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File: 194781544c6b613⋯.jpeg (174.58 KB, 912x600, 38:25, 1_mQy4SMuUcRGbg3G40zQh8Q.jpeg)

e89614  No.71081

Did you ever wear diapers as a kid past potty training? Did any of your friends or relatives wear? Did you face any abuse by parents or caretakers? I was abused by my narcissistic personality disorder mother who constantly punished, mocked, and gaslight me for no other reason than to feed her own ego.

9fca9b  No.71203


not your blog faggot

be453d  No.71204


So, what started as a duplicate of the "childhood memories" thread devolved into what this guy said: >>71203

At least give us a story worth reading. Did you ass get diaper punished? C'mon, spit it out.

57be04  No.71557

File: 94a89f95d86fa9f⋯.jpg (214.41 KB, 1321x1100, 1321:1100, c57f9e0fef59164e380c2cfd32….jpg)

If this thread is going to take the place of the other childhood memory thread, we need to start adding some stuff. I already posted a lot of my memories in the other thread, though. Anybody have anything to share? Questions? Recipes? Pagan incantations?

e98162  No.71660


I shared what little I had. The short end is I never wore after potty training and I wet the bed once. There is so little of us that post It almost seems like we got it all out already.

sage for not really adding anything of value with my post

76f472  No.71698

Shut up you autistic pedophile.

3cc8e7  No.71700


Are you the mad furry?

57be04  No.73300

>>still diapered in first grade

>>teacher makes us all go into the bathroom before lunch to wash our hands

>>other boys stop to pee, too

>>after a while, they notice I never go

>>that, plus hearing me crinkle, leads to rumors I wear diapers

>>teased a lot, but less than you'd think

>>suspect the teacher told the other kids not to pick on me

>>made friends by being funny and helping others with homework

65ad09  No.73302

No. 71081 What the fuck is wrong with these people? I guess you can only get bullied and pushed around so far before you give in and continue those toxic patterns on the internet. It’s some weak shit. Sorry to hear about your childhood! Think I might know a bit about that. But yeah, got put in diapers one fucking time past toddlerhood, I think I was only 4, and it just blew my mind. Not really in a positive way. Just having my privates stuck with this forced gentle carress. Ended up trying to replicate it with bunches of toilet paper over and over… yeah. Peace, tho!

abef42  No.73303

Got potty trained when I was 2, never wore since then.

c23ef0  No.73330


Were you able to use the bathroom at all?

If you had an accident, did you change yourself or did someone at school change your diaper?

be453d  No.73337

Screw it, here's one I've got:

>be me

>7 or 8

>hanging at grandparents house

>grandparents friends come over with their grandson

>year or two younger than me

>left to our own devices for ages

>eventually show him where there's extra baby diapers upstairs

>he was as excited as I was, no one had to convince anything and we quickly agreed to put diapers on.

>drops pants and undies and change into diapers right there with him in the room

>he's changing too

>neither of us look at the other cause' super focused on diapers

>play padded for another hour

>when it's time for him to go home we pat our butts secretively to assure each other we're still wearing the diapers.

>I'm never caught

>Hope he didn't get caught either

His grandparents weren't that close of friends with my grandparents, and I wasn't that close with my grandparents, so I only saw him, like, once 2 or 3 years later. Obviously, we were both sensitive to social stigma at that point and didn't mention it. I bet he's still ABDL, he was just as into it as I was.

57be04  No.73369


It was a tiny rural school so my parents arranged to leave diapers in a paper bag in the teachers' bathroom, just off to the side of the principal's office. I was supposed to change myself. I hated doing it, though, because kids would sometimes see me going in there and tease me, so I'd often just sit in a wet (and sometimes messy) diaper all day. At most, I'd change my diaper once, when I thought the coast was clear (like, if I could get permission to go during class, when I knew the hallways would be empty). I faintly remember my kindergarten and first grade teacher changing me a few times, too, and teasing me a little bit because I wasn't doing it myself. (Including one time when I was messy and she covered her face and laughed and said it was a good thing she had kids of her own.) Overall, the whole thing was pretty awful/humiliating at the time.

be453d  No.73371


Why weren't you potty trained?

It must be kinda cool to have tangible memories like that now. When did you pt and what was it like?

57be04  No.73433


My parents tried to potty train me but I had a few medical problems that made it hard to control my bowels and basically impossible to control my bladder until I was older.

The memories are kind of a mixed bag. They're kind of fun now, in a totally degenerate way, but at the time it was all pretty terrible. I hated changing my own diapers for some reason, I guess because it felt like a punishment, so I kind of preferred being changed by others, even though it was really embarrassing.

9fca9b  No.73436


Did any friends find out? Any ask to wear?


It's funny how bellow age 8 most kids have no qualms about wearing a diaper for fun or comfort. I think diapers are objective comfortable to the general population and the only reason people won't acknowledge this is socialization

57be04  No.73441


Like I said, pretty much all my classmates suspected I wore diapers because they could hear them crinkling (this was back in the late 80s) and they saw me going in the teacher bathroom all the time. I remember one girl saying at recess that she could see my diaper sticking up out of my pants, one or two kids saying the same thing on the school bus, and another friend asking me all the time if I wore diapers, but I always denied it. (Stupid, since I was obviously lying, but my classmates weren't very bright.) Looking back, I wonder what would have happened if I had just admitted it. Even then, I remember this weird contradiction, wanting to keep my diapers secret but also kind of wanting to wear them openly and feeling really jealous whenever I saw a younger cousin or a little kid walk around with just a diaper on. I don't remember anyone ever asking to borrow one, probably because I was trying to keep it a secret, though again I wonder what would have happened if I had just been open about it. I do remember getting really upset when older cousins teased me when they saw me in diapers, so I guess keeping it somewhat secret was probably the right call.

57be04  No.73508

Guess I'll share one more, just for the hell of it. I remember when we lived in the country and I was playing outside wearing nothing but a diaper, plastic pants, and shoes. I specifically remember my mom changing me on the warm prickly grass, and getting scared because the dog kept running over and licking my face. I also remember the plastic pants because after she got the diaper on me and I stood up, she helped me put my feet into the holes, which was harder because of the shoes. I remember wearing a shirt sometimes, too, because when she pulled up the plastic pants, the shirt would get tucked inside, and I couldn't understand why my parents thought that was funny.

I think what's most, um, uncomfortable is how my mom would check my diapers when I had plastic pants on, though. She would peak down the back see if I was a messy, which was embarrassing but normal. But when it came to seeing if I was wet, she literally just shoved her hand down the front of my diaper and felt around. I remember her cold hands touching my junk, though I'm sure it wasn't fondling, just incidental touching.

For the longest time, I just thought that's how moms checked diapers. Looking back, I'm guessing she only did that because the plastic pants made it harder to see if I was wet, and for some reason, I was bad about asking to be changed. Anyway, for years before I worked out that memory, I couldn't figure out why I especially liked it when my girlfriend handled ice before giving me a hand job. Ah, the roots of degeneracy…

9fca9b  No.73510


Wear you in cloth, disposable, pullups. etc at different stages or what? Which did you prefer?

57be04  No.73514


I was pretty much always in disposable diapers, so I guess it was weird that they made me wear plastic pants too. I vaguely remember my grandma putting me in cloth diapers a couple times when I stayed over there, but not liking how they felt. Never wore pull-ups, mainly because the stores in our little town didn't carry them for some reason.

57be04  No.73526


>Did any friends find out?

Here's another little memory of being found out by a friend. I thought I'd already posted this but I don't see it anywhere. Anyway, I was around 7 and a couple neighbor boys were over. One of them followed me into my bedroom to get my He-Mans or something. He randomly opened my dresser drawer, which was FULL of Pampers, and he got this big grin on this face. I panicked and made up a story about how they were for my little sister… even though I obviously didn't have a little sister… but somehow, he bought it.

7d666d  No.73537


Hey, were you the guy from the other thread who grew up wearing because of scoliosis?

624f59  No.73538

Am I the only one who doesn't remember ever wearing diapers?

7d666d  No.73539


Probably not. But out of curiosity, if you never remember wearing them, what got you into them? How old were you when you noticed it was a "thing" and what were the circumstances?

57be04  No.73541


Yeah, though I think there were a couple of us. Ha, sorry to be a broken record.

624f59  No.73542


>what got you into them?

I used to use YouTube to masturbate when I was a teen, progressing from just watching girls dancing to sissy hypno eventually. Being already on the "weird side" of YouTube at that point, one day on the side bar I saw a recommended video with a woman playing with Play-Doh while in diapers and it piqued my interest enough to click on it and watch it. I thought it was weird but erotic in a way and my interest grew from there

>How old were you when you noticed it was a "thing" and what were the circumstances?

I was fourteen or fifteen. I didn't start to think sexually and masturbate until around that time. I was too afraid my parents would catch me on PornHub so I just watched all sorts of vaguely lewd videos on YouTube and started getting into fetish stuff through that

7d666d  No.73543


Nothing to be sorry about - loved the thread and would love to hear more. Sucks that it sucked at the time, but I'm happy you're cool with being turned on by the memories now.

Last I remember you were going through old medical files to better understand your past. Made any progress on that?


Very interesting. I know about two other abdl guys who have told me something similar. They had no inkling about trying diapers until they saw it on the net as teenagers.

I would think most of us (myself included) were either diapered longer than average and/or can trace the origins of this fetish back to being in diapers as a kid. I knew I was into diapers long before I knew what sex or fetishes were.

57be04  No.73548


Thanks! It's been quite a process. I work through my medical records, then also talked to a few family members to fill in some gaps and repressed areas in my memory (though I obviously left out the fetish aspect). Made a lot of progress, actually. I think I posted most of my stuff in the previous thread, though there's always more. Always happy to answer questions! :)

7d666d  No.73577


I'm good with you sharing anything you haven't already. Even if it's repetitive it's still cute. Are you still wearing now for incontinence or did that clear up?

7d666d  No.73579

Reposting my story from the bedwetting stories thread:

I wet the bed until I was about 7. My parents never punished me or made a big deal out of it - just kept me in diapers at night because I used to like to sleep on the floor, and they didn't want the carpet stained. They tried telling me that they could put a plastic cover on my mattress and I wouldn't have to wear diapers if I slept in my bed, but I wasn't really having it. This was late 80's, so we're talking vintage plastic backed huggies/pampers.

The one time I remember getting changed by anyone but my mom was one night when my babysitter took me upstairs and, to my surprise, told me we were gonna put my night diaper on. I was about 4 or 5. I don't recall any other babysitter ever doing this. I don't know if my parents were staying out extra late and asked her to diaper me or what, but I remember being caught off guard by it happening. I remember not feeling embarrassed but thinking that I SHOULD feel embarrassed because diapers are icky and blah blah blah. I think I was enjoying the attention but trying to pretend I wasn't. What I distinctly remember is laying on the bathroom floor staring up at the ceiling while my babysitter taped the diaper around my waist. I remember she had two friends over who were downstairs watching TV. As I made my way downstairs, I recall half worrying that they would see/hear my diaper under my PJ's and half feeling excitement at the prospect of "getting caught." Obviously they had to have known I was diapered, but I still recall jumping from the stairs to the pile of blankets rather than walking in the hopes that the crinkle wouldn't give me away (but also loving that it did). Don't recall the rest of the night but I remember my mom telling me later that she would not have my babysitters diaper me anymore because she didn't want me to be "embarrassed."

Crazy part is none of that memory does much for me since I turned out gay. Now I just love being big bro/daddy to other padded boys. Go figure.

6a5dbd  No.73584

My step dad was an abusive asshole and would routinely humiliate me for my bedwetting. My mom was an alcoholic wreck who wouldn't stand up to him by fear of getting kicked out.

The abuse and humiliation were often focused on diapers. More than once in my early teens he forced me to stay in my wet diapers for hours "to teach me a lesson" or "because obviously I enjoy it". What hurts me the most is how complacent my mom was about the whole thing.

10 years later, no wonder I have daddy issues and am a huge pervert who gets off being forced to wear diapers.

7d666d  No.73585


Damn dude, that's heavy.

You come to terms with it ok?

3b5b94  No.73606


Are they still together?

Also now that you're an adult, and if he's still in your life, have you thought about handling the situation like an adult now? And beating the ever-loving fuck out of him?

9fca9b  No.73740

Anybody have the experience of a friend's parent diapering them or wearing secretly with a friend? Me 9 and my next door neighbor 7 did this

be453d  No.73742


experienced a friend's parent diapering them?

Don't just post a comment like that without the story.

9fca9b  No.73755


I dont have a story. I'm asking if anyone does.

7d666d  No.73757


> Me 9 and my next door neighbor 7 did this

That's a story, numbnuts.

0187b7  No.73809


These days, I wear diapers mostly for pleasure though honestly I kind of need them for my bladder, too. It's gotten much better since I was a little kid and I would wet my pants on basically a daily basis, but I still have the occasional accident. It's just that now, I can kind of tell when my bladder is going to give me problems for the day, and dress appropriately. Unlike before, when I would just have these sudden bladder spasms and soak my pants wherever I was, no matter how hard I try not to.

0187b7  No.73812


Here's another set of memories, kind of general, that I've been thinking about lately. My grandparents lived in a really tiny house, so whenever we had a family gathering over there, it would be very crowded. That made changing time pretty awkward because there was only one little bathroom. To make matters worse, the door didn't even have a lock on it, though people were pretty good about not opening it if it were closed.

Basically, what would happen is that if I needed my diaper changed, I would whisper to my mom, since she always kept a couple diapers in her purse. Side note: I was always getting mad at her because she would just leave her purse open, and anyone who looked in it would be able to see the diapers. Anyway, sometimes I would ask her not to follow me into the bathroom right away, for fear that my cousins would know what was going on. So I would go into the bathroom first, shyly strip down to my wet or messy diaper (well, I would leave my shirt on, but take off my pants and shoes), and just kind of wait until she came in.

For the most part, nobody walked in while she was changing me. But a few times they did, because the bathroom contained the stairs that led down to the basement and they needed something. My grandma was especially bad about this because I don't think she ever really understood that I wanted privacy and that I was shy about my diapers. So she would just kind of burst in, and smile as she walked by me as I was lying mostly naked on the bathroom floor.

I remember my cousins teasing me a little bit about wearing diapers, but not that much. I don't know if it's that they were clueless, or their parents told them to be nice. A couple other cousins had bedwetting problems, though I don't think they wore diapers nearly as long as I did, so I think it was one of those unspoken things.

Something else about my grandma, while I'm thinking of it, was that while my mom was sometimes a little rough when she changed me, my grandma basically wiped me like she was scrubbing a dirty potato. Also, when she was changing me, she usually didn't even bother taking me into the bathroom a lot of the time. She would just change me right on the floor wherever I was, which was usually in the kitchen if I was hanging around her. I remember being both embarrassed and kind of excited to have my diaper changed outside of the bathroom. Luckily, I don't think she ever did this when the house was full, so it was usually just us. Though I do remember her changing me on the kitchen floor once just as and aunt and uncle walked in. I actually remember them looking kind of uncomfortable and nervous about it, which made me feel pretty bad, though I don't know if that memory is accurate or not.

I also talked before about how my mom would check my diapers by reaching down the front. I'm pretty sure she only did this when I had plastic pants on over the diaper, though. I was also regularly changed by my grandma and two or three of my aunts, though, and I don't really remember how they did it. (Except that, like I said, my grandma was a bit more gruff, and would usually put the diapers on really tight.) I have a faint memory of being in a messy diaper sometimes, and someone reaching in, taking hold of my penis, pointing it up instead of down, and holding it there through the diaper as I lied down. I know that sounds strange and I thought for a long time that it must have been my imagination, but the memory is super strong, and has been with me my whole life.

0187b7  No.73813


Okay, sharing has got me all worked up, so I'll add one or two more, I suppose.

>>about seven years old

>>riding the school bus

>>an older girl sitting in front of me suddenly stands up, turns around, and starts talking with a friend sitting behind me

>>"hey, look at this!"

>>girl in front of me takes what appears to be a very dirty diaper out of her bag unfolds it, and holds it up to show her friend

>>everyone starts shouting about how gross it is while the girl laughs

>>My first thought: oh no, is that one of mine?!

Looking back, I think it was probably just makeup or chocolate that she put into a diaper as a prop or a prank or something. I faintly remember asking my older brother about it, since he was on the bus at the time. I don't remember exactly what he said, except that it was a joke and not to worry about it.

0187b7  No.73818


I don't have much detail on this one, but one strange gap in my memories is when my parents sent me to this church camp for a weekend, I think when I was about six. No, I wasn't molested by a priest or anything. In fact, I remember all the teachers being women, and very nice. Only thing is, I have no idea who changed my diapers or if I did it myself or what. I have a vague memory of being in a locker room or something with just my diaper on, and feeling very shy/nervous as I took my diaper off to take a shower, but for some reason I can't remember if there were other boys there too. I don't think I was teased very much, and I'm sure I wasn't molested, but that's about all I can remember.

Ha, well, except for one other thing, I guess. Our last night there, when our parents came to get us, we put on some kind of stupid concert with recorders. I'd been screwing around earlier and the crotch of my pants ripped wide open. All of us kids were sitting in a row on the edge of the stage, facing our parents, playing/mangling some stupid song. I remember being nervous that someone would see my diaper, though we were in a gymnasium I think and it was pretty dark. Then for some reason, I suddenly got over my shyness and instead sat with my legs spread wide, like I was trying to show off my diaper, even though I'm sure no one could see it.

0187b7  No.73820


Last one for now: as I said in the other thread, I spent lots and lots of time in the hospital for surgeries, regular exams, etc. I have many memories of walking around, very shy, in a hospital gown with a diaper on underneath. This would have been the early 90s, I guess, and the diapers crinkled like crazy, so I might as well have been wearing a sign that said I was incontinent. Plus I remember looking down and seeing my diaper bulging out the front of my gown. I also remember wearing a catheter in my diaper a few times. I thought diaper would press on the catheter and make it hurt like crazy, but I guess they left me diapered because of my bowels.

(Side note: also around this time, I remember a nurse was being mean to me, or so I thought, and when she tried to stick a needle in me, I went nuts and kicked her in the face.)

