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File: 7b3ac0465a5c813⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-04-07-00-2….png)


Merunyaa.tumblr.com is down

Where did my lovely source of mid tier smut go?




She has a pixiv with a lot of her work on it, can be found here:





This is truly disheartening.


File: c29035142bcbae0⋯.png (999.96 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 62947326_p1.png)

File: 88196c1990f70d3⋯.png (697.96 KB, 800x1897, 800:1897, 64759863_p0.png)


It's always sad to see artists disappear like that.

However, I never really liked the style of a lot of her art. I've enjoyed a few of pictures of hers, but on the occasions she draws characters I really like she usually seems to draw them just off-model enough that I struggle to fap.

For example, Konata's whole crotch and shorts are subtly wrong in the first image, and something about Sakura's face and hands bothers me in the second image. Also the second image is meant to be a daki cover but it's nowhere near high enough resolution.

She's a good artist, but I wish she'd spend slightly more time getting the sketch right and slightly less time polishing the inking/shading.


Her tumblr was down for all of a few hours, unless there was a specific pic you needed to fap to today and you didn't have it saved, this isn't a big deal.

She'll have all of her old pics reuploaded by the end of tomorrow I'm sure, and it'll be business as usual.

Really don't get all of the harshness towards her that's come from this event, here and on the 4chan diaper threads. Her art isn't perfect, but she's the best new artist to pop up in forever, and a lot of other artists have stopped drawing, so it'd be real nice if people didn't give her reasons to also disappear.



Because, as >>42044 pointed, it's not Merunyaa, it's Meru-nyaa.



Think because her art seems all the "same" to people. There also a few artists who dislike her because she isn't a ABDL and believe she shouldn't draw ABDL if isn't into the fetish. Not also to say her prices are pretty cheap compare to a handful of people in the fetish. She also one of the few artists that handles criticism well and wants to approve, while handful of other artists either ignore it, toss a fit, or go into a depress state.



The problem with Sakura's face and hands is that Sakura is making an elegant, formal gesture with her hands, along with a curious face, as though she's enjoying the viewer's reaction to her. This of course, flies in the face of her character. Sakura is casual and straightforward, without the slightest bit of guile. She's not the sort of person to go around acting like an aristocrat, nor is she the kind of character to connive a plan to get a reaction out of someone.



Most of the abdl community is up it's own ass. When this is the only place on the internet you can actually have a relatively civilized conversation about a fetish you need to have a long good look at yourselves.



Hey guys, the Gwen Tennyspocalypse happenned and I got all my 3 blogs taken down :p I'm working on remaking the new ones like the old one were (or even better as I'll make a tag list and stuff) but here are all links

Main blog/Extreme fetishes blog : http://meru-nyaa.tumblr.com

General Hentai blog : http://smutty-meru.tumblr.com

SFW : http://seifu-meru.tumblr.com



Glad to hear you're okay, even if Tumblr are a bag of dicks.


File: 611ae6ee5879038⋯.jpg (895.57 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 8765745680.jpg)


What does the Gwen Tennyspocalypse mean?

Whats the backstory?



Mer posted some Gwen from Ben 10 in a diaper and it resulted in her blogs getting taken down.



She posted some diaper art of Gwen from Ben 10, a bunch of ass-mad Gwen fans reported her and here we are



awesome, you're the best


This reminds me whatever happened to JamJarMonster and why did she disappear off the face of the earth?


File: b585ecb08de3781⋯.jpg (409.94 KB, 1018x614, 509:307, 1504485416368.jpg)


They stole a bunch of money for a diaperfag card game and jumped ship.


Her tumblr is down again.



post more of her best works pls? including the messy part of op/other mess stuff?



So anyone have said pic?




Her patreon is still up and she's still posting content every day. After her tumblr got nuked, she tried making a bunch of seperate tumblrs for different things, like sfw stuff, a blog, and then a nsfw one, and they were all reported and deleted, I guess by whoever wants her gone. Didn't seem to bother her, she just said she'll keep her stuff on pixiv and communicate with people through a new twitter account and possibly post some stuff there too depending on the policy on that I guess.


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