinks it's a good idea and everyone expects them to die. They didn't exactly ask for permission to leave.

>It's also weird how Riko seems to be so well-informed that they're probably/definitely going to die by going it alone, and still goes ahead.

It was pretty much blatantly stated that anything resurrected by the resurrection cube will try to go towards the center of the abyss. The letter from her mom was just the last straw I'd guess. Besides she's a kid and kids don't understand real danger, they are always doing stupid ass deadly shit. Kids might think they know danger and might be willing to take huge risks but once they break a bone they're just helpless crying shitbags.

>literally everyone doesn't stop them and forcibly haul them back to the surface

What the fuck do they care? They're just orphans and assets. It was stated that once they crossed a certain (low) threshold they'd be considered having committed suicide and it'd be a waste to send search parties to get them. Ozen understands the resurrection cube curse and doesn't give enough fucks to actually force them back.

>clashes with the children being protected/mentored aspect and being prevented from descending too far otherwise.

It was shown that the orphans were utilized as child labor and were being trained to become better whistles to bring better loot for the orphanage to sell. It'd be a waste to send kids out of their depth too early to get themselves killed but profitable to raise them into cave raiders slowly. Death in the abyss is common enough that even if they lose a couple it's business as usual, so Riko and Reg were probably pretty meh to the administrator. The town's economy and defense relies heavily on artifacts dredged up from the abyss, so the orphanage isn't a charity, but a cave raider production facility and artifact seller. If they wanted to protect children, they wouldn't train them in the absurdly deadly abyss in the first place.

Maybe you should actually watch the series with some thought. It's meant to pull the rug from under you excactly because it isn't just another carefree adventure with no real stakes, they've just been extremely lucky. The first time they face a real threat they are utterly crushed.



>What the fuck do they care? They're just orphans and assets.

Orphans and assets that huge amounts of training and resources are invested into, who must necessarily be considered useful as they gain experience, with White Whistles being practically worshiped.

And that's the central reason that the whole show doesn't work--either the delvers have value, or they don't. The show signals that delvers are these extremely useful badasses, but then immediately afterward shows them to be callous and insane. It doesn't work.



Consider how Bonedaddy rounds up orphans like cattle from war-torn countries or the size of cave raider classrooms. They probably get more from the later on raiders than the few that die off.



>either the delvers have value, or they don't

Experienced delvers have value. Red whistles not so much.



>And that's the central reason that the whole show doesn't work--either the delvers have value, or they don't.

You've never played an RPG or Tabletop D&D before, anon? The guildmasters aren't the adventurers who went out and slayed dragons, they're the adventurers who got to a certain rank and stayed there slaying goblins or orcs or some shit. Consider that in the "real (2D) world" resurrection items/spells don't work or are usually extremely expensive. Do you go on epic adventures where you could die at a moment's notice all the time, or do you raise yourself to a point where you're satisfied/able to sustain yourself and train yourself to deal with that level of danger? Have you played a legitimate RPG where you didn't die once in your entire playthrough on the first shot? That's the level of difficulty whistles face. White whistles are basically national treasures, so it can be assumed that black whistles are like celebrities. Most delvers likely never go past the rank of Blue Whistle (or at most attain the lower ranks of Moon Whistle) because Blue Whistle is like saying you've become an adult since most delvers acquire it at age 15. Anything past that is basically playing with fire if your skilled, or suicidal if you're not skilled. We can probably apply the rule of copper/silver/gold to whistle rankings with a little fudging. It's probably something like...

>For every 10 bells, 1 becomes a Red Whistle

the rest deciding not to be delvers, not necessarily dying.

>For every 10 Red Whistles, probably 1 becomes a Blue Whistle

again the stakes aren't high enough to include death in the equation, though probably one out of every five or ten Red Whistles will die before they rank up.

>For every 20-50 Blue Whistles, likely only one becomes a Moon Whistle

This is where the stakes start to rise/you can potentially die if you aren't careful or extremely unlucky, but at this point the payoff is more or less balanced of risk vs reward. People either stay as Blue Whistles until they die or they find a new profession unless they're really serious about it. The risks are slightly greater than the rewards past this point.

>For every 100 Moon Whistles, you get 1 Black Whistle

At this point the risks outweigh the rewards of ranking up to Black Whistle since becoming a Black Whistle basically guarantees that you'll receive dangerous commissions or have to work under a White Whistle, and you most certainly will die a horrible death instead of from "natural" causes. This is the level of obsession/compulsion rather than as a career.

>For every 1,000 Black Whistles there's only 1 White Whistle

Going back a step, this would mean

<For every 2,000-5,000 Bells (200-500 Red Whistles), only one of them is likely to actually make it to Moon Whistle

Obviously these numbers are a little skewed. I imagine at some point or another almost all orphans will end up as Red Whistles (unless adopted which is unlikely), but very few will ever bother to make it past the rank of Blue Whistle. The statement "either the delvers have value, or they don't" is not unlike the real world. In my field of expertise, about one in five people I trained with will die before they're 30, but the ones who make it past 30 will likely live into their 80s before dying from lead poisoning or cancer. You either have talent or you don't.



They did get stopped, Riko is a trouble maker and would keep trying regardless. The ONLY person who really let them continue was Ozen.




Considering how many HUNDREDS of orphans there are hanging around in the slums that aren't even candidates for being delvers, that there are DOZENS of red-whistle level orphans in the one orphanage Riko and co. are at, but only FIVE white whistles in the last two generations (possibly more, depending how old Srajo and Wakuna are). This means that becoming a white whistle is probably a one-in-a-thousand affair even for those that become delvers in the first place. Most people who become black whistles end up getting killing in the Abyss anyway. It's not like they're wasting resources because most of them are self-taught by other delvers after a certain point, requiring the City no invest no more into them. Yet all the artifacts they bring up are still considering property of the City. They lose very little by instructing kids for two years in basic artifact classification, VERY basic survival, and climbing skills. Hardly more than they invest in feeding and sheltering them in the first place. Instead of teaching them math and history, they teach them Abyss Savvy.

The reason why they won't bother bringing them back is because 1) The extra effort to haul a kid to the surface while suffering the Curse is so dangerous that it wouldn't be worth it, and 2) The kid wouldn't survive the Curse anyway. What's the point dragging Riko kicking and screaming back to Orth if she's going to die either way?



