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File: 386e7d8ea9f0937⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1900x1413, 1900:1413, 311945HALLMANsNOBUBBLE.png)


Old one isn't working since hack and is ancient anyway. Figured we could all use some friends for diapered cuddles and just overall general fun.

24/140lb/M/5'10/Toronto ON


Do these even work anyway? Seems whenever you reply most people chicken out.

Polite sage for offtopic


25/M(crossdresser)/5'9/Toronto ON

OP, if you're interested in diapered cuddles or anything like that, my email is hannahclilly@gmail.com


File: 3fdd969f0c6130a⋯.jpg (493.29 KB, 1322x2381, 1322:2381, P_20151019_051145_BF_1.jpg)

File: 6727fa30c2b59b7⋯.jpg (602 KB, 1210x2551, 1210:2551, P_20161219_123030_BF2.jpg)

File: cd1648ab7dbeec7⋯.jpg (707.46 KB, 1650x2468, 825:1234, P_20160310_005237_BF_1_1.jpg)

File: a4b623980924841⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, P_20160220_030721_BF.jpg)

24/M/Edmonton, AB

A lot of Canadians in here.

Diapered cuddles sound awesome. Also into bondage and girly clothes.


File: fd0a0b8b01038c8⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 269x465, 269:465, Footies.jpg)

File: ee5c60c945f800b⋯.jpg (92.1 KB, 459x820, 459:820, Dress2.jpg)

File: 974976040b699b9⋯.jpg (75 KB, 457x820, 457:820, Dress1.jpg)

File: c36582d42dcf756⋯.png (323.27 KB, 352x720, 22:45, Hannahbum.png)


Me again, here's some pictures of me.


and my kik is lilgirlhannah


>>33908 here.

Just remembered I should probably give some way of contacting me. I guess.



You're adorable :3


File: 81a70db6419aba4⋯.jpg (4.1 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170418_083440.jpg)

File: e227e41b9a73f02⋯.jpg (498.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20161230_153834.jpg)

File: 97288d0ea36a1b3⋯.jpg (517.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20161212_093348.jpg)


Kik abdlboy1

Skype abdlboy


File: 175e053e7172711⋯.jpg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20170402_163902.jpg)

23/M/Ireland looking for someone to shmoke a few joints and have a bit of fun with!



25/150lbs/M/London ON

where all the white women at



I don't know anyone else in Utah



I'm the only one in this state, probably.


25/M/Eugene, OR

Kik: Romix

Just looking to chill in diapers.



Hey, fellow Irish-anon here 26/m/cork(up in dub regularly enough tho). Do you have a fl account?



What's the story man! I got no FL but you can add me on kik "effect00"



I'm in OK as well, 21 M though.


File: e9ce191e616f698⋯.jpg (205.3 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, fsaiogfhaiogha.jpg)


Looking for abdl friends

Kik: Disclovac


29 / M / NC (Raleigh)

Mainly looking for friends. I like old-school couch-coop video games, Legos, cuddling, and playing in the bath tub.

Telegram: @anon589

Kik: anon.589


I've met two people through these threads. With the first guy, we met for dinner at a restaurant and realized neither of us could carry a conversation very well. The whole thing was pretty awkward, so we didn't keep in touch afterwards.

Second guy I met up with, we talked and seemed to get along fairly well. We came back to my place, diapered up, and played some Smash Bros for a bit. We exchanged phone numbers when he left, so I thought everything went good. I texted him back a month later to try to meet up with him again, but schedule conflicts got in the way, and eventually he stopped texting back.



There's a zeemap set up for this sort of thing that seems to have gone through pruning since last year of old pins (i.e. the one I put up last year is no longer on there)


password is "littlespace" without quotation marks. Add your name, city, don't give an exact location, some way to contact you, and pictures are always a good way to seal the deal so long as they aren't lewd.



I just found my old marker from Feb 26, 2016. There's still not many people around, rip



never said the pruning was complete in nature.

mine is definitely gone, as is the pin of someone in my area I am now very good friends with.



I'm in Utah! Up in Logan at USU. What about you?


21/M/Victoria, BC

Up for anything ;)


19 m Calgary 👉😎👉 up for anything!



If you're an abdl in Calgary I assume you've met Teddy at least once? He creeps me out.



I haven't! What's the story there?



