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File: 6c1b4f7455a463a⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1543312433651.gif)




File: 665e2da73317e35⋯.png (688.51 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2018-12-17-10h32m3….png)

File: d7703de5bd9e801⋯.png (672.59 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2018-12-17-10h33m3….png)

File: 3db543d0c217e5b⋯.png (739.27 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2018-12-17-10h35m5….png)



Did she join the crew?



not yet. I think she'd be the obvious choice since she's female and a different race. Will probably join the recent Wano arc when Jimbei comes back.


File: aff197e4aec4ab2⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 500x625, 4:5, aff197e4aec4ab2dfdd6d4cc70….gif)

This is not a Bunny Girl!



No. It's a Girl Bunny.



She's gonna need a bigger plot point then.



At this point, whether or not she joins, she's basically a member. I say that because even if she didn't intend to join, and would go back to Zou the second she could? It's not like she'll be able to for years.



Would it be better to fuck a girl bunny or a bunny girl?




A girl bunny actually. A bunny girl is just a costume, the magic is lost once she undresses. A girl bunny is just fluffier once she is nude.


File: 6d9d7fa47c03ef2⋯.jpg (216.61 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, Blank _9bd238b93332a769851….jpg)


File: d69af1b8ce7bbbc⋯.png (993.41 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, b72303f043e02afc1b0e7ae638….png)


Not all bunny girls are just cosplaying - some are kemonomimi.



You ain't wrong. I just thought about bunnygirls as in "wearing a bunny girl suit", like Haruhi here. >>888655

The decision get's a lot harder when it's bunnygirls, like the bunny version of catgirls. I'd need to see a nude bunnygirl vs girlbunny wrestling match to decide in that case.


File: 60ca07e6734bd62⋯.png (445.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Carrot_Marine_Outfit.png)



I want to fuck that rabbit


Bunny cunny



Kinemon was around for a longer period of time and has not yet officially joined the crew. Assuming Wano doesn't take a disastrous turn like Whole Cake Island, he's pretty much guaranteed to stay behind. Carrot will hang around long enough to fulfill a purpose then go sit on the sidelines as a Strawhat ally who will show up again during the eventual final war arc.


I thought there was no chapter this week, but there was!


File: 8b43fca0d90c61f⋯.webm (3.08 MB, 640x348, 160:87, Carrot Horny.webm)

>This thread suddenly becomes a Carrot thread.

This pleases Carrot.



Aye, however I'm not reading anything until later today when I'll need joy the most.




>number one prostitute in the world

Well at least she admits she's a FUCKING WHORE.



There are 73 stable abhuman strains in 40k. If it can have catgirls it can have bunnygirls...


So its obvious that the Courtesan is Momo's sister. Would be interesting if she actually turned into a villain instead of another Boa Handcock.



What if she's being coerced by that pompadour samurai and those thugs?


>Tama and Momonosuke became friends

Hah. That's nice.



New emperor and empress right there.

I hope his sister is that evil prostitute and that she doesn't change her ways.


>A Major plot point of One Piece is literally having big "D" energy



>Big D is both a large flattened O and a The




Usopp is gonna report her to the emperor.


File: 5d2a0d7dfa89ac6⋯.jpg (540.31 KB, 916x963, 916:963, REALLY_BIG_NEWS.jpg)

File: 720e78e8b84e033⋯.jpg (168.6 KB, 673x960, 673:960, Odaletter.jpg)

File: 11b939d076c771e⋯.png (676.9 KB, 723x922, 723:922, charac.png)

File: 98ca19b67228e90⋯.jpg (187.04 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 929.jpg)

File: 3664965e316882d⋯.jpg (47.9 KB, 723x414, 241:138, Wano.jpg)

Jump Festa so far has some very BIG NEWS for One Piece in 2019.

Something big will happen at Reverie, heavily implying the continuation of Reverie.

Stampede will be insane and will be worthy of the series' end; something of its' scale would only work for the 20th anniversary of the anime, according to Oda, who is confirmed to be involved in it. Jinbe is not in it though.

The 5th volume of the OP magazine will release on January 25th and will reveal all the sons of the Charlotte family (the daughters were volume 4).

Wano arc will be animated in 2019, and this part is worth noting: Toei will begin its' partnership with DandeLion Animation, some studio, in 2019 during Wano, so a potential jump in quality can be expected (the anime is almost becoming good aside from pacing recently, what the fuck?)

