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File: f61d278c981fb06⋯.jpg (421 KB, 660x605, 12:11, goodnites.jpg)

7e5a43  No.72672

Anyone have any embarrassing "wet the bed".

I had a youth group lock in and soaked my good nite. I threw it in the trash a d the next morning a couple of guys were talking about finding way "giant pull up". Made me cringe so fucking hard. Now it just makes my duck hard

ee086d  No.72710

Since it's almost Christmas, I remember waking up in wet goodnites almost every Christmas morning, of course I ran downstairs and open presents without changing first so there are many photos of me opening presents with my good night poking out of my pajamas, it always was a tradition practically than once on my presents were open my mom sent me back upstairs to change into some real underwear

7eb6cd  No.72724


I hope your duck is okay anon but if it's not at least you can have foie gras

a19265  No.72764

>Be me

>8th grade Washington D.C. field trip

>Everybody plans to stay up all night, we down coffee and water bottles and do stupid stuff

>Everyone gets tired and goes to bed

>Wake up, prolly 1-3am

>Goodnites: drenched

>Pajamas: soaked

>Sleeping bag: wet

>Floor: also wet

>Thanking God I didn't sleep on a bed, I sneak into the shower

>As far as I could tell, everyone was out cold

>Bag soaked Goodnites and PJs, don new ones

>Pee is very diluted, bag doesn't seem to smell

>Nothing seems amiss after that

Do you guys think my pee was enough water that I got away with it or do you think my autistic ass walked around D.C. smelling like stale piss?

And since running out of Goodnites 2 or 3 weeks ago, I've pissed the bed twice already. Fuck

49b17c  No.72768

I have a couple, but its super late here so ill tell them soon.

c015a9  No.72778


That sounds like a recipe for disaster! I'm sure you're not the only the great who woke up a little soggy! I'm sure you smell a little like pee but what middle schooler doesn't, if nobody said anything I'm sure you were fine.

I remember going camping when I was around 10, left my goodnites at home, first night soaked my sleeping bag. After airing it out throughout the day my dad made me sleep with towel wrapped around my waist like an impromptu cloth diaper. Peed that too but kept the sleeping bag dry.

49b17c  No.72813


I dont know why, but I find bedwetting while camping even more adorable than just regular bedwetting.

Not something that happened to me personally, but on 2 separate occasions I have been on a campout where another kid wet the bed. Both were on a week long winter camping trip (not the same year) The second kid was probably 11 or 12 at the time and didnt realize that he had wet the bed. He thought it was sweat at first, then thought that he hadn't woken up and someone had poured water on him to try to wake him up. But in the morning he came into the communal cabin with soaked pants telling people to look at how much he was sweating that night. He wasn't a regular bedwetter as far as I know. But he was a really cute kid. Good heart, too.

There was another thing where we did a lock-in at a place and the next morning as I was throwing away a paper towel after washing my hands in the bathroom, I noticed a (VERY soaked) underjam in the trash can. I never did figure out who it was. I still think that i could have, at the time, if I really tried. I had briefly started the process of working out who it was based on attendance and lack of attendance on various outings, but quickly realized that not only was that REALLY weird and creepy, but that the kid was entitled to his privacy. I of course never intended to tell anyone, but I wouldn't want even one person knowing if I was in his shoes.

Iv got a few more details/stories if anyone wants to hear them.

c75bd3  No.72815


>Iv got a few more details/stories if anyone wants to hear them.

Go ahead!

e693c1  No.72816

When I was a wolf scout we went on a camp trip and one of the other kids saw my good nite peeking out from my pants and told everyone I was wearing a diaper.

The scout leaders didn't know I wet the bed so they made me sleep in a tent with 2 other bedwetters. One of the kids had autism and had to wear 24/7 anyways and the other kid didnt wear a diaper so he pissed everywhere.

e693c1  No.72818


Same guy

I was also know as diaper anon by the other scouts until I eventually quit scouts and every time we did a camp trip the leader would always ask if I "remembered to pack my pull ups". I have more scout stories if anyone wants to here them

07d210  No.72846


I'd love to hear them! I remember my dad making sure I packed my "pull ups" too lol

fca332  No.72869


I remember when I was around 8 or 9 I went to this christian camp. There was this one kid who was a bit odd already and then I found out he wore Goodnites, (I saw him wearing it in his bed and saw the package) he told me and told me not to say anything.

