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File: 4c2f92a69d35e05⋯.png (310.71 KB, 598x393, 598:393, Anotação.png)

5a14c7  No.67571

someone have recent content of abdreams ????

c299e4  No.67587

File: c15bd8119044555⋯.png (138.8 KB, 647x519, 647:519, dfssdfsdf.png)

I'd love to see this one, if anyones feeling super generous :D TY

9673ac  No.67588


No. Their stuff is mostly terrible.

Why did you sage when creating a new thread?

b61433  No.67597


Just torrent it OP

691cf4  No.67599


anyone and their grandma can get the first 600-800 something, the recent shit is not that common

838f37  No.67602


I and probably alot of other disagree with your opinion.

7690b8  No.67603

I use to have a few brute forced accounts for abdreams but recently they have all stopped working..I could easily bruteforce some more considering the login forum is extremely weak. Takes time tho..If i get around to it ill post here.

dcd51a  No.67612


if you ever get around to it could you please post the april one OP posted. thank you

742728  No.67618

File: 3730be22675e014⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 454x550, 227:275, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg)

9673ac  No.67652


I wonder if it's vulnerable to timing-based attacks.

If it is, that might speed up your brute forcing considerably. It'll only work if they're storing passwords in plaintext though.

Out of curiosity, how do you get people's usernames? Do you just assume they're the same as their names on other sites?

5653ab  No.67767

742728  No.67786

File: 6bf1c768e4726f7⋯.jpg (690.72 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, abd_afc_BY2A9317.jpg)

File: 4de41e1c7430462⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1199x1500, 1199:1500, abd_afc_BY2A9303.jpg)

File: ecfbb26dca2b22c⋯.jpg (932.52 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, abd_afc_BY2A9324.jpg)

File: 0d11bdf84446bf3⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1200x1500, 4:5, abd_afc_BY2A9213.jpg)

File: 1863beee3c4a75f⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1200x1500, 4:5, abd_afc_BY2A9229.jpg)


Very sexy. Nice to see a soft chubby little library nerd as a role. I love the "Velma" look

931c62  No.67791

Is there a video of Apple being gagged at all? I swear I don't think I've ever seen her gagged before on their videos.

691cf4  No.67794


Probably in the few bondage videos they've done. I think I remember atleast one, maybe with Cheshire being a dom.

Not gonna search for it though.

dcd51a  No.67800


thanks a lot

24eb14  No.67802


bumping for this oh my

62a57e  No.67804


Whoa holy shit, what diaper is that?

7eebc1  No.67826

3df012  No.67881

File: e75acd6e66518d2⋯.jpg (950.66 KB, 1500x1124, 375:281, 655 Lolette Diapers Luke -….jpg)

Who's the best abdreams girl and why is it Lolette?

c919ce  No.67882


Link died :(

7fd7b4  No.67887


Claire is the cutest in my opinion.

But Lolette is by far the best actress.

781773  No.67888


Their best girl is Eva because she's so smol

3df012  No.67896


I agree she is cute but she hardly has any content.

9efe0f  No.68127

Re-upload link please

5653ab  No.68383

Sorry it took so long, hadn't been in to see that it was taken down. Grab it while you can, who knows if it'll go down again.



d4c50a  No.68407


That was fast. Try a torrent or a multi-upload site.

c919ce  No.68416


Deleted again, please try what >>68407 recommends

fffccb  No.68439

File: 42f8fc34bd6ade2⋯.png (925.75 KB, 664x888, 83:111, fae6.png)

File: a27545c109a5d25⋯.png (326.64 KB, 599x392, 599:392, fae7.png)

someone have this ??

ae535a  No.68493


Please do if you get around to. I remember someone shared one here a long time ago, and it stayed up for quite a while.

742728  No.68497

File: d1a08adc52129cf⋯.jpg (36.44 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, 79dfce5e6846162e76599387ba….jpg)


>the choker in the first pic

a00a5d  No.68551

File: 345b71b660f7c88⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 554x387, 554:387, ohlawd.jpg)


Oh Lord have mercy on my wicked soul! Bumping for that

b4a3e6  No.68563


Women wearing white tights + diapers 👌

c7bdcb  No.68812

File: 052e5417c07a360⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 620x496, 5:4, sohot.jpg)



4806bc  No.68950


also bumping for this. came on here explicitly looking for it. i don't see it on clips4sale. do you think a membership has to be bought or will it eventually appear there?

c0f540  No.68952

File: f8ad32ea100dc5a⋯.mp4 (9.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 03 (2).mp4)


the truest expression of innocence and vulnerability

0733be  No.69060


Any chance of reuploading this?

cca5b4  No.69558

File: ea479597fd14feb⋯.png (357.23 KB, 599x396, 599:396, fae111.png)

do u guys have this ???

