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File: e82c38ed8f86940⋯.jpg (110.85 KB, 1194x667, 1194:667, 75680.jpg)

67033a  No.68441



what you are doing is wrong!

It can out a person and destroy her life

so she / he'll never produce this awesome content again!!

Reposting is okay as long as it stays on their platform,

but PLEASE don't post stuff from tumblr outside of tumblr!

And ALWAYS credit the creator!

Please don't remove the watermarks, since it devalues the days of work that go into a photo-shoot!

ce3b83  No.68443

File: acc09a195fd7ef1⋯.jpg (68.64 KB, 645x535, 129:107, Untitled-2.jpg)

>Posts image on public website

>Expects it not to be shared

d60003  No.68447

How about no?

Or how about yes?

Okay, I get the not stealing work reason.

But you do not get protection unless you put in the effort to protect your work.

Posting on tumblr is not putting in any effort.

Going through the process of copyrighting your work, and putting it behind a paywall, or putting it on a platform the monetizes your work for you, and protecting that work with notices, is.

How many on tumblr goes through the extra work?

But here is where I really want to say *Fuck you*.

You post work that can destroy you, behind a paywall or otherwise, with the effort to protect it or not, you do not deserve protection from your own actions hurting you.

If you don't want the public to know, then don't put on a public show.

3a6f88  No.68448



what you are doing is wrong!

It can out a person and destroy her life

so she / he'll never produce this awesome content again!!

Reposting is okay as long as it stays on their platform,

but PLEASE don't post stuff from tumblr outside of tumblr!

And ALWAYS credit the creator!

Please don't remove the watermarks, since it devalues the days of work that go into a photo-shoot!

720860  No.68449

Oh fuck off. If you post it where saving is a right click away you've made no effort to prevent your content being shared.

It's the responsibility of the content producer to first accept that once you post something online, you lose control of it. And that if you show your face, you might be recognized.

6dfb35  No.68451

None of that content turned me on so no harm done

b4db6a  No.68452

Why should anybody care what you think? If a pic is hot I’m going to download it and repost it. It’s a photo of you, not YOUR photo. Suck my dick, bitch

92abf2  No.68457


fuck off

tumblr is a shit platform

the video service loads like shit

the whole site runs badly

the only thing it's good for is mentally unsound fetishists voluntarily posting their amateur smut that makes my dick diamonds.

and any time I can get that same dong expanding content without having to deal with that dumpster fire website is a good time

15d0db  No.68458


>Please don't remove the watermarks, since it devalues the days of work that go into a photo-shoot!

Playing dress up and posing in front of a camera doesn't count as work.

Anyway, sharing content is a good thing. Copyright law is the true evil, and attempting to restrict the spread of information is wrong. The sooner your "industry" dies, the better.

7ab12b  No.68460


>It can out a person and destroy her life

So why would she post it on the internet where other people can see it?

>…since it devalues the days of work that go into a photo-shoot!

Going into the woods on your day off from your shift at Arby's doesn't qualify as 'days of hard work' for a photoshoot. Literally any girl can take a DSLR, set it up on a tripod, and photography quality ABDL porn. You're overselling tumblr shit to the wrong demographic.

Here's your solution; don't want people stealing your shit? Don't post it.

Want money for what you make? Create a paywall.

b118bf  No.68466

The best way to share your most valued content is in real life, face to face (for art, japanse comic expo via books).

That's how I, and some absolute legends, roll. We discover each other after seeing each other's content display.

The happiest way we can roll, is content creators crating content for other content creators. That's how real life used to work right? We share our own work to get the works of others - that's my take on sharing.

Try snapchat, it's not as bad as tumblr. And even better, only add those that also post =)

Ditch tumblr and public websites, we're better than that, we make stuff better than that! P.S if you do go, make a post about where you went though! I'll come =-)

01b045  No.68469


It's been a terrible memory leaker for years. The range of css options customizability are solid merits but the loading takes forever, especially if the someone is retarded enough to not divide their blog into seperate pages. I honestly think they're to broke to hire someone to fix it since their user count trailed off a few years ago

2d74d6  No.68486

This thread really speaks to me.

Now I'm going to leak twice as much stuff from tumblr, remove or cover over the watermark, and give credit to someone else.

01ac4f  No.68625

File: d621ea2ef47ad12⋯.jpg (46.03 KB, 635x600, 127:120, Trump's_goldfinger.jpg)

617bae  No.68645

File: d19a8158a1dcbe3⋯.jpg (81.52 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 678760.jpg)






Everytime you are leaking and outing someone through stealing their work,

there are less and less models willing to make ABDL-content!

