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File: fe31d741650d39a⋯.png (141.25 KB, 508x568, 127:142, BeachKrone.png)


So after finding out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the demons and the promise and everything else, Emma made a calculated, modest goal:

They're going to save the entire fucking planet and everyone in it. In just two years.

Also, it's apparently only been TWO WEEKS since they broke out of Grace Field. This isn't quite five-minutes-on-Namek timing, but goddamn, that was over 60 chapters ago. So maybe at this pace they can pull it off.


This will be axed, no need to invest time.

I think Dr. Stone will go soon after as well.



And your reasons for that happenning are...?

Heard these mangos are popular enought so JUMP shouldnt axe them.



I really hope we get to see more of what Norman is up to these days.

How is Emma going to save the literal cattle, though?


>I think

No, you don't. Elaborate or get bullied like the nerd you are.



From what info I can find, Dr. Stone is usually in the top 5, rank-wise, and TPN is usually in the top 10. Black Clover has more reason to be worried about getting axed than those two.



I swear I've read this exact same post before. And I think someone explained why it's not likely getting axed either so I think you're just shitposting.

Besides what >>848154 said, it's also getting an anime. Why the fuck would you think this is getting axed?


>..- .-. .- ..-. .- --. --. --- -

Guess we're back to building tension.


So now the Ratri Clan is on them and their opponents will be humans this time. I expect the kids to angst over shooting a fellow human and end up setting elaborate Higurashi-tier traps to nonlethally incapacitate them. I hope I am wrong on this and Emma pulls a trigger on them.



Don't be silly. Emma is the genki lovable manga protagonist. She'll find a way to make friends with them, see the error of their ways, and relent to her will.

Or failing that, one of them will kill Ray and she'll go Super Saiyan and slaughter them all.


>10km north, 10km east, 10km south, 10km west, 10km up, 10km down

Either this is some kind of logic puzzle, or there's some seriously Lovecraftian geometry going on wherever these "walls" are located. That would make sense, because then it wouldn't be possible for humans to just stumble upon them by accident from the opposite side.

Also, it's finally time for Don and Gilda to shine or die.


File: d06eaefea6600d5⋯.png (221.11 KB, 699x494, 699:494, 8chins.png)




Bogdanoffs confirmed highest IQ ancestors



That edit on Gilda almost fooled me. Almost.



Looks like the little shits have it already figured out, though. This "Khavitidala" dragon is probably another reference to those adventure books.



Yeah, I figured it's code for something inside a book, kinda like how the morse code on the covers of Minerva's books led them to their first bits of information.


I hope that Norman has managed to establish contact with the rest of the rebellion. I feel like Adam is a key, and Norman was behind his escape, and made sure he found his way to Emma and Ray.


Now that was an "oh shit" moment we haven't had in a long time.



I wonder if Shirai is finally committing to the story again now that it's on steady narrative turf.



Since the fourth quarter 2017 Jump's average ranking is:

1. One Piece


2-4 Dr. Stone, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Neverland


The rest.

>>848125 is likely just shitposting, or has no clue about what he is talking.


Anyone want to take bets to see if Andrew is a ally or enemy? also what race are these brown/dark people? besides the black maid who clearly is black... and that one guy in the 6 group. Hispanic? Turkish?



It's very doubtful that any allies would go waltzing right into demon territory like that. From what we've seen, they're too careful, too sneaky and properly paranoid. I'm betting Andrew is an emissary from the Ratri clan, or possibly an actual family member. Since they know about the Grace Field escapees, they would logically go to the other kids from that house and see if they can get any information. Phil is a logical choice, since he's the eldest child who was left behind; it's reasonable for them to assume that he would know something about the escape plan, like where they were going or whatever. Probably, they would try to bribe Phil with a promise that he'll be spared if he rats out the other kids, or just outright threaten him.