Later in the morning I saw that he put one on top of the garbage and told my other friend at the time "Wow there's a diaper what the heck?" And then he told the other boys and they laughed. I don't remember if he was found out, I don't think he was, but I know he was mad at me I felt bad after, and it's weird cause I never bullied anyone generally (But I was bullied pretty bad) or said anything again I think I just felt weird about seeing a boy my age wearing a diaper, I was probably jealous I guess

Either way, yeah… Hope he's doing okay now

fca332  No.72870


What were the other kids reactions? Any girls find out?

c75bd3  No.73225

I wet the bed until I was about 7. My parents never punished me or made a big deal out of it - just kept me in diapers at night because I used to like to sleep on the floor, and they didn't want the carpet stained. This was late 80's, so we're talking vintage plastic backed huggies/pampers.

The one time I remember getting changed by anyone but my mom was one night when my babysitter took me upstairs and, to my surprise, told me we were gonna put my night diaper on. I was about 4 or 5. I don't recall any other babysitter ever doing this. I don't know if my parents were staying out extra late and asked her to diaper me or what, but I remember being caught off guard by it happening. I remember not feeling embarrassed but thinking that I SHOULD feel embarrassed because diapers are icky and blah blah blah. I think I was enjoying the attention but trying to pretend I wasn't. What I distinctly remember is laying on the bathroom floor staring up at the ceiling while my babysitter taped the diaper around my waist. I remember she had two friends over who were downstairs watching TV. As I made my way downstairs, I recall half worrying that they would see/hear my diaper under my PJ's and half feeling excitement at the prospect of "getting caught." Obviously they had to have known I was diapered, but I still recall jumping from the stairs to the pile of blankets rather than walking in the hopes that the crinkle wouldn't give me away (but also loving that it did). Don't recall the rest of the night but I remember my mom telling me later that she would not have my babysitters diaper me anymore because she didn't want me to be "embarrassed."

Crazy part is none of that memory does much for me since I turned out gay. Now I just love being big bro/daddy to other padded boys. Go figure.

f270bf  No.73233


Hmmm. I wonder if this was the same Christian camp (MN?)

>First day at camp.

>Everyone is unpacking bags

>someone notices Goodnites in a kids bag

>Makes fun of him

>Kid says they're not his

>Kid says he grabbed brothers bag

>Kid is upset

>Counselor is useless

>Confronts kid in front of everyone

>"Are these really yours"



>counselor throws them in trash.

>Later that day. Goodnites are all over room

>next morning

>wet goodnite in trash

30c9cd  No.74457



Sorry for taking so long to post those extra stories, I had kind of forgotten about this thread.

So the first one is also from a week long winter campout. (this was a few years before the first story I told about the kid who didnt realize he had wet the bed) I first became aware of it when some asshole of a kid tried to blackmail the kid who had wet himself the night before into doing something for him. Something along the lines of "do X or I'll tell everyone about what happened last night". Afterward, I went to talk to the kid who had wet the bed (I didn't know he had at this point though) and quietly asked him what the other kid was talking about. He replied rather nonchalantly something like "Oh, I wet the bed last night. It's no big deal, I don't care if he tells anyone" I was pretty surprised by this, having expected him to be really embarrassed by it. At this point I figured he was bluffing, or was trying to hide his embarrassment by acting like it didn't bother him, so I told him that what the other kid was doing was not OK, and that if he continued to do it he should tell me or one of the adults. I also asked if he had a sleeping bag to use that night that was dry, and he told me he didn't. I had brought an extra winter bag with me that I hadn't needed to use the night before, and so I offered that to him. He seemed kind of surprised by that, but after a second he said he would be fine. (We spent the first few nights outside in tents but some of the kids decided to switch to sleeping in a cabin the next night, so he wasn't going to die or anything) I brought my extra bag inside and told him where it was and told him that if he changed his mind, he could use it. He never said anything about it, but he ended up using it the rest of the trip. He was one of those kids who nobody really wants to deal with. One of the ones who is just a pain in general. This whole event made me realize that he was just a kid like any other, and I started paying more attention to him after this, working with him on stuff and all that, and ended up being pretty good friends with him.