38a740  No.68708

Bullshit, even getting reblogged means your stuff is on Tumblr (and by extension the internet) forever. I know someone who left the platform entirely in 2015, and if you look up their old name on Google almost all their stuff comes up on profiles of people who reblogged them who still have an active profile. And then stuff gets reblogged more and more and more and it'll be on there forever.

Tumblr isn't this benign medium that you make it out to be.

f7d944  No.68716


>there are less and less models whores willing to make substandard ABDL-content!


d60003  No.68724


Every time we trade personal accountability and adulting for pornography that caters to our fetish, we deserve less respect.

Yes, the consequence of outing and leaking content is less content will be posted. But the internet is not a safe space. There are no special rules so people can post what they want without consequence. I will not change my behavior for the sake of erotic material.

2f1fc8  No.69005

File: a79e0c765d924bf⋯.png (544.55 KB, 1000x1209, 1000:1209, 957b254ecb3800c29c24c1916a….png)



the less dick-hating, attentionwhoring asexuals in this fetish the better.

0c0bef  No.69008

Fuck off Binkieprincess.

71f327  No.69207

File: f1d64e6b1c0bacc⋯.jpg (426.38 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, tumblr_pgf6fps6Ey1tpizzdo1….jpg)



Artists in this community don't get a lot of traffic as is, which makes it hard to spread our names and earn the little to continue doing what we (and obviously YOU too) like and adore.

By re-uploading somebody elses art you are taking away their viewer-ship and recognition!

909448  No.69209

File: f39d144eceec7c1⋯.png (267.84 KB, 621x491, 621:491, mfw-1535976081000.png)


>It can out a person and destroy her life

>ALWAYS credit the creator!


>Thinking someone is more likely to get "outed" on 8ch than one of the largest, mainstream normie sites to ever exist


If someone is concerned about their life being destroyed, they shouldn't post pics in the first place - they are 100% liable and need to git gud at remaining anonymous.

Watermarks are fucking annoying

66d6a6  No.69211

File: 19bfd3f941df8dd⋯.jpg (70.31 KB, 500x681, 500:681, 7bf6a8bc092cf2be51adda9055….jpg)


That's not true at all, art being reposted is how us artists GET more traffic in the first place

the best thing to do is to repost art and link to the artists source so more people can find/follow/commission them in return.

It's not like we put up ads, word of mouth is the only way artists can actually gain popularity

6b678d  No.69215


it's funny because the post just before that one complains about the worst thing in the world, watermarks

So if you make a tumblr account pretending to be a 18 year old virgin, download a bunch of pictures, remove the watermarks and then upload them again with the shittiest caption a cringeworthy fuck could come up with, you're not doing the world a favor, you're a waste of time

3061e5  No.69224


>Watermarks are fucking annoying

Really depends on how they're used.

Stuff like huge, semi-transparent watermarks in the middle of the image are annoying as shit, but if they're reasonably sized and out of the way or in the bottom corner or whatever, what's the problem?

Do you really look at images like these >>69005 >>69207 and feel they've been ruined by having watermarks.

079490  No.69237


As long as their captions don't cover the same parts of the image which were previously watermarked then they've definitely done the world a favor. Captions are usually trivial to remove no matter how terrible the writing is.


You're talking about signatures, not watermarks.

Signatures are small bits of text/graphics which indicate authorship without detracting from the image.

Watermarks are explicitly designed to obtrusively cover the most important parts of the image.

One adds useful information to the image, while the other is a kind of analog DRM.


Artist here. Go fuck yourself. If you're not releasing your art under a libre/copyleft license you're subhuman scum.

d59e5b  No.69273

File: 82fef52fc14d9a6⋯.jpg (26.3 KB, 621x431, 621:431, betet.jpg)



how about you stop beeing art-thiefs and create something on your own?

01ac4f  No.69277

You people do realize this whole thread is one giant bait, right? sage and move on

508580  No.69380

File: a19d17fa36d578d⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 640x480, 4:3, niket3.webm)






I had a tumblr where I would post everything I had on diaper porn, it was filled to the brim with tons of "stolen" and self-created gifs and videos !

until I got these messages on a daily basis.

My inbox was stuffed with these kind of whiny messages lol!

Then these imbeciles started to report me and a tumblr with 8000+ followers got deactivated.

