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File: 5f538e17a37ffe7⋯.jpg (156.98 KB, 1013x1500, 1013:1500, 1562287701641.jpg)


News from AX this year is Otomo, the man who hates anime himself, will be making a new 4K Akira movie with Sunrise.

Also a new film project that's a mix of SF and fantasy, set in a space colony.

That's all I've heard so far. I'm not at AX this year so I can't give you any more details.


AX is quickly becoming the E3 of the anime world. Except instead of where big names go to embarrass themselves, it's where big names go to embarrass themselves while the audience embarrasses themselves. All we need is a live stream to make it authentic.


They are also publishing all his pre-Akira work for the first time, many of which didn't have translations.


>4k remaster

Okay. You made that sound like something completely different.



>Manga creator and anime director Katsuhiro Otomo announced at his Anime Expo panel on Thursday that a new anime project of his Akira manga is in the works. Sunrise president and CEO Makoto Asanuma apologized for the short teaser presented at the panel, and while the staff is still developing the project, Asanuma said that they want to incorporate the entirety of the manga's story.

>manga's story.

>The earlier 1988 anime film will also receive a 4K remaster next spring in Japan.

It's both. There's going to be a new anime, and a 4K remaster of the old one.



A TV series of Akira could work out since the manga plot was basically nonexistent in the movie, but everyone expects ridiculous animation quality from Akira and they're not going to deliver.



The credits of the original Akira is a list of the greatest animators in Japanese history.

People will have way too high expectations.



If it's a full show it might be cool.



Don't worry, achieving 24fps is easy when it's using CG.



I want to know who is suicidal enough to kill their career and join the new project.


Any 8ch anons actually going this year? I met a couple really cool folks at ALA one time a few years ago, but dropped out of contact.



>and they're not going to deliver

It would be impossible, the economy is a wreck and low effort high profit garbage is the name of the game nowadays.

It would be nearly impossible in an OVA, much less a full blown TV series

At least Sunrise does ok work so it shouldn't be a trainwreck unless if they use CG

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