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File: 63bc1d16df50a94⋯.png (190.73 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, rm1.png)

File: 97f209244110043⋯.png (227.83 KB, 754x1200, 377:600, rm2.png)


I've been reading Kinnikuman since I found out that it is the grandad of modern shounen and I'm fucking amazed with how every single fight reaches OH MY RUBBER NEN levels of bullshittery. Even the thunder armor in Pokémon Advanced Battle looks tame by comparison. Anyway, post the most infamous asspulls you know.


File: 49ce1282817e204⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1500x1092, 125:91, 3ec0cd3751a3fb962b49f177fd….png)


Bleach thread?



That doesn't seem like it belongs in the thread.



The final chapters of Shaman King. But you already knew that. Hao is an Op Mary Sue that the author didn't even know how to deal with because in his mind he was too strong to beat. So instead we got the "Bad Guy isn't that Bad" asspull.

Is the sequel series worth reading? What about the collab the author did with Stan Lee about realldolls?



Jojos bizzare adventure with the pillar men has the greatest asspull of all time

And its fucking hilarious



Bad characterization =/= asspull.



Joseph's cut off hand at the end of the manga?


If you want raw quantity of asspulls, Shokugeki no Souma should be winning hands down. Since every cooking match is an asspull. Still amazed at how an ecchi cooking manga managed to go stale so quick.


I don't remember any recent ass pulls but it's always easy to see when they're half assedly preparing to use one with loosely defined powers or loosely defined anything, really. Because in comparison everything else is as detailed as the author wants it to be.


Pretty much everything during and after the onsen in I am a Hero.




File: 69190cfa9a4a262⋯.png (284.37 KB, 540x261, 60:29, ClipboardImage.png)

Enrico Pucci from JoJo part 6 is the king and tyrant of asspulling. He should be dead a dozen times over by the end of the manga, but he always gets off scott-free due to either the allies being suddenly ineffective and retarded, or muh fate just giving him a get out of jail free card. The most egregious being him immunizing himself against Heavy Weather by having Whitesnake suddenly have the ability to take away a sense instead of memories or a Stand as it always did prior to this. Oh and also he can move in Star Platinum's stopped time with no adequate explanation, fuck you.

And that's on top of his whole backstory being that he's buttbuddies with a version of DIO that has absolutely fucking nothing to do with his Stardust Crusaders incarnation and basically handing him the keys to being the creator of a new world.


File: 9ac6f0dd41329dd⋯.png (456.52 KB, 500x583, 500:583, newsletter-naruto3.png)

He did absolutely nothing to receive all the powers he has other than exist.



He died in the end though.


FMA:Brotherhood's ending. They all should have died and homunculus ruled the world due to the sheer idiocy of all characters in the story.


File: ed928f6790db9c6⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 06c09be319e549e0fccaa88424….jpg)


It was extreme stupidity but not an asspull.


I think most shonen main characters would fall into the asspull category.


A story about a boy not being bound by destiny, was in fact, born to awesome parents and was destined to resolve an old brothers conflicting fate that was passed down from many generations before the birth of shinobi. Neji must be rolling in his grave after Naruto honored him with his son being named Boruto.



The worst plot inconsistency in jojo is how Araki nerfs the stand when he realized how OP they are in their first debut.

>silver chariot never removes his armor and creates multiple copies again

>hierophant green almost never uses his body manipulation power because it would be a instantly victory in most situations

>gold experience never uses the mind acceleration trick ever again

And probably many others I don't bother to remember.


File: f135f34fd7aadf0⋯.jpg (65.25 KB, 369x640, 369:640, so_much_of_a_fag_he_got_re….jpg)


If we're talking about asspulls that actually feel cheap as fuck, Saint Seiya is the first thing that comes to my mind.

I remember Camus vs Hyoga specially in the fact that Hyouga not only awakens the seventh sense, but also fucking manages to copy his master technique on the first try and kills him with it.

Every fight (except for a few ones) followed the same comeback process where a half-dead member of the main cast beats their opponent after awakening in some way or another, be it seventh sense or golden armors popping up just at the right moment to save their asses, reaching the next stage by limping an abused dog just to get their shit beaten by the big bad, seiya being the last man standing, taking the remaining cosmos from his friends and beating the shit of the arc villain, the ultimate power of friendship asspull.