08a9c6  No.69565


seconding this please… i think there was talk (in the video thread) of someone with a subscription asking how to rip….

please download this one …(and the fae one bove)

36fbef  No.69581

This whole thread is Abdreams bait to find out who rips and leaks. Their content is probably riddled with hidden user-identifiable DRM - whenever you post it, they'll be able to see it was you.

They've been super active on here and links with abdreams content was usually removed from Mega within the hour.

I've bought a 1 month sub there too several times based on good content I saw online, but am like "fuck them" now.

b9991f  No.69582


If this is true can I, a potential customer, suggest to ABDreams to make less 15 minute long diaper-changing videos

8f8854  No.69585


I haven't heard anything about people getting banned for leaking stuff.

The solution to Mega links being taken down has always been to use torrents.

>>69582 is right though. Most of their stuff isn't worth the wasted bandwidth.

2ece80  No.69587

The Virgin Vanilla Normies



The Chad ABDL Couple

07649f  No.69590


And what would you like to see more of, anons?

7b229c  No.70348

Anyone having all parts of "Punished Sorority Girl"? Searching for it since ages.

f4db4e  No.70352


wouldn't mind seeing more dick sucking from either lolette or apple

or both

454ed2  No.70356

Does anyone know what happened to Vanessa? Another website maybe? Hottest Mommy ever for me.

723c9b  No.70357


Diaper change videos are boring and so redundant. It's more fun to see them in a wet/used diaper and play/masturbate in it than immediately take it off 2 minutes into the video.

de0f79  No.70377


more forced regression involving hypno, potions, magic some sci-fi shit, but I want to see struggle, despair, fear, insecurity of whats happening eventually disolved into innocent and utter happy childish bliss

46c8a7  No.70508


Are they still together?

9927b7  No.70511


Okay can you post pictures to back this statement up?

Just to be sure

And no, I never had sex but I got really close to base two once I think. And another time I made out with a girl but she was really drunk and quite ugly so I wish I didn't.

4806bc  No.71504

File: ca43ff91d891912⋯.jpg (207.07 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_o7tgojUTuw1qlrxh6o1….jpg)

File: 759b989b55b18ce⋯.jpg (246.33 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_o7tgojUTuw1qlrxh6o2….jpg)

File: c54d48e10b0c3ac⋯.jpg (260.64 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_o7tgojUTuw1qlrxh6o3….jpg)

File: 85476f55476eb36⋯.jpg (256.05 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_o7tgojUTuw1qlrxh6o4….jpg)

4806bc  No.71505

File: 72fc5bafe0a5edb⋯.jpg (222.43 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_nzbintrtnz1qlrxh6o1….jpg)

File: a2635afb87cf635⋯.jpg (197.51 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_nzbintrtnz1qlrxh6o2….jpg)

File: 96dea8568eaf5ac⋯.jpg (218.09 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_nzbintrtnz1qlrxh6o3….jpg)

4806bc  No.71506

File: 2794fec4daf3537⋯.jpg (372.44 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_onyqv7U5ZV1qlrxh6o1….jpg)

File: 679e57fbec07af4⋯.jpg (264.47 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_onyqv7U5ZV1qlrxh6o3….jpg)

File: 28f0c194aeaf9f9⋯.jpg (372.49 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_onyqv7U5ZV1qlrxh6o4….jpg)

File: 5e34cd65d2e35ba⋯.jpg (296.62 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, tumblr_onyqv7U5ZV1qlrxh6o5….jpg)

de0f79  No.71528


I wish I hadn't deleted this video in my lasy binge purge :(

0c4764  No.71648


This woman in blue is DISGUSTING

b54402  No.71659


You've got a diaper fetish, man. Have some awareness lmao.

a2a93d  No.71665


I can kinda see why they would be paranoid about piracy since for years they had vulnerabilities in their site that let anyone could download the entire thing.

If ABdreams is reading this. get rid of all the fat chicks. Nobody wants to pay to see that.

Fire all the models except apple and odette.

f7ec60  No.71679


I also have standards, and ABdreams usually usually aces those standards.

5c9641  No.71684

File: 29a7db14682b34c⋯.jpg (357.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6895872661_709d0a3635_o.jpg)



>tfw u dont like those things so instead of not watching said things you want the things to be completely removed

a2a93d  No.71822


Yes. Either that or they compensate me for my time having to scroll pas the fatties.

Dudes who like ugly girls with beer guts in diapers can always go to HD diapers anyway.