The first page of chapter 929 was revealed, and supposedly Zoro will appear with a "new personality" in it.



I guess now that One Piece is ramping up towards the end, they can't keep half-assing the anime or they'll look like a bunch of faggots and have to eventually redo the whole thing anyways.



>or they'll look like a bunch of faggots and have to eventually redo the whole thing anyways.

Not like they're going to do that anyways like they did with the kai version of DBZ.



I wouldn't put it past them. The One Piece anime is bloated with filler and padding to the point that some episodes contain only a few minutes of original animation. It's apparently gotten better since the Dressrosa arc, but that's still almost 900 episodes, plus more once the series finish, to try and sell to audiences.. Cleaning things up and compressing it down to a tidier runtime would undoubtedly get people to watch the whole thing over again and probably bring in new fans.



The best thing they could do would be to hire another studio to handle a run once the series is finished. But, this is Toei. So we're just gonna get endless remakes using shitty, outsourced animators.

The new partnership will see the series begin to feature more and more CG character models and animation.



Honestly I'd settle for just a supercut, a la Kai (before what the other Anon alluded to, obviously) where they just chop out all the filler. But yeah, ideally they'd reanimate it all in better quality, since overtaking the manga wouldn't be an issue.


Was it ever explained why zoro got caught by the authority?



He was told to not stand out or make a scene. So he probably just went with the flow until he wound up on the executioner's block.



He was taken in because he had Shusui in his possession. That would make him a grave robber in the eyes of Wano.


Chapter is out you useless faggots.


File: af2d7a1aff3cee6⋯.png (34.42 KB, 131x113, 131:113, 1427588205500.png)


I've been kinda hoping they'd do this since Enies Lobby, when they started cutting episode endings for more runtime and then started padding hard to avoid catching-up to the manga (which was like 10 chapters ahead at that point with no breaks since Water 7 began) and then the animation quality just kept dropping and the padding got worse.

I actually haven't watched the anime at all since I finished the first half of Enies Lobby. Manga all the way ever since. That was the final straw and every time I've considered looking at the newer stuff I'm just disappointed by how awful it's gotten.

My only concern is the voice actors. I don't know what they did for DragonBall but I'm already concerned some of the main cast might die before the series ends. Luffy's seiyuu has always been pretty old. I hope they just re-use the old voice lines and pair it with new animation and better pacing.



Big mom's seiyuu just passed away a few days ago.


File: 7c2bc87142ab837⋯.png (5.18 MB, 1776x1300, 444:325, ClipboardImage.png)

Those legs are getting leggier by the chapter.



It's been out for two days.



Yet there's not a shred of discussion despite the Orochi reveal and the implication all these dinosaur fruits are directly based off Kaido's



>based off Kaido's

As in artificial? They are not nearly wonky enough for that, though.



Because this chapter didn't give any data on subjects, it just furthered the plot. Next chapter will either be a Sanji vs supernova clash, or a Luffy prison lunch break.



Both the dino fruits revealed were named as "dragon type"



Eh, that doesn't mean they're based off of Kaido's fruit. Just because Sengoku also has the Human fruit it doesn't mean it was based off of Chopper's Especially with Drake as he's only been involved with Kaido for two years at the most, and had his fruit before the timeskip.



>literally the same fucking thing except an extra finger per hand

<on those tiny stumps

Taxonomy is a joke.



>DandeLion Animation

Is primarily a CGI studio, this just means that Toei is outsourcing 3D animation. Which is weird, considering that Toei's 3D department is one of the better ones in the industry.


>I've been kinda hoping they'd do this since Enies Lobby

>I actually haven't watched the anime at all since I finished the first half of Enies Lobby.

You know what happened during the Enies Lobby arc?

One Piece used to air in an afternoon timeslot, meaning that the anime was aimed at a wide audience including adults.

But its TV ratings were so bad, that the anime risked cancelation. They then moved OP to a morning timeslot (aimed at children).

To be specific, One Piece from episode 279 onwards airs in the Sunday morning time slot. That's also why episode 279-283 are a recap.

>when they started cutting episode endings

Which they did after the timeslot change. If your target audience are young children, then you can't expect them to watch every episode.