I have some more stories, but they dont all involve bedwetting. Should I tell those here anyway?

cd14e0  No.74507

f4c7e1  No.74546

File: 53e19ae07a86e5c⋯.jpg (230.54 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 53e19ae07a86e5c7588ea19632….jpg)


Is there a way to induce bedwetting without getting drunk?

1530ba  No.74549



This guy says he can get you bedwetting. Don't know if it's true.

cd14e0  No.74583


Could try something like a dandelion tea, with a sleeping pill.

Otherwise, I've heard people have success with wearing every night, and drinking a lot. At first, they will wake up to pee, but the idea is to just go and fall right back to sleep. It may be hard to do at first, but it gets your body comfortable with the wetting like that. Over time (months), you'll supposedly either forget you ever woke up, or you won't jave woken up at all. Et voila, you're a bedwetter.

cd3671  No.74598


I had the idea of using a type of glove with a warm water filled balloon and a timer. Like 3 hours into sleep the timer opens the balloon and floods the glove (or mitten) with warm water making you piddle the sheets like a silly little baby.

I think it could be made.

eddfb5  No.74613


what would the glove be for? Like it just empties warm water into your diaper?

cd3671  No.74617


No. It would be like someone putting your hand in warm water while you sleep so you wet the bed. Some cute locking mittens with this feature would be fun.

0c0583  No.74618


Hmmm I guess that could be achieved fairly easily. You could probably make something like a syringe-driver to dispense the desired amount of liquid at a set time.

If that doesn't work maybe try something similar to a Peristaltic pump, or hell even a modified Insulin pump might work for what you want.


oh…after I had already typed this up I saw this reply and don't wanna erase all that stuff above. I thought you wanted something that would fill your diaper and give the sensation that you had wet the bed (maybe to get the person used to the feeling or something.)

f13f71  No.74627


Ive been wanting to write about this for awhile, since it appears noone has decided to go to far and if you look for it everyone thinks its a scam but they clearly havent tried it. The tl dr is if you havr money, dont have another person to tell you what to do and want that and dont want to figure out how to wet the bed yourself, this will probably be up your alley.

I tried this about a year ago when it was first posted here in the hypno thread, back when the first week was free but it appears he charges a dollar now since I guess people where signing up for the free week repeatedly which is kind of retarded since there is more changes as the weeks go by. Now I did it for 4 or 5 weeks and it was mutually ended due to communication issues via the email, he said on the last week he wasnt receiving my emails, and there was a days where he would go dark or bill me at various days, but he would generally try to communicate daily. I wont lie at the 3rd week i got cold feet and didnt respond to him when i should have as well, but we came to an agreeement to continue

If I where to try it again, but typing this out makes everything odd and I question now why I would do this, I would make sure we communicate better and have a strict billing period along with him also asking daily for an update if he hadn't recieved it. It may have gotten better in the year but I dont know.

As for the sessions, basically the 1st week is generic, and depending on what you describe to him it appears he copy pastes shit together in an email for you based on what info you sent him, which is why people probably dont go past 1 week. The first week was just simple concepts such as wear diapers after work ehen you get home (but in my case never at work), dont use the toilet after 8pm which I would assume depending on your work schedule would probably change but he had like a 9pm latest bedtime schedule, and that you would stain something under your diaper to shove in your pillowcase to get used to the smell which in my case was two pairs of white briefs that he would occassionaly have me pee in again to keep the smell. Diapers before 8pm would be terrible ones like depends or attends with baby oil and no powder(or whichever diapers you want) and thicker diapers at night with powder. You would have an 8oz glass of water that you would set an alarm 1 hour after you sleep, wake up and drink 4oz and try to pee, then set another hour and do it again.

Homework 2 (this was where the communication breakdown started as it took 2 weeks to get here with limited response times from him I never made it to a 3rd homework in a month afterward) was a variation of this where the idea is to sleep through the alarm, i was changed to an 8oz sippy cup of water at night and had to eat a solution of honey mixed with salt before bed, i also had to drink 2 8oz cups of apple juice during dinner, and eventually the water at night in the sippy cup was 8oz of more applejuice. Also during the time befpre 8pm that you can still use the toilet if you want, i was to pull my pants all the way down amd lift my shirt and then pee, which dont do this at work if you have stalled bathrooms lol. The last change was to start doing mental training of envisioning yourself eating dinner for 10 minutes a day, i assumr this is some kind of hypnotism tactic and is just to later envision yourself to just wet while your sleeping.