He's just someone that doesn't really seem to understand boundaries very well. My guess is that he's autistic so he just doesn't pick up on certain cues that the things he says or does make people uncomfortable.

He ran (or still runs, I'm not sure if it's even still happening) a yearly camp for abdls in the summer and asked one of the girls there to change him. Pretty sure this was her first time going to this camp. It was my first time and kinda soured things. Like, points for balls but just, no dude. She tried to avoid him for most of the camp after that and a few other creepy advances.

Despite his creepiness though, the camp was still fun. Got to cuddle a cute girl.

If you're able to, you should look into the kink scene in Edmonton. My last time going to the yegas dungeon party, I spent my time coloring with other littles/ageplayers. Feel free to email me if you want!



Haha I haven't met him but I've talked some and seen his pictures on fetlife. I got that same vibe from him.

He does do a lot for the community up there though and throws parties all the time, so I guess he isn't a bad person, like you said he probably just doesn't understand boundaries or when he's being cringeworthy.

He's still doing the camp but he's got a few other littles to help him with it. It looks like it'd be really fun tbh.



Not sure if the community down there has changed much since I went to the camp but you might be the youngest one there by a decent margin. I was 21 when I went and I think the second youngest person there was in her early 30s. Not nessecarily a bad thing but it was a thing.


File: fc27da7b77be3f0⋯.gif (435.81 KB, 316x316, 1:1, 1438834001784.gif)


I'm in the Sandy area :D


File: 71daafd2b26716b⋯.jpg (6.25 KB, 218x252, 109:126, 1398282153490.jpg)



My skype is sno.bro. Just contact me there. I'm going to reinstall skype and just have that account on. Feel free to add, Utahfags


19/M/5'9/125/Long Island NY

Looking for qt3.14 diaperboy to smoke with, hmu.



Uhhh Yea the guy means well but is socially inept and if you meet him in public all he talks about is Capcon. I can't be in the same places as him anymore. It makes it hard here. He will go to every event which means many won't attend:(



I'm sure that can be a hassle.

Sorry for the loss of that daddy from your area who passed from cancer (Teddy was posting about it.) Seems like the guy helped to start some of the events around that area.



Neat, where you at? I'm in 918 myself



Looking for people to talk to, ideally a caregiver but I'm up for anyone who's interested in more than the contents of my diaper.



Nice, another Dutchie on /abdl/, whereabouts are you?


22/m/USA CA

Any other people in San Diego here?


File: 9f54819741103b2⋯.jpg (372.26 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, 9f54819741103b254d157101c8….jpg)


23/m/san diego, but I'm out of state right now :/

Pic related



Somewhere in north holland. You?


File: aad734fb6d5d2dc⋯.png (578.73 KB, 615x651, 205:217, h.png)

Any more Utah friends?


AZ anybody?



North Brabant.



What are you into?



Pff, good one. How about you?

Email's in field btw.



lol, jewflare blocking it: flag@8chan.co



Send you an email



I met Joe a couple times. Him and his kinda kept to themselves.


File: e2c32bd54731bb9⋯.png (316.36 KB, 850x566, 425:283, 1472249114091.png)

21/M/ Colonial heights VA

I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there near here. Idk, if so I'm just looking for potential new friends.

Not holding my breath here, but it never hurts to try.


File: e1b774da71a9e29⋯.jpg (183.38 KB, 420x500, 21:25, 1351628251004.jpg)





>all these Utahns

>mfw I went to USU and now live near Sandy

I usually only browse threads like this, but I've never seen anyone else in Utah.


Well, might as well give it a shot.



Unsuccessful last time, but any Floridians here? Email attached & kik. 25/m

kik: tottytotobo



YGM back



Any friendos around?



This is me. 20/M/Netherlands, anyone?



Kik: Grizzly767

Straight Dom/switch



I'm gonna be living in Vancouver for the Summer starting in June. What's up?




>tfw no mail back

Guess that's what I get for being (literally) autistic as fuck.



Sorry ;_: I was busy for a few days, don't feel autistic for me having my shit. Send you an email.





Hit me up on kik:



File: af471b4476e6aa2⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 20170511_141249.jpg)


Anybody in the Ft Myers area trying to play

some games and maybe smoke some ganj? Not interested in any funny business but would love some friends who get down with diapers.


just out of curiosity, not looking to meet up, any dutch fags here?



AZ reporting in




I'd love to meet, but I always worry that the one person I do meet with will end up being some bitter blackmailer.