You don't think Hisoka's rubber nen making his heart beat again was cool as shit? I wouldn't call it an asspull, it's the opposite to me, it uses established nen rules and how Hisoka's nen works (it stretches and contracts) and doesn't introduce anything new.

He prepares it right before he gets killed by the puppet pile, and the "nen getting stronger after death" thing is consistent. Sure, he stayed dead a long time and that long without oxygen in his brain should have made him retarded, but I'm willing to overlook that.


File: 46952b4eaf075fc⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 540x405, 4:3, saint run.gif)


Saint Seiya has one of the worst kinds combats of any shounen series I've ever seem. Most half-decent shounen usually makes the fights interesting by showing the characters using their powers in creative ways or by having exciting fighting choreography but Saint Seiya is nothing like that, the characters just spend the entire fight standing still shooting colorful beams at each other until one of them eventually dies or give up. Also, the series invented this stupid run that was popularized by Naruto.


File: d677167b95a1669⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 454x490, 227:245, d677167b95a16694ff001c7b60….jpg)


How is it bad characterization?



Her theme song says "don't lose your way" and she is always losing her way.



If you want stupid ass-pulls in HunterXHunter, the one that takes the cake is Kite having some number of his nen ability that will come up only when he's "super serious business!" and somehow makes it so he can't die or some shit.

It completely violates everything we know about nen, essentially saying "you can avoid death if you just want it badly enough" without having any sort of premade restriction or sacrifice required. But that's not even the dumbest part. The worst thing is that it was COMPLETELY POINTLESS! Other characters such as Ikalgo, Gyro, and that koala hitman guy showed that a person could get eaten by the Queen and later be "reborn" as a Chimera Ant with all of their memories intact. Which is exactly what happened to Kite. His special ability accomplished jack shit extra on top of this, and worse didn't even bother making him the same physical sex as before! Now he's a goddamn mouse loli.

I have to assume the whole deal was just a complete troll by Togashi onto the readers, especially the ones that called Gon-san an ass-pull. Like, "Oh, you think so? I'LL SHOW YOU AN ASS-PULL, FUCKERS! Now Kite is immortal because he says so. HA!!"


File: ae06c72d1acecc3⋯.png (1.35 MB, 780x1200, 13:20, this is made in heaven.png)


Yes, and for the record I do think the Made in Heaven arc is well done. But the point is that he escaped death via pure bullshit several occasions before that. See, Pucci is unique among JoJo villains in that they usually are only directly confronted once at their reveal, and once at the very end. The final confrontation includes a desperate final move by the heroes that manages to kill the villain. The rest of the manga is fighting through underlings trying to find the villain.

Conversely, Pucci is known and targeted pretty early on, and while he sets up underling roadblocks, he is the priority target for most of the adventure. He is directly confronted much more often than any other villain, and each and every time the heroes do their very best to waste him, but woops, he has to survive for the purposes of the narrative.

Nowhere is this as obvious as when Jotaro shows up again. He had no less than two clear shots at him with Star Platinum. One was a clean direct punch, and the other was headshotting him with a harpoon during time stop. Considering Star Platinum's whole thing is overwhelming speed, power and precision, Pucci should have been obliterated both times. Instead, a clean punch by SP is only a mild carress he brushes off, and he is able to see in stopped time and dodge the harpoon. Both of those happen prior to him getting time powers.

This wouldn't have been a problem if Emporio finally wasting him had been the first or second time the team had any serious shot at Pucci, but gay nigger brushed off the best attacks the Jolyne team could manage constantly throughout.



>It completely violates everything we know about nen, essentially saying "you can avoid death if you just want it badly enough" without having any sort of premade restriction or sacrifice required.

I agree his power is dumb, but I don't think it violates everything we know about nen.

Yes, nen gets stronger with vows and restrictions, but it's also linked to how much aura someone has to begin with, and also to mental state.

I think it's dumb because we assume the randomness in Kite's ability is what gives it power, since it's a pretty limiting restriction, so we can assume he doesn't have an exceptional amount of aura to start. But then when he really doesn't want to die his mental state is strong enough to influence his ability to get a specific number with an extremely strong power? Really not wanting to die seems like a much weaker limitation than the roulette, and would need to be offset by a very strong mental state of "holy fuck, I really, REALLY don't want to die" and a lot of aura to conjure it.

It follows nen rules in a very stupid way and was wholly unnecessary, Kite being alive didn't add anything.