What the fuck field do you work in that has a 20% mortality rate? Are you in EOD or something?



>Orphans and assets that huge amounts of training and resources are invested into

Not really. The few low-level artifacts they bring out of the first level probably manage to cover all the costs of training and raising them.



Yeah. They only eat meat when the orphanage people successfully hunt some Abyss animal, which has probably feasted on delvers previously.



Roofers, forest workers, sewer maintenance workers, and construction workers in general have a pretty damn high fatality rate.

Roofers often climb without any safety rope in many countries of the world, even first world western nations in Europe.

Forest workers not only suffer from a dangerous work environment, with a lot of heavy equipment and heavy logs, but also from long response times in case of an accident.

Sewer maintenance workers not only work with literal shit and piss, but also have difficulty evacuating the tunnels in case anything goes wrong and they break a leg. Minor wounds often lead to very serious infection, and some gases can make them go unconscious and drown. Sudden rain can also be a cause of death.

(Road) Construction workers simply have to deal with shit weather, heavy machines and traffic being very close. Falling into a pit, getting run over by a speeding car, or having your feet cut off by a pavement saw etc.

None of them have a 20% mortality rate though.

The lead poisoning makes me think of the military, since it's a term used to describe catching a bullet. Military radar operators used to get cancer a lot in the past century (up into the '80s) before proper radiation shielding was introduced. Even going out for a smoke while the radar dome is turned on can lead to serious issues with your health, and not because you were smoking.

Those don't have 20% fatalities either. So I am out of ideas.



Electrical. They don't report the mortality rates properly in our field because it would scare people out of working in the field & they split up our deaths between a few dozen separate fields to make the mortality rate look lower. The average electrical worker will see at least 3-10 people die on-the-job in their lifetime. Polite sage because blogposting.




Also they fudge the numbers. Like I said, it's about 20% for those under 30, but after 30 deaths are very far and few inbetween. Going back to "fudging the numbers" they report deaths in comparison to EVERYONE in the field so they don't have to report how fucking high the death rates are for young workers in the field. The main reason for these high death rates are, of course, young workers cutting corners (you don't get out of a minor mistake with a missing finger in electrical. All fuckups are potentially major fuckups).



>Military radar operators used to get cancer a lot in the past century (up into the '80s) before proper radiation shielding was introduced.

Radar could certainly kill you or cause severe burns in the same way that microwaves cook food, but I'd be surprised if it could directly cause mutations to the DNA since it's far below the frequency needed to ionize atoms. I wonder if the simple heating of tissue could lead to increased risk of cancer...




>In separate cases, close to 800 German soldiers from the West German Bundeswehr and the army of the former Communist East Germany sued the German Defense Ministry in 2002 for compensation for pain and suffering caused by working conditions involving the radar equipment. Close to 200 of the soldiers have already died. An expert commission researching those conditions came to the conclusion it was "highly probable" the victims were exposed to radiation by the radar devices, Geulen said, according to Reuters.



Ah, thanks. I found this too: http://irpa11.irpa.net/pdfs/5g3.pdf

Apparently the ionizing radiation comes from the electron tubes and valves used in the radar equipment. The radar signal itself couldn't cause cancer, but x-rays can.


File: 1d274b766825705⋯.png (481.85 KB, 497x683, 497:683, biczqsL.png)


Hey electric anon, I heard a story that it's possible for an arc flash to vaporize people or at least turn them completely to ash. Is that actually true or just a superstition?



It won't vaporize them, but there's enough amperage to instantly catch their skin on fire/burn them up within like 5-10 minutes to the point where you're dealing with a charred corpse. I think I actually posted that meme while drunk one night.



Even lightning strikes don't vaporize people. Really high power arcs are more likely to just make you deep fried



Flesh does not "vaporize", because it's mostly water, thus it ablates as it dries out and burns. So to burn an entire person it has to char down layer by layer over at least several minutes, and that's only if you have an accelerant like soaking them in gasoline. It's completely impossible for any single electrical arc to instantly burn a human to ash, because once you get above a certain threshold it will just flash the water in the body to steam, making it EXPLODE. Even if you moderate the current to a lower level over time, all that will happen is the body will begin to boil over from the inside out.

Here's a fun fact: a crematorium (about 1500 degrees) takes HOURS to reduce a body to ash. And then they have to grind it up because it's not powdery right out of the furnace; it's large chunks of bone.



That's all fine and dandy except an arc flash is just shy of 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit. An arc flash is around four times the temperature of the surface of the sun, so you can't really compare it to beng cremated. It literally is turning oxygen atoms into plasma because it's so fucking hot, anon. It's more like melting the skin instantaneously, but saying "catches the skin on fire" isn't too far from the truth.



If you put enough energy into an electrical arc you could undoubtedly turn an entire human into plasma. I don't believe we have the technology to generate such an arc though. If it can vaporize an entire human it'll also vaporize any kind of conventional wire you use to carry the current. You'd either have to scale everything up to ridiculous proportions or build something more like a particle accelerator where the "arc" is really just a beam of electrons or ions accelerated to near lightspeed. Even current particle accelerators don't come close to being able to vaporize people. (There's an interesting story of a guy who accidentally stuck his head in one and survived.)


After seeing this thread pop up I decided to watch the show. Originally I intended to only watch a few episodes a day, but I ended up binging it in one go.

I had no idea where it would go, or which direction it would take. All I knew was that there was some sort of twist to it, and that it would have some dark elements.

I had absolutely no idea where the show would go, but at around episode four it began to dawn on me. A slow and relatively peaceful introduction, coupled with exposition about the dangers of the abyss, and a never-ending box of mysteries called Reg combined to make the slow start of it very enjoyable. But as soon as her mother's whistle was returned I realized that this was going to be more than some comfy show about dungeon crawling kids with a Mary-Sue robo friend.

I have to agree with most of the anons here, that the gore is overhyped. It's not even real gore, you get a half-bad shot in one scene where you can see Reg trying to cut the arm, and one semi-decent look at it when Nanachi stiches it up again.