Kik: KikdInThe


File: 6c7aaf8b91b9bd3⋯.jpg (184.13 KB, 720x1093, 720:1093, c19bf126-79d7-4d15-9b16-da….jpg)

Just a little bedwetter in AZ. 23/M



where in MA?

26/m/Worcester, MA



Are you just looking for a sex/relationship partner, or are you also open to just meeting friends here? If you're not looking for the former specifically, then I'm down. Just let me know your Skype, Discord, or email and I'll add you




not into dudes myself but SE wisconsin area? go to any of the meetups?



I'm looking for friends! Would you be more comfortable sharing one of yours? I just don't happen to have alts ready for this situation.



Email me at throwaway.9001@aim.com, and from there, I'll send you my skype, steam, or discord info (whichever you'd prefer)




Oh hey

25/M/West Springfield, MA

kik/skype: secretsinuniform



23/m/Buffalo, NY

kik: buffalo716guy


20/M/Newport Beach CA. Looking to connect with anyone in the ABDL community.



I'm from NY but might go to Toronto soon


CNY here



Well no harm in trying I suppose

19/m/Gold Coast, Australia


File: 940007617c9d749⋯.jpg (3.76 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170306_183954.jpg)




27/m/victoria Australia

Seeking females. even just to experience this stuff in person.


Fuck it, may as well try this out

19/M/5'10/Canberra, Australia

Looking to just talk with people, really

Kik is NeroDl


I really am in the wrong country for this fetish.


21/m/OH (513)

I know you're here, faggots. Ohio has a suspiciously high ABDL population.




File: 54cde524d2a0ca8⋯.png (497.59 KB, 644x481, 644:481, piv.png)



Friend and Relationship

Reply for info.



So I guess no one near me. Fuck.



Where in FL?


File: ccb2947909ca22d⋯.jpg (423.41 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1495212177869.jpg)

26/bi/engaged/ St Louis, MO

> Diapers, chastity, exhibitionism, spanking, bi play

>Kik: MasterGoose

>Snapchat: DiaperGoose


Anyone nearby Portland or Maine? :>



I'm not the same guy, but there's a pretty active Florida Kik group; search #abdlflorida



As I said in the post above,our Kik group has some guys in Cape Coral and North Port



St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Area



24/160lb/M/5'9"/ Houston Texas

Hey I'm only 4 hours away and promise to probably not blackmail you.

Kik: cocunut_cochula

Email: cocunutcochula@gmail.com

Also cocUnut cause autocorrect will fuck you



Fuck Forgot





Whats your kik? I would like to get in the chat



press the + sign and press Public Groups and search that hashtag, #abdlflorida


File: 08e88c4a8749ef4⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2037x2717, 2037:2717, KbvGRQr.jpg)



I'm in ohio close ish to you, but you're kinda young for me and I'm mtf



Not showing up. My version of kik for whatever reason requries codes to scan



21M also London.

Hit me up if you suddenly turn gay


22/M/NJ, USA

Mostly just looking for cool people, ideally locally. Padded cuddles or video games would be great. Kik is LilPaddedLaika



20/m/OH here

I'm close to Delaware but still live with my parents who do not know that I am a degenerate


22/Male/250 lb./6 feet/Charlotte, NC

Looking for a smaller guy, like a little twink that wants to be cared for and likes wet/messy Pampers. Not gonna bother showing my fat ass in padding.


File: c78d646d9dd3438⋯.png (35.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Join my group on Kik!.png)


I might regret this




While I'd be interested and have nothing against your sexuality. I honestly haven't experienced any kind, and I'm afraid I couldn't directly experience anything related to switch due to most likely having hemorrhoids.



How little? I'm 5' 9" and 140 in Raleigh.



Can you fit into actual baby diapers like Pampers? Like size 7?

Little as in waist size and weight.


26/m/Hungary anyone from europe?




Check yo email.


Hi how's it going ? I'm just posting in search of fellow awesome abdl like myself. I live in edmonton Alberta so reply to this post if you're in Alberta and we will go from there. Stay dry my friends


21/m/New Zealand

Anyone else in this corner of the world?



>tfw I probably live less than a 30 minutes from you

19/f/155 lb



https://fetlife. com/users/ 2695074

littlemichael1983 @ gmail . com

110lbs (I am often mistaken for being in the early 20's)



Sussex county.