I'm really feeling for the kid right now; that's a lot of pressure to put on a six-year-old boy. Would be pretty funny if it turns out that he's somehow even smarter than Emma and Ray and Norman.


I can't believe Emma awakened the not-sharingan.


I expected Phil to be useless shitty brat, but he's the fuckin' MVP.



Nah, she just stumbled upon a palantir, and then spoke to Truth.



It was doubly "oh shit" for me because I expect these things to happen as cliffhangers at the end of chapters, not right in the middle of one like that. That Phil and some of the other kids were transferred to different plantations was a big enough twist, then Phil getting "called out" by the nigga, did not see that coming. Also the demons finally succeeded in killing another kid, even if it was just some rando made up on the spot to be offed. Gotta keep up the appearance that they're a credibly lethal threat.



>if Andrew is a ally or enemy?

Either he is a double agent or just a goon for the human traitors, and he hasn't so far show anything to make me think he is a double agent.


Neverland is now in its final arc.

Source: Author comments from this weeks WSJ.

It's nice to see that an author is finishing a manga, without unnecessarily prolonging it for profit.

The anime might actually adapt the entire manga.



>Neverland is now in its final arc

Rather meaningless, since arcs have no defined length. I suppose you could divide up the manga into three arcs. Orphanage Arc, from the beginning to the escape (1-37); Outside Arc, from the escape to Emma getting poached (38-64); Goldy Pond Arc, exactly as it says (65-95); and current arc (96-???).

Really, as a writer, myself Neverland feels to me about halfway done with the plot. Completing it any faster would either make it seem rushed, or leave a lot of untied plot threads. Before this announcement, I would have guessed at least two more arcs: one to gather information and allies, and for Norman to do whatever he's going to do; and one for the final push to rescue all the other kids from the orphanage(s) and defeat the demons with Talk no Jutsu. Considering we're already 6 chapters into this "final arc", if it were the same length as the others, it would end in only 20 or 30 more chapters. I just CAN'T IMAGINE everything getting done in that short a time period.

I... I mean, it could work with only a single more arc if the manga ends on a total downer ending with Emma et al failing and dying, and Phil and all the other kids never being able to escape. Or possibly a bittersweet ending with the rescue failing, but then an epilogue with Phil reaching the age of 11-ish, himself, and planning an escape of his own: "This time will be different!"

Or this "final arc" will just be 100 chapters long. What do I know?


File: a1090172e5de777⋯.png (1.24 MB, 892x996, 223:249, smugobi smugobase.png)


>as a writer, myself



While this still means that the series can be around for another year or two, this series ending is going to be a problem for WSJ. It was one of the few new series to help revitalize them after that lengthy period of serializing and axing cookie-cutter shounen fightan series like Golem Heart and Demon's Plan.



If you have nothing to offer to the conversation, fuck off and grow up. Giving a unique perspective to the prediction of an unknown, based on saleable skills, is commonplace in the real world. It's no different than diagnosing an injury when one is a doctor. Maybe when you graduate from middle school and learn skills greater than anime smugposting, you'll understand this.


So long as One Piece is still ongoing (so, you know, until Oda dies of old age or decides to wrap it up, in 50ish more years) WSJ probably isn't going anywhere. It's the only reason any other Jump series are given a chance to prove that they're worth something, because succeed or fail, OP keeps the magazine afloat. I don't know WHAT the Nips see in that series, but it seems to be a never-ending cash-cow.




I hope WSJ does another run of new manga to see what sticks. Dr Stone and Neverland are blessed series.



>Rather meaningless, since arcs have no defined length

It's true that arcs have no defined length, but I wouldn't call the announcement meaningless.

I would say that Neverland being in it's final arc shows that the authors has a clear ending in mind, and limite the developments that could happen.

>Or this "final arc" will just be 100 chapters long. What do I know?

Could be true, personally I expect the final arc to be between 50-125 chapters.