934e07  No.71830


It's not a bad argument when talking about content you have to pay for.

Not that it really matters though. Anyone paying for porn is a fool.

07649f  No.71831

I'm pretty sure ABDreams stopped working with fatties a while ago. With the exception of one girl last year - who seems like she must have been a… diversity hire.

25f087  No.71838


>not wanting an SJW babysitter to call you a pissbaby, spank you and stuff a paci in your mouth

a03660  No.72664

Does anyone know how to download images from abdreams?

9c957c  No.72721


Bumping for this as well!

a03660  No.72747


if someone can tell me how to download images from abdreams I will post any video your little heart desires

7ea746  No.72751


Right clicking and saving doesn't work?

In that case the image is probably hidden behind an invisible html element. Right click and inspect element to find out what it is. You can either delete the covering element or just look through the HTML to find the image url.

It's also possible they block right clicking through a script. In that case, block javascript (using e.g. uMatrix) and try again.

de0f79  No.72805

File: cebedf22eb9673b⋯.gif (803.92 KB, 560x315, 16:9, abdreams_candy_luna_lolett….gif)

File: 4ccbcd6599f3511⋯.gif (670.45 KB, 500x281, 500:281, abdreams_diaper_clinic_pt4.gif)

File: f5c98f69ea668bc⋯.gif (702.73 KB, 500x281, 500:281, abdreams_lolette_hyp_wetti….gif)

File: 9320ccc6fe9fad2⋯.gif (832.37 KB, 600x338, 300:169, abdreams_sasha_diaper_ther….gif)


I just downloaded those four, right click and save… I'd like to see any of those around here o.o"

a03660  No.72806


abdreams uses simpleviewer for there gallery and you cant right click and save images.

7ea746  No.72810


Another trick is to bring up the network diagnostics tool in your browser (F12 -> network tab in firefox) and get the image urls from there.

4dafd7  No.73138

Can anyone upload a screenshot or name of the contents after "Fae in Bambinos"? I'd like to check the content before I sign up, but they don't update their preview tour section frequently. Thanks!

a03660  No.73170


Binkie and Nurse Amber

Binkie can't be trusted not to have wetting accidents in class so she is back at the nurses office for her mandatory diapering. She doesn't want it but eventually Amber shows her how nice the soft padding can feel.

Large Version

Small Version

Office Baby Pt-3 Diaper Change

Office baby has his first lunch and diaper change. Bunny even has a special surprise for the little sissy baby's diaper change, a silky, pink, ruffly ribbon to tie around his cute pee-pee, he won't forget what a sweet little sissy baby he is with a ribbon tickling him in a soft pink disposable diaper.

Large Version

Small Version

April and Lolette

April and Lolette are playing and drinking sippy cups.

Large Version

Small Version

Candy Spanked and Diapered

Candy thinks she's too grown up for pullups and her accident was a one time thing, she definitely doesn't need any absorbent padding between her legs! She takes off her pullup and puts on her big girl panties but when Daddy D catches her he shows her how wrong she is, with a spanking and a thick, puffy disposable diaper for his babygirl.

Large Version

Small Version

Claire Changes Out of Pullups

Claire is a little cutie that likes to tease. Her overalls don't last long, and neither does her shirt, but once she's stripped down to just a pullup Claire gets a little –distracted. The wipes are cold! But they feel nice against her naked pussy. Then comes the powder, so soft and just a little bit ticklish in the very best way…

Large Version

Small Version

Binkie and Candy Play Date

Candy and Binkie have fun playing together in their pretty dresses, thick diapers and tights. They have a tea party and play with vintage toys. So cute!

Large Version

Small Version

Lolette Changes Alex

Lolette is changing Alex in the most naughty way. She wipes him clean before rubbing him with lotion and and then kissing his pee-pee and stroking him to orgasm before powdering him and taping him up in a fresh diaper.

Large Version

Small Version

Candy Soft Bondage

Bunny has Candy waiting for her in soft bondage. Bunny force feeds Candy a bottle of milk and uses the vibrating wand to make Candy cum and relax into being a complacent little baby pet.

Large Version

Small Version

Luna Wets Her Goodnites

Luna is playing with her little plush friends on the nursery floor, shes sets them up on a big plush baby block for a little show. She strips off her cute onesie until she is naked, in nothing but her Goodnites pullups, she wiggles around and to finish the show she soaks her Goodnites.

Large Version

Small Version

Fae Spanked and Diapered

Fae has been a very naughty kitty. Daddy can't leave her alone for a second without Fae touching her princess parts, or having an accident! Of course, little big girls always think they know best and never want to listen to Daddy until they're put back in their place… looks like some spankings and a thick fluffy diaper are in order!