Not bi/gay, but figured whatever


26/M/5'11"/260lbs Butte,MT



Straight as nails, though not too many female appear to be present.



columbus here. 25 M whats up?>>36335



hey 25/m/OH what's up?



Not much famalam, what part of OH you from?



I hail from the southeast section, somewhat close to Cincinnati



19/M/California (bay area)

Any other Cali's here?



29/M/CA, LA for now, was in the bay area.I miss it.



24/M Bay Area

I work in the city and live in the east bay



19/M/CA (San Francisco)




what are you guys into?



I'm >>36457

Kinda even split between a DL and an AB, go into littlespace pretty easily.

I haven't had a chance to meet another abdl in person though


Im in Orange County, CA. 20 M. I've never met another abdl either, i'd be down to kick it sometime


19/M/ Keizer OR.

Looking for someone to hang out with c:



I'm >>36384, technically OC but pretty much on the north east side towards LA.

Wanna just chat sometime?



Yes! Me! I live in Yarmouth.



Oh shit nigga, I'm in Halifax



I haven't either. I kinda want to just so I can be more free with the diapers in person for once.

I'm pretty split as well although I haven't been n a littlespace really



Fuck, me too. Good to know I'm not the only person stuck here.


21 socal here, does anyone have a group chat set up?



Yeah i'm down, how do you wanna chat?


So, any small diaper lovers around Charlotte, NCin the mood? Preferably between 20-25?


There's nobody from idaho, is there?



i put an email up, maybe we can share skype, discord or whatnot there.


Hey, 21 pan male switch around the northern Virginia/DC area. Just looking to friends of to chat



I actually am, live in Boise 24/M



oh shit boi.

You wanna add me on steam?







Kik: rycky262

Im in the SE area. Pretty much down to play vidya or smoke if you're fine with that.


28/M/IN straight

MI Hoosier transplant. There's next to nothing ABDL scene here. Would be willing to go to Cincinnati for a munch/meetup though.



columbus, you?



MtF or actual f? Girls are pretty rare here for obvious reasons.



MtF are females you bigot


File: 55a82281faa8715⋯.jpg (24.3 KB, 625x626, 625:626, ikwoudatditaaswas.jpg)



implying biological females are the same as men who've had their dick cut off



31/M/IN bi (just looking for friends)

There is a scene here in IN. The fact is people are still hiding. Maybe it's because we're older than most people and feel uncomfortable talking to people that are not of our age range.

But I'd agree with you and consider with just driving to a different state for a munch or something



Homophobes are terrified to admit that during their lives there have been moments when they've wavered in their minds.

Learn some fucking science you bigoted fuck

I will hunt you down, force regress you and raise you to not be such an ignorant idiot ffs.



So chopping your dick off changes your last pair of chromosomes from XY to XX?



>Learn some fucking science you bigoted fuck

You first, faggot, there are only 2 genders. Trannies are nothing more than mentally ill degenerates with mutilated genitals and have 100% chance of getting terminal cancer.

If you have a dick, you are a man, no matter if you chop it off, no matter if you take hormones. You can still get testicular cancer and are therefore STILL A MAN.

If you have a vagina and become a man, you're still a woman, just one who mutilated her vagina out of mental illness.

TL;DR, if you want to use science, you are a mental illness with a mutilated penis.


>So chopping your dick off changes your last pair of chromosomes from XY to XX?

Well, as we all know, gender is binary, that's why a MtF tranny can get TESTICULAR cancer!



I would say that I hope my girlfriend fucks your brains out your ear, but you clearly don't have any.

Literally everything you said was not true. Learn some human biology from after the 1980s and get back to me. Or maybe just stop being so terrified of dick.



I don't want to fuck a tranny, I want to become one. They aren't women lmao if you aren't just shitposting



>Literally everything you said was not true. Learn some human biology from after the 1980s and get back to me.

Naw, you got this wrong Mr. Tranny (you'll never be a woman no matter how much you try!)


Testicular cancer can happen to a MtF tranny, know why? Because biologically YOU ARE STILL A MALE WITH A MUTILATED DICK!

This isn't Tumblr where you can pretend science supports you being anything more than mutated mentally ill garbage.

>Or maybe just stop being so terrified of dick.

You're the one literally cutting your dick off because you're convinced you're a woman inside, I'd say you're pretty afraid of your ACTUAL BIOLOGY.

