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File: 03c621d8fa35537⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2019-01-04_19_692….jpg)

File: 007dd14eaba2712⋯.jpg (63.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2019-01-04_19_483….jpg)

File: 833e6b68194bed4⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2019-01-04_19_557….jpg)

File: 04529f8694aba1f⋯.jpg (82.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2019-01-04_19_817….jpg)

File: ec92c6fb56b18ec⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpc-hc64_2019-01-04_19_270….jpg)


Excellent presentation, not quite so excellent writing. All aboard the Madhouse train!



Don't give them the credit. Boogiepop is a great story and pretty much started LN popularity.

I sure hope you've seen the original.


File: 7902bb556ac3304⋯.jpg (54.49 KB, 555x777, 5:7, 7902bb556ac33042daf2d1f97d….jpg)

Is it just me or did absolutely fucking nothing happen in episode 1?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The original was a Sci-Fi horror that you kind of have to watch twice, like Lain, but there are some great episodes along the way. Each episode looks at a different part of the story in a seemingly completely unrelated narrative until the ending ties everything together. It's like a series of Creepypasta.

I wonder how the new one will present it.



It was a setup for episode 2, which was a setup for episode 3.



There is no completing the backlog.

>tfw the yearly two-week backlog season is almost over


Is watching boogiepop phantom even necessary?



>watch twice

No you just had to read the books that preceded the series. I remember reading them but then forgetting to watch the series now I don't remember anything about the books.



Not really. The new anime seems to follow the original LNs story, whereas phantom was more of a collection of (anime original?) episodic stories, set between volume 1 and 2 of the LN.



I really don't get why you would praise the presentation so much. It looked acceptable I guess, but it's really noticable that the original character designer of the LNs was not involved.


Really digging the OP.


I'm gonna continue watching this but right now I'm confused as fuck. I have a hard time remembering who everyone is.


Just saw the first episode. This part of the story was done so much better in the original anime, but I'm betting they're going to flashback to the events here later.

The OP is marvelous, by the way.


Holy shit is that a sequel to boogiepop phantom?



Reboot, using the name of the first novel.


well but according to those screencaps it is not gloomy like boogiepop phantom at all

was the original novel also this sunny?

I remember phantom was all grey and gloomy and triste


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Boogiepop Phantom was effectively a spinoff. An actual anime production of the series is inevitably not going to be a lot like it, unless they were taking more liberties with the adaptation than just making it a modern setting. If you remember the final episode generally feeling closer to what you would expect from a typical anime, removing the heavy filters and ost, that was basically the return from the spinoff to the "normal" world. While it's an interesting ending for the old anime, it's just pretty much normal for the actual series.

There's definitely a little inspiration here, though. The chime sound returning reminds me of how Tetsujin 28's remake used Giant Robo's "growl". I just hope the soundtrack is as good.


File: afa955ab279719b⋯.jpg (101.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws] Boogiepop wa W….jpg)

File: c937f4ddc73ab80⋯.jpg (22.76 KB, 258x387, 2:3, Boogiepopnovel_vol2_full.jpg)



>Episode 2

The original version was better, but we're starting to see some variations. I'm glad this is starting to feel like it's own thing.



I thought it looked pretty nice, plus had a good soundtrack. They got the meme seiyuu and meme band, too.



While I have to agree that the soundtrack is pretty good, I didn't really like what they did visually.

I guess it's basically the same problem that most adaptations of dialougue-heavy LNs have:

Nothing really happens except characters standing around and talking. Unless you handle that like Shaft did with the Monogatari series you can't really produce a LN adaptation that has incredible visuals.

My more specific problem were the character designs, but I guess that had to be expected since the controversy last year, when the original character designer of the LNs was mad that he apparently wasn't given the designs for approval.

I'm not even trying to be the LN-fag that is mad about the adaptation changing the character designs, the original designs probably wouldn't look great in animation, but the new designs just look too much like "modern anime standard".


Haven't seen this much front-loaded exposition since Re:Creators.



The hilarious part is that they still managed to leave out a shit ton of important information from the book.

Some of the characters felt like they were barely characterized in the anime, with a lot of crucial details being left out.

My guess is that, since they apparently are adapting multiple volumes of the LN, they try to rush through the earlier parts to get to other stuff that happens later.

If the whole show is going to be like the first episode in terms of the way they are adapting the novels, then this show is going to suck.



>My more specific problem were the character designs, but I guess that had to be expected since the controversy last year, when the original character designer of the LNs was mad that he apparently wasn't given the designs for approval.

