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File: 9e76e6fc00108e6⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, abdl.jpg)

File: ed1904923bb4eda⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, abdl2.jpg)

94b7aa  No.69720

previous thread: >>66676

I'm cleaning up some space to store new shit in my MEGA account but I wanted to share with you degenerates, I'll leave this one up for 1 week

mmmdiapers videos


key: DlNPaX8O7uYZ3vzvKzJ2Xg

odette videos


key: g2dNcwPVexvOFEMaeiKzTg

b1f8c6  No.69724

b1f8c6  No.69725

387138  No.69749

Hey, back with another request for a long lost video. This one used to be on Motherless (I think). Pretty simple video, it's set in what looks like a basement. It starts with a blonde woman sitting on the floor, after a while a man in a diaper walks in and she starts blowing him (it just escalates from there). Grateful if anyone has it!

f61be6  No.69752

af66b0  No.69759

File: a27545c109a5d25⋯.png (326.64 KB, 599x392, 599:392, fae7.png)

File: ea479597fd14feb⋯.png (357.23 KB, 599x396, 599:396, fae111.png)

anyone have this ?

eb48f8  No.69761

>video thread, post your shit

>instant beggars

Wasn't there a request thread for that?

f1bb38  No.69765

File: 93040e8f4e937ad⋯.png (195.71 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: fdd4e2cef78c95a⋯.png (220.71 KB, 590x418, 295:209, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: b092172519b75b3⋯.png (386.7 KB, 871x526, 871:526, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

File: 6ebab8deae93142⋯.png (446.32 KB, 851x482, 851:482, Screenshot from 2018-11-11….png)

Looking to expand my collection.

Consists of mainly Mommy/Son POV/JOI, Age regression, Diaper fetish, Doll play, SPH/SPE, Sissy/Femdom, CEI, Forced-bi, etc. A lot of it fits in here.

Would like to find more: N.atalie W.onder/J.aney J.ones/B.ratty K.aelin/G.oddess B.randon/K.elle M.artina/N.atashas B.edroom

Anyone have similar and willing to trade?

I can upload a few of these to mega or vola if anyone is interested.

3c7d1d  No.69776


Okay so, there is this one Diapered Kitten video I remember where it was two school girls making fun of Kitty, who is in a crib and exposed diapers.

It was called something like "school girl teasing".

4df070  No.69778

e6bf08  No.69790

69456a  No.69815


I got a Janey Jones video if you're interested. What is in your marcy folder?

38a0cd  No.69854

File: ea5486b53a83402⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 325x315, 65:63, unsauceable.gif)

File: 80e6096e587f27b⋯.jpg (146.1 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 140188764594.jpg)

Anyone got anything of these pics related models?

7dbd55  No.69855


DiaperedKitten - Schoolgirl Teasing

Used to be on YouTube, can't find it anywhere else. Loved how they teased her for wearing diapers while they were diapered too.

000000  No.69859

Hi, I was late to download these files:

and they are offline now. Has someone download them?

661bc4  No.69899




Enjoy. RIP Alexa. Shame she shut down.

f2965e  No.69941



Thanks for sending.

And yes, it’s very much a shame!

6495fe  No.69943


>Folder is encrypted.

Uh huh.

Did I miss something?

75bc79  No.69947


yes, you're missing the key pasted right below the link :)

6495fe  No.69954


Oof, can't believe I missed that. Was liek a blind spot or something.


22971f  No.69957


You've been posting this request everywhere. It's $11

Just buy it or contribute and maybe someone will oblige.

d56692  No.69959


where did you get these? if you can, please upload anything maternal and kind, i like this stuff but most often it's humilliation-related

75bc79  No.69998

File: 37a1b417c8a9f86⋯.jpg (106.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chloe_176.jpg)

requesting UKdiapergirls newest chloe video (176):

chloe flooding a pampers

058d27  No.70010

anyone has nurse helena vids ?

890d70  No.70019

5 short videos of cell phone amateur content:

- Girl wears wet diaper and flashes while crossing the street in public

- Girl goes to dance at a bar and flashes wet diaper at the entrance to camera

- Girl dances at a busy club wearing nothing but her wet diaper, topless and all

- Another video of girl dancing but this time she tries to grind her diaper on a stranger?

- Girl asks strangers(?) their opinion on her diapers wearing a skirt where its clearly visible and shows the camera. One of the guys actually has an interesting question for us all in that video.

Same girl in all 5 videos, she has a tumblr, babypickles333

You can view the vids on there or you can just download them below. Try not to fall in love and stick to fapping motherfuckers


Key: VgiZUE_DWFWM0Op1y0NqxA

7e6e81  No.70020


You should know now that this is the clip4sale thread rather than video thread :^)

faeb06  No.70028


Babypickles I know it’s you. Why are you self advertising? Lol

700d26  No.70029


Pushing it on the public is damn scummy

05f367  No.70030


the fucking Eastern European accents made me lol

212083  No.70034


What am I doing with my life… Trying to find a reason to not just die, besides making my family even more disappointed.

cc3f4c  No.70035

thats like not cool at all, really actually creepy


3121af  No.70039


> Try not to fall in love and stick to fapping motherfuckers

yup definitely not you, well covered broheim

ccac5d  No.70045

File: aa386e38da9511e⋯.jpg (865.7 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, video_chloe_174.mp4_thumbs….jpg)

File: 36ed5e2668198c5⋯.jpg (659.49 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, LinhsDirtyDiaperSecret.mp4….jpg)

File: 23485f92fb26b16⋯.jpg (749.38 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, diapergal1330h.mp4_thumbs_….jpg)

File: a11862b7af87a53⋯.jpg (701.29 KB, 1200x728, 150:91, wp133.mp4_thumbs_[2018.11.….jpg)


Definitely not her. I'm actually the Billy Mays / All Might / RE4 Merchant anon that posts in the video threads so I have more to share with you all (20 vids).

As far as her public vids I agree that its messed up to push AB/DL on the public like that and cringe at attempts to "normalize" diaper fetish. That being said I still fapped so OOPS.

Here's some vids. Thumbnails related and you might have some of these already, but I try to come through with decent stuff when I can. Check it out.

Also >>69998 poster, yo video in here.


Key: tvy9LR3vJQQBhJz187T5nw

da5f5b  No.70057


>Eastern European accents

>videos from Brazil

c70e93  No.70058

>>70045 this is great stuff!! do you have chloe 171??

75bc79  No.70059


69998 here.

Huge thank you

75bc79  No.70061


A great anon from the previous thread posted it.

here's a link:



c70e93  No.70067



f986e2  No.70083


I find the public humiliation shit hot af tbh, got any more?

57d0e0  No.70087

File: d092f31b99cd059⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 720x480, 3:2, mccomp_4.webm)



>bitches don't even masturbate

>sitting there most of the time with no movement


thats over the top boring.

Can we please get actual good content on this FETISH-board and not applaud this lowest of no-effort waste of time?

35eaf7  No.70095


Would you per chance have any more Linh? Anybody have access to her patreon? I'd buy a month but have no cc - would pay crypto to someone to get access though.

f1bb38  No.70102


I have most of JJ's ABDL content but I am still missing a few. Still looking for Mommy's big baby with a little tiny dick. What do you have? On a related note, did she quit the business? Seems all of her pages have been taken down or stripped of all content. Too bad, I love how maternal and nurturing she was.

The Marcy folder has a little bit of everything. Videos and MP3's. I would be happy to trade some and expand my collection. Not sure if the content fits here though. Thoughts? V ola maybe?

8ccc31  No.70105

File: e71a049cc22dda0⋯.jpg (84.81 KB, 800x800, 1:1, das-unartige-mariechen-rel….jpg)

Any one has this one been searching for this one for a while

16126f  No.70109

484b81  No.70113



Seconding the request for more Linh vids. Where is she from anyway?