>I would say that I hope my girlfriend fucks your brains out your ear, but you clearly don't have any.

Oh I do, an ear for ACTUAL SCIENCE and not whatever you crackpot SJWs try and twist it into for your own desires to mutilate your bodies and lie about biology.

You'll never be a real woman, you're just a deluded faggot with a mutilated penis that is shaped like a vagina.



>being this mad and scared about scientific fact



I'm >>35576, from Cincinnati. Where you at in this wonderful state?


Barring some abnormality like XXY, XXYY, X, and XXX there are biologically only two sexes XX female and XY male. The larger spectrum is in gender.

There was a study done recently that hypothesized that the brain did not match the sex of the individual. Brain with female characteristics found inside the body of a male. However, gender is still considered a social construct.

But what I don't get is what difference something like brain makeup makes. Especially since the brain can change using hormones or growing up in an environment. It appears that the difference between genders is superficial, clothes or body parts, so in opinion it always looks like transgender make the attempt to be seen as women and not a crossdresser. Which has never worked for me, I cant spot tg in a crowd but in one on one or small group settings I can always see the difference (the other being that my dick will still treat FtM as F, it's weird that my dick has a natural XX detector). So my question always is what is a woman or man? What traits make them so different other than physical appearance and sexual parts?


File: 1f221cb27ffd4ae⋯.gif (484.81 KB, 500x229, 500:229, yG6Wog8FTqcX6.gif)



Hey everyone I'm going to London from 21/6 until 3/7.

Anyone here wants to meet up and have fun?



You know even in those abnormalities they can still pick out their exact "gender" now a days with almost perfect accuracy. And adjust surgery to accommodate it resulting in almost perfect assimilation without the child knowing until late in life (because you are basically impotent)


If anyone is from Portland or Maine do you have a kik?


25/M/Vancouver BC

adult baby, inexperienced with ageplay, up for anything with a caretaker or playmate, even just hanging out.


Allentown, PA

28 male, heteroflexible.


Is there an /abdl/ map? Don't mean one from another site, mean one for here



/abdl/ does suffer from a lack of moderation at times. That whole argument should have been deleted as soon as the BO saw it.


26/m/Central NJ

Straight but I don't give a care about who I meet



>/abdl/ does suffer from a lack of moderation at times. That whole argument should have been deleted as soon as the BO saw it.

If you want that kind of moderation /r/abdl exists so you don't have to see anything you don't agree with.


File: 8a64b7dcbb9412b⋯.jpg (3.37 KB, 110x110, 1:1, 1926a0bc0-12bd-44a9-8346-e….jpg)

20/m/georgia/effingham county.

fuck it ill try this. hmu kik articularorb


Blacksburg VA, 24M

Anyone in the region? VT students maybe?



there was a "little zeemaps" or something like that, I remember I put an approximate address there



25/M/NJ, you got discord or something?




Sure do! Shto#7813


19/m/bi South Florida

Discord is: Amaterasu#1485. Lets talk



Man I put a pin on there a year ago and there's less people nearby than when I put it there. Sad face all around.

Also, 26/160lb/5'10"/M/Rochester NY, straight babyboy, occasional switch (I prefer cuddles and mutual changes to big/little play).



I think it needs pruned again.



Holy shit, it seems that ABDLs in The Netherlands are a rare breed. Not even a single bite so far :(

This is >>34965 btw





What's up? I'm staying on the navy base temporarily for job training. pls no end my career pls



Try Scotland.



I'm 45 minutes outside of Portland!




>Try Scotland.

There's at least me and scrolling through the thread I see another guy from Glasgow who posted two months ago.


Talked to someone from this thread for a little while, almost got to meet up but he backed out last minute. So close yet so far.


22/150/M/5'11/Cleveland OH

Anyone in the University Circle area?



I'm in an open relationship but I'm not out as a dl to my gf. I'm gonna be in the Bloomington Normal area when school starts again. Looking for people to hang with



Wow it's been over a month. Any ways actual f.


27/M/175/5'5"/Portland, OR

I'm down to just grab lunch and talk diapers. Cuddles can be involved or not.




I know this post was like 3 months ago but I'm in Vanvouver, too. On the off chance you check back here let me know!


I'd be interested in meeting up, I'm just across the river.