My biggest problem was I wasnt drinking enough liquids throughout the day and it took about a month of suggesting this until I was told to start drinking 70oz a day.

Thats about it for my experience. I lasted about 6 weeks.

6ab6cd  No.74642

File: 0fd23238a380b2c⋯.jpg (32.24 KB, 416x303, 416:303, tooDamnLong.JPG)

39881e  No.74655


You paid somebody to tell you to drink water and wear diapers before bed? Are you legit autistic?

484076  No.74657


gonna go out on a limb and say it's some method of cognitive behavioural therapy

am i right?

c7fe8c  No.74659


I lasted about 8 weeks until I stopped for similar reasons.

The homework started out quite the same. I was also directed to purchase and fit a waterproof sheet on my bed to reinforce my bedwetter status. The mental training graduated from envisioning eating dinner, to envisioning using a public toilet, to envisioning a scenario with an unexpected public wetting accident followed by a diaper change. The timing of night wetting alarms changed a few times, but as they became more routine I remembered less of the waking up and even woke up in the morning wetter than expected once or twice.

Ultimately I'm not convinced I got my money's worth but I'm also a bit interested in trying the program again after some time has passed to see how far I can take it.

c2d8c9  No.74666



You can definitely start bedwetting with a lot of patience and repetition. I actually mess the bed about every other night (with the other nights being I wake up to really needing to go or in the middle of messing). It takes a LOT of time and patience though. For me, bedwetting took something like 6-8 months, and messing took around 18 months or so.

>wear diaper during day and night

>get 100% comfortable wetting/messing in multiple positions (standing, sitting, squatting, lying down, etc)

>go whenever you feel slight urge to go, never hold it in

>stay hydrated for wetting

>have a good amount of fiber for messing

>never use toilet before going to bed

>if you wake up, just wet/mess and then go back to sleep

>do this constantly to train your body to think "bed = spot where I relieve myself" (this is precisely how toilet training works)

>eventually it'll work consistently every night

I used to have innards that worked like clockwork, in that I'd wake up at a certain time, use the bathroom at a certain time, and so on. The above process basically shifted the "use the bathroom" time for in the morning to something like 3AM. Being a heavy sleeper also helps with this, so your mileage may vary.

e2b85c  No.74837


>> I actually mess the bed about every other night (with the other nights being I wake up to really needing to go or in the middle of messing)

Can you supply further details please? On the nights you mess the bed, what is it like waking up in a messy diaper? How large is the mess volume wise? Are we talking super soft, firm, somewhere in between, varied? What about smell? Does the whole room smell in the morning, or is it basically contained to under the sheets, or contained to the diaper, or are you basically nose blind to it?

On the nights you wake up in the middle of messing, can you describe what that is like? How awake are you when its happening, whats going through you head, what does it feel like?

On the nights you wake up needing to go really bad, do you ever get up to go to the bathroom, or do you just lay there and go in your diaper? could you hold it if you wanted to?

How has your daytime control been affected?

49b17c  No.75154



Ok, ill write out at least one more tonight then.

This was the same kid who wet the bed and didn’t realize he had done so, probably withing 6 months to a year of the first story. This outing was focused on rock climbing. This place we were at was really cool, it was like a horse shoe shaped cliff, and some company had basically installed re-bar hand and foot holds into it at strategic places that you clip into. Its called via ferrada (or in English "iron trail" or something like that) Basically, you reach a certain height and then you are mostly moving sideways. The whole cliff was divided into 5 courses that get progressively harder. you are generally anywhere from 50 to 80 feet up, maybe around 100 in some places. Another thing is that you are not allowed to pass someone. The staff were very strict about that. That means that once you go on to the wall, the only way you are getting off is if you get to the end of that section, or you convince EVERYONE behind you to go back and get off.

