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File: 32e8a47ea70942c⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 2880x1920, 3:2, babysitter.jpg)

1cf870  No.60086

I found a babysitter online, said I was looking for a babysitter for my mentally challenged son (age 19), who was mentally 12 and still wore diapers for urinary incontinence. "He" will be going to her house, where she will watch him from 8PM until 2PM the next day. I'm going to take an enema beforehand and shit my diaper while she takes care of me :)

Has anyone ever done anything like this before. It seems really risky, I know. But I'm so excited about it.

1cf870  No.60087

And yes, I know I'm deceiving people etc but I won't make it anything sexual. I'm going to (try to) behave exactly as they would expect me to.

41b5c7  No.60089

I'm sure someone did this before on this site by posting on craiglists but chickened out after doing it once or twice

7e03f1  No.60090

1cf870  No.60091

Yeah, that guy obviously went way too far, didn't know his limits, was a bit fucked in the head, etc.

I reckon if I just keep up the act don't do anything outrageous, I should be fine.

e220d2  No.60094


famous last words

Let it be known that none of us ugly basement dwellers will attend your trial/funeral.

6b569f  No.60104

I would advice you to not do this if real. You are asking for trouble.

5b509e  No.60105

This is a good reminder of how crazy this can make me.

5215c7  No.60113

It has been done. And people have gone to jail for it.

Look, straight talk here. Even if you get away with it the first time. That means you'll keeo trying. Then it doesn't become a matter of if you'll be caught, but when. Even if you don't go to prison, you'll have your name forever be searchable that you did this.

It is not worth the risk. Save your damn shekels and hire a kink friendly prostitute who will do everything and more. Compared to what some guys want, changing your poopy diaper and treating you like a kid is a cakewalk.

803791  No.60114


OP is a fucking nutjob i only come to this place for the free porn 75% of this board is seriously deranged and fueling the stigma around ABDL, OP neck yourself

2bbe46  No.60115


i truly hope this is fake. don't do it

4bbecc  No.60118


> [that guy] was a bit fucked in head….

> I should be fine

> Thinks he isn't fucked in the head

> Is trying to deceive women into changing his very used diapers by pretending to be retarded

a2530c  No.60120

File: 9817c57312ff79d⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 480x477, 160:159, 1471830414486.jpg)


>My "Master" Plan

>'Pretend' that I'm more autistic than I actually am

>Magically show up on the doorstep of babysitter's house

>Crap my diaper majorly with an enema, as if that's just a normal thing and not obvious at all, especially when it's not canon with my original story of being 'urinary incontinent'.

>Babysitter is presumably dumb enough to not call the cops

You are just dumb, and don't deserve the server space to post here.

I hope to God you're found out and sentenced to decades in prison for thinking this will ever work. You'd be lucky to only end up on the Sex Offender's registry.

Also, b8

d1f32a  No.60121

no don't

6b569f  No.60122











Let it be known op that besides me that the other posters behind these 9 ids are trying to warn you in some way, shape, or form that your idea is a bad one.

You have 10 other people telling you not to do this.

If you have any sense at all please take our warning serious.

50f971  No.60126

At best, you'll be making the transition to becoming criminally perverse. If you're seriously entertaining this, you deserve everything wicked that this life has to offer.

552b3a  No.60129


Not only that, but what does he think is going to happen when nobody shows up to pick up the retarded kid? Even if she's been dumb enough to believe everything else so far, she's gonna call the cops to get them to figure out what happened to them. And then the cops are going to investigate and figure out that OP is full of shit.

9b76e9  No.60131


Then what, you actual fucking retard? You suddenly drop the retard act and drive home? What happens when nobody picks "him" up? Even if she doesn't smell a rat when you're sperging out, a good caregiver is going to wonder where the fuck your "parents" etc. are.

For that matter, what, are you going to take an Uber over there? That's a red flag that even another retard could spot.

That said I look forward to seeing your Chris Chan crustache triple chin stained with tears and vomit in your mugshot. Make it a good one, champ.

4f5e1f  No.60133

File: 711d1afa2715f51⋯.png (573.35 KB, 1199x911, 1199:911, 711d1afa2715f510a1a3391eac….png)

"That other guy fucked up and was stupid! Not like me! I'm smart!'