I was more interested by the psychiological and biological aspects of it. They didn't use (m)any anime tropes to portray the character's reactions to stressful situations, or held back on the unclean aspects. I have to respect it for actually being one of very few shows that actually portray an unconscious character pissing themselves, or being scared and uncertain when faced with the decision to cut off an arm or watch someone die.



Riko pees and poops a lot, its basically all she has done since Best Dad.



It's slightly humorous how Reg is literally the only thing that is keeping the two alive throughout most of the show. They would have starved in Ozen's test, they wouldn't have managed to climb down the tiny shaft, they would have no one to carry all the heavy equipment, and they would have been eaten by about thirty or so different monsters along the way.

They wouldn't even have made it down into the abyss in the first place if it wasn't for his extending arms.

Reg is both a mystery and the only reason why this plot even works, and yet he follows the most generic trope of them all: Total amnesia at the beginning of the story.


File: 9ce33eea8ad52bf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 21.07 KB, 220x173, 220:173, Grubfather.png)


agreed, especially this



Well, that would be well above that "makes it explode" threshold I was talking about. You just CAN'T BURN something that's made 75% of water. You also can't expect any electrical current to be able to efficiently penetrate all the way into a body and thus affect it equally; flesh and water are extremely poor conductors of electricity. All you'd do is burn/explode the contact points.

If this in any way made sense, they would use electricity to cremate people instead of forced-air gas. No, the only thing they use electricity to melt is metal — y'know, that stuff that is very GOOD conductors of electricity?



Well we're following a Riko afterall, who didn't go beyond red whistle.

She may have the knowledge of what kinds of monsters there are, but that's pretty much only there is to her.

She's not agile, physically strong or anything else.

She doesn't feel annoying because she's resourceful and can cook, and is the main character.



I have to disagree.

Reg not only narrates his own thoughts, but also provides an unexperienced character who doesn't know anything about the abyss for the viewer to associate with. He provides exposition and allows the story to progress in any meaningful way.

The story clearly revolved around Riko and Reg, as it wouldn't work without either one of them.



You're both kind of right. He's also below red-whistle status, so is just as ignorant. But he's also a nigh-indestructible robot boy with metal limbs and a reality-warping laser cannon. It's not required that a story be told in third-person limited revolving JUST around the main character; we're shown the thoughts and feelings of other characters aside from Reg and Riko, too.

Really, you can think of it like the viewer experience is split between them. Being physically weak and vulnerable in a dangerous environment like Riko, and being cluless of the world like Reg. But Riko is still the protagonist; all that really means is that the main story begins and ends with her.



Riko for what its worth is very good at diving, it all comes very natural to her like a baby bird flying. What she is lacking in experience she makes up with in natural talent and a robot shota helping.

Other delvers who reach even half way to how deep she has got would be so well equipped while all she has at this point is some rope, a broken legendary pickaxe and a squirrel with a prolapsed anus.


File: 159d6670bff9b3a⋯.gif (61.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 159d6670bff9b3a814654a4e2f….gif)


The difference is other delvers going half as deep would be planning to spend weeks/months (or eve years) down at the layers they're going to, so being equipped to the bone is necessary to handle any situation that happens during that time. Riko is just descending all the way to the very bottom without turning back, and she's got a robot that allows her to get around most scenarios, so she effectively has most of her bases covered with that rape, broken pick, and prolapsed anus-squirrel being for backup plans/situations.


If I remember correctly, there were multiple people sculpting their own Nanachis out of clay. How are those coming along?


File: fb41d1c26d6af03⋯.jpg (6.16 MB, 3888x5152, 243:322, IMG_20170928_000147.jpg)

File: 7daede39199c2e6⋯.jpg (155.92 KB, 972x1288, 243:322, IMG_20180227_043846-972x12….jpg)


The first guy or at least first I saw didn't have an inner frame in his sculpt, so Nanachi's arm broke off. Mitty's face also cracked. He started on a new one some time ago and seemed to be having a better time of it.



>with that rape




Yeah, I made those, but I didn't make Mitty. What broke off was that arm because I didn't use any support. The first one I made with 5 buck air dry clay, stank like hell and shrunk while it dried. I later learned it's only good for Cosplay masks and shit.

So I brought sculptey and that's what the latter picture is made out of. I made wiring, used some tin foil around it and after some time trial and error got what you see in the pic.

However, I didn't use any support for the hair. Sculptey when it's baked, has the exact consistency of dried pasta. So when I picked her up, Nanachi got a new hair cut.

I made new bangs around a single sheet of aluminum foil and glued it back in. Of course the same happened to the other hair bang. Luckily sculptey can be baked many times over.

Then I made the hat with ears which turned out to be a little too large, but fitting.

I then painted her all white as a base color and now she's waiting for me to get my mojo back.



Honestly with all the build-up on how scary the abyss was supposed to be I was extremely underwhelmed. I thought the concept was awesome, but once again dumb characters make me feel unfulfilled and disappointed. Riko should be dead 100 times over if anything said about the abyss is supposed to be taken seriously.



Survivorship bias is a powerful thing. Suppose a thousand people tried to reach the South Pole, and all died, but then one person succeeded. If you only read an account about him, you might come away from this believing that it's not very dangerous at all.

Did you miss the part where they said that like 100 Black Whistles have been maimed or killed by Orby? Riko would have been killed by him, too, if not for Nanachi's medical expertise. Hell, she would have died in episode fucking one, if Reg hadn't saved her. All you're doing is complaining that the main character doesn't die to dangers that have killed others. If that happened, there wouldn't be an anime, dumbass!


File: a3c9992c1373c47⋯.jpeg (67.88 KB, 480x667, 480:667, lorddralnu1519681875.jpeg)


But that's wrong though.


File: b1380169081b725⋯.png (1008.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b1380169081b7254749cedeb93….png)


I want to sniff it.



Lewd. I want to hotglue her.


File: 676a72d210a4880⋯.png (380.63 KB, 917x882, 131:126, smug anime girl (48329).png)



Don't you dare start with this bullshit.


File: ea92a4c0ea4cc80⋯.png (42.14 KB, 215x328, 215:328, ea9.png)



By this logic, it's safe to assume that nothing story-ending will ever happen to any main character ever because the story wouldn't allow it. Sucks for all the non-MC plebs out there that the story doesn't have their backs.