File: ab4a182a8df8eef⋯.jpg (173 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dude blood LMAO.jpg)


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For me the spinoff in embed related is the only enjoyable remaining aspect of the series called Asspull On Titan.


File: ec14064ed5a5a2e⋯.png (628.79 KB, 533x477, 533:477, inchling_ptsd.PNG)


>Can dry everything.

>But his weakness is wet shit.

>Shichibukai logia user

>Beaten by brainlet.

Why couldn't he just blind Luffy with sand and stab the shit out of him with his hook is something I will never know.



>So instead we got the "Bad Guy isn't that Bad" asspull.

So you just forgot that the entire series was about this kind of outcome? About people who did shitty things in life or death getting redeemed and renouncing their past transgressions? Because that happened for a lot of characters; Tokugero, Ren, that Jewish guy who was possessing his daughter, Lucius, Chocolove, etc.

There are problems with Shaman King, but that's not one of them. It would be more bullshit if Yoh had decided to kill Hao because it wouldn't have solved anything. And yes, Hao was always set up to be monstrously powerful to the point nobody could beat him, that part was fine.

>Is the sequel series worth reading?

Depends, do you like seeing an author who can't move past tournament arcs rape his past series lore with a tournament arc? The spinoff with Horohoro is at least decent though.



>Brownbeard gets shot pointblank in the head by an assassin's massive gun




You fucking dumbass. The whole point was that Croc talked about how they could develop their devil fruit powers, which is why he could be so powerful despite just being sand. The final clash where his powers gets broken by luffys bare hand was to cement that point. Not an asspull.


Recently finished Bio-Meat: Nectar, and it was full of the self-sacrificing asspull left and right.

>Main characters in jam

>Looks like this is the end

>Side characters either do something stupid or sacrifice themselves so main characters can keep going


File: 801b9819465c6c1⋯.png (1.18 MB, 780x1200, 13:20, x19.png)

I think the bigger asspull from Alabasta was Luffy surviving getting his moisture stolen because Oda wanted a cheap cliffhanger. Only for it to be negated because the water Luffy spat up came falling down exactly in his mouth the very next chapter.

Also Pell surviving the bombs detonation.


File: b6b885d15f9a8b3⋯.jpg (13.69 KB, 425x320, 85:64, shrugging_shin.jpg)


>Logia user.

>Can create unlimited sand from his own body.

>OP but weak to wet shit.

>Fights a brainlet.

>In a closed room.

>Can fill the room with sand and bury brainlet or just make it crumble by turning the ground into sand.

>Could even create a mini-sandstorm to surprise stab brainlet and end it with one shot.

>Decides to simply melee the brainlet because brainlet is the MC and needs a chance at winning.

>Brainlet can hit him because muh blood.

>Stabs brainlet with poison hook.

>Poison is working but decides to keep trading blow instead of just wait for the poison to dull him enough for a nice stab because if MC loses the manga is over.

>Allow himself to get hit with muh will-power punches because fuck logia powers of turning into a big incorporeal mass of your fruit's element to avoid being directly hit.


There's also Oda buffing Logias so much they became capable of dodging even haki attacks. Looking back and applying current lore, luffy, should have been curbstomped by crocodile.



>There's also Oda buffing Logias so much they became capable of dodging even haki attacks

There's a reason why Crocodile was cowering in paradise instead of hanging out in the new world. He's a shitter.



The only reason luffy won is because Oda wanted him to win. Crocodile went from being in alabasta, to impel down(caged and shackled in kairoseki) and then to marineford where he fought evenly against mihawk, doflamingo and other new world's big shots. He was by no means a shitter.

He was in Alabasta because he saw an opportunity to steal royalty by secretly shitting the country, overthrowing the king and become the new monarch. I bet kingship wasn't even the end for him given kings play a mayor role in the reverie and rub sleeves with celestial dragons.


File: 18fba4cd58be34a⋯.jpg (432.27 KB, 1774x1016, 887:508, luffy vs katakuri.jpg)


> He's a shitter.

Actually, it's a bit of a plot hole why Crocodile doesn't know at least armament haki. Same goes for Gekko Mori because both of them are pirates who did have a run in the New World, and both earned some infamy and fought against some heavy hitters.