What are you going to tell them in jail when you're found out, OP? It's going to put you on the list for sex offenders. You going to tell them you shit your diapers and made her change you or tell them you forced the poor girl to touch your dick? Don't fucking do it! Just find a mommy you moron.

f633c9  No.60134


Hey. How do you find a mommy? Serious. Might be off topic. But going on omegle and typing in "ABDL" doesn't seem to help me as it's pretty much one and done and the girl disconnects. I hate that shit

4f5e1f  No.60135


craiglists if you want to risk meeting creeps.I have no other ideas, but I also don't play into the AB stuff and never wanted a 'mommy' I wish I could help you more. Anything is better than OP's "master plan"

831979  No.60139


The fact you felt like posting this plan on the internet is probably evidence that you are retarded. Please save this as evidence for when you are taken to court.

124557  No.60140


I hope for your own sake you're trolling OP.

9f2c88  No.60142

A) op do not to it for the love of all that is good and holy in this world…. Or whatever is left of it.

B) if you looking for a mommy or other fetish related relationship fetlife is likely your best bet. Fewer creepers than Craigslist

8a8817  No.60146


I get how you feel OP. It sucks to not being able to carry out our fantasies, to have someone who's into this fetish but as a mommy/daddy. It really sucks, I personally wish I had a big and strong mommy to change my diapers and give me the proper treatment when I misbehave.

This is by I ask you to please dont do this. It's not only dangerous because of the legal implications, but also unfair with the babbysitter. She's not into this the way you are, and certainly isn't going to asume your retardation is qt or adorable in any way. She's going to be very aware of any sort of out of place behavior you exihibit, and idk how you will react if she goes full angry when you are on the couch with a filthy diaper. Just imagine how submissive and vulnerable you will feel if she begin to pressure you to spill the beans about your apparent retardation. Will you keep you facade? What about when no parents show to explain her why their child needs to be taken care of? This is a quite strange situation, and any sensible parent would explain in person such a complicated matter to the person they're about to trust to take care of their retarded son.

I know I cant appeal to your moral compass, maybe you do have one but dont care about doing such a thing like this. But at least I know I can appeal to how flawed your story is. This "masterplan" of yours is set to fail. Only a miracle would save you from getting jailed, and if you by some chance convince her that all of this it's actually true, what if she decides afterwards to take legal actions? She has all the evidence on her side, and I doubt you will stick to your retarded persona for as long as the next months in case the cops come to your home asking for the retarded child she toon care off.

Please op, do t do it.

19a68c  No.60147

Never before have I seen a thread on /abdl/ get so many responses so swiftly.

Please let this be a sign OP. If you get caught, the consequences could be far worse than you're prepared for.

edbb08  No.60148


on a more serious matter, by doing this, you are removing consent from the 'babysitter' and commiting a crime, because you are using this for your sexual gratification.

You are slime if you do this

6f1703  No.60149

Did it work?

f3d447  No.60151


by not being a disgusting autist. I know, that's asking a lot for men in the abdl scene.

b1f3a4  No.60152

File: 108d256e95ac3c5⋯.gif (135.89 KB, 500x577, 500:577, cb5129c2bb02c50524d31ffc4f….gif)

I'll be laughing when you get arrested

Actually scratch that I'm already laughing my ass off that you're going through with this

fd6e5b  No.60157

Someone had this exact plan, posted it here a while back, was found out and arrested. For your own sake, and the sake of any poor person you want to deceive, I hope you don't mind any charges being pressed.

Or just don't do it. You fucking moron.

46d42e  No.60161

You should totally do it. Best case scenario you look retarded and go home. Worst case scenario your life is fucked. 11/10 plan OP, great job.

3b80ff  No.60168


This. There is no possible way this plan can go remotely well.

OP, I don't think you deserve to suffer - in an ideal world you'd be able to live out your fantasies without suffering any negative consequences - but this is an immensely bad idea. If you're dumb enough to come up with a plan this terrible, you're definitely too dumb to talk your way out of it when the shit hits the fan.

643b3e  No.60171


You're a bit fucked in the head yourself for considering this. This is prison time you're risking.

I honestly hope you get caught.

4f5e1f  No.60179

Did OP do it anyway?