>By this logic, it's safe to assume that nothing story-ending will ever happen to any main character ever

No, you dumb fuck. By that logic it's safe to assume that something story-ending might happen to them at the end of the story.



This still doesn't do anything to explain what makes the MC special enough to make it to that point.



Well I mean, there's the fact that she's basically a zombie, plus she seems to have some weird magical connection to the abyss.



She has a megaman robot friend who keeps pulling her out of the fire and has a decent amount of knowledge of the abyss. Also what >>837807 says. But the main reason she stays alive is because Reg constantly saves her ass


As an aside, I kinda want a _Maid in Abyss_ spinoff, just for the pun.



Pretty sure there is at least one Maruruk doujin with that title.



>orphans are being trained as maids for famed explorers instead of as explorers themselves

>Riko receives the letter

>she wants to go down into the abyss

>they have no clue how to do that

>so they follow some old grizzled explorer who takes all their savings and then some in exchange

>he tells them that he will ditch them as soon as he believes they will get him killed

>They get into an encounter with some monster

>Reg saves the day

>the explorer wants to train Reg as his personal assistant now

>keeps Riko as his maid

>Riko is pissed because Reg knows nothing about the abyss

>Reg doesn't want to be an explorer, he enjoys being a servant a lot more

>it turns into Reg and Riko trying to come up with different ways to fool the old explorer sensei into believing that Riko did some amazing exploration, while Reg was the one who toasted the bread just right in the morning


File: 3d68918b301db88⋯.png (937.78 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 0ffd7b0c8b48.png)


This has definitely been done.


Someone meme this because I'm too lazy to do it

What I expected:

>pic of log horizon + sao + yuru camp or similar

What I got:

>tags: loli shota trap furry guro (with all the sickness from elevation stuff even that part with the mimic hallucination)



Now that's a spicy meatyball! I wonder what it tastes like.



Where's Mitty in her uniform?



What do you think is on Nanachis plate?


File: acca39339136bb5⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 1318x1080, 659:540, 14001112550746.jpg)


File: 3d5bfd23e7aefbf⋯.gif (196.64 KB, 462x326, 231:163, contagious despair.gif)


File: 6bab7f4455b5442⋯.jpg (501.27 KB, 1440x2235, 96:149, Screenshot_20180629-003122….jpg)


I've caught up the manga today and I'm enjoying it. I hope they do justice to AnCap Village vs the monster, especially the Sage using his circumsicsed penis-sword.

I also want to fuck the restaurant Narehate lady, dunno why I'm attracted, I don't even like furries/cephalopods.



I hope narehate cook joins the crew after they kill the dick monsters. That way we can have even more abyss food porn and actual porn and also banter with Nanachi about how she can't cook for shit.



>That way we can have even more abyss food porn

Meshi in Abyss?


File: 80403e0aafc1bd2⋯.jpg (79.03 KB, 464x343, 464:343, IMG_20180511_091317.jpg)


Lady, you said?

Moogie has a bigger dick than you.



She does have a certain tough landlady/mom attitude to her.


File: adf1db1753529a7⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 600x521, 600:521, IMG_20180701_011231.jpg)



Don't hang it like that, its anus will prolapse again.


File: 2a5453044323041⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 87.37 KB, 800x450, 16:9, jesus christ, how irredem….webm)


Line status:


>not crossed [ ]



Would it be wrong of me to lewd it?



That spooked me.



>I didn't expect it to turn into, well, that.

Wait, how many episodes until you began to suspect something?

I thought it was established pretty early how unforgiving The Abyss was.



>The Abyss

Or rather, I should have said the tone of the show.



It's a pretty well-known trope in anime that little kids can face huge dangers and the chance of death, yet come out of it unscathed. The idea that death and gore is all around them usually doesn't extend to the main characters. So most people will stumble all the way into episode 10 thinking that nothing seriously bad will ever happen to Riko.

As for the "tone", that fucking cheery happy ending song can fool ANYONE.



I thought it was the opposite. I went into the show blind and the ending song immediately gave me the feeling the show was going to take a dark turn especially since Riko and her buddy are nearly eaten in the first episode.



I don't know of a show that fits the stereotype you described. Maybe I just dodged all the shit anime bullets, but generally when a show is consistently dark at least one main character dies. I thought it was pretty apparent that the show's lightheartedness was only skin-deep. The soundtrack did a good job giving it away, and for that the manga is probably much easier to underestimate.

And I was ready to have underestimated it too. I was convinced that Riko was going to die in episode 10. I don't know how the story could have gone on, but maybe that would be the point. Your own struggle to imagine a continued existence when everything that matters vanished into thin air would be merely a glimpse of what Reg would be feeling just then. But I think that sort of thing is too real, even for MiA.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>The ED.

As you have said, it could lead your opinion in either direction.


>But I think that sort of thing is too real, even for MiA.

It would also be lame to kill of the MC that early in the manga. What would the rest be about? Reg finding Liza and going "Your daughter said Hi." once he finds her?



>the ending song immediately gave me the feeling the show was going to take a dark turn

That's a completely different thing, though. If you've seen that kind of dissonance used in other anime, you'd be prepared for it. But it's not like it happens every time.


>I don't know of a show that fits the stereotype you described

I'll take "Every shounen ever" for $200, Alex.


File: 1ec9e55d4da3562⋯.png (91.66 KB, 821x367, 821:367, salt.png)


>Riko dies in Episode 10

>Reg goes insane/goes on a rampage killing everything on that floor of the abyss

>Story goes 10 years into the future

>Blue Whistle Natt & Shiggy are leading Kiyui on his first excursion into the 2nd layer for his test to become a Blue Whistle as well

>Follows their hijinks and near-death experiences

>Discuss whatever ended up happening to Riko, decide she was just suicidal and don't really care

>After many trials, Kiyui becomes a certified Blue Whistle

>Later on

>Get commissioned by a foreign nation to get artifacts from the 3rd/4th layers

>Now Black Whistle Maruruk gives them special training under Ozen's Guidance

>Since Maruruk/Ozen are accompanying them, they get special permission to enter the 4th layer

>Story follows their adventures in the 3rd and 4th layer, how they spend months down in the abyss camping out and hunting prey, avoiding predators, talking about cute girls they want to marry on the surface, etc.

