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File: f4fa3490198ec72⋯.jpg (145.04 KB, 899x1200, 899:1200, f4fa3490198ec72c290964af3e….jpg)

6eff41  No.59422

Previous one >>55472

Have some awful acting on me


8f8e7b  No.59445


hahaha fuck you weren't kidding.

e0e109  No.59449

I know that these girls aren't really trying, but if they are trying sometimes I think they couldn't put on a fake smile working retail.

d5496f  No.59454

We should make our own /abdl/ video. For reals. It will be an autistic shitshow. Literally.

e0e109  No.59456


To be fair, at least we know what not to do.

I mean, how many of us have seen a video where the acting was so bad that you have to mute it even if the girl is 10/10 otherwise?

a7157d  No.59460

e21035  No.59485

Anyone have any newer FLbabygirls/FLdiapergirls stuff? I have most up to 269 if anyone wants a specific one.

dbcc57  No.59540

The tutor

2d3128  No.59553

4e7266  No.59564

Looking for three videos:

"Girl begs for diaper to poop". Not sure where it comes from but it was a girl/guy at a vanity, and the girl asks for a diaper which she uses. Never seen it anywhere except facebook.



Appreciate it ahead of time!

30d49a  No.59567

Any chance someone has this or anything from the studio?


1aa3aa  No.59570

c3d186  No.59573

DGP , everyone has seen a few diaper girls in public videos scattered around but does anyone know where to find all those videos today or whatever happened to them?

19765a  No.59579

4cbb3f  No.59617

I posted this in the previous thread but then this one was made immediately afterwards so I am simply posting again.

Hey, does anyone know where this gifset is from? I can't seem to find it anywhere either via reverse image searching or contextual guessing.




001c48  No.59619



d57e02  No.59622


That is Sky from Adult baby source

No.55072 some of her videos are posted in the other thread for adult baby source


e6e57c  No.59633

000000  No.59636


This is part of the film Drunk and Diapered. It is cropped the left part of the screen to make the gifs around the minute 54. The film has been posted sometimes here. I can upload it if required but at low res (320x240)

a7157d  No.59654

e0e109  No.59657



Spooky as fuck my dude.

126d08  No.59664


Yes please! <3 and thanks for being so knowledgable.

I can't seem to find it on the old thread the other person posted :P

000000  No.59673


Here you are

The mega link: #!kfxQ3SKb


010a94  No.59684

does anybody have nurse helena or wellpaded

50f952  No.59703

126d08  No.59713


OMG thann you so much <3 that was incredible ^_^

9a56e5  No.59732

211692  No.59752

3ddd9b  No.59756

Anyone have Mahalo Marcy content?

61023d  No.59785

Anyone have a collection of Japanese abdl videos?

And do anyone by any chance have this: TGGP-40 Magical Beautiful Fighter Fontane Dream Capsule ?

66fee6  No.59796

File: d3e483416582f09⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 285x326, 285:326, d3e483416582f099369b5d61e4….gif)

File: 93de8514c690b11⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 540x399, 180:133, 4f1afe2a4b9c15ed0aa532a1da….jpg)

i missed these last thread, would anyone be able to throw it up on mega?

ad7517  No.59801

50f952  No.59802

Anyone have any foxy farrah abdl pov?

a7157d  No.59839

cc7f2e  No.59844

Can we get a ban on requests in this thread?

120fa1  No.59847

Can we have a ban on people complaining about requests in this page? Nobody has posted anything in the request page for a week. Why would people not post requests here where people actually are going to look for things… Most requests get completely ignored anyway… people who have a request want that request seen where the videos are actually going to be shared not some other page.

010a94  No.59853

does any body have mmm diapers or debbie vids from adult baby source or extreme diapers of her the one i want is debbie and nikki or md/lb involving diaper changes

000000  No.59855

>>59847 >>59847

Actually you can't. No banning is possible in an anonymous chat, if it were, a known spammer that I prefer not to name would be banned.

Anyway, I think the request thread was a bad idea. People send request to both threads, and noone reads the other. Here, while looking for new staff, you can see what is request and if you have it, share.

Just to add some content: Jenny from House of Taboo 2, (the doctor visit):

Mega: #!IepEkaSA

key: !pIaCgMcMslpb6vNe4UkjVOK_GoqvHyd6Fn8zNy_w3iA

000000  No.59856


I have notice that the file have no extension. It's an AVI file.

00c2bb  No.59887

61023d  No.59891


Anyone able to get this? It seems to be country locked

987547  No.59894

Requesting this. have a lot to trade for it and would buy it but the preview doesnt show if the actress playing wonder woman is already mentally regressed at a certain point.


987547  No.59895


yeah. would trade it for the wonder woman one or give it to you to post on mega

cfc5df  No.59897

e41e7e  No.59927

Does anybody have anymore videos with this person https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a39e4b7a70a7

37d409  No.59931

Can someone re-up the Venus and Mitch video from thread #14? Mega seems to have taken it down. TIa.