Luffy beating crocodile despite every single advantage the latter had over the former including combat experience is a contrivance. The same thing happened when Luffy fought Katakuri where the latter destroyed Luffy's anus for hours on end but instead of just letting Luffy get KOd, Oda kept him on his feet, handed him a get out of jail free card that should not have been there (brulee) and then let him somehow get the 5 hits needed to take down his opponent.

If the story weren't bending over backwards for Luffy, he'd have died against Crocodile or Oda would have to make Luffy a smarter person who doesn't just get more angry and punch harder.



Honestly with all the shit Kishimoto pulled out of his ass with last part of the manga, i'm surprised that this is Naruto's power that draw your attention,out of all things.




I was always under the impression sand was the worst element type because liquids negates it's benefits.



I dunno, I think Caribou competes with for the worst spot as a barrel was all it took to defeat him.


>Araki writes a Jojo Villain who has an incredibly powerful Stand

>"Shit how the fuck is the hero gonna beat this"

>Asspulls some new ability

<Star Platinum and The World being the same

<Gold Experience Requiem becoming the most powerful stand in existence



Yes, Saint Seiya is more of a puppet show than anything logical when it comes to fight. Opponents have to beaten mentally, before IRL: once the saint realizes he loves Athena more than his opponent, tears flow and victory automatically comes.


File: e19dc9e3b2beee7⋯.png (801.01 KB, 906x1300, 453:650, ClipboardImage.png)

Gambler's Parade is now 11 chapters in and half of them have been setting up this retarded roulette wager where rerolling makes you wager more points, and the points are a percentage of oxygen. These villains are fucking lame, the hero is a boring edgelord, and the exposition spewing side characters are all worthless. Whoever agreed to give this series the greenlight made a big mistake wasting the ink and paper on this shitshow.


File: 8f93fb42c8cde7b⋯.png (206.05 KB, 559x501, 559:501, happy gobumi.png)


>this shit gets to stay

Pic unrelated.


File: 9c863ad45767412⋯.png (60.17 KB, 768x201, 256:67, high performance trap sens….png)



At least Harpiko's suffering is over.


File: 6ac1616d61b16e5⋯.gif (990.16 KB, 315x210, 3:2, Phoenix.gif)

File: e18d1b3850c0b98⋯.gif (630.19 KB, 177x122, 177:122, Omega_Ikki.gif)


It's a show I grew up with, but I have to admit that it is true.

It's so painfully formulaic and full of "power of freindship" cringe with an AWFULL main character (but still better than so many others).

That said it does have some good moments and one saving grace - this guy:



Luffy also keeps surviving things that are his supposed weaknesses - namely blades and water.



>protagonists are retarded and therefore they dont require normal human levels of oxygen



><Gold Experience Requiem becoming the most powerful stand in existence

To be honest he started as super powerful stand. He could be a fucking antagonist with heroes trying to figure out how to beat him.



>He could be a fucking antagonist with heroes trying to figure out how to beat him.

The entire point of his character, or at least the starting point, was "What if Dio wasn't an asshole", so it makes sense he gets an antagonist-level stand.



It's not just bad enough that series like this drag out the worst elements of their premise, but knowing that when they finally get to the payoff, it's going to be 10 more chapters of back and forth asspulls where ultimate turbo-keikaku powers are invoked, bordering on fullblown magic, under the guise of the MC just being really clever.



I just wanted another Yu-Gi-Oh S0 style manga...

>Whoever agreed to give this series the greenlight made a big mistake wasting the ink and paper on this shitshow.

It's the danganrompa writer, those poor execs had no way to know it was going to be shit.



>It's the danganrompa writer, those poor execs had no way to know it was going to be shit.

This statement makes no sense in a world where the Danganronpa anime exists.



But danganronpa is shit.



The franchise is a money making machine regardless of how shit the anime is.


I like the games.


File: 4b95986c7130ed5⋯.jpg (172.9 KB, 772x511, 772:511, monaka-junko.jpg)


The anime was only "supervised" by the original writer, that's probably why it was such a trainwreck. I will never forgive them for ruining Monaca.


The games and light novels are enjoyable for the characters and murders. It's just the overarching plot that makes no sense because Kodaka never intended to make a sequel to DR1.



What did you expect from shitty anime that copied its plot straight from Sonic game?


Compared to the enormous asspulls during the Fishmen Kingdom arc and Zoro not simply cutting Don Flamingo's strings to escape from the bird cage, early One Piece is refreshingly bullshit free and logical despite Pell surviving that bomb.