Anyway, this kid (lets call him Jake so I don’t have to keep calling him "this kid") really likes me. Its almost bordering on hero worship at times to be honest. (Apparently I have that effect on that age group, as every 2-3 years there's a kid with a similar attachment to me. Im also told that I work well with that age group in general) So anyway, he insists that he wants me to be in his climbing group. (the younger kids needed at least one older kid or an adult in their groups to be able to climb) I agree, and so I go up on the wall with him and about 4 or 5 other kids. The first section is pretty easy, but it still gets about 60 feet off the ground. Jake is scared, but having a blast, and with a little encouragement to him and 1 or 2 of the other kids, we finish up the first section without much issue. We get back down on the ground, and we are deciding if our group wants to go on to the next section. The eventual decision was to take a quick break first, then move on. So we all head back to the main building, which has a big deck with chairs and a snack/gift shop. I should probably mention at this point that this place sells some particular kind of soda that isn't available where we are from, and for some reason all the kids seem to LOVE this stuff, and consume it readily. Anyway, about 10 minutes later we go out to get back on the wall. At this point Jake starts to get nervous about this, as the second section is a bit more difficult. (I had done it several times over the past few years, its not that much harder than the first) Knowing that, and remembering how much Jake had enjoyed the first section, I eventually convinced him to move on, provided that he and I were at the back of the group so we could go back if he changed his mind. (I did this realizing that it was pretty likely that another group of people would get on behind us at some point, but I figured once he was on the wall he would be fine, and it was just the anticipation that was bothering him for the most part) So we all go up and start climbing along. About a quarter of the way in, another group did in fact come in behind us, but Jake was, as expected, having a great time.

49b17c  No.75155


About half way through, 2 things happened fairly close together. First, we slowed way down. Remember how I said the second section wasn't THAT much harder? That's true. In fact, most of it is about the same or even easier than the first section. Except for this one little segment about 100 feet long. That segment is actually pretty hard, and pretty nerve wracking. You have to stick your leg down and in towards the rockface to find a fairly small foot hold, and it is much lower than you would expect it to be. ESPECIALLY if you are a tiny 11 year old. Like all the kids in my group. On top of that, there are not really any good hand holds to hold on to in that spot. Its mostly just smooth rock that you kind of just have to wrap your abdomen on to keep hold of it. The problem is that if you don't have long legs, (so basically, all 11 year olds) it is almost impossible to reach the foot hold while remaining stable on the smooth rock. You kind of have to take a little "leap of faith" (you don't actually have to jump or anything, more like a controlled slide) On top of THAT, because of the odd shape of the rock here, the sturdy, unyielding re-bar was replaced by heavy steel cables secured into the rock. Still just as safe, but it doesn't feel as comfortable.

Anyway, we slowed way down because the first kid in our group had reached the hard section. The kid in front was pretty confident, especially for his age, so I wasn't too worried. The more timid ones who might have some trouble were all in the back where I could coach them through if I needed too, so slowing down wasn't a problem in and of itself. Unfortunately, slowing down had some other effects that I hadn't thought of. After hanging in roughly the same spot for about 5 minutes, having hardly moved more than 10 or so feet, Jake backtracks a bit so he can make his way over to me, leans his head in close to mine, and quietly and shyly says "Anon? I need to go to the bathroom…" I ask him if he needs to go right now or if he thinks he can wait for a bit, and he said something like "It's not an emergency yet, but I don't think I can hold it for a really long time". Not really having any other option, I just tell him to keep holding it and that he can go use the bathroom once we get off the wall which shouldn't be too much longer since after this segment, the rest of this section is really easy and moves pretty fast. He seems slightly anxious, but just says "OK" or something. In retrospect, it was probably the fact that we were sitting still for so long that made him suddenly aware of the issue in the first place.