9775ba  No.59932


Its really not interesting at all. Its from this episode: https://www.dplay.se/videos/breaking-news/breaking-news-med-filip-fredrik-723

I don't speak Swedish so as far as I can tell he just points at an instagram post of hers that appears to have something resembling a puffy pink cloth diaper. I couldn't find the post on her instagram so it might have been removed.

90d8ad  No.59933


I actually have this. What regression videos do you have?

00c2bb  No.59938


Which video are you referring to? I have this one up.


971032  No.59946

00c2bb  No.59953

a85bb7  No.59964

Looking for a diapergals video where Sasha is talking on the phone with a plumber, slowly becomes desperate, and wets her diaper mid-conversation. Anyone have it, or any other good diaper + desperation videos?

61023d  No.59979


Ok, thanks for the heads up

594118  No.59987


ugh, why do all y'all gotta be cucks.

50f952  No.60035

Can someone with enough staff post this please?

d3f5fc  No.60042


Will post when Dandelionwishes videos are posted.

76aafd  No.60045

000000  No.60072


Can someone download this one? https://vk.com/video473988375_456239058


000000  No.60075


This one in a "new" FLBabyGirl clip. It is "193 - Laila and her boyfriend". It is supposed to be the continuation of "185 - Laila's Second Diapering"

The link is https://vk.com/video310806144_456239021

There is also another FLBaby file, https://vk.com/video310806144_456239020 The image is from: 137 - The doctor visit, but it is 1h55m long and this specific clip es 30 minutes long, so there should be other included.

I am interested in the first one, the 193. Unfortunately I cannot download it. Can someone upload it to mega?


61a011  No.60078


Post it you shitlicker or get the fuck out.

594118  No.60079


sorry that's a shitty video, i won't download shitty videos.

stop getting off to guys getting diapered you fucking faggot.

ad7517  No.60083


can someone post this on mega?

198986  No.60088

Please anything with Bella from Ageplay247? What a goddess!

19de09  No.60092



pissed me of so so i went ahead and found it in my archives


key: !Q7oM14VwyKLdqENEcGGSYIZaocuIPTzL39IEv6048_I

please note this link will only be valid for a week or two

33cfb5  No.60107

Larry is crushing it IMO.


198986  No.60109


Weird with the sign up for VK needing a phone number.. any north americans have issues with this or is it quick and easy without worrying about them texting in the future? I feel like I'm giving my information to Russians

d967cd  No.60111


some one please put that Lyra diapered and regressed one on mega PLEASE lol.


50f952  No.60117


Thanks! Also bumping >>59703

000000  No.60127


Here you are: #!BChlHQ5A

key: !4_tXlgRFsME3zKzSsbTcaunP2FSRiKrzFZQp2qcNVPg

Anyone for >>60075 ?? Pleeeeeease??

8ca753  No.60132




Stay mad my man, stay mad.

Anon promised the Grail and delivered a crumpled Dixie cup–this thread is just full of begging because apparently overpriced ABDL-themed diapers are a justifiable expense but god forbid someone coughs up the $2.99 for a shitty clip of an amphetamine addict holding a baby diaper near a GoPro.

People shouldn't promise to share and then renege because it really does make you question why you're going through the fucking trouble.

aa867a  No.60150

Requesting the Candy_1.mov clip from here.

b08ddf  No.60165


Anyone know how to download from VK and/or want to put the governess worthington vids on mega?

b935f0  No.60166

post the link from the video in the download box at this site and takes about 14 mins to download.


852dc3  No.60170



Key: !p2m7I144qdG63vVgfiQ3CdH_jnssIfa79_VFoy5Di5A

852dc3  No.60172


And here's a select bunch of vids I got alongside it. Kinda varies in quality.


Key: !TKb7mQI30BJ851W4lpYR5w

5cca49  No.60175


i didn't like this but thanks for sharing!

5cca49  No.60176




You're the best, thanks.

d967cd  No.60180

0314bb  No.60181

Anyone have this cheshire video please?

120fa1  No.60196

Bumping >>59564

af6dee  No.60200

File: 12c11def79d623f⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 01 Tables Turned-01.jpg)

does anyone have diapered kitten or mmm diaper videos that they can share or ill buy it off you or trade you videos put your email down so that i can contact you if you have some

a85bb7  No.60202


Thanks!! That's the one

ad4436  No.60232

Anyone have some good POV stuff?

798c6c  No.60235

anyone have videos of sunnie from abdreams ?

98b5d1  No.60240

533f73  No.60241

e41e7e  No.60248

Does anybody have more videos with this person.