69456a  No.70114


I only have mom's diaper show. :( Shame, she was really into it too.

d92633  No.70115

Anyone got the diaper vids from kelsey obsession? I unironically became obsessed with finding them and didn't sleep last night. I don't care if they're good. I just have to have them

661bc4  No.70118

File: 2c1b0cc38d5f2b0⋯.jpg (431.52 KB, 1917x946, 1917:946, [clips4sale.com]Son that w….jpg)

just bought this video, here's a link

i'm definitely gonna buy more from these peeps.



(glad they moved on from the sound effects though, the flight attendant vid did a much better job.)

>link has both videos

a89576  No.70120

File: 971e3095b046e51⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 8386332B-CF2D-4752-BADF-D0….png)

Anybody have this Odette video from ageplay24/7?

2379f3  No.70125

anybody have any MDP public videos?

I have some to trade but they'll take a while to upload, watch this space

ef8f03  No.70126

I've got tons of stuff, looking to trade for any potty video that isn't from MDP, Ageplay247, or SophieSinz

faeb06  No.70130


I love Baby-doll. I’d love to send it here if I had it

f74c31  No.70140


If someone will buy it I’ll pay them back plus a finders fee via PayPal.

They get a free clip and it can be shared here.

f74c31  No.70142

0cbed7  No.70148


Nearly all Nikki clips are on VK, the one your looking for is in this folder


d56692  No.70155


not my thing but anyone who does this is a saint, thanks bro

8f365b  No.70160

File: ab9da757e0342f8⋯.png (448.18 KB, 1168x535, 1168:535, ClipboardImage.png)

8f365b  No.70164

1bf2b0  No.70181


is there anyway anybody has this i jack to this

shit a long time ago and i wish i had the full clip… plus if anybody has any else pull up clips from nikki that would be crazy awesome

47a095  No.70238

File: d3eabb99238b133⋯.jpg (507.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, d3eabb99238b1331e556033750….jpg)

File: 9923248c736eea6⋯.jpg (331.41 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 9923248c736eea6b6c8755713e….jpg)

File: 8b190315ab0a892⋯.jpg (340.56 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 8b190315ab0a892af61c733df9….jpg)

File: 24ea667aea4133c⋯.jpg (158.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 24ea667aea4133c0ea3c6f5d5f….jpg)

does anyone have this it was uploade in an earlier thread but it was taken down https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/88222/19951143/Put+in+Carseat+in+Thick+Diapers

Put in Carseat in Thick Diapers

From: Little Fantasy World Clip Store (56 Clips)


Cheshire walks Ellie down the street holding her hand until they reach the car parked on the side of the road. Cheshire buckles Ellie into her car seat around her thick diapers in front of pedestrians on the streets on New York City. Cheshire gives Ellie her pacifier, bottle, her tpy, and a lollipop for being extra good in front of the strangers.

b8f77d  No.70248


why not fam



821773  No.70255

anyone know who these two are, anyone got more videos of them?


47a095  No.70262



1c5380  No.70263

File: 4eea5c26ef8d2ff⋯.jpg (556.82 KB, 1917x946, 1917:946, Girl in pullups fucking ou….jpg)

I have this video for months, but I got no info on this.

Does anyone know the name of this model? Or possibly, post more of her/their work?

Anyway, any info is appreciated.

Gonna leave the vid here as a contribution.


key: Zcft-VSaCP3k2rDytLqqhB9hniBNBmNcocw-1Q9pnDI

5838b5  No.70269

Does anyone have this FLDiaperGirls "Sex in Diapers" video?


a96016  No.70273

0cbed7  No.70277


On UKDiaperGirls shes known as Sol, has done lots of great public stuff, shes got a clips4sale store under Diaper Domination.

Heres one you'll like…



1c5380  No.70278


Thanks. Hope to have some luck to watch more vids from them.

0cbed7  No.70279


Wouldve been a good clip if she shaved her armpits

c828e4  No.70281


Would greatly appreciate if some generous anon would upload a mega of this one.

On beforehand Thank you


94b7aa  No.70299


how can you even fap to women's armpit hair I don't get it

0cbed7  No.70307


Fap to armpit hair, no, she shouldve shaved it off before the video as it looks awful

977788  No.70344

Could someone be kind enough to upload DiaperOnline.com videos featuring, either, Taylor and Rainbow please?

If there's men in the video, that's fine.

Thank you.

7885fe  No.70350

0cbed7  No.70353


Its your lucky day….



65f05c  No.70355

Who is this couple? Do they have any more videos like this? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf5434bb4ddc

cab414  No.70360

080757  No.70366

977788  No.70374

Regarding the DiaperedOnline videos - Thank you so much! :)

080757  No.70375

Does anyone have any Nikki messy sex videos or ageplay 24/7 Chelsea Marie?

df31ce  No.70379

I tried to subscribe to AsianDiaperCutie on OnlyFans but my card keeps getting declined. Anyone have her stuff?

28e07b  No.70390

7c3280  No.70396



I've got some bad news for you anon

62a45a  No.70398


They have a vag


72c31d  No.70403


it's a biological she

and a really ugly one

7eea2f  No.70409


Shes not fat.

In todays world we should be glad of that.

8cc6ac  No.70419

My wife and I are thinking of making some diaper videos. Any ideas of what to make? What do people like to see?

1e4f83  No.70441



her jerking you off into your wet diaper untill you cum on it.

also, please dont show your face

ffa08c  No.70456

4ba124  No.70499

File: e14a915f56c04f0⋯.png (651.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: afb7fbf19e57a0c⋯.png (693.48 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


54753c  No.70507


Public stuff, but secluded enough you won't affect normies

6bd471  No.70510

File: 0258ed2b2dd8d5c⋯.jpg (151.5 KB, 888x498, 148:83, ddlg-sunny.jpg)

0b95a5  No.70593

I think I have seen this here a while ago:


Can someone help me find it or can provide it again. Thanks!

08354e  No.70596


that is cool, but I want the video

639555  No.70629

Does anyone have any messy diaper sex videos or messy diaper videos where they actually show their mess?

162d87  No.70653

17d627  No.70680

File: 87abf2e68a68303⋯.jpg (234.03 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5be87a7d-02e1-43b2-a192-1f….jpg)


uploading those two as well as the other ludella abdl vids i have.



94b7aa  No.70682


thanks for sharing!

such a shame she doesn't end up with a diaper in the school one :( ludella is hot AF

26f4ff  No.70693

Ignoring the fact that they aren't particularly attractive, I find this mommy incredibly authentic & humiliating: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf40cd1a2f65

Does anybody have more vids by her? Looks like her name is Cherish Kay and she ran a C4S store & website (cherishkay.com) until earlier this year. Now it's all taken down. Anybody know what the deal is?

26f4ff  No.70694

File: 5b962957fc9cf13⋯.png (311.6 KB, 663x375, 221:125, cherish.png)


Oh, and pic for reference

661bc4  No.70704


oh, yes she is.

her body is killer.

17b92c  No.70741


Source on pic?

0cf46d  No.70749

94b7aa  No.70754


it got taken down


definitely makes it even hotter in the regression scenes for me at least

661bc4  No.70763


it had abdreams content in it, that's why they got it

and yeah, there's nothing better than a lovely curvy girl being put in diapers.

maybe one day, when i save up the money, i'll commission one from her.

i'll definitely come on here beforehand and open a thread about what people would want to see, maybe incorporate that into the vid.

94b7aa  No.70764


oh man, I wish I'd saved my draft script for what I had in mind.