> It's the only reason any other Jump series are given a chance to prove that they're worth something

Jump uses the standart manga serialization model, One Piece has nothing to do with that.

>OP keeps the magazine afloat

That's an overstatement, excluding One Piece WSJ featured 4 of the 10 best selling manga series (physical sales) in the first half of 2018.

One Piece certainly helps WSJ, but the magazine would still be the number one in Japan even without One Piece.


They always do, it looks like they even serialized more new series in recent times.

Next issue starts 2 new series.



TPN is keeping me hooked with it's slowly unraveling mystery, while Dr Stone continues to surprise me with how hype it can be without being moronically overwrought.



>I would say that Neverland being in it's final arc shows that the authors has a clear ending in mind

I never got the impression that it was the kind of series that could go on forever, unless it somehow settled into a shounen format where they started encountering and fighting increasingly stronger demons, each farther up the hierarchy. From the beginning, it was clear the author knew where he was going. Besides: 1) Emma isn't a "fighting" protagonist, anyway, preferring to think her way through problems, and wanting to reason with the demons rather than eliminate them, and 2) There's been no hint that any of the kids have any superpower aside from being book smart and having perfect memory. It simply wouldn't work to drag this out for forever.

>excluding One Piece WSJ featured 4 of the 10 best selling manga series

That doesn't really matter because OP's sales are so much higher than everything else. It's like saying that you have most of the highest-value cars in your garage, but one of them is a Lamborghini and the rest are toy cars (and all the rest outside your garage are even smaller toy cars). It's possible that Jump would survive without OP, but it would probably be cutting its revenue in half. For as badly as physical media is doing these days, that's a reduction in profit margin I doubt they could take.


File: 97329aeeb7d00a2⋯.webm (64.03 KB, 800x450, 16:9, kazuma-san no chorosader.webm)


>lashing out in impotent butthurt for being teased

I'm sure your Dungeon Seeker rip-off's gonna sell like hotcakes. I'd even buy two copies. Used.



> It's possible that Jump would survive without OP

It's not just possible it's certain, a weekly manga magazine requires a circulation of about 20k per week, Jump's physical circulation is 1.9 million per week. You're also overestimating One Piece's popularity in Japan, it's still the biggest manga but it isn't as big as it was during the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Oda is forced to take breaks by his editors, to be specific it's exactly 9 breaks per year.

WSJ has 48 issues per year, so OP is already missing from roughly 20% of WSJ issues.

There's also the fact that OP is losing popularity, there's a chance that Neverland with an anime boost will manage to sell more copies than OP in 2019.


File: fddfb99f7912f75⋯.png (20.19 KB, 133x123, 133:123, giganigga_smile.png)

>Krone in the top 10

We know, Japan. We miss her too.


File: e83cfec0b992c35⋯.png (4.61 MB, 1771x1300, 1771:1300, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot to post!



Emma is best girl, and this is the one and only series where best girl isn't the one with the biggest tits.



>He thinks "writing" means drawing manga

Are you ACTUALLY a retard, or do you just play one in your spare time?


>Ray loses out to the guy who was put on a bus for dozens of chapters and only had one appearance since

Feels bad, man.


File: a805e5297162a77⋯.png (11.76 KB, 114x128, 57:64, rare yuugo.png)

Is this the new record for timeskips in a single chapter? I must say, I wouldn't have minded a slower approach, what with the demon town and all. The little buggers are cute.

I hope the pacing for Norman's ordeal so far will slow down a bit. If we get anything, that is.



>Japan decides for once not to have utter shit taste

I am pleasantly surprised.


Fluffy Emma is 2ndbest Emma. After happy Emma.


>he doesn't know about LNs

Now you're just being silly, Hemingway-senpai.


I don't mind this timeskip. It feels sudden, but if all we missed was trekking and occasionally putting down a few bestial demons, then it's for the best to stick to the meat of the story.

Unless it goes full Firepunch.

Then the series goes from great to GOAT.