40248d  No.60249

Mmm diaper videos acevedodaslo@gmail.com

0edd42  No.60255



Does anyone have these? Cant access them hoping someone could help me out.

e89d79  No.60257

Well, heck. Apparently the request thread video died, and I was hoping it'd kick off. Oh well. I'm still building up my collection and i'm wonderin'if anyone happens to have this


bc7140  No.60268

File: f831391454fda7c⋯.jpg (338.92 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, f831391454fda7c0e954f74af2….jpg)

anyone has this, please?

8f8e7b  No.60274

File: 740a85447601e06⋯.png (1.08 MB, 822x1026, 137:171, ssss.png)

what's this girl's name again?

928057  No.60280



Also looking for any foxy farrah pov and any where you are turned into a baby pov style

d3f5fc  No.60283


Ketamine addict 8641-J.

ad7517  No.60285


can someone post this on mega?

37f376  No.60289

5d8e90  No.60292

Does anyone have any Jenny videos from baby-doll or mysexydiaper? They are proving difficult to find.

76b48f  No.60294

can a generous soul please post some good mmm diapers clips on here. Would be very nice of that soul and good things will come to said soul in the future.

97235d  No.60297

Anybody have any good diaper sex videos? These are my favorite types of videos.

I have a couple that I can share. I've never used Mega to share before so I hope this works.


b24199  No.60298

Anon - We need the decryption key. Look at the other links where the Mega link + decrypt key are in one link. Don't be a dork and post them separately, that doesn't make the system any more secure. Just make one single, clickable link to save everyone time.

155b82  No.60300

97235d  No.60302


Sorry about not including the key. Like I said I have not used Mega to share before. Please try this:


Again, if anyone else has diaper sex videos to share please post them.

b24199  No.60303


Good job anon, thanks!

f15009  No.60304


Those vids were pretty good, thanks for the upload.

744271  No.60305

File: 21a2d712f8d1da6⋯.png (853.51 KB, 825x464, 825:464, Screenshot_2018-07-12 My D….png)

File: 011ae68ca5ceb67⋯.png (677.73 KB, 825x464, 825:464, Screenshot_2018-07-12 My D….png)

572c68  No.60308

File: 55877dec35bb198⋯.jpg (345.25 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, drynitegril.jpg)

27ac0b  No.60312

345379  No.60314

Anyone has something from Punishment Nursery?


3b89fd  No.60318

Anyone have any vids of chicks with green hair? It's a kick I've been on, lately lol

2091fa  No.60319


All these vk links keep popping up?

Should I make an ABDL profile there? I just feel like it being the Russian facebook makes it sketchy.

74db3a  No.60321

File: 2a4c011a2ec939a⋯.gif (5.39 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 022615DG_BdayDiapergif4.gif)

Anyone got Adriana Evans, My Diaper Girlfriend surprise?


Pic related.

572c68  No.60323



>Should I make an ABDL profile there?

no, but you don't have to. some clips can just be watched without making an account.

031497  No.60333


Thanks very much my dude. One of these days I'll get around to uploading all the random crap I've bought from clips4sale over the years and share in the thread…

5cca49  No.60335


Totally dude. Thanks.

da8050  No.60342

9401c3  No.60366

File: 6422254c7702be9⋯.jpg (319.73 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Attack-of-the-Adult-Babies….jpg)

Could anyone please upload a copy via Mega of Attack of the Adult Babies (the weird British horror movie about serial killer ABDL's)??


I tried to make a thread for this but no one responded after a week. Its only available in the UK via Amazon digital and I live in the US

a0124f  No.60369

5eb119  No.60388

4ae3ce  No.60396

Anyone with filespace premium account that could get this and put on mega?

98b5d1  No.60416

c5e1ea  No.60425

File: c9e0fd57bca5024⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 194198_0.jpg)

I need this vid!

7e61f1  No.60476


those sex videos are awesome, the first ones i ever consider buying

50f952  No.60496

9d3a44  No.60506

Hello everybody, I'm a huge fan of diaper girl piss and change/opening up videos, and I recently found the (partially) uncensored version of a video that I've been trying to find for over 5 years, ever since the great abdl crash that killed Hotdiapergirls, a ton of other diaper girl websites, and changed ABDLspace into a members only site.


The only problem, of course, is that it's hosted on pornspark aka computer cancer, hidden behind about a zillion popup adds. I managed to navigate it on my phone, but haven't tried doing it via computer yet

I just figured I should share, since this is literally the only instance of this video on the internet close to the uncensored original I lost track of so long ago. Somebody really tried to get rid of this one, nearly every other diaper girl video I've seen can be tracked down to safer sites.

245b05  No.60509

File: 9c23a363af6bc62⋯.jpg (79.67 KB, 672x1008, 2:3, 6be9c60cedd6edd3edc004a40f….jpg)

Again requesting Honour May. I've only been able to find one of her videos after months of looking, it was a short and rather boring bar tending one. I can't even find torrents with her in them, I'm guessing she had a very short tenure at skymouse

9d3a44  No.60517


Generally, I recommend EMPflix for diapergals. There's some stuff hidden away on pornhub, you may even find it just by typing in Sasha diaper

9d3a44  No.60519


There is one on pornhub. Jenny diaper should bring it up

bea9b4  No.60531

File: cca6e86cd04e3ce⋯.jpg (420.57 KB, 900x675, 4:3, merchant02.jpg)


Heh heh heh heh got a lot of good things on sale strangers, but this time just of a single model.

