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File: 294821cc3fec2fc⋯.jpg (103.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Zombieland Sag….jpg)


ImoImo>>>>>Zombieland Saga>Bunny Girl>Anima Yell>Gobbo Slayer>Spyce>Tiramisu S2>Honda-san>The other ones I didn't bother to watch to Episode 3.

Good season. I've been waiting for something like this after that long drought we had.


File: e8ed455f001329e⋯.webm (11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kiss.webm)

>Zombieland Saga

Definitely surprise of the season. Way better than I thought it would be. I hope it can keep up the standard it set for itself in the first two episodes.

>Yagate Kimi ni Naru

Competing with Zombieland for my AOTS pick. It may not be as fun, but I'm really enjoying it and it's the one I look forward to most.

>Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

I like it. The visual style is a little off but it's still enjoyable.


I expected them to cut back on the service, but not to the extent they actually did, which is a significant disappointment. Still, the rest is good.


It's cute. Maybe it would be better if they traded a little of the "cutesy" for some more "comfy", but it's still above my fairly low expectations.

>Anima Yell

Pretty middle-of-the-road for me as far as a Kirara SoL goes, in my opinion.


I had relatively high hopes, but it isn't living up to them so far. Not on the chopping block, but it's forgettable and I don't expect to think about it much after the end of the season.

>Jingai-san no Yome

I don't get it at all. My decision to still watch it is a combination of morbid curiosity, low necessary time investment, and hope for cyclops trap twins.

I've gotten behind on Goblin Slayer, and I guess I'll need to watch ImoImo as trainwreck of the season.


Episode 3 of Zombieland Saga threw a major wrench in its wheels though. It's very possible the first two episodes were just a fluke and it's going to be completely generic idolshit drama from now on. Episode 4 will be the moment of truth.


File: 3bc0410dee4e474⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 550x600, 11:12, [Asenshi] Hisone to Masota….jpg)

>this is the best season we've had in years!

<this is the worst season we've had in years!

Every damn season you guys do this. Just stop.

Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 > Zombieland > Bunny Girl > GRIDMAN > Muscle Maid

TF is honorary anime.

I might start watching Tonegawa again. And I wanted to watch Goblin Slayer but I haven't read the manga yet.


File: b425f8e4788a86e⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Zombieland ….png)


Definitely. The first two episodes were amazing yet the third drove it off a cliff. I'd hope it recovers safely but I'm assuming the worst.


It's much better than we expected though. Most thought it'd be even worse than the last. Still, can't call it amazing.



It's episode three. It's obviously a meta joke about studios always doing something different in episode 3. You can trust Producer-san.



>a show about undead thots

This is certainly going to draw people into some sick fetishes.



>>this is the best season we've had in years!

><this is the worst season we've had in years!

<you still can't say things online without people either agreeing or disagreeing with you


Currently watching Goblin Slayer, Slime, Bunny Girl, Akanesasu, and Irozuku. All of them are enjoyable to their third or fourth episode except Irozuku, which is probably the weakest for me and I haven't gotten to seeing its third yet.

Things I dropped already:

Basara - I've been so long disconnected from the series that I couldn't connect with it, and I didn't like the sports angle.

Ulysses - didn't make it past four minutes due to poor pacing and blatantly poor quality.

Honda-san - only watched first episode, didn't care for some of the things they covered. Reading the thread on it convinced me that it wouldn't be worth my time continuing.

Seeing this thread reminded me that there were a few shows that I meant to watch that I didn't such as Yagate Kimi ni Naru and Spyce. Also have heard lots of praise for Zombieland Saga, which I never cared about due to never getting into any idol show before, but may pick it up later if people continue to like it.



Agree with pretty much everything, aside from not watching Jingai, and had little expectation of Spyce to begin with (but at least higher expectation for its fanservice). And UzaMaid is a bit too bitter for me to be called good.

Sora to Umi needed 4 episodes to be saved.



>I might start watching Tonegawa again. And I wanted to watch Goblin Slayer but I haven't read the manga yet.

>the manga

Don't you mean the LN?


>Thunderbolt Fantasy S2

Tons of fun it might turn out to be even better than the first, especially since there's a more competent/dangerous set of enemies this time around, instead of like one really overpowered guy and his underleveled minions. I do expect epic Urobutcher tweests along the way, though.