>Probably one of them gets seriously injured and they end up having to leave him behind as per Maruruk's orders (probably Natt because he's the most exploitable)

>Manga is about delving and exploring and surviving the abyss instead of pooping lolis, prolapsed anuses, and dick-swords

>Eventually the finale involves Ozen making her last dive and the others following her to find out whatever happened to Lyza

>Whole posse of individuals follow along with them, including Best Dad who wants to finally discover the ends of the abyss and maybe Nanachi as his assistant after Bondrewd made amends by killing Mitty with Reg's laser

>Actually badass fights and encounters, near-death experiences, etc. as they survive the turmoils of the abyss and make it to the bottom layer to discover what really happened

>Ozen probably dies along the way (or is implied dead)

>Kiyui gets Mitty'd

>Maruruk & Shiggy are forced into a death match against each other for some reason or another with the winner finding out the secrets of the abyss and likely discovering Lyza was a cunt who intentionally sacrificed her daughter for some reason or another

>One of the two kills themselves to stop the death match

>Other one goes insane and kills Lyza, discovers an artifact at the bottom of the abyss that's probably like some hellish prison that gives X power but permanently traps you in the abyss

>Uses Reg's laser arm (which they found in Bonedaddy's lab, Bondrewd having caught him after he went berserk)

>Destroys the artifact, thus causing the abyss to collapse as well as all of Orth

>Maybe some survivors but pretty much everyone died like the parasites they were

>Artifacts of the abyss around the world stop working

>The international arms race fueled by the Abyss is finally put to an end

>The world military powers collapse overnight as their source of power becomes worthless

>Major wars (that of course were discussed as a sub-plot in a few of the manga chapters) are averted but civil wars dot the land

>It's hard to tell if this brought true peace to the world, but only time will tell

>What is for sure true is that no one else will suffer with the Abyss gone



File: cb7e201a31528d5⋯.png (804.17 KB, 1470x653, 1470:653, cb7e201a31528d560d390a970e….png)


>It would also be lame to kill of the MC that early in the manga. What would the rest be about? Reg finding Liza and going "Your daughter said Hi." once he finds her?

I don't think so. You're just not being imaginative enough. Reg's purpose wouldn't be "find mom" anymore and he'd have to find a new thing to live for, like Nanachi or whoever else he meets. The tragedy of the show is one of its greatest appeals. I don't see a problem with it being an order of magnitude greater. But now it's too late in the story for a MC death to be appropriate.



Oh, and of course Maruruk would have either become a cool ikeman much to Ozen's chagrin, or he'd be a cool beauty who still cross-dresses, but now because he wants to rather than on Ozen's demands- he might even intentionally pretend to be a trap, but he wouldn't get embarrassed by it.



someone once suggested that Maruk rejoins the current party, but due time abyss time shenenigans is a good bit older and puberty hit him hard.

He's very manly looking young man, but still wears dresses despite that. Not even a trap, just a dude in a dress that will probably fuck up a bunch of monsters.


File: f6c2fb461b8313a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.5 KB, 754x1065, 754:1065, DhG3urMV4AAmZgw.jpg orig.jpg)


File: 0b476e7575b0f4a⋯.png (152.97 KB, 421x500, 421:500, scared.png)


>Wait, how many episodes until you began to suspect something?

>I thought it was established pretty early how unforgiving The Abyss was.

It was established early on, but that establishment was also based on hearsay. Only part that gave me pause was Ozen mentioning that Riko was stillborn, that was a surprisingly heavy point to drop in an otherwise lighthearted adventure show.

I was completely and blissfully unaware until shit unavoidably got real, and I was completely blindsided by it. Once the bleeding and bone-breaking happened, it turned into an entirely different experience. I wasn't prepared for it, couldn't brace for it.

>>839072 said it best. And that's exactly what my expectations and experience happened to be.

I know that in scope, it's relatively tame, but there was a certain expectation that had carried for about ten episodes, which magnified the impact of those things tenfold. It's why I appreciated the series that much more after going into it completely blind and oblivious.



Who is that character next to Reg supposed to be? I know it cannot be Nanachi, because Nanachi is and will always be flat.


File: 2ce8c10873ca3b3⋯.jpg (99.26 KB, 768x1272, 32:53, Biscuit_Full_Body_View.jpg)


I have a really hard time believing that Bestdad would have a chance at defeating berserk Reg, considering he canonically lost to semi-berserk Reg. Makes more sense if he just went completely feral, and became a static threat, pretty much replacing the role of Orby in the first place. Everyone just tries to avoid him.


Yeah, that was me, based on Biscuit's true appearance from HunterXHunter. Because it would be fucking hilarious.



Didn't even take me the first episode to figure out the Abyss wasn't something you could easily fuck with.



Bondrewd tested out his technology on Nanachi's mother first. He was only an orphan because Bondrewd kidnapped his mother.


File: 94a0e71d15eb4ac⋯.png (315.27 KB, 689x467, 689:467, SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH.png)


Here is one (1) reply.


File: ce81da35a014668⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 3f78382e82fcd9de5a97c83932….png)


Big-boobed Nanashi should have massive futa dick so that she is closer to the mangaka's vision.




Honestly it feels like something is missing from oppai ara Nanachi.



The anime kinda pulls a berserk and cuts off right before the really fucked up shit begins.

It descends into body horror pretty rapidly once it gets past Bondruid, especially once you hit the village of exchange arc.



Thing about the Narehate village is that they don't really have natural bodies. So it's like "body horror" except everyone's body is a puppet or made of disparate parts. Loses a lot of impact when it's less maiming and more dismantling.



> massive futa dick

What do you think is wrapped around "her" waist?


Holy crap an update, only a month and a half late.


File: 79ce838f90e2431⋯.png (281.8 KB, 630x372, 105:62, Genericshitpost.png)

That entrance by Reg just gave me the boner that will pierce the heavens.


What I expected to happen after the cliff hanger:

>Reg going ham, maybe another pyrrhic victory

What I got:

>[muffled sound of high-fives and janitorial duties being carried out nonchalantly]

Not even mad. Well played, author-san.


File: 968186d72aa063d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 692.54 KB, 1053x440, 1053:440, ClipboardImage.png)

That chapter was amazing and I loved everything about it. I don't want to spoil anything, just go read it right now.