I was basing myself a little bit on some elements of this story


661bc4  No.70767


wait, i'm confused.

how would this be suitable for her if it's a male MC?

anon, she's not a male.

35a14d  No.70769

Anyone got any Little Sophie Stuff?

1e4f83  No.70813


If they're keep this up it's going to backfire

normally I don't care but these ABDreams take-downs are beginning to make me hate them

7c3280  No.70834


hate on a company because they protect their business, sure buddy

a610cb  No.70867


>hate on a company because they protect their business, sure buddy

They use a god awful slow flash-based gallery that is frustrating to use and doesn't actually stop people from saving the files, so thus as per ALWAYS for DRM bullshit, the only people that get fucked are the paying customers.

I'd actually legit pay for ABDreams if it weren't for the awful gallery they have.

Go whiteknight for these cunts somewhere else. While you're at it, go back to Reddit too.

977788  No.70868

I agree with what's being said with ABDreams. The other year I hacked into their website and their gallery is fucking shit.

You can't download the pictures and the photos are not in Zip folders for easy downloads, unlike other sites.

Another thing I'd like to know: why do many have it in for Apple? Everyone wants to make money somewhere in life, so why does most within our fetish hate her guts?

94b7aa  No.70870


yeah well my idea was to adapt it a little bit.

There's several people in a lab, ludella included, they tell her about this new perfume thats supposed to be very fresh and enticing.

They spray her with it but she says she can't really smell anything so they explain to her that when coming with contact with other smells the real smell can be perceived better.

1) First they make her smell highschool books, her appearance changes, even her clothes, she's dressed as a schoolgirl, with one ponytail, glasses and she's currently holding her books. She's shocked, surprised and you can notice she's nervous, she doesn't really understand whats going on but she definitely look more energetic and lively than she did before. Something is not entirely right, she knows that for sure. (this one doesn't even have to last that long, may be just 1 minute)

2) Reluctantly she smells bubblegum, and she regresses abruptly to very early teenager years, kinda bratty, hair still in one pony tail but much more childish looking, she's has a lollipop instead of her books she has a soft plushie on her hand. Also she's getting more scared. She asks whats going on, something is not right says and she's scared, some of her language and attitude lets on a lot more childish persona deep down trying to surface. She screams, demands to know whats going on, starts saying she's going to tell on the scientists, tell on them with… with her mom, mommy? what? no… that's not right… what are you doing to me? please, please make it stop! somebody help her! (this one should take about 2 to 3 minutes by my calculations)

(may be 1 and 2 could be put together in one single secuence I guess?)

3) Next they forcefully make her smell kids crayons, they can hold her down on the ground or simply take advantage of the moment she's screaming desperately for help or something like that. Then she regresses to kindergarden age, she has dropped her plushie now in the floor, she has now two ponytails, both of them have cute pink tiny bows, she's wearing a cute pastel tshirt, cute pastel socks and a pair of training pants, she's really nervous, upset and afraid now. Her language keeps slipping, why you do dis? why you make me wittw? pweese? me no wittw me bi gwl me show you. She tries to play sexy, tries to seduce the scientist to try and escape her situation. She tries to get naked, show her boobs, even take of her training pants but her hands are clumsy and dont respond they way she wants them to, she keeps getting frustrated and kind of throws a temper tantrum, when she realizes this she gets nervous again. She doesn't want to look childish in front of the big boys, she a big gwl, she pwety, she a hot big gwl.

Pwese make me big again, I make big boy feel good, I pway with thingy, you make me big gwl yes? she stares at the camera and her eyes display even more fear (the viewer doesn't understand why).

Something has caused her to become really scared now, she starts moving around the room, like trying to escape, trying to run away no matter what but now also her legs are clumsy, she cant walk that good…. (this one should be 3 to 4 minutes)

94b7aa  No.70871


4) She looks around, feeling surrounded, pleading, they best way she can muster with with her decreasing vocabulary, she wants them to stop, she begs, pleads, asks, demands but to no avail they don't listen. She says she will make then feel good, she'll have sex with them, she'll do whatever they want but PUT THAT AWAY! she doesn't want to be a baby! she's not a baby! then the powder begins to fall on her, she holds her breath and for a moment it works, she smiles, defiantly even triumphantly… but then the tickles come, the adorable and condemning tickles here to take everything from her, take her previous life, adult capacities, memories and mind… she ends up breathing the powder in and we see her, her eyes widen, her body starts shaking, she screams, complains, cries even, she says she's a big gwl, then some babble, she says you can't do this to her, then mumbling stuff incomprehensible, she says she's not a baby, then more babble and a big puff of smoke with sounds of nursery blocks the camera, the moment the smoke is gone we see ludella fully babyfied.

She's wearing a cute onesie, she has a binkie in her mouth which she appears to be sucking without even noticing, we can tell she's wearing a diaper, she's definitely very puffy in her crotch, she has a bottle in her hand and a rattle in her other hand. The plushie is still in the floor and it catches her attention, there appears to be nothing left of adult ludella, she's just a happy gurgly adult baby. She drops her rattle and grabs the plushie, spits her pacifier and bites the plushie adorably and smiles while doing so, takes a few drinks of her bottle and seems content about it. Scientists give her toys and she attempts to play with them but her hand coordination is very poor, tries to move but can't even stand up, she barely moves a little bit crawling around but this upsets her so she starts crying.

Suddenly she kind of snaps of her baby haze, she asks whats going on? with a childish lisp, she asks why she's wearing diapers and sucking on a bottle? she's not a baby? what have you done to her? please! PLEASE! make it stop I'm not a baby I'm a big gwl, pwese, my main few fun-e , pweese doctuh, pweeese hewwwp! my big gwl! … we see an arm, checking a chronometer in a countdown, it says 40 seconds and decreasing…

wha you mean me soon baby forevah? no nonono make it stup me big, me big hot gwl, make you few goo, she starts to try and undress again but buttons in her onesie are just imposible to undo now with her baby hand coordination, she keeps tugging and tugging while sobbing a little bit "me no wanna be baby" "me no babyyy pweeese" "pweeese no make me babeeee" we see an arm, checking a chronometer in a countdown, it says 10 seconds and decreasing…

and we see a scientist hand waving goodbye to ludella, she gets very scared "no, no make big gwl min go bibye, no, me thin big, me big baby… no, no babee, me… meee…" … her eyes become vacant, she starts to drool… meee… mo… momma? dadda? Dadda!!! she smiles the most honest smile and starts jumping up and down, they caress her face.

The juvenile perfume is a success.

(No less than 5 minutes)

I would keep the interactions with other people to a minimum actually, I just want to see her, and also, when she's unable to talk I'd just make her voice be heard anyways to make the viewer understand its her own thoughts although she can't express them properly , this last part for me at least, is an extremely powerfully arousal matter, the still reluctant presence of an adult mind in a body that is regressing.

661bc4  No.70911



I'd buy this just to see her in a onesie.

Gotta be one of those cute abdl ones, of course.

If you end up commissioning it, let me know.

I've got loads of clips to trade depending on what you're interested in.

0cbed7  No.70915

Anyone got anything from RubberNipple.com?

Think the website is closed and the only clips ive found are these 2….



5838b5  No.70919

Here's a few Pampered Penny Videos. If anyone has anymore videos of Penny having sex please share.


5838b5  No.70920


Personally I enjoy diapered sex. The amateur POV style videos are usually really hot.

b80a90  No.70928

File: 25f3aa426815118⋯.jpg (259.23 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_opib2hNE4Q1ttqplwo1….jpg)



0cbed7  No.70930


Thanks, good collection

fa239b  No.70942


i came buckets thanks.

b80a90  No.70953


All from previous video threads, just collected it all and sorted most of it.

64fdc5  No.70958

Will someone download this and put it on mega please? Every time I have tried on both links I get a bad gateway. Thanks in advance.