49b17c  No.75156


Anyway, some period of time goes by and Jake is now close enough to see the hard section. (it's around a sharp curve, so you cant see it from far off) Now, Jake is a somewhat timid kid, and having time to think about something scary like this isn't doing him any favors. I had also noticed that he had been squirming a little bit every so often for several minutes now. Nothing super obvious other than maybe grabbing himself once or twice, but since I was already aware of his "situation" I noticed it. As he got closer to being next to go into the hard part, he tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "Anon, I REALLY need to use the bathroom now." Not really sure what else I can do, I tell him to just hang in there (no pun intended) for a little bit longer. I also tell him that once we get past this hard part, we will almost be at the end of the section, so he wont need to hold it much longer. He leans a little closer to me and says (even quieter than before) something like “I’m afraid that I’ll get really scared on this next part and pee my pants…” The way I saw it, I could respond in one of two ways. The first would be to explain what happens IF he has an accident, and try to figure out how to do damage control while involving as few people as possible. This would be the way to go if I thought he had a good chance of actually wetting himself, but might make him resign himself to his fate. The second option would be to try to convince him that he wasn’t going to have an accident. This would be the best option, so long as he doesn’t end up peeing himself regardless. I ended up going with the second option, telling him that as long as he is actively thinking about holding it, he wouldn’t have an accident due to being scared. (This was just a quickly thrown together theory, but he didn’t seem to be super desperate to pee, it was just the combination of needing to go fairly badly coupled with the fear and the fact that he felt trapped on the wall without any way to get to a bathroom. It was clear that he really needed to go at this point, but I didn’t think that it would be a pants-wetting emergency yet if he was just walking around on firm ground) I continue trying to keep him calm and encourage him up to the point where he goes out onto the hard part, at which point I start giving him pointers on where to move what hand/foot to where and all that. After a bit of difficulty, Jake gets past the hard part, and as far as I can tell from where I am at, his pants still appear to be dry. I then make my way across the drop off section without too much difficulty. (although admittedly it was tricky, even for me) I make my way over to Jake and say something like “Everything OK?” and kind of nodded my head downward. He (somewhat shyly) says “Yeah, but I still really need to go” I tell him that he’ll be fine, since we are almost at the end of the section. He seems to believe this, and other than grabbing himself several times and fidgeting/squirming fairly consistently (more so than he was before) we finished that section of the wall without much more issue.

49b17c  No.75157


Now I know what you are all thinking at this point. “What the hell, this anon has been telling this long, drawn out story that has CLEARLY been leading up to this poor kid wetting himself while climbing, and now you’re telling me that he actually managed to hold it after all and nothing came of it?” Well, to be honest, you are partially right. Mostly right, in fact. Jake never did end up having an accident, but the story doesn’t end there. (almost done though)

So anyway, we get to the bottom of the wall and are back on firm hard ground, and I ask if anybody wants to take a break or go use the bathroom before we move on to the next one. None of the kids except Jake raises their hands. I tell them that they can move on to the next section, and that I can go with Jake and then we will catch up with them later. (another adult had showed up at this point, so I was able to let them keep climbing) As the other kids start ascending the wall, Jake looks at me and says “I actually don’t really have to go that bad anymore, can we stay with the group for now?” Now I’m not a parent yet, but I feel like I understand the frustration of having younger kids a little bit more after hearing this. I try to convince Jake that he should just go now, but he feels pretty confident that he can hold it long enough to finish the next section. At this point, I am convinced that if he goes up that wall before going to the bathroom, he will absolutely end up having an accident. Eventually, I just tell him to try to go behind this bush thing (it was like really tall grass of some sort). After both the other adult and I promise not to look and agree to keep watch to make sure nobody walks up and sees him, he agrees. I turn around, and a second later Jake starts saying that he cant get his fly undone with the climbing harness on. Thinking back to the youth protection training that all adult leaders take every 2 years, I recall that the BSA has some very specific rules about what I can and cannot do to a kids pants. Fortunately for me, (and him) a few seconds later he manages to get it figured out on his own. A couple seconds after that, I hear the tell tale sound of a pee stream hitting the ground. Then it keeps going. And keeps going. Holy hell, this kid isn’t stopping. I don’t know what his idea of “I don’t really need to go that bad anymore” is, but apparently it is very different from mine. Finally, after an almost comically long time, the sound gets quieter and then stops. A few seconds later, Jake says “OK, you can turn around now”.

