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File: 2a15b27c8e42299⋯.jpg (229.1 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, JKFI-023 After School High….jpg)

953c38  No.66676

previous thread: >>63051

i'll start us off with this:


key: !JP5sYHBcfWkGTskcxFUTMzkSh_dmmjO4KEI3oh5g7ls

(pic related)

953c38  No.66677

File: 5347ebe0f2458f4⋯.jpg (159.72 KB, 1284x857, 1284:857, sierra10s_55a[1].jpg)


and now for the obligatory request …

If anybody has this vid or any with the same girl (Sierra)


cebf1a  No.66681



Second this request!

120692  No.66683

requesting anything about diapers in public.

changing, exposing etc…

c8202f  No.66709

9c8ca9  No.66711

8ed1bc  No.66712

acfaa6  No.66714

f08fee  No.66715

File: 0d5c217e6facbf1⋯.jpg (30.49 KB, 798x289, 798:289, Unbenannt.jpg)

File: 42e2176be9a59f9⋯.jpg (143.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 42e2176be9a59f91c9e324ace3….jpg)

does someone has sauce on this?

Care to upload it as a webm?

8ed1bc  No.66717

20eacc  No.66720


One of sketchman's edits

f0b506  No.66722

I know it's a kinda weird request, but I'd like to watch videos featuring diaper girls in short jeans / pants.

I don't have anything good to contribute, but I guess better than none.





c42a9a  No.66723

Does mega require email verification? I might share some stuff if it doesn't. I have a decent share of ABDreams, Skymouse, Aunt Eli, Pampered Penny, etc

1eb2a6  No.66729


No, you just enter bogus info and you get free storage (which gets cut down after a month? maybe more). It's still 15 go for free though, not that bad.

aef796  No.66739



not my shit but thanks for sharing!

faea37  No.66769


Will post tomorrow if there is interest. I can write on paper too but anything subtle I could do for proofs would be good

c42a9a  No.66773


Testing it out, enjoy a lizzie vid


fa87da  No.66776

So are there any videos that DON'T involve humiliation? I prefer nice, comfy coddling with my diapers.

953c38  No.66782


i think you posted the link to your own account which doesnt work for us. on the video you just uploaded (or the folder you wnat the share) click on the three dots and get the share link

that the one you want to post

5febe5  No.66785

aef796  No.66805


Nice, thanks!!

d4bf83  No.66807

I know this isn't a request thread (and this seems like a rather obscure request), but does anyone happen to have this girl's collection(s) of vids and photos and whatnot? I used to have these a long time ago, and there's a hot diaper enema vid in particular that I've seen literally nowhere else since then.

Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone knows what I'm referring to:


cf27c8  No.66809


No, he actually linked mine. I've been noticing that seems to happen a bit. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or annoyed. Suppose it depends on whether they take credit or something.

d66604  No.66825

Anybody have some more of Aaliyah Taylor's content? I have a few of her videos and they're super hot.

e31bb5  No.66864


Fucking christ, this is a genuine goldmine.

Imagine being this much of a kind, selfless anon.

God bless you.

601c54  No.66869


Thank you anon. You are a hero!

f0b506  No.66874


The Jesus God Almighty. Thank you!

faea37  No.66879

d2f31c  No.66882

Nice vid, a little sound next time would add to it.Cool you have someone to take care of you.

d2f31c  No.66883

Does anyone know the title of this movie or where to find the rest? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7qN7f80LIZs

faea37  No.66884


Thanks. Used a webcam and forgot to add sound. Also I didn’t focus it properly. GF is apprehensive about posting her face so thats why its cropped so heavily - I wanted her to approve. To be fair, though, I am hesitant to post my face as well

6bfd84  No.66888


Can anybody who speaks Spanish add subtitles I'm confused about this whole channel

ec1eb6  No.66891


Portuguese actually. And you can click the CC button for subtitles and then the gear icon to auto translate them to English.

d2f31c  No.66897

66883 its turned into a baby its an old dpf movie. Anyone know where to find it?

cf27c8  No.67346

File: a99e2397caff022⋯.jpg (301.51 KB, 2109x1000, 2109:1000, bebf9293a4f690f163c3e95cce….jpg)



First of all, fuck you faggots for spamming this fucking board.