The timeskip was rough, but when you consider what we missed, I suppose this was the logical conclusion. If we had to follow them through these past 2-ish years, every arc would be

>We need to travel to this possible location to find the seven walls!

>We've finally reached the location!

>There's nothing here! Fuck!


>Oh shit! Some demons! Fight and kill them!

>now we must return to base

>yay, we're back at base after surviving something else on the way back... or having nothing happen!

>we've got another location to check!

>let's prepare ourselves and then head out again!

<[repeat this structure for 2 years of in-story time]

It would get deeply frustrating, for one, and it would drain a lot of the energy out of the series, because we'd only get trickles of information about Norman and Phil and some of the other stuff going on, and in terms of chapters, we're talking about another 100 chapters of no serious development.

Doing the timeskip, but leaving it vague means we get surprises and reveals when it comes time for them to show off the skills they developed during the skip, but we also know that nothing severely serious was glossed over.



>he doesn't know about LNs

I know we're on /a/, but it would be absurd to assume ANY of us are actually producing content in Nipland. Maybe if you spend long enough here, you forget there are such things as Western novels, but they're still there.

>That timeskip

Jesus Fuck, it sure feels NOW like he's gonna end this manga in only 20 more chapters. I really don't even feel like this time spent was necessary, since all of it was dead-ends. Seems more just there to put an artificial tension into further chapters, because they're only a few months away from their "two years from now" deadline. And just what the fuck HAS Norman been up to all this time??

Although it is funny to see Emma's hair getting increasingly frazzled.



This is kind of a shame. On the one hand I don't want to see the series dragged out unnecessarily like what happens with other popular titles. But on the other hand, I really love this manga and the world and plot they've set up has enough breadth to keep things going for quite some time. Still I do feel it's a good thing that WSJ is trying different things, running titles like that that might have more limited runs, instead of just constantly seeking replacements for the Big Three. Kimetsu no Yaiba also seems like it's meant for a relatively short run given how close they are to the final boss. Which is a shame, because this series actually felt like it had the potential to run for a longer time.



Agreedo. Never-ending cash cow franchises make me puke, that's why I stopped reading American capeshit comics as a kid. But Promised Neverland has a great setting and the potential to run a lot longer than it's probably going to.



Well we never got to see what happened to the nigger kid with "we need to talk"



This is a good point. Either he's dead or he's not. Is there even time for a flashback to let us know how whichever situation came to pass, happened? I was honestly hoping for at least a whole mini-arc dedicated to just his personal struggles. Same with Norman.




He is probably alive. Not like they'll kill the kid when he has information AND can still be harvested. If anything, you'll see the results of the talk if demons start trying to find all the secret places the kids found.



Though I'll add it seems like they are looking for them anyway.


Okay, time to take bets. Who's gonna die to get them out of THIS mess?

My money is on Yuugo.


File: abd515044caa57a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 257.13 KB, 466x716, 233:358, 08.png)

God, I wish that were me.


I wonder who got them into this mess. Please, not Phil.



I think what got them in the mess is process of elimination. They were searching through every single of the decoy shelters. Makes sense that they would eventually run out of decoys, and find the real one.



It's a little hard to believe it took them a year of constant searching to locate them while they were constantly moving back and forth from that one base.



Musicbox and her buddy did screw around with the kid's traces, though.


How does she know akoxhgoekaocn or whatever has no face?



That wasn't Musicbox and her buddy, it was the "ally" that spoke to them on the phone. We only ever got a background shot of him though.



No he was tapping his leg with Morse code.


File: 705356b829dea0c⋯.jpg (206.95 KB, 580x889, 580:889, XDcCwqG.jpg)


Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about Musica and the other demon. My bad. Speaking of them though, I wonder when they'll show up again.


File: 9a0afa12e91c6b7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.93 KB, 524x438, 262:219, autistic representation.png)

>new chapter




Honestly kinda predictable at this point. But still fun.