Large Version

Small Version

Amber and Apple

Apple & Amber are spending some quality time together. They help each other undress, until they're wearing nothing but thick, white diapers. Then, lots of cuddling ensues.

Large Version

Small Version


3bd57f  No.73173

I wrote a script to download the pictures for me. The idea is quite simple:

1. Request the gallery HTML page

2. Parse photoset names/URLs from the response

3. Request the gallery.xml file for each photoset

4. Parse the picture file URLs from each XML file and download

You could do the same manually as well, but that took something like 50 lines of code so I thought I'd save some time by automation.

5d355e  No.74669

I am almost done site ripping the last of the videos and movies. I am going to an update from june of 2018 to now of updated content. How hard is it to make a torrent?

000000  No.74696


Can you put it into mega?. I think it is easier, it does not depend on having the computer on and it is more anonymous for you and the leechers.

The free account has a lot of space and if you need more you can create additional free accounts.


e3e389  No.74700



If this isn't a joke thanks dude.

the problem with mega is that those links get taken down in about 24 hours or less. because someone is from the site is watching this thread.

i think torrents is better

e2a2e1  No.74705


Making a torrent is very easy:

>open your favorite torrent client

>click "create new torrent" or equivalent

>select the files/folder you want to share

>add some trackers (copy them from https://torrents.me/tracker-list/ )

>share the generated *.torrent file or magnet link


You're a moron. Torrents are far easier than fucking around with multiple Mega accounts.

a88f6e  No.74706



It's spelled "you", faggot.

d4c50a  No.74711


>How hard is it to make a torrent?

Pretty retard-proof. Google has several million sets of instructions. That way it won't be taken down off MEGA in 30 seconds flat.

000000  No.74750


Hi, I am a heavy uploader on mega and I usually post them in this forum and I have never had any of my links down. However It has happened to others sometimes, but not frequently.

Anyway, it is terrific you share the way you choose.I am concerned with torrents because any institution knows who is downloading and uploading and it can be an issue in many countries.

5d9087  No.74753


definitely part of the commie gestapo cause abdreams links get taken down within the hour

nice try red crusader

e3e389  No.74793


i do think mega is terrific. but i think at least 3 abdreams related mega links were deleted in less than 24 hours because they were reported.

this doesnn't mean anon can't upload there i just think its going to be a lot of effort for nothing.

i see you are using tor, if so i'm assuming you also have a vpn. that should be good for torrents as well.

but yes everything has a plus and down side. if it weren't for the fact that links dont last long i would prefer mega as well.

de0f79  No.74796

its retarded to think any kind of compilation of ripped material from 4Bdr3am5 would stay online for more than 24hours, if you've been around this board for more than 3 months you've seen it happen, dozens of times.

de0f79  No.74797


hosted in a MEGA link I meant

8a0255  No.74800

You guys do realize the owner of abdreams is on this board like, daily. thats why you never see content stay up longer than 24 hours. but have at it, itll just be taken down.

4dfcb8  No.74804


If you live in one of those countries, a VPN is an absolute necessity. I'm amazed that anyone would use the internet in this day and age without a VPN.

000000  No.74823


I do not have a VPN because I use tor. I think that the number of layers in tor circuit are enough. I download directly of mega, because it uses https, so the name of the file you are trying to download is encrypted (anyone knows that I am downloading a file, but only mega knows which file I am downloading).


I have posted a mega link to some abdream clips (olds, but from there) in this board more than a week ago and they are still there ;-)

d34c00  No.74824

I'm almost finished ripping the photos and should have a torrent link by late tonight or tomorrow afternoon

de0f79  No.74887


more evidence on the futility of mega


4806bc  No.74942


that's exciting. hope to see from you tonight

d34c00  No.74961

File: 3c556a047ef8075⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 2rg4fx.jpg)

I got done with the videos last night. I have decided that I am going to use mega.

Email me @ lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

And you will get a link for 90 videos for abdreams.

4806bc  No.74969


i've shot you get a message. get back to me when you can. thanks!

000000  No.74984


It seems to be a problem when I email you so that you do not receive my email. Can you (or any other person with the mega link) send it to me to the email: roblima@mail2tor.com ?

Thank you.

4806bc  No.74991


i believe my email sent correctly. ive yet to receive the mega

23f54c  No.74995



This wouldn't be the first time that faggot has failed to deliver.