File: 3d45739ca688164⋯.png (205.38 KB, 370x508, 185:254, 45vert4t5fd.png)

Is everyone in this manga a fucking pervert?


File: af7c7b077f6c0b2⋯.png (179.28 KB, 328x480, 41:60, fap.png)


You'd think the same thing if you'd been trapped in a cave for centuries too, homo.


File: 9c078130a0c0357⋯.png (52.59 KB, 245x368, 245:368, 9c078130a0c0357aedb3b0ba3b….png)

I have no idea what is going on and it only gets worse each chapter. Is it the translation? Is it the long pauses in between chapters? Or is the story completely off the fucking rails?



>I have no idea what is going on and it only gets worse each chapter

Thank god I'm not alone in this feeling. I think it largely how long the gap is between each chapter. I think I might have to go back and reread. Everything just feels kinda disjointed to me




Well, at least with this chapter we learned more about the sages and spooky cave hikki.

But of course, not without more questions coming up.



There's some weird phrasing, but it's hard to know if that's the translation or the fact that everyone in AnCap village talks weirdly. There's also a lot of cryptic lines being dropped because some characters know things that they are trying to avoid saying out loud. We're at peak mysterious mysteries right now.


File: 371744afda573e3⋯.png (452.59 KB, 939x519, 313:173, reg riko inquiring.PNG)


Same. They're laying down a lot of mystery, but on top of that, there are a lot of weird as fuck names for these Narehate that I always forget between releases.


Jesus fuck that last page.

I ain't got a single clue what is happening but Everyone is cute..



Felt the same about the last and second to last page.



Last couple chapters have been somewhat straight forward even with Abyss Tomoko, this deffinantly seems like something I will have to reread once the arch is complete to make full sense because as it is now its like the author is pulling shit out his ass every chapter.



Since entering the village, I've had to read each chapter three times or more to figure out what the fuck is going on. Part of is is probably the translation, part of if the mishmosh of the Narehate language, and part of it is the fact that a lot of it DOESN'T make sense. You get a lot of shit like how Faputa is "the embodiment of value" that doesn't make any sense even translated, even in context, because we don't KNOW the context. The whole plot was rather simple and formulaic up through the Bonedad fight, but as of now the history of the Abyss (and the people in it) are twisting up in with the plot, and nothing is being adequately explained. It's less "some loose ends" and more like we've had a box of yarn cutoffs dumped on us.

I swear, Faputa's request for the fulfillment of a "promise" feels just like when Nanachi asked Reg to kill Mitty. And then Faputa tells Reg they're going to eradicate someone? It'll be kinda morbidly hilarious if she just wants Reg to Incinerate the whole fucking village out of existence.



>It'll be kinda morbidly hilarious if she just wants Reg to Incinerate the whole fucking village out of existence.

I think she just wants him to incinerate the three sages, but it would be hilarious if they go on a full Notim Portant style rampage through the city.



Abyss Tomoko is just cock teasing explanations making it even more confusing by dumping half a story then going "oh fufufu I'll keep the rest a secret" and fucking Faputa being a shit and not just saying what the promise is.

We have these two characters that are the key ro advancing the plot but refusing to talk.







File: 520109f97226cce⋯.jpg (90.87 KB, 533x771, 533:771, IMG_20180713_235116.jpg)


I did not see that ending coming. I also wish the earlier layers could have been explored more like this


Faputa a cute



Early layers appear to just be Detroit and not really inhabitants besides the few super dangerous things that would kill Riko anyway. Sure shots of wildlife and how the levels look would be nice but outside of that they just want to keep going down.


Is it me, or has the artwork become shittier/lazier, especially in the latest chapter, you'd think that since it's a monthly release, the author has enough time to draw the stuff.


File: f7f675c80afdd79⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2200x1600, 11:8, Made in Abyss Volume 3 - P….png)


The art quality reached its peak around the time they met Ozen and has been getting steadily worse since probably chapter 30. Back then, everything had super-high contrast and everything in the panel was rendered to some extent.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the quality was at an unsustainable level to begin with.


File: 694c82b640df9b0⋯.jpg (77.53 KB, 600x800, 3:4, edc3951a3ca7609d7db3628b07….jpg)


The sewer layer.



There needs to be a version of this where it's Reg in the raincoat, because he also got his arm ripped off.


File: 01979c28aa7b7f5⋯.gif (279.19 KB, 420x234, 70:39, continual disappointment.gif)


>tfw your death would result in saving(?) the world but you have nothing to to with that



>queue 20 years of "Lyza did nothing wrong" shitposting


File: b68838f04159405⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 400x300, 4:3, IMG_20180723_002416.jpg)


File: 06e4d689f495604⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1567x839, 1567:839, Fluffy.png)


Even ragamuffin orphan Nanachi is adorable, it's not fair how cute she is


File: ee0c630b8ee01bd⋯.jpg (543.92 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ee0c630b8ee01bd0a522ac5552….jpg)

What's wrong with this image (deleted)



Nanachi's getting her (male) dick sucked in that last pic


File: 6e54301c779514d⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, puff cheek interview.png)


Don't be like that. Nanachi is a cute and pure futa!



The main thing I like is the setting and many of the mysteries (like what's at the bottom of the abyss or what the next layer will be like).




Loss you fools.





>tfw ywn suck Nanachi's prehensile and spiny dick


File: c55bf724e3bfd09⋯.jpg (530.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fume_Knight.jpg)

I heard about Made in Abyss when it was airing but I judged it by its cover. I did not expect it either, despite literally being told to expect a grim turn around. I think they did well. It wasn't forced. Even 10 episodes in, I was actually prepared to only rate the series a 6/10 purely on its artwork and soundtrack alone, since I thought Riku was pretty boring to be quite honest, family, and I still think so, but honestly, after finishing all 13 episodes I think she's alright, definitely tolerable as long as we have Nanachan around, who singlehandedly took this show to a 10/10. Also, I love how they're copying Dark Souls II Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. The Abyss could be a bit more like Brume Tower in my opinion; I found it far too hospitable so far, and I don't really dig the whole apothecary and spirits stuff a la *Mushishi*, however Bondrewd is a fucking boss and I look forward to his inevitable outing as Riku's father. to elaborate on this, even though this is probably an easy theory to contrive, he is clearly trying to rescue Riku's mother from the abyss Bondrewd was clearly too pussy to descend to the 6th layer himself Not sure what Nanachan's relation is to him or Riku though But I worry there will be a lot of moralfagging in the second season and not enough violence to keep up the hype train.