Oh no, the bad guys found us!

It's okay, we have a secret exit and can easily escape.

Oh no, the bad guys know about our secret exit and are going to ambush us!

It's okay, we know that they know, and so have prepared a counter-ambush plan.

Oh no, the bad guys found out about our counter-ambush!

It's okay, we deliberately leaked the information so while they're waiting for our counter-ambush so they can counter THAT, we'll actually be escaping through the OTHER secret exit.

All according to keikaku.


File: 2b1e5183789e359⋯.png (160.15 KB, 549x446, 549:446, Skullcave.png)

>People are actually dying

I didn't expect this. Is Norman going to be the only one left??

Pic related: Visual Storytelling 101, or how to show that your characters are heading toward their deaths.



yes, we must stamp out the male gaze at all cost and rid the world of toxic masculinity, my fellow fag.


File: e73f5742b6487d9⋯.jpg (134.16 KB, 775x1000, 31:40, 1302915206928.jpg)

>Yugo and Lucas Operating and Maximum Operational Operationality



Do you believe in the future too, anon?


File: 72f21a5bc498daa⋯.png (267.94 KB, 720x408, 30:17, ClipboardImage.png)


File: b53bb07ea8f04cc⋯.png (1.24 MB, 833x1996, 833:1996, KiddoTeaParty.png)

Godspeed, man-who-shall-not-be-named-who-was-later-named. Enjoy the eternal tea-and-cookies in Valhalla with your boyfriend buddy, and say hi to Krone for all of us when you get there.



Nice catch. Didn't even make that connection.



I just have to assume that he was continually sneaking into the compounds of the humans allied with the demons, for no other purpose than to steal more fresh cookies.


File: a003698fcc054dd⋯.jpg (520.51 KB, 907x1300, 907:1300, 19z.jpg)

File: ab3bd6b84653fd9⋯.png (52.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rain.png)


File: 33cefc28b5ff5b1⋯.png (246.03 KB, 699x1050, 233:350, 12b5b96075e42b9916b7062e7f….png)


File: ae3287dc0cb3785⋯.png (300.05 KB, 841x474, 841:474, anikiseeyoulaterboss.png)


Sleep tight.



Rest In Peace.


And juuuuust when I was convinced that Emma was finally going to crack into pieces and go mad, the Ghost of Cookies Past showed up and gave her a pep talk.

Not sure if that was an entire chapter of metaphor, or if this is more of Emma's weird visions.


Oh shit.


Oh great, another kid is going to die



Mark my goddamn words

He ain't dead


File: 59e796b70d72b75⋯.png (59.12 KB, 960x815, 192:163, think.png)


>He meets dead people

>He ain't dead



If Andrew can survive a blast at point blank range, why not Yuugo; someone people actually care about?



Considering that we've seen possible bio-engineering in the Lambda place, it's fairly plausible that some soldiers get enhancements. We'll just have to wait until the next chapter and see what the justification is; until then this subject cannot be concluded.



Because good guys finesse; bad guys are tanks.


Nobody told me this was a horror manga!


File: 7c4a078c29b0efb⋯.png (51.35 KB, 335x214, 335:214, wheeeeeeew.png)

>another cliffhanger



We know someone got shot, but that means we're either going to get a chapter of Emma lamenting that she had to kill a human, or we'll get some kind of twist where someone else shoots zombieface and Emma laments that she never pulled the trigger.. and also that like.. a dozen people just died off screen.


File: 732f59617dabcea⋯.png (202.62 KB, 853x478, 853:478, doit.png)


This series ends with cliffhangers 90% of the time, you either should have gotten used to it or dropped it out of frustration by now.


It honestly kind of was already, stuff like the mass grown humans and Isabella appearing next to Emma were disturbing, plus the themes in general. This chapter is probably the most fucked the series has been so far though.