Secondly, fuck your meme ideologies, the glory of Rome is eternal.

b66d14  No.67394


Please, kill yourself. Nazis are the only true group that will be exterminated when me and my Hippie, Homo, Death Squads come for you. Suicide is better for you than what is coming.

f0b506  No.67411

Does anyone here have this video? I've watched many Sophie videos, but never have I known about this one.


Is she still active?

9d377f  No.67429


I own the movie. We can work something out for it.

Email me : lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

2b8b80  No.67443


You are a gentleman sir. Thanks.

Also those Dakota from diapermess videos are 10/10

e31bb5  No.67444


Fuck off faggot, this thread is for sharing not being a kike.

72334e  No.67445


OP here, just wanted to let you know i am "kike" and i do share

2b8b80  No.67448


Can someone post more videos of Dakota from diapermess? Would be gr8 thanks

d01955  No.67475

File: 9b3ea774c5d985a⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_nft1knQOei1rqlewoo6….png)

Does anybody have a collection of Ludella Hahn's videos, her diaper ones specifically but I'd love a collection of all of them if anybody has them

da467c  No.67490


I don't necessarily have all of them, but I have a few, including the one your snapshot is from.

c712a6  No.67491


You have a copy of the movie, you don't own it.

ef979e  No.67493

Hey, I'm looking for a POV video that used to be on Pornhub. I don't remember the name but the in the video, a blonde woman is about to change the diaper when her husband walks in and they start fucking. It ends with him cummig in the diaper and the woman putting it on "you". Also, you never actually see the man, he is offscreen the entire time.

If anyone has it I would be eternally grateful!

549469  No.67497


from beakers to bottles of ludella might be the hottest regression video I've seen so far, along with another one with a girl by herself tied to a crib with a VR visor spouting out words like "I'm not a baby" "stop touching my diaper" "I'm not going to wet it" "who did you make me wet?", I can't remember if it the studio was diapersonline or ukdiapers.

On my last binge-purge cycle I deleted most of my shit though.

4d5152  No.67508


Would you mind mega-ing it I would be grateful

Here's some random stuff I've collected in the mean time


Key: !auZuxTxR8jfxl3jBEJE2wQ

a5c3a8  No.67509

6032ac  No.67515

11641d  No.67518


Err thats a bloke.

057737  No.67519

can anybody download from that file.al server?

Always received 503 error

4d5152  No.67521


Yeah no I'm sure they're aware. Sometimes people are gay men or straight women. Maybe they wanna get off to a dude

11641d  No.67527


Hmm I guess…

If I wanted to see a hairy dude pissing himself I could do it in front of a mirror and save myself ten dorra.

72334e  No.67530

File: 17adf5db644a9e1⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 768x432, 16:9, Mia_Bound_VR_Training.gif)


i'm guessing you're talking about this


key: !9FaPrpFVFHdKz5V6OqnbsxFUfAvD9JoIRXDGZIq3VO4

ec1eb6  No.67535


Well, that's something I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. Thanks anon!

285611  No.67549

a1e9fc  No.67551


Thanks for posting it. I lost it when my old computer blew.

6d09bd  No.67557


>Drunk and Diapered

>"Do you want these (photos) to go on myspace?"

Lol. Prime comedy.

bb036c  No.67558

File: a1741b4d5a56030⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 500x380, 25:19, 1389362372053.jpg)


Most of those FLBabyGirls vids are going on 10 years old now.

Where has time gone?

6d09bd  No.67559


idk but it was a pretty alright video though.

a0d4a2  No.67560

3f769c  No.67561


a woman pretending to get fucked by a other dude in the room

this is comedy gold, please post more of these

549469  No.67573


sophie little clip I never seen before and also baby brainwash from miss kelle, thank you very much sir, you have surpassed my wildest expectations

000000  No.67638


Can someone upload to mega this one?


I don't know why but I cannot.


4f0c3c  No.67657

Does anyone have this video: http://www.diaperedonline.com/main/paint-ball-diaper-girls/

Really would like to see some diapers get shot up by paintballs. Is that too much to ask for?

392cc3  No.67660


Very nice. She's cute, and the scenario is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Also it's good to see bondage which looks like it might actually be effective for a change. Usually in those kind of videos it's obvious that the sub could escape if she wanted to.

da467c  No.67683


Sorry for the late upload, internet been acting up.


bba12b  No.67688


Thanks s ton I've updated the original upload file with everything I have

71f47d  No.67762

can anyone post this to MEGA, too large to download as free user.

c4cb2b  No.67768

Posted this in another thread where it was requested. Figured I'd put it here too. New photoset & video from ABDreams


243024  No.67770

392cc3  No.67779


>Flight attendants have training on diapering passengers and you are mistakenly used as their test subject

Who the fuck comes up with scenes like this? Even the shittiest fanfic writers could come up with better ideas than that.

