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File: cfcdc30f7a65a9d⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190209_190422.jpg)


An anon let me borrow this. It's called Escaflowne. I never heard of it before but seems unique.


File: eaf761072820b57⋯.jpg (182.36 KB, 960x720, 4:3, tastefulblackpanties.jpg)

File: 0993aff0ca0389f⋯.jpg (245.23 KB, 960x720, 4:3, nopanisfinetoo.jpg)



>Bullying catrgrill who wear no pants

How awful anon, i cant deal with this


Ah back when the isekai genre was mostly populated by young girls instead of Kirito-clones and the worlds weren't MMO proxies at the furthest. Good times. You're going to have a good time.



Contemporary of Inuyasha, back when most yankee otakus were still stuck on DBZ.


File: 492658de77cf98e⋯.png (240.11 KB, 347x413, 347:413, aged like a fine wine.png)


You are gonna deal with it and like it, you hear me?


Is it weird that I remember that this existed, and I remember that it was pretty good, but I don't remember anything that actually happened?



This. It's one of my all time favourite series and it uses the isekai aspect in a way that it should be used.

>The MC is just as new to the setting as you are, so let's introduce you to this strange new world.

Instead of.

<The fantasy world works exactly like a vidya so the MC instantly know everything about it.

I will now have a minute of silence to lament the fact that we'll never see the manga Curse Blood continue.


File: 31990df53faf152⋯.jpg (292.48 KB, 800x320, 5:2, wiw esca.jpg)

Enjoy it.


My first experience with the series was stumbling across it in a state of extreme sleep deprivation when some really trippy shit was happening. Had no idea what to make of what was happening so I sat and watched 3 episodes and I could only grasp the most basic parts of what the fuck was going on. I should watch it again.



>An anon let me borrow this.

Give back to him and download the BD rips.

>It's called Escaflowne. I never heard of it before but seems unique.

Just started watching anime I take it?


New as fuck. Watch the movie after the serie.



I didn't like the movie. It had some decent art but that was about it.



>Curse Blood

Why must you remind me. It had such potential.



He died for the sins-turned-word that are current isekai series.


File: 0f3b4890f36d530⋯.png (3.19 MB, 960x720, 4:3, [deanzel] Cardcaptor Sakur….png)





It wasn't as good as the serie, but the animation (especially the beginning fight scene and the last mecha battle) is worth your time. A bit like EoE.



True, the animation was good and unlike EoE it's just a single movie and not a "to be continued forever" movie series but some decisions were just odd.

I don't like how they changed the story, tone and characters but at least I can see why they might do it for movie purposes and to appeal to the audience of that time.

What I don't get is why they decided to almost completely remove the mechs. Could you imagine seeing more battle scenes with budget the movie had? And why did they feel the need to add that dumb "force push" power?



>I don't like how they changed the story, tone and characters

I liked it, honestly. The faggot rival got way less "nothing personnel" but the hero got more; kinda balanced them.

>What I don't get is why they decided to almost completely remove the mechs.

Don't know either, but I never found the mecha element vital to the plot/characters.

>did they feel the need to add that dumb "force push" power?

Animate gore explosion with high budget.

Honestly, I think it as different, not necessarily worse. I still prefer the serie, though.



>but I never found the mecha element vital to the plot/characters.

The mechs are a pretty important part of the series and I always loved their unique designs. Escaflowne is kinda like the hero's heroes magic sword in a different fantasy story, if that makes any sense.


File: 648464020fbbd89⋯.jpg (400.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, image(2).jpg)


Catgirls without pantsu is always superior.



Anyway, there's no reason to not watch both (maybe with an interval). It's not like CY+x's garbage is a better use of your time.



How new are you? Honest question.



Yeah, I won't argue with that.


File: 6c34751b9d7de2c⋯.png (407.38 KB, 815x893, 815:893, 6c34751b9d7de2cfae33684657….png)


>I never heard of it before but seems unique.


>I never heard of Escaflowne before

Is this the future we chose?



This is why we need the Fate Alteration Engine.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I prefer the tv. Also missed the tv-version's distinct noses.



I didn't knew Kaiji went Isekai/Shoujo

Just kidding, go watch the series you idiot >>905315


Its Final Fantasy VI: The animation. I remember the worldbuilding being really good.


File: 19901a1d0298169⋯.jpg (340.11 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Sakura_Kinomoto.jpg)


Ah, so Southern otaku had access to more anime? Lucky bastards.


File: 46a2c8d93927048⋯.webm (2.4 MB, 354x354, 1:1, カントリーロド.webm)


The South got helped by John Denver and his songs, the Japanese gifted them more anime as a result.


It's ok.

The World Building is fucking amazing, the story is pretty dull though, it starts out ok but grinds to a halt halfway through while ramping up the love triangle; only to sprint towards the finish line in the last few episodes.



You're a fag. Like a literal homosexual that wants to get dicked. I don't have anything against your interests, but I don't think you're honest with your sexuality. So i'm here to point your attention to this fact in case you didn't notice.

You're probably very shaken by this notice, and are wondering how I could figure out something so important about you that you didn't notice yourself. it's very easy anon, it has to do with you wanting to watch shows about females getting dicked by hot bishonens on fantasy planets, and being clearly uncomfortable when the literal opposite is presented.

I'm assuming that after reading all of this you're very thankful, and are wondering how to thank the anonymous poster that opened you to your closeted interest in cocks. But I don't need anything, if you insist, I'd ask you to make less homosexual posts in the future. Think you can do that?


Man, Escaflowne was my original exposure to "real" anime. There was a weeklong event in the late 90s where the Toonami ship "got lost" and ended up taking over the weekday cartoon slot on Fox. So for those 5 weekdays, we had DBZ, Escaflowne, and some other stuff.



> I never heard of it.

Did you just came over from 4chon?



Just ask him to fuck your ass next time. No need to be so tsundere about it.

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