>I just wanted another Yu-Gi-Oh S0 style manga...

Gamble Fish gets close, but otherwise, it's Kaiji or nothing.



This is one thing I like about Jojolion, most stands are pretty small scale stuff and wildest shit so far was probably the air pressure guy



What the fuck they axed Dungeon Nursery? FUCK THIS GAY EARTH.


The entire final arc of Nurutu was essentially a 200 chapter long series of asspulls.



At least he's better than Deku



And yet I hate Sasuke a lot more.


And then you have Hades reincarnated not being Hades reincarnated but just a vessel, in fact, Ares possessed Saga, Poseidon possessed Julian (and then apparently retconned into being really Poseidon reincarnated?) just for Athena to be the only one who apparently was a legit reincarnation.


Local jokes of my childhood revolved around the classic "you didn't even scratch m-- AAARGH! (spits blood)" trope from Saint Seiya.


And that's why Kurumada barely used him, he just outclasses everyone else, sadly he also contributed to the boring and wasted OP loner character cliche who never stays with the team.



I can't understand how Deku can be such a "genius" taking notes but never creative enough as to stop crippling himself with OfA at the beginning, he could have just easily escape the muscle villain using full cowl speed, yes, just take the water boy and run, the muscle guy can't just strengthen his legs and run at the same speed as far as logic would dictate.


File: c7c5dd204507a64⋯.png (48.76 KB, 415x338, 415:338, confused_senko_02.PNG)


But didn't he work hard to master his spherical kamehameha and frog mode?



What came first? the card game or the anime?



Until my grave I'm going to continue believing that the series was supposed to end at the conclusion of the Pain arc, and everything afterward was just Kishimoto writing "off script" week-by-week, because his plans for the series had ended. This is because Sasuke (and by extension: literally all the Uchiha and sharingan bullshit and the war) was not part of the original plan.


He mastered both of those using Kage Bunshin, which he was only able to spam because of his inexhaustible chakra supply — courtesy of having the most powerful chakra-beast in the world inside his belly (well, half of it anyway). So yes he worked hard, but only really succeeded at it because the circumstances of his birth allowed him to use a training method nobody else could.

Then again, that applies to pretty much everyone. Almost all characters are either born with some kind of natural "genius" or born into a family that passes down their super-powerful techniques; and often this comes in combination (Sasuke, Neji, Shikamaru). The only character that achieved great power while receiving no help whatsoever from either family-specific training or magical genetics is Lee.

Really, I'm still trying to comprehend why Kishi had such a hate-boner for Lee. Seriously. Half the fucking characters in the show use a Dangerous Forbidden Technique that is very likely to kill them, and/or suffer horrific injuries. The Rescue Sasuke arc was basically just every character in a row going through the ringer. But the only one who suffers life-long debilitating injury from doing that is Lee. Not even the greatest doctor in the world can fix his fucked-up body.

But while we're on the topic of the RS Arc, everyone surviving in the end relied on a lot of ass-pulls. Choji's "will destroy your body" pills had a convenient antidote (one wonders why he didn't carry it with him alongside the pills). Neji's grievous wounds were fixed perfectly (bones and complex joints and all) with a magic seal and some of his own hair(?). Why doesn't that shit work on Lee's spine? Who the fuck knows. Kiba and Shikamaru and Lee got saved because the Sand decided to dispatch reinforcements (but didn't tell anyone). Lee and Gaara survived the almost-invincible Kimimaro because he had some fatal disease, that of course became fatal immediately before he could strike the final blow. Naruto, himself, only survived because Sasuke had a literal-last-second change of heart and decided he didn't actually want to kill Naruto; and not out of any lingering affection, either, but just to SPITE ITACHI.

Really, it should have been a total party wipe right there. Even just one death (seriously, except for Naruto obviously, none of those characters were particularly important to the later plot) would have made the entire thing a lot more poignant and made the ass-pulls that much less obvious. Which is a shame because it's probably the best arc of the series, anyway. I don't understand the choice to save everyone.



It was funny how the guy would always have his armor destroyed and while every other saint would have to do lots of shit to fix their armors (like pouring their blood on top of them for hours) his would just fix itself after a while, even getting upgraded in the process.

There's also:

>Gets killed.

>Comes back from death.

>Stronger than before.