Per request of >>60509, here's one of the best Mega folders of Honour May diaper videos on the internet. No refunds…STRANGERS

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!jd41kLgS

Key: !frRWSPwuw5FTc1cnxlukvg

49ea40  No.60541

Zayda from DPRTube. Took me a LONGGG time to find them after the site went down. Too bad her camera was low quality


Key: !sKMdDFqxkc6MWYU–Jq4XA

74742a  No.60545


Key invalid

8c2d04  No.60548


Thanks, I was hoping by posting them someone would have equally as good videos and consider sharing them.

8c2d04  No.60549

Thank you everybody for sharing so many good videos. Does anyone have any videos of Odette in diapers having sex? these have been really hard to find.

49ea40  No.60550

ff39d4  No.60551

File: ba7e52580b9d336⋯.png (296 B, 31x20, 31:20, Password.png)



74742a  No.60552


Seen some of those vids before

Always wondered if was actually a girl or not

713cdf  No.60553


To the poster thanks.

for those not woshing to download 400 mb without knowing what they are downloading: Aaliyah Taylor - Cory in 20 diapers


cc65ec  No.60560


someone knows where this video is from? its name? where to get the full version?

267631  No.60568


Looks like it's some old Xtreme Diaper clip.

1a6911  No.60570


Of all the HM vids in this link, only two of them had wetting in it.

Meh, not really worth downloading unless you like her a lot.

f73dd9  No.60574



this is all the mmmdiapers i have.


its sad that it seems to have disappeared from the internet.

is anyone able to reupload this from xubster to mega - i can't get around the download limit?


f37d79  No.60577

File: d3eabb99238b133⋯.jpg (507.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, d1d08f569babbc6c1ae1f1fc05….jpg)

File: 24ea667aea4133c⋯.jpg (158.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_p98s3hcrFV1vzihcqo1….jpg)

File: 8b190315ab0a892⋯.jpg (340.56 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_p98s3hcrFV1vzihcqo2….jpg)

File: 9923248c736eea6⋯.jpg (331.41 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_p98s3hcrFV1vzihcqo3….jpg)

Requesting this new littlefantasyabdl's video where she gets diapered and travels in a car seat :3 Pics are from her Tumblr.

>Cheshire walks Ellie down the street holding her hand until they reach the car parked on the side of the road. Cheshire buckles Ellie into her car seat around her thick diapers in front of pedestrians on the streets on New York City. Cheshire gives Ellie her pacifier, bottle, her tpy, and a lollipop for being extra good in front of the strangers.


be457b  No.60579


Like seriously, how does something just disappear entirely like that? Ive never heard of that before.

bea9b4  No.60580


Uploader here. Yeah she's hot but her vids are not exciting at all.

Here's some older folders I had from previous threads for those who missed:




bea9b4  No.60581

File: 3497ef027074c64⋯.jpg (222.22 KB, 664x468, 166:117, 0.jpg)


Oh shit she must have heard me.

4cf0a2  No.60600


Everyone pls upload this?


Thank you ! :)))

7d0424  No.60606


From what I remember of her old twitter account, her videos (the originals that she would then upload) were stolen,she then went through some very difficult financial issues that left her homeless for a time, she got back on her feet but decided to end her porn career so the only remnants of her videos are what people have posted and what customers have actually purchased

279d5a  No.60609



8c2d04  No.60610

Here's a link to some amateur videos.


245b05  No.60616

File: a41ed9248e73604⋯.png (204.3 KB, 343x432, 343:432, 5455923 _4f34cba63fea12e93….png)


>Meh, not really worth downloading unless you like her a lot.

I do, she reminds me of a stacy I used to work with. Like uncanny resemblence


pic related

c5672d  No.60619

18fd56  No.60620

Does anyone have stuff from adultbabymagazine.com?

882a31  No.60621

File: b2278d03f5303fb⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 640x510, 64:51, dem_curves_doe.jpg)


Who can pass on that sweet dish-washing action though? If I wasn't so lazy I'd do a little folder of diaper-related porn that just so happens to feature a diapered girl doing dishes for 10 min straight.

36735b  No.60622

010a94  No.60624

does anybody have institute doreen old vids the one i looking for is a video diapering her bed wetting husband and another one were a woman want her husband back in diapers the wife then gets mad and wants to join so doreen diapers her also

010a94  No.60625

76b48f  No.60645


If that is true, then we must share as many mmm diapers videos as we have. Please if anyone has any videos from mmm diapers at all please share here!

f6761f  No.60664


I literally do think this qualifies as whack off material…seconded

fe0ca8  No.60670


Thanks for the uploads.