This is a good thing. Ogata isn't a good character designer, most LN artists aren't. When he needs to draw consistant characters, or remove detail from his designs, they turn to complete trash. Just look at the Boogiepop manga, which was drawn by Ogata. The designs are two leagues below the new anime designs. There's a good reason why the Boogiepop manga only has 2 volumes and why Ogata has never drawn another manga.



Would you call the designs of the new anime good though?

Even if all the drama with Ogata didn't happen, I still wouldn't.



>Would you call the designs of the new anime good though?

They aren't good, but I consider them acceptable. I am certain that the designs would be worse if Ogata worked on them.

The coloring is my primary issue, but that's an issue I have with most modern anime. Everything is too clean and bright. And the shading is too simplistic.



That's the issue though:

The shows visual elements are all acceptable at best and in combination with the terrible job they are doing at adapting the story, there really isn't any reason to watch this.

The only thing that this new anime did for me was reigniting my interest in finally continuing to read the novels.



>with the terrible job they are doing at adapting the story,

I can't say anything about how they adapted the story. I haven't read the LN.

And while the anime wasn't amazing, I did enjoy the first two episodes.

But this might be because I like nonlinear narratives.

>The only thing that this new anime did for me was reigniting my interest in finally continuing to read the novels.

I plan to start with the LN 1-3 months after the anime finishes.



>But this might be because I like nonlinear narratives.

Watch the original anime if you haven't. It does these things a lot better and it looks like we're being much more linear in this one.


So the light novel is what you should start with, correct?


File: 52d0894ed308f1b⋯.png (57.92 KB, 142x317, 142:317, 903jr.PNG)

The op is very nice but I have absolutely no idea what happened in the first episode.



Watch the second episode.


File: 12745c487081bed⋯.png (73.79 KB, 282x285, 94:95, 34523452345143.PNG)


Wait so what the heck was episode 1 about. Where is the smug girl with the tall hat. Why are there aliens.



I'm guessing that every episode will focus on different characters during the same relative period of events.



Episode 1 was about introducing tall hat and Shujinko-kun, they didn't actually do anything.


Man I really need to dig out the DVDs. I bought then when it first came out, watched them, then squireled them away. I can't remember shit about what this is about.


File: b740edfe977e3d7⋯.png (79.1 KB, 167x282, 167:282, heeeeeeeh.png)

Took me a while to get around to S2 but I am dropping this show.

Telling the story non-linearly is just fucking pretentious when you then have scenes where characters literally sit down in a fucking coffee shop or their house to deliver exposition at each other with the same tone and emotion as a couple of kids putting together a project for school while talking about man-eating aliens and conspiracies.


Personally I hate the presentation. The film grain and frequent use of depth of field try really hard to make it look like film or retro or whatever, but my eyes get unfocused just looking at it. I feel like I have to stand back like 6 feet from my monitor while I watch it and not get a headache or get distracted. Totally ruined what could be some nice animation underneath.


File: 001d6c84ca2815c⋯.png (175.28 KB, 769x720, 769:720, 2sookieboogie4u.png)

>Want to marathon the original

>Guy's first instinct is to start eating the alien insect things

>I think that's enough for today


File: 2196e35733e7478⋯.png (227.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, qsfxv 2196e35733e7478749c1….png)






I wish this was slower, and had even artsier directing so brainlets like you would drop it the first shot in. If you don't want slow burn and an intelligent plot, go back to any shonen where they repeat the plot point 5 times in a row but you still get to act surprised for the big reveal.


File: 584c7d7ba2c1b0e⋯.png (81.7 KB, 223x345, 223:345, 34253245.PNG)


I don't mind a 3deep6me plot but I am simply stating that I am a brainlet and while I will still watch it, I am a stupid baka who will be confused.



Wait until you get to the shut-in otaku episode. That one was absolutely unnerving.



Wait for the police interview episode.


The voice casting is okay (despite not keeping Jun Fukuyama as Saotome) but the audio-visual presentation is super fucking generic. They should've brought Watanabe back on board.


File: e2e6859ec71600b⋯.png (156.48 KB, 416x358, 208:179, gross.png)

>watching episode 3


Also what a boring way to end off the first novel's story, they don't even have the whistling part before Manticore gets her head lobbed off. Unless they nail VS Imaginator and bring back Jouji Nakata for Spooky E I'm dropping this shit.