>Zombieland Saga

The first two episodes were off the wall solid gold, hilarious and inventive, episode three was way more conventional and generic, especially the horrible dancing CGI, I hope episode four is a return to form.

>Goblin Slayer

The first episode was enough to get me to pick up the LN.

>Seishun Buta Yarou Bunny Girl etc.

Miles better and very different from what I expected a show with "bunny girl" in the title to be like. The MC is a kyon and alpha, I really like the dialogue and his dry banter with Mai.

>SSSS Gridman

The first episode was alright aside from the wonky CGI and horrible kaiju design, which were vastly improved in episode two. Actually the show improved a great deal in the second episode, and got somewhat better in the third. Really, really enjoying this one a lot.

>Karakuri Circus

This one took me by surprise, the studio behind it, Studio VOLN, hasn't done much outside of a movie and helping a few other studios, mostly MAPPA, with their production. But the level of talent in direction in production values here is lightyears beyond what I expected, it's really well done, I really like the main characters and the weird, makeshift family they've made, but I doubt I will watch much more of the anime for now as I think I'm going to read the manga.

>RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida

Saw the first episode of this and really liked it, but the second one seemed to devolve into kind of a mess. I say seemed to because I can see how they might be going somewhere interesting with all this, I just suspect that they're not. Have been meaning to go back and watch more of it to find out, though.

>Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

I get a moderate amount of enjoyment out of watching this, the visuals and nice and the hijinks are fun, I just wish it were better than it is. At least Juliet and the other girls are cute (but especially Juliet).

>Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

Contrived, overrated, if very pretty looking shit. I dropped it after the first episode though so I wouldn't know if it gets better, but the premise itself is already so artificial and weird that I can't see how you could do anything good with it.



everything else this season >>>>> conception

I knew it was going to be pretty bad, but holy shit did it dig through the bottom of that barrel. I keep thinking it wouldn't get any worse, and yet it does.


>Double Decker

I liked it.

>Goblin Slayer

I also liked it

Haven't watched anything else this season, but I'll probably give Idolshitland a go when it's complete.


I never got the appeal of idol shows. Idols are a jap thing. Then again, I never idealized any actor or singer either.



I hate idolshit, but love idol anime.

Just like I don't give a shit about any 3D "cute girl", but obsess over 2D cute girls.


>Most satisfactory

Spyce, Tonari, Maid, Anima Yell, AiFure, Prichan, Yagate, Slime

>Least satisfactory


Anything not listed is average or needs more time.


Is goblin slayer good? I'm not watching it but every episode seems to fill a thread and theres memes of it appearing in the normalfag world.


The Legendary Tea Yamada will save this season!


Zombieland Saga is fun so far, and I'm not one who usually bothers with new stuff.

Lately I've been watching a few episodes a night of Monster and Inspector Lunge is pretty badass.



Seishunbuta, Yagate Kimi ni Naru


Anima Yell, Akanesasu Shoujo, Beelzebub-jou, Tonegawa, Uzameido, Zombieland Saga


Tiramisu, RErideD on a good day, Slime for now, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, Merc Storia


Oreimo v2, Sora to Umi no Aida, Himote House, Kishuku Gakkou, Honda-san, Release the Spyce

>Not decent

Goblin Slayer on every episode except the latest, Conception, Irozuku Sekai, Jinga-san, RErideD on a bad day


Ulysses, Ace Attorney, Gakuen Basara, Bakumatsu, Kaze ga Homo

Akanesasu Shoujo might end up being a personal favorite, even if it's not going to be as good as the two shows above it. It's an okay season.



Good taste. Lunge is awesome.


I dropped the one with the maid half-way into the third episode. Something about the maid just creeps me the fuck out.


File: 1b648e5bae075b4⋯.webm (15.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 ED.webm)

>Thunderbolt Fantasy S2

Definitive proof that the PRC is illegitimate.


A surprisingly fun and honest trainwreck that feels like it fell out of the late 2000s. Has better animation than Overlord S3.


Why are autistic chad MCs so rare these days?

>Zombie Land Saga

Strong contender for AOTS even though the 3rd episode's budget got ran over by a truck.