File: 6e4c1566714ff42⋯.png (36.73 KB, 202x404, 1:2, 02.png)


What I meant was that most of the cliffhangers used to be great. Exciting revelations to keep your noggin joggin' for the next week, not this bottom-of-the-barrel blueballing.



The chapter itself supplied enough tension that I'd say it balances out; based off the last chapter, Shirai is going more for fear and tension based cliffhangers right now as opposed to one's that really make you think, but you have a point. In any case, I hope Emma shot Andrew, that would be some big character development. But it's actually Phil




Now that shit's really killing me. First the surprise visit by Andrew and now he's cockteasing us about what may or may not have happened between the two.

>appropriate flavor of cliffhanger for the current vibe

I haven't thought about it that way.


File: 6f607c35219123c⋯.png (165.52 KB, 398x540, 199:270, HarveyDent.png)

Goddamn Andrew going full Two-Face over here.

Betting Emma takes a third option, where she shoots his hand or something so he can't pull the trigger.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 4fab65c963edbc9⋯.png (122.57 KB, 386x307, 386:307, 4fab65c963edbc9ecd5ad92b7a….png)


After seeing how the filthy secondaries reacted to Goblin Slayer, I'm not looking forward to seeing how many normalfags and e-celeb retards are going to spaz out about all the early plot twists, let alone the introduction of Sister Giga Nigga.


File: 97358484dd06965⋯.jpg (31.75 KB, 225x350, 9:14, giganigga.jpg)


The anime world in general isn't really ready for her grace. Her death was unironically the 2nd saddest scene so far. Though her concept art doesn't look right, I have a strong feeling that's going to be a good thing because her expressions will be even better in comparison when they're hopefully done right.


File: 47222fa368124ed⋯.png (136.7 KB, 403x522, 403:522, 8bc4022a9a65aa8fe023a3cb05….png)

File: 675fd20f7610a91⋯.png (108.9 KB, 317x440, 317:440, giganigga_seduces_the_inno….png)


They gave her a cute, younger face, with less exaggerated features... I can only hope that their intent is to make her seem more normal and inoffensive, only to have her shift into Giga Nigga mode and shock audiences with her absurd expressions.



>only to have her shift into Giga Nigga mode and shock audiences with her absurd expressions

This, so much this. The effect if there would be almost an entire art shift in her appearance when this happens would be amazing. Not enough anime do this sort of thing, even when it happens in manga all the time.


File: ac6c30d30b9299b⋯.png (785.84 KB, 900x575, 36:23, guru trapcard.png)

New chapter came early.




Is it wrong to want an aunt-Jemima-style maple syrup dispenser in Krone's likeness?


And when it happens, it's only for a couple of frames.


Giga Nigga Krone must be done justice. The anime is worthless if they don't amp up the extreme expressions.


I'm concerned, don't demons that eat humans get smarter? This could be a problem, especially if it takes on his memory/personality like those bdsm demons did.



>she shoots his hand or something so he can't pull the trigger

Well, it was HALF right. The other half was diabolus ex machina. Guess we're putting off the kids having to shoot another human for yet another day. Can we preserve Emma's innocence until the end of the manga? Find out next week, same Never time, same Never channel.

Also: wait, Minerva is alive??


File: 4c31dc4383c55ee⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 810.65 KB, 901x1300, 901:1300, ClipboardImage.png)


>Emma takes the shot... to his hand

>Other kid shoots his shoulder at the same time


>actually there was a giant demon around who just fucking eats him anyways

>they don't even react to the demon

>dude is just dead as fuck now and the demon is a non-issue apparently

>everyone cries and whines for a bit about losing Yuugo and Lucas

What the fuck, man?



I guess giant demons the size of semi trucks are really sneaky or something. Good thing it didn't decide to snap up one of the other kids while everyone was laser-focused on Andrew.