On a related note, I was also constipated basically all the damn time (I posted in the other thread how my parents had to give me suppositories on an almost daily basis for a couple years). Once in awhile, I had to go to the ER to get an enema. I think my mom was freaked out by this or something, because it was pretty much always my dad who stayed with me. I remember one time in particular when I was older, probably 13 or 14, and my dad was keeping a close eye on the doctor, I guess to make sure he didn't do anything inappropriate.

824820  No.73853


Nope. I can't remember anything before my 4th birthday. By the point I was potty trained.


>But out of curiosity, if you never remember wearing them, what got you into them?

Strangely enough, curiosity about what it feels like to wear them.

>How old were you when you noticed it was a "thing" and what were the circumstances?

I didn't know for sure that I was into it until I finally wore one at age 23. Before then it was more just a passing thought every now and then. I suppose the closest I ever got to obsession as a kid was at age 12, when I briefly considered wetting the bed on purpose so I could wear some Goodnites. I fantasized about it for a few weeks while I was trying to fall asleep. Ended up wetting the bed once by accident around that time, got embarrassed and chickened out of my plan.

0187b7  No.73864


Yeah, I remember fantasizing or dreaming about wetting the bed and then accidentally wetting it a few times, too.

ea7ce9  No.73890

Anyone else used to watch diaper commercials and wish that you had diapers? I remember watching when I was like 3 or 4 and fantasizing wearing diapers. Please I can't be the only one who remembers.

Also there was a kid in my daycare who was about 3 or 4 as well who was still in diapers. He used to go up to the teacher and she'd take him to the back room to get changed. I used to think he was so lucky he got to wear them.

And now here I am, mid 20s, and still never able to wear a diaper because of privacy issues.

0187b7  No.73900


I was like that, too. In fact, I suspect that's pretty common, especially among our weird little tribe. I remember being a kid and feeling anxious and excited every time I saw a diaper commercial, wishing that were me up on the screen but also feeling confused and embarrassed for feeling that way. In my case, I was still wearing diapers when I first got fascinated by the commercials, so what left me feeling triggered for lack of a better word was the thought of being able to wear diapers so openly and happily instead of hiding it.

ee85c7  No.73907


Diaper commercials are made to be extremely impressive. Our diapers make the baby happy! Our diapers make everything great! Our diapers are the softest, most comfortable, most absorbent! You want these diapers! You need these diapers! More than anything else in your life!

Pair this with the obscene amount of advertisements in American TV, and the culture of watching extremely much TV in American in general, and you've got the makings of a children diaper-fetish brainwashing machine on grand scales.

bbcd33  No.73910


>Pair this with the obscene amount of advertisements in American TV, and the culture of watching extremely much TV in American in general, and you've got the makings of a children diaper-fetish brainwashing machine on grand scales.

This is one of the rare occasions when I wish that advertising was more effective.

ea7ce9  No.73911



I sometimes wonder why no one ever acknowledges this sort of thing. There are so many cartoons, shows, and commercials that have so much influence. I remember watching one episode of Rugrats where 2 of the babies wear dresses and that sparked a crossdressing fetish in me at like age 5. I couldn't describe how I felt but I was always so excited to watch at episode. It wasn't sexual, it was just this desire in me that I felt. And paired with diapers was just making it worse.

I was told I had a traumatic experience when I was being potty trained. My parents strapped me to the toilet and made me go. I don't remember any of it, but they said I was there for hours trying to hold it in. Maybe this contributed in some way, I don't know.

824820  No.73915

File: 58bf23b4b581eb3⋯.png (349.6 KB, 548x722, 274:361, 760a0cca3908916c29d9b496f8….png)


Yeah, I credit one Rugrats episode in particular with planting the seed of this fetish in my head.

34a724  No.73916


How come this is still a pretty underground fetish then? Which is very off-putting to a lot of people because they would immediately associate to piss/shit?

Besides, that's just how advertising work. No real life family is getting overly excited about indebting themselves to get a new washing machine. Nobody starts breakdancing in the middle of the street because they drank whatever soda. Are you suggesting we're all unconsciously developping washing machines/soda drinking fetishes because of television? Don't tell me those don't exist, they do.

Let's not even mention why would anyone want to manufacture TV conspiracies to make a kink grow. It's much funnier to manipulate people to create a deep terror of our black amigos.

0187b7  No.73918


Not the person you're responding to but in his defense, I don't think the guy was alleging a vast conspiracy to get everyone into diapers, just saying that commercials are meant to be persuasive and if you have certain factors in your brain or your life, they might even be more persuasive, so that whatever safe, nurturing world is being portrayed in a silly 30 second commercial becomes haunting and idealic.

bbcd33  No.73924


I think you might be mixing up cause and effect a tiny bit.

dfd3ce  No.73925

Age 3-5:

Used to sneak my little brothers pull-ups and wear them. Never used them for anything just really liked how they felt. Got caught a bunch of times but parents didnt seem to give too much of a shit.

Age 7:

Neighbor kid was a bedwetter. Family went over for a new years or Christmas party. Ended up stealing one of his off brand pull-ups and sneaking it home. Had it for about 2 months before found out

Age 12:

Little cousin was a bedwetter too. Was so repressed and confused would wear the goodnite left in the bathroom garbage. (Disgusting looking back on it now)

Age 13:

Find old baby wipes in brothers closet. Use these and old underwear as a makeshift diaper and first figure out there are more people who wear diapers on the internet. Later that same year end up buying a pack of goodnites for the first time while parents and brother were out and since then I've never gone more than 3 months without wearing at least once.

e866c4  No.73927

I have no memories of ever wearing diapers but I was treated like a little kid for much longer than the normal child,and I’m sure it has influenced my fetishes in some ways. I’m an only child and I’m sure this is part of the reason for my parents acting as they did. I continued drink from a sippy-cup until I was at least twelve until the lid eventually broke, mainly out of force of habit, my mom wiped me after I went to the bathroom until probably kindergarten if not later and my mom still brushes my hair occasionally to this day (I’m 21 now) and I call both of my parents “mommy” and “daddy” still. It’s a bit embarassing but it sure explains why diapers so captivated my mind when I first discovered ABDL online.

Anyone else have similar experiences? I’ve always felt other people around my age were more “mature” in the sense of being autonomous from their parents. It’s mainly my mom who encouraged these habits

adf465  No.73945


dude, it sounds like your parents would love to diaper you

e866c4  No.73949


It sounds fun in my mind but in reality it would be way too awkward. They did catch me when I ordered diapers back when I was 15 or 16 but nothing really came out of it. I cried, they sent the diapers back and it was never brought up again. Been too scared to risk it since then. I do kinda want to order a sippy cup again. They are unironically better for drinks.


Sorry, anon, I’m jealous with Mommy, at least until I can find a suitable mommy-gf

ea7ce9  No.73955


Please explain

bbcd33  No.73974


I mean that watching TV didn't give you a fetish. You already had the fetish which made you enjoy those particular episodes more.

ea7ce9  No.74021


But I was like 5. I didn't even know what sex or anything of that nature was. If I didn't watch it at all, seeing diaper commercials and stuff, I may not have developed one.

0187b7  No.74031



Maybe you were just missing out on the affection and nurturing you saw on TV. Diapers kind of embody that, I guess, along with vulnerability.

bbcd33  No.74072


You can have a fetish without knowing anything about sex. It's even possible to have a fetish which evokes sexual arousal without having any desire to engage in vanilla sex acts. Human sexuality is really fucking weird and most normalfags have barely scratched the surface.

I definitely had the fetish when I was around that age and my parents didn't even have a TV.

a4180e  No.74102

File: 146f52811b2442f⋯.jpg (169.91 KB, 737x1084, 737:1084, tom_gets_babied_by_pink_di….jpg)


I had a super huge child boner when I saw the Baby Pus video of Tom from Tom and Jerry. Seeing him get teased by the guys while he was in full ABDL garb excited me in a way that I couldn't explain.

a4180e  No.74103


If it's before puberty, it's a paraphilia rather and a fetish. Paraphilias run a lot deeper and they only get stronger once the libido component adds onto it.

ea7ce9  No.74110


There may be some component in that. I remember my father was a very angry person for the first 10 years of my life. It wasn't until recently where I felt closer to him. My mother tended to be very strict and cold sometimes.

57be04  No.74117


I know the feeling. My mother in particular was very distant when I was little (mostly due to health problems and depression, which I didn't understand at the time), but we got closer later. Unfortunately, she died before I got to talk to her about some of this childhood stuff. I've often wondered how we would have responded. I suspect she would have been very sympathetic and apologetic, but I never got up the nerve to talk to her about this stuff while I had the chance (though by the end, we were on friendly terms).

be453d  No.74120


That's an interesting delineation of the terms, but one that doesn't exist in science. paraphilia is a form of fetishism. What you're describing (pre-sexual obsession) doesn't have a word (maybe "fixation"?), which was what the previous poster was pointing toward,

8f21ed  No.74289



It's something like the fetish equivalent of a childhood crush. You don't know what sex is, but you still find yourself wanting to spend time with certain girls. It seems obvious that the same kind of thing could happen with fetishes.

57be04  No.74727


One more little memory to share–a nice one this time. When my dad was out of town on business, my mom would let me sleep in the bed with her. We would talk and/or read all night, which was great. And the best part is that on at least a few occasions, when I was 8 or 9, I slept in the bed wearing nothing but a diaper. I specifically remember how loudly it crinkled, though for once I wasn't embarrassed about it. (Well, maybe a little shy, but not too bad.)

I also remember another time when I flooded my diaper after my mom had gone to sleep. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to change myself, but she was awake and hugged me when I got back. A couple days later with my dad got home, she made a lighthearted joke about how I had an accident on his side of the bed, but I piped up and said I had a diaper on and it hadn't leaked. I don't remember what they said after that but I think they just laughed and said it was fine.

9fca9b  No.74748


No, I meant "we did this" as in we stole some diapers from his moms downstairs closet (she babysat toddlers as a weekday daycare), wore them around in the woods behind our house and occasionally peed. We did this several times, him also admitting to have pooped undies by himself in the woods and wiped his shirt. Idk if he got caught, took another shirt or what.

It's in a pasta I made from an old thread.

32d5a2  No.74756

Here’s mine:

>be 7 or 8

>tell mom I wanna wear diapers

>she accepts and diapers me

>feeds me baby food and reads me stories in her lap

>dad comes home and sees this taking place

>”what the fuck”

>he flips the dining room chairs over as he storms on over to me and my mom


>Dad steps onto a banana peel on the floor and slides 60mph across the floor all the while hollering and screaming

>crashes into the stove where we were boiling lobsters

>lobster still alive and pinched his nose

>he stumbles all over and steps on one of my toy cars

>he then roller skates into the kitchen cabinet and lands on his ass

>the cabinet opens and a bottle of maple syrup gushes down onto him

>then an open bag of flour falls down and coats him

And that’s how my dad found out about my diapers

7f5224  No.74757


Good post.

49cd9e  No.74825

File: 56b2351e2d73db7⋯.png (479.81 KB, 900x1675, 36:67, 1545352456693.png)

When I was 8 or so, I used to go to a home daycare after school, and all day on holidays. The lady mostly took care of babies and toddlers, so that made me the oldest one there. Anyway somehow I had an accident, and I guess this broke trust with the lady. After that she'd put me in diapers almost as soon as I'd arrive. (after school or drop off) She also forbid me from using her bathroom, and told me to come get her if I needed changed. (weird but maybe this was easier?)

I remember one Easter my mom dropped me off early like 5 am and I was in diapers all day (no pants, like all the other toddlers), we did an egg hunt outside, I refused to go out at first, but she kinda picked me up and made me. During the egghunt I had to go poop but was trying to hold it. I ended up hiding behind the ac unit and messing there, it was hard to do and I was crying and embarrassed. She knew all the signs of my behavior and came and got me, She ushered me inside, calmed me down some, but changed me right there in the living room. I was then put down for a nap in a crib. (she had like 6 of them) I wasn't there long before she put the other kids down for one as well.

There were a couple more instances like that but I stopped going a year later. A few years later it turns out that woman ended up getting her home daycare shut down, for abusing children.(locking infants in closets and beating toddlers.)

f88f9c  No.74840


What was the name of the daycare I want to read about this.

5c8b0c  No.74843


>60 mph

We need to start fueling sports vehicles with bananas. Your Dad managed to go 0-60 faster than any high performance vehicle.

34fc1a  No.74846


What the heck, she sounded like she was nice to you. Was she an old lady approaching the age of dementia or something?

49cd9e  No.74906


It was a suburb home daycare, I assume was privatized, but it was in her own home. Ran by her exclusively. She didn't have a lot of kids there (maybe 8 including me and my brother) This also took place in the mid 90s the only record's I'd be able to pull up would be police records, and I'd need a verified name, I have an idea on her name but I'm not sure if it's correct.


She was maybe mid 30s back then. I want to believe she had 'good intentions' for doing that, like maybe I was out of her scope of expertise and was just sticking to what she knew? Maybe she didn't want me making messes or accidents in and around her house?

I was a very well behaved child but I also had a visciously strict mother, (belt spanking, back handing, mouth soaping, time out) and by 8 knew not to get a bad report, so my protests were very light and meager, even though I'd bawl fat weepy tears the handful of times she'd change me. (prolly why she'd put me down for a nap, not realizing I was crying from conscious shame and not because I was just a 'fussy baby')

As for her daycare going sideways? Not sure, I was long gone by then and only heard it was 'shut down' for abuse and neglect toward the kids.

9fca9b  No.74908



Well sending an 8 year old outside in a diaper but no pants in the suburbs is a red flag.

49cd9e  No.74920

File: becd01f815789c2⋯.png (498.68 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Egghunt location.png)


Sure, but the location is much less conspicuous than you're imagining.

Couple that with a wealthy female in charge and not only would it go unnoticed, no one would even question it too much if it was found. Was what she did abuse, by current year standards, yes. In '94, not really.

0b9aac  No.74922


You should charge your phone. It's not good for the battery if you let it completely drain like that.

0cf401  No.74925


Lucky mofo, I used to go to a daycare with young kids in diapers and always wished she would have put me in diapers literally my fantasy along with when I was babysat once by this hot teen chick when I was 12

9fca9b  No.74933


What did your parents say? Did other kids comment on you/them wearing diapers? Did you try and hold it in or just go?

49cd9e  No.74936

File: 4b33cd5124b087d⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1100x1531, 1100:1531, 1546611113847.png)


Lucky? Looking back on it now maybe, I was pretty neutral about wearing them, but using them was a little different. Getting changed was really embarrassing, and I didn't like it.


My mother was a LPN, she was a single mother and sometimes worked doubles, She knew about it, but she didn't stop taking me there because of it. Simply told me to hold it better. Which left me holding it for hours sometimes, since I wasn't allowed an opportunity to use the toilet.

The other younger kids didn't say too much about it and the second oldest kid there (4) was also in them because she had severe asthma, and would get uncontrollable fits of coughing and often wet herself during them. We got along and played together.

I didn't want to go through being changed so l'd hold until I couldn't. I'd only wet towards pick up time (after school) unless I thought I could make it home. I only messed a few times, easter being one of them. I remember fearing summer break after that easter thinking everyday was going to be like that. It was too, except it wasn't a 5am drop off. I had time to go before I left and my mom wasn't as likely to be forced into a double, because it wasn't a holiday.

Overall she didn't treat me any different from any of the other kids, which is why I think it was a 'good intention'.

Funny enough now that I'm kinked into cgl/abdl I have a hard time wetting my diapers. I spend more time trying to relax for wetting than messing.

210909  No.74938


A part of me feels sad reading these stories. Some anons call you lucky, but I don't see it as such. Mostly because I had a similar problem with being humiliated when i was young.

I was about 5 years old and my parents and grandparents took me to I think Six Flags. One that had a water park or some water thing. Anyway it was about time to go, and I went into the water to play with the other kids. My parents were fine with it, and I came out drenched. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, it was summer. But then suddenly my parents freak out like I did something wrong. My parents immediately told me that I was going to catch a cold and were very angry even though they were fine prior. They order me to take off my shorts and kept me in a shirt for some reason. I don't understand why. I stand outside with my grandmother and the rest go into the gift shop to get me something. I'm left standing in my underwear and a shirt as everyone passes by. When they finally return from the store, they tell me to take off my shirt, and then they put me in another shirt. I thought they were going to buy me pants or shorts or something but no. They make me walk back to the car with them in my wet underwear and wouldn't let me wear my shorts because I might "catch a cold". To this day I don't know why they did that, and I'm afraid if I asked them they'd either deny it ever happening or get defensive.

Just thinking about this and typing it makes me want to cry. I couldn't possibly imagine the humiliation you went through. I'm so sorry.

49cd9e  No.74950


Pretty much. Even though I'm abdl now I certainly hated those moments where I was in absolute ambivalence between using my diaper for relief and the embarrassment of getting changed.

Seems like a similar experience to me, the adults 'ignoring' a child's sense of self and inadvertently causing harmful embarrassment.

I wonder if that's because it takes so long for a child to develop a sense of self, and recognizing when a child is cognizant isn't straightforward. Something to think about.

d07700  No.74955


Parents are fucking retards. ALL parents make mistakes. Parents did shit that was ludicrously wrong or malicious, even if not intentionally.

As kids, we couldn't understand this. We thought parents were infallible, even if they weren't. And that's where all this trauma shit comes from.

b8c4ea  No.74960

More of a teenage memory but still something I remember vividly because of how embarrassed I was.

>14 years old, at family's holiday home on a trip

>starting to really consider exploring diapers for the first time, been interested as early as 5 but forgotten about it for some years

>barely muster up the courage to ask my mum to buy me a pack of nappies

>she's always been very supportive although fairly traditionalist so she does in spite of being very confused

>wear nappies for the first time since being toilet trained, feels euphoric even if they are just basic incontinence briefs

>get curious enough to use them

>use them, wet and messy

>realise immediately afterwards i didn't have a plan to dispose them

>hide them under my bed, pretty sure they wouldn't be found cause parents basically never come into my room

>next day dad's doing maintenance around the house installing blinds, goes into my room

>didn't register he was in my room till it was too late and he was moving my bed to get to the window

>stomach drops, heart going a million beats a minute

>i hear "WHAT THE FUCK?" come from the other side of the house

>frozen in sheer panic

>he walks past the lounge room where i was playing video games with the nappy in his hand, looking at it incredulously but says nothing to me

>want to vanish off the face of the earth, kept staring at the tv to avoid all form of interaction possible

>absolutely nothing been mentioned about it by anyone ever since

>7 years later, been moved out for three years and typing this wearing a nappy with a paci in my mouth, parents aren't the type to remember much so presumably have no idea I still do this

Easily one of my all time worst memories that took me years to fully get over the shame. I learnt the lifelong lesson that day that you can never be too careful hiding shit like that.