Is this bait or a meme copy paste?


File: 714e37e60ab0e07⋯.jpeg (368.78 KB, 1280x901, 1280:901, 605215bebb85b76b915b28f0e….jpeg)

>the show actually panders to lolicon shota/trap kemo-loli robo-shota(astroboy fags) and femdom (Ozen is physically the strongest and Riko's mum is very strong)

>adult characters are perverts while females are very assertive in sexuality

>they also like to hang and exhibit children naked

At least this isn't one of those My Fetish Academia crap that had now lost all of its bullets and fired too much (characters that I bet will become irrelevant in the later part and the series. MFA will follow the classic Shounen rebellion_of_friend/frenemies/timeskip/powerup Bingo that I'm so tired of seeing)


I really liked their design especially that pharmacist gril.

I'm still waiting for something like civil war and other 'foreign government ships' taking over their city and invasion.

What I'm really waiting for is those damn relics to be used or excavated.



It is a copy paste of my bait which is also my genuine opinion




>even color dynamics

Good news then.

If that's the case expect it to get an official or unofficial colored version.


File: d5669b3c60ec79b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 149.06 KB, 400x225, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Made In Abyss already has a videogame.


File: bfc50543e29d08d⋯.png (100.81 KB, 234x453, 78:151, bfc50543e29d08d9cd24c203fc….png)


I guess you aren't actually wrong



You're wrong in all of your speculation and it sounds like a bad soap opera plot. I'm glad you're not writing the story.



I’m thankful too.



I hope you realize that your argument of "if a female is the strongest, it's rampant feminism!" is exactly the same as their argument of "if a male is the strongest, it's male oppression!" I can't imagine the shitshow that would ensue if some author somewhere made a genderless being "the strongest ever" when both camps complain.

I also find your fingerpointing about strawman fetish-bait very weak when you immediately follow it up with completely transparent drooling over "that cute pharmacist grill I totally would fuck". Why else would you care so much about a character that shows up in the series for all of thirty seconds?

You're a piece of shit.



>I hope you realize that your argument of "if a female is the strongest, it's rampant feminism!" is exactly the same as their argument of "if a male is the strongest, it's male oppression!"

One is based in reality, the other in wishful thinking.

>I can't imagine the shitshow that would ensue if some author somewhere made a genderless being "the strongest ever" when both camps complain.

Gender is a grammar device, humans have the biological sex. No one would ever do that because it's retarded and the premise in which your mind operates wouldn't ever be conceived by someone worth a dime.

>I also find your fingerpointing about strawman fetish-bait very weak when you immediately follow it up with completely transparent drooling over "that cute pharmacist grill I totally would fuck".

What the fuck, you sound like a total woman right here. Why are you interfering with his speech and fetishes? Let him do what he wants, it's not of your concern and your standards aren't the definition of normal, but your own biases.

>Why else would you care so much about a character that shows up in the series for all of thirty seconds?

Because he wants, now, what are you doing here if you don't care? What are you doing here caring about what he says about it?

>You're a piece of shit.

You should leave, freak.



>One is based in reality, the other in wishful thinking.

MiA isn't based in reality. In case you didn't notice everything in the show is fiction including the artifacts that make Ozen strong. The presence of an unrealistically strong woman in a blatant fantasy setting does not by itself indicate an SJW agenda.

>Why are you interfering with his speech and fetishes? Let him do what he wants, it's not of your concern and your standards aren't the definition of normal, but your own biases.

Nobody is interfering with shit. One anon started shitting on MiA because it contains fetish fuel, and the other anon called him out on why that's a bullshit reason to dislike the show and that he's a hypocrite.

>Because he wants, now, what are you doing here if you don't care? What are you doing here caring about what he says about it?

This is the Made in Abyss thread. The purpose of this thread is for people who care about Made in Abyss to discuss Made in Abyss. Since posting takes a modicum of effort, it is safe to assume that everyone posting here cares about the show or manga whatever their opinions on it. Wanna know what that means? That you're an absolute retard for questioning why one person cares about what another thinks about the show. If you're not supposed to care what anyone else thinks then there's no point in posting on this website at all.

I'm not that anon you're replying to, in case you didn't guess.


File: 65de5f2a3d37b81⋯.jpg (160.01 KB, 856x962, 428:481, Cattura 1.JPG)

Ok I got something.

I think Veko is the mom of Faputa. And was punished for that for some reason.

Take a look at this panel.



When did he mention feminism you retard.


File: 1b2e1eb83e3b94a⋯.png (769.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lyza Valkyrie.png)

I just wanted to post this picture of Lyza I liked. So here, enjoy.


File: 2024fe1563a86c6⋯.jpg (189.18 KB, 640x899, 640:899, miavis.jpg)

I got so excited when I saw this new visual on the anime's Twitter only to learn this is a visual for the recap movie. I'm not even sure if there's enough material for a second season yet or not



You could make a long, drawn-out second season based on Bonedaddy and AnCap village, but we need at least one more arc so we can do 4-6 episodes of Bondrewd, 4 episodes or so of AnCap village, and then that would leave 2-4 episodes for an arc after AnCap village. If you have some anime-original episodes of Bondrewd exposition or surface-shit (maybe a cutsey episode of the red whistles on an adventure or something), Bondrewd as the first half of the season and wrapping up the season with AnCap village would be possible.



It partly depends on how the rest of AnCap village plays out.


File: e9550671f717bfe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1277x862, 1277:862, 1532673629053.png)

Now he really asking for it.



>that Veko

>topless Riko

Completely diamonds. Tsukushi let us down, the absolute madman



*never lets us down


File: 96a5634be8ac84f⋯.gif (870.63 KB, 200x224, 25:28, 1364040045001.gif)



Loss is I Ii II I- though, not iI II iI -I.


File: 4e49d482bfc42af⋯.png (879.07 KB, 957x900, 319:300, 4e49d482bfc42afe4f45566c31….png)


I was ready for some really lewd panels


File: 67be69d6ef12786⋯.mp4 (564.84 KB, 480x480, 1:1, raggedy.mp4)


Is this loss?