Ikki just needs to die to respawns stronger. I bet the fag got himself killed multiple times off-screen, that would explain why he's so strong.



At least it got a nice, satisfying ending. It's a bit rushed, but I really like the conclusion he put together.



I wonder if it will ever be fully translated. Seems like the group doing it just stopped giving a fuck after everybody realized it was axed.



Damo Tamaki and Vitamin C, which turned human bodies so soft he could cut them to pieces with a dollar bill was a lot worse, in my opinion. Ozone Baby was silly as fuck, especially because it requires a Lego House to be buried near a location, but it's not a power that was shown to be as ridiculous as "everyone in this house is now a puddle" Not to mention the fact that all of his shit should have been insanely lethal. Part 8 has a really bad habit of giving every character really nasty wounds that just get hand-waved away in the next chapter.


File: b7561a8418ec8f9⋯.jpg (246.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

I am angry. Angry about not enough asspulls.

So, I wanted to continue my pseudo-mahou shoujo streak after Vividred Operation and Sky Girls, so I decided to try out this unknown anime from almost two years ago. It's called Houkago no Pleiades, and surprisingly it turned out to be pretty good. I thought that because I never hear about it and it sold so poorly it'd be bad, but I was wrong.

It's about a bunch of girls catching stars or something. All degrees of bullshit happen, the plotline loses itself, even more bullshit happens, there never really was a plotline. But it was okay. And then at the top of the asspull bullshit tower, it ends, and it has this stupid grounded super realistic ending where everyone forgets everything and gets sent back to their individual worlds or whatever. But it's happy end because they sort of meet?

Also there was this kid who looked like a girl and sounded like a girl, but everyone talked about her as a boy, and then she got shipped with the pink slut, but not really because they forgot again? Why not just make it /u/? The yuri was serving itself on a hotplate and they just leave it be. Worst ending, would not buy a Subaru.




File: 122b4c451d83e93⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1550x1280, 155:128, o my thoroughly justified.jpg)


People take their chinese cartoons way too seriously nowadays.

Sometimes fun things are fun and something cool happens just because it would be cool if it happened, not everything has to follow a 120% logical pattern. I can understand the mentality because as one grows more experienced in the medium one gets tired of certain cliches and patterns that are the core of it but still, try to have simple fun as you had as a kid where instead of focusing on powerlevels seeing the MC making an impossible comeback and punching the villain on the face while the OP starts to play was the coolest thing ever.


File: 16ec38c24e4a6d7⋯.jpg (662.29 KB, 1280x1930, 128:193, 180.jpg)

I was looking through the trash and decided to take a look at this and holy fuck does it escalate quickly.



I don't remember the series ever stating that Ikki is immortal, only that his cloth is.


File: 26a414967d7010c⋯.png (775.14 KB, 891x475, 891:475, ClipboardImage.png)


That just means as a kid you were dumb enough to not care if the story made sense or not. A good story has to make sense even within it's own world's logic, otherwise is shit. For example, OP talked about kinikuman, kinikuman is pretty much a gag manga who pulls shit out of it's ass all the time because their world logic is wacky as fuck, an asspull feels natural because that show is pulling crazy shit all the time. The story is all over the place but is consistent on it's inconsistency so you know to expect ridiculous shit.

It's totally different if a story takes itself seriously, has built a world logic that says what characters can and can't do, explains it in detail and the proceeds to screw it because why the fuck not.

Reminds me of fairy tail, where MC was incapable of eating the fire of an enemy without suffering an immediate backlash. As he's getting the shit beaten out of him, MC who is a dumb fuck, figures out some way to eat the flame even when it was never done before, he pulled some new lore out of nowhere and becomes capable of doing it, just in time to beat the enemy. He probably never pulled this shit ever again but can't confirm as I dropped it because MC's plot armor was too strong and every hard fight, he won it thanks to plot bullshit.



Nothing really asspull about it.



Kinnikuman is more like a prototype of what the battle shounen genre would become some time later, absolutely nothing in the series was planned and the author was just rolling with it by making stuff the readers would find exciting to read so in the end he made a series that gave form to all common tropes of the genre but also has the biggest narrative inconsistency I've ever seen in any work of fiction ever. And the gag manga excuse is not even valid most of the time since the series is full of moments where the story takes itself seriously and gets really edgy so its pretty much a mixed bag.

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