9d039e  No.75004


If Anon actually pulls through, someone get the Mega files and put them on a torrent. No one in their right mind is going to put a non-throwaway email out there for the world to see.

e3e389  No.75007


give him tine he doesn't need to be behind his computer all day long and besides we are probably not in the same time zone.

i got my christmas gift email just like he said he woudl,. just not technically at christmas

a03660  No.75009

I just sent out emails!

dc22ea  No.75012


I did not receive my email you could send to camila68009@gmail.com ????

a03660  No.75014



4e51d6  No.75018


Nothing here. greepe2589@gmail.com, please.

0ddd92  No.75021

I got mine and have even recieved the files!

4806bc  No.75022


nothing here either. did you not get an email from nemed?

also can someone confirm with some actual pics if it's even valid

a03660  No.75023



I just got you both!

a03660  No.75024

Dont ever say TFmonkey hasn't done anything nice for you.

4e51d6  No.75026


thanks, but since you packed the files in single zip file, it takes total 6*2 = 12+ hours since mega only allows 4GB for every 6 hours for free users. I hope that the link does not disappear for next 12 hours…

e3e389  No.75027


create a free account with a disposable email

you can also import the file to your account and download at your ease


4806bc  No.75029


thank you friend.

23f54c  No.75031


He hasn't fucked off yet, which is honestly the only thing I ever wanted from him.

4e51d6  No.75032


Thanks, I've just paid 4.99 euros for mega, waiting for other 60 videos. Hope it's soon!

3abf49  No.75033

oh sure, you get a few videos from abdreams which have been around for decades to that one torrent, sounds pretty nice, and then suddenly you're on gig trading child porn with a sperg as your only buddy

4806bc  No.75035


r u okay

d34c00  No.75039


I use gigatribe your right, but to say I look at that shit is nasty. I guess you cant make everyone happy😥

9efe0f  No.75047


853e56  No.75060



Have yet to receive an email

de0f79  No.75071


I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you did accuse me of sharing shit like that in the hypno thread when it was simply japanese asmr shit, so yeah, classic projecting your sin into someone else to wash away your guilt or simply hiding in plain sight by pretending to be a hero and screaming "witch" to divert attention from yourself

a88f6e  No.75075


>being this mad

4806bc  No.75085


i don't know the full situation but youre coming off crazy. maybe try toning down aggression

c85727  No.75089

In other news, I received the link and everything it provided! Thank you :)

463956  No.75107

abdl@maildrop.cc, thank you!

9b72f5  No.75115

I dropped you a message too!

1a5dbf  No.75124

Sent a message and didn't hear anything, so I'll try here. throw_away_email@email.com, thanks!

771bdf  No.75160

I'll bite.


e3e389  No.75232


you do realize that anyone can just view that mail right ? this kind of defeats the purpose of hiding the link.

you can create a permanent anonymous mail with protonmail. it does not require a phone number or existing email to register.

4191ea  No.75260


Can you please send the link to naturevalleybars@airmail.cc

b98e53  No.75267



Thanks for the heads up, I used ProtonMail here.


619389  No.75308


fug, i hope i'm not too late! exav@protonmail.com

i'd very much appreciate it

e3e389  No.75314

Is there an ETA on part 2 ?

i don't won't to rush you its just that if you say it wont be online for another week i can stop checking that mail everyday

f3c2be  No.75316



emailed you a while ago, never heard anything back.

<3 u anon

353eb7  No.75374

Anyone hear from this guy? I sent him a mail from iwantmystuffnow1@gmail.com, but never heard back.

Kindly requesting anyone who got the link to send it, thanks :)

930354  No.75420


hey you able to send to jason.long942@gmail.com

thanks bro!!

a51e36  No.75434


I sent you an email. Hopefully anon follows through

a8fe64  No.75443

bcdd6e  No.75472


hey, my mail is tw0010@protonmail.com - could you please send me the link?

Thanks in advance!

0ffd14  No.75503


777298  No.75528


Haven't gotten any email for two days.

If anyone has the link, please send it to Emptydummy@protonmail.com

If I get the link, I'll spread it to everyone here that I see.

79d027  No.75976

If anybody's actually gotten the link, could you send it to privatemailacct@protonmail.com? Haven't heard anything from lolmonkey in the week since I emailed him.

6796d5  No.78559

hiya, jf61872000@gmail.com

thanking you!

a00781  No.78576


Still waiting on Part 2 myself…

34d44a  No.79155


Lucky. I still don't have part 1.

2686f3  No.80327

If anyone has the link, send to gavyn_ray@yahoo.com

08e625  No.80352

Does anyone have anything with claire. Or anything with princess binkie?

dc22ea  No.80354

if anyone can send the link to camila68009@gmail.com

ty guys !

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