49b17c  No.75158


Jake’s (apparently enormous) bladder now empty, we make our way up the wall to catch up with the rest of the group. This section is overall a bit more challenging, but its got some really cool scenery to it. (There is a part where you crawl along a kind of narrow ledge that goes behind a small waterfall, which is REALLY cool) There are some pretty tricky/scary parts though, (again, especially for an already timid 11 year old) but nothing as hard as what was in the previous section. There are more moderately hard chunks in this section as opposed to one really hard part in the last one. (In fact, the crawling part was actually harder for me to do than it was for the kids, as, being smaller, they were able to fit on the ledges better than I was. Let me tell you, the feeling that you could just roll off the edge of a cliff at any moment is pretty unnerving) At one point just after we had passed one of the moderately unnerving chunks, Jake leans over to me and quietly says “Thanks for making me go to the bathroom before, cause I would DEFINITELY have just peed my pants if you hadn’t” Not really sure how to respond to this, I just say something like “yeah, no problem”. A couple of other times while on the wall, he again comments to me, saying some variation of “I probably would have just peed myself if you hadn’t made me go before” (after completing some tricky or particularly nerve-wracking chunk) Even after we got off that section of the wall and were back on the ground, he still commented several time on how he “would have peed/wet his pants” or “would have had an accident” if I hadn’t convinced him to just try to go even though he didn’t think he really needed to go that bad at that point. He also asked me if I thought anyone ever had peed themselves while climbing, and I told him that I was sure it happened every now and then. (I know for a fact it had happened at least once at a summer camp I had worked at for a while, as I had a friend who worked at the climbing tower there)

Anyway, That’s the end of that story. I am pretty sure I have some others, but I’m sick right now and don’t want to make any promises. Sorry about taking forever to write this down by the way. I kind of forgot about it for a while and it was sitting on my desktop for a long time before I remembered why the hell there was a .odt file on my desktop named “lkjsddin”. Ill try to not take so long writing out the next ones.

5451ad  No.75297


That was a fucking long story for nothing.

tl;dr: a kid needed to go toilets and peed behind a bush.

54e4ee  No.75302


I think that's an urban legend which doesn't actually work. The best you could hope for would be a placebo (nocebo?) effect due to the victim believing in the myth.

50f73a  No.75428


Yeah, to be honest that whole story sounded much more interesting in my head. I have one where a kid apparently ass-blasts a tree (although I didn't witness that) and later shits himself in a mcdonalds (which I did see)

c2d8c9  No.75432


It's more or less the same as waking up wet, except messier (duh). My diet has a lot of fiber, specifically because it helps with messing the bed. That leads to large, soft, messes.

The smell isn't that bad. It's usually contained in my plastic pants and/or under the covers.

Waking up messing can either be fun or frustrating, depending what I need to do in the morning. If I'm in no rush, I can just lie still and let my body do the work. It feels great to slowly make poopy for 5 minutes or so. It's actually a really slow process if I don't push. It can either just slowly go on its own, or I get a pause, a little cramp, a spurt of messing, and then repeat as necessary.

On times I wake up having to go, I don't think I've ever bothered with going to the bathroom, mostly because there's already usually a bit of a mess. I could probably hold it, but not for long.

As for daytime control, it's funny because I don't really mess in the day anymore. My body works like a clock, and all that's changed is that the "do poopy" routine has moved from around 7AM to 2/3AM. If I'm awake at that time, I'll usually get a really strong urge to go.

33bc97  No.75662


aw that's super cute. thanks for sharing anon!

f6e9e2  No.76089

Ohhh this thread is perfect for me!

I still don't fully understand why, but for some reason I used to almost always wet the bed when I was not sleeping in my own bed.

The first time I remember it happening was when I was 7, and I had to stay with my grandparents for about a week. I have no recollections of wetting the bed before that, but I must have wet the bed 5/7 nights that week.

It was incredibly embarrassing to start randomly wetting the bed like that. After that week, I went back to my usual dry-self at home. But sure enough, the next time I stayed at my grandparents…I soaked my sheets.

My inability to stay dry away from home was bizarre and embarrassing. And honestly a little traumatic for a "big kid" like myself. I had to avoid sleep overs until I was a teenager out of fear of wetting myself at someone else's house.

33bc97  No.76104


that's not that weird. a lot of kids do that from anxiety

f6e9e2  No.76106


That's interesting. I remember being told as much during those years…that I was essentially just a little "scared" when sleeping away from my parents.

It still felt weird after being completely potty trained to have to wear Goodnites sometimes, but such is life :)

33bc97  No.76107


when did you stop anyway?

f6e9e2  No.76115


the summer after the 7th grade, when I would have been 12 or just turned 13. I remember that specifically because I attended my first sleepover in the 8th grade :)

Prior to that, I only ever slept at the houses of family or family friends. I would wake up wet nearly every morning in that situation, and a few times I was wet enough to leak through whatever protection I was wearing. My grandparents even had a plastic cover on the mattress I always slept on.

