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File: 488ba5c44813c21⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 294x289, 294:289, 34199878_203218740289008_7….jpg)




File: fe751970d9d64d6⋯.png (44.11 KB, 166x185, 166:185, ClipboardImage.png)



File: fe10d576ed112c2⋯.png (67.08 KB, 236x312, 59:78, 1480174126781.png)


File: dde7a3bff220fa3⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 509x509, 1:1, 35970765.jpg)

Big meaty veiny dicks?


File: 77883c1953f0f2e⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 98x148, 49:74, 18.jpg)


File: 1b9f81c4cbca024⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 308.11 KB, 460x600, 23:30, Thick veiny cock.png)



Even spoilered that is too lewd to be posted.


File: 6c23d98534fd3c7⋯.gif (3.25 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 6c23d98534fd3c7cf7d882cb81….gif)

W-Why is everyone t-talking about d-dicks all o-of a s-sudden?


File: 5fc5baa326b47e4⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 475x710, 95:142, 5fc5baa326b47e48640cf876ba….jpg)

S-shota penises


File: 3184e8af3ff4eda⋯.jpg (190.81 KB, 800x795, 160:159, 1483136865973.jpg)


File: 2fe85e68ca52a73⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 720x400, 9:5, Kurumi's_taunt.jpg)

That's a nice dick you got there.

Can i touch it?


File: 964ba572d816428⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.64 KB, 595x841, 595:841, Fistdildo.jpg)


File: cb045d6c8ca6b5a⋯.webm (97.65 KB, 600x336, 25:14, dicks are important.webm)

File: 034f91f1181332a⋯.webm (148.88 KB, 600x336, 25:14, about dicks.webm)




File: 47bb97c52bf0b98⋯.gif (901.05 KB, 777x451, 777:451, 5aceba813b966dad8b33716be9….gif)


It's only natural for little girls to be interested in dicks.


File: e71ea81dddfe1e7⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 500x278, 250:139, 1462046101038.gif)


S-Stop, w-we're little g-girls.

W-We can't t-talk about l-lewd things.


File: 8e6a472fed6dc8c⋯.mp4 (9.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Yamato proves he's a man..mp4)


File: 147e226a814793c⋯.jpg (135.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 07c288edfa519fb7a57513f387….jpg)


I wish I could read Majikoi for the first time again.


File: 8fdbe2c0b904a94⋯.jpg (971.19 KB, 1442x1572, 721:786, 1536908095767.jpg)


Girls all love dicks! It's true!


File: 3f9ec4127c67299⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 339x308, 339:308, Dick Saucer.jpg)


File: 31a4a237a058762⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, too much.png)

File: daac830cb1a0e09⋯.png (1023.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, too lewd.png)

Stop it! You are making my waifu blush!



I've been wary about watching the anime. Is it worth it having gone through the VN?


File: b1391e78e40d665⋯.jpg (103.15 KB, 907x718, 907:718, suck dicks.jpg)

Thin stringy spaghetti dicks.



Post the gif, you fucking coward.


File: bb6978273263f14⋯.jpg (182.48 KB, 1962x1104, 327:184, ticks.jpg)

No, I said ticks.



I'd let a tick suck me dry if you catch my drift.



>letting 3DParasiteD bite you


File: 8fc5842e0cd2070⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trap vampire.webm)


File: 507991486c38b18⋯.jpg (178.33 KB, 795x511, 795:511, kaeruyo.jpg)


>Trap vampire.webm



>that face


File: 7686f829cad66e0⋯.gif (907.47 KB, 500x281, 500:281, alisu.gif)




File: 2c79f3e18f5be37⋯.jpg (98.36 KB, 1010x1035, 202:207, ysunaanu.jpg)


Itty bitty crotch nipples.


File: d9cb32e407190e3⋯.gif (125.47 KB, 500x281, 500:281, alisu struggle.gif)




File: 8739dc8f45a4f3c⋯.jpg (78.58 KB, 960x540, 16:9, eyes.jpg)

>this thread


File: 21b46902f00b282⋯.jpg (654.63 KB, 1071x822, 357:274, 1437765294122.jpg)



What a hypocrite.


File: 905ada155b76d55⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 700x620, 35:31, I'm going to get wet.jpg)

Why i-is it so h-huge?



You better take responsibility.