That's why there are long recaps before every episode, and why they make sure to restate the same information multiple times.

And why should they change this? The early OP anime was rejected by the public.


File: 064479afa0df75b⋯.jpg (299.24 KB, 736x1084, 184:271, Boa hancock sitting.jpg)

Have a question, on Boa Hancock's page it's stated:

> Even former Admiral Kuzan commented on her skills, stating she is not to be underestimated.

Where does he say this (for citation purposes).


File: 967a3f3b81501e1⋯.png (247.42 KB, 540x548, 135:137, jewlery bonney.png)


Is this thread dead?



>Zoro doesn't get lost.

Big Mom tries entering Wano but Kaido gets asshurt and sends King to stop them.

>Holy shit he does, Big Mom supposedly sinks to the fucking ocean, her whole crew and family get's fucked.

>Law and the rest book it after X Drake Page One and Hawkins are running after them but Sanji decides to stop them and pulls out his goddamn Raid Suit this early.


Oh shit Oda what are you doing this is the most anti climactic thing I've ever seen, the Strawhats need to be beyond Yonko crew tier by the end of this arc if you're going to give them power ups this prematurely. Fucking Chopper will be able to one shot Kaido by the end.



Unless they treat Kaido like Oars at Thriller Barque and have the whole crew + samurai and supernovas fight him all at once.

With Luffy, Kidd, and Law teaming up to land the final blow.


Local Kaido Commander single-handledly removes Big Mom and her entire crew in one kick.



They aren't gonna fight shit, Kaido and Big Mom will mutually destroy each other and the SH will spend the rest of the arc fighting mooks at most or just getting trashed and running away



>Kaido and BM fight each other to exhaustion only for Luffy&Crew to crash both of them with no survivors

Eh, at least it'd be something different than Luffy single handedly punching the big bad away at the end of every arc.



It would probably be like that, Kaido and Big Mom beating the shit out of each other and then, Luffy Double King Kong Guns them into the Ocean when they don't expect it. Seriously though, I wonder how the fuck Roger beat these monsters considering that Luffy's King Kong gun was a small mountain buster, and his Gear 4th got One shoted by Kaido abd Big Mom.



>pulls out his RS

That I really don't get. The spinosaur guy is fucking weak as hell compared to the opponents we've seen in the series.



I didn't think Sanji would whip that thing out so soon after his whole "I'll never use this shit!" speech at the end of Whole Cake Island.




He's using it to hide his identity. Which is kind of clever in that he's not using it for a power-up.



He could just cover his face, wear a mask, but he's not. He's using his Super Sentai suit. Depending on how this goes, this could be a serious power up for Sanji.



>hiding his identity by wearing the clothes of a legendary army that even has it's own comic

>these outfits don't have masks

He sure thought this one out


File: 15808a7696f76e3⋯.jpg (542.77 KB, 960x720, 4:3, HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_CARROT.jpg)

Is it wrong that i'm attracted to Carrot?



Yeah, this. A lot of people think he's using the raid suit to mask his identity, but the raid suit doesn't even cover the head. Unless his is special from the ones his siblings have.



Nothing wrong with cute girl bunnies.



She looks a bit too skin-colored in that pic.



>Luffy Double King Kong Guns them into the Ocean when they don't expect it

>Big Mom and Kaido are drowned.com

>With 2 out of 4 Yonko gone the Navy decides to go all out and land grab every bit of territory they can in the NW

>The Straw Hat grand fleet ends up joining up with Shanks to fend off an ever growing number of Navy fleets while Blackbeard schemes to kill both of them once both Parties are sufficiently worn down

How likely is this?



Really he should've kicked himself in the face to change his identity. That's his greatest power.



>Navy decides to go all out and land grab every bit of territory they can in the NW

The Navy was so Weak that it suffered serious losses against a dying Yonko, past his prime and at a tactical disadvantage. They'd be competig with Blackbeard and Shanks over the territories, not to mention the remainders of the Big Mom and Beast Pirates like Katakuri, who wouldn't stand for letting the Navy take over their territories.


File: 7c1e9255be96a2d⋯.png (289.5 KB, 739x423, 739:423, ClipboardImage.png)


Good, fucking furries have been making /a/ One Piece threads into sheer autism for almost everyone else since the Minks were introduced.



I'm dying of laughter imagining Sanji kicking himself in the face and it crumpling into something like this pic related.