818fc9  No.70961


looks down, any chance of a reup or alternate link?

000000  No.70976


Video featuring that japanese girl with ABDL diapers and colored hair that was mentioned some video threads ago


the link is down, any chance you could reupload it?

I like Sol/Venus very much and I'd really appreciate it

c8cf22  No.71012

File: c8dc8e585b765e0⋯.gif (973.83 KB, 400x224, 25:14, DE5FF90D-280F-4346-919D-17….gif)

e038f2  No.71019


that is a really good vid. Like, the studios need to study this.

c8cf22  No.71021

Can anyone upload this to video to Mega?


16126f  No.71022

f986e2  No.71023

f1b60e  No.71026






76156d  No.71036


Amazingly youtube-dl works for that site.

It's a command line tool for downloading videos.

c8cf22  No.71039


Oh cool. Thanks man

5e8aaa  No.71040


And it supports several hundreds of other sites too :) https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html

For less tech savy windows users theres a simple graphical user interface version with .exe installer: https://mrs0m30n3.github.io/youtube-dl-gui/

0c745b  No.71076



p sure it is a CD but cool anyway

29fbcf  No.71077

File: 616ec8d93d4b652⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 426x240, 71:40, mgid_ao_image_cc.jpg)


Well done, internet anon.

c51a25  No.71078


Thank you so much!

be099f  No.71079

someone knows who is this and more important what diaper is this? (or pull up?)


be099f  No.71080

File: fafaeb4d6613a11⋯.jpg (159.71 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, REPfKjkrGuM.jpg)


now with the pic :)

76ea4b  No.71084


Put on some women's clothing and make a video of yourself… tada!

Otherwise go look up Riley's stuff… or that other friend of Riley's… uh… can't remember her name.

69456a  No.71094


Stoneylittlefox on tumblr, she's wearing Huggies Overnites.

67e8d5  No.71103


Thats a dude anon, if you even look at the corresponding videos its a bunch of dudes CD as Touhou characters and the like.

e714bb  No.71113

67ff76  No.71119

d7e411  No.71171


Can you please stop spamming every video thread with links to that specific site asking people to let their compute run for 10 hours to download the video you want and then reupload it on a sharing site you like

Download it yourself you fuck

e41522  No.71172

Does anybody have yuki stuff?

94b7aa  No.71173


there's a couple of videos hosted somewhere

but believe me, fake cringy orgasms are a huge let down being so average looking as she is

56eb4c  No.71179

662d7c  No.71188




It’s in the other folder.

9ad33c  No.71205

anyone knows of a way to bypass mega limit? im using megadownloader to bulk download stuff, but i get stuck a lot


get the fuck out holy shit… what a king!!!


it onyl says it got removed if you enter it via the full link key included. you have to enter with just the the link and THEN copy the key when it asks

62a45a  No.71219


It's IP based

If you can't solve it from that well no other advice will help

661bc4  No.71234


>anyone knows of a way to bypass mega limit? im using megadownloader to bulk download stuff, but i get stuck a lot

VPN. I use expressvpn and switching servers gives me a new "ip" for mega to recognize.

f09900  No.71311

File: 6f9e5e4b6f3248b⋯.gif (5.37 MB, 290x144, 145:72, diapernatatliblackmail.gif)

does anybody have natalie mars's stuff from ageplay 247?

bf7e37  No.71318

Anyone have the old poopypwincess/whateverthehellherfiftyotherblogswerenamed videos before she left tumblr for good? Most of it's deleted by now but the few that aren't are amazing, would love to see what I missed out on.

b5fd5a  No.71321


Isn't this her? teenylittlebaby.tumblr.com

Don't think there's any of her old videos there, but don't think she left forever. I might just be mixing up different girls though…

f3ddc9  No.71330


Also you can try leech or premium link sites. You are to be shown about a dozen of ads before you can download the file, but it works.

bf7e37  No.71342


She's replied to a post from pwincess before, they're not the same person. She also reblogs her old content.

42df02  No.71352

File: ad7ed24ef462ec9⋯.jpg (225.28 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, o5v6ixy2FE1rtldbzo1_1280.jpg)

anyone have the video from this pic?

56eb4c  No.71354



Is that really the whole thing? It just cuts off?

b80a90  No.71370

File: f69322ef88368b6⋯.jpg (390.28 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_o27aqcpRPi1ulav35o1….jpg)


No there is more if you look on the Clipforsale link, I've gotten all of these vids from previous threads so I have no idea why it isn't the whole clip sorry.

94b7aa  No.71373


jesus those monkey teeth…

62a45a  No.71386


Which one?

746d5b  No.71397

Would anyone happen to have any nurse helena videos? There was one in particular in which a lady finds a babydoll and it causes here to regress…

94b7aa  No.71408


black chick, I didn't realize before but cupcake is definitely a chimp

76ea4b  No.71411


I bet she gives amazing blow jobs. Better to have a head like a chimp than a shaved weasel!

000000  No.71428


It seems to be the second part of a ABallycakes.com. Unfortunately I only have the first part:


key: WsgigRpB1lAQaAxjDdFFqJtvol6JhOIxmRFhz8wmDwQ

000000  No.71429


From a different source:


key: buCl5_hp9epV3Kh3XXfN4hszRuJLs0ck1bisY214C_4

95c1fb  No.71437




714d1b  No.71459


what is this code?

9ad33c  No.71462


well what's the quickest, cleanest way for doing that? i used to mess around with this years ago by disconnecting my modem and then waiting some minutes, but it wouldn't always work, and it's a clunky solution regardless.


what other uses do vpn have?


yeah i've done these sites too. good idea but i'd rank it next to disconnecting the router in clunkiness. guess i''d rather wait a day.

42f1c3  No.71464


>what other uses do vpn have?

They provide limited protection against surveillance. Your ISP can't see what you're looking at and can't fuck with your traffic.

A VPN is the absolute minimum you should be using after everything Snowden revealed.

3e287d  No.71470

So 99% of videos with girls messing are fake, right? Am I missing something here?

5e8aaa  No.71472

File: 5353bf84f8aaed3⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1479, 400:493, NEXT_SEPTEMBER_R_4.png)


>They provide limited protection against surveillance. Your ISP can't see what you're looking at and can't fuck with your traffic. A VPN is the absolute minimum you should be using after everything Snowden revealed.

Meh. The VPN owner can see all your traffic… Not really good solution for privacy if you don't live in some third world country where internet is heavily monitored and/or censored.

If you want true privacy, first stop using shit like facebook, google, snapchat and so on. Really doesn't matter do you have some vpn shite or not if you post your daily life to snapchat :D

If you want anonymity while doing something illegal on the net, use TOR. If you are doing something highly illegal, use Tails (TOR + linux live usb stick combo). Read TOR FAQ's before doing something stupid.

If you want to bypass filehoster limitations, watch other countries netflix, download torrents without worries, use VPN.

15f8f0  No.71477


looks like Diapered Sleepover Part 2 by aballycakes

9d9859  No.71479


Fuck off, retard

977788  No.71487


I agree with you. I can't stand niggers/monkeys in our fetish.

It's an automatic turn off whenever I see a coon in a diaper. Yuck!

76ea4b  No.71489


"our fetish"

Tha'fuck you on about you dribbling degenerate dipshit? You like pissing and shitting all over yourself like a caged animal, so try and not fling shit at others, you hypocritical little howler monkey.

You probably look like a bulbous, misshapen pig man. Squeal for us piggy, SQUEAAAAL! :D

94b7aa  No.71494


>caring about a female monkey this much in an anonymous indonesian ib

8/8 gr8 b8 m8

94b7aa  No.71495


good to see that chubby ally is back at it, I think she's cute and hot

ac7f0c  No.71516


Dog, this scene is from like 5 years ago.