Anybody got any more from Mohawk Molly?

d0dbb5  No.60685

d0dbb5  No.60686




can u post?

18fd56  No.60702

Does anyone have stuff from Adultbabymagazine( looking for Anais and any dirty diaper vids)?

a7157d  No.60737

90d8ad  No.60744


I have this, does anyone have any good regression videos to trade?

be457b  No.60782


Which sucks and I wish her all the best, but for videos that were apparently stolen so much I can barely find any. I mean, I dont support porn theft, but without a legit source to find them, the least they could do is post the fucking stuff.

010a94  No.60894

c29585  No.60926

Can anyone post the 4 videos from here.

76aafd  No.60939

c6e0eb  No.60940

File: 5499e3dffcf405e⋯.png (417.93 KB, 1751x480, 1751:480, DELETE.png)


I have several I could trade. Do you have other MR themed videos to trade as well?

0e43ba  No.60951

I have some MR to trade, Anon (not op)

572c68  No.60957

File: 34fc11e86e39a01⋯.jpg (285.29 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_p1qq5pCfUP1qettiyo1….jpg)

90d8ad  No.60961


The Holly Boss AR is something I’ve always looked into but could never justify paying 50 dollars for.

9d164a  No.60967

7d9764  No.60979

594118  No.60990


can you post the first one? that looks like Ludella Hahn and damn her videos are good.

d3f5fc  No.61012

File: c1010b957a185d0⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 565x405, 113:81, chose-poorly-artjpg-010990….jpg)



4b5910  No.61014


Protip: If you don't want to make an account, you can get the link to a private video by rightclicking and dl using a tube dl site like https://getvideo.org/en

Or, at least it works for me…

798c6c  No.61023

File: 43f6b7798745fde⋯.png (135.43 KB, 527x334, 527:334, Capturar.PNG)

File: 6ac894c5c98dcfa⋯.png (135.2 KB, 527x328, 527:328, Capturar1.PNG)

Someone have this videos ?

0348a2  No.61031






e57568  No.61032


How about a decryption key, fam?>>61031

7b6c63  No.61033


Imagine being this retarded

1f36d4  No.61037


Fam, it's literally right below the mega link. Copy and paste.

738f51  No.61039



Bunch of stupid babies in here.

88de6a  No.61042


Thanks, brother.

Any of the enema videos from ABD? I'm curious to see a couple and compare to fat guy and hyena lady's fake ones.

052704  No.61047

Anyone have videos of non-ABDL girls wearing baby diapers? Vid related.


5b5fc4  No.61048

37a60d  No.61052


Ok Angelica.

50f952  No.61077

5cca49  No.61127



thanks didnt notice they added 2 new ones

59e40b  No.61143

File: 3ee1e4e715be15b⋯.png (879.39 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, ClipboardImage.png)

c29585  No.61165

1af813  No.61169

dfa6d8  No.61178



6ca5d7  No.61188


Bumping this

798c6c  No.61225

File: d6bd6e3a705d10c⋯.png (137.13 KB, 571x344, 571:344, Capturar.PNG)

anyone have this ???

90d8ad  No.61228

691662  No.61282

76b48f  No.61365


If that is true, then we must share as many mmm diapers videos as we have. Please if anyone has any videos from mmm diapers at all please share here!

e7517f  No.61382

Can someone please upload this video.

I've been searching for it with no luck.


50f952  No.61495

b08ddf  No.61501


4 videos here, downloadable via pornhub


50f952  No.61561


Anyone know if these are on pornhub? >>61077

f73dd9  No.61572



182766  No.61576

File: de99283cad733e2⋯.jpg (461.93 KB, 1261x1758, 1261:1758, 81T46p9uYNL.jpg)

can anyone get this? or any other vids from Sanwa ?


d3f5fc  No.61577


So where'd the good version go?

d3f5fc  No.61579


Bumping this request por favor.

b89877  No.61582

f37d79  No.61610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

458b4b  No.61611

05ea39  No.61740

37d956  No.61792


And now… I want to see her wetting herself desperately while trapped in the seat.

000000  No.61813

798c6c  No.61815

File: b36bafc054a81e0⋯.png (740.03 KB, 499x604, 499:604, Capturar.PNG)

someone have content off ellie from abdreams?

f4a59f  No.61836

Anyone has a link to Asiandiapercutie's videos?

She's new but she's gorgeous.

dc10d7  No.61839


I've been looking for this one for quite a while, god bless you

Does anyone happen to have the one ABD video with Sunnie as well wearing a cheerleader outfit? I think I found a siterip link somewhere but it requires premium

Also does anyone have these AP247 videos with Lana Lovelace?



I've seen this for a while now, and she looks really beautiful but I'm not sure what to think when it comes to AP247. Besides very few exceptions, most of their content is really fucking cringeworthy

9afb36  No.61842

I've been searching for a specific Governess X video for ages.

