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File: f0da01f96e37c82⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 720x720, 1:1, dc3e3a04cf72609908a1c25c95….jpg)

37889e  No.58325

Are there any ABDL communities where being a fat, ugly and disgusting are looked down upon? I'm so fucking tired of joining literally any ABDL community and seeing 90% of the people there look like they have down syndrome.

8fd808  No.58328

>90% of this "community" does live with autism though

> :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

The only way I've found around this is to do invite only parties, and I can't host them anymore, and the other person who was holding them also moved.

37889e  No.58329

File: 96880b29804a68f⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 600x704, 75:88, czL1jJ3.jpg)


That's really unfortunate. And to top it all off, its a huge circle jerk of everyone telling each other they're super cute and adorable (pic related).

But if anyone actually tells it like it is, you're the devil. It's not my fault i'm not disgusting.

37889e  No.58332


Don't forget to shame your local ugly abdl

1ebd9d  No.58340


Possibly not on the outside.

37889e  No.58341


I'm guessing you're one of the nasty looking ones

2558b6  No.58342


Yes, but you're too ugly to join.

85aeaf  No.58346


>Are there any ABDL communities where being a fat, ugly and disgusting are looked down upon?

Welcome to here. Don't show your face.

c0c9d7  No.58347


>Are there any ABDL communities where being a fat, ugly and disgusting are looked down upon?

ABDL Is social justice haven in the online form(probably offline too), so not likely except for here at 8ch where you can still say whatever you want!

I'm fat and ugly, but I don't post pictures of myself and I certainly don't expect anyone to say "Aww don't you look cute today!", I except someone to call me a fat pathetic waste of space and tell me to kill myself.

0456d1  No.58350


Have you ever considered that the reason why you've never gained access is due to you being ugly?

4e4d5c  No.58351

I don't know where you guys hang out, but all the abdl's I met IRL were pretty good looking.

Granted, it was only in Europe and Asia. Americans are fat fucks, abdl or not.

d34eb2  No.58361


I wouldn't call you cute or anything like that but I also wouldn't call you a waste of space either and certainly wouldn't tell you to kys.

37889e  No.58363

ITT: Triggered ugly people

bce551  No.58365

File: 40af585ba8a3617⋯.jpeg (163.58 KB, 783x1020, 261:340, 1BBE58D1-CB93-4B61-87A0-0….jpeg)

We literally get hard dicks to pissing ourselves while wearing diapers. These types of kinks attract degenerates by their nature. Just how it goes.

7de8dd  No.58370


Every thing i've been to has been mixed. Now if you're talking online then yeah good luck that, but if talking irl then youve got problems because if you get easily offended by ugly people in the same room with you then youre probably not going to get invited to any good looking peoples club because of your attitude.

Also I cant help but get the vibe that what you also mean is

>I'm so fucking tired of joining literally any ABDL community and seeing 90% of the people there look like they have down syndrome AND BE MALE.

7de8dd  No.58371

Forgot.. also OP familiarity breeds contempt. You probably hate people who look autism because you are autistic.

Bet you have trouble talking to people, dealing with loud noises and crowds. If you're so attractive you should just start turning vanilla into abdls. Make a whole community of hottie abdl that were formerly vanilla.

37889e  No.58378


Just tired of seeing the ugly fuck circle jerk thats all.

aa2c53  No.58379

b4b278  No.58380


it's his fetish, how dare you deny him that

be03e8  No.58383


>familiarity breeds contempt

lmao, literally the "no u" of arguments.

4c1591  No.58392

You're looking at last resort dating websites and criticizing everyone else for it?

Skinny beautiful ABDLs are able to just go out and date normally and make stuff happen. Try that, casanova.

a1efd0  No.58399


Seconded, as a decent looking ABDL with a great personality, I had much suspect turning unsuspecting vanilla people into diapers fan who were even requesting diapers after a while.

a1efd0  No.58405


> I had much suspect

I meant much success…

432a62  No.58408

As a decent looking guy who recently revealed his ABDL desires to his gf, how do I go about doing this? We've been dating a few months and she's a virgin, so I figure do some vanilla stuff with her first ofc. It also helps that she's into BDSM.

a1efd0  No.58410

File: 94669979d6616c3⋯.jpg (56.37 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 01v3364.jpg)


What about your ask her instead of autistic faggots on the internet?

893647  No.58419


I'm neither fat or ugly, but I am disgusting.

dcb91d  No.58427

Eh I don't think people are any less valid for their genetics. I know popular Abdl girls who ended up being really cliquey and cunty. While some of the less attractive types in my local group were genuinely sweet people. It's not about resembling a youthful beautiful girl/boy any more than we are actual babies etc.

This is a cunty idea. And I speak as an (I'm assuming due to my online following) reasonably cute and non mental person.

4c1591  No.58430


Gonna ignore the can of worms that is genetics/weight and say that you are correct with looks:cuntiness ratio.

You are more likely to get what you want if you extend (read: not destroy) your standards when you're looking at onlinecommunities.

You're not the first one to tell that blonde bimbo what she wants to hear and (from the ones I've met) most hold conversations that aren't about themselves really poorly

However if you are like OP you should just be dating normally. Lot less letdowns and wasted time.

343e46  No.58477


THat's weird. Like, I enjoy the fetish side of things but I'm not sure I could stand a circlejerk community like that. This is something private, not something I particularly want validation for.

341add  No.58511


sauce??? 🤔

25a068  No.58516


It's my little sister. I diaper her every night before bed.

