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File: 18261a84066adb2⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 18134-five-star-chocolate-….jpg)

eba204  No.64939

Anyone here ever try mixing this fetish with weed before? I did the other night and it was an… experience.

Ok, lemme set up my predicament real fast. So I still live at home, hoping to move out in the next two years, and with my general paranoia with my family I don't trust myself to hide actual diapers around the house. Instead, my method is to just take a small, thick blanket and fold it up so it just fits around my crotch and then hold it there with boxer briefs (tucking in the legs of course). The outcome is a really comfortable, thick pseudo-diaper with little to no sound but, since it isn't the real thing, it leaves much to be desired. Can't exactly mess in these things and I can only piss when I know I'll have enough time to clean the blanket. Been doing this since I was maybe 13 or 14 so after this long my desire for the real shit is STRONG.

On the other hand: weed. A few weeks ago I made some edibles with a friend and they were, well, potent. The other night I decided to eat a piece and, when I went to bed, I put on one of my pseudo-diapers. Now, I'm sure plenty of you already know that jacking it normally while high is an enlightening euphoria, but it did not compair to what I went through. Of course, I also had some really nice music playing while I did this, which definitely helped a lot, but it was still more surreal then anything I've been through before. At one point I had my arm up behind my head and had my thumb stroking my forehead while I went at it. Felt like someone else was sitting just above me tenderly holding my head while I enjoyed my diaper. It felt 100% real even though I knew it was my arm. Shit like that was happening all god damn night. Honestly, if you haven't done this, I 100% recommend it.

Anyone else have any good stories?

01b95d  No.64940

Get real diapers faggot

5f88b8  No.64941

delet this

fe9dee  No.64947

Drugs are bad.

29b1f7  No.64948

File: a0e98259a0ecbed⋯.jpg (280.5 KB, 1280x961, 1280:961, 3cc5316f-2424-42ec-8909-d4….jpg)

What the fuck did I just read?! Get some real diapers you moron, get them delivered at a convenience store or something. It'll be 1000 times better than a fucking towel.

57a029  No.64949

Drugs are for mugs.

Seriously though I hate "dude weed lmao" types, especially when they intrude on this fetish. Genuinely see it as more pathetic than wearing diapers.

I've worn while drunk once just on impulse and it was meh

43aeb8  No.64971


>wearing drunk

The real benefit isn't the sexual aspect but the convenience. I don't even want to drink again until I can be padded for it because I'm just constantly in and out of the bathroom.


Yeah just have some diapers delivered to a FedEx office or a PO box and pick them up. For the FedEx office though be careful that the shipping is FedEx Ground or else they'll return to sender. ABU works for this but double check any other company's stuff. Hide them in a gym bag at the bottom of your closet or some other place your parents would have no reason to look.

8568a5  No.65001

I ate a 125mg brownie while wearing Goodnites one time and that was an amazing day lemme tell you. Didn't wet or mess cuz I really can't if I wear at home but the euphoric feeling of wearing a diaper and being high was out of this world.

b7c721  No.65006

GTFO you fucking drug addict, nobody wants you associated with this fetish. You're the scum of this society, I hope you got in jail bring sodomized.

cd2d5f  No.65008


Boomer detected

57a029  No.65010


>I don't even want to drink again until I can be padded for it because I'm just constantly in and out of the bathroom.

I've thought about wearing drunk before but I don't know. It would be tempting but too much of a risk where I am honestly.

I think the best case scenario would be having friends who were into abdl or VERY okay with it and wearing while drinking at home.

177f6d  No.65015

File: c8bf0edca1793c1⋯.png (534.39 KB, 3002x6000, 1501:3000, spooky_ghost.png)



Imagine being this spooked.

28c69d  No.65016


t. teenager.

Baby's first time with weed

419f86  No.65018

Dude weed lmao

000000  No.65022

I don't really like weed because it makes me even more anti-social. It's absolutely amazing if you want to feel like a little baby and enjoy your diapers, though. Wetting a diaper while wearing something cozy, with the whole world asleep and while relaxing on the sofa has to be one of the most pleasant experiences.

I recommend getting some sort of vaporizer or edibles. Smoking makes your mouth taste weird and little clothes shouldn't smell of smoke, anyway.

What I'm unsure about is messing when high. I generally don't mess my diapers, and when I do I feel pretty grossed out and the cleanup is a chore. If I was high during that ordeal, I might really hate it, actually. It's also the problem with edibles in general: If you overdo the dosage, you might freak out because you want the effects to stop and to think normal again, but you know that the full effects aren't even there yet. This is why I generally do this at night, so I can just go to sleep if I'm not feeling comfortable being this high.

d721ea  No.65066


if you really want to regress and have a unique experience get some acid or psilocybin

4d0b82  No.65071


Used to love weed's comefiness but it made me lazy so I stopped


shrooms and acid made me feel the most childish… felt like wearing diapers both trips but couldn't sadly

also CBD and diapers is very comfy :)

05327e  No.65073

I'm literally dabed rd out rn. I just put a diaper on and I'm ready to sit here and wet until morning comes

755392  No.65084

Agreed, acid also turn my gf into a baby. She tend to become very baby like when tripping, and so easily scared she can't even go to toilets by herself.