A man is diapered by his wife under the instructions of Governess X. His wife then has to wear a diaper and is ordered to get on the bed over her husband and wet herself. All under the orders of Governess X. It's so fucking hot but I haven't been able to find it in years.

Anyone got any idea where to find it?

59e40b  No.61899

File: 7e0510edbf505ce⋯.gif (9.78 MB, 500x281, 500:281, RA3e4n0.gif)

pretty neat this abdreams new video, I should probably kept an eye on their new releases


b23751  No.61923

File: 9b9ebdb802a5c16⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 500x667, 500:667, hdfVPmQ.jpg)

anyone have videos of Baby Em? I would be really grateful for this

8181f8  No.61932


Some of ABdreams vids are good, but the majority of their content isn't really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, Apple and her actors are beautiful, talented people. Its just that in terms of jacking material, it doesn't really work for me.

2c7910  No.61938


Bumping this request

9e7772  No.61939


>Baby Em

You know I have seen pics of her, could never put a name to it


a31d6d  No.61951

cc65ec  No.61953


Did someone manged to grab the *new* domination for your own good videos posted in the account that is now blocked?

Too bad, I managed to see those really hot videos once and one the account is gone :(

f1ada0  No.61957


What's the title of the "new" video?

61023d  No.61961

For anyone looking for a proper challenge: there used to be a movie/video called "Zwei Babymadchen". Obviously German. It was about a dude and a chick both being treated as baby girls by a "mutti". I remember stumbling on it at a streaming site years ago, but have been unable to find it ever since. Anyone who can help with this?

And while we are at it, is there any good MEGA collections of other German ABDL videos/movies?

Thanks everyone

ed4392  No.61964


Zwei Babymadchen

Found that ages ago, great clip

61023d  No.61967

Thanks, but the one you linked is not the one I was looking for (though that one is pretty nice for sure). The one I am looking for is called Zwei Babymädchen. It's an old one, and it's a pretty long one. Both the chick and the dude get put in girly dresses and the older woman feeds them and all that. Don't think anything sexual actually ever happens in it now that I think about it.

61023d  No.61968

File: 662dc55b560e8ea⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 213x308, 213:308, 2 babymaedchen.JPG)

The cover of the movie was all I could find

0e43ba  No.61971

ed4392  No.61977


Babydoll The Diapered Weekend

Sounds quite similar but its not the one your looking for sorry

af6dee  No.61990

File: ac5ebde5124e793⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 750x422, 375:211, df772de79b46f4b6df39ee6db7….jpg)

anyone have this video

cb712b  No.62001

File: 637ec42c74b8568⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 500x600, 5:6, ee17561fe79f561f590e3d8240….jpg)

61023d  No.62009


Yeah - I am afraid that this movie might be one of those that are just gone for good. Shame, they used to have it on VODporno, but they are closed down.

5cca49  No.62033


lots of good content uploaded here, thanks.

cb712b  No.62041

Anyone have Video from here:


or Binkie video?

(I know she has a youtube)

2287db  No.62044

8649ce  No.62048

d57e02  No.62058

File: 68cca65c9254041⋯.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_0278.jpg)

File: a427c80913dca09⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, IMG_3101.jpg)

File: b94e9359d659cfa⋯.jpg (155.98 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_0330.jpg)

File: 4bc29f1927442b1⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_1098.jpg)

File: e73fc60dada0ca3⋯.jpg (114.9 KB, 1024x794, 512:397, DSC_0810.jpg)


I have a few videos and photos but when I was signed up the site had low update ratio. That was months ago and they could have a bunch more or nothing new. Without knowing cant tell you what new content she has posted. Mind you I'm sure she has posted more stuff just not sure how much. Also i felt the content was lacking when it was posted. When it was trying to be sexy it hit the nail on the head when it was trying to be cute they did okay but over all felt like they were fighting over weather or not to make abdl sexual content and that made the production of good content suffer or grind to a halt. If you have the money and want to give them a shot go for it but I waited a few months subscribed and saw little activity. Final analysis I think Binkie is a sweet abdl from her youtube posts and has a nice selection of models but would of liked them to update with more videos in a timely manner for them to get me to keep throwing my money at the screen.

25c718  No.62070

cc65ec  No.62100


looks so hottt

792215  No.62103


Mind posting more of the incredibly cute girl with silver hair?

d57e02  No.62112

File: 5a2128f297c39fd⋯.jpg (168.27 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, DSC_0304.jpg)

File: 9c71c4d587a286f⋯.jpg (142.54 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_0328.jpg)

File: 47b1e72bdae376c⋯.jpg (143.51 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_0338.jpg)

File: eda50aedd438367⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DSC_0327.jpg)


I dont have a large collection of her but i give you some more nice shots that I have saved of her.

f37d79  No.62113



8dc31f  No.62114


>those disgusting piercings


4ca655  No.62146

61023d  No.62148

I have a thing for giant pacifiers.


