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File: db0a9f1e18443c3⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 702x1000, 351:500, 9781937867904.jpg)

File: 38bfc0bf32f407d⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 351x499, 351:499, 51mS5cw5ltL._SX349_BO1,204….jpg)


>Manga comes out about monstergirls

>Thirsty fetishfags jump on it like a duck to water

>Doesn't ever go anywhere

>Each new character is more boring than the last

>Updates slow to a crawl

>Art is getting worse to say nothing of writing and panel layout

>Then Synedoche shows up like the main character of a shounen battle manga when everyone else had their shit kicked in by the arcs big bad guy, releases potato elf

>Likeable characters

>Doesn't ever forget the reasons the characters are even together

>art not only improves but artist is more willing to experiment

>Comedy includes wordplay, puns and visual gags instead of generic ecchi 'fall in the boobs' 90's slapstick every single time.

Is it any surprise you barely hear anyone talk about Monmusu anymore when there is an objectively better monster girl fetish book that made it utterly redundant?


Synedoche was a good writer before Elf-san, he knew how to draw cute cubby and write funny dialogue. Elf-san basically takes a lot of his previous works styles and combines it into an interesting story.

It's bad to compare that to Monster museum that was basically fetish bait and nothing more.



>my inflation fetish is better than your harem ecchi

Your meme arrows sure showed them, anon.



>Potato elf

Ironic shitposting still is shitposting.



Inflation and weight gain are two entirely separate but equally autistic fetishes.


Monster musume is to monster girls as the Normandy operation was to the success of WW2. Show some respect before you open your intripid mouth.



Monmusu would be better if it focused more on slice of life and less on wacky Love Hina-esque adventures but It's still a far better monstergirl manga than Potato Elf.

I don't have a fat fetish so it already loses it's main appeal. The only characters I really like are the aunt and the oni, the former lost her appeal once she got fat and there's a few points that I don't like about the later.

Monmusu's art isn't as good but it actually has monstergirls. Not just in girls with odd ears or horns but the real deal, it even got all three classics in the main cast.

>Is it any surprise you barely hear anyone talk about Monmusu anymore

It's a harem manga that's running for +6 years and it's currently on hiatus so no but not for the reasons you gave.



I hardly consider elves to be monstergirls.

Centaurs, lamias, and creatures like that futa leech thing are substantially different from what Elf-san offers.

MonMusu has turned to shit though. There's nothing wrong with it just being an ecchi harem, a means to draw monster girls in lewd situations, but it's doing it poorly. Everything from that arc with the dangerous species and the MG convention/brothel, through the farm arc, and into the current lamia orgyfest are all shit.

I'm even fine with where its gone in terms of fetishes (I gather that at least some of /monster/ was pretty butthurt about the inclusion of yuri and/or futa, but both are fine with me) but the plot is so poorly done that it drags down the series, in spite of it being a genre where the plot is usually just an excuse in the first place.

It should have stayed focused on the "Everyday Life" part of the title, as well as stuck with the actual characters instead of throwing literal hundreds of nobodies at the MC while the main cast is shoved aside.


File: ff1e7e9fc8717c2⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 712x712, 1:1, ? .jpg)


But WW2 was not a success.




Potato Elf is to monster girls as the founding of Israel was to the success of the [current year] politcs.



Pretty much. It's gone hand in hand with the whole "Beauty at every size" bullshit. There used to be a difference between someone being curvy and someone being a morbidly obese piece of shit, but Potato Elf fanatics really go out of their way to push the "Her sdomach's sdicging out past her chest, so hoddd :-DDDDDD" crap. Monmosu may be harem, but at least its monstergirls aren't walking lardbeasts with "plus-size" aesthetics. Dark elf and Oga are okay though.



Every time there's a monstershit theme, there's something to ruin it be it Monmusume, Centaur, Maid Dragon, etc

Even Oda the madman fell to this bullshit in the Fish Men Island arc.



Fatfags were a thing before Potato Elf but that manga certainly gave them a lot of fuel.


File: 04b041f9c86e5be⋯.png (1.84 MB, 2192x2992, 137:187, god of smug and fiveheads.png)


Every single day I offer my mana in gratitude to Synecdoche-sama.



Oga is a miracle of the universe and i want to make her my wife and a mama.



She's cute and the only one who's fatness I like. It just fits nicely with the oni theme, I just wish she was red. As does her love for liqour.

I'm not really into the whole ara/mothercon fetish and I wish her latest chapters would focus less on that.



Monster Musume is just soft porn at this point, its like a shitty doujin of itself without any comical text that can be taken out of context.


File: 08b05308a482395⋯.png (400.2 KB, 620x585, 124:117, cara1.png)


I think they're trying to do a cycle where each of the main cast has to deal with a problem related to their culture or something, with this whole lamia thing being Mia's turn.