I thought that too, but I realized it was pointless since his new wanted poster had the name Vinsmoke added, which is automatically correlated to Germa 66. Not to mention the lack of a mask.



>Fucking Chopper will be able to one shot Kaido

If this happens I actually think that might be the funniest thing ever. Chopper,l the HUMAN Zoan Fruit, beats Kaido, the freakish suicidal Yonkou, possessing a dragon devil fruit and who collects zoan devil fruits like a crow collecting silver. It would be the most ironic win yet.


I watched up until Skypiea in the anime, picked up the manga from 909 out of the blue. I'm really liking wano, but I gotta ask, would it be worth it to go back and watch or read what I missed



>skipping marineford, saobody, thriller bark, dressrosa, amazon lilly, punk hazard, impel down and fishman island

The fuck are you doing?



>would it be worth it to go and read half the fucking plot

Are you genuinely too dumb to realize the worlds of difference between the current crew and state of the world compared to Skypeia?



You've literally just skipped about 1/2 of the series including some of its best moments. If you think Wano is good, then holy fuck you're in for a ride.

IMO The entire Pre-Time-skip is just golden, and the fishman island arc, Punk hazard arc and dress-rosa arcs, while sometimes lengthy have plenty of fun and good stuff. You cannot reliably follow the story if you skip from Skypeia to Wano. The amount of context you lose is tremendous. Hell you're skipping the acquisition of 2 major crew-members.



I'm guessing people are assuming this is a thread for the anime, since most threads just start with the latest chapter. Whoever makes the next one, make sure it's like the previous threads we've had.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I ain't clicking that shit, nigga.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not to sound like a shill but it was genuinely the best episode in the history of the anime, the Rayleigh and Pudding filler were shit but the actual fight was Toei's peak.



Well shit, once in a blue moon they can actually deliver. Big Mom's musical section was also breddy gud.





There were a few key frames that looked really good. Even if this is the best the series has looked, it still looked pretty shit.



Scenes like this are why people still watch the anime at all. They phone it in for the majority of the episodes, but then pull out all the stops and bring in some really talented people to make sure the best scenes get the effort they deserve.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


SPOILERS for the next chapter

Sanji uses the raid suit and it has the power of invisibility.

Big mom survives

Big mom washed up on the beach with chopper and tama and lost her memory



>Sanji gets the ability he wants handed to him

>Big Mom loses her fucking memory and is going to be tricked into fighting Kaido


Oh well I guess it works? Only Oda can normalize such batshit craziness.



> loses her fucking memory and is going to be tricked into fighting Kaido

Holy fuck yes I wasn't wrong after all



This is also more evidence to me that Sanji is gonna fight the sword guy on BlackBeard's crew



>Sanji is gonna fight the sword guy

<not having Zoro, the SWORD GUY fight the Blackbeard's sword-guy (not to mention that Zoro is for all purposes vice-captain and Shilliew is right hand man to black-beard)



The original idea was he was gonna take the Diamond fruit but now that he took the clear fruit that Sanji wanted from that guy he beat before Sanji has to be the one to fight him now



>I'll swallow my pride and wear this stupid raid suit

>Holy shit this is fucking awesome

Curious to see if the suit sticks around or if he drops it after this. Sanji being the team spy was great in the early days, I wonder if it'll come back from this.



He said he'll have Franky redesign the thing, so he's keeping it for sure



Look at it this way: Sanji hates his family, but they created something that gives him what he's always dreamed of. It's possible the raid suit was designed with his childhood dream of being invisible taken into consideration. He said he never wanted to use it, but now he has to and it's perfect for him. Plus it's not a devil fruit, so it doesn't really change his character in a huge way.


What the fuck Oda? How do you come up with all this crazy stupid awesome shit?


File: 92869d47add19ea⋯.png (56.14 KB, 184x313, 184:313, Page 1.png)

Page One is 100x cooler than X Drake so far, their hybrid form looks amazing.