3f87c1  No.69384


I'm going to assume you don't remember the name of the most famous abdl tumblr blog that existed, nor does anyone else

jesus fag, roleplaying even when the topic is being an asshole, that's a whole new level of desperation right there

508580  No.69390


whats stuck in your urethra today?

it was


ed5fb3  No.69453


Who gives a fuck, they're all sluts and bitches anyways. They just want money, it's a total sham. I hope the "industry" if that's what you want to call it, burns because of stealing

9e1056  No.69458

>open image


>paste into blank file

>author has one less image in his pocket now

If you don't want your stuff stolen, you make watermarks.

7c397e  No.75283

File: 4d91cd9d7316039⋯.jpg (588.23 KB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72736100_p0.jpg)

File: 09abdbd1521af93⋯.jpg (738.6 KB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72753054_p0.jpg)

File: 6d57f6005ec46d5⋯.png (127.58 KB, 2400x800, 3:1, watermark_plot.png)

File: d315bd93b3da6d4⋯.png (1.03 MB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72753054_removed.png)

Speaking of watermarks.

We have the first two images.

We plot some graphs.

We do some math.

And we end up with the fourth image.

e3f6c8  No.75315


What does linear function means in that context? As far as I understand, "dots" is a pixels and watermark lies in the upper right corner in red and blue channels(can't say much about green channel), but everything else is a mystery for me. Can you please give some insights, maybe some links on matlab documentation?

7c397e  No.75317


Basically I cropped images 1 and 2 to the top third of the image where they are identical except for the watermark.

The graphs show the relationship between pixel values in the clean image and the corresponding pixel values in the watermarked image. The y=x line corresponds to pixels outside the watermark - they're the same in both images. The other line corresponds to pixels which are covered by the maximally opaque parts of the watermark. The scattering of dots between the two lines come from the anti-aliasing around the edges of the watermark.

In the case of a monochromatic watermark, the color is given by the x (or y) coordinate where the two lines cross. The lines meet there because if the pixel value of the watermark is the same as the base image, it isn't modified (therefore y=x). Once we know the color of the watermark, we can calculate the alpha at each pixel with a bit of vector math.

Each color is a 3-vector.

base is the unmarked image.

marked is the watermarked image.

color is the watermark color.

We calculate vectors:

v1 = color - base

v2 = color - marked

The alpha at each pixel is then given by:

alpha = v1 dot v2/(|v2|^2)

where dot is the dot product and |v| is the magnitude or length of v.

(hopefully I didn't fuck up the formatting)

Once we have the color of the watermark and the alpha at each pixel, it's a simple matter to extend the pattern (each "sample" text is identical) and invert the alpha blending equation.

The code is all written in python. It's a bit of a mess, but I can share it if you want. It's not simple to use though. You can't just point it at an image and see the watermark vanish. There are still quite a few manual steps required, and there are a few magic numbers in the code which might need tweaking on a case-by-case basis.

7c397e  No.75322



Actually, I fucked all of that up again. You can see why this took me a few hours…

v1 = color - base

v2 = marked - base

alpha = v2 dot v1/(|v1|^2)

747554  No.75371



Greatly appreciated for such detailed answer. I think I got some cleareness now. Thank you again.

>The code is all written in python. It's a bit of a mess, but I can share it if you want.

No, thanks. I think it will be my homework. I will try to reproduce this in my spare time.

954e73  No.75372

File: edbcf1b823f1d94⋯.gif (498.77 KB, 500x231, 500:231, tumblr_inline_p7g0noIEP01s….gif)

7c397e  No.75380


Good luck with it. I'd be curious to see how you approach the problem of fitting the second straight line to the pixel data. I think my solution to that was quite inefficient.

Also, be careful about what datatypes you use to store pixel values when manipulating them. I wasted quite a bit of time trying to diagnose an underflow problem caused by using unsigned 8 bit integers.

e1abaf  No.75427

Whilst I get where you are coming from, Its pretty stupid to say spreading content around will get the person outed. its always going to be on places you have to specifically look for abdl content. I say this as a content creator who had people spam her pictures on the politics board of 4chan - an unrelated site full of normies. this resulted in a few of my internet friends recognising me. They probably think im a total freak now anyway but they dont mention it. anyway theres always a chance of being outed, I had a partners family find my tumblr. Again nothing has ever really been said apart from an initial blow up where they gave my partner a ton of abuse but not me…

I dont agree with reposting content when you can just fucking reblog it though. I had a sissy reposting my stuff as their own and that sucked.

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