210909  No.75017


I really don't understand it at all. It's just a lack of sensitivity or even awareness. I'm an adult now, not too far from the age my parents were when this happened, and if I had kids I would never do something to embarrass them or anything that made them uncomfortable. My parents were just so difficult to approach about things, I've never been able to be open with them, but god damn why didn't they at least try to see it from my perspective?

When I was 5 I was already questioning my existence, asking questions to my mother about why I was born or why humans exist. Philosophical things I could never get an answer too. And yet they treated me like I was an idiot.


I know all parents are bad at their jobs, but I couldn't imagine any of us would do the same mistakes they did. I'm reading all sorts of stories ITT and I feel that if we were parents we would be able to understand that our kids have these feelings about things. Not necessarily indulgent of them, but at least be able to sit down and talk about it in a way parents should do. The irony is I feel most of us will never become parents to try and raise kids better than we were.


You're lucky now you got to get away from them. I still can't, still facing the same issues. But I wish it didn't have to be the case where we needed to hide things more than simply putting them away. I know my parents still at my age look through my mail and shit like I'm hiding drugs, but in combination with my prior response why can't parents be more understanding about the privacy of their kids, especially when it's something that they themselves might feel certain ways about?

df947a  No.75044


Oh, believe me, for every one of our parents' mistakes we don't repeat, we will make a new mistake in a different spot. Such is the nature of mistakes, we do not realize them until they have long happened.

41b741  No.75055

File: a9e82fbe30c320f⋯.jpg (52.93 KB, 430x480, 43:48, Toddler Pampers 1970's.jpg)

My childhood was filled with all sorts of shame and embarrassment.

After I turned 3 year old, any accidents were my fault.

I was expected to be fully potty-trained during the day and night.

My crib was converted into a youth bed using the same waterproof mattress.

So, for a while I slept nightly on damp pee soaked sheets and pajamas.

My bed clothes were only washed once a week on Saturday's.

I was repeatedly warned to stop my "nasty habit" or go back to wearing baby diapers.

Around the same time, Pampers had just came out with a Toddler sized diaper.

This was at a time before they made Pull-Ups or GoodNites.

So, on my 5th birthday, she wrapped up a box of Toddler Pampers as one of my gifts.

She presented it last in front of my older brother.

Of course, I was humiliated and ran to my room crying hysterically.

And so began a bed-time ritual for what seemed to go on at least couple years.

Eventually my initial reaction secretly became something I strangely liked.

That really confused me even more at such a young age.

After she stopped diapering me, I still diapered myself using towels wrapped between my legs.

This went on until I got a little older and had a bike and an allowance.

It took a lot of test runs at a small pharmacy near my house to get up the nerve.

Eventually it became easier every time I went back to buy more diapers for myself.

210909  No.75059


But I'm not sure my parents ever realized what they did in my life. I know OPs parents never did. Nor did the anon's parents who kept him in diapers until he was way too old.

76f472  No.75145


When I was 4 years old my cousin and uncle took me on a camping trip when. They had me wear a Pull-Up to bed. It was an odd request, but hey it beats wetting the bed and isn't so babyish opposed to a diaper. It was so nice. The next morning I ate Fruit Loops. Best camping trip in whiles.

For the rest of my life I intervalled between diaper obsessions.

Saw a kid with Pull Ups in the special ed class bathroom. Wanted to wear one.

I took a diaper from my sister friend who had a severely autistic brother. Then I got caught with having it inside a Taco Bell cup at age 7 or 8.

9 nothing happened. I didn't want to be patronized and wear diapers like some autistic retard.

10. It finally happened. I Anon saw a Oliver Beene, and my life changed.

My curiousity peaked. I looked up Rubber Pants and my life changed. I was diaper fag forever. I tried to resist but I was too open minded. At age 11. I ANON became diaperfag level 9000.

76f472  No.75148

When I was a baby

My mom gave me to a babysitter who took another baby to the an apartment room. He tied us up and put toys in our privates and diapered us.

Then I came home.

If I got too squirmy my baby sitter would put me back into diapers and strap me down to the crib with my hands in mitts and a buttplug inside my anus then but a vibrator on my diaper. Oh it felt so good!

Momma would put me in a bouncer and bitch suit and a binky gag in my mouth and put a virbator on me. I'd squirm crying.

When I was 4 my mom kept me in diapers took me on stroller rides with a buttplug in my butt as I was bound to the stroller.

I cum in my diapers everytime.

After every time I shat my diaper in the house. Mommy would change me. She then lift my legs up and shoved a strap on dildo in my ass. I totally came my diaper. I was momma's little bitch baby.

It would put me to sleep instantly. <3

She would do this with her girfriend with a different baby in a contest who could cum the quickest.

She would put me in a car seat with my sister and bound me with binky gags in our mouth and sex toys in our nether regions. We would enjoy our little toys preventing us from making a mess.

Momma would buy me a teddy bear. I stole mommie's strap on and pu it on Beary and sat on it totally cumming my diaper. I was the cutest.

Mom sent me to the the therapist later.

When I was 7 I was sent to a Mental Health facility where I had a buttplug in my ass with a pacifier gag in my mouth and a chastity on my cock in a straight jacket. I was crying and so humiliated.

Then I was locked up in a padded cell. Inside a giant crib but not buttplug. Strapped down helpless. I was crying wishing I wasn't a little bitch baby anymore.

The next morning it was play time and my care taker put me on a matt and shoved a dildo in my ass. I was shooting out cum! I was there. They put me in a cell with stocks, bouncer, and pacifier gag and pink onesie chastity buttplug and all.

I was crying. I felt so sad and humiliated. I wanted mommy back.

They would send me to a room with no clothes on and shove a fucking machine in my ass extracting all the cum from me via vacuum cleaner. Then I I would be put back into my pads and straight jacket sent to another cell and get rapped by Penis Tenticles from a bouncer. I was so scared my little heart raced.

2ef36d  No.75152


go to bed skidoo

0c56bc  No.75164


I take it you have a lot of difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. You just described horrifying child abuse that would have sever traumatic repercussions. There is no modern mental health facility that uses straight jackets, this is strait out of the 1950's… even then butt plugs and pacifier gags weren't a thing. What would the therapeutic use even be for these?

b2d5bd  No.75177




Hilarious samefag.

c3e433  No.75294


That was one of the hottest thing I've read.

Can you please post more? Especially about the abuse in the mental health facility.

How are you doing today? Have you recovered from the abuse? How's your life going?

b2d5bd  No.75298


I can't tell if you are that seriously retarded or if it's bait.

3d7cdc  No.75354


You must be fucking kidding me if you think any of that was real. jesus fucking christ.

624f59  No.75356

9fca9b  No.75845



Was this a private school? I doubt most public school teachers in western countries would be allowed to view a student's genitalia unless they had some kind of special licencing. Any stories involving peers?


>never wore since then.

It's about time we change that. Go get diapered, you'll love it.

Does anyone have links to archives of previous threads? I'm trying to find a story I posted. I thought I made a pasta of it but I can't find the damn thing

21d647  No.75911


You already know the answer anon

9b02e4  No.76003


I agree, we should keep archives of these threads, if for no other reason than to preserve the stories in them.

Also, seconding the stories involving peers.

72886f  No.76018


Not OP or an expert but I can provide my anecdotal experience involving teachers around that age. I grew up in a suburb of Boston and was in a private preschool, then a public kindergarten in the late 90's. For whatever reason, when I was young I just wouldn't feel the need to pee until the last second which meant I often couldn't reach a toilet in time when I was away from home.

In preschool, I often wore pull-ups and sometimes diapers (but the diaper memories are fuzzy because I don't think I did that past the age of 3). If I wet a pull-up in preschool, I would change into a fresh one myself, but a few times I changed with a teacher present in the bathroom. It didn't feel like such a big deal at the time.

In public school (kindergarten) I was still wearing the pull-ups when not at home. I kept a stash at the nurses office, and if I needed a change I could just use her bathroom by myself. She never saw anything of mine below the belt. However, one time during the after school program I had a (very rare for me) #2 accident, and one of the women that ran the program straight-up "changed" me.

So I guess it wasn't quite the same as a normal public school teacher seeing my genitalia, but it was someone who worked for the school that I wouldn't have expected to have a special license for that sort of thing.

I managed to be rid of the pull-ups before the end of the 1st grade. I never used a training potty or anything like that in my quest to graduate from them, but in hindsight the experience really wasn't all that different from potty training haha

9fca9b  No.76038

File: b6d77bbcfc18ab3⋯.jpg (378.37 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2662231597_fee4efe6fe_b.jpg)

File: 7224256cc7e380a⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Two-2-Rare-Vintage-2001-Lu….jpg)

File: 5d72e6efcaba9f3⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)


I guess I'll start the arduous task of rewriting my complete sagas (there were multiple stories of me and my neighbor trying on diapers, and various stories of other kids discussing their bedwetting habits, and a few poopy accidents of my own during preschool days).

Man I miss those puffy plastic backs, but by the early 2000s it was basically all cloth backed. What a shame, at least now I'm wearing a plastic back with powder stuffers and it feels like heaven.

57be04  No.76043


Sorry it took me a minute to respond. I was on a business trip and just got home this evening.

>>Was this a private school?

Yup, it was a small private school. I think I only had 8 or 9 kids in my grade. But this was also back in the day when people didn't really care about such modesty/appropriateness. Also, fair or not, I think there's a double standard regarding women taking care of little boys. I can't remember if I mentioned this in this particular thread but this teacher DEFINITELY saw… well, everything. She changed me like a baby when I was six (wet and messy both), and at least once when I was seven (I think just wet) and I specifically remember telling her to be careful with my penis because it hurt (as noted previously, I was circumcised at 7 because the doctors were dipshits). To be fair, I'm not sure she was supposed to change me, i.e. I think my parents set it up so that I'd change myself and they'd call if I needed help. But in practical terms, of course, that didn't work out.

>>Any stories involving peers?

It's one of those odd cases in which there are so many stories that I don't know where to begin. Many times, other kids saw my diapers and/or plastic pants sticking out of my jeans and teased me about it. And of course, diapers back then were VERY crinkly, so it was obvious wearing one. Many times, I remember the classroom being quiet and trying to walk in such a way that my diaper wouldn't crinkle. At least twice, I remember other kids tugging on my diapers while my back was turned, essentially giving me a diaper wedgie (once on the bus, once on the playground, though there were probably more). I also have a vague memory of being changed on a playground, out in the open, with other kids nearby–and being mortified because I knew I'd be teased. I don't think this was at school, though. From asking around, I think this happened when I was 6 or 7, and at some weekend church group. So the person who changed me was probably a dumb teenage girl helping with the camp. I don't remember specifics, except that I was teased and very embarrassed, but also relieved because the kids doing the teasing weren't the usual kids I saw (meaning I probably never saw them again).

Beyond that, the other kids CONSTANTLY told me when I smelled bad (i.e. I'd wet or messed my diaper), and said things like, "He wears DIAPERS!", which I foolishly denied. One time, as recess began, another boy said, "Look at that wet spot!" and pointed at my pants, because my diaper was leaking.

Beyond my classmates, I remember a cousin (my older brother's best friend at the time) always asking me if I "still wore diapers" when he was over, and I have a vague memory of wearing just a diaper around him (well, probably a diaper and tee shirt) and being very embarrassed, though I don't remember the specifics (probably 5 or 6 at the time, possibly playing in a lawn sprinkler or something).

Honestly, though, the most embarrassing moment were probably when I was between 6 and 8. My parents would take me to church, my mom would have an extra diaper in her purse, and when I needed a change, she'd not-so-subtly hand me a diaper… which I'd stick under my shirt and slip out in the middle of mass. Of course, it was obvious what was happening and I remember walking the aisles as kid after kid snickered at me.

I also remember kids coming into the church bathroom (which was in the basement) a few times while I was changing my diaper. Usually, when I heard someone come in, I'd freeze up in the stall so they wouldn't hear the crinkle and ripping tapes. The memories are vague but I remember other kids teasing me through the stall door once or twice. Also, at least once, I walked out of the stall after putting the new diaper on, old diaper in hand, and was seen before I could throw the old diaper away. Luckily, it wasn't a kid I recognized; he teased me but I just hurried off.

There are also a few gaps I'm still trying to figure out, i.e. class field trips where I'd obviously have needed my diaper or Depends pad changed, but I'm not sure how that was handled (or if I just sat in a wet leaky pants for hours and hours). Off hand, I'd say I wore baggy shirts and used them to hide my wet pants just about every day. As crazy as it sounds, people are mostly clueless and unobservant. So even though I got teased, it probably wasn't quite like you'd imagine, though still shitty (no pun intended).

Like I said, there's a lot I can get into, but it's hard to know where to begin. Any questions, just ask!

9fca9b  No.76140


I figured since in my area it was common for kids to attend preschools held at church, so changing was allowed there but the public schools couldn't do it. It's interesting though that every kid reacted badly to it. I know my cousins at age 6 didn't care that their friends "megan and andrew" wore on and off. Apparently "they wore when it snowed, and always wore to bed." My female cousin says she was offered a pullup at a sleepover but declined.

4db862  No.76148


I think a lot of anons have trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality like that, they see something that they fantasize about happening now and think it must have been enjoyable at the time without realizing that there's a big difference between willingly having something happen now and something happening against your will as a kid. One of my weirdest experiences on the internet was that I was talking on some random (non-ABDL, non-fetish) forum about some traumatizing stuff when I was a kid, and I later saw that someone was clearly using my experience as erotica inspiration later on. I'm not one to get offended by what people are turned on by, but I've got to admit it really, really creeped me out. Some people just don't have healthy boundaries about stuff. I hope everyone calling people "lucky" for stuff like this are just fantasizing too and don't actually think this kind of stuff is acceptable.

ffc0fb  No.76157


>I'm not one to get offended by what people are turned on by, but I've got to admit it really, really creeped me out.

Honestly, why do people like you come here?

I would masturbate to your story, but it's actually fairly generic and boring.

d41d07  No.76193


>I would masturbate to your story, but it's actually fairly generic and boring.

I didn't post it here? I don't really care if people masturbate to it, but using it as inspiration for your own writing is what creeped me out more. Not saying it should be illegal, but if you actually can't understand why that might be a bit weird then you might be part of the problem I'm talking about.

fe8b2e  No.76215

Unlike most children, I didn't wet the bed when I was really little. In fact, I really have no memories of wetting the bed at all before the age of 7 years old. However, starting at age 7, I wet the bed quite frequently for the next 3 and a half years.

What started my bedwetting was my Great Aunt dying. It had nothing to do with her actual death. She was old and I wasn't close to her at all. I maybe met her 2-3 times on holidays. In spite of this, my mother was close to her while she was growing up and because of this, she inherited a lot of her belongings when she died. One of the things she inherited was her antique doll collection, including an antique dollhouse. Being my mother's only child and by default, her only daughter, the doll house and doll collection was placed in my room for me to enjoy.

My mother put the dollhouse in one of the corners of my bedroom and I liked it during the day, but when the lights were out at night, the shape and shadow that the dollhouse cast on the adjacent wall resembled in my mind a huge scary looking monstrous creature. At the age of 7 years old, I didn't realize that it was the dollhouse casting a shadow on the wall. I actually thought a monster started coming into my bedroom during the night (stupid looking back, but I had a big imagination at that age).

The very night that dollhouse was put into my bedroom was the first time I ever remember peeing the bed. From that moment on though, I would pee the bed frequently until I was almost 11 years old. My parents never realized the correlation between the dollhouse and the onset of my bedwetting until I was in my teens and I finally told my mother what actually happened. For some reason, during the actual time it was happening, I was convinced that I couldn't tell my parents about the shadow monster that came to my room at night because if I did, he would "get me." Because of this, I never said a word to them at the time and suffered in secret.

Like I said in my previous story, nightly I would always have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee. My bladder simply was not big enough to make it until morning. I would not be able to sleep fully though the night without peeing for a couple of years.

The first night that dollhouse was in my room, I woke up around 2-3:00 am needing to go pee. It wasn't too bad right away, but I definitely knew I had to go and knew that was what woke me up from my sleep. I wanted to get up and go down the hallway to the bathroom, but I saw that monstrous shadow staring at me across the room. I was really afraid. I knew it would get me if I stepped one foot out of my bed. I saw it staring at me across the room beckoning me to get out of bed so it could eat me. In fact, I was so afraid that I wouldn't even let a toe be exposed from under my blankets, thinking that if any skin showed, it would be able to grab and eat me. I lay in bed instead staring at that shadowy monster feeling my bladder fill and fill as time went on. Eventually it got to the point that I had to pee so bad that I had to hold myself to keep from having an accident.

I'm not sure how much time passed, but I continued to lay there for what felt like hours holding myself and swaying back and forth under the covers to hold my pee in. I prayed that I would be able to hold on until morning because I didn't want to have an accident. However, deep down I knew there was no way I'd be able to make it to morning and I knew eventually I was going to pee myself in bed. Even knowing an accident was inevitable did not give me the courage to run to the bathroom. My fear of the shadow was so great, that it trumped any embarrassment or fear of peeing in my pants. I held my pee as long as I could, but after awhile, I couldn't hold it anymore. I had to pee too badly. I removed my hand from my crotch, spread my legs slightly out, placed my arms on either side of me and peed through my baby blue colored pajama pants in bed. I could feel the pee soaking around me up to the middle of my back. I peed and peed until I was completely empty. When I was done peeing, both my pajamas and my sheets were soaked. I closed my eyes tightly blocking out the shadow monster crying to myself because of my accident. After awhile, I fell back asleep. When morning came, I woke up on cold wet sheets. I was freezing.

fe8b2e  No.76217


I got up, walked out of my bedroom, went downstairs into the living room and went up to my mother. She looked at me and saw that I was wet. She asked what happened. I told her sheepishly that I peed the bed. I remember her response back to me was that it was unlike me, but she shrugged it off and got me changed.