28eaca  No.71518

2be40f  No.71531


To be fair you fell for it. So his statement is still correct.

782a66  No.71542


please reupload

ace998  No.71551

977788  No.71569



903d0c  No.71570

76ea4b  No.71572


I can see inside your tomorrow… and there is nothing but emptiness, you narcissistic fool.

85e233  No.71576

File: b57bd4cdaf00037⋯.jpg (39.51 KB, 261x260, 261:260, disgusting_3.jpg)





Stop filling up this thread with this cancer you cunts. Post porn or GTFO


key: o7fOqOIE0tbDuIoXOcm3apnd53XimolZ5HjXGwF66gg

5c6b67  No.71588

Does anyone have wellpadded.co.uk videos? It's impossible to find the good ones

15f8f0  No.71632

94b7aa  No.71652


actually that would be really nice, never seen one of those ABDL reeducation center vids, I think there was one about a dude and two that followed up the progress of the guy becoming more and more a baby, and there there one another one about a girl.

Now this new one.

6655b6  No.71653


Doesn't work anymore

e847f3  No.71667





your right its our fetish but really stop being racist there are bigger cancers infecting our fetish

thats right FURRIES and/or TRAPS

they both have there own fetish yet they infect ours.

if you have to rage against something pick that

204ff7  No.71670


Hardly seen any Wellpadded clips, ive only got 2….




42f1c3  No.71674


>they both have there own fetish yet they infect ours.

People can have multiple fetishes. There are people here into bondage, spankings, furry, lolis, cuckolding, orgasm denial, omorashi, plus a whole heap of other fetishes. Live and let live.

989349  No.71683


Yeah. Most of the amateur ones that you see on Tumblr are real though.

977fa6  No.71705

I've been collecting rare diapers videos for years, using UKDG, clips4sale, youtube and of course 8ch!

Here is a mega link of some of the rarest diaper videos I got. They are all pullups/pampers related because I'm in total love with them!


key : DmhrhgFiOUlRWahxbH0d5g

If any of you has only PACIFIER (because I looove them too) related videos, specially amateur ones, I would be glad to (maybe privately) exchange with some more Diaper videos of my collection ( or even pacifier related ones)


my mail : mrmeeseeks@outlook.fr

204ff7  No.71712


Ive found 2 more on VK, there in the same folder/link

c964ae  No.71713


Did we ever get a re-up of this? It definitly appears donw now.>>70928

204ff7  No.71725


Everything that was posted in that link is from this forum, easy way to download it…. shame its no more

216950  No.71734

anyone got this please http://movie87.adultbabyfilms.com/

b80a90  No.71736

File: b9b0f195f83e021⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 400x534, 200:267, tumblr_ngbx4xl7dl1rkeiyvo1….jpg)


I put it up again, sorry for the downtime

714d1b  No.71740


seconding this

0dea2a  No.71741

I honestly wish you guys weren't such massive fucking retards.

32726c  No.71749

272c3c  No.71751

c4a54b  No.71763

661bc4  No.71764

Not asking for someone to buy, because begging is shit, but does anyone have Cheshire/Princess Puddlez's "Very Leaky Pull ups" video they could throw on a mega for me?

I saw her new content previews and this one just stood out to me.

Also just in general, where do y'all find this content if you don't buy it? (don't link vk, i'm following all the big accs for vids on there)

I haven't found many torrent trackers that have good abdl content.

09350e  No.71784

Anyone have AaliyahTaylor videos? I'm missing a bunch, found a lot on VK but I can't download from VK. I'd be willing to trade a shiteload of UKDIAPERGIRLS videos, or the entirety of WishBerri's collection.

7058e4  No.71790


I feel dumb. I try to download all of that into a ZIP file in Chrome (and I even tried Microsoft Edge, which I never use) and it keeps asking me to get the damn MEGA app.

I downloaded the MEGA app and the MEGA app will download a bit and then say I need to wait a certain amount of time before it continues again (unless I pay for a premium account thing).

And I've tried MEGA Downloader, but I always have problems with that getting "ERROR"s and not downloading everything.

I'm not a boomer, but I sure feel like one right now.

661bc4  No.71792


Did you download the ones from the mega linked here?


42f1c3  No.71805


Try megatools


It has a download function which works like the MEGA app but doesn't require an account. I'm not sure if there's a bandwidth cap on the server though.

Also last time I used it it was quite fussy about filenames. If there are weird characters in any of the filenames it might not let you download them.

fd0afe  No.71821



e92869  No.71827


Who is the girl in this photo?

7058e4  No.71846


Oh sweet! I'll give that a try. Thanks anon!

95c1fb  No.71848


We need this!

9e599e  No.71874


>These are pull-ups/pamers related


you had me until that line

4da521  No.71910

cf10fa  No.71915


Is it supposed to be only three videos?

7058e4  No.71917


Not to sound like a needy faggot, but I'm getting overwhelmed about the megatools thing. Do I need to know some kind of code shit or something for this? (I'm not the worst at computers, but I can't say I'm wonderful with them either)

b3d1ad  No.71918


Just download the windows version from https://megatools.megous.com/ and use it from the command line. There should be instructions included in the download. If you don't know how to do that, google something like "how to use windows command line".

9811f2  No.71963

9811f2  No.71967

94b7aa  No.72003


dont even waste your time, Its one of the worst clips I've seen in my life, not real regression, no nothing total waste of time

23d0da  No.72055

da9008  No.72170

16126f  No.72195

25a67e  No.72245


This is only 5 minutes, not the full vid. They don't even get a diaper on her.

7bb8cf  No.72248

204ff7  No.72256

272c3c  No.72336

Does anybody have these clips from Bella Marie?



I already have a few and was just wondering if anybody could help complete the collection.

467bdb  No.72343

File: 0a44fe233cf138e⋯.jpeg (579.48 KB, 2620x1860, 131:93, last.jpeg)


Here is a screenshot at the end of the clip.

Enjoy !

855906  No.72374

File: 1ad7dd767c7c0e2⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 2dd.jpg)

32726c  No.72402

23d0da  No.72406


I must have done something wrong

23d0da  No.72409

d1cba2  No.72466


>no messing

aaand another site to ignore forever. seriously.

she should just stay on abdreams, at least they make good soft content there even if the site is shit.

ac7f0c  No.72475


That's awesome for me, man. Can't stand scat.

f3f4fb  No.72539

Anyone has Governess videos?

I'm looking for: Diapered for the Week


bc8dfb  No.72541


i'll get that one tonight and share it for ya.

i've also got a few others that I'll be linking to as well

bc8dfb  No.72552



here's this one and the other two i've bought. will post the next time i update with a video i want



2ad8bb  No.72556

38a0cd  No.72568

ed1db9  No.72569

File: 3ed81aef31b3186⋯.jpeg (156.16 KB, 680x855, 136:171, 8ACC836C-B462-4556-A37B-F….jpeg)

File: 264b2a7a8c96a86⋯.jpeg (110.85 KB, 1600x1063, 1600:1063, 145B4167-0750-4348-BCF7-8….jpeg)

Anyone have any videos of AbAllycakes?

d69bc5  No.72572


"Fae's Diaper Punishment" looks amazing

a3a1b7  No.72578



Here's two I just bought the other night. Would be awesome if someone else would contribute a couple more of hers.


key: cnfPjQTlyr30hpHFYmcBHA

a4b864  No.72593

204ff7  No.72594


I was gonna get some of her clips before seeing them, thought they were quite boring. Thanks Anyways

d2694d  No.72599


Says it's been removed.

d2694d  No.72600


Disregard that I suck cocks.