Latest chapters of all the big WSJ series are out. 932 is a spectacular chapter where shit continues to happen, tensions continue to escalate, and we finally see that Lord Orochi is definitely possessing some kind of 8-headed Dragon Devil Fruit



More than anything, I'm amazed that O-Toko became relevant. But I guess I should expect Oda to use gag characters seriously, by now. I've gotta say though, I'm so glad that Wano isn't pulling any punches, or waiting around for shit to get going. We got here hitting the ground running, and have just never let up ever since. Whole cake was technically the same way, but the strawhats haven't had a chance to relax, since they first set foot on wholecake. And not only that, but Oda's having basically the worst possible scenarios keep happening to them, and in turn really ramping up the stakes.

It's all been good shit.



Where Whole Cake fucked up the tension was in the way that everything happened over the course of about 3 days, all back to back. Luffy never really rested and got into fights constantly and piled up absurd amounts of damage. The closest thing to downtime we got was them hanging around with the Firetank pirates and drinking milk.

Wano is taking place over a much longer span of time, and it's giving the characters a chance to settle into appropriate roles and jobs for their skillsets. They're hiding in plain sight, setting up elaborate plans, and investigating a little bit at a time. We're getting a chance to see all the major players and really understand the stakes, instead of just running headfirst into the plot and being cock-blocked with fights that only exist to stall the story, like Luffy vs Cracker.


I want Robin to be my waifu but I want her to actually be the one fucking me with a strap on, 100% of the times.

Is this possible? I can't sleep at night because of that.


File: 003824373e35b4e⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 704x396, 16:9, Bunny Rabbit_hump_erection….gif)


File: e9c2df95bfe2696⋯.png (116.51 KB, 1440x1218, 240:203, IMG_20190130_214208.png)


>Latest chapters of all the big WSJ series are out.

It's almost an insult right now to lump One Piece with meme manga like Dr Stone, Hero Academia and Black Clover.

Those three don't even hold up to the level of Naruto, Bleach and Gintama, it's arrogant, preposterous, conceited, to level it along with One Piece.

And it's outstanding how the story of One Piece is crafted and developed - only maybe the original Dragon Ball have such levels of presence and impact (although it wasn't as deep, and much more comedic), worldbuilding and adventuring through places and meetings of peoples.

But One Piece is setting out to be a sole behemoth of its own, a legend that might become the most symbolic pop culture manga of the Japanese.

Sorry, but I had to autist-type this after reading your comment.

WSJ is without 'big' series for some serious time now and what we have today are mere hollow spectres who are allowed to exist because there are no challengers, which is sad on its own.


File: dd90f21f9c81334⋯.png (484.77 KB, 915x551, 915:551, kore_wa_beito_desu_ka.png)


It's almost an insult right now to lump Attack on Titan with meme manga like One Piece, Neverland and Origin.

Those three don't even hold up to the level of Naruto, Bleach and Ghost in the Shell, it's arrogant, preposterous, conceited, to level it along with SnK.

And it's outstanding how the story of Shingeki no Kyojin is crafted and developed - only maybe the original Gundam SEED have such levels of presence and impact (although it wasn't as deep, and much more comedic), worldbuilding and adventuring through places and meetings of peoples.

But Attack on Titan is setting out to be a sole behemoth of its own, a legend that might become the most symbolic pop culture manga of the Fujonese.

Sorry, but I had to autist-type this after reading your comment.

Manga as a whole is without 'big' series for some serious time now and what we have today are mere hollow spectres who are allowed to exist because there are no challengers, which is sad on its own.



Are we now doing this every time someone is being a baka? I like it.


It's almost an insult right now to lump /a/ with meme boards like /tv/, /b/, and /v/.

Those three don't even hold up to the level of /a/, it's arrogant, preposterous, conceited, to level it along with /a/.

And it's outstanding how the posts of /a/ are crafted and developed - only maybe the original Usernet Forums have such levels of presence and impact (although it wasn't as deep, and much more comedic), shitposting and adventuring through places and meetings of peoples.

But /a/ is setting out to be a sole behemoth of its own, a legend that might become the most symbolic pop culture manga of the Japanese.

Sorry, but I had to autist-type this after reading your comment.

8chan is without 'big' guys for some serious time now and what we have today are mere hollow hot heads who are allowed to exist because there are no challengers, which is sad on its own.




>Being that much of a tryhard





They're really dropping, aren't they?

I could have sworn Kizaru's VA died not too long ago, and Sengoku's the year before that.



Its funny cause the Marineford war basically a passing of the torch from the older generation to the newer generation.



One Piece, an anime running for almost 20 years, with voice actors in their 40's to 90's will inevitably have a lot of them die.