Anyone who have this to share, or have other videos with giant pacifiers? Thanks

85d7d2  No.62152

File: cc811a858ff7fcc⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 600x450, 4:3, b62.jpg)


Omg, her earlobes are too small. 1/10, would not fap to.

85d7d2  No.62153


Fun Fact: Bubbles (the blonde girl) was the person that originally shared all the screenshots of ABdreams owners being "racist". Now she is modeling with them again. Hypocrite.

317f66  No.62160


tfw you cant tell the difference between fake piercings and real

798c6c  No.62161

File: 013efa95e2e4324⋯.jpg (264.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 013efa95e2e43249c41d9a8f2a….jpg)

someone have this set ?

76b48f  No.62162

There was an mmm diapers video where kitty and her bf dominated an AB couple I found it months ago but I can't remember where and did not save it like a dumb ass. If somebody can find this again. I will share new penny barber videos I recently purchased. Thank you fags for your help.

ae9dc4  No.62172


How do you know that? The members area does not seem to contain anything from Bubbles during the last couple of years and that particular photoset is also kind of old.

f72af3  No.62180

49f1bb  No.62187


Sorry to break it to you but bubbles who is also _Lord_Bubbles on Instagram has not done any abdl stuff for quite awhile now and has said that she doesn't plan to return to doing it anytime soon

1c65e0  No.62191

File: 497a1edfba7f7ae⋯.gif (273 KB, 320x240, 4:3, generated_18176222.gif)

000000  No.62192


this one?






e1bd99  No.62195



be457b  No.62196

I think there was some Mmmm…Diapers videos I was looking into but never got ahold of before they shut down in a POV format where im being told that I will be turned into a Diaper Girl just like the person whos talking to me. Anyone remember these and have them by chance?

0b79de  No.62197

File: 8d0f45a0a154426⋯.png (135.23 KB, 741x1078, 741:1078, interesting_times_page_4_b….png)

Anyone have this parson profil in yiff.party


8adf3f  No.62201

Couldn't figure out how to post more but I've never seen this Sophie video in all 16 Video Threads so enjoy yourselves, download it before I remove it tomorrowish. https://mega.nz/#!uSATDSKD!qMzhtem-djg9GZ9M9YzMsEtjUhrmxLgo8xuh4PZ6rng

8adf3f  No.62202

If anyone has more Sophie Content like this I'd DIE for it.

4ca655  No.62204


3 Sophie Clips here bud, plus i think theres a few more on that site as well

0d242e  No.62205

Anyone have any wetset stuff? Preferably the messy stuff

4ca655  No.62207

Wet Set Messy Stuff…. look at the first VK link a few posts back, theres loads of it on there, not hard to find

8adf3f  No.62209

I already plucked the 3 from Omorashi that 3 video a day limit though. One of those Sophie videos is a .mpg.part file but if you remove the .part the video works. Hoping for more of Sophie in multi-layered diapers.

55eb0e  No.62218


Bumping this. Does anyone have these?

ea839b  No.62219

Does anyone have Diapered Sleepover Part 1 and Part 2 by ABAllyCakes. It has since been deleted on clips4sale and I loved this video

67ff94  No.62221

6447a0  No.62256


I found this page, stuck in one of my favorites folders. Forgot I had it. It still seems to work. Use a download helper and grab what you want from it. Happy Fapping! https://hqcollect.net/pack/6795-mmm-diapers/

3870de  No.62299

File: 0ea374e43aa6711⋯.jpg (111.98 KB, 981x1329, 327:443, 8d5ac25a51a4784ffb68d4ee13….jpg)

4709bf  No.62315


Seriously gonna need some vids of this girl.

291867  No.62344


how many sophie videos do you have?

I'm always down to get more

8adf3f  No.62395


I've gotten most of my other ones from here or Omorashi, the huge diaper one I bought for like $20 a good bit ago though. I can always post a sophie video collection up for a few days.

I'm DYING for some fresh Arya content especially the one with her in giant diapers or anything of the like. PL0X

594118  No.62411


>I can always post a sophie video collection up for a few days.

oh my, that'd be wonderful

Who is Arya, and where can I find her?

fc285f  No.62414

Does anyone have BabyDollNaughty's videos? I remember a video called "Dirty Baby fucked on the changing table" that I can't find anywhere and I think its her?

00c6ef  No.62416

Is there a niche demand for trap ABDL videos? I have been fooling guys on fetlife for years but I stopped a year ago, I finally realized it is dishonest to catfish.

ba178f  No.62421

does anyone have any regression videos that aren't POV or "from beakers to bottles" (or whatever it's called) thanks!

62d84e  No.62424

For those of you who like amateur stuff. Just wish I could speak Spanish


fa3779  No.62431


wrong frame of mind just imagine they're babbling babytalk

you cant understand either

200676  No.62436


Looks like they set up the channel to market a pay site?