05eecb  No.60184

the only way the OP did this is if he's as retarded as he would pretend to be.

beyond the legality issues surrounding it.

devils advocate: you go through with it

What happens At the end of shift, No babysitter worth her salt would leave there charge alone Especially one that was mentally retarded.

So what do they start trying to get phone numbers out of you?

Start asking the local neighbors?

Do you have A friend come home to be your parent?

on top of that do you think you can convincingly act retarded without breaking character the whole time, acting is tough

3b80ff  No.60185


>on top of that do you think you can convincingly act retarded without breaking character the whole time, acting is tough

I don't know about that. OP seems to be pretty good at acting like a retard if this thread is any indication.

86a34d  No.60186

You're an idiot, OP. This is a horrible idea.

That said, go for it. I look forward to seeing your mugshot.

1cf870  No.60191

Ended up not going through with it because the babysitter I was going to do with it was asking for too much money. Maybe another time, though.

3846b7  No.60194


Yeah you definitely don't need to pretend that your "son" is the retarded one

2bbe46  No.60195


glad you didn't do it. but don't even consider another time.

if you're willing to pay hire a prostitute at least there is consent.

If the morality of it all is not enough:

if you do this to an unwilling participant its probably jail but certainly list of sex offenders …

If you do decide to subject your fetishes to an unwilling participant in such a way you deserve whatever is going to happen to you.

1b3fbd  No.60197


The fact that she was asking for too much money being the thing that stopped you makes me kek so hard.


64d5f1  No.60201


Fake and gay b8

90cb05  No.60203

sign up on AdultWork and look for someone that does Adult Baby minding in your area.

then there will be the need to provide payment and negotiate what you want up front.

if a 'babysitter' is too expensive then I suppose good luck with that.

000000  No.60205

Agreed, OP's idea is fucking retarded and probably fake. But I do get turned on by being treated as though I'm disabled. Disability workers and personal attendants for the handicapped make fuck all (often only slightly above minimum wage). I would love to negotiate a deal with a "real" caregiver to take care of me as though I'm retarded (diaper, etc). Same job they normally do, but I'd happily pay three times their normal salary. Nothing illegal about it as long as you're up-front and there's no sexual touching. And it would still be way cheaper than hiring a dominatrix, who probably wouldn't understand what I wanted anyway. It's too bad there's no easy way to connect with a kink-friendly caregiver who needs some extra cash.

0c57ca  No.60213

what happens when you get an errection every time she puts you in a diaper you creep?

Forcing people to participate in your fetish unwittingly is disgusting. I for once completely understand the creepy stigma ABDL has because we have sick fucks like you in the lifestyle.

I hope you do go through with it so you are:

1) sent to prison where you will never be able to wear diapers

2) Your entire city knows you as the diaper pedophile

3) You are never allowed within 5,000 ft of a playground

4) You will never be able to do this again its a one time only thing

5) You get raped in prison

6) Your parents disown you

7) This poor women gets to sue the shit out of you and every paycheck you make 60% of it goes directly to her bank the rest of your miserable existence.

Don't listen to all these rationale people telling you not to do it PLEASE DO IT!! Dont be a pussy.

2d33e5  No.60222

our community: weirdos and warriors.

056ffe  No.60226


>>60222 This guy isn't just a weirdo, he's a complete sociopathic cunt.

Nevermind the blatant stupidity of the details, as its core, the plan is to trick this poor woman into getting him off. It's just such a fucking rapey thing to do. Even if he's not physically forcing anyone, he's gonna lure someone into a sexual act without their consent.

I've seen shit like this spawn for years in this community. And it's whenever I begin to wonder why I'm so ashamed to have this fetish that I see something like this.

63b956  No.60233


God I hate this about the era. The only things that's "rapey" is forcibly sticking your penis in a woman's vagina.

Everything else is evil, and assault, but don't diminish rape. Talk to one rape victim and she'd be like "yeah, weirdo tricking me into changing his diapers would suck… but that ain't rape"

3846b7  No.60234


>The only things that's "rapey" is forcibly sticking your penis in a woman's vagina.

But the mouth/ass, that's fine.