File: ddd673d5c9bebe4⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.67 MB, 960x540, 16:9, feminine_dicks.gif)

But what if the penis is feminine?


File: 5276c276fcc6aca⋯.gif (235.77 KB, 170x211, 170:211, mink.gif)


Dick Saucer!?



It's a male organ. Even if the one it belongs to is feminine, the penis ought to be at least a little masculine. Giving a trap one of those soft, useless, inch-long microdicks is almost as bad as giving him man-tits.


File: 775857b1ea232f1⋯.jpg (143.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, konohana_cute_blush.jpg)

I-It's kinda c-cute


File: d4426f29e2797e9⋯.png (359.72 KB, 611x717, 611:717, 36671b6d90b901f41671738024….png)



File: 7db74aa77e57789⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 850.38 KB, 1158x1637, 1158:1637, __original_drawn_by_mizuki….jpg)


Pic unrelated, I assume?


File: dfdf96f3ba3eba2⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1603x904, 1603:904, mika.PNG)



File: 1b2c419f03b7100⋯.png (379.77 KB, 763x768, 763:768, 1b2c419f03b7100abfd54c973a….png)


File: 3118cd20ae4c1a1⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 394x509, 394:509, blissful manga milf.jpg)

Post more ahegaos.


File: e69a7a80ebd0a03⋯.png (798.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smug GIRL3.png)

File: acc4a25f9c1bdb4⋯.png (429.64 KB, 850x676, 425:338, smug GIRL.png)

File: 6dd07a5a6845d1d⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 480x480, 1:1, lewd GIRL makes rude gestu….jpg)

File: 9bf1acc3543de1d⋯.jpg (77.7 KB, 800x991, 800:991, cute GIRL.jpg)

Is this a thread about cute girls? Post some cute feminine girls.


File: 663a29afa79dd18⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.27 KB, 1214x1720, 607:860, Untitled_3.jpg)


File: b4b806033b027da⋯.png (555.77 KB, 679x637, 97:91, Disgusted trap.png)


>low effort bait


File: 2baebfc5b0e202f⋯.png (430.12 KB, 1110x316, 555:158, give me.PNG)

Girthy meat sticks.


File: 088af219122854c⋯.png (172 KB, 286x268, 143:134, Untitled.png)

>heavy hard bikes


File: 9403c631132c95f⋯.jpg (129.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0096.jpg)


You wouldn't believe the things I've imagined your waifu doing.


File: b34767417c3df9e⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 683x374, 683:374, snifff.gif)

smelly musky man meat?


File: 149c1df15ca177c⋯.png (87.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 53ce4a9429594.png)


Your foul mind can not corrupt her pure soul!


File: 12801f7aa99845a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.69 KB, 580x527, 580:527, fair warning.jpg)



But do you dare enter my magical realm?


File: aa8ba2eaa5e52fd⋯.png (48.57 KB, 247x282, 247:282, wiener .png)


File: 65357a18685ef3d⋯.png (255.67 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1c616f122a31ab591ca3b639ac….png)



How can someone mess up that badly?


File: 96a3d0c8d8da65f⋯.png (731.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pure cuddling.png)


I am good with my own realm of comfy cuddling.




Pretty sure it's a joke.


File: 22990a997a874b9⋯.jpg (307.04 KB, 727x1024, 727:1024, 22990a997a874b915a7d688aa6….jpg)



I didn't know that was cuddling. I didn't know cuddling made you wet either.


File: bb16822cece3555⋯.png (77.98 KB, 794x1156, 397:578, ff892a7232481aacc3e3e6bdca….png)


>I didn't know cuddling made you wet either.

Cuddling with Tsukasa will, especially at night.



It's surprising how someone that small could be that huge of a slut.



I didn't realize she still wet the bed at her age.


File: 20d6396d274af4d⋯.gif (996.59 KB, 500x352, 125:88, TKS_YOUMADEHERCRYYOUSICKSO….gif)


File: 5ba8efc3115cfea⋯.jpg (170.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0345.jpg)


It shouldn't come as much of a surprise. She's easily the most immature out of all the Lucky Stars.

Even compared to younger girls from other anime, Tsukasa still ranks somewhere in the bottom 10% by maturity. She actually reminds me a bit of Matsuri from Ichigo Mashimaro.