From that incident on, that pattern repeated nightly for awhile. I would wake up in the middle of the night needing to go pee, I would look over in the corner of my bedroom and stare at the "Shadow monster," while gradually getting more and more desperate laying in bed. I would always hold myself as long as I could, and then eventually I wouldn't be able to anymore. I would give up, let my body become still and pee forcefully into my pajamas while laying under the covers in bed.

Luckily my parents remained understanding and accepted the fact that I was obviously going through a bedwetting phase. They tried to limit my drinking at night more, but it didn't seem to help. Every morning without fail, I would wake up in soaking wet pajamas and sheets and my mother would change them and we'd go about our day.

I can't remember how long it took exactly, but it wasn't long before I stopped waking up until I was absolutely already desperate. Instead, I would wake up at the point when I was already bursting and almost immediately upon becoming aware that I was awake, I would lose control and pee my bed. As time progressed, the length of time between me waking up and peeing myself in bed became shorter and shorter. I would wake up holding my crotch already, groggily open my eyes, realize I had to pee badly, lose control and flood my bed and then immediately fall back asleep again.

Not long after this, I started waking up mid-pee. I would jar awake feeling myself peeing. I would wake up as I felt a warm puddle of pee growing around me where I laid. I would reach down to my crotch area and feel the pee already gushing out of me. I remember thinking, "Oh no. I'm peeing my bed." I would try to stop it sometimes, but I never could. I was too desperate. I would wait until I finished peeing and then I would close my eyes and go back to sleep. I didn't like that I was becoming an actual bedwetter, but I seemed to be able to control my need less and less and there was nothing I could do about it.

The final stage in my wetting came when I no longer woke up at all. I would wake up instead in the morning soaking and cold knowing that I had an accident and peed my pants in my sleep in the middle of the night. I would have no memory of peeing my bed at all. It would happened while I slept blissfully unaware.

The full time it took for me to progress to a full on bedwetter took only approximately a couple of months. The time it took for me to stop wetting the bed completely though, took over 3 years.

As I got a little older (probably around the age of 9), I stopped wetting the bed every single night and would pee about 1-2 nights a week instead, but it wasn't until after age 11 that I would be able to hold it without fail until morning.

The thing is, I stopped being afraid of that imaginary "Shadow monster" probably about a year from when I first developed my fear in the first place, but obviously by this time, I had progressed to a full bedwetter anyway and there was no going back until I was old enough to make it until morning.

My few years of bedwetting caused a lot of embarrassment and I didn't like it at the time, but looking back I remember it almost fondly.

86cdeb  No.76244


Everything on this board is "a bit weird". I'm not surprised you were upset by it, but it's not a rational reaction. If you want to be possessive over your bad memories, don't post them for the whole world to see.

9fca9b  No.76326



So what got you into diapers?

d44aa9  No.76342

File: 81921c383f58559⋯.png (247.69 KB, 500x680, 25:34, CEFB71DF-652A-4905-A39B-24….png)


In other words…

3a38d2  No.76348

File: 79d9e38daad13bf⋯.png (292.71 KB, 1024x784, 64:49, 1546235668449.png)

I potty trained at like, six or seven. Continued to have problems until I was 11, and started bedwetting again later in life.

Diapers have followed me everywhere.

abef42  No.76419

>potty trained at 2 years old

>never wet the bed after potty training

>never peed or shit self on accident, ever

I'm 100% sure I got this fetish from an old diaper box my parents had in their room. My parents had this old box of mickey mouse pullup/diapers(don't remember). I remember quite often, when growing up, looking at the box ( it was in there closet on the top shelf) and wondering what it was like to wear one. I also remember when I was less than 2 years old, my (dirty) diaper being changed on my parents bed by my oldest sister. It is probably my oldest memory that I have. Another old memory I have is pantsing one of my first friends, we were around 3 year olds at the time, and I saw that he was wearing a diaper. I remember asking him why he was wearing a diaper and not much more. Besides that I didn't really have any other diaper experiences. I've always kinda known that I had a diaper fetish, but didn't really find out about ABDL til I started masturbating when I was around 15 or 16.

01416a  No.76423


Can you share some stories?

How many people knew you were wearing diapers?

How did you feel about wearing diapers as a kid / teen? Did you like them at all?

41b741  No.76437


Your story sound somewhat like mine. After being potty trained, there was a box of Pampers left over in the closet. Being a silly little kid, I'd pull them out and play with them. Got caught in the act more than once. So mother gave them to a friend with a baby. I was sad/mad about her doing that. Guess my diaper fetish went all the way back into early childhood.

0eddf3  No.76486

I had 3 brothers growing up, one older and 2 younger. They were spaced such that I had access to pull ups and diapers until about 6th grade, so I would take them with some regularity.

Starting from the top, I was potty trained only a little late, but I showed signs even before then. One early memory was my mom asking whether I wanted to wear a pull-up or diaper to the mall, and I picked the diaper. I remember I was in pull-ups until shortly after my 4th birthday. But pretty much as soon as I was out of them I wanted back in. There were a couple instances where I messed or wet myself on purpose, but never outside of the house that I can recall. That stopped pretty fast when it didn't work, and I was “successfully” potty trained by the time I went to kindergarten.

Summer vacation after kindergarten is when things picked up. There was a time we walked to a local park, and when we got back my older brother and his friend made me hide in a tree with them for reasons I don't recall. Up there, I couldn't hold it anymore and completely soaked my pants. I went inside out of embarrassment, and tried to hide my soaked pants. But my mom found out the next day and asked us about it. I told her the truth, that I had tried to hold it but had to hide in the tree, and she never brought it up again. But that did set the justification in my mind to keep trying to get diapers.

Soon after, I began sneaking some of my younger brother’s diapers. He must’ve been 2-3 at the time, and a couple of times I took them openly with him around. I stopped doing /that/ when he suggested at dinner that I should wear diapers because the laundry was going. But still. We had a babysitter over the summer, and one day she caught me sitting in the high chair with cheerios on the tray, and asked what I was doing. I said I was playing a baby or something, and she asked if that included wearing a diaper. I admitted yes. She wasn’t going to tell my mom about that last part, but my older brother was in the next room over and blurted it out later. My parents probably suspected this was going to be a pattern, because the next day when we were going out they asked if I was wearing a diaper.

Naturally, I got more secretive after this, but I didn’t stop at all. I probably could have gotten away with more looking back, but I wanted to be more cautious. For the next few years I’d take some of my younger brothers’ diapers or pull-ups and wear them when I’d be alone, such as when I was reading. Not much came of these incidents, except one. A few years after the previous instance, I was wearing one of my brother’s pull-ups while reading in bed. But when I used it, it leaked, and I had no way of discreetly hiding it at the time, so I had to dump a bit of water on myself and pretend I’d spilled water. When I went to go change my pants and shirt, I explained that to my mom and she asked if I was sure I hadn’t peed myself. I denied it of course, but I wonder what would’ve happened if I had said otherwise. I think I would’ve done a lot more with diapers as a kid if I hadn’t had an older brother (and a degree of sibling rivalry). I remember thinking around this time that ‘sometime when I’m a grown-up, I’ll just have to spend a week as a baby and be done with it.’ How naive I was to think I could limit it to just a week.

All good things come to an end though, and around 6th grade my youngest brother got fully potty trained and my supply of pull-ups vanished. Not one to be deterred, I soon came up with means of creating my own diapers out of paper towels and plastic bags, and wore them much less frequently than I had before. In 9th grade I found out that the AB/DL community was a thing, and knew that this would be a lifelong thing. Talking with others helped build up my confidence a bit, and I even sometimes started wearing my makeshift diapers to school in secret. That was still a rare thing though, and I had one of my few genuine messing accidents at the end of a school day after holding it in all day while wearing one of those diapers.

In my senior year of high school, I started wetting the bed again due to stress, and my parents bought me depends until I could see a doctor. My mom has a pediatrician friend who suggested I may just need to ‘re-train’ myself.

But that carried on til I went for college, and that’s when I got my first real diapers (Abena M4s and dry 24/7s), and it’s been going on ever since. Now I’ve been diapered 24/7 for over a year, and don’t have any intention to stop. My bedroom is full of stuffed animals and toys, and if I wasn’t living in an apartment I’d even redo the wallpaper to be a nursery.

72886f  No.76887

I wasn't fully potty trained until I was 5. I always knew I was late to potty training, but didn't realize just HOW late until I was in my teen years.

There was nothing obviously physically wrong with me, but for whatever reason I immensely struggled to get through a day without peeing myself. I didn't really have any problems with #2, but just always seemed to struggle with pee.

Apparently my parents originally tried to potty train me at a normal age (I don't remember that), but it just didn't take. I remember not being able to start kindergarten when I was supposed to because they had rules about diapers, so I was always a little older than most kids in my grade. I tried to start on time and remember it being very stressful because I felt like there was a ton of pressure on me to not have accidents anymore, which I ultimately didn't accomplish.

749681  No.76915

I got out of diapers at a normal age the first time around (3-ish, I think) but continued to have frequent accidents through elementary school. In retrospect, I'm not entirely sure why–partly, I think it was a nervous thing about being afraid to use public bathrooms but partly I remember having problems starting to leak on myself a little as soon as I really knew I needed to go.

My parents put up with it without that big of a fuss until after my little brother was born, around when I was finishing the 1st grade. After that, I guess the stress of a new kid wore their patience thin, and my mom started threatening to put me in my brother's diapers if I kept doing it. (In retrospect, this was probably just a scare tactic at first? I wouldn't even have fit in them, probably. But little kid me took it 100% seriously.) Unfortunately, that made me get better about hiding my wet clothes when I had accidents but not so much about actually avoiding then.

So, middle of 4th grade, my little bro is almost potty-trained, and my mom gets called to school to bring me a change of pants. She goes to get clean underwear from my dresser and finds like half of the pairs there are stained from where I'd stashed them in the back of the drawer after accidents.

Cue 9 year-old me having a crying fit in front of the school nurse, after my mom showed up with a pack of Pull-Ups instead of my underoos.

I ultimately ended up wearing Goodnites to school after that up until the 8th grade, with only occasional breaks in between. At a couple points mom got me full-on youth diapers, but they only really got used for bed/long trips.

bc6114  No.77500

I stopped wearing diapers 24/7 when I was about 12 and after that, I continued wearing them to bed until I completely got out of dipers in around 10th grade. It's not that I was a betwetter or anything after the age of 12, but I was afraid I could have an accident, so it was mainly precautionary. Actually, that is kind of the reason why I continued being diapered for so long.

Some time (maybe a couple of years) before I turned 12, I had a surgery to "fix" my incontinence that was pretty successful (in fact, I wore normal underwear while I was at home recovering from it), but as soon as I had to go back to school I started wearing pull-ups again. Little me was afraid that if I had an accident, nothing would protect me from wetting my pants. The thing is that because I had that protection I didn't take much care of myself, so most of the benefits of the surgery were eventually reversed.

Also, I remember being really uncomfortable in primary school most of the time, especially on break time since I would spend the breaks with a fully soaked diaper because I couldn't change it until I got to class. Winter was particularly tough for that reason, because on top of having to walk around with a cold diaper I had more accidents than the rest of the seasons. To make things worse, since the age of 6 or 7 I only wore pull-ups to school, and because they are able to hold less liquid I would often have to walk around with my pants soaked in pee too. At some point, I started having at least one pair with me at all times in case I needed to use it to prevent those situations.

Sorry if the whole thing is really disorganised and messy, but I didn't plan what I wanted to tell and I can't bother to edit it.

57be04  No.77694


Thanks for sharing! I hear what you're saying, especially about winter. I remember my diapers being freezing cold, especially since I grew up in the midwest which is basically Siberia in the winter time. I also remember hating it when the snow would make my pants and diaper feel wet, but my parents wouldn't change me because they said it would dry.

57be04  No.77695


I hear you on having to walk around at school with my pants, too. Once my parents took me out of diapers, I wore pads, which hold basically about as much as pull-ups, maybe a little less. Which is to say, if you have a full-blown accident, you're basically screwed. I'm assuming other kids saw you in wet pants from time to time?

bc6114  No.77789


>I'm assuming other kids saw you in wet pants from time to time?

Not really, because the uniform in my school was pretty dark so it was good at concealing piss stains, which didn't happen that often.

However, once in 4th grade, I think, I was sitting in class and I had an accident. I couldn't go to the bathroom to change myself (I guess the teachers didn't let me or I didn't want to draw attention) and I had to sit on a full diaper for maybe an hour. Unfortunately, it started dripping on the floor and it even formed a little puddle. One girl asked me what it was (probably knowing that it was urine) and I tried to brush it off saying that it was the rain or something and that it came from an open window. She clearly didn't buy it, but she stopped asking questions. After that, I put my backpack on top of the puddle and tried to act normally.

That whole thing actually happened more than once, but I don't think any student noticed then, because no one said anything about it.

Other than that, no one ever saw me in wet pants afaik, because they would've made fun of me or said something about it if they did.

72886f  No.78667

I don't know if this counts as "childhood", but when I first started going through puberty I began wetting the bed regularly. It took 2 or 3 months of wetting the bed multiple times a week until diapers made their first appearance.

I had to wear them nearly every night for a couple years, and I'm convinced that caused my fetish. My first orgasm was a wet dream in a diaper, even though I was the opposite of turned-on by diapers at the time.

Overall, it was a very emasculating experience even though my family were the only one's who knew.

57be04  No.78768


I had a similar experience. I hated wearing diapers at the time, but I guess because I was wearing them when I first started having orgasms, I was hooked.

c626fd  No.78770


I actually wet the bed a couple times around puberty, but I dont think it was really related. Pretty sure it was more stress related, since young me was going through some stuff around 11 years old when this happened. Looking back at it, its actually really cute.

72886f  No.78778


Were you hooked right away? For me, I didn't realize I had a sexual interest in diapers until years later, though I may have just been lying to myself


Yeah it is a little cute in hindsight. I personally have always taken a weird interest in the fact that while everyone else was looking and acting more mature, I was suddenly acting like a baby who couldn't keep his bed dry (even though I was looking more mature too, with the exception of when I was in my diapers lol).

57be04  No.78783


I remember liking how diapers felt and wetting them on purpose sometimes, but it was more a general sense of curiosity and security. But once my parents switched me to pads, I missed diapers like crazy and it became uber-sexual in no time, probably by age 12 or 13.

57be04  No.78784

I posted a bunch of memories earlier but here's another little one–not a big deal compared to some others, but I figured I'd share it anyway. I was always really embarrassed when my mom bought diapers at the store because I was worried that others would see them in the cart and know they were for me (which happened a few times). So at some point, I asked her to start buying girls' diapers instead of boys', thinking that if anyone saw them, they would assume they were for someone else. My mom thought this was hilarious but played along, so I basically wore girls' diapers for quite a while. Usually, the diapers were still white, so it wasn't a big deal. But one time, I opened up the pack and they were pink (Luvs, I think). I was mortified, and I vaguely remember my family teasing me for wearing them. I honestly can't remember how old I was, though. I remember wearing girls' diapers (not sure if they were white or pink) when I was around 7 and my mom changed me, and also wearing them later when I changed myself, so I'm guessing this happened a few times sporadically before I asked her to go back to buying boys' diapers.

72886f  No.78787


Wow that's interesting, so it started with enjoying the feeling of peeing in the diaper, and then after that was taken away, you would masturbate to the thought/memory of diapers? Or you found more diapers somehow?

For me, almost every single orgasm I had until my mid-teens happened with a diaper around my hips. Like I mentioned above, it was a strange dichotomy to be masturbating for the first few years (a sign of exiting childhood), but doing it with a pull-up pulled halfway down my hips and squeezing my legs together. It's a feeling I still remember very vividly.

57be04  No.78791


Yeah, the first few times I came in my diaper, it was from seeing nude scenes in movies I wasn't supposed to be watching. What was weird is that I didn't understand what had just happened (I was probably around 7 or 8), and thought at first that I'd just had an accident. But it was basically me getting imprinted on the soft feel of diapers.

As for being in a wet diaper, it was strange because I was completely humiliated whenever I had accidents in public (which happened constantly), but the moment I was home, I'd occasionally hurry up to my room and soak myself on purpose, just because. I remember being so confused as to how I could enjoy something one moment and hate it the next.

72886f  No.78792


So you just came without touching from seeing nudity? I'm jealous. It sounds like we both (and many others here) had some lines get crossed between our necessary diapers and our budding sexuality.

That's too bad about the public accidents, do you enjoy those memories now?

My first orgasm was a wet dream that I woke up during. I also thought I was having an accident and was very confused when I eventually figured it out. I was dreaming about some girl from my class and then I woke up mid-cum.

139003  No.78793

When I was a kid, I wet the bed until a pretty late age, but never got diapers for it. I had a plastic sheet instead. My cousins were still in diapers and we tended to have some left by for them when my aunt visited with the kids, and I remember sneaking some and trying them on.

That stopped quickly, both from parents' making fun/telling me to stop and it just getting boring, but later towards grade 8 or so I got interested in diapers again, and found some in my apartment building's mutual storage room and tried them on. I got hooked right away, but also eventually got caught after a fairly long time of buying my own diapers to play in, and had to tone it down a lot.

As a sidenote, I never stopped sucking my thumb to get to sleep (I have a lot of trouble sleeping without doing it, or refraining from doing it when I'm idle and alone) and only went without a security blanket for a few years… but still generally took something to bed to cuddle/play with in my fingers while sucking my thumb even during those years. To this day I still have my blankie, though it's gotten kinda ratty from sheer age and use.

72886f  No.78794


how often was the bedwetting that they thought a plastic sheet was preferable to a diaper?

139003  No.78795


I don't remember super well but it was pretty frequent, to the point where it was never really surprising when it happened, but not every night. Probably like every few days.

I don't remember things like Easy-Ups or Goodnites being very prolific when I was a kid, and there's also the cost issue. Diapers are a consumable resource that you go through a lot of; a plastic sheet is a one-time fairly low priced purchase. Putting a kid back in diapers after they've been more-or-less potty trained is pretty counter-intuitive, too.