So much to take in with this latest chapter.



I like how Oda is just setting up Wano to be one giant cluster fuck where Kaido isn't even the main villain, just someone who was unlucky enough to be suggested taken down by Law to Luffy and now he'll probably die. There isn't a need for story telling at all just one jumble of chaos one after another until Kaido dies.

Calling it now, his death will be like Whitebeard's, where he just stands there while Luffy leads a fuckton of people to shoot and stab at him until he dies like Blackbeard did, and at the end Kaido is just like "What the fuck." After multiple flashbacks of his life then he dies.


File: 7d3deadaab10307⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 241.76 KB, 741x367, 741:367, 03.png)

This new chapter of Kaguya-sama looks weird.



>I like how Oda is just setting up Wano to be one giant cluster fuck

Setting up? We're there, man. Nami, Brook, and Robin are causing a huge scene and fighting ninjas right in front of Orochi. Sanji, Law, Franky, and Ussop are picking fights in the streets with Kyoshiro's boys. Chopper is hanging out with Big Mom. Luffy and Kidd are about to stage a jailbreak. Zoro is running around with some retard who is going to be revealed to be an insanely strong fighter... and everyone I forgot is gearing up for an all out raid on Kaidou's fortress.

2019 is going to be a nonstop clusterfuck of madness for One Piece.


File: 8f5ffbada1fbe85⋯.png (1.25 MB, 547x853, 547:853, vol92.png)

Kaido is light blue, Komurasaki has blue hair, and O-Toko has light pink hair. IT looks like Oda's random ass colors thing will stay. Can't wait for yellow-suit King, lime hair Orochi, and Fruit-by-the-Foot Kyoshiro. I like how Kaido looks and am fine with Komurasaki, but O-Toko looks awful with pink hair.




>watching the anime

>not knowing that the anime is trash and widely rejected by fans

Kindly fuck off back to your cuckchannel shitpit.



Hey namefag.

You could say One Piece had some seriously bad crap arcs, such as Fish-Man Island and Skypiea and some not so good arcs such as Punk Hazard and Thriller Bark.

But then, you have literal masterpieces such as Alabasta, Water 7, Enies Lobby and Impel Down.

So it's a mixed bag. And don't watch the anime, manga is 1000x better.



Yeah. It's kind of clear Oda doesn't care about the colors, given how putrid they tend to end up. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I'd say it was to persuade people to read the manga instead (no colors).


File: 4f385b14c2ad991⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 660x629, 660:629, 1453490078446.jpg)


Yup anime version is shit and a waste of time. People watched it cause scans of early volumes were horrible, later it was only good for watching after you read the manga and knew were the interesting bits were and were curious how they adapted them.



I would never recommend the anime over the manga, but there are some tiny things it did do better. Wiper blowing up the Giant Jack is actually dramatic, unlike in the manga where the sequence is like two tiny ass panels. I'd say it's okay to watch it once up to when the Strawhats get split up, at some point after reading the manga.



>People watched it cause scans of early volumes were horrible

MangaRock has the official Viz scans (although in lossy .webp). Newer ones are still Jaimini's releases, but in this day quality has improved.


Let me take this opportunity to say that MangaRock has a lot of series with Viz scans or other Official publishers.



If they don't make a "One Piece Kai" equivalent and recut the series into a smoother run time, I fully expect fans to do it themselves. The anime is bloated and full of padding and completely forgettable filler, but there are enough well done scenes in there that convey the intensity of a moment better than the manga did, and it's a shame that it's buried under several hundred hours of garbage.



I'm pretty sure thats already happening. Its called One Pace.


File: be6f97605d505e9⋯.jpg (471.11 KB, 1561x1481, 1561:1481, luojie_xijietu02.jpg)


I'd just like to take a moment to lament the loss of the once-abundant scanlation and fansubbing group.

I don't know if any of you guys hung-out on the Kaizoku-Fansubs forums or N-U-L-L IRC back in the day, but I miss it. I miss having multiple fansub groups to choose from. I miss having multiple scanlation groups.

Now I have to change almost annually to a new group. Even most of the forums like Arlong Park only list Italian or other scans. And the worst part is watching a good chunk of the community act like this is a good thing.

One Piece had one of the best fan networks of translators in the industry and they've disappeared so people can stream a mediocre dub.