If Konata is a middle aged otaku in a loli's body, Tsukasa is a grade school loli in a high school girl's body.


File: e29864cf12fa91f⋯.png (147.25 KB, 288x479, 288:479, bunny.png)


Please stop bullying my waifu. She is very kind and cute. She doesn't deserve to be bullied.

Admit it, all you want it a waifu as innocent as a child, as good at cooking as your mom, and as sexy as good looking as Tsukasa. Any man should be proud to have her by his side.


File: e0e62bfc6efcf31⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 662x499, 662:499, corrupt_that_which_is_pure.jpg)

File: 34d5022e912d3f9⋯.jpg (77.05 KB, 332x651, 332:651, 1a8ccce3b2ed5afed956bddac4….jpg)

File: cea0a5dd0e221fe⋯.jpg (136.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot2111.jpg)


There's no doubt that Tsukasa is a wonderful waifu and I'm very happy for you. She has all the qualities you could ever want in a waifu.

Bullying her is just too much fun though. She's absolutely top-tier bullying material. The fact she doesn't deserve it only makes it better. I don't really want to see her suffer, but she's so cute when her face is flushed with shame and she can't even make eye contact. Cuddling her and patting her head to make her feel better afterwards would be great too.

If you aren't taking the opportunity to lovingly humiliate her occasionally, you're missing out.


File: b4301d1340ad7fb⋯.png (388.54 KB, 680x378, 340:189, civilization of culture.png)


Having one's waifu bullied is a rite of passage for husbandos. For one, it teaches them to disregard the opinions of those who do not understand his love. But it also serves this second purpose; to awaken his inner desire to lovingly bully his own waifu. To frustrate her nearly to the point of tears, to make her nearly doubt your love, and then to see the relief overwhelm her completely as you smooch and headpat her to comfort... the thought of it makes my heart throb and my dick titanium.


File: 7709b37a57609b3⋯.jpg (562.91 KB, 1000x1163, 1000:1163, 7709b37a57609b3f707437af27….jpg)


She's a great waifu, but I wouldn't want her. Not that I'd refuse her, but that I'd rather have another girl.

It just feels like she's got it all sorted out, I wouldn't really give her anything in a relationship but I'd take everything she gave.

Really speaks a lot of me as a person.


Dopamine blockers in the brain are a thing. You take too much of something and get used to it, so you need even more of that thing to feel the same as you did before. That can lead to one of two things.

The first is addiction, as seen with drugs. You need more, so your brain tells you to get more. Progressively, you intoxicate yourself with more and more of the thing, until the point of numbness.

The other is just plain boredom, something common with emotions. Depressed people tend to, ironically, be more happy than not depressed ones, that happens because of the relativity of perception. Say, on a 0 to 10 scale, where 0 is Shindol doujinshi and 10 is ara headpats, that a depressed person is constantly a 3, and a happy person is constantly a 7, the happiest a person can be is a 10, for a depressed person, that's way up there like holy shit it's like an orgasm in my brain, but for a happy person the supreme happiness is merely an extra tickle -same thing happens the other way, with sadness-.

So, where am I getting at here?

I'm sure many of you have heard of a little something called Occam's Razor. "The simplest solution is usually the correct one". It sounds dumb but has many practical appliances, for instance, helicopters. You want a place to go straight up, so you do that by literally just taking the propeller and making it face straight up. However, that generates another problem, the torque from the propeller causes the plane to spin uncontrollably, crash and burn, the way you fix that is by literally placing another propeller that makes it spin the other way. It doesn't spin excessively, else it'll just spin out of control to the other side and just be a complex way to have the same problem, but rather, it spins just at the right RPM to maintain a careful balance.

Just like the helicopter balances rotations with reverse rotations you can balance emotions with reverse emotions. You don't abuse your waifu, only niggers do that, but rather, you bully her. A carefully calculated bully will not only be enjoyable for you, but it'll knock her down a notch, keeping the balance of her emotions, so then when you shower her with love it'll not only be an objectively great happiness when measured on a scale, but also a happiness she'll feel the warmth of deep inside.

The love and headpats you give your waifu are the main rotor, generating all the force you need to make your waifu's mood take off, whereas the controlled bully is the tail rotor, giving the balance you need to achieve proper flight.