57be04  No.78797


>>So you just came without touching from seeing nudity?

Yeah, believe it or not, I could (and still can) get myself off without any kind of physical contact, just by fantasizing or looking at images or videos. It started out as this early phase where I'd been told that jerking off was evil, so I thought this was a fair alternative. ;)

>>That's too bad about the public accidents, do you enjoy those memories now?

The public accidents were awful at the time but I enjoy the memories now (and a lot of other awkward memories), which I suppose is fucked up but hey, whatever works. Brains do what they do.

72886f  No.78801


Interesting, I guess the lack of "pull-up" options might have been a factor for you.

I am not familiar with plastic sheets, but I remember having a plastic mattress cover put on my bed after the first week or so of wet beds. That didn't stop my sheets from being soaked and needing to be washed though.

Was that not an issue for you?

I also can see the logic of not wanting to put a recently potty trained kid back in diapers. It was a little different situation for me since I was ~12 haha

72886f  No.78803


Wow, that's amazing. This may seem random, but do you have premature ejaculation problems at all? I can imagine cumming without stimulation might mean you cum very easily during sex. No offense meant btw!

And that's incredibly hot about the public accidents. I'd love to hear about some. My puberty-induced bedwetting is similar, where I literally shed tears about it at the time, but it definitely turns me on now

57be04  No.78806


Ha, actually, I have the opposite problem. Something can feel great and I'll stay hard, but because of the psychological fixation on diapers, it's tough to come from sex unless I'm also fantasizing like crazy. It gives me a lot of staying power but it's pretty irritating overall, because women aren't used to a guy who takes a while to come (or doesn't come at all), even if he's enjoying himself.

2ef36d  No.78810


Ahahaha, I totally relate. I've had too many experiences just like that; and it can get real irritating because it's got to the point where 2 people were taking turns trying to get me off due to their arm getting tired.

(what was pretty awesome, 4 hours of fucking the same girl and her not understanding how I was able to keep it up the whole time without any pills, and having smoked and drank that night)

72886f  No.78811


Lol are we the same person? I'm very similar in that regard. I came while wearing a diaper almost exclusively when I first discovered masturbation (not because they got me off, but because I wore them to bed, which is where I masturbated). And then later I always masturbated to diaper-related porn, so I have similar issues


Can't say I've ever had that experience but it sounds pretty amazing!

0a26c8  No.78855

I never wet the bed as a kid (I remember once when I was about 5 intentionally pissing in bed because i was too tired/lazy to get up but that doesn't count). I was potty trained by age 2.

I begged my mom to get me diapers when I was around kindergarten age and she just wouldn't. She told me to just wear a lot of pairs of underwear (seriously). It pisses me off because I was a very undersized kid and I definitely could've fit into and enjoyed the amazing thick plastic early 90's Pampers and Huggies but it was never meant to be…

I went without any access to diapers until I got the internet when I was around age 13 and in an ABDL IRC chat room I stupidly gave some random older adult my address and he sent me a padded mailer with 1 pampers size 6 diaper (from when they were plastic and had the bears and balloons designs on them) and a CD, I think to disguise that he was just sending a diaper, I dunno.

There was no further contact fortunately but it just goes to show how desperate I was for diapers.

28c1da  No.78858


Whoever that guy was was a creep. You were stupid for sending your address to him but your parents were even stupider for giving you unfettered internet access. You're lucky nothing major came of it but it wasn't your fault in the slightest. 13-year-olds are dumbasses by nature.

80676f  No.78870

File: 9bdc1914ac1e8ed⋯.jpeg (12.79 KB, 225x150, 3:2, 7F4655CA-08E0-41B4-A9F7-8….jpeg)

I’ve never told anyone this fucked up story because I’m so ashamed, but here goes:

When I was 16 I convinced my mom to diaper me before bed. How? Why? I’m not sure exactly, but if I were to guess: Sexual frustration. A deceptive nature. A lack of moral character.

I deeply regret it now. I’ll be fifty-nine this month. My mother has long since passed.

Back in those days I wasn’t aware of ABDL. I thought I had an itch I could never ever scratch with another adult, so I resorted to something sinister that seemed harmless at the time. I convinced my mother that my therapist had instructed me to reenact my babyhood to through my academic struggles.

It worked. She ordered adult sized diapers and plastic pants through the mail. I remember it taking me FOREVER to find a medical catologue that had them. When I gave it to her I pretended the therapist had shown me it. Why didn’t she contact my therapist you may ask? You’d have to know my mother. She wasn’t a snoop. She was a much better person that I am.

I had to try so hard not to get an erection when she wrapped the diaper on me and did the pins. She didn’t engage me in any serious baby play, but for a period of a few months she aided me in putting on the diaper before I went to “regress”(I didn’t use this word at the time) in my bedroom.

The truth is I would masturbate almost immediately after she changed me. The guilt I felt afterwards was like nothing else. I loathe myself for doing it, but at the time it felt like I would never get that treatment from a woman other than my mother. I didn’t know what ABDL was. Still, some part of me knew this was wrong. I regret it deeply to this day.

Of course you could never get away with this now. The fetish is one concerned google search away. Try to remember this was a time when no one would have possibly associated adult diapers with anything sexual. Surely a wild west for voyeurs, but it was also lonely because it would never occur to you that others existed. Without a community this is basically an illness.

Anyway, I hate myself for what I did but I’ve made peace with it.

843196  No.78880

I love all of you guys for sharing these stories with us, unfortunately I was potty trained when I was 4 and had no real accidents since then.

I was too timid to force one, but I was obsessed with diapers in preschool and kindergarten, specifically how I wanted to start a band where everyone wore them. I was so happy the time my mom put pull-ups In her shopping cart, but she handed them back to the cashier before paying.

Afterwards, I wised up a little bit and started hiding my fetish. I actually used diapers to demean things, I distinctly remeber a girl laughing at litteral hyper scat diaper art of a pikachu, which I drew when I still didn't like pokemon.

In 4th grade I sorta had a potty incident thats almost worth putting in this thread. I didn't wear underwear at all for most of elementary school, and once I had some I also developed some odd wiping habits. I would take a wad of toilet paper, and then wet it so I could clean my butt better. At some point I farted and got a little bit of poop in my underwear and I think my dad thought It was because I forgot how to wipe, so he angrily taught me. It was uncomfortable but ultimately meaningless.

d4a9b9  No.78884


You must be a blast at parties. God damn, dude. I've never seen so much self-loathing from an ABDL. You said that "Without a community [this fetish] is basically an illness".

Exactly how intense was the therapy you clearly engaged in after this event? Were you subdued by electroshock, or had you perhaps even experienced a lobotomy? You choose to wear diapers, and for whatever reason it might be: comfort, safety, sexual, etc. You aren't hurting anyone. Quit calling it an illness, you moron. Although, I can perhaps sympathize with the fact that you're nearing your sixties. I'm assuming this all took place around 1976, and I can assure you that despite being underground, ABDL existed and grew exponentially to what it is today thanks to the internet. Who the hell cares that you tricked your mom into diapering you? You weren't holding her at gun-point. Get over it and yourself.

139003  No.78885


>a plastic mattress cover

That was what I had. Here we call the mattress cover a sheet as well as the second non-fitted one that drapes over top. My blanket and normal sheets and clothing still got pissy and in need of a wash.

>Was that not an issue for you?

It was, my parents were mad/disappointed. It wasn't very uncomfortable for me though since it was so routine.


I probably only stopped around then. Like grade 5, or 6 at the latest. I remember wetting myself during class a couple times as late as grade 4.

843196  No.78886


Im not sure If you covered this in other posts, but what did other kids think about your diapers?

9fca9b  No.78975


His story sounds fake

624f59  No.78976


>things that never happened

e483e0  No.79000


Yeah chances are, but it isn't like he'd be the only one who had some shame with this at some point. When I was 1st caught and this was brought up I lied to my mom and said I was having accidents cause I thought like a dumb ass that her thinking I had a serious medical condition was better than telling her I'm ab.

9fca9b  No.79033


Nice trips.

Abdls asking their parents to diaper them in their teens years under the guise of medical need is common, especially if it includes intentional bedwetting.

But his story involves

>duping a parent into fringe regression therapy

>getting a parent to diaper an actual teen rather than just the parent providing the teen with diapers

It's obvious erotica, few if any parents would really do this

bf7547  No.79035


I grew up in diapers due to medical problems, and I had a few tonic-clonic seizures when I was a teenager. Every muscle was so sore and I was so tired that I couldn't even feed myself for several hours afterwards.

As bad a the seizures were, the worst part was being changed by my mom. Pure, 100% - uncut cringe. I mean, I'm grateful she was willing to take care of me and all; I just wish that didn't have to involve her changing my diapers.

In contrast, I remember after one of the seizures I was admitted to the ICU for observation and a super cute CNA came in to change me. She even refereed to them as "diapers" which was weird since medical professional are usually trained to call them "briefs" out of concern for patient dignity (cause we're supposed to feel better with the euphemism instead of calling them what they are - like that's not patronizing at all). Any ways, she was really sweet and it was awesome in retrospect. Being changed by your actual parent isn't - just awkward as fuck.

80676f  No.79058



It’s not fake at all. This was the 1970s. All the “regressing” (again, I didn’t have this word in my vencular) was done alone in my bedroom.

She didn’t consider what she was doing erotic at all. She was merely helping me apply an unusual article of clothing. I stood next to her and she helped pin on the diaper as I held it. Then I would go to my room and jack off. In fact none of my story is hard to believe.

I understand you encounter a lot of bullshit on here, but this isn’t it. I feel a tremendous amount of shame for what I did, even if others have said was harmless. I know what i did

c1e320  No.79060


Old mans story isn’t hard to believe. In the 70s Schiffian psychology was considered a legitimate method of curbing schizophrenia. That was until on of her patients died in 80s. There were dozens of articles written about Shiffs house and none considered the spanking and diapering of teenagers and twenty-somethings as sexual at all. Different time buddy. We were born in the wrong time period



Snippet: Reparenting required an enormous commitment from the therapist. Schiff's patients moved into her six-bedroom house in Fredericksburg, Virginia; severed ties with their biological parents; and began calling her "mom" and her husband, Moe (also a psychiatric social worker), "dad." Schiff identified each patient's regressed age as the age at which the patient seemed to function and then treated him as if he were actually that age–which meant she wound up diapering, bottle-feeding, bathing, and disciplining adult patients. Only she didn't refer to them as adults or patients, even when speaking about them to her colleagues. She always called them her children or her "schizophrenic babies."

Woman even wrote a book about it

ba0301  No.79086


Thanks for that. Definitely a worthy read.

72886f  No.79326

This doesn't involve diapers but it's related. I used to wet the bed an average of somewhere between 3 and 10 times a month, pretty much until I reached my early teens.

Before I reached puberty, my parents would have me sit on the toilet for about 5 minutes immediately before bed every night. It would happen in the master bathroom attached to their room, and it was common for either of them to be in and out of the bathroom during that time. That stopped at some point in middle school, but even before then it always felt very infantile to me. Those memories elicit some of the strongest ABDL-feelings for me

139003  No.79839


I didn't wear diapers at the time. If I had an accident, it was a big mess (of piss, I didn't shit myself)

cd1785  No.79840


My parents had me do the same thing! Usually with my pj top on and no underwear or pants on at all, I would be forced to sit on the toilet as they went around their normal night time routine brush my teeth and stuff acting as it was completely normal having a 12 year old still have a potty routine.

72886f  No.79912


OP here. That's so interesting that we had such similar experiences. I would usually be wearing a t-shirt too (though not always, esp. during the summer). My bottoms (which were sometimes pull-ups) would be sitting around my ankles as well.

I also remember how they acted like it was completely normal, even though I knew it wasn't. The fact that none of my siblings had to do the same thing made that pretty obvious.

How long would they make you sit on the toilet?

251074  No.80109

>around 2

remember that i laid in bed in a diaper and peed, thinking to myself that it would leak since i was laying on my side. it did.

>being changed by a preschool teacher that didn't like unpotty trained children. kept shaming me for not using the bathroom.

>had recurrent dreams about being diapered and alone on the playground like a baby.

> used to climb out of my crib to sleep next to my sister for an hour or so, to then wake up and walk to my parents and sleep there for the rest of the night

>saw my neighbours daughter getting a diaper change when i was under 4 years old, and thinking I was being envious for all the attention she got or something.

>that memory stayed.

>found adisc, and other abdl forums around 10

>found pampers size 6 that some relatives had left at our summer cabin around the same age.

>wore them and peed, it felt amazing, buried the evidence in a ditch

9 years later i could still find them, they dont degrade well lol

34e21f  No.80247

File: 2d8168a1ee077c5⋯.jpg (228.87 KB, 1280x1535, 256:307, Livestream_9_25_16_Myumomo….jpg)

Went to summer camp in the 6th grade and one of the kids wet the bed. Spent the rest of the time there wishing that was me, imagining the counselors and some of my camp-mates making me wear diapers and the usual stuff like that.

adff51  No.80267

Daycare story!

So, I was at least 5, maybe 6 when this happened. I know this because at said daycare we played a game we based on a cartoon that came out a few months after I turned 5.

Everyone in my group was potty-trained but it was a daycare for lots of ages so they had a changing table in the corner behind a little wall (it was a storefront type place). One of the boys there was in my class at school as well. He was mostly fine and would play with us but could get really upset about things and I think these days would likely have been diagnosed with some kind of ASD. But I digress. He was also a year older than me, so 6 or 7.

We were running around the playscape thing they had and playing and having fun as 5 or 6-year-olds do when this boy ends up having an accident. Peed his pants. Definitely happens. I've got memories of my own incidents.

So, I don't remember how the daycare ladies reacted. Like, I don't remember if they were angry, or just like, "oh well, that's what you get with kids" or whatever. I do know they brought him over to the changing table.

And he was not having it. I remember those screams and wails. And I went over and watched. They put him up on the table, they took his pants off, and they put a diaper on him.

And I was shocked. I knew they made diapers that would fit me because I'd worn them on a different occasion (another story another time maybe). But they were plain, white, whatever diapers. These ones they had, they looked like the cool ones I'd see commercials for. They had the bluish absorbant core thing, greenish legbands, etc. All I could think as I watched him be forced into them was how I wanted my own package of those.

Don't remember what happened after that. I think maybe he avoided the rest of us for the remainder of the day. But those few moments were etched into my mind forever.

a02563  No.80288


Well It kinda went like this I was in the fourth grade. and it's summer vacation and we were going to a family gathering anyways my brother who was in the second grade at the time still kinda wet the bed and he wore goodnites for that so my mom was trying make him wear them for the car trip and he was throwing a tantrum and whining so my mom got the brilliant of trying to convince me to wear them for the trip as well so he could shut up well to say the least I wore them (didn't really like them at the time ) anyways it made my brother shut up and he stopped whining and of course he slept and wet during the long road trip himself but I didn't really even bother using them kinda regret it now anyways this kinda was the start on the road of my diaper fetish. so thanks mom you're the reason that I have this fetish now.

fc2093  No.80292

File: e52cf141caf60a7⋯.jpg (674.72 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190326-043426….jpg)


You forgot to mention the part where she diapered three grown women and was chastising one of them for not shitting her diaper. Seriously, if you think about it, that means that the other two women present must've pooped themselves if only one of them was being yelled at for not doing it…

adf465  No.80306


you're welcome, dear.

ba0301  No.80328


Just wait till you read the books she wrote, like the article is cray but the book is so much more.

56d51a  No.80330


What's the names of the best books? I personally have a hard time believing that this happened and would love to read more. It's truly fascinating.

ba0301  No.80344


All My Children is the one you want to read as its a graphic retelling of her reparenting, the others are more psych journals.

f9cb45  No.80351


This is something you are supposed to laugh at as an adult, not be ashamed or regretful for.

"Wow, I remember that time I was so desperate for diapers that I tricked my mom into diapering me! Crazy times!" Or something along those lines.

0b9aac  No.80355


What? Getting drunk at a Highschool Party with friends is something you laugh about when you're older.

Manipulating someone to fulfill your deranged sexual fantasy is psychotic, and you should total feel ashamed for it.

9d62b9  No.80358


He made a mistake, but feeling intense shame decades later isn't helpful. He couldn't choose to act any differently at the time, and he certainly can't build a time machine and change the past.

9fca9b  No.80406




Too bad the story in question 90% chance is fake. Jim aside, do boomers even use this site?

bdc3d3  No.80408

Okay I have been meaning to share this embarrassing story.

Be me like 7

our next door neighbors had a kid about 5 (i think he was a bedwetter because he had pampers in his closet but maybe they are old)

I see them during a sleepover and instantly want to be in them.

I tell him that it would be so much fun to be in them and how it would be embarrassing to be in them. I start to use reverse psychology to get him to diaper me.

I pretend to sleep while on my back. he grabs a diaper and starts to put me in it (jackpot) I even lifted up to help him "prank me into putting me in diapers a few more times.

I would pretend to be mad about it but would keep up the reverse phycology on diapering me. (I would wake up in a diaper and be like no its bad to diaper me then laugh at how much he got me in a diaper and that he is cool for pranking me).

I also used to go to a babysitter and would steal the kids wet diapers and wear them *facepalms* they did catch me and they told me not to do it again

ba0301  No.80410


Lets see… chans are usually



Have some sort of government conspiracy

Support trump

Watch fox news

Hold dearly onto old ideas

Everything was better before now

>are you sure it isn't all boomers

>cuz it sounds like boomer country

>daemondick sounded like a boomer btw and posted during the day as if he was retired

adf465  No.80425


paranoid much lol?

744e1b  No.80427


That's the funny part. Chan people share all the same hate worthy charactaristics with boomers, while at the same time hating boomers, though not for said characteristica, but for being boomers simpliciter. Which indeed is a very boomer thing to do.

a42ed2  No.80432


Go back to Reddit then, chan boards aren't for fragile little nigger faggots like you.

ba0301  No.80433


It's like some twisted boomer-ception. The spinning was their childhood toy.


Boomer detected. Next I'm gonna be called some Millenial Snowflake Socialist, and then asked later how to fix their computer. Which by computer they really mean cellphone.

>The answer is always the same grandpa, you just throw it away

>I know back in your day they had things called repair shops, but that's old.