>Release the Spyce

Uninspired cookie cutter trash with a godawful soundtrack, dropped.

>Akanesasu Shoujo

A somewhat decent premise with nice character designs greatly hampered by the inability to settle on a consistent tonal aesthetic.

The OP, shading/color pallette and opening episode give one the expectation of transdimensional shadow edgelording occuring at some point but the actual show is family friendly to a T so far.


Surprisingly decent straight sci-fi animu with a budget that was spent on backgrounds alone.

>Gobbo Slayer

It's not worth 1 thread/episode.


More boring than straightline shit compared to past seasons, though it'll likely get worse once the budget runs dry.


File: 2fd8c793eef44e3⋯.png (822.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rento.png)

I really thought this would be the season I could catch up on my backlog. Somehow though, I wound up with a bunch of series I'm still watching. A few exceptions though, as the Eromanga/Oriemo/whatever show lost me a few minutes into ep2. I just could not take the contrived-ness and the character designs left me flat. But it still beat Conception, as I deleted that as soon as I was halfway through the OP.

Shows I really seem to enjoy a bunch-Slime, Bunny Girl, Uchi no Maid, Merc Storia, and for some reason, Gakeun Basara. I like that probably due to the characters being near-Cromartie High levels of stupidity, and using the idea of the Warring States doesn't hurt. The continual use of going from one character to another though, that is the one downside.

Shows I'm continuing to watch for amusement-Akanesasu, Sora no Umi, Loli Vampire, Goblin Slayer, and Honda-San.

Shows which if they don't pick up the pace for various reasons might get dropped (they've made the 3 ep barrier)-Jingai-san, Ace Attorney2, and Beelzebub.

I cannot resist the returns of Index and especially (never thought i'd admit it) Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu.

And if nothing else, there's still Gegege no Kitaro. I hope this continues forever.



The soundtrack is so Kill La Kill. I love it.


File: f97d295fb00f308⋯.jpg (96.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Ore ga Suki na….jpg)


>I just could not take the contrived-ness and the character designs left me flat.

Are you kidding? It's the best show this season. We're all loving it for ironic reasons. Your thoughts are valid, which is why it sticks out. It's the best trainwreck.

>I hope this continues forever.

Gegege no Kitaro has continued forever. I don't think it'll ever stop. Every decade there's a new one.


File: 315fd87ea6d98c7⋯.png (462.49 KB, 853x482, 853:482, vlcsnap-2017-10-11-23h21m3….png)


Well, if it IS that much of a trainwreck, I might look back into it. I'll keep my eyes on that thread. But for now, after ep1 of this, I think i'd probably watch other trainwrecks to get warmed up.

Been awhile since I watched Girls I Am Your Father. Or, re-watched. I'm a bit of a masochist.



Zombieland, so far.

<Best Girl


<Best Guy

No homo, but Goblin Slayer.




UzaMaid. By a wide margin.

<Honorable Mention

Slife. It reminds me of TTGL.

<Dishonorable mention

SAO. I'm only watching it so I can recognize any references to it and therefore know to avoid those who make them.



>UzaMaid. By a wide margin.

It's a little odd that the ED is so catchy, when the OP is so harsh on the ears that it's one of the rare cases where I'm going to skip it as the season goes on.


File: b21b9f15708ce7a⋯.jpg (56.14 KB, 748x900, 187:225, minor editing.JPG)

>DOOM 2: Goblins on Earth


>vampire loli


>yagate kimi

Expected serious business, got surprisingly likeable characters and watchability.

>Senran Kagura

Better areolas than expected.



>Anima Yell

Pretty fun.

>Buta yarou

Decent MC, not bad.

Forgot all the ones I dropped, but I'm okay with this season.



It doesn't bother me that people have different opinions, what bothers me is the way people phrase it. Like in the OP:

>I've been waiting for something like this after that long drought we had.

>we had.


Not really, anon. Some people on /a/ have enjoyed previous seasons. There's never a consensus on this topic, yet people seem to imply that there is.


I guess I do.



>being a cute russian loli



File: 90f0a2c4c318ab1⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 90f0a2c4c318ab15c9d10c2eb2….jpg)


>That edit

Now that's true art.