File: 3fcf63f96f25638⋯.jpg (517.55 KB, 956x964, 239:241, mamachi seal of approval.jpg)

I boogiepopped several boners, I must admit.


Wow so just like that the manticore is dead, huh.


File: 1ad7dd767c7c0e2⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2dd.jpg)

I still have no idea what's going on but it was cruel and traumatic to have to see the best girl have her throat slit.



I thought it was a pretty dumb scene though, she's out chasing some superhuman monster and has absolutely no way to defend herself? And she has so much time to put 2+2 together when the fag is explaining how cool and edgy he is, and all she does is go "huh?".


I think it was a good episode. The first good episode of the series. Excited for more.


I don't liked.


So is every episode in direct reverse chronological order? I can handle something like 5->4->3->2->1 but if this is supposed to be something like 5->2->4->1->3 then I will never understand what is going on.



They're not in order, it's different perspectives. The first episode covered the entire span of events. The second covered the beginning to middle, the third from middle to the end.



It's perspective story-telling, don't think so much of chronological order, rather think about the events and their relevancy to other events, and by extension any convergence of events. I.e., the broader picture.


File: b0f036b7d51b502⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Boogieflop.jpg)

I'm really disappointed thus far; it could have been justified by animating the stuff that set up Phantom (the actual Boogiepop story) but it seems to just set up a rehash of Phantom by animating the Echoes arc. Its like someone is making this because the original BP is too hard to understand. Comparing the animation, style, and score between the two iterations you wonder why anybody would even bother making this new series? If they cover the arc with the Hospital and the evil Doctor and do a good job with it I might come around.


File: 65d4dcc6937f45f⋯.png (133.5 KB, 344x346, 172:173, boogiepop smug.png)

If this entire anime was centered around this face, I'd still watch it.


File: 09dd67c23b5369f⋯.jpg (81.36 KB, 580x821, 580:821, 09dd67c23b5369fa4e106f2f0b….jpg)


The Phantom in 'Boogiepop Phantom' is quite literal to my understanding; as much of what happens in Boogiepop Phantom mirrors events within the LNs (at least from what I remember). The new anime is merely an adaptation of the LNs. If memory serves me right, Boogiepop Phantom was a spin-off that was intended to entice new readers. I am somewhat disappointed in the new anime, but mainly because it feels too clean and in both visuals and sound design, at least compared to Boogiepop Phantom.


I was going to make a thread.

How does the compare to the 90's classic?



Boogiepop Phantom came out in 2000.

Also it’s better of course because current Madhouse is nowhere as good as they were in the early 2000s.


File: 1fe77f1e83982d3⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1fe77f1e83982d36caf4df6209….jpg)


By the title being literal, I meant more specifically certain elements, like how the Boogiepop we see throughout the first half of the series is really a phantom born from Echoes, and in reality a mere phantom of the true Boogiepop.

My original post was misguided in retrospect (which is what brings me to this), but not totally incorrect. The relevancy of the phantom in the title is thematic, with how certain entities within the story are mere phantoms of their original; namely Boogiepop and Manticore. The phantom in the title is also in reference to the phantoms born of memories, like Poom Poom for example.


Can we please stop with the girls having their throat cut right in front of the camera.


File: 6bfe3e03d4a0647⋯.gif (766.77 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Happy Sugar Girl talking.gif)


>Can we please stop with the girls having their throat cut right in front of the camera.

"No, faggot."


File: 7c6191f9c5313e2⋯.jpg (408.04 KB, 837x673, 837:673, 1488666362599.jpg)




File: 43aa640ceddd023⋯.jpg (383.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, permanent smug.jpg)


That felt very odd. I am a bit confused about the point of the first episode. Instead making me intrigued the execution just left me kind of confused, and I ended up laughing at the end with the sudden "danger gone, I'm leaving, bye". It might've been handled way better in the original LN, assuming the structure is the same. So far, I’m kind of lukewarm about the show, but from what I’ve read in this thread it seems that most of those who know the source material hates it. With that said the soundtrack is pretty good.

Has everyone dropped this? The thread seems pretty dead for an airing show.



>Has everyone dropped this? The thread seems pretty dead for an airing show.

In this case it's probably because it's not that good. Go check the Mononokean or Doukyonin threads if you want to see true ded.


File: 4798e6f6571dcf2⋯.png (404.57 KB, 544x651, 544:651, FUCK♂YOU.PNG)

File: c694d67ce7081ed⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 512x384, 4:3, FUCK♂YOU.jpg)

"Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong door, the leather club's two blocks down."