7d4319  No.67809


the mydgf halloween clip doesn't work

c74f30  No.67817


please repost, link does not work

47b90a  No.67823

this is my first time using mega so hopefully it all worked out

have some my diaper girlfriend content, some of it I haven't seen in the thread before including bondage stuff


95850d  No.67834

3a3a33  No.67866


thanks for the upload anon, some good shit in here!

1ab8c2  No.67867

looking for any of AGEPLAY247's stuff

a0d4a2  No.67868

1ab8c2  No.67876

heres an Ageplay247 video


Cheating Girlfriend Gets Diapered

43c604  No.67877

Cheating Girlfriend Gets Diapered



000000  No.67906

7f01b0  No.67912

Hey gang, I was wondering if any had this video:


c42a9a  No.67916

File: b2867747c7b8934⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 800x450, 16:9, zx0dwcb0z0i11.jpg)


But /abdl/ is a nazbol board, remember?>>67346

549469  No.67920


there are some cool things there, too bad the "search" is broken :S

72334e  No.67931

1a8cd1  No.67938

Ok this is an old one, but does anybody have the Ella Nova Diapered video from Pampered Penny?

ba1cc6  No.67945


iv been after the first one for ages the ellas accident. i have the secondone from here ages ago ellas punishment il try find that one for ya but yeah if any one has ellas accident that would be awesome

67ede2  No.67954

67ede2  No.67955


Some Babygalsjp stuff is going on 15 years. Not only that but the hottest ABDL ever, Felicity from ABsource, is now a burnt out, mid forties, biker dom Mad Max looking reject…

8b3a80  No.67959

Hey, what do you think are the best sites for diapered sex videos? I don't mind getting a one month subscription. I've done xtremediaper and baby-doll in the past.

1a8cd1  No.67963


Well, if you could post it here it would be awesome dude, but if you cant or you dont find it then thanks anyway i guess

703b46  No.67966


Holy fucking shit this is cringey

bdfcbc  No.67967

69a815  No.68037

File: 82084505934758a⋯.jpg (54.08 KB, 871x694, 871:694, Capture.JPG)

For the love of everything that is good, who is this woman?


ee6c72  No.68052

fce737  No.68054


It's not there. Most have been deleted. Anyone have a Mega of it?

0c91fb  No.68077

File: 3e1cce2e832d68d⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 320x180, 16:9, tumblr_p5utcdmT6M1s8rwvgo1….gif)

Anyone have a source or the vid?

f191ad  No.68089


Looks like Kat (?) from MMM Diapers

2bfddb  No.68090


That second video is good, thanks!

2bfddb  No.68092

File: a90a735a385a4cf⋯.png (795.91 KB, 949x1367, 949:1367, commission_mistress_part_7….png)



71f47d  No.68094


Yeah that's her feeding Daisy from Daisy Diapered, and it was one of MMM Diapers last videos before it disappeared

f191ad  No.68095


Ah heck, how did I not recognise Daisy?

Shame she was outed, made some nice stuff

ab2e17  No.68097



Daisy was one of the first opportunists in the scene doing it only for money with no real interest in ABDL. She was never outed, just decided to move on to better paying perversions.

72334e  No.68104


it is still there but you need flash.

firefox disables it by default (im not even sure you can still install it)

anway watch it on chrome with a flash plugin enabled

403780  No.68113


Yeah after abdl she went by the name "Chelsea Waltzer".

c29b24  No.68118

I have a bunch of videos but idk how to post them help!?

ea4217  No.68119

>>68118 make a Mega account upload your files on there then link it to the thread

4d5152  No.68129


Got to MEGA.NZ it's free to make an account with 50 gigs of cloud storage. From there upload all the files you want to share into a folder. Right click and create a link to that folder, make sure you share both the folder and the encryption key or theres an option to MERGE THEM. I prefer to keep the seperate so scrubbers easily cant come through and copyright claim what I share. When you post it'll look something like this.

Fully Updated folder

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!icdEhACZ

Key: !auZuxTxR8jfxl3jBEJE2wQ

675ec4  No.68140

seconding this request


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