If anything, you can appreciate that this thread, fake or not, and as autistic as it may be, reveals how truly fucked some people are. You're the one diminishing rape by saying "it's only that" when everyone but you has accepted that rape = sexual assault of any kind. And trying to put up some sort of ranking of "what rape is worse than the other" is mind-boggling.

But yeah, it's all about the era, say the people who apparently never had to deal with any real issue.

4f5e1f  No.60236


Well you had us going for a little bit…kinda of.

056ffe  No.60237


That's why i said "rapey" not rape. Cause you're right. But it is rape-y. Just like drugging someone's drink even if you never touch them is very rape-y

674489  No.60244


This is not a novel idea. In fact, there are a ton of semi-obscure news articles documenting how this plays out. Spoiler: manipulating people to change your diaper under false pretenses is fraud, and could result in a prison sentence.




79cd8d  No.60264


When the difference between consent and rape comes down to the thoughts within the perpetrator's mind, it definitely does diminish rape. It's arguably even worse than women saying they were raped because their partner lied about being a millionaire.

If someone did what OP's suggesting for non-sexual reasons, say as part of a way to claim disability benefits, it would be unethical but nobody would suggest it was rape. You're claiming that it's rape purely because of OP's mental state at the time. Doesn't that concern you at all?

63b956  No.60266


What >>60264 guy said.

Look. Sexual assault is seriously bad. Rape is utterly evil. Rape is one of the oldest, most heinous crimes.

By expanding what "Rape" means, you diminish the hardness of the term. You're trying to make everyone take sexual assault more seriously, I get that, but there's leagues difference between some f@#ker in a trenchcoat exposing his genitalia and a dude beating up a woman and forcibly sticking his penis in her vagina.

The harm those two acts cause is vastly different. By suggesting both are "rape" you will not get the average person to hate indecent exposure that much more, but when you say "rape" they'll think, "Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, sometimes rape is just showing someone your dick"

And that's exactly what we shouldn't want to happen.

45fba4  No.60270


>but there's leagues difference between some f@#ker in a trenchcoat exposing his genitalia and a dude beating up a woman and forcibly sticking his penis in her vagina.

I hope you're not using that line to comfort the victim… The law will treat it differently, the sentence will be different, the victim still didn't deserve any of that. As if you would go to a victim of indecent exposure and be like "cheer up, it could be worse, people die all the time". As if that would erase the thought of crazy dudes jumping in front of you to expose themselves as soon as you set foot outside your place.

Trauma is not measured by logic… I hope you understand that.

>The harm those two acts cause is vastly different.

So what? Is it better to get beaten up because you know you can be murdered instead?

Again, you leave that kind of reasoning to the justice system to decide how heavy the punishment should be; not to make distinctions between sexual assaults. That is really not how it works.

In fact, most countries treat rape and attempt to rape the same way. They don't care how much (physical) harm, if any, was done, because it's not what it's about.

>By suggesting both are "rape" you will not get the average person to hate indecent exposure that much more, but when you say "rape" they'll think, "Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, sometimes rape is just showing someone your dick"

Then rest easy knowing only weirdos would think like that… People don't rate and classify the rapes, they just don't. In fact a pseudo-scientist tried to do it a while back, and everyone vomitted on him for doing so.

Bottom line is, OP is a moron with a plan that would make him a sex offender if he goes through with it, and should be judged as such. There's no conspiracy to get "benefits" here, it's very clearly sexual.

No one cares about semantics or wether this constitutes rape according to the textbook definition or not… Nor does anyone think "hey it could be worse for the babysitter". All you need to do is scroll up to see a lot of people saying to take into consideration HER point of view, and none of them have a lighter, less dramatic idea of what rape is because of this.

20d46d  No.60272


>is it better to get beaten up because you know you can be murdered instead

Not that guy, but this has nothing to do with what is better or worse. We have distinctions in the English language for a reason. If people started talking to me about how they were murdered the other week when they were in fact referring to how they were beaten up it would be confusing as fuck. Neither of those things is a good thing to have happen to you, but when it comes to communicating with other people language matters.

>leave that kind of reasoning to the justice system to decide how heavy the punishment should be

>not to make distinctions between sexual assaults

>that is really not how it works

This is absolute lunacy. It really is how this works. The Justice system is not some nebulous entity which exists outside of human thought. We created it in a way that makes sense to us, not the other way around.