I don't know how I feel about the current chapters, but I'll defend the farm arc to the end.



Matt pls go.



I admit the farm arc had some good points, but I still think it was bad overall for shoving the real female cast in a closet for however many chapters.

Not the worst arc though, and I liked the twist ending.

As for them taking turns at dealing with cultural issues, I imagine you're right, but they come from absolute garbage cultures so it's a terrible idea. The centaurs were shit, the harpies were shit, the lamias are shit, and I don't remember anything about the mermaid arc but judging from cuckfish I'm confident they were shit too.


I honestly like the main cast for the most part and the MC is a likable guy. It was honestly the only haremshit I somewhat enjoyed. But lately it has just been spinning its wheels going on about nothing at all. No progress, just more fetish fuel and MC trying his damndest to be the purest MC in history which is honestly making him just look like a faggot.



That's no true, you're describing Tsugumomo.



Remember when it was about how society adapts to the races like it was about THE DAILY LIVES OF MONSTER GIRLS like in the fucking title?

It may as well be an isekai at this point with MC going off to random locations that look like places from Dragon Quest.


File: 27591c848b7ea2c⋯.jpg (96.69 KB, 480x604, 120:151, 27591c848b7ea2c16c823a572e….jpg)


Shut the fuck up. They described the daily life perfectly already, what? you want it to just be repetitive bullshit until it inevitably becomes axed? Variety is the spice of life and manga.



Then the series ran its course and its haremshit for its own sake and at least elf san and tsugomomo wear the fetish shit on their sleeve instead of living a lie.


File: 2a1b3422456b65a⋯.jpg (125.34 KB, 543x522, 181:174, 65941779a49ad159429902f376….jpg)


MonMusu has always been harem fetish fuel where the premise is having monster girls to goofy shit. They do goofy shit now too. What the heck were you expecting?



The fuck are you talking about? Tsugumomo is great.



I can already see Centorea's mother combing back and saying that she hast to compete in a martial tournament for REASONS, while MC-san gets wooed by a bunch of other horses that want him to be their master because he stumbled his way into doing something impressive. Comedy!


Monster musume went on hiatus due to "mental health reasons" apparently crabman had a mental breakdown. I guess the fame was too much for him



It combines the worst of shounen (boring battles, training and shit) with the worst of ecchi without subtlety or timing (a bad hentai, basically).

For anyone with taste, it becomes dull VERY quick.



>manga about a variety of monster girls

>manga about a singular obese elf

The former is still better faggot.



>manga about a singular obese elf

But that's wrong, faggot.



Maybe he became the main character of Monster Musume and is being assaulted by invisible monster waifus trying to keep his sanity.



>He spent so much time drawing monster girls he created a tulpa by accident



Potato elf wasn't even that fat starting out, but it progressively got worse and worse. I wouldn't mind if it was like that one /fit/ manga and potato elf sees noticeable progress, but it feels like everyone just keeps getting fatter and fatter now.


File: 27c1e7403c006b2⋯.jpeg (97.79 KB, 706x857, 706:857, Churio_my_Girlfriend_is_a….jpeg)

Also Churio is the only monster girl allowed to have ridiculously thick thighs.



Both are trash but potato elf is worse because fat is a dog-shit tier fetish at best.



Yeah, that was back in September.


From what little I've seen of the elf manga, I wouldn't call her fat.

Unless she did get fat in later chapters.


File: eeae2a1c237d88d⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2292x1650, 382:275, Z2.jpg)

File: c4298bb38001614⋯.jpg (385.58 KB, 1146x1650, 191:275, x1 (1).jpg)

File: 0837cf33a15cee2⋯.jpg (501.07 KB, 1146x1650, 191:275, x14.jpg)


They all got slightly thicker as a baseline. But there are also gag points where she has a major rebound and becomes a hog.



Holy! It's shittier than I thought!



Your taste? Yeah, it's dreadful innit.



>Being this triggered

The stuff is bad and you should feel bad, it's as simple as that. Stop shilling it when it's clear no one but you like it or give it a damn.


File: be51261135cd8a4⋯.png (39.03 KB, 307x293, 307:293, shrug.png)


All your cuttingboards are going to plump up and there's nothing you can do about it.


File: 7e81aca9944747b⋯.jpg (271.6 KB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, junseok-kwon-1.jpg)


Stay mad, fatboy.



All elf grils should be under 10% body fat, not counting their colossal titties.



At least 15% is needed to be breedable



Eh, I gave up on it being a slice of life a while ago.

At the moment my only interest is in its worldbuilding and slime girls.

It's popcorn, yeah, but it doesn't come around too often so I don't mind.



Give me brown drow booty or give me death.




I want them brown and loving, not red-eyed purple-skinned literal knife-eared skanks that will murder you for fun.


Colossal titties are just SACKS OF FAT!

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