File: 1053afe53e52eb0⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 225x350, 9:14, a.jpg)

File: 99b394e114ba404⋯.jpg (5.16 KB, 385x385, 1:1, plus.jpg)

File: d813cd1f62b1f91⋯.jpg (127.76 KB, 642x630, 107:105, b.jpg)

File: cf98e2ee7d61e1e⋯.jpg (6.45 KB, 385x385, 1:1, equals.jpg)

File: 4887eeca3d0524a⋯.png (273.92 KB, 800x450, 16:9, c.png)

Prove me wrong, anon.


File: 91a63a3740cf206⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 662.46 KB, 1445x570, 289:114, sad maho.PNG)


I saw it too, anon. I can't believe the fat fuck would take her tanks away from her.



Fuck you.


File: 0bcd975e80b445c⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, To NTR or not to NTR.png)


File: d8743ff55d2c99d⋯.jpg (24.06 KB, 403x433, 403:433, 824.jpg)

I still have no idea what is happening.


I hate stories told out of order, there's zero benefit to it and it's just a waste of time.



There is a benefit to it. If anyone calls you out on how shitty your story is you can just say it's 2deep4u.



There's a monster on the loose, and the good guys have to stop it. It's only 2deep4u because you're slow.


They're really mastering the art of using lots of words to say nothing. Entire fucking episode could've been compressed to 5 minutes without losing anything. It's not even entertaining nothing they go on about, it's just nothing.


File: 5791964b489d34a⋯.jpg (84.31 KB, 500x742, 250:371, elf-san wa shitpostingumas….jpg)


What's the matter anon, too sophisticated for you?



Boogiepop didn't protect my unstable heart, and I've witnessed wordswordswords done well.



>mastering the art of using lots of words to say nothing

Reminds me of Monogatari.



No, in Monogatari not only does it have a point, they add loli molestation on screen so if you don't happen to care about wordswordswords, you can still easily enjoy yourself. This show is like someone took the /a/ Monogatari shitposting and made an anime out of it.


At this point I'm only watching it for Aoi-chan's delicious voice.


Isn't it widely accepted that the fewer words you can use to say something without leaving anything out, the better? "Brevity is the soul of wit", for example. This also applies to things that aren't comedy, of course. Then, wouldn't the act of using a lot of words to say very little just be proof of a lack of literary mastery?



Using a lot of words to obscure something simple is not wit. I know that for certain. It's the actual definition of pretentious.


Boobiebob WaWa is a cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.


I am planning on picking this back up. Sorry for not watching it.


File: c1902753aacfdce⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 362x346, 181:173, 1411590159260.jpg)

Is Boogiepop actually a girl or is Boogiepop a man possessing the body of a girl? Asking for a friend.


However shit all the middle is, the arc endings are pretty good.


She's a girl, because why not.


File: cba7ff5ab76648e⋯.png (260.76 KB, 543x572, 543:572, 1537157049446.png)

I actually find the girl character designs in this show to be extremelly fuckable.

I haven't seen this much fine ass all at once since Hibike Euphonium.

All of them from the smug pop, to glasses, to rich bitch, to whore fuwa fuwa are very aesthetically pleasing (perfect proportions in my eyes) and have nice voices. Watching them get abused is also a small bonus. I don't even care what the story is about anymore really.


File: 932cfc89a526218⋯.png (164.58 KB, 270x253, 270:253, 8977890789078.PNG)


This is relieving, I am not gay then.


Is it....is it normal to want to fuck boogiepop?

Because I'm fairly sure I want to fuck the shit out of boogiepop.


Well they surprisingly released a billion episodes. I didn't get it though.



Why would they do this? Was the show not doing well in Japan and they just decided to shotgun it all and get it over with?



I can live with one episode every week but I'm not sure how I'll be able to watch more than that now that they released them at once.

This show is just too boring.


Maybe it has to do with having 18 episodes and they never planned on dragging it into the next cour.



That's not how scheduling works, you wouldn't be able to do that on such short notice.


File: 58bd1b10f5b0331⋯.jpg (170.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Boogiepop w….jpg)

Why the long face?



I'd be sad too, if my head were 60% ear.


File: fe3bc92f91be77b⋯.gif (3.55 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1537107697459.gif)




You could opt for waiting for the DDY/GJM release instead as they are only on episode 10.

No memesubs in this series so far (I think they learned from their past errors) and even an secondary sub track that includes honorifics.

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