File: 9a8443ac46037ce⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Manji.gif)


Maybe it's because I'm (allegedly) part nip that idols have become a big thing to me. I used to not care about them either.


File: 8bbc313810c38b5⋯.jpg (174.24 KB, 1551x873, 517:291, 3orvl0.jpg)


More Like

Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything else.


File: 68d1b580ae5f22b⋯.webm (3.98 MB, 560x314, 280:157, Kawaii Rap Battle.webm)



Would you want to be his friend? I would probably regret it.



>Maybe it's because I'm (allegedly) part nip that idols have become a big thing to me.

I don't see how being a happa mutt has anything to do with you suddenly getting shit taste.


Spooky Skeleton>Zombie>Selfincest>Goblins Genocide>Bunny girl>Funny Faces S2

All them would be between 6.5 and 7.0 of fun. This is a pretty good season.



Better music scene than the 3dcg dance&song.


File: 9aafe418ffa4288⋯.png (975.14 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 9aafe418ffa4288fa28883fc4b….png)

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle: All Growed Up>Zombieland Saga>Anima Yell>Yuri Vampires>>>Rapist Maid

It might appear as though I hate Uchi no Maid from this, but remember that nothing else made it on to my list cause everything else is unwatchable for me. These past couple of seasons have been so dry, I've resorted to watching dubs of anime I like. I'm sure I'll get loads of shit for this but I'm currently enjoying Chio-chan's dub.



Agree with most these, beside a few shows I haven't watch yet. This season is pretty good so far. I guess I might have to hold off my backlog to catch up with this season.


File: a00cb913446e947⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 850x362, 425:181, 20181028.jpg)


Yuri Vampires? Which one is that?



Just search for vampire in the catalog.


File: 59f07d6ea026fff⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2261x1733, 2261:1733, 59f07d6ea026fff219f5faaaa0….png)


Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: https://8ch.net/a/res/866389.html

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle: All Growed Up is https://8ch.net/a/res/869564.html just to be clear.


File: 61e4c5b28031c62⋯.jpg (197.5 KB, 805x948, 805:948, 1512754151291.jpg)


You can't trust producers because the art tends to reflect money making trends. It's the same cookie cutter anime out every season and people eat that mediocre shit up because "cozy" and "cute".

Come the fuck on producers and audience wheres the hard hitting plot like in the original stien's gate.

Tl;dr its ridiculous to watch high schoolers CGI rom com as an adult. Industry needs more independent writters/producers.


File: f03ccda3a29221d⋯.jpg (326.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, god_only_counter.jpg)


Not knowing how to link to an other board is bad enough, but not knowing that you can link to an other thread without anything extra is painfully ignorant. Look here, faggot:




File: 323018eadf9665b⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 500x600, 5:6, bait pantsu.jpg)


File: 72ba11862ba8521⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 480x480, 1:1, doyou.jpg)



I was imageboarding when you were just learning about DBZ. I only formatted it that way cause it's easier to copy links like that on the phone. Also who gives a shit


File: 5f68d14a013fa6d⋯.jpg (140.59 KB, 1920x1036, 480:259, rikka going ee.jpg)


>links to a board dedicated to hags

>goes on about how he's a le oldfag


>thinks he has to defend himself on an anonymous imageboard


File: 8e678829acf1a36⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 285x279, 95:93, 8e678829acf1a36961ea61a9b3….jpg)


I don't know if you're serious, so I'll treat you as such.

When Steins;Gate came out, newfags like you were complaining about the same thing. In 10 years people will complain about the same thing, citing Goblin Slayer as the "hard hitting plot" of yesteryear.


File: 28567f900507a60⋯.jpg (126.98 KB, 744x930, 4:5, nov.jpg)


>watching ANY high school shows as an adult

You're not the target audience anymore, Terry Goodkind.


Gintama Final Season > Everything else.



>I keep thinking it wouldn't get any worse, and yet it does.

So...it's Eromanga Sensei S2?


How's Uchi no Meido Uzasugiru?


File: 65312cd70e3546c⋯.jpg (229.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a55c5690a6f950cd363ea6dc00….jpg)


It's the kind of show where you watch it yourself and form your own opinion, you lazy nigger.



