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File: 3c7cc08de1b7428⋯.jpg (75.6 KB, 576x960, 3:5, Brock finally finds True L….jpg)

File: 90d8775a8398372⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Brock in love.jpg)


How do you feel that Brock finally found true love?



Why was it with a woman of color? What are they racist or something?


I feel like OP is a cocksucker who should go make his low effort threads on >>>/animu/ instead.


File: 854465e5da42665⋯.jpg (71.33 KB, 557x1199, 557:1199, Professor Ivy.jpg)


>What are they racist or something?

Or maybe he's scared that he might be used like Ivy did to him.


Happy. The reason he was all over girls was because he was obsessed with providing a mother figure for his dozen siblings whom he'd already taken on the father figure role for. Dude is going to take her home, bring the rest of his siblings up with a mom in the house, and then crank out babies of his own like a Catholic commiting genetic conquista of the archipelago. For whom he will be the best dad in Kanto.

Good end.



Faggot OP, go poo elsewhere.


File: 0bb3354934dd626⋯.png (57.89 KB, 322x240, 161:120, Ash_Displaying_Sadness.png)

>Brock finally found love while Ash still hasn't won a Pokemon league.



Really? After all this time? I haven't been keeping up since I stopped following it after Johto.



Isn't she just a Gyaru?


File: 90d39997f602b7d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 993x1280, 993:1280, Olivia_anime.png)


>Isn't she just a Gyaru?

Makes it even better


File: 086aecda33090c0⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 928x718, 464:359, e0b600218ba165ed3fcf729655….jpg)



>It's the Kalos League Finals

>Generation 6; this is now the 7th time Ash has had a crack at the first line of the theme; to be the very best like no-one ever fucking was

>At this point he's fucking taken down god-tier pokemon in canon; dismantled numerous criminal organisations and levelled Pikachu far past 100

>The japanese name of the episode is Kalos League Victory!; fans are baited into thinking this might be the one

>Contextually, the entire season is tonally different with Ash taking a much more convential protag role


>Ash is going into this with his statisitically strongest team ever. Absolute meta lineup outside of his glitched Lv999 Pikachu

>For the first time in anime history, Ash has also made it to the finals

>He's beaten his opponent before, and his opponent has shown clear disinterest in participating anyways

>It's a two episode 6v6 split

<Fight Part 1

>Pickastu beat a fucking Tyrannitar; Ash's Noivern loses to a Weavile; Ash's Hawlucha beats the Weavile and loses to a Bisharp. Talonflame and Unefesant tie. Pikastu then solos a Metagross meaning Pikastu has literally soloed two psudeolegendaries at general type disadvantage

>Throughout there have numerous stupid decisions on Ash's part, but he's overall he's clearly winning

>Ash currently has what's left of Pikastu, Goodra (psudeolegendary of the region) and his trump card Greninja with an ultrastu forme

>Enemy has a weakened Bisharp and a Charizard

>For all intents and purposes, Ash has this in the bag

>Fans are hyped; not even Jessi and James could lose this matchup

<<<Fight Part 2

>Charizard beats what's left of Pikastu, but is visibly weakened from the trade

>Bisharp just beats the Goodra and is easily cleaned up by the Greninja (note that during this match Goodra uses nnumerous NVE moves)

>Final fight. Greninja vs Charizard; each with Saiyan formes (Stu Ash Greninja vs Mega Charizard X).

>Type matchup is Water/Dark vs Fire/Dragon

>Charizard is already weakened, Greninja has resistance to Fire

>It's the literal Starter triangle

>Greninja basically wins it outright

>But oh no

>The opponent has a flashback

>His loli freind says he's gotta win

>You know what that means

>Ash starts throwing NVE attacks

>Charizard isn't

>Greninja proceeds to job so hard that the history books need to be rewritten

>The best non-legendary in all games up to that point lost to one of the weaker mega evolutions at type and health advantage

>Ash loses a battle that a 4 year old could have won

>He had 2 Gary Stu's on his team; versus an opponent who didn't give a shit-pic related is his fucking face recieving it

>And due to the new games wanting new gimmicks, the league format is completely different

>Ash has, and likely will never win an original-format league

>800 Likes/24,000 Dislikes on Nippon Jewtube

>Ash is an eternal laughing stock

>Sour taste in an otherwise decent anime season


File: da46c3e503f0884⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 546x789, 182:263, yamero.jpg)


Jesus Christ... What the fuck were they thinking?


File: f75425f4f1147db⋯.jpg (29.61 KB, 252x372, 21:31, Brock Friendzoned.jpg)

I just hope he doesn't get friendzoned again.



>he wins a league

>anime does time skip of a few years

>next season stars a pair of siblings (the boy and girl character from the new game)

>he shows up a mentor character like his OG traveling companions were to him and not a retard that forgot what a Koffing was

>if it doesn't work retire the siblings and return him to protag

It's not that fucking hard.



Doesn't he end up going to fucking pokemon school in sun and moon? He probably has more experience with leagues and pokemon than anyone in the Alola region.



>woman of color

Just say nigger. Better yet, just fuck off.