7c1cac  No.72605

Does anyone have this video https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/43760/8765323/POV+-+Zayda+Instructs+You+To+Mess+Your+Diaper+MP4+HD it use to be on dprtube and it use to be one of my favorites.

b9d3aa  No.72610



dd14e8  No.72613


>46 bucks

you'd be better off starting a collection plate

f3f4fb  No.72616

Some clips from Penny, DGF & House of Taboo


key: oX8HWSVlCLjB5i60S3hPdw

d8fe23  No.72617

can anyone post this on MEGA…

cheshire is simply adorable

aa0746  No.72628

Can anyone post these Penny files to mega?

I have been dying to see these and my internet is way too slow to upload them.

759107  No.72636


Really boring videos… I was expecting so much more from her.

Thanks for the share though, much appreciated.

822d58  No.72641

REQUEST: Because I'm a greedy fuckin' faggot who has no monies.

Does anyone have either this:


or this:


a5643c  No.72673

ac517a  No.72675

File: 3ed81aef31b3186⋯.jpeg (156.16 KB, 680x855, 136:171, F6CCB391-DB82-4363-B49F-9….jpeg)

Request: anyone have this video? Everytime i post about it no one replies. I’m guessing no one likes thick girls :s

204ff7  No.72676


Got a couple with her in, give me a min, not the one your after though im afraid.

204ff7  No.72677





Oh and cause its Christmas, this one of her is on pornhub… https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ab00e9f397cd&pkey=82603771>>72675

94b7aa  No.72681


pornhub link got taken down

204ff7  No.72682


Thats odd, search for diaper Adriana Ally on pornhub, its the first clip that comes up

0762e3  No.72692

File: e023abe1c79ff62⋯.jpeg (76.72 KB, 750x1143, 250:381, 25CF5923-38AC-4911-968D-A….jpeg)

File: e45ae4839dafcd9⋯.jpeg (174.26 KB, 750x1034, 375:517, 8037FFED-B26F-4478-AA6F-B….jpeg)


I have two of her best messy videos. Might share them since it’s christmas and there a messy diaper video on Thisvid of her humping a teddy bear 😍

I had these videos since 2015.

0762e3  No.72694

I’m about to send about three Aballycakes sexy messy diaper videos. Merry Christmas you faggots lol

ebb248  No.72735

I have a limited number of Emp (private porn torrent tracker) invites available.

You must be able to maintain an upload/download ratio of at least 1:1.

If you have something new to share, even better.

Hit me up at knishes@gmx.com

bf90df  No.72736

661bc4  No.72737


i'm interested and have a seedbox.

post screen of their abdl porn vid sections

ebb248  No.72740


Do you know how many pixels that would require?

Fucking shitloads mate

661bc4  No.72745


not the whole thing, obviously, just a sample to see if it's actually worth it.

7fd354  No.72769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5a92b3  No.72797


Fake and gay.

Why do so many fucking "messing" vids do that where they're shown taking the suppositories/enema, they squirm for a bit, then it jump cuts to them being messy?? Where can I just find legit messing???

6d3207  No.72798


wtf? gay? lol

2d4871  No.72803

8727e1  No.72827


I lived with a girl who sold vids on C4S. Her messing videos were always real but sometimes she edited and cut them for time.

There was one time it took her thirty minutes to get everything out because the enema wasn't doing its magic.

If she had the editing skill, I think should could have cut it better to show the desperation and stuff. But at the same time, I think most of her clients just wanted a 5-10 video to fap to.

6ad65a  No.72834

484b81  No.72848


Who is this girl of which you speak? Link to her store please? And are her videos actual quality?

5a92b3  No.72849


That's understandable I guess, but you can see how that gives off the impression of being fake if I can't actually see her messing, right? I enjoy watching them push it out. If I can't see that part, I'm inclined to think it's fake.

661bc4  No.72865


>There was one time it took her thirty minutes to get everything out because the enema wasn't doing its magic.

yeah, she barely used any then.

I've used enemas plenty of times, and they certainly don't take 30 minutes to exit if you've used the whole thing.

62a45a  No.72867


Or she started pushing early so it wouldn't work properly

37f2a8  No.72868


then she probably should have used it to clean her brain out instead. everyone knows you gotta let 'em work their magic.

d4f3b6  No.72873

Does anyone have videos that focus on diaper humiliation/punishment/being forced to wear diapers? Please and thank you! It's so hard to find good ones online (or I just really suck at finding them)

661bc4  No.72876

2adecf  No.72880

25c8c5  No.72892

Can anyone be the MVP of the year and upload this to Mega?

9408ca  No.72893


>Can someone please download 15 videos at 50ko/s with downtime in between and then give them to me to grab in like 10 min

>for no reason whatsoever

25c8c5  No.72894


Hey, can’t hurt to ask right? lol

Didn’t know if anyone has the “premium account” which would still take a lifetime.

If it’s any consolation, I’m just looking for the goodnite & pull up stuff 🤣

f3ddc9  No.72895



When you ask, you contribute something. If someone likes that they'll upload the vid in question on Mega. When you need a volunteer, you do it first, instead of playing a fool

25c8c5  No.72897


I’ll gladly make a trade of my private collection, just not for public consumption.

f58c29  No.72898


Thank you for this

107567  No.72900


no problem, hope you enjoy!


I'm interested, how should we talk?

25c8c5  No.72903


Have an email address?

107567  No.72904


here's a throwaway email I've had for a long time but don't use anymore, mainly because all my other emails have my name in them.


25c8c5  No.72909


Sent ya a message

5777d3  No.72913


I'd love to share with you guys as well. I am having a bit of a slow upload recently because I moved and am waiting for the new internet, but I'm trying to upload my stuff to mega for download. throwaway441491514@gmail.com is the email. Let me know. Thanks!

897924  No.72958

content hasnt been good for awhile. same girls. same situations. same sets.

and if there are new girls, they just do basic cam videos on ukdiapergirls or diapergal or they overcharge like faye is currently doing.

to even get to anything, you have to sort through tons of male videos, sissy stuff, scat stuff, trap stuff and endless pov stuff. like domination for your own good and all the other sites that line clips4sale top sales.

ideas like dates go wrong or ineedamommy never have the roles reversed where the actress playing the daughter or the girlfriend is the one being punished. spanking sarah gregory is one of the only stores to do believable scenarios and its still mostly the same models. everything else is just more talking into the camera.

ageplay 24/7 has gone way downhill, abdreams never does anything new and if they do get new models, they are placed in basic videos. pampered penny has enough pov style videos to fill someones hard drive.

and speaking of POV age regression style videos.


the description dialogue is better than the actual audio and there are so many just like this.

204ff7  No.72959

Heres 3 clips from a store thats disappeared from C4S…..



If anyone has anything from https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/98441/goddess-valoras-peep-show/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ClipDate-desc/Limit0/search/DIAPER-DISCIPLINE

…that would be amazing

b61739  No.72993


We dont deserve a hero like you, thank you!

The majority of the DiaperGals folder is corrupted/not available. Any chance we could get a reupload? Thanks again!

8ab557  No.73043

b80a90  No.73060

File: d594c354a892639⋯.jpg (802.88 KB, 1216x1824, 2:3, dg2929-59a.jpg)


What makes you say that it is corrupted? It seems fine when i download it. Most of the files are in .mpg format so they can't play in the browser but when you download them it should work.

b61739  No.73070


You're right and I'm a very silly goose. Plays fine with a different player.

be9a36  No.73099

File: 3407e7089a304a6⋯.jpg (139.41 KB, 768x816, 16:17, 8678778567.jpg)


man do I agree.

Boring asexual low-effort bullshit from greedy "professional" camwhores.