I hate to be that guy, but this is a discussion board. We're supposed to discuss things, not just act like assholes every time someone wants to talk about a show, as if they should know your opinion without asking.


It's not a loli-centric show, but I find it fun.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I got attracted to it by its cute ED song...


Lolicon meido is super popular in Japan by the way. At least, there was advertisements for it on every street corner in Akiba.



All that proves is that someone with money and an investment in the show wants it to be popular.


File: 480ed678aabfbe9⋯.png (271.67 KB, 854x480, 427:240, vlcsnap-2018-11-10-19h43m1….png)

File: 936f6309720d96f⋯.png (391.31 KB, 854x480, 427:240, vlcsnap-2018-11-10-19h28m0….png)


I like it. uza maid and slime tensei are the two I look forward to every week.


File: b5c3858240447d4⋯.jpg (258.7 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, b5c3858240447d456a32e28242….jpg)


It's shit.



It's got that Dogakobo animation that is charming.



>worst girl expresses incorrect opinions

No surprises there.


I'm currently watching only the following:

>Yagate Kimi ni Naru

>Bunny Girl

>Zombieland Saga

My favorite is Bunny Girl so far. Zombieland Saga had a great first two episodes but has become more of standard idolshit since then, but it's tolerable and I'll keep watching. I've been watching older shows lately.





I watched Slime up to episode two and was enjoying it but I'm so tired of isekai that I can't find the motivation to push forward


File: 32b6e7efb373208⋯.jpg (517.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Kkk.jpg)


Seen Lili's death reveal yet?



Masao-kun is my husbando now


>Only one person mentioned Double Decker in the entire thread

I'm getting vibes of either shit taste or a gem in the rough


File: ab8be1fb7dd9f55⋯.gif (84.79 KB, 157x127, 157:127, JEEF.gif)

File: 6ea31e694dffcbb⋯.jpg (51.94 KB, 433x650, 433:650, kz.jpg)

I wish TSURUNE cast was all girl...


File: 59673bbd4976ed7⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 636x358, 318:179, JEEF.gif)

Which anime has the best action scenes this season?



There are only a handful that even have any action scenes to begin with, and none of them are great.



What's Double Decker?


File: 5e6a17d76905b47⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 472x284, 118:71, (You)gle.jpg)



>Dogakobo animation

Is that supposed to be an appeal point?



Princess of Cruelty vs Shang in Thunderbolt Fantasy 2.


File: 10c7889377b1a51⋯.webm (1.38 MB, 800x864, 25:27, ENG.webm)


That Reincarnated Slime anime has nice fights.



Too bad the MC is such a Gary Goo who everyone loves and trusts and wants to be friends with.



Looks like nobody's watching it. Is it good?



>mention it's a shame that nobody is talking about x

>someone asks about x

>fuck off and google it

You're your own enemy, anon.



Still watching Slime-kun's harem adventures, Old businessman's daily life, Mass murderer of miniature orcs, Flamboyant Italian Fashion Model Brawl and Undead Regional Girls and Mr Bone's Bookstore Bonanza.

Also picked up I Can't Believe I have Been Forced Into Marrying A Giant Fuzzy Monster And Love it which is annoyingly charming. Also cyclops traps, possibly.



>Flamboyant italian

>Fashion model.

Why did you say precisely the same thing twice?


File: 5342a3c24197d0b⋯.gif (183.06 KB, 220x169, 220:169, 20180000.gif)

Watching BAKI


File: 34f58f8dd557489⋯.jpg (181.23 KB, 850x971, 850:971, 20181223.jpg)


Sakura by yamashita shun'ya


File: 6c0cacfcfcb4229⋯.jpg (121.97 KB, 850x478, 425:239, 20181223.jpg)

JOJO feels weird animated..


File: 0bec257e0d788a9⋯.png (530.32 KB, 541x751, 541:751, shit.png)


It's shit. Characters from the flashback arc appear again for no other reason than to say "Hey, 'member this faggot?".

Everyone knows everyone.

Kozue's personality is all over the fucking place.

Disgustingly badly drawn stills.



Because [JoJo] requires that much emphasis. Manliest, most Fabulous show out there. Would be Gayshit if it weren't for the fact that it's fucking JoJo


Goblin Slayer manga is heaps better than the anime...