>Now we just get new shit all the time, and send the broken shit to what you call "shithole countries."

45d6a3  No.80435


You never heard of a cellular phone repair store?

3b8ccb  No.80442

File: 4fd5667448da853⋯.png (174.94 KB, 500x566, 250:283, 460CCDC9-F00E-4840-90F0-95….png)

9fca9b  No.80466

Do most kids under 7 actually enjoy diapers? When I was a kid the prospect of trying on diapers was occasionally discussed amongst kids

d80aa8  No.80467

File: 820e89aaaceac1f⋯.png (95.44 KB, 500x726, 250:363, Snowflake Award.png)


This could not be anymore goddamn fitting

Now kindly fuck off back to reddit, faggot

d80aa8  No.80468


I'm calling bullshit. Maple syrup bottles don't break open that easily.

Not today, friend. Not today.

6baa7c  No.80481

File: 4fd5667448da853⋯.png (174.94 KB, 500x566, 250:283, C36D6025-4BD6-4481-80A3-74….png)


Did you make that pin for yourself you right winged shit?

d80aa8  No.80482


Now I'm starting to think you're trolling. Not even we are this gay

534da9  No.80515

ba0301  No.80528




I think >>54211 is more your guys speed.

501999  No.80545


Some of those younger ladies are pretty hot. However, why did you link me to the 80+ tinder album with a few young ladies mixed in?

bdc3d3  No.80546


So apperently I asked for diapers on one of my birthdays prioir and had worn used diapers from the daycare i visited(not messy, just couldnt risk getting caught stealing new ones)

9fca9b  No.80611

Holy shit this is stupid. I say the guy's story is fake because of how seamlessly he rused his mom, but somehow you fagbuckets make it about US politics

b7bef9  No.80664

>>>80040 (copied)

I found the twelve-month program for incontinence [1] online at around 11 or 12, and I just said fuck it and decided to feign incontinence, with the end hope of eventual, actual incontinence. I looked up medical literature and tried to create a reasonable narrative of the development of incontinence (occasional accidents with frequent toilet breaks, became more frequent accidents, then public accidents, then bowel troubles which became more frequent, etc.).

I planned it all out before hand, to the micro level, which was fortunate since both mum and dad were medical doctors–so it had to look real. It did take a lot of work and a lot of public accidents in order to spur on some action–at first, mum and dad just preferred to pretend it wasn't real, or it was just a normal part of adolescence, or whatever. I also had to deal with the medical red-tape (for example, I had to deal with things like timed toilet breaks, medicine which just made me piss even more often, frequent conversations with a dietitian, and all that crap–I had to have public and awkward accidents up through that period, until I was 'prescribed' diapers).

I've never spoken about it before since it's all so emotional to me–at that age and period I had depression, and there was lots of additional trouble between mum and dad. It stressed mum out that her son 'suffered incontinence', but it did help her forget about her personal troubles (mental illness) and let she and her husband focus on more than just their mutual antagonism. I still think about it a lot, as it was an emotional time for me and mum and dad. It's such a broad topic with such broad implications, I just find it hard to sum up in a neat manner, to be honest.

[1] http://bedwettingabdl.com/12_Month_Diaper_Training_Program_For_Becoming_Incontinent.html

824820  No.81199

I was just thinking of another childhood thing that could have contributed to me having this fetish: I used to go swimming all the time as a kid, usually at lakes or beaches and whatnot. There weren't usually any bathrooms around, so my parents would encourage me to just pee in my trunks while I'm in the water. I always thought it was kind of fun to be allowed to wet myself on purpose.

6580f2  No.81256



I was actually encouraged to not pee in the pool, but lakes and such were ok. I still peed in the pool all the time though. (and the bathtub as well) I always really enjoyed it for some reason. To this day peeing in the water is a prime sub-fetish for me.

c8202e  No.81274


yea. i started wearing diapers around the age of 11. i was at daycare and we would have outside time. before going outside we were expected to use the toilet - if we had to come back inside then we stayed inside…

there were a couple of times i really had to pee and had to hold it. well i wasnt the only one and one day i watched as a friend pissed his shorts instead of going back inside. that night when i got home i put on shorts and peed my pants in the tub to see hwat it felt like; i didnt like it much.

well we had some older girls there who were still in diapers due to mental disabilities. i often stayed late as my mom worked till 10PM. so being pretty much alone i went to the bathroom, pulled out a huggies and put it on. i sat on the toilet and forced myself to go. i didnt expect it to hold but it did, i remember it being warm but not feeling like a liquid. i quickly pulled it off and threw it in the diaper bin but the idea had been formed.

over the next few weeks i tried to sneak some diapers home to try them. i was home 'sick' one day and once my mom left for work i pulled out a single diaper i had stolen. id been holding my morning pee since i woke up.

i went to the bathroom, changed and stood in the tub. i et it out and watched as my huggies filled up. i wanted to know if it was safe wear at daycare so i went and sat on the toilet seat, figuring its a hard surface if its gonna leak it will be there. it didnt even feel wet…

i stayed in teh diaper that day, peed a few times in it. the 3rd time it started leaking but at least i knew they would hold.

on occasion i would snag a diaper at daycare, i couldnt take them often as i didnt want it to be noticed. there were some days i would put one on in the morning and not take it off untill i got home late at night.

when i turned 13 or so i started to bike to a grocery store far away and thats when i found pampers and my life changed forever.

the pampers easily held more, i was able to pee multiple times and with out leaking. they also felt softer and smelled better. plus i found size 6 instead of 5. anyway this lead to me wearing to school for the rest of Jr high and into high school.

some where around 16 i found diapergal.com and i ordered attends, tenna, secure X plus (which felt fucking amazing!!)

at 20 i met my X gf who also got into diapers on a bondage and S&M way. we would diaper up and go out to the bars, club hopping. kinda forcing each other to piss when we were in public. also went to malls and such. this pretty much cemented my abdl fettishes

843196  No.85003


10PM is a long time to stay there

Did you resort to playing with baby toys or was there a lot pf stuff for older children to enjoy

e124b3  No.87899

Age 4-5 (1994-1995)

>> steals younger brothers pullups a few times & gets found by dad laying in bed with just a pullup on. Gets told to take it off & later on gets nappied in front of family as punishment.

Age 13-14

>>Starts High School in 2002, had tough time, fell behind & eventually started getting bullied. Bunked off from school multiple times & eventually bought store brand nappies & lunch from a SPAR shop at a total cost of £1.65 for nappies & £2.00 sandwich deal, ran to the park I'd bunk off in & changed in public toilets. Spent many days hiding in that park with nappies stashed at the top of a tree so no one woud find them. (not clever I know) various hiding places over the next couple of years

Age 15-16

>>Life impacted from bullying and eventually leads to agoraphobia, scared to go out & eventually discovered online content as part of my 16th birthday & found out I wasn't a freak (or I am & you all are too), ordered abena abri-form m2 from Dorset Nursing Supplies & super nervous when City Link delivery van showed up & mum was home. Wore on & off successfully for many months.

Age 17-18

>>Life is in the crapper (no pun intended), messed up attempts to take my own life & recover from damage, Mum meets new guy, experienced a lot with the community since I was 15-16 etc, mums new guy finds out & leads to many months of turning my room upside down, monitoring where I go & what I do, Mum & him label me a Pedo & hurle abuse down the street at me ("HEY EVERYONE **** WEARS NAPPIES") etc. after finding used nappies (Bambino & M4's) in a black trash bag leading to many confrontations with the CUNT & relationship with mum is damaged.


>> Moved to the other side of the country with my fiancée who knows about my little side & says she doesn't mind what I do as long as I don't hide it, so I don't. I sleep next to her in a onesie and super thick nappies (normally ABU Space), finally passed driving test in 2017 too!

Thinking about writing a book! ^_^

722436  No.87987

File: 9055d773062a997⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 375x500, 3:4, eda9202291a8601ec0f1b42e92….jpg)

There was this one time my grandma was tricked into diapering me by my older brother when I was 5

>Sometimes wear my little brothers diapers

>laugh and play with little brother

>Older brother thinks it's hilarious

>Don't wear when parents are home

>Parents are going to be gone for a whole day so grandma babysits.

>Older brother tells grandma something along the lines of I'm not wearing my diapers like I'm supposed to

>She goes and finds me where when she asks me of I wear diapers

>I laugh and say no

>She replies you better not lie to me I don't want you to have an accident

>She takes my hand and takes me to the changing table

>she asks me to get on so she can put me in a diaper

>I say I don't wear diapers

>She asks me to get on or she'll spank me

>I comply climbing up onto the changing table.

>She takes off my pajama bottoms and I'm put in a diaper

>She lets me go afterwards And my older brother keeps laughing at me

>Which was embarrassing because I wasn't supposed to in a diaper with an adult around

>Surprisingly I can point to this moment and say this made me an AB

>The best/worst part came later when I had to pee

>I said I have to pee when playing with my younger brother

>my older brother went and locked himself in the only bathroom in the house

>I told him I had to go

>He told me I had a diaper

>Not a very strong bladder so I end up peeing in the diaper

>Ashamed of myself I tell my grandma I had an accident and I needed a chang>

>She takes me to the changing table and changes my diaper

>It was utterly humiliating at the time

>Not to long after parents came home

>when they found out I used a diaper my dad spanked me because I was potty trained

I can point to this memory and say without a doubt this made me an ABDL. They were plastic back Pampers that's all I know about the diaper. I liked how smooth they felt which is part of the reason I wore them when we were home alone

7bc20c  No.88019


I'm with you there. I don't think I would have gained a fetish for diapers if I didn't wear them in the late 90s. Being mildly autistic the smooth plastic and smell was very soothing

4bba23  No.88026


>forced diapering

>forced wetting

>this level of detail for a story from when you were 5

I flat out don't believe you.

4bba23  No.88029


>and the Schiff Family, a residential therapeutic community consisting of more than a dozen households in the San Francisco area, populated by people with and without mental illnesses. (At some point, she'd generalized her treatment; anyone who'd been raised by less than perfect parents was a candidate.)

Dammit bros, it's not fair. We could all have been sent back to diapers

072725  No.88042


Call me sentimental, but that level of abuse you suffered from your family and peers really got to me. Glad you got a happy ending, m8. Many of us would kill for a significant other as kind and understanding as yours

c626fd  No.88048


Thats adorable

c626fd  No.88050

I think this was in another past thread, but someone had a story where they were at a store or something (I think it was some kind of toy store?) with their mom and they were standing there next to them and let out this really loud fart/mess into their diaper and they just looked at their mom and their mom looked at them and neither one needed to say a word to know what had just happened. I dont remember the specifics to the story though. If whoever posted that is still here, would you mind re-posting it?

Also, what would be a good way to archive stories from these threads? A pastebin of some kind maybe?

a34319  No.88057


Don't blame you for being skeptical, but this actually happened.

>Forced diapering

Not really forced more like shy resistance to a sweet but no-bs grandma.

>Forced wetting

Actually happened. On a separate occasion my older brother locked himself in the bathroom and I shat my underwear. He got punished for it that time

>This level of detail from when I was 5

Did you expect me to just put in the vivid parts and leave out the fuzzy stuff. I filled in the parts I vaguely remember with things that most likely happened to make a good story. Vivid parts I remember.

>Playing with younger brother wearing diapers.

Very fond memories. I loved these moments alot. It was a shame when he got potty trained and the diapers were gone. I remember one day I went looking for diapers and they weren't there anymore

>Get diapered by grandma

very vivid she even gave me a little tickling when she was done

>Wetting myself and asking for a change

Borderline traumatic remembered every second of it bawling my eyes out

f34b7a  No.88215

Very simple stuff when I was a kid. I would mostly take diapers from my brother's room and hide in the closet putting them on. I still remember how good the plastic backed Pampers felt. I would just sit and rub them loving how smooth they felt. I did it till one day we got cloth backed ones and they just didn't do it for me and I stopped.

72886f  No.88391

I was born in a country that became very unsafe when I was just starting school. To explain how severe it was, when my family finally left, we completely abandoned our home that was very nice.

It took weeks to get out of the country after leaving our home before finally reaching some family in another country who we could settle down with. My memory is fuzzy because I was young, but I am pretty confident that I wore diapers either 7 or 8 times in that time period. We were often travelling for 5 hours or more without stopping, so bathroom access was an obvious issue. Also, some of the places we stayed overnight were unsafe and so it wasn't advisable to go looking for a toilet in the middle of the night if you had to go.

In that period, I can remember going to the bathroom in a diaper multiple times and in my underwear once. We were genuinely in fear for our loves so having to wear and/or use a diaper wasn't as traumatizing as you might think.

I have no idea if that experience impacted my current interest in diapers, but my best guess is that it did not.

314721  No.88401

First of all, love the thread and everyone sharing their stories.

Anyway, as far as I can remember/have been told by my parents I was really stubborn during potty training and flat out refused to stop using my diapers or my pants until my parents told me I wouldn’t be able to go to preschool unless I was potty trained, which apparently (according to parents) made me 180 and start using the toilet. I also have a very vivid memory around 3-4 years old, of my sneaking into my sisters nursery while my parents had her in a baby carrier in the living room while they watched jeopardy, and trying to put on several of her plastic backed pampers, but seeing as they were around size 2-3 probably, I couldn’t fit in them (have no recollection of any aftermath).

I also continued to wet the bed and wear huggies pullups out of laziness at night through the 8th grade. Parents kind of accepted it until one night they did a diaper check and found that I had wet my diaper an hour before bedtime. Proceeded to buy wetness alarms and run into my room and literally carry me to the toilet if they heard them go off.

There was also an incident while I was in pullups, where my parents hired our usual hot teenage babysitters older brother to watch us because she was busy. He brought along his brother who was a year older than me and played with all the neighborhood boys. Remember passing a football in the garage when older brother spots my pullup peaking above my waistband. He and his brother pantsed me and made fun of me for an hour and I remember crying to my parents when they came home. Made lies about him to other neighborhood kids so we ostracized him and he couldn’t tell them I wore diapers.

Around age 9-10 I reverse psychology told my friends older sister that being babied would be one of the worst things for me to experience. Cue her picking me up and cradling me, baby talking me, and telling me I needed diapers. Boner.jpg. Started an obsession with being diapered by baby sitters/older girls, friends sister specifically.

Age 15 get emo gf who introduces me to sex and lots of kinks, introduce her to the idea of diapers. Take some from a lock-in at church, hide in bag. Parents found them and threw them out, threatened to kick me out if they found any again.


Buy diapers constantly, thrift stores and grocery store mostly due to shitty university mailroom and shared bedroom. Wear whenever roommate is out of town


Buy abdl diapers, tell new partner about kink. Not only is he accepting but he thinks it’s cute and wants lots of little clothing and accessories on top of liking wearing and wetting diapers. continue happy switch relationship.

c626fd  No.88414


>>In that period, I can remember going to the bathroom in a diaper multiple times and in my underwear once

can you elaborate at all? Any memories of a specific time you used a diaper (or the time you went in your underpants?) Like, was it mostly when in the car, or did it happen pretty often where you were staying at night? Was it all #1 or did you ever have to poop yourself? When you had to go in your diaper or underwear, was it just something you quietly did without anyone noticing, or did you tell your parents before/after? Was it a desperation kind of thing, or were you OK with just using them if you knew you couldnt stop soon?

sorry if this is too many questions.

72886f  No.88448



>Can I elaborate & is it too many questions?

I am happy to elaborate and it is not too many questions. Immigration and refugees are a big topic where I live, so I've answered hundreds of questions and told my story of leaving my native country hundreds of times, I've just never included the fact that I was wearing diapers for a portion of it.

>Are there memories of specific times I used my diaper or underpants?

I was not even 6 yet so my memories are not nearly as vivid as the other people I am seeing in this thread. I best remember the time I used my underpants and the first time I used my diaper. In total, I think I used my diaper 5 times but the last few times I don't remember much at all, just that it happened.

>Was it mostly in the car, or did it happen pretty often where we were staying at night?

The car. We had a very large van that we spent most of our travel time in, and all but two times I went in my diaper was in that van. The other two times were in an extremely overcrowded hospital and while walking as part of a very large group.

>Was it all #1 or did I ever have to poop myself?

I did have to poop myself. I happened twice, and both times I had already wet myself. Fortunately it was in a diaper both times. One of the times was what you could refer to as an "accident", the other time I was very ill and didn't even care. Pooping was definitely worse than peeing, as an adult, pooping is very much not part of my diaper fetish lol

>When I went, did I do it quietly without anyone noticing or did I tell my parents before/after?

>Was it a desperation thing, or was I okay with using them if I knew I couldn't stop soon?

These two questions sort of go together. At the beginning, I was more obvious about needing to go to the bathroom, which made it more obvious that I was about to or had recently gone to the bathroom. That would have been especially true when I went in my underpants. I don't remember this too vividly, but I am vaguely aware that at the time I realized that if I didn't say anything about needing to go then I could just let it out and tell my mom about it later when we had stopped.

If you want me to elaborate more I can, but I don't know what would be considered of interest

238c8e  No.88450

I have a small story. When I was 12 or 13 I went to sleepover at a friends house who lived right next door. Everything was normal until it was time to go to sleep. His mother came over and told him he had to wear his Goodnites because he is a bedwetter and how he couldn't be trusted to keep his sheets dry. His sister also needed to wear them at night, she was 3 or 4 years younger. All right in front of me. They even asked if I needed one, I said no. He seemed pretty embarrassed at first but accepted it. I wake up in the morning and for some reason he says look what I did in my Goodnites last night. They were soaked and he had messed them and were just sitting in the trash can. He said he woke up wet in the morning and had to mess so he just went in his Goodnites. I really couldn't understand what was happening at the time. I found it very odd and headed home. Ever since that moment I became obsessed with the idea of wearing diapers even though I didn't need them. I just wondered what the feeling would be like. I did some googling on my PSP's internet and found out about what AB/DL is. The rest is history. Since I was 12/13 it must've crossed some wires during puberty, at least that's the only thing that makes sense to me. I wonder if anyone else has similar stories. Hopefully someone found some joy in this story.

e124b3  No.88483


Thank you ^_^, she is a true diamond in the rough that's for sure & I'm literally punching above my weight with her lmao! Keep your chin up & the right one will comr along eventually.

c626fd  No.88632


Feel free to elaborate about any aspect of it you like, Im definitely interested. Its like that classic "we cant pull over to use the bathroom" scenario, but its actually real you know? Also I find the whole scenario just super innocent feeling if that makes any sense.

bef1d9  No.88659


>get a fetish for being babied by older girls

>end up in a switch relationship with a dude

Where did it all go wrong?