8adf3f  No.62443

b13f08  No.62462

4ca655  No.62477

bbd0cc  No.62482

Anyone got any Winnie Rider videos?

decent face with a great pair of tits.

8d2a1e  No.62488


based and redpilled

7a63bd  No.62489


that 4th photo, I think I know this person in IRL, idk if she has a bull ring still though

503af9  No.62490


Page says 480p, but the only video I am able to extract (by removing parts of the URL of the preview video) is 360p. Am I doing something wrong/is there a way to get the higher quality of the videos without paying?

647ffb  No.62517

e76fea  No.62538

Hey yall. I've asked in some of the previous boards but I'm hoping someone can pull through for me. Does anyone have, princess penny little miss princess pageant videos? They aren't even on her website or I'd just buy them for myself. I'm specifically looking for the one where Riley kilo is getting changed by another constant and gets a butt plug inserted then cums. I'd appreciate any help.

4a8add  No.62598

ayy, just bought this: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/88720/17891236/Embarassing+Diaper+Mess+%5BWMV%5D

enjoy anons.



052704  No.62615

bbd0cc  No.62646



2091fa  No.62671


These girls are hot, but I have a feeling the video is nowhere near as good as this description makes it out to be.

I dunno. I might buy this next weekend if no one else gets around to posting it.

It's been a while since I actually bought a clip on clips4sale.

2091fa  No.62673




Do they not have decent diapers in whatever country this is?

55eb0e  No.62706

80ebbc  No.62733

Does anyone have diaper content from private-patient.com they would be willing to share?

If you are looking for videos in return I may have some in my collection to share.

4df540  No.62755

Anybody have candid shots from public bathrooms? I've always wondered how people handle their diapers in a public bathroom.

798c6c  No.62782

File: cc91baf98e20fa5⋯.jpg (264.97 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, tumblr_padj6dtD0v1sir6cco2….jpg)

ddb5ac  No.62810

Looking for a particular video - don't recall where it was from. A schoolgirl's parents come home and diaper her to punish her for failing to tidy up the house. Her two school friends watch and laugh at her. Any ideas?

95b745  No.62856

Theres a couple of DiaperOnline clips that sound similar, with Adriana or Mandie, think there both on pornhub

c82457  No.62867

Does anyone have Diaper World girls videos? (Elizabeth, Annette etc…)

c6000e  No.62868


That shit is is NOT WELCOME here

For that kind of shit go to gigatribe

for those who don't know he is requesting content featuring minors that borders very much on pedo content

000000  No.62876


It may be the Adriana one:




be2996  No.62885

Any POV?

2b3ef6  No.62886


So I've been trying to find this video where a woman gets stuck in a baby machine, it's one of the best adaptations of mechanical nursery. The actress is a brunnette I believe and the plot is basically that she goes searching for her friend only to be caught by this machine (Which is basically just a guy in a silver bodysuit).

I think she also did another one where she's a news reporter looking at the new baby machine, which she gets to sit in only to be stuck in there only to be slowly regressed. If anyone could please find either of these videos for me then I would be eternally grateful!

65091e  No.62913


Search MissaX Automatic Nursery

5cca49  No.62919


blesss you man

817c10  No.62926

ee0129  No.62928


Which video was this?

95b745  No.62936

08/09/18 (Thu) 19:06:45 ed4392 No.61964


Zwei Babymadchen

Found that ages ago, great clip

▶Anonymous 08/09/18 (Thu) 20:48:34 61023d No.61967

Thanks, but the one you linked is not the one I was looking for (though that one is pretty nice for sure). The one I am looking for is called Zwei Babymädchen. It's an old one, and it's a pretty long one. Both the chick and the dude get put in girly dresses and the older woman feeds them and all that. Don't think anything sexual actually ever happens in it now that I think about it.


I do like a challenge… found this on older thread….. Any Good?

▶Anonymous 03/21/18 (Wed) 18:06:53 b29a72 No.53961>>53963


Maybe in this mega link?



I am not the OP, seen in

P.D: Can anybody download this one? https://vk.com/video289322236_456239022

d5672d  No.62940


videodownloadhelper extension lets you download it (not sure about youtube)

f37d79  No.62948


Install youtube-dl to your computer, it can download videos from thousands of sites including vk.


Please someone post this.

61023d  No.62952


Unfortunately no (that one is good also though). I managed to dig this up for the one I am looking for: https://web.archive.org/web/20110927064653/http://www.vodpornos.com/movie/108753/2-babymaedchen.html

95b745  No.62960

FFS I'll find it one day

267631  No.63052

91215d  No.63068

am willing to trade or pay for a site rip of www.plasticnappy.com the site seems to be dead and i can not find a rip for the life of me, even spent $$ on bogous site rip sites…


im also looking for tiffany videos from aunt-elli

4df540  No.63154

7e1eeb  No.63339

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