Bullying your waifu is more than just pleasure, it is the duty of any husbando, and it is as important as hugs and kisses. It'll be a roller coaster of emotions and definitively not a smooth ride, but that's what makes roller coasters fun and enjoyable for everyone.



I suddenly feel less guilty about using my daki of my waifu as a footrest.


File: 0681bffa51ea5a4⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 800x450, 16:9, ignore_the_bad.webm)


I'm too tired for another shitpost right now, but webm related.

Negative attention is better than no attention. Of course, your waifu would need to be really fucking abused to actively crave abuse, which she better not fucking be.

Still, something like casual body contact is good for bonding, even something as negative as resting your feet on your waifus body while you do something, is better than passively ignoring her by not having any contact at all at least in the case of 2D waifus that actually love you.


File: b28f4ea4970da51⋯.jpg (848.49 KB, 1300x1209, 100:93, tsukasa_hiiragi_by_mycalam….jpg)


>It just feels like she's got it all sorted out, I wouldn't really give her anything in a relationship but I'd take everything she gave.

And that's where you got it wrong. She may be a pure maiden, but she is forgetful, clumsy, and can't make up her own mind. She needs someone she can trust and rely on, who can remind her of things and who can take charge when she it too passive.

She is mine though. Stay the fuck away from her.


File: c0fa47174baaa43⋯.jpg (96.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0373.jpg)


Don't forget punishing her when she breaks the totally arbitrary and Kafkaesque rules.


File: 34776a2f7f69f26⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.84 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, a04.jpg)


Traps should only have teeny tiny little boy clits.

Otherwise it's gay if it's too manly.






It's supposed to be a little bit gay. A trap is a boy cute enough to make you want him anyway, not a girl with a monstrous clit and no vagina. Part of the appeal of traps is that you question yourself, and decide that it doesn't matter in the end because he's worth it regardless.

Besides, he's got to have one either way, so it should at least be respectable.


File: 23b2b597b38ae77⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 760x875, 152:175, Haruhitaste.jpg)



No, they should be small but not pitifully so. A cute little shota penis with foreskin to tease and leaks precum like a faucet is the best.


File: 8eeac6efea7cadd⋯.jpg (227.19 KB, 918x1280, 459:640, dick.jpg)

File: e91c145f1d04dc0⋯.png (62.48 KB, 289x486, 289:486, 04f2427d2b772d41cf75d69eb2….png)


Of course, we are in the literature club after all.


File: 106739df6082c03⋯.png (394.77 KB, 904x794, 452:397, interested in guys.PNG)


I'm not even having a stroke today and this is what I read?


Why are females allowed to be like this?


File: 92ab39ec07edaa8⋯.jpg (296.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chinchin.jpg)




File: 53186f85408a5cd⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 258x473, 6:11, DpXcSBIU8AEgf3C - Copy.jpg)


File: bce3eda9ba81a49⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 292.35 KB, 776x586, 388:293, Otoko no Ko Tsuma ch06 p04.png)

How many cases are there of dicks being shown in regular, non-H manga?

Nipples are reasonably common, and there are a few that push the boundaries on vaginas, including at least a couple manga that show the clitoris. But for obvious reasons there is less need, at least in the manga I usually read, to go very far on males. That's not a problem, but ever since this page I've been wondering just how much can be shown, since it's the only thing even remotely close I can remember seeing.



Old manga frequently feature uncensored shota penises.


File: 94692d8b7a33852⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 2800x2800, 1:1, 63253063_p0.jpg)





Yeah, but those were generally for humour or childishness rather than direct lewdness. Even western cartoons sometimes show that kind of thing.


File: 16017b00b6d093b⋯.jpg (214.97 KB, 800x1165, 160:233, 6.jpg)


It's more common in the older chapters but Hajime no Ippo has an alarming amount of penis in it. Even if it's usually used as part of a joke it still makes me worry the creator's a queer.


File: 8e211d5d7c909df⋯.png (136.49 KB, 463x810, 463:810, ClipboardImage.png)


File: cbbdb947dcb7bce⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 470x647, 470:647, 1344357119120.jpg)

OP's love for cocks is well documented.


File: 5b3a2a745a80c62⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 300x225, 4:3, zookeeper rejects applican….gif)


1. Why do you have that saved?

2. Why did you think it was a good idea to post it?

3. Get the fuck out.



Why did you think it was an okay idea to post that?