500b41  No.88788

I was late to be potty trained and continued to wet the bed regularly until I was fairly old (6-7) and continued intermittently until I was 9.

When I was 4 I remember finding my leftover diaper and playing out a sene where I was getting my clothes pulled off and put back into diapers, my parents walked in and spanked me.

When I was 6 I saved up enough coins to by a diaper out of the machine at walmart when I went to the bathroom, I tried it on first thing when I got home but my mom walked in and had a serious chat with me.

After that I remember sneaking safety pins and cutting my pullups so they would go on like diapers.

Around the same time I remember having a dream that my mom made me use a potty chair and sit in a bouncer for peeing on the toilet seat.

I also remember being forced to keep my wet pullups on and suck my thumb for wetting the bed but that could have been a dream too

when I was 12 and my mom was out of town I found a used (wet) adult diaper in the road, snuck it home in my underwear and put it on, it leeked everywhere.

It goes back further than I like to think about really

2f3538  No.88789


Imagine being bisexual and choosing to be in a relationship with a woman.

Why torture yourself like that? Do you not value your sanity?

If you can handle and enjoy a dick, MM relationships are life on easy mode.

bef1d9  No.88790


>when I was 12 and my mom was out of town I found a used (wet) adult diaper in the road, snuck it home in my underwear and put it on, it leeked everywhere.

Lost me there fampai. Utterly revolting. I literally have less disdain for scatfags than people who find used diapers and wear them. Pamperchu tier shit. Disgusting.

500b41  No.88799


Yeah it was pretty gross, I probably should have made that a bit more clear. Never did it again. Sorry if I squicked you, I'm drunk and tired.

1d15a7  No.88868

I got very lucky as a child. when I was in second grade. I started taking my little brothers diapers. Didn't take long for my parents to notice and they found the small stash hidden under the bed. I was expecting to be punished instead my dad sat me down and asked about the diapers. I explained I liked them alot and I wanted to wear them. He gave me a deal, if I maintained straight As in school he would buy me some. I took the deal and went from a bit of a delinquent to a delinquent with good grades. It was a sweet deal but there was a rule that I couldn't wet or mess them. Didn't stop me when I was home alone for a bit. I lost interest in middle School and my grades slipped for a few years but as puberty came around I wanted them again. It took some convincing but I got my dad to agree to the deal again under the terms I would at least take 2 AP classes every semester. I can understand him not liking the idea of buying AB diapers online but I held up my end of the deal except a B in calculus which he let slide. I'm in college now and the deal has changed as he still allows me to wear at home as long as I have Cs or better but I have to pay for the diapers myself now which is fine. I've been getting accessories like bottles and onesies. I think this changed my life for the better

982aa5  No.88870


That’s a pretty sweet deal. Smart of your dad to not squander your exploration but instead turn it into an opportunity for your own betterment. He seems like a good man.

1d15a7  No.88874


My dad is awesome. My mom on the other hand hand has always looked down on me for it and our relationship is quite tense.

072725  No.88911


Hey, at least he didn't give himself cancer by microwaving the dirty diaper

7d666d  No.88912


> MM relationships are life on easy mode.

This. My bf is not abdl but he indulges me like crazy and it's adorable. I think I'm in love with him.

Dated three abdl's before him and ironically he's the best.

218a58  No.89168


How else did he humiliate you? Did he ever tell other people you wore?

21c6c9  No.89173

From what I remember plus according to my parents; I refused to get out of diapers till preschool, apparently everybody else there not wearing diapers made me not wanna wear them anymore. Needless to say that passed. I got one memory here I’ll never forget.

>Be me, think around 5 years old

>mom takes me to McDonalds playplace

>I’m in overalls and diapered

>she lets me loose in the playplace

>playplace is safe but big enough that I can spend an hour or two in there

>mom is there with friends so I get to stay extra long

>after maybe 10 or so minutes playing I feel a familiar pressure in my stomach

>keep tooting as I’m running around

>Proceed to mess in my diaper in the upper corner of playplace

>never cared if I pooped myself, I always just wanted to play plus i thought diapers were convenient/comfy

>half the kids in the playplace already pooped their diapers anyways so who cares

>after awhile my mom calls me over to say we gotta get going, her friends are gone too

>picks me up, gets a whiff of me almost immediately

>playfully teases me that I filled my pants, wanted to change me there but the line to the bathroom was super long

>instead she drove me home and changed me there

I got other memories of being in diapers too but damn that day is probably the one I look back on the most.

c626fd  No.89188


Thats awesome. Have any more details or other stories you want to share?

21c6c9  No.89204


I stole some diapers from my grandparents house when I was 10, put them in a bag and snuck them over my house when my parents picked me up. I was a latchkey kid growing up so after school I would go straight to our upstairs shower and wear them. I’m a skinny kid and not that tall so back then they fit pretty well. My grandparents didn’t notice either I think. They had a closet literally full of them for my baby cousin. Really gave me a thrill. Even got to mess myself at home the few times I knew my parents would be gone long.

a17996  No.89243

I shared this story in a thread similar to this, but seems that went lost.

I had a childhood friend growing up who wore diapers well into kindergarten age. Our parents shared a workplace where they became friends and by pure coincidence we happened to live in the same apartment building and went to the same kindergarten. I have very vivid memories of her wearing and using diapers even after all the other kids and myself stopped wearing them. There are three occasions I still recall clearly, one of them being the time my mom came to pick both of us after work and she messed her diaper in the backseat of our car with me sitting next to her. The second being a time where we were playing with toys together inside the kindergarten building on a rainy day and she messed herself while we were playing, forcing me to go find an adult so she could be changed. I remember standing outside the bathroom door as she was put into a new diaper and being irritated because I wanted to go back to playing. The final thing I remember quite clearly was a New Years Eve our parents were celebrating together. We'd been put to bed early while the adults partied, but we got to sleep together in my parents bed so that was cool. I distinctly remember waking up because she was messing her diaper and I went to go tell my parents because it smelled really bad, but they told me to go back to bed, which I reluctantly did.

To this day I have no idea why she wasn't potty trained at that age. Her dad eventually got a new job, which caused her to move away because of his new career and the last time I saw her she was still in diapers. I remain convinced that she is the reason I'm attracted to women in diapers today and diaper messing is pretty much my ultimate turn-on. Weird how early childhood experiences can impact you like that.

9fca9b  No.89247


Interesting. I think sexuality isn't set in stone until after puberty

>diapers are artificial objects that must be imprinted on someone for a fetish to develop. You can't be born a DL

I'm also into vore and most of the vore crowd has a memory of a character getting swallowed that turned them on (for me it was men and black 2 where the alien woman swallows the man)

992fd0  No.89260


To understand the origin of the fetish we need to understand how sexuality manifests in the brain. We don't really have the answer to that yet, but I'd guess it's basically sensory pattern matching combined with reinforcement learning. You're born with some hard-coded patterns which trigger arousal, then those patterns get refined and sharpened by your experiences. For normal people the hard-coded patterns correspond to some approximation of the opposite gender's appearance/mannerisms/etc, but mutations and variations are common.

I don't think anyone is born with a narrow attraction to diapers in particular, but I think it's definitely possible to be born with a more vague attraction to, eg. smooth, soft, puffy bottoms, or crinkly textures. That can then get refined into a specific attraction to diapers by exposure and reinforcement. If you were born into a society where a different type of common object matched those vague criteria, you might end up with an attraction to that object instead.

I suspect that more emotion-based fetishes such as humiliation and dom/sub play tend to be acquired in very early childhood (0-5 years). Emotionally powerful or traumatic experiences at that age seem to have quite a deep effect on the human mind.

>I'm also into vore and most of the vore crowd has a memory of a character getting swallowed that turned them on (for me it was men and black 2 where the alien woman swallows the man)

I think you're getting cause and effect the wrong way round. You didn't acquire a vore fetish because you were turned on when you saw that. You were turned on when you saw that because, subconsciously, you already had a vore fetish.

679645  No.89271


>You didn't acquire a vore fetish because you were turned on when you saw that. You were turned on when you saw that because, subconsciously, you already had a vore fetish.

This isn't how the brain works. You don't come hardwired with obscure fetishes, you acquire then when your brain starts priming for sexuality. No one is "born" a certain sexuality

BUT - that doesn't mean sexuality is changeable or easily changeable once set. Gays aren't born that way but that's not to say they're curable either.

238c8e  No.89280


I had a similar thing I told in my story earlier in this thread. Long story short I slept over at a friends house when I was 12 or 13 and my friend and his sister had to be put into pull-ups because they couldn't be trusted to keep the sheets dry. He woke up the next day and told me to look in the trash. His pull-up was soaked and he had messed it. He said he woke up wet and decided to just mess in the pull-up. I didn't really understand at the time. But I'm like 100% sure that is what made me become attracted to everything about diapers. I also still am very attracted to Goodnites. Some wires got crossed in early puberty I'm guessing.

bef1d9  No.89281


Not gonna read your Brief History of Absorbent Briefs, chief

But I think I get the gist of the debate here.

I definitely think it's a mix. I don't really know if it was a memory or something I was told about a few years later that I'm remembering now, but I was a little fascinated with diapers when I was preschool age. I apparently diapered one of my stuffed toys and took it to preschool with me once. And I think I remember wanting to be diapered myself.

Then when I was a little older I told my dad I wanted to be a baby

Don't think I really thought about it again until I was maybe 12 or 13 and somehow found ABDL story sites

992fd0  No.89285


>No one is "born" a certain sexuality

So you think there's nothing in the human genome which gives most people a natural propensity towards heterosexuality?

be453d  No.89289


There may be genetic predisposition for heterosexuality but any genetic predisposition for homosexuality should be bred out of the gene pool incredibly quicky. The amount of fags is too high in proportion to that to claim anything more than very minor influence from genetics.

I was referring to more complicated fetishes though. If your interest requires explanation, it mustve been acquired after your mind could comprehend it

c626fd  No.89290


That is absolutely adorable. You must have had a pretty big mess down there between playing in it for a while and then a car ride home sitting in it!

Also, how did you know other kids there had pooped themselves too?

b92d85  No.89291


>So you think there's nothing in the human genome which gives most people a natural propensity towards heterosexuality?

You mean being normal?

Your question is so blatantly retarded it is like asking if there is something in our DNA that makes us breathe or eat or cry.

Those are tasks necessary for life and must occur in all life, as is reproduction by normal heterosexual means.

Of course by all means feel free to call homosexuality a disgusting mutation incompatible for life like not breathing, eating, or crying but that would be incorrect,

as twin studies have already confirmed that there is no genetic link between sexuality and DNA

c626fd  No.89300


I may be wrong but I dont think that that is what they meant. If you think about it, there would be a definite correlation between an individual breathing and their survival. If an individual was instinctively driven to breath, they would reproduce far more successfully than if they didn't breath automatically, since they wouldn't die in the first 5 minutes of their life. Therefore, an individual who has a genetic pre-disposition to breath would likely pass that trait on. Instinct comes from our genetics. It is the "built in software" in out brain. Stuff that we dont learn. The brain develops the way it does in the womb due to genetics, not through experience.

I think that there is some genetic pre-disposition to be heterosexual, because being heterosexual has such a devastating advantage from an evolutionary point of view. Of course if genetics does play some role, then that would fail to explain why so many people are gay.

You have to also keep in mind that our understanding of the way our brains are wired and our genetics are both in their infancy. We understand the basic idea of how our brains work, and we understand genetics more or less, but they are both mind-numbingly complicated, and we are absolutely nowhere close to fully understanding either one, let alone how they interact. It is entirely possible that our sexuality is influenced by our genetics and experience. Hell, it could be something else entirely.

7d666d  No.89314


>fuck faggots!!

Anything to help you forget you get a boner when girls piss and shit themselves, eh?

Is it working? You feeling superior?

7d666d  No.89316


>twin studies have already confirmed that there is no genetic link between sexuality and DNA

Oh, and literally the opposite of that is correct, you retarded faggot.


b92d85  No.89339



>the same as identical twins

Do you have excess chromosomes or something?

Identical twins for all extent and purposes have the same DNA. As such if one has a genetic condition there is a 100% chance the other has it. ie if one has Down's so does the other, if one is schizophrenic so is the other. This is how psychology and medicine at one point determined what conditions were genetic

Twin studies have confirmed being gay is not genetic, because just because one identical twin is gay the other one isn't guaranteed to be at the same rate as all other inherited genetic conditions as seen in twin studies.

314721  No.89342


I’m the one in the switch mm relationship from that post. Current BF is not an ABDL either but he indulges and is willing to be both little and big and he’s better than any other ABDL I’ve dated, man or woman. Definitely more sane than any woman I’ve dated or fucked too.

992fd0  No.89362


>Your question is so blatantly retarded it is like asking if there is something in our DNA that makes us breathe or eat or cry.

There is absolutely something in our DNA which makes us breathe, eat, and cry. There isn't some magical force which makes us breathe simply because it's "necessary for life" - our DNA evolved to code for lungs because large creatures without lungs tended to fare poorly on land. In fact, almost every difference between a human and a phytoplankton is coded for in our DNA.

You have a profound misunderstanding of the most basic concepts of biology. I'd tell you to go and read an introductory-level textbook, but I suspect the problem is actually much deeper than that.

062257  No.89365


Post stories instead you dumb fucks

21c6c9  No.89369


Boy howdy was it a mess down there, even remember my mom even teasing me how messy I was. Thankfully my parents were chill like that growing up. Fuck being a toddler in diapers was awesome.

Also I’d say that was more of an assumption, can’t remember how many times I was at this playplace and some random kid would run past me and smell like dirty diapers.

e7eeee  No.89443


Surprisingly wholesome/cute story— it’s neat that your mom was so cool about you wearing at that age.

So I don’t know how interesting these anecdotes/memories will be, but hopefully they’ll at least help get the thread back on track.

I should mention I was late to potty-train. First having been trained at like 2 or 3, I had to go back into diapers again full-time until I was about 4. I had a younger sister born shortly after I turned 3, and kept having accidents, which my parents reacted to angrily. Ultimately, nothing worked and I had to be put back into Pampers for another year. I was embarrassed by them at the time, but as soon as I was finally out of them, I knew I missed them. I do remember a few stories after then:

>be 4-5 years old

>have a babysitter, Beth, who is in college

>we get along really well, and she sits for me until I’m almost 6

>at this point, Beth graduates college, and leaves town, but first she says she’ll buy my a small present

>Pampers Size 6 had just recently come out. I was absolutely positive that’s what I wanted

>Beth asks me several times if I’m sure, and I say that I am

>I think, looking back, she may have thought it was cute, if somewhat strange

>On her last day, my dad answers the door with me there, and it’s her

>She happily pulls out a pack of Baby-Drys from behind her back and presents them to me

>My dad gives both of us a dirty look; he’s clearly unhappy, and I’m embarrassed and act unenthusiastic

>I still get to keep the diapers and they sit for a couple years at the bottom of my closet

I’ve been accused of making this up before, but it’s true— I still remember it very clearly. I used the diapers a year or two later, and may share that story next.

b92d85  No.89445


And I'd tell you to take an introductory English course since you appear to be the only person that is unable to read.

In fact the fact that you are even responding to that sentence and stating that means that you are in fact:

>blatantly retarded

Homosexuality is such a maladaptive strategy to a sexual reproductive species it would be the species wide equivalent of not breathing, eating or performing basic vegetative functions.

So to review that sentence contains an example of a simile, I hope this will help improve your experience on the internet and make you less of a faggot.

992fd0  No.89447


Nice attempt at backpedalling. The rest of your post makes it very clear that you think sexuality is not encoded anywhere in our DNA. The simile you used only makes sense if you also think that breathing/eating/etc. aren't coded for in our DNA either.

Anyway, it's entirely possible for a maladaptive mutation (even one which completely prevents reproduction) to persist in a species genome under various circumstances:

1. The mutation isn't confined to a single gene but is spread over multiple genes, each of which confers an evolutionary advantage in isolation. In this case the individual parts of the mutation can be selected for even if the combination of them is strongly selected against.

2. The mutation confers an advantage when a single copy is expressed, but a disadvantage when two copies are present. Again, the single copy receives positive selection pressure until a certain equilibrium level is reached in the population.

3. The system in question is highly vulnerable to small mutations anywhere in a large section of the genome. In this case the individuals might not pass on their genes, but the maladaptive mutation will reoccur at a significant rate by pure chance.

Now please, go and study proper genetics rather than getting your entire understanding of the field from shitposts and infographics.

60b426  No.89452



Would both of you faggots just shut the fuck up or take it to a different thread? See: >>89365

d387aa  No.89455


>I dont understand epigenetics

The post. Now shut the fuck up and get back on topic you little bed pisser.

b92d85  No.89459



okay so you agree it is a result of the environment, something in the environment endues histone modification similar to ye olde potato famine and starvation induces changes maybe childhood trauma causes the same thing

I am sure you have the study that pointed out segment of DNA modified by epigenetics right, like maybe a study that looked at the twins and when they realized oh wait one is gay but the other isn't they probably found epigenetic changes and found the modification locations right? RIGHT!!!???


Wow you really are retarded

Okay change the words in my sentence

>"Your question is so blatantly retarded it is like asking if the sky is blue."

Listen you fucking mouthbreather, I dont need some faggot that took one biology class that learned babby's first intro on gene modification who thinks that is how it actually works to talk fucking shit and act like he knows his shit. The fucking models those 'science' teachers present are based on simple bacteria and planeria gene modifications and dont come close to the bullshit plaguing the human genome.

In your DNA near 99% of it accounts for all vegitative and life functions, the fact that your heart starts as an open tube the bends and close that is left with foramen connecting opposing sections that hopefully seals shut lest you are born with a congenital disease.

Your fucking punnett square bullshit one dominant one recessive that only applies to a set of known genes doesn't even begin to account for the multitude of complex interactions that goes into distinct conditions greater than "color-blindness" or "trisomy 21"

To put it simply faggot. Please provide me with proof it is inherited. Let me demonstrate.