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<3 their musical EDs


Top 10 best shows of the season according to 100k NicoNico users:

ZombieLand Saga (16.6%)

Gridman (15.1%)

Goblin Slayer (10.6%)

Jojo (7.6%)

Slime (6.6%)

Bunny Girl Senpai (5%)

YagaKimi (3.2%)

Golden Kamui (2.6%)

SAO (2.5%)

Honda-san (2.4%)


How does it stack up with your top 10?



>SAO in the top 10

2 nukes wasn't enough.




>Bunny Girl






>Himote House

>Anima Yell

>Merc Storia

Akanesasu obviously wouldn't be there, but Tonegawa should've made it, unless it didn't qualify.


If anything I'm surprised it's as low as it is, despite being a massive franchise.


File: 0b30b3c5ef1d553⋯.jpg (349.21 KB, 1920x1240, 48:31, 20190300.jpg)

How's 2019 shaping up?



This thread was supposed to die by now so I could make another about the current season, but Shield Hero and Egao seem fine so far.


File: 8e8d86d082b23d5⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, C3mLjlAUMAAVAmp.jpg)



This might be the one. The one where I finally watch some of my backlog.


File: f7d3b0fae449db3⋯.jpg (118.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 20190107.jpg)

File: f5ec6575481035a⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 635x973, 635:973, 20190113.jpg)



But yeah, those two are good.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

KF2... dropped


What's on your backlog?


File: d86fb43d5b415f7⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190120.jpg)

Dororo and Boogiepop are currently the best shows of the season.

Dororo.. can't believe that is finally animated!


File: d96ed3d1ed29aed⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 225x321, 75:107, 12061.jpg)


Excuse me?


File: 920678030b7a73b⋯.jpg (188.87 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, 20190127.jpg)


It was made into an anime before? How many eps?


File: 626a9a835533224⋯.gif (37.16 KB, 352x198, 16:9, c9999.gif)

Is Shield Hero any good? Raccoon girl is cute.

Bonus: https://imgur.com/gallery/AdFHV



Zumba-lard 下げ is overrated.

I came to a seasonal trash thread and I found plenty of shitty posts. Quite frankly I'm not sure what I was expecting.



I like it. It seems to be the designated LN-fag hate show, but I'm enjoying it. Stay out of the threads if you don't want spoilers.


This season is pretty weak.

So far only Shield Hero and Promised Neverland have been good.

Dororo, Kemurikusa, and Endro have been okay.

KF2 I'm just watching a hollow shell of KF1. I'm only there for the trash fire

And Kotobuki has been dropped. 3fps CGI, fuck that.



Mob psycho is stellar great. You animal.



It's a sequel, no? I never watched mob psycho.

Claims of my animalistic nature are probably well founded and factual


File: ac8433af5e7629d⋯.jpg (113.56 KB, 1023x335, 1023:335, date-a-live-banner-21.jpg)

Dropped-Kind of 3-D Uzamaid, some other show I forgot, and just dumped Circlet Princess. I know it's basically an eroge (DMM?), but didn't need to be so damn boring.

Really enjoying-Shield Hero, Slime (still), Kitaro (ditto), I'm A Cat Living With An Autistic, 5 Sisters who I Can't Bone, and a few others.

Date A Live 3 is still fav trashy fun.



Mob>Dororo>Neverland>Shield Hero



Mob>Endro>Neverland>Dororo>Kemurikusa>Girly Air Force>Shield Hero>Kotobuki



I'm only watching Ueno, Manaria, WataTen, Kaguya, and Endro.

They're all enjoyable, but there's nothing that's really grabbed me.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Girly Air Force... dropped. Nice planes let down by everything else.

Shield Hero.. tanuki mimi saves it from becoming "gutter trash"


File: 9358383f9dc7bdf⋯.jpg (249 KB, 1200x847, 1200:847, sez.jpg)

File: 4889bd970867ea9⋯.jpg (87 KB, 1200x433, 1200:433, sys.jpg)

The new Mermaid anime put me to sleep...


File: baf9cd5776aa0dd⋯.jpg (358.25 KB, 1980x1080, 11:6, 20190304.jpg)

Shield Hero started "meh" but sold me after 3 eps.

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