Defining the difference between assault and murder isn't just for the super special court room setting. We live in a world that is complex and we need to be able to effectively communicate with each other using sentences more complicated than "A bad thing happened to me".

OP is probably trolling, but either way he is a creepy weirdo and thankfully we are able to talk about why that is without simply calling him a rapist and walking away. Talking about complex nuanced issues is an absolutely normal, everyday human activity and this is a good thing.

ece725  No.60310


Please do it. We'll be watching the news for you.

02d155  No.60393


If you go with the hiring an HHA, PCA, CNA to take care of you after agreeing to not be sexual, they’ll be totally fine with it.

They have to deal with that shit all the time. Old guys get horny and desperate when they’re at the end of their life. Always get erections and talk filthy to them telling them how they want to fuck them, then turning mean and saying degrading ass shit to them. Then there’s the Alzheimer’s cases that sit in their diarrhea and jack off while covered in shit, who they then have to forcibly sponge bathe while they try to claw at their eyes and punch them while still covered in shit.

And that’s a normal day in the nursing home. The girls are 16 and up, normally pretty cute and make $10-11 an hour unless they’ve been at the place for 5 years or more, then sometimes they get closer to $13-$15.

You could totally convince one to help you out for an hour or two every once in awhile if you promise not to be a rapist/murderer. Even if you’re fuck ugly most of the people they take care of are worse.

ebdfa6  No.60929



Saw this on WFTV when it happened. My first reaction: what a stupid asshole!

e4dcb6  No.60935


>I've seen shit like this spawn for years in this community. And it's whenever I begin to wonder why I'm so ashamed to have this fetish that I see something like this.

you really shouldn't be..

i mean i've dealt with some weird guys before but most people are really nice

25c2e4  No.60952

Everytime I think I'm a fucked up sexual deviant the Internet reminds me that I'm not that far gone. I'll be looking for the story on your arrest, OP

c64b73  No.64849

f13d17  No.64864

@ c64b73 that can't be OP because that guy started in May. If that was OP, he'd have bragged about how he was *already* deceiving some poor caregiver. People like OP and all the linked articles are why this fetish is seen as creepy. IOW this is why we can't have nice things.

e39177  No.64865


>IOW this is why we can't have nice things.

It seems that any "nice things" we could receive would immediately get us branded as creeps if we took advantage of them.

A lot of people seem to have this weird notion that if it weren't for creeps exposing their fetish publicly, society would tolerate us exposing our fetish publicly.

The truth is that people like OP don't really hurt the public image of ABDLs because everything we do is inherently creepy and socially unacceptable. The idea of us achieving any kind of positive public image is pure fantasy.

f13d17  No.64866


It's a chicken-or-egg thing. Is ABDL really inherently creepy, and things like these weirdos just confirm it, or is ABDL generally viewed as creepy because the primary impression held by the public is set by these extreme weirdos because most of us are very private about our interest in ABDL?

9336da  No.64867


Neither. People who view ABDL as creepy are just bigots. The caretakers escalating things instead of just doing their job like they happily would for others were the ones at fault.

c6ca25  No.64868

File: 987908232294699⋯.jpg (16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1475520889296.jpg)


>people who view ABDL as creepy are just bigots

f13d17  No.64869


"Escalation" in this case meaning "checked with the patient's parents after becoming suspicious, likely due to the patient demanding extra attention to his aroused genitals during cleanings, and unusual discipline requirements". The caregiver was instructed to punish the "patient" for using the diapers he supposedly required 24/7.

c64b73  No.64870


I saw the article and was reminded of this thread; guess I didn't really think about it too much. In any case, if OP is still thinking about doing this I sincerely hope he reconsiders. It's a felony offense we're talking about.

e39177  No.64872


Almost everyone considers diapers disgusting. Even without any negative media attention we're about on the level of scat fetishists in the public eye. The whole "adult men pretending to be babies" thing is like something out of a very weird horror movie or gross-out comedy.

Ours is one of the few fetishes which elicit an almost universally negative reaction even on places like /a/ and /d/.