Hey guys did you know epilepsy is inherited, this study looked at rates of fraternal and paternal twins and found correlation that proved that there is a genetic link.


Now you do the same.

d4aa4c  No.89461


Did your dad let you wear use them?

992fd0  No.89464


>Please provide me with proof it is inherited.

Animals raised in isolation still exhibit sexual attraction to their own species, even when they've never seen a member of their own species. That alone proves that sexual attraction is almost entirely determined by genetics.

Since you asked nicely though:



>Findings from family and twin studies support a genetic contribution to the development of sexual orientation in men. However, previous studies have yielded conflicting evidence for linkage to chromosome Xq28.


>We conducted a genome-wide linkage scan on 409 independent pairs of homosexual brothers (908 analyzed individuals in 384 families), by far the largest study of its kind to date.


>We identified two regions of linkage: the pericentromeric region on chromosome 8 (maximum two-point LOD = 4.08, maximum multipoint LOD = 2.59), which overlaps with the second strongest region from a previous separate linkage scan of 155 brother pairs; and Xq28 (maximum two-point LOD = 2.99, maximum multipoint LOD = 2.76), which was also implicated in prior research.


>Results, especially in the context of past studies, support the existence of genes on pericentromeric chromosome 8 and chromosome Xq28 influencing development of male sexual orientation.

992fd0  No.89465


Oh, and before you complain that it isn't a twin study, let me remind you that I don't care. Qualified scientists have explicitly stated in a peer-reviewed article that there is a causal link between genetics and sexuality. If you disagree, feel free to publish your own paper and get it peer reviewed. I won't hold my breath.

238c8e  No.89467

How hard do you have to fuck up in life where you get to the point where you are arguing about DNA on a board dedicated to adults pissing and shitting in diapers? Just fucking stop Jesus Christ.

b92d85  No.89469


>"qualified scientist"

Wow okay yeah thanks man.

Hey if you are wondering I am one of these so called "qualified scientists"

I have worked on research when I was getting my doctorate and my results are being published.

I can tell you as one of these "qualified scientists" please dont believe what they say I submitted bs work that was happily accepted once I tweaked the definition of what counts as "statistically significant"

I mean I am done now and I do wish my professor all the best continuing his research but I am really amazed how easily you can turn nothing into something.

Its sad we cant read the study, and the point is you do need to read the whole study, not just the abstract but the method, the discussion the analysis and not just:

>Results […] support the existence of genes on pericentromeric chromosome 8 and chromosome Xq28 influencing development of male sexual orientation.

Especially when they stick the phrase:

>especially in the context of past studies

It also doesn't help the Journal is from the UK, has an impact factor of 6, and ranks pretty poorly.

7d666d  No.89478


That's literally the opposite of what science says. You have no clue what you're talking about.

7d666d  No.89480


>To put it simply faggot. Please provide me with proof it is inherited

That's like asking to "prove" evolution. No, there is no solid "proof" that this or that gene is the "gay gene." Genetics is vastly complex and doesn't work that way. However, the evidence that being gay (like being anything else) is in part genetic is overwhelming:







So yeah. Eat shit you filthy, cocksucking faggot :p

bc1a01  No.89482

File: 3a9c708ec80fa52⋯.jpg (7.19 KB, 226x224, 113:112, 44739280_2113181208947263_….jpg)











7d666d  No.89483



Once upon a time I shat my diaper and my babysitter jerked me off with my own feces.

The end.

b92d85  No.89484


Yes, you can prove evolution. You can literally do this in a few months using fruit flies and generate species that are unable to reproduce with one another. It is a simple repeatable experiment.

Either way fine I'm done you can have the win if you want I don't give a shit, but fuck off with citing wikipedia and meme entertainment sites like they are evidence.

7d666d  No.89490


You should quit, because you're fucking wrong. All of those articles have links to the peer reviewed studies, faggot. Nice try with the "meme site" smokescreen. People with advanced college degrees know better ;)

Now crawl the fuck back to your basement-dwelling incel life. Enjoy your loli scat porn and keep pretending you're superior to others, you filthy pathetic cocksucker.

238c8e  No.89492


>sperging out about DNA on a board for adults wearing diapers

>gets mad when asked to stay on topic

Fuck off autist.

7d666d  No.89493


Reread the thread and pay attention to the ID's. Nobody asked me to stay on shit. Neck yourself, illiterate faggot.

d387aa  No.89495


>I googled epigenetics in a rush and still didnt understand it

And a lot of us have told you to duck off faggot. Your repressed homo urges are yours to deal with

238c8e  No.89496



Lmao you are fucking retarded. Sounds like you need your diaper changed.

7d666d  No.89497


lol, dumb faggot.

You said I was "sperging out" because people were telling me to stay on topic. I didn't even fucking notice that shitpost in the first place. The reason I'm "sperging out" is in opposition to ridiculous, unfounded, debunked claims that gayness had nothing to do with genetic makeup. Everything we currently know about the topic says the opposite.

Get your facts straight, you dumb nigger :p

238c8e  No.89498


Reread my post faggot. I said you were sperging out about DNA and then you got mad when someone told you to stay on topic which you did. Thanks for ruining a good thread.

7d666d  No.89499


And I'm saying I DIDN'T get mad when anyone told me to stay on topic, as I didn't even notice the stupid fucking shitpost. I'm mad about the content of the conversation, not because people were telling me to stay on topic.

Go ahead, smartass fuck - link to a reply when I got mad specifically because people were telling me to stay on topic.

I'll wait…

238c8e  No.89500


Sorry you definitely weren't mad as hell online when you posted this.


You're not mad actually you find it kinda funny! Peak mad online log off you spreg

7d666d  No.89501


>thanks for ruining a good thread

And what the fuck are you doing but continuing the shitty conversation? Look how many more shit posts there are specifically because you decided to chime in with your bullshit.

Would have been better if you let the conversation die. But you didn't. You had to open your faggot mouth. And look where we are. Nice job shoving your fragile little ego into anonymous conversations like it fucking matters. I bet you've never stood up for yourself a day in your life.

You could have avoided this. You didn't. Now the thread is a shit show and you'rer just as much to blame as I am. Congrats.


That was pretty funny on my part, actually. I was smiling when I typed it. Definitely not mad.

Anything else, you hypocrtitical shitstained loser?

238c8e  No.89502


I'm not mad I actually find it funny! The fact you don't even know that's an internet cliche is actually hilarious. You're so not mad online you keep typing paragraph and paragraph with angry insults. It's so funny XD XD Go change your diaper.

7d666d  No.89503


Tee hee so fahnny you so mad you don't know memes lelelele!!!

Glad I've provided you with entertainment. You're welcome, faggot <3

7d666d  No.89505







These are all the posts in the conversation YOU started, by the way.

I love the part where you cried about a "good thread" being ruined.

I'm sure you found it funny the whole time and were never mad yourself.

Even when you were clearly mad ;)

238c8e  No.89506


You just can't stop lmao. Keep digging to the bottom dude.

314721  No.89508

Holy shit guys. Can we please go back to talking about what this thread was made for. You both have different opinions and clearly will never convince one another to change viewpoints. That’s totally fine. Let’s go back to talking about how we wore diapers as older kids and teens now.

479e40  No.89512

Yikes, thread got ruined by some whiny babies! Guys, take a nap. You sound cranky. Now, bring it back on topic PLEASE!

9fca9b  No.89515





Every thread on this board has to be ruined by one of these four

072725  No.89532


What's worse, is that the current BO happens to be two of these particular breeds of autists. I'll give you a hint… It's not DemonGod, thankfully

c95cf8  No.89636

File: d48d7c11608a071⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 5d72e6efcaba9f3ec00ec151d3….jpg)

When I was about 6 I told my mum that I love diapers and asked her to buy me some. She sort of half heartedly agreed. Dad wasn't happy and asked mockingly if I wanted a high chair too.

After a few weeks of bugging her to get me those diapers she relented. Came home one day after school with a big pack of nappies. My sister used to put me in them and play with me like a baby.

And that was that.

34fc1a  No.89645


Did you use them? This isn't enough detail, anon.

2eecb3  No.89744


How old was your sister at the time?

Did she change you when wet?

At what age do your parents stop buying them for you?

08d850  No.89745


Oh no! I was found out by the commie.

a42ed2  No.89752


>What's worse, is that the current BO happens to be two of these particular breeds of autists. I'll give you a hint… It's not DemonGod, thankfully

This board is what the internet was like before moralfags like you got ahold of every single fucking place to socialize online. Do I 100% support /pol/? NO, But do I care if they post waifu diaperporn of the New Zealand shooter? NO. Do I care if the BO is a pedofag? NO. Will I tell him to kill himself in chanboard fashion? YES.

Now kindly fuck off back to ANY of the other ABDL forums, boards or subreddits, all of which will be a hugbox just for you! They'll make sure to ban all those "nazis" and "pedos" (and certainly aren't actually shielding pedos!)


Keep doing what you doing, this board is great.

9fca9b  No.89778


I don't give a fuck if someone is a lolberg/tankie/nazi/etc. I'm 100% for free speech with extreme content like gore and hate speech. I just think derailing fap threads with political shit is really really gay and also breaks my boner. Like I said, trannies, pedos nazis and demongod are the worst at this.

2e2326  No.89781


not that anon but I come here for diapers, not politics.

It feels like so many places recently have a huge political tilt to them, it was nice to be in a place that was all about those dips.

Not to say having those political conversations shouldn't be allowed here. That's not really up to me. Also not to say it happens often, I really only saw one thread recently that was derailed(this one).

I guess I'd prefer to keep this place a little unidimensional although I know that's unrealistic and might not be what others want.

49ed6b  No.89787

File: 26d56e844d9aa6f⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 323x500, 323:500, 2662209305_8f0cfd6b8c_z.jpg)


My sister was almost 8 at the time, but she infantalised me all my life. I never used the diapers because it just never really occured to me at the time, that just wasn't part of it for me until much later. Plus my mum told me she'd only be buying one pack, so I really wanted to keep them for a long time. I believe they were called comfies or something, in an orange colour, around late 90s. My sister put water down there once that I can remember though.

My sister would change me, clothe me, clean me, etc. Even got my mum to get my old baby bottle out. Basically she'd pretend I was a baby, and I just went a long with it.

I wore those diapers until the tapes wouldn't hold anymore. After that my mum said she wouldn't buy any more, so my sister would steal diapers from her friend's baby brother, these were thicker and more plastic than the ones my mum got me. We started being more coy about it because my parents didn't really approve anymore. It went from kids playing to a bit of an obession and they didn't like that. It was at that point that I had a friend that was a little younger who wet the bed. So I think that might have really cemented these desires; my friend was able to wear diapers openly and would do so, but I couldn't.

I highly doubt I would have these desires if it weren't for my sister, but I've always had these feelings as far as I remember so it makes me quite uncomfortable about myself. Am I like this because it's who I am, or was it beause of how my sister babied me.

3c167d  No.89808


Do you ever mention or bring it up with your sister?

49ed6b  No.89810


Fuck no it's embarressing as hell. She mentioned it once in passing over christmas dinner when I was 18. She asked if I remember playing baby, and I just sheepishly said no.

aa9e99  No.89828

Is she single?

d51882  No.89844



she 100% is into this shit too as an adult, isnt she?

49ed6b  No.89855


No reason to think that, she wouldn't really understand what abdl is, or do enact it in any capacity. She's religious and prudish, but her personality is pretty controlling, and works in daycare.

I don't really think that much about my sister, and I would never involve her in any thing to do with this part of myself. I'm not risking a sibling relationship over this, it's just not worth it. You know feelings of embarrassment over something you did 10 years ago and makes you cringe? I don't want any of that thanks.

47f466  No.89859


She totally wants to change you didees dude

79f358  No.89861

As a kid, my parents rushed my toilet training, and somehow managed to get me out of diapers when I was two. I have no recollection of what it was like to wear diapers, or even pull-ups, for that matter, which is what got me interested in this fetish without me even knowing it. Heck, even to this day, I haven't worn, but that's due to living with my family.

I remember being one of the few children in my nursery that was out of padding, and I have vague memories of being doted on by caretakers for being "so mature". I didn't like it. I was always shy, after all.

I do remember being best friends with this japanese girl until the end of kindergarten who had a hard time toilet training. She was pretty much in diapers 24/7, even as we graduated and went our own ways. I had a feeling she was actually incontinent, though I didn't know there was a word for such a thing as a kid.

I didn't mind that she smelled bad, or even relieved herself in front of me, because she was the only other kid who wanted to be my friend. There was this one time outside of school that she leaked and soaked her tights, and I remember just hugging her and even helping her change out of her soaked clothes behind a bush. I think that was what started the whole 'caretaker' kink I have today.

To push it further, my little sister was discovered to have a form of autism, and she absolutely hated potty training. I was on diaper duty for years, until she was five or six years old. My parents always forced me to check her, change her, and try to ease her to use the toilet. The amount of leaky pampers and pull-ups I had to throw away were uncountable.

While I thought of it as a total chore at the time, in hindsight it just might have been the thing that set off my involvement in this fetish. After all, I had been going through puberty during the last year of loaded pull-ups and diapers.

Other than that, and a few anomalous bedwetting accidents, nothing else happened to influence me to become an AB/DL.

c626fd  No.89953


>>I didn't mind that she smelled bad

>>or even relieved herself in front of me

Did she really seem to mind (or even be aware) that she had pooped herself? How frequently did she visibly relieve herself in front of you? What did that look like?

>> I was on diaper duty for years, until she was five or six years old

>>the last year of loaded pull-ups and diapers

>>The amount of leaky pampers and pull-ups I had to throw away were uncountable


I need more details.

>>a few anomalous bedwetting accidents

What was that like, and roughly what age was that? I ask because I stopped wetting the bed sometime between age 5 and 7, but after that I had a few periods of time where I started wetting again during periods of high stress. The first was when I was 11 and my mom was very, very sick with something (she was fine in the long run, but it was super traumatizing and for a while there I thought it was life threatening when the possibility of that had long passed) The second time it started again was my sophmore year in highschool, which I put down as academic stress. When I was 11, it happened several nights in fairly rapid succession. The first time I just woke up in soaked sheets, and that happened a few other times as well, but I also remember a few times where I woke up still "going" and not really realizing what was happening at first despite being aware of the sensation, and then frantically trying to stop, and not being able to until a few seconds later. When I was older, I had fallen asleep playing skyrim and woke up thinking I had just been sweating a lot (which I was having an issue with at the time) and only about half an hour later did I slowly realize that I had actually wet the bed.

Both times I was super embarrassed about it. I had not started to have any abdl related interest in diapers when I was 11, but that was definitely there when I was in highschool. I do remember when I was 11 that I was about to ask my mom if she could buy me goodnites like I used to wear when I was younger because I was so spazzed about it. I remember thinking to myself that if it happened one more time, I would ask her, but it never did. I remember when I was in highschool feeling both super embarrassed and turned on at the same time, and it was really conflicting.

79f358  No.90009


>>Did she really seem to mind (or even be aware) that she had pooped herself? How frequently did she visibly relieve herself in front of you? What did that look like?

When we were in nursery, she didn't notice any of her accidents until someone told her about it. During Kindergarten, though, I recall her intentionally wetting/messing herself because of an upset stomach or convenience's sake. Most of the time she wore tights, and most often I saw her diapers through the fabric, whether they were full or not. Sometimes, she wore white tights, and it made the designs (and accidents) extremely obvious. Also, whenever she would go in front of me, it would either be mid-conversation, or before walking around with me. As a kid, I always liked seeing her diapered butt expand and droop as she made a stinky. I guess my younger self found it satisfying, in a sense. In hindsight, that could explain the sub-kink of tight leggings and diapers that I have today.

I remembered that she would like to mess with the teachers/daycare workers by saying she needs to go, before pausing and grunting for a bit and saying "I'm done!" with the most smug look on her face. I found it pretty funny as a kid, due to toilet humor peaking at around that age. Some of the grown-ups took it well and laughed with her, while others berated her for not being trained yet. Anyways, she would do it once or twice in front of me, and not bat an eye. One time she even let me touch the rear of her loaded pampers, before almost being caught by another kid.

>>I need more details.

I'd love to give some, but sadly the suppression of memories from my childhood depression prevents me from remembering most of what happened. To make it worse, my sister was a straight up bitch who took all the attention away from me due to her condition. Well, that's how I saw it at the time, anyways. The only non-vague memory I had of her was when she was three years old, and she was taking a nap. I was tasked to watch over her, and I saw her grunting and shifting as she slept on the couch. Her pampers swelled and expanded rapidly, yellow taking over the white plastic in a few seconds. She even kicked her little legs as she did so, and a smile grew on her binky-sucking mouth as she slept. I remember patting her head, and her stinky butt, before going back to watching cartoons on TV. I guess, when she was at a younger age (before she turned 5) I liked her more, as she reminded me of the japanese girl. When she did turn five, her personality became surprisingly self-centered.

>>What was that like, and roughly what age was that?

The first real bedwetting accident I had was during nap time in nursery, where I soaked the floor and my blanket thoroughly. I remember crying my eyes out, as I knew I could control it, and had no idea why this happened. The next one happened when I was in the first grade, and I fell asleep in the school library after we were dismissed. While I did wear black jogging pants at the time (as it was a part of our old PE uniform), there was pee everywhere. And it made a giant puddle on the white floor, causing a lot of people (teachers and students) to either laugh or silently judge me. It was one of the worst times of my life. And the last one was when I was exploring my tastes towards AB/DL, browsing through deviantart and whacking it to diaper art. I'd fallen asleep on the toilet post-nut and woke up early in the morning with a pool of piss lying in front of the throne. Luckily, I managed to clean it before anyone else woke up, and it was in my own bathroom anyways.

In addition to the memories I previously mentioned, I've grown up going to a lot of play-places and playgrounds, and played with a lot of diapered kids/toddlers. This happened from when I was 3-7 years old, and it was another factor that brought me to have an interest in pampers in the first place. I know I have a lot more memories to share, and I'll post them when I do remember what happened.

5d5117  No.90038

File: d967e635a7a1afa⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1461472955669.jpg)


>the sub-kink of tight leggings and diapers

patrician combination tbqh

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