I don't even care about the particular content (as opposed to any other Rule 6, I mean) the same way most anons will, but what on Earth would make you think it belonged here?



No, you're just a faggot.




3DPD. Fairly unremarkable, aside from it being surprising that anyone would think it belonged on /a/.


File: 9158b49b2c5952c⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 720x405, 16:9, 1463526519973.gif)





File: 6c1f427a99894bf⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 634x600, 317:300, rug-munching dykes.jpg)


But if we're not talking about dicks, then that would mean we're talking about vaginas!


File: 71453c0ee6ab8d4⋯.png (418.12 KB, 805x501, 805:501, forbidden culture.png)


Forbidden love is the best kind of love.


File: e0b29e6ed8c8a3d⋯.jpg (246.25 KB, 850x1365, 170:273, 20181014.jpg)


I say. It's no time for this. Please stop yourself....


File: 10985f977315ba4⋯.jpg (136.96 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 10985f977315ba498abb93356c….jpg)



Why not both?



Why are you of all people here, Ayanami?

Don't you have a certain young man to make feel warm and loved?


File: dc2ea35383505ea⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 750x600, 5:4, __original_drawn_by_mishim….gif)



I kept expecting a skeleton to pop out or *RING RING*. I'm let down.



>no transformation sequence

Missed opportunity.


File: dfb3d9e1ae06129⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Rory rape.webm)

Dicks you say?


File: 3bbb42e183c0096⋯.jpg (153.88 KB, 446x803, 446:803, dick.jpg)




File: 31c618871691846⋯.jpg (51.18 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 31c6188716918467d2543853a5….jpg)

I-I'm s-s-suppose to t-t-t-t-touch it?



If you want to be friends with my dick, friendship starts with a handshake, doesn't it?



It's not fair.



Somebody needs to do something about all of the girls raping innocent men, they are a public menace!


File: cf50ce45c1c0aa9⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 239x211, 239:211, 1451704940735.jpg)


File: fd3edeafd0637cd⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 43687216_483078455509486_3….jpg)

Ara ara~

Its so big.


File: 5f253182e9b2716⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 753.67 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, benis.png)

Hahah benis :----DDD


File: fdd3f5e53a05ae5⋯.webm (390.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fdd3f5e53a05ae5a37ef61909….webm)


File: 4d9473d336ad8bf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 630.52 KB, 1280x1828, 320:457, 7.jpg)

Why is everyone blabbing about big dicks?

Small dicks (on girls) are better


File: 724f7acfedffd84⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Show her the dick.webm)

>This Thread


File: aebdd01d3c78918⋯.jpeg (97.57 KB, 1080x569, 1080:569, 437DF22F-3C2B-4D6B-B177-6….jpeg)



Post girls pooping.



File: fd8c9a216d07cc5⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 484x502, 242:251, 1454300804144.jpg)



File: ca4c30f7aed9c7d⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 600x705, 40:47, sad.jpg)


>Small dick

>that is a small dick

>tfw it is easily twice the length of mine


File: b7701c066a12c90⋯.png (2.07 MB, 4336x1073, 4336:1073, vz01s704.png)



Don't feel bad anon. Nobody is ever going to see your dick anyways.


File: 4eca131b84f4bd0⋯.png (483.42 KB, 553x692, 553:692, a small. A SMALL.png)


File: 0edcab3aec4e93c⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.54 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, 0edcab3aec4e93c9bba5ec2b2….webm)






No, I said 'ochinchin'.



This is so wholesome.


File: 009cebb89b48cf5⋯.png (220.02 KB, 799x481, 799:481, pats.png)


Best combination


File: 91a5f3ac59376b5⋯.jpg (381.01 KB, 1032x1080, 43:45, saved.jpg)


File: bf68fe159adf4b6⋯.png (35.21 KB, 138x132, 23:22, 1541104650114.png)



File: fb5b7365d90185f⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 261x229, 261:229, Sure why not.jpg)

And this thread is still here...





File: 63a871fc47c4543⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 501x374, 501:374, This brown pussy felt so g….jpg)

Wow, the d-dick felt so g-good.


File: 95603aaf1c4d3a7⋯.png (168.59 KB, 638x295, 638:295, cock.PNG)


I'm not gay, but I really like dicks, especially when they are on cute girls or boys.