But if you think about it, this was really the most appropriate death for him. Prattling on and on about how he's a superior human, how the others are just food. And then what happens? He becomes food for a demon that doesn't give a fuck about which humans it eats, proving that he's on "their" level whether he likes it or not. Also: just because you work for the demons doesn't mean they don't consider you expendable.



I guess it's a nice, poetic ending to the character. They were really heavy handed with his anger over them being nothing but livestock born to serve the rightful rulers of the world, or whatever. Still, it felt like it would have been far more meaningful for Emma to come to terms with the reality that she can't get through this ordeal without 1) Losing people, and 2) having to kill some of the humans responsible for putting them in this situation.

You can't resolve this whole plot without any bloodshed and Emma cannot remain innocent, given the world she's in and what she knows.



>You can't resolve this whole plot without any bloodshed and Emma cannot remain innocent, given the world she's in and what she knows.

You seriously underestimate the power of shounenshit plot contrivances. You can bend the world backwards so MC doesn't have to kill anyone. Will it ruin an amazing opportunity for the MC to develop? Yes, but it's shounenshit.

Hell, Luffy after all these years has canonically never killed anyone either.



Fuck meant for >>878795



I wouldn't classify TPN as shounen. But either way Emma might not have to kill anyone. Chances are, though, that in this situation it might end up getting a lot of others killed. I suspect that would happen before she makes a decision to change.


File: b7eebecd6d71ee9⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1599, 360:533, Phil was the one to "accid….png)

I've been re-reading TPN so far and while I heavily disliked the change in tone since the escape arc at first, now I'm actually interested and hyped. Seeing Yuugo or even Lucas alive here makes me a little sad.

Anyway, why didn't Minerva directly told them how to escape via the orphanages, instead of going to Goldy pond? I assume it's because those areas are being monitored.


File: e8c4555c809f38d⋯.png (769.82 KB, 916x671, 916:671, when TPN was still good.png)

>we'll never go back to this



TPN is still enjoyable. It has gone through a tonal shift though. I'm wondering if there'll be any more mystery/puzzle solving though.


File: f6379bcb1d342ff⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1781x1300, 137:100, Rise, emma.png)

We can all agree that this new James is basically Norman, right?


File: f535818d1c1f7d4⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1781x1300, 137:100, Badasssquad.png)


Fuck, I hate when mangas do this flashback shit. Because it's invariable that whatever they're portraying in it is a LOT more interesting than what's actually going on in the main plot.

When TPN is over, there HAD BETTER BE a prequel series: "Minerva: Demon Slayer".



I want to know how the fuck these guys are strong and skilled enough to take down demons in melee. I was expecting humans to handle demons at range and via clever tactics.


File: ce662e185aa3013⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 560x336, 5:3, assaulting_a_sickly_child.gif)


We're going the usual shonen route. They probably drank demon blood or something like this. Or maybe they're byproducts of the Lambda experiment like Norman. Remember that part when he was throwing houses like it was nothing?



Did Promised Neverland turn into Gantz?



To be fair, these don't look like really strong demons (not even clothed), so they're probably just scrubs barely above the ability of the feral variety. One can assume that the majority of demons are going to be vastly inferior to the likes of Lewis, who was supernatural in speed and strength. Keep in mind that much of the manga has been about running away from demons of all varieties because the protagonists have all been small children with not even the physical strength to contest human adults, and the demons were previously thought to be completely immortal. It's entirely possible that most demons aren't nearly as threatening as we've been made to believe by the context. Even the big wild ones in the forest were huge threats until Yuugo showed them how to take them down by targeting their main eye.

So it's less power-creep on the part of the protagonists, and more that the antagonists are actually glass cannons courtesy of their universal weak-spot, and none too clever either.

Still, I see your point that it's a big departure from how things have been done up until now. Makes sense why it's confined to a flashback, as it's not going to be repeated in the present; it's just to hype up how much of a badass Minerva is/was/is-once-again?. There's no way Emma and the kids can pull off going full-ninja like this.