Yes, /abdl/s in The Netherlands are a rare breed I see :(



Hey that's cool. Got a skype or kik? If you don't wanna post it here you can email it to thisonecoolguydl@gmail.com. (I'm in the Cincinnati area btw.)


22/150lb/6'0/ Twin cities, mn

up for whatever, never met another abdl irl before.



You're not too far from me



What's your details? Or email if you wanna talk a little more privately


File: f7e1376d7e145f9⋯.jpg (121.91 KB, 1280x1091, 1280:1091, IMG_2146.JPG)

Kansas City. USA




I Forgot to mention





File: 91cded7836090bb⋯.png (734.93 KB, 1344x1080, 56:45, 1335941102203.png)

23/M/Vic, Aus

I could go for cuddles and teasing. Also liable to go 24/7 if someone pushed me over the edge.

Kik: BrokenArrow419


29/m/Denver, Co



also 29/M/LA here

completely antisocial tho so lol why do I bother posting on these



I'm >>34260

I wound up going to the camp this summer and it was still more of the same, mostly older guys with me being the youngest one there for almost the whole thing until a younger guy got there. There are a lot of abdls in Alberta but I still have trouble finding ones that aren't over 35.

Would love to do some diapered vidya with people my age(24)


25/M/Straight/Rochester, NY

Lookin' for some diaper pals to play vid games with ( ° ʖ °)



Yeah, I'm in Vancouver now until early September. Maybe we could find a day to hang out?



Hey what's up? I'm also 25/m and from Rochester. Nice to finally see someone else from the Roc :)



Yeah! I'd be down for something, email me at spaceboyzed@gmail.com

I work mon-fri but I'm usually online with a bit of privacy in the evenings so I'll try to reply then.





Also reporting in from Rochester.

There is a get together on the 12th if you check fetlife.

Else do you guys want to get a beer some time?


File: 9e9352e6759d9c5⋯.png (210.78 KB, 307x311, 307:311, 1476079069806.png)

Discord: Dan#6304

Be my diaper bf NOWWW



Yo the twelfth is tomorrow, I want in on this. 26/M/Straight/Rochester myself


Anyone in Ontario? Looking for some diaper friends to hang out with,


Ho boy am i late for some of these responses, sorry! ^^;


ooh! yarmouth's pretty close!


still not far! o:

Both of you should hit up my kik or discord.

Kik: Shaltharian

Discord: Myrrah#9978


I have kik! listed above. :>



Sadly I can't make it to the Meetup today. But I'd be all in to chill sometime. Maybe get the drink.



Let's talk offline:


Anyone from Rochester feel free to hit me up.



Another Canadian Navy baby?



If it's alright my Kik is dprboykurt. Hit me up there?





Manchester, MA checking in.


kik is luckypenny526



Holy shit you are tiny and cute

28/m in north county SD

kik is impactisfun


26/m/South Carolina

I doubt there's anyone around me, but it's worth a shot.

Kik: Tremmuh



Same guy


File: 5e7631427997f65⋯.jpg (134.44 KB, 958x638, 479:319, tiny1.jpg)

File: 38bdee9558ff5cd⋯.jpg (109.21 KB, 958x718, 479:359, tiny2.jpg)


i am

unless i posted that and i forgot, not the first time i've replied to myself by mistake lmao



Oooo what Part?

27/m/augusta sc



I live in Anderson currently.


24/170lb/M/5'9/Wasilla AK here.

Even if either of us is too shy to meet still would be nice to do some gaming/just voicechat.

Vaultsinatra@gmail.com or Giggles#2057 Discord.


29/m/DFW Tx

I posted before, but it been a while since I had last looked. I'm more curious than anything.





Don't despair; especially if you can handle furs. SC is pretty nice


24/M/St. Paul, MN

5'10 175


could it be possible that you're still monitoring this thread occasionally maybe?



Glad to see others here too. I really would like to get to know who's out here, and maybe have a friend to do diaper things with.

My discord is fyrr#2678.


27/M/bi (ish)

Currently in the 317 area


might as well

22/m/150lbs/5'9 in Maryland (DMV) area




I live on the outskirts of Anderson, actually.

I'm surprised there are other likeminded individuals in my area.


File: 59b10a37a234bfd⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 595x482, 595:482, IMG_0386.JPG)

I wanna try.

31/MtF/6'8"/Fremont CA



Holy fuck 6'8"?!