It definitely felt a little silly to have it be an accomplishment to not wet the bed as a teenager haha

33bc97  No.76116

File: a07d347a697fe10⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1600x2000, 4:5, 1548282786474.png)


i still have problems with it. i think it has to do with stress incontinence

f6e9e2  No.76117


that's a shame that it never stopped for you. I was fortunate that it was probably more mental than physical

33bc97  No.76118

yeah it's frustrating sometimes.. but also kinda hot? idk.confusing

f6e9e2  No.76119


lol i understand. i remember waking up wet and feeling so helpless to control my own bladder. those memories are still kind of a turn on :)

33bc97  No.76121

thanks anon that makes me feel a little better

33bc97  No.76122

File: bbcffb2e2d19eb4⋯.jpg (350.18 KB, 1358x1920, 679:960, 0Ql7n5A4mYtVCKBe8rcMLGXT.jpg)

df1aa6  No.76209

File: 73cc1bbde17a1dd⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1185x1600, 237:320, ClipboardImage.png)

It ain't a bedwetting story but I thought I could share it anyway. Another reason for this inspiration is boredom and alcohol.

I was once spending time with my school mate in a forest behind my house. I think we were in.. 3rd grade? 10 or so. My mate was about the size of a 1st grader.

He is still short and small in his 25s, but an annoying pot smoking hoodie wearing lad, who was promised a job through his father in a concrete factory but refused it because "He wasn't inspired to do it". Instead he moved back to his mother to be unemployed pot smoker that wears hoodies that are 3 sizes too big for him.

In contrast, I was way bigger for my age. I was the size of an average 13 year old.

The area was developed in the 90's and early 2000's so there was lots of kids of our age around.

Anyway. We were running about and hanging out in the forest, one summer afternoon. We found a stash of some diapers. They were in a big plastic box with a lid, under a old carpet, in a sort of tiny cave (more like indent on a side of a cliff. . A cheap brand kids diapers, I remember the packet being red, biggest size. And Drynites. I specifically remember it being this packet design because of the black haired kid on the pillow.

Anyway… We dared each other to try them. I tried the drynites, he tried the tape diapers. Drynites fit me, perfectly. The tape diapers… just about fit him. Well then we dared to wet them. I did, he didn't. After just spending a time in them, we discarded them in the woods.

After that we proceeded to saw and topple over an old telephone pole. It really wasn't significant thing to us at the time.

I remember him saying that "They say tape diapers were supposed to be more comfortable than pullups."

I'm really sure of them being of a kid that lived nearby, that I had caught wearing diapers in the forest. The forest was a really popular place for kids to play in. It was big…ish, for a kid. Kids dragged plenty of stuff there to build forts and things with. Mainly from the surrounding houses and construction yards. So finding boxes and such there wasn't unusual.

8f7939  No.79864

anyone else still do it?

3e20bc  No.79914


more stories

06d235  No.79915


very rarely. I did in 5th grade for a week or two, and a couple of times in rapid succession in highschool. both were during times of very high stress. In 5th grade my mom was seriously ill, in highschool it was a bunch of stuff all at once. Im in college now, for a frame of reference.

f6e9e2  No.79916


Not OP but I've got stories.

I was a near-nightly bedwetter my entire childhood. I didn't sleep without a diaper/pull-ups until I was 13 or 14, and then it took another year until I slept without a mattress protector.

I made the switch from diapers to pull-ups when I was about 8, and before that my family would tape-me-up.

Most embarrassing bedwetting story: on a trip to Washington DC in the 7th grade, I wore pull-ups under my pajamas at the hotel. Every morning, I left a wet pull-up in a plastic bag in my suitcase, and when we were out of the room one of the teachers would come by and throw it away for me.

One day, when we were out visiting monuments or whatever, she pulled me aside and asked if my pull-ups were leaking at all overnight, because they were extremely wet. This essentially led to a long discussion with my female teacher about my accidents at night, and I was mortified.

3e20bc  No.79937

>>79916 thanks

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