I'm not fussed by it too much, it's just bizarre that they'd tackle them in CQC. We have really only seen two exemplary demons though, everyone else has been a scrub or feral.


File: 84c0ce2a4121da9⋯.png (335.8 KB, 921x733, 921:733, Foodgloriousfood.png)

On this exciting episode of Survival Cooking with Emma Stewart and Friends: how to remove poison from mushrooms with herbs, how to follow monkeys to find fruit trees, and how to train in order to sense the power levels of nearby demons.


File: 78f81bf709e0b18⋯.png (87.06 KB, 392x403, 392:403, nothin.png)


Heh. At least I liked how the writer tried to make the chapter focus on characters interacting with each other and give the spotlight to the toddlers, even if we were welcomed by the usual cliffhanger at the end.



I wouldn't call that nothing.



Well memed.


That situation defused rather quickly. Can't wait for the break-in next chapter.


File: 296fd1b8059c8a2⋯.png (98.65 KB, 796x313, 796:313, OP.png)

This manga is a neverending font of potential reaction images.

Also, these new kids have the same mark as Adam, who came from where Norman is. It's looking more and more likely that he's involved with this whole Minerva thing. Maybe puberty hit him like a sack of bricks and he really IS the supposed Minerva...?

Why do I get the distinct feeling that the nearest plantation is going to be not Grace Field?


Hopefully Emma doesn't stumble on the room where they breed and feed all the brainless fodder kids. Pretty sure she'd lose her shit and want to somehow "rescue" all of them. One of these days, her infinite kindness and desire to save the world is going to come back to bite her, and hard.


File: c25b995a9da6c0c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 680.85 KB, 894x1300, 447:650, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 6314d457a9e0015⋯.png (14.66 KB, 203x249, 203:249, Animeairs.png)

Hayato is just too damn adorable. He's most certainly going to die. I wonder if the big guy is another huge retard like Adam, or some kind of brainwashed demon; the paper-bag mask makes me suspect the latter.

Oh, and some hype for pic related.


File: def7ca26d068078⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.91 KB, 900x1300, 9:13, 18.jpg)

File: 362a23622b40f79⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.83 KB, 899x1300, 899:1300, 19.jpg)

New Chapter, and last one of this year 2018, is out.

How the hell this guy that cant be Norman, knew her before personally?



It can't be THE Norman. It just can't be. This guy looks like he's in his 30s, while Emma and Ray are still teenagers. Unless they stuck him in a vat that artificially aged him, or there's some kooky time-shenanigans going on, this has to be some kind of trick. Ten bucks says "Norman" is going to try to convince Emma to stay there and abandon her quest to save everyone and forge a new Promise.

Anyone else getting major Zion (from the Matrix) vibes from the secret base in the middle of the tree?



You know... this possibility just never entered my mind. TPN still manages to surprise me.




What the flipping demon tiddies is going on?


File: c68082243ad437e⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, what.jpg)


Can Normans share memories or something?

I am confused.


File: f6cc982ce1de208⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 235.48 KB, 685x566, 685:566, boo.png)

The anime finally begins and I'm having great first impressions. They captured the atmosphere perfectly. Hate how they made Ray 100x more obvious. ED is amazing.



I want to say it's only obvious that Ray already knows everything because we know it. I don't think it's going to be obvious to newbies. Why would they even consider such a possibility? It comes pretty much out of nowhere.

Also, let's play voice-actor alternate-character roulette: On this episode, Killua and his brother sister Alluka are stuck in an orphanage with Nina goddamn Tucker. How can they escape before becoming demon food?



I didn't like the egregious use of DoF effects.


They put Giga-nigress in the OP instead of having the fun reveal.



The fun reveal isn't just that she EXISTS.



I've only seen the name before but I saw it coming from the beginning. The show just had that tone.



I'm seconding this, even in the manga it was obvious Ray wasn't oblivious, we just never the extent of what he knew.

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