The only thing thats "professional" in this recent ABDL-scene is the way to scam lonely fetish-autists for their money.

100dbc  No.73117

Baby-Doll collection, enjoy


I have more than 1TB of mostly DL videos, too large for Mega. Any suggestions?

210751  No.73125



7f14f6  No.73126


Thanks man, great stuff!

000000  No.73164


Thank you very much for your files.

I suggest you to send here the list of the files (or put them in a mega file). For sure many of them has already been published and you can focus in the most uncommon by petition.

Thank you again.

100dbc  No.73165


Mega folder including file list (split into two documents)


c0dd54  No.73174


Amazing list ! So many files !

Have some mommy handjob stuff ?

94b7aa  No.73176

5838b5  No.73182

ce9bf1  No.73228

f6e4d9  No.73229


The first one has been posted very recently, its n 2 parts. The massive Babydoll link on Mega

ce9bf1  No.73230


Whoops, sorry im sober as last night :x, thanks for pointing it out.

7fd354  No.73260

fa832d  No.73294

File: b398dce3f88d13b⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, D1A7F4D4-08B3-45F1-A668-BC….png)

Anybody have this one?

94b7aa  No.73297


this one is for oculus rift but I cant get it


07bdbe  No.73298



060df1  No.73375


search for readymade or herdiaper(s?) on saff or other places

herdiaper in saff gave me this:

but there are a few more (and more graphic ones - heavy scat warning) out there

000000  No.73377

Can someone create a new thread? this one has reach its limit.

b88553  No.73428

9ad33c  No.73448


Thanks and torrent

9ad33c  No.73449


jesus, please someone upload this to mega

000000  No.73453


Thank you for the list and for the files.

I'd like to ask for two files in FLBabygirls directory:

298M - Wet Your Pullup, Now!.mov

281 - Caught Diapered.mov

I have seen that you miss some files of this company, for example:

- 136: https://mega.nz/#!4LJCCCwb!07M4KlmjgihxOtzLP_VqpAUXupkCiT2uttobqO_x2rU

- 290: https://mega.nz/#!ITJxgYyb!ExfHk2JV-ebxpkoS9o5bx2elD2ZWNADzXAPFJ00Nn1o

- 303: https://mega.nz/#!JSBRVQLK!tzHOmlnUeMNR3MQvsV8D1GOQzDPnWo5tmAvjGIURnV0

Additionally, my 144 file is very low res (320x180, 144Mb). Is your 144cLVIVer.mov file better?

Thank you.

752fb7  No.73485

f58c29  No.73536


A website that is all fucking scat should not have a generic name like "fetishkinky"

dabc3c  No.73572


What he said

3acd4f  No.73621


It's in the folder now.

Thanks for the missing files!


dbed17  No.73659


Can you Mega your Penny collection?

f6e4d9  No.73662


Shes living the life old Penny, Jesus she charges a lot for her clips!

000000  No.73682


Thank you for the files.

IDK if you will upload all the penny files as >>73659 asked because there are a lot, but I would like to request any of these:

- A cheerful proposition

- A spanking for Penny

- A tricky check up

- Baby Talk

- Cloth Diapers

- Confession

- Cool Diapers

- Cowgirl

- Diapercize

- Diaper domination

- DiaperedCaged (although I have "Caged and Diapered", see below)

- Diapers and PJs

- Diaper Worship

- HalloweenClubbing

- HotPinkRomper

- jealousy

- Mommy Cuckolds Sissy

- Naughty Baby

- Penny Gets Schooled

- Schoolgirl Humiliates You

- Penny's Plug

- Promise

- Punishment

- regressjuice

- Schoolgirl Humiliates You

- Schoolgirl humiliatrix - Blackmail

- SecretStash

- Sexy Baby

- Sorority slut in diapers

- Squishy.mov

- trickortreat.mov

- Tricky Check Up 1

- Tricky Check Up 3

- Welcome to Miss Penny's nursery

- Wet pink panties

I know there are a lot. Feel free to upload what you can.

I see you don't have in your list (although videos don't have the title so it's difficult to know)

- PRS4 (the continuation of PRS3 -> https://mega.nz/#!ZTolEaZI!lNB9m_XoowA8eTAqcIXlHxnYb79OGOvpX724vWYXhAs

- AndreaDiaperWin -> https://mega.nz/#!NL4FCCQK!uESfBuk5EtAKg1n69ocKbYmCsT-VjxAwSCeUB9ulgOo

- Caged and Diapered -> https://mega.nz/#!ZKglmKKa!KGSFKNVejDlNThVLMVkd_kM4i_H6Ov-yZdAXcH38cCY

- Cheerleader Daughter Blackmail -> https://mega.nz/#!sGQ1GCSC!QM6hLyiXHIyfWObEo_Q-GR6h9FZCPFIg3VeCtZIna5o

- Cherry Interview -> https://mega.nz/#!5CAh2Ipb!uFfXt8begSJbNMm2kEdom2JQYwPSCxUWq3XmnGNJbhw

- cheyjew.mov_3 -> https://mega.nz/#!ICAWVQrD!BOYwRc4K6S52Ig7JmlRUUMe36d31No4pbUwmnxVU1hU

- DDLG Girlfriend begs to cum in diaper_720p -> https://mega.nz/#!8PQUGS6b!rUGmcPOrrLekpIQaLaO60OlmUEqTwDoM5oAMErT1hSc

- dfwss -> https://mega.nz/#!dC4Q2KaQ!g3QsEmJHFoUKPC94rsxQW6GnCMKUpKJntDhrxwGZ59M

- Diapered In Front Of Your Crush -> https://mega.nz/#!cGJ3FKbR!XSV7CdBKAjkQyJfQ9P1pJJYpYsF8ZfwN0kRHfm8aNZE

- DiaperedSchoolboy -> https://mega.nz/#!lDA3GabL!XEs7QEa_RtLkE9epLiFBgV5kyThR8qie-jbijD6NM80

- The Diaper Fairy_480p -> https://mega.nz/#!gDQWzYza!nvZWyy8ObjaoZ2dqs5XSuVROpJGf-keleDw-rxXrtPQ

- Diaper Lolita Maid -> https://mega.nz/#!MWAnRS7Y!BQ-ko3OUlFSCNpSwj1tskT80uuLdsWq4CUwHwtgptx0

- Diapers And Humiliates Boy Next Door Penny Barber -> https://mega.nz/#!hWpnTQxB!udm2RX9TtAVZHNsxCYIdcgDQZdwP-DiDnAGZ8anytYk

- Diaper Sex -> https://mega.nz/#!9OIz3Yxb!_bpQS3qGIJruDhI8mzoaJPXqU0hdOJMGPW_NmNqb4JU

- dprwank ->

- GirlfriendAbducted2 -> https://mega.nz/#!NPQTQSwZ!VLlLWz_szj1CB3zmHAz2qwZXPMEzu4EpohTchoK6Fh4

- Kendra Interview -> https://mega.nz/#!IaZR0CiA!7uUJnrW5yX2fr44t-Gnk0HlZWYNSBUyxE8S7baZCdrw

- Milk Maid -> https://mega.nz/#!kO5nAaJL!U2h6uWHLXpnBdzgaXcaim73XXSUrQ2G80pVZ9TB7Eho

- Sissy Bondage Crib -> https://mega.nz/#!RCoRjAaQ!HlzI_iOOEAUVAn1uQHNWE_dsyrCYYHYi0DD6F0rP9_A

- tbtidg -> https://mega.nz/#!RKozyKST!1xbBEW2ut2yr7qTOG83A425btd1r6FaPOPll8bWPzX8

Thank you very much.

000000  No.73685

71f33f  No.73687


Can you please add 137 to the FLBabyGirls folder if you have it.


Thanks for the uploads!