9336da  No.64874


People who react negatively to diapers on /a/ tend to be obvious crossboarders with 3DPD reaction images and underage-tier grammar, though.

f13d17  No.64876


But how much of that is due to idiots like the guy in the smoking gun article, the other linked articles, the OP, and excruciatingly cringey fetish segments on Springer et al depicting balding overweight men in their 50s wearing oversized baby bonnets and sitting in playpens? If the face of ABDL was younger, more attractive, and depicted as living otherwise-normal lives, do you think the general perception would still be so negative?

552b3a  No.64891


Diapers are generally associated with shit and piss. Nothing is ever going to make that socially acceptable.

63b956  No.64892


So negative? Maybe not. But I think the image is justly negative, those overweight, late middle-aged men make up the majority of our fetish. Perhaps not as vast a majority as perceived but still.

People are always going to be disgusted by purposeful immaturity and piss and shit play. Diapers encompass both the psychological ewww and the physical ewww.

I like em' but I'm well aware how the average person percieves them.

3ae2a9  No.64905

4bbecc  No.64911


I mean it is viewed as weird but this person isn't representative of anything. There's sickos into everything (or nothing). We're just not talking about all the flashers, rapists, etc. in the world. Turns out there's not nearly as many news reports about the dude into diapers who didn't do anything illegal and didn't bother anyone or flaunt it.

dc4eb9  No.64915

>>64905 Saw that this morning and wondered the same thing. If so rip OP

76b271  No.64927

I really hope that isn't op.

31 years old is a bad time to have your life thrown away.

84894e  No.64935


I dont think you could pass 19 as 31.

63b956  No.64962


Dumbass tried… maybe? Or maybe he changed one fact so it wouldn't be an admission on here? I mean, I'd use the defense that, actually, he has to be retarded to try this stunt and, therefore, no fraud was actually committed.

bc3cca  No.64972

Why take such a huge risk "pretending" to be retarded?

I've gotten three or four different women to babysit me from craigslist by being honest.

There are plenty of single moms out there who have changed enough diapers to not give a fuck about doing it, even on an adult and will gladly take care of you.

If I make a post on the domestic gigs section of craigslist, I get like 10 replies within a couple of days. Think about it….what is someone going to make babysitting an actual child? Maybe 15 an hour if they're lucky? I offer 25 an hour. On top of that it's easier work. Real kids, especially toddlers, basically do something that could kill themselves within 5 minutes of you taking your eye off them. Obviously I'm going to drink bleach if whoever I'm paying wants to go outside for a cigarette or needs to take a shit.

The only thing I lie about is I say I wear 24/7 and have been for years so I've lost all control in that time. Adds to the excitement for me. They know it's a fetish, but they also think I really need the diapers at this point.

d731ad  No.65164

799d2f  No.65291


Just by sheer coincidence, could that have possibly been OP? Doubts, but it would be really fucking funny if it was.

e92b2d  No.65293


I’m legitimately wondering how you worded it. I can’t imagine a way someone could post an ad like that, without seeming creepy beyond all belief.

3d03da  No.65318


Did any of them watch while you made cummies?

5c6c9a  No.65319


seconding this

892f50  No.65323


I have never had anyone actually react negatively to me wearing diapers, regardless of whether they know the real reason or not. Worst I have gotten is a laugh or two.

As long as you don't mess in public, it's mostly just considered weird.

In other news, I was delighted to see that the best and most trusted news source on the Intertubes has written about this incident: https://dailystormer.name/man-fakes-downs-syndrome-to-get-special-treatment-from-fugly-nurses/

Note that even DS doesn't have an issue with the diapers… only with the guy being a spic :D

618508  No.65325



/a/nons are known for many things, but being judgamental isnt one them. That's why so many trannies browse the place.

t. Tranny with a diaper fetish (what a shock)

150d45  No.65362

File: 5d7cf0f94b71954⋯.png (370.07 KB, 1024x1474, 512:737, abdl___suzy_q_by_toonbabif….png)

f3f41b  No.65388


That has to be the shittiest article I've ever read in my life. Does anyone still bother getting some kind of education before pretending to be able to do a job?

56b87e  No.65404


OP was defending himself pretty hard before and is now totally silent.

It may be a coincidence, but odds seem unfortunately likely the dumbfuck didn't listen to any of us.

74c16d  No.65620


What do you think the Daily Stormer is, exactly?

Or are you complaining about the article it's referencing?

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