>ALL these futafags in this thread


File: ec67624b95a0c09⋯.jpg (168.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ec67624b95a0c090a7fcdab27c….jpg)


That's the ticket right there.



Of course Riko belongs to the second worst faction aka ecofags



Holy shit, he's in this thread. He read >>846128 post about the series being fetish bait, and immediately doubled-down on it.



there's also guro/sunff and other stuff that really puts off moralfags so it's one of my most favorite show now (I want to read the manga but it seems that its way better to wait for the anime first).



Thought a bit about this theory, and it seems you're on the right track. It was established that humans (as well as narehate) can absorb and exude "value", shown when Riko was able to create coins to pay for stuff by making value come out of her hands. It's also established that if you pile enough value into the same place, you can create a living being, as Belefu created the Mitty clone. So it makes sense that, if a human absorbed enough value, she could shape it into something like a baby inside her. It would make Faputa an "embodiment of value" if her entire body was MADE of value. Veko seems to have her own name for someone related to Faputa, too; she calls her "Irumyui", and says it's "my poor, cute, abandoned". It's possible that Faputa simply absorbed the baby as "value"?



Read the manga post chapter 27 (when the anime ends)

You’ll find no shortage of loli/shota suffering






I bet they'll do a season out of just the 13 chapters in best dad level. Then end it right at the elevator to the next level. They could get away with it with some filler like showing what is happening back at the orphanage every now and then. I think they'd do this because the elevator to the next level after dad level would be a great end for a season.


File: 81f49ae9b1c2129⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.97 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, riko-statue-lewd1.jpg)

File: 1cdd66fe10ac586⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.07 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, riko-statue-lewd2.jpg)

File: cbc314812556978⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.75 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, riko-statue-lewd3.jpg)


I strongly feel that you could fit the bondrewd arc almost into an entire season. The current amount of chapters almost encapsulates the number of chapters used for the first season, and even that despite having a filler episode managed to have a 40 minute finale. The pacing in the second season wouldn't be quite like the first where it could definitely fit the bondrewd arc into a neatly tied 6 or 7 episodes, and the narehte village into a good 6 or 8 more. I imagine it would be longer than 12 episodes, possibly up to 16 considering the content to cover it would possibly fit two 40 minute length episodes in there too.

Production on season 2 begins next year, with I believe the target for airing being in the fall or Winter.


I could see them stretching it out but considering the established pace I feel like they might want to avoid this.



I'm okay with some filler as long as Tsukushi is behind it and it doesn't fuck up the plot and / or expands on the manga in some way


File: 03510b8e890234b⋯.png (494.42 KB, 665x519, 665:519, ch1.png)


It could make a really really interesting rogue like or rogue lite with how the various artifacts work and possibly transforming or changing as you progress through layers. You would likely die a lot.


I jumped right into the manga when I heard people saying that it was not what they expected because the manga isn't all that long.

There is this huge gulf between the art and the narrative that causes this initial dissonance when shit starts to get fucked up.

At the same though, pic related is in the first chapter so there's definitely warning signs that this might be going to some strange places.



>There is this huge gulf between the art and the narrative

I've been thinking about this, and to be fair, when was there ever a rule that says cute anime can't have gore in it? Maybe I just don't see it anymore from watching Higurashi and Meguka prior.


File: 4c07a6e27ea8092⋯.jpg (154.77 KB, 573x588, 191:196, riko climbing stairs.jpg)


I think the difference is Higurashi looks awful and its explicit imagery is goofy as hell and Meguka Meduka isn't really graphic.


File: 5d3d1ecd6d9fa95⋯.png (1017.07 KB, 1025x769, 1025:769, 1.png)

File: 8c7872512a80903⋯.png (989.78 KB, 1025x769, 1025:769, 2.png)


>I think the difference is Higurashi looks awful

The anime is quite nice but yeah goddamn the VN used to look like shit.



I said the anime looks bad. Which I think it does, I feel most anime from the mid 2000's when they were picking up on digital creation didn't look quite right. Flawed and unappealing. Some shows persevered but others floundered if they didn't have much else to stand on.



>still has that PS filter background

Evidently they thought it was good enough? Ryukishi07's backgrounds always bugged the shit out of me. Especially in Umineko where immersion and atmosphere is all it has going for it. Good backgrounds are a staple of Japanese media. I also forgot how bad Ryukushi's hands were, holy shit. He makes Zun look like a master.



>Higurashi['s] [...] explicit imagery is goofy

They used a device to remove a girls fingernails


File: 4ee372c8b27b6a1⋯.png (229.32 KB, 290x375, 58:75, ClipboardImage.png)


I like the character updates. Best girl got quite the improvement too




Don't trust anyone who can do entirely digital art and make it feel like a well-shaded pencil composition.

While many artists in similar areas of expertise limit themselves exclusively to black and white (even making false grays by using thin black lines to shade if absolutely necessary), Akihito avoids pure blacks and pure whites as much as possible. No, those things are reserved for darkness and light. When you encounter the Tamaugachi, it just barely scrapes the darkness, but the blood you spill is ripe with it. When Reg gets stripped, strapped in, and his arm carried off, the Hand that takes it is as dark as any human has gotten. Mitty is bathed in light at almost all times, and the same is true when she is being "freed".

This restraint may make it seem lukewarm or easy-going at times, but in reality, the message being conveyed is that "there will be a time when the darkest of pitch black is absolutely necessary, and I am waiting patiently for that time." After all, it is an Abyss.



Alchemist's PS3 sprites are still my favourite.


File: fee582edb23e344⋯.jpg (233.8 KB, 537x434, 537:434, 6c1.jpg)



I'm still wondering what she meant by that. I was expecting at some point in the Reg/Bondrewd fight for him to reveal some weapon that was basically just an extending pole Abyss Relic, Special Grade: Nyoi-bo but it never happened.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why explain the magic? Leave it up to the imagination. If anyone else is familiar with him, Nearly On Red finally continues his Made in Abyss series and it's just a lot of fun watching someone piece together everything episode by episode. If you want more Made in Abyss content, he's worth watching.

I understand youtubers aren't for everyone, but for anyone who might be interested, he's possibly the best.

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