Man, I remember things like Gundam Seed having 4 fansub groups. One Piece had several.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Character designs, a small teaser, and some plot hints about Stampede just came out


File: f20b4c51bd07474⋯.png (524.19 KB, 798x941, 798:941, Bullet and Festa.png)



Oh, and by the way, Franky and Brook shouldn't have joined the crew.



>Franky and Brook shouldn't have joined the crew.

I'll cut you m8.



They shouldn't, I'm doubling down - they add nothing to the crew and Oda could have improved Usopp and Sanji. Instead, they only remove panels from the others now, lamentable moments of "who the fuck cares?" when they show up.

No wonder they're by far the least liked crew members.


And Chopper should have been white instead of brown, a minor tweak that fortunately isn't needed in the manga.


File: cf6b8b7432f3e60⋯.png (388.41 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 12.png)

File: 2575ffbd88bfe43⋯.png (447.24 KB, 921x1300, 921:1300, 13.png)

File: 252ce481f835e72⋯.png (443.93 KB, 917x1300, 917:1300, 15.png)

File: db05e99f35c37ab⋯.png (297.72 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, mOnvOJG.png)

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck



Those lucky bastards.


Is this the first time Sanji has seen Robin fully nude?

>Setting Luffy free because you reckon you can beat him


So at the end of episode 876 Morgan listed off the "Worst Generation" to Stussy, and fucking omitted Zoro. That's fucking dumb.

Also is it just me or have the Strawhats NEVER used their ordinary cannons after the time-skip (or for that matter ever since they got the Thousand Sunny). Its a fucking fact that they have several regular cannons on board the ship yet they never fire them, even when it would be useful to do so, for example in the recent Whole Cake arc, where a little cannon fire would have helped in their get away. Even the Gaon Cannon is fucking unused. that's not even mentioning how terrible the pacing has been in recent episodes despite the great action scenes.



anime was pretty good up until the Time-skip IMO. After the time-skip the pacing and art style have been fucking deadening.



>episode [random integer]

>the pacing is shit

A mystery for the ages, dear anon.



It's not. Impel Down is crap compared to the manga version, and Marineford is iredeemable dogshit.



The Thousand Sunny cannons are probably going to be used by Usopp and Franky if they ever use them.


New chapter is out. How did zoro just faint like that ?


File: eaed8278ccd0132⋯.png (244.95 KB, 547x172, 547:172, fuck that gay shit.png)


I'm surprised noone made this yet.



All we need now is some one to put

"8chan-/a/." on it and we have a new banner.


File: 568cc698ffcfd58⋯.png (130.03 KB, 230x410, 23:41, latest.png)

File: d9e046f0ab63a73⋯.png (332.02 KB, 640x530, 64:53, unknown (21).png)

The Tonoyasu is Toko's father.

>the laughter tic of Toko

<Tonoyasu's entire shtick is laughing

>the shape of her smile

<the shape of Tonoyasu's smile

And Toko has more significance than just being some random girl, I'd wager, if Yasu's actions at the end of the chapter, are anything to go by.


Jaimini got nuked by the alphabet. Any good alternatives? If not I guess this is where I quit OP



God fucking dammit.

Whatever, it’s not like this’ll stop fan translators from doing their thing.



No one can resist Shinobu.



Are we sure this isn't a horrible April Fool's prank?



It almost certainly is.



Oh, it's that day...

I didn't think about that.


>Jamini's Cucks announces FBI seizure.

>Editor announces that One Piece is ending in two years with the Wano arc


I hate this trash holiday so fucking much, it's just there to make people angry, no one even laughs anymore because everyone gets fucked in the ass now.


File: 2ae95cf403c2805⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 807x659, 807:659, 1552346784.jpg)


April Fools should be abolished.


So the kappa is in jail. Luffy is using his death match for training and the old man is gonna teach him the shockwave technique to try and take down Kaidou. Meanwhile, all of Law's crew are in fucking jail.

How does Law handle eating so much shit so often? All these crews are useless compared to Luffys.



I just want shit to start happening again. Every time it feels like we're about to head into an eventful period, shit just fizzles out and we're back to the split up groups sitting around and idly talking again.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is beginning to remind me of One Piece movie 5: Dead End Adventure. That was a good movie, so I hope this one will be too.

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