A few weeks ago we were at a music festival and the stuff she took was stronger than expected so I just kept her diapered for the whole time.

b24f4c  No.65154


What’s it feel like being on CBD? I know you can’t get high on it so what’s the feeling like?

4d0b82  No.65202


for me, it's similar to a body high. but yeah, it just relaxes you completely, releases all muscle tension and eases all my anxiety. also helps me sleep better. i got some good CBD cream and some tincture. highly recommend it.

0442e9  No.65476


worked pretty well first time. Helped keep the erections down and from being a consistent on-off issue with wearing. 10/10

2b10b2  No.65639


28c69d  No.65865

I like weed and some weed humor but I hate people who put themselves out there as "being into stoner culture"


It's just the comfiness. It's also a good over-the-counter for nausea

b27294  No.65900

The amount of sperging weed hate here is astounding.

de6f64  No.65938


I would like to know more

0ab302  No.65973

Good stuff and hypnosis= best regression

0993c6  No.66024

For me, getting high (and yes, I maintain a job, work out, and pay bills on a regular basis), goes great with diapers. Could be the fact that a lot of my actual childhood diaper memories were repressed and weed helped me through the bad/awkward ones, but the mellow really mixes with the nurturing feeling. If others don't care for it, fair enough.

0993c6  No.66025


Ha, I remember the first time I did abdl hypnosis stuff. I was by myself, in just the right head place, and I got soooo deep into it that I was walking around in my apartment, cooing in a diaper and flopping around like a fucking idiot. Thank the gods I was alone. It was cool overall, though. Never been able to get back to that point with any hypnosis files but smoking ALMOST gets me there.

1e2b84  No.66045


Hypnosis never worked on me might have to do with me not bothering to order diapers at the time with the files being triggered by wearing diapers, or I might just be immune to that level of hypnotism entirely.

8da84c  No.66068




Hynpotism doesn't work. Period.

6eaec5  No.66199


Christ I wish I was like you low tolerance pansies. I spend upwards of $450 per month on carts, flowers, dabs, and edibles and I've never been that high.

882041  No.66218


The best way to have less tolerance is to wait until you can pass a drug test if that doesn’t work then you might have to wait to pass a hair test instead. Do that then do it less frequently to sustain your level of tolerance.

0993c6  No.66602


Careful, everybody. We've got a tough guy here.

48ff19  No.66658


>"I hate them so much that I want to pay their room and board while they're bogging down the penal system."

Or maybe, and this is just a thought, you just let them be lazy on their own dime so that police can focus on the real menace to society: minor traffic violations.

28c69d  No.68711

Does drinking cause bedwetting for anyone else? I drink 40s before bed sometimes and wet about once a month

19285a  No.68756


I kinda thought hypnosis was just good for relaxation but I think that it really helps with the 'little' mindset even if I've only had one instance where I actually sort of felt like I was going with the flow.

16ceff  No.68782

I went to visit my AB friend out of state last winter. We smoked but it mostly made me anxious- At one point I took a look at us, hanging out diapered, and I was overcome with this feeling of "Is this really who I've become? This is how I want to spend my life?"

It was pretty surreal. Even a year later, I'm not entirely over it.

19285a  No.68798


Mind you, if you're having 'is this who I've become' crises about your leisure, then you likely have matters to address in your professional life.

16ceff  No.68810


That's a good insight. I'm just now finishing up at community college after a few years of meandering. So hopefully I'll feel much more secure and stable once I'm more established.

19285a  No.68842


>just finishing up at community college after a few years of meandering

That'll do it. God knows when college started dragging on for me because I changed majors twice, I probably had more than a few crises that I drowned in hooch.

Fair warning to you; if you're at all interested in success at all, you're going to have a few more of those.

I'm 28 and I'm in the midst of a 'I'm definitely not doing this for the rest of my life' kind of thing.

af77dd  No.71889


>Mind you, if you're having 'is this who I've become' crises about your leisure, then you likely have matters to address in your professional life.

This it true. I was laid off of my contracting job this morning

822109  No.72058


I smoke weed on the daily so yeah, I'm pretty much always stoned when I'm padded. It's about like doing anything else stoned: not a big deal.

Now try dropping acid while padded. That was… well, honestly not all that great. It was distracting.

822109  No.72059


I've never wet the bed in my life, despite many attempts :(

I once got padded, drank a shit ton of water and popped a couple ambien. Went comatose for 8 hours, but still woke up with a dry diaper. Had to piss something fierce, though, that's for sure.

cf90f2  No.72149

Diapers and weed are a love/hate relationship for me.

On one hand I don’t enjoy diapers more than when I’m high. On the other hand, weed makes it very hard for me to urinate while diapered for whatever reason.

This is a catch 22 for me because I’m currently in the beginning on attempting to untrain but when weed make you have an iron bladder it’s hard to do.

bc9e41  No.72667


Have you tried shrooms and diapers?

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