75d79a  No.58522

File: 6064a4e8215ab80⋯.jpg (306.4 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, UzNRUb0.jpg)


now THAT's a fantasy i could get with

0e13cd  No.58552

Getting the strangest feeling that someone from the cringe thread of useless whinning made a separate thread, to still be, a little bitch.

a24ef4  No.58554

File: ea4d13167aaa913⋯.jpg (98.03 KB, 615x820, 3:4, 2893241.jpg)


I know right.

My little sister too, even if she doesn't admit it, I know she gets off the thought her big brother is keeping her in diapers.

I noticed she purposely drink a lot before bed, her previous diapers would leak so now we got her ABU space. She often semi-reluctantly asks me "but do I really have to wear those diapers? I don't want to…", and I have to remind her that she needs them. In the morning she's usually soaked but will stay in them as long as she can get away with.

She's a weird little one, but a sweetheart.

6ef12f  No.58556


I have seen many premium abdl groups on fetlife that require in-depth interviews to even join.

a24ef4  No.58564


Where can I find those? I'm pretty sure I'd pass :) I'm one of the big names in the ABDL scene.

7bbb35  No.58571


…how the fuck did you manage to get her into this you lucky bastard

2b7bc6  No.58572


more importantly, hey >>58554 can you post more pics please? this is pretty cute.

9a6645  No.58575


Oh here we go again, this fucking guy and his forced little sister fantasy garbage.

958d5f  No.58579


Well true or not I quite enjoyed these post.

fd3dfd  No.58686


>non fat community

how about a community that doesnt circlejerk leftist ideology, I fucking cant even handle the young ageplayers group on fetlife ever since the trans and self righteous white knights made it their hobby to forever shame people with different political leanings by either banning them or trying to out them

that aside people need to fucking take care of themselves but these communitys circle jerk one another and as another anon said never tell it like it is.

fd3dfd  No.58687


I did the same about 6 months ago, just have her wear one and use a hitachi on her

thats literally all you gotta do

fd3dfd  No.58688


>premium groups for abdl

share one im interested

b77472  No.58689


Do diapers make the magic wand feel much better or something? I wouldn't think it would help for girls.

fd3dfd  No.58693


>does it make it feel better

that thing can make a girl cum ridiculously hard, and according to my GF the padding makes a perfect buffer and when wet makes it slick in the right ways

f364f4  No.58711


As a guy, yes. Usually they'll fry your dick with sensation overload. The diaper takes way enough of that and keeps your dick from flopping around.

1c584a  No.58778

File: 3e60b3aac0d07f3⋯.jpg (558.38 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, _23764.jpg)


Yeah, if you use the magic wand raw, it's so strong it'll usually deep fry the dick / clit. Some people can handle it in porn or so, but never saw anyone who can handle it IRL.

A diaper will make it softer it and kind of spread the vibrations all around the groin (especially when wet), so it's perfect.

Just look at my little sister on this picture as proof: she knows how good it feels to use the magic wand on her soaked diaper, and she's basically begging for it. I'm making her say out loud that she's a dumb little baby before she's allowed to use it, and said it straight away, without hesitating. That's how much she craved it.

2b7bc6  No.58786


thats not your sister, this image has existed for years.

1c584a  No.58787


You know what else has existed for year?

My little sister.

83ed5e  No.58790


pics or it didn't happen

wait wut

9a6645  No.58832


You're dumb and full of shit. K bye.

a1b01e  No.58854

File: 6cff1d1d0cb9e26⋯.jpg (68.71 KB, 1936x1296, 121:81, Alyssa_0468.jpg)


You know who else is dumb and full of this?

You guessed it: my little sister.

Seriously, she just messed herself, that dumb little bitch. It smells terrible.

She doesn't usually does it, but she had an upset stomach and couldn't get to the toilets on time. It's gross, there's no way I change her, I can already barely stand the smell as it is.

I do feel sorry for her, she's sobbing and keep saying sorry. Aw poor little thing. Poor stinky, dumb, helpless little thing.

39cfe6  No.58858


Kys matt

a1b01e  No.58860


I'm not Matt but thanks for the kiss :)

432a62  No.58865

File: 3c9df7d100b9db8⋯.png (2.06 MB, 2000x1348, 500:337, little sister in diapers.png)


Talking of all this "little sister in diapers" stuff, I recall an insanely hot story involving this but I can't find it anywhere. The main character is a teenage boy and his younger sister is incontinent, so he wakes up to her asking for a change. But first, she rubs her messy diaper on his dick while he gives her a reach around so that they're pleasuring each other. Then, their mom calls through the door and he covers his sister's mouth to keep her quiet. As she's asking if they want anything from the grocery store, the sister begins messing again on the brother's dick. Gets me diamonds just thinking about it.

Anyone know where I can find it?

b77472  No.58871

aad0c1  No.58909


Not what I'm looking for but a fantastic read nonetheless. Thanks anon!

b77472  No.58917


Oh fuck, I guess it isn't the right one. I only looked at the summary and didn't check the actual content. I'll see if I can hunt down the OTHER story with a guy and his diapered little sister who brings over her friends for lewd activities.

dacf0b  No.64480

File: 94f35309e9a0823⋯.png (901.86 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, 1518864781652.png)


seconding this, if there is a story where a little sister messes on his brother's dick I have got to read it

343e46  No.64495


In-depth interviews?

Like, what, they're vetting you, essentially?

I guess that makes sense

e35b19  No.64545

I wish there was no adult babies. So thst someday there wpuld be no ableism.

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