Hate to say it, but good luck ever passing. Move to the Amazon.


File: 809a70d5623a19f⋯.jpg (141.02 KB, 500x646, 250:323, MtF.jpg)



-Outskirts of Baltimore. 30(M)165, & 29(F)120lbs married couple, there's a few of us in the area. I know there's a littles lunch but we've kind of avoided it, the fetlife group kind of creeps us out at times. Best way we've made friends and made sure they weren't crazy or super creepy is to meet up at cons. About a dozen of us go to MagFest and Katsucon every year and we meet up to play board and vidya games, although we're not big on ABDL trappings in public but we make in-jokes and teasing at the table. Had a few at home playdates from there.



Yeah I don't think I would wanna go to those munches or whatever they call them, I'd feel awkward around a bunch of strangers and I'm not much on the public stuff either.>>43528



TFW no 6'8" MTF to forcibly regress my 5'4" 109lb frame, and put me into one of those baby carrier pouches to carry me around in the park for the afternoon.



The Senator isn't a tranny, he just dresses that way when he's at the club.


File: 4e861884302d79e⋯.jpg (163.99 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1472225817432.jpg)

30/mtf/sw ohio









two 23yo trans girls here in SB if you wanna talk



>I'm always into size play!

5'3 110 trans girl in oakland here



oh right, 27yo



Looking for other trans friends?



How feminine is your benis?




I'd love to get in touch with y'all. I inserted my email.



Not trans, but I'm in OR. Kik or something?


File: 06803314eab210c⋯.jpg (222.96 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, IMG_7445.JPG)

28 yo bear in the 757 area of Virginia. I saw a few ppl not far from here post a few months back.


File: 45d3efc0c49a3db⋯.jpg (76.15 KB, 620x930, 2:3, IMG_0416.JPG)





Lol if that's your standard for bearitude, then no, I guess I don't qualify. Try more hair, a lot less chub



Judging by your body type, you look more like an otter than a bear.

Yes, gay guys describe themselves according to their spirit animal.


20/M/Salem OR


File: 05efbc79f28ff85⋯.png (670.91 KB, 600x624, 25:26, smokeydabear.png)

73yo/m/The Forest

7'5" and around 350lb

I enjoy long walks through the woods, and preventing the fuck outta some forest fires.



Try who gives a fuck shut the fuck up and get out.


Not big enough for you, sugar? LolSmokey is probably more your type.>>43766




fetlife, email, skype?

looking for something in particular?



Im into being a trap as well





That's my email. I'm not looking for anything in particular (I don't want to be the creepy person that talks only about diapers all the time.)

I just want to meet people and if something comes out of that then so be it.


Who Netherlands here?



Here, here! What are you looking for?



Here goes nothing.

19/M/162lbs/5'11/Ottawa ON

I enjoy crossdressing sometimes, kind of gay.



Mwoah, niks bijzonders, waar ergens in NL?



Ergens tussen ijsselmeer en noordzee. Je hebt toch vast wel iets waar je naar op zoek bent, ook al is het weinig bijzonder?






Damn, da's een heel eind van Brabant af.



Valt wel mee, voor amerikanen telt het als in de buurt en kunnen altijd nog gewoon praten. Wat voor contact gebruik je?


Puhukaas nyt jotain ymmärrettävää kieltä saatana



bumping again after realizing that the other anon lives in norcal instead of socal

double trouble trans girls, soft preference for girls but whoever really.


File: 7e29ddbf94fc668⋯.jpg (675.76 KB, 1280x1792, 5:7, upL9Csu.jpg)




Yo~ I'm that Transgirl from Fremont. I totally put in my email wrong for everyone because I'm really dumb.

I amended it!


20y/o Transgirl

Lexington ky, looking for a someone to lock my dick up in a chastity cage and/or diaper me. And all-around basically use me. I'm free saturday.

Bonus points for femdom.



can't unlock pls


File: 24ee487b81f4951⋯.jpg (509.8 KB, 1280x1218, 640:609, How do you say diapers in ….jpg)


torilla tavataan :D


21 / male / ohio

cincinnati area, college student

hit me up for whatever or if you just want a friend

telegram: chek0v

tumblr: thek372


25/m/ stamford ct

straight switch looking for cis woman (if they exist on here) or straight/gay men to drink with


22 / pre-anything transgirl / femboy / MI

I'm down for just about anything as long as it's not humiliating or excessively painful



I'm also from NY.