File: 6cda121802fbcf5⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 897x1200, 299:400, 6cda121802fbcf5b857180a34c….jpg)


Pretty sure you didn't really read the posts above, maymay-man.



I think you missed the joke.


File: 4d1f72954f2937c⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 292x493, 292:493, 4d1f72954f2937c8253b81913d….gif)


Are you just spouting memes?


Sell me on the second reboot with Sun and Moon. Isn't the anime no longer a Shounen Battle anime, and more like a Slice of Life?


File: 5954ca6ab4db61e⋯.png (648.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, sad_drunk_junko.png)


At this point, I'm pretty sure pokemon's real message is that no matter how hard you try, some dreams will never come true.


File: 0eb61a6dfc7b25e⋯.jpeg (236.25 KB, 640x636, 160:159, A81E6144-6278-4B09-B9A5-6….jpeg)

So does each season last a month or something? Is it just a running gag for the writers that he’s always ten? Because that makes him looking younger in X/Y fucking hilarious.






Actually, yeah. The series is meant to reflect the japanese school year, but they fucked up the pacing in the seasons, every time a new generation starts it's the start of a new School Year, but since the series dragged on so long, and for so many seasons, the years started adding up. Some autists did the math, and he's like 19 according to how the seasons and dates changed through the series.

Canonically in the new series he's like 13-14 I think they said, so it's more like they retconned everything up to Sun/Moon to take place in a 3-4 year period, and from here on out the seasons are going to take place under a much shorter time-period, like a season of Sun/Moon is a single school term or semester.




>Brock and Misty head back to Kanto.

Yeah, no.


File: 0501d72b6b1657c⋯.png (483.44 KB, 648x581, 648:581, cry.png)


Why would they do this? Ash deserves it.


File: acdea2fef84e85b⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 680x680, 1:1, acdea2fef84e85b46368270ad6….jpg)

You know what I really want? A show that's actually based on the Pokemon videogames. Not so meta that they talk about levels, xp, and pp, but one that takes a game's storyline from the player's perspective and faithfully translates it across 40-50 episodes. Show our guy leaving home for the first time, catching pokemon, becoming best friends with his starter, fighting rivals, challenging gyms, taking down bad guys, and pushing through the grinder that is the Elite 4 until he faces off against his rival to become Champion. Maybe throw in a love interest and a Legendary encounter somewhere along the way, but then the series is over and you can do it again with different characters from a different game, and drop occasional references to old shows to tie the Pokemon world together.

The original Pokemon anime was close to the mark, but spun it's wheels a lot and eventually locked Ash in purgatory instead of having him win the league. The 4-part Mega Evolution miniseries did it better, but was just a highlight reel from the journey they presented instead of being a complete story.



So basically you want them to adapt the Pokemon Adventures Manga into an anime? Because that's exactly what you're looking for.



I thought Pokemon Adventures had the same purgatory problem of always resetting the character's progress. Was I misinformed?



Hardly. Red beats Giovanni, and then the story moves on to be about Gold and Silver, with Red, Blue, and Yellow recurring. The entire thing is a continuous series about each of the game protagonists, each story overlapping with the next generation. It's also pretty fucking dark.



That's what the original pokemon anime with Ash was supposed to be back in the 90s. It bombed so hard that I'm pretty sure the original American adaptation earned them more revenue.


File: 69122b2f9089f26⋯.png (323.99 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, 007 (2).png)


Well, shit. Sounds like I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks, Anon.


File: 0fd862ab7bd7115⋯.jpg (181.79 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 1465748958454.jpg)


And he scored the tryhard cake who might actually be a virgin, sasuga brock.


File: fd54d016dab41aa⋯.webm (975.82 KB, 600x480, 5:4, he deserved his punishmen….webm)


Still not as bad as Tobias



>Yeah, having Darkrai AND Latios as my pokemon and never before having been heard of isn't an asspull in the slightest, nuh uh, no way!


File: 4f652f011270d32⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 460x618, 230:309, rusecruise.jpg)


Forgot the part where it was Ash that had to convince him to even take part in the League Finals after Ash beat him.

If Ash had just let him live his travelling life with the loli, he wouldn't have been in the finals in the first place and Ash would have had an easier opponent in the Grand Finals.



I think you have some wires crossed. The "original pokemon anime" is the Indigo League which is exactly the same anime that everyone is familiar with and that was brought overseas, with fairly minimal localization (a few filler episodes cut due to content + a few flubbed translations to contextualize jokes does not a revision make). It was wildly successful in both America and Japan; the Japanese wiki page cites regular ratings up to and around 17% which is absolutely fucking insane. While Japan is a small country, it must be said that things like sportsball usually get up to about 10% at most outside of very important events despite being popular and reliable in the US. It was intended to be a 1-season show but that premise was abandoned when they started raking in cash, which helped launch the translation. They had a winner.