File: d40626bc2d60a28⋯.gif (624.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ac056e0cf9769511bd198d33e0….gif)

Hello where is the benis :DD



>I'm not gay, but I really like dicks

Honestly, setting all else aside, dicks beat vaginas by a long shot in terms of how enjoyable playing with them seems. Fellatio seems way more interesting than cunnilingus, and comparing ejaculation there's simply no contest. And then there's obviously the fact that anyone, even those with a dick, can be penetrated, but only someone with a dick can penetrate (strap-ons a shit). If I ended up with a futanari, I know I'd pay a lot more attention to her dick than her vagina.

No homo. Maybe a little homo.


File: 92108dcedc41ca9⋯.png (468.64 KB, 764x430, 382:215, anon mo sou omoimasu.png)


Well said.


File: ac60669fa9a6399⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.89 MB, 425x545, 85:109, 520a59cf3a62843f409bfbadbd….gif)


Affectionate stuff like that is easily the best.


File: 69aafd0053da43d⋯.png (116.8 KB, 708x534, 118:89, 69aafd0053da43d24c8daa849a….png)


File: 3b59c02faeba70a⋯.png (4.03 MB, 1447x2046, 1447:2046, 1469599281172-1.png)


>in terms of how enjoyable playing with them seems

I guess part of that comes from what you are used to. Kinda like how guys in yaoi often act like girls with an assvagina.

Seeing a cute girl go full ahegao is already very lewd but if she also has a dick, I can't help but think "oh hey, coming from your dick. I know about that! I can see why that'd feel good." It's not like any living person could ever compare both experiences first hand.

Guess that's also why I dislike traps that are feminine. Where's the fun in seeing a half-erect micro penis dangling about? That doesn't look enjoyable at all. But maybe that's just me, as too big also looks more bothersome than fun.

While a dick is superior, it also has a few downsides. Masturbation with a vagina probably makes a bigger mess you could probably do it for a longer time without getting tired.

Also, a dick will never look as "neutral" as a vagina. A naked guy looks either sexual or helpless, with his cock dangling about. It will never look as aesthetic as a naked women's body. It will also look comical if the dick is either too small or too big and that can vary by region and time period.


File: 549114d66c28fc6⋯.webm (399.17 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 57866424 - ナデナデ∞.zip.webm)

Also >>885969 is, to put it lightly, obsessed with nakadashi. Which I'm totally fine with, but his animation work hasn't really improved a damn over however long he's been doing them either. Lack of audio sucks too. Better than the artist of >>891818 though who loves prolapse.

But on a tangent back to dicks, Rondo Duo. Its animation is some of the weirdest I've seen, but yet I find it works great at making the sex scenes intense, at least the videos I've seen of it. I probably won't be able to actually play the VN.


File: 5bce893acbba0b4⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, carrot_smug.jpg)

Giant fat long carrots


File: e00ccdfa7d6f992⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 927x1032, 309:344, 76cc8ff188c1d83d59c6920056….jpg)


>A cute bun will never feed you her carrot


File: eca3e09235d4511⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Carrot_Joins_Sanji_Retriev….png)


File: a77507322ef5d9c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 3125x3125, 1:1, 1537082241041.png)


File: 7cdb880d369cf22⋯.mp4 (13.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Eromanga-sensei - Introduc….mp4)


File: a758fe05415cc91⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.78 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, 68036992 - オカエリ・ドピュル.webm)

File: d794ec2125d35db⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.56 MB, 810x1080, 3:4, 72054627 - ニッカノ・ハメハメ 3・ドピ….webm)

File: ffdfcd7196040ce⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.96 MB, 1080x810, 4:3, 61769820 - マイバン・ホキュウ.webm)


Felt like trying some things with ffmpeg and those stupid Pixiv Ugoira animations since you can use PixivUtil2 to download them, so have an extended of that first one, more gently caressing, and another affectionate thing too. Wasn't kidding about "obsessed". Bizarrely none of them involve leg lock.


File: 7c1b8487f66965e⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, girls pooping poetry.png)



Every day we stray further from kami-sama.


File: 9f342a7d7062a33⋯.jpg (204.74 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, [Pineapple_Salad]Macross_7….jpg)



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