And that's funny, I was just in Toronto lol

Still around?

m/19 here


jesus christ, this thread is like 90% fags and transies

what's a straight daddy to do?



Hope, and wait, apparently.


22/M/ Bris, Aus

May as well see who is near me kik is TheFluffethOne



19/m/Salem OR

My email is mrtandi7@gmail.com

I'm bi sexual and wouldn't mind doing anything.



if you were really straight then daddying a trans woman wouldn't be a big deal ya cunt


File: b4f42815a0bf0fc⋯.jpeg (71.59 KB, 795x806, 795:806, ohio.jpeg)


find a nice cute tranny who's already dated straight guys.



t. tranny so used to spouting lgbt propaganda that it has come to believe its own bullshit



Women don't have penises, faggot.



In the Bloomington-Normal area Illinois. Down for friends or more or whatever


Theres the new datecgl website floating around, have any of you checked it out yet?


19/123lb/m/5'6"/ Norcal (Northern Bay Area)

Anyone here willing to diaper someone sorta new into this scene? I'm kinda anxious since I accidently put a diaper backwards my first time and got made fun of.



Give us the story anon



So I was convinced to buy a diaper and try it on, I got a sample one from ABU but can't recall which one. I accidently put it on but it was backwards after I took pics of it. Since it came only with one they made fun of me for putting it on a diaper. I got convinced again to find someone to put the diaper on me instead, which might help convince me more to pursue diaper stuff


File: f5cbe3b48c8356f⋯.jpg (27.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, oneplusoneequals.jpg)


>Put it on backwards

Are you some kinda retard, Anon?



There wasn't any instructions on how to use it!


File: f50e9f1fa8132c2⋯.png (247.94 KB, 500x371, 500:371, hsjbROP.png)



Anyone lookin to chat?




Email is embedded if you want to talk



Cool! Whereabouts in Michigan?


21/m/Maine. Anyone here from Maine?




I'm not from maine, but will be moving there within 6 months or so



Cool! How old are you?



Iceland - höfuðborgarsvæði


eyyy hit me up if ya want to chat or chill

I cant be all alone here right…?




Do you have a discord anon?


26/M/straight/Harrisburg PA

Anyone relatively near that still looks at this thread?




You can contact me on fetlife (https://fetlife.com/users/1555958) or telegram (@Feelinx)


26/M/central MA

Hoping against hope for a girl, but cute boys and traps are also welcome. Would love someone to play with occasionally. Change each other, fool around, that sort of thing

fetlife is TheBestNightmare



Lower peninsula, eastern.


I wonder if there are any girls lurking and saying nothing out of the fear of being swarmed



Also should say I prefer other feminine boys or transgirls for that matter, but hairless guys are okay too along with the occasional girl.


>the Democrat party



Hah, just my luck. I grew up on the east side, but I'm living near Grand Rapids now.



Too bad I guess.




Are you still here?



Ah I'll bite

22 / M / 83kg / 184cm / Australia, Canberra







Come back to me anons





I am, >>35295 , and recently moved to south east wisco. Looking for some friends still. Would be willing to try "more then friends" things if we hit it off i guess. But looking for like minded friends first.



Me too. Where are you at exactly?


21/m/bi/South Florida

Email in post


Kinda wondering why I was blocked



yo got a fet or kik my dude?



Quads called?




Nepean reporting in



email in post above




Does anyone know Switzerland in here?




Shoot me a email and we can talk there.


File: 999cf4088987cea⋯.jpeg (198.6 KB, 943x943, 1:1, fullsizeoutput_95.jpeg)

File: a0b42ffcacc5b33⋯.jpeg (323.75 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, fullsizeoutput_b6.jpeg)

21/M/NH, 6'0", 150lbs, gay as hell

Not necessarily looking for a hookup, going out to grab a beer and watch some hockey is fine too.




6' 170

Not a lot of experience (just started wearing), you wouldn't happen to be near burnaby/new west would you?



Central Texas

i havent done diaper stuff with other people, but i would like to, am a hairy man too, WetLoli_Crow#9260 is my discord


File: ba986db6c736134⋯.jpg (400.06 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, kJJSWTZ.jpg)

27/M/gay/Indianapolis IN



please stop posting



if you go to your facebook you post top text bottom text memes that are so outdated please die

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