The show you may be thinking of is Yu-Gi-Oh! 98 which launched at around the same time. While it was a much more loyal adaption that Duel Monsters, it wasn't really all that consistent with the manga, but it's a popular show that was adapted in the 90s and bombed with a sequel that was later translated like you're describing. On that note, adapting the early Yu-Gi-Oh manga at all is really risky since it's so fucked up and off-beat. It isn't until the author reels back their fantasies and characters like Shadi pop up that things start feeling even slightly like a Shonen.


File: 6877f40bf48c2c3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.11 KB, 960x640, 3:2, island_nigger.jpg)


She's an island nigger. She's looks like the pokemon equivalent of a Polynesian.


File: 709cddf49f38e68⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 509x960, 509:960, 6e8d808fe22914025621895d84….jpg)


I thought Brock just wanted to FUCK



Happens once a few returns. Remember the Battle Tower girl with the snake? She was also head over heels for him but can't have the guy not being comic relief for once. Maybe Ivy was into strap-ons and prostate/urethra play.


>meaning Pikastu has literally soloed two psudeolegendaries at general type disadvantage

Electric does regular damage to Rock and Steel. First is easily mistakable since you don't really get any Rock pokémon that isn't half-Ground used until late GSC (and with the level gap you go once you reach Kanto you won't even notice).


File: 2f1105104718f21⋯.jpg (485.96 KB, 1867x1262, 1867:1262, Jafy.jpg)

I feel happy, Brock was one of the few good parts of the anime and he finally got the waifu he deserved. They better not fuck this up.


File: 84bc94ea0d25ffa⋯.png (10.09 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 1316946199557.png)


I want him to do it. I want Ash to go back to Kanto and run a train on the gyms. I want the Champion of the Orange League, the boy who defeated all the frontier brains, trainer who has defeated legendaries across the globe. I want him to return to Kanto and use his top tier Pokemon and I want to see him make the Indigo league his bottom bitch. Before I die can I get the one fucking thing Pokemon Company?



They will.


And you won't. Pokemon exists purely for Nintendo to milk. You won't get any finality until they've squeezed every dollar they can from it, at which point it will be unceremoniously cancelled. Remember this shit is just an advertisement for the games.



There is nothing wrong with letting Ash win then wanting to keep winning. Were they afraid this entire time that if Ash wins once, they have nothing left to do?


>Ash goes back to old regions

>Actually isn't a retard

>Wins through hard work and knowledge he was supposed to have gained traveling the world over

Make it a single season or two and it would wrap up Ash as the very best.



Electric is fine against those typings, but both can use earthquake, and tyranitar combines a high special defense with sandstorm's (provided by sand stream ability) specdef boost to deal with special attacks, and metagross' naturally high defense deals with physical attacks. While not a flat ground immunity, the two in combination defeat pikachu in all normal situations


In the game, exploring her room gave this feel of "I've never gotten fucked and I've made peace with the fact that I never will". Not sure how that translates over to the anime but honestly I feel like they're made for each other. All I need is for a few good doujin and things will basically be ideal.


File: 0bd244853bcd5d8⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 736x474, 368:237, e5447766d9af3814b80c0fac8d….jpg)


I want Ash to go to the next region, and his new traveling buddies to be James and Jessie. Cut out the middle man and make these two the friends that actually help Ash succeed. James and Jessie are more dedicated to him as friends/enemies than Misty, Brock or anyone else ever was.


File: c794bc755bbb00a⋯.png (193.74 KB, 873x623, 873:623, ash cuck.png)



That would make a great final arc. Maybe he can go back to Kanto and actually fight Giovanni



Actually I'll write the arc right now

>Episode or two of general rocket shenanigans

>Call up Gio, ask for more funds

>He snaps and goes on a personal tirade against each of them before firing them and hanging up

>Jessie, James and Meowth get pissed and start plotting revenge

>3 episodes of them tripping up Butch and Cassidy's TR shenanigans

>As they're setting next trap end up blasting off

>Land in front of Ash and co

>Huddle, decide the best way to get back at TR is to join with him

>They refuse to work with JJM for obvious reasons

>5 episodes of following Ash and trying to build trust with the team before B&C actually succeed, stealing Ash and co's pokemon

>Agree this is the best way to get "In the twerp's group"

>They go after BC but just get their own pokemon stolen because they're incompetent

>Meowth manages to evade capture and confronts BC

>They launch into their motto, only for Wobbufett to burst out, KOing them

>Retrieve pokemon

>After all these years JJM now have Ash's pokemon, his friends' pokemon and the pokemon of the week

>They could turn them in and get reinstated

>Approach Ash and return them

>Ash believes them

>They're now on the team

>Jessie and Meowth for comic relief and James for his insightful pokemon master skills and also comic relief

Unrelated to this but did anything ever come of that side plot they were setting up in BW?



I heard something about some writers unofficially apologizing for the whole thing on twitter, any source on that? other than that I remember the writer for this episode was also on of the most prominent from the BW season which was despised by most of the fanbase.


He is basically reverted to a younger age for Alola.


The second pic makes me wonder if she is regretting it.



OK, I decided to watch the episode, assuming I didn't miss a joke here, NOPE this is just something out of context, this is just another "Brock tries to hook up without success" moment, the bottom of the second picture sums it all up as usual.

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