8a558e  No.73754

Does anyone have Backpacker Babies from ABS?

I think that's what it's called. 3 women have their shit stolen off screen, go to what they think is a free overnight place and find it's a nursery, and the door locks after they go in.

I used to have it. I think it's on a different drive in storage and I can't get it out right now.

000000  No.73758



key: qxElsVULai2I_RT9dZiTbcoY3CSxe9X-yY_zF7BAvHk

8a558e  No.73763



100dbc  No.73764


thanks for your files!

everything of mine is uploaded. here the link again:


628fec  No.73804

anyone able to upload this to mega please

filespace.com (premium): http://filespace.com/2sn94cm2zz05


628fec  No.73805

here's a Penny vid not in the dump above anyone able to put it on mega



000000  No.73872


Thank you for the files!!

Can you upload these files from Aaliyah?

- at_2

- c4s.AAhef

- [clips4sale.com]hollow plug full LQ

- clips4sale.comlocked out of the bathroom 2 LQ

- [clips4sale.com]wenona enema punishment full HQ

- Lauren Hickeys Videos 155 videos (is this from AT?)

- video

There are some not in your list:

- Simone diaper punishment -> https://mega.nz/#!cfpVVRwS!o4jnAhbm4BAyV_cK2QDSh9upJhWwRJGa23KdgfnqLlY

- Simone off to brunch -> https://mega.nz/#!xPhD0C7I!DnAQCxBlbwNouO6b-ZXMiW3xzsVXQSgWhvA1A_Ktcbs

- Amanda_s_Messy_Public_Diaper_Change -> https://mega.nz/#!dehzzKSJ!6aVogMqUwz3YeX7vjqo7Crn5Y-CbEYssZ8cmDSNAbTw

- Anastasia naughty_baby_HQ_720p -> https://mega.nz/#!AWxzzIpS!UqSYN4cg-kQmyAmMV0sgknNOhvaW0x9ndrwGVrRj2NU

- Baby rooime full HQ (1)_480p -> https://mega.nz/#!gaoBRKAB!QACLVtRiPqaO0UrjckLdEY-bT-K0Rnv2vOZNnGnVG-M

- diapered mini golf full HQ -> https://mega.nz/#!dPplRQ7Z!btRhJvgG43y6Hw3mDU-rUwutAWBpgja1lUhRNdvwYe8

Thank you.

4aafd7  No.73922


I've uploaded the files. There might be duplicates, I'm very lazy in renaming files

50187b  No.73972

Anyone can Upload this to mega???

9ad33c  No.73988

Thanks to everyone who uploaded videos recently, a lot of good stuff!

000000  No.74073


Thank you for the files. I think they might be some repeated but I am also very lazy to check ;-)

Can you upload the ABCuties directory? I have some files but thy are numbered from 34 and above and mixed with ABBondage, so they might be different.

I have checked your AB dream and you don't have many files that I think has been posted already here. I have put the first ones of them:


key: BRXp9i_p5y7SvFgkiNn6cQ

9ad33c  No.74083

There's a lot of good videos I had never seen before uploaded on "obvious" porn sites. Just passing on the tip cause I wasn't aware


1e5aaf  No.74085


Thanks for your files!

I've uploaded the ABC folder

f6e4d9  No.74089


I wondered where that girl came from, i had a couple of good clips of hers now i have more. Cheers buddy, dont tsuppose you have anything from rubbernipple.com?

I cant find anything from them.

Thanks again!

b8f77d  No.74108


It's yo lucky day


ps i have't actually watched it yet, enjoy

a6a307  No.74155


May I request FLBabyGirls 153 and 144?

4d3754  No.74172


Anything you are looking for in trade for FLBabyGirls 137?

00d915  No.74179


Would you be able to upload any of the DaisyDiapered stuff? Namely the following videos:

- Daisy and Madeline Diapers Enemas and Changing.m4v

- Daisy + odette - First Time.mov

- forbidenmessy.mov

- madeline-and-daisy-messing.mp4


000000  No.74252






Unfortunately 144 has a very poor resolution. I had it in HQ, but deleted it in one of my purges :_(



That depends on what you have. I am looking for 320, 319, 318, 317, 315, 313, 311, 310, 309, 308, 307, 306, 305, 304, 301 and 300.


Thank you very much for your files.

Can you upload ABGirlsInDiapers folder?

I have upload some files of play house that you don't have:


Thank you

3acd4f  No.74255


it's uploaded: https://mega.nz/#F!bFAmgQhD!Kxy_lvdU6EXXIsx-uWvN3w


I've uploaded the requested folder :)

Thanks for your files!

f6e4d9  No.74261


Thanks for that, ir hard to find clips from that site, i have 3 now….



Anything specific you want?

9ad33c  No.74355


Thanks a lot for 144, I used to have it but I lost it and never found it until now.

883422  No.74530

Is there any videos of girls pissing adult baby diapers (not pampers) till they leak heavily? plus points if the girls are standing up so it runs down their legs

16126f  No.74691

f572e8  No.74693


Serial requester

000000  No.74852


Hello. Thank you for your files. I am sorry for the reply delay.

Can you upload BBabyBBear and clips4sale folders? I think I have some of the c4s files, but it is difficult to know with just the name of the files.

I have some Daisy files that aren't in your folder.


I have checked just the name of the files. Sorry if some of them are duplicated.

I have also uploaded some Adriana from DoL clips not in your list:


However I do not have Adriana_Magic_Wand_Masturbation.mp4, can you upload?

Thank you very much.

0a30e4  No.75086


I've uploaded the files. Thanks for yours!

5838b5  No.75333

This thread seems to be dying. Is there no longer interest?

0a1e63  No.75337


I am 🙋🏻‍♂️

f572e8  No.75341

No longer interest???!!!

Im here!

db6be0  No.75383


probably because it's on page 8 of /abdl by now. someone has to create a new thread

000000  No.75435


Hello, I am >>74852 and I am still here.

Sorry not to answer sooner, I have a very workload and takes me ages to answer.

>>75383 You can create a new thread, but continuing with this seems more private, more inner. Sometimes this thread fills with lots of unrelated comments.


Thank you for your files. And sorry, I didn't have time to check you list. I left in DoL/Adrianna. I would like to continue and ask for these files, but need more time.

However, I have updated my Adrianna directory:


It is right now uploading, but if you go there now, you will see new clips.

f572e8  No.75450


Thanks for that, lets keep this thread going!

I've been playing around combining some old clips like this one (its actually 6 clips in one)



749579  No.75474

000000  No.75482


IDK if it has been in the joining process or in your source files, but the bottom has been cropped.



f572e8  No.75489


If you want perfection buy the membership

000000  No.75494


keep easy, I have attached a copy without the cropping and explained why I have duplicated something you had already upload. No hard feelings.

Any clip is welcome.

000000  No.75675


Hi, IDK if you have changed to the new chat or still here.

Can you upload your 5 alina clips of DoL?

I have put mines in https://mega.nz/#F!8S50DSCT

Also the following files:

Almost an hour of Donna - Messing Rocks





I don't have more Alyssa clips, but I have some Alisha here:


Can you upload some Amber ones this is the list what I do not have on (sorry I know they are a lot):
























































































And I have a few (just 7) not in your list:


Thank you





f572e8  No.75754


Thanks mate… there a new video thread now no.20 https://8ch.net/abdl/res/75538.html

000000  No.75758


Thank you. I know.

But if >>75086 is still here I prefer to continue here with the list he sent not to mix with all the other comments.

If he is not here I will repeat the comment in the other thread.

f572e8  No.75759


OK no worries, i just post 2 Amber clips for you on the new thread

000000  No.75788


yes, I thought that it was you although the ID was different.

Thank you.

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