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File: 65d4582fac11e5c⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 758x777, 758:777, IMG_20180905_202409.jpg)

f5d205  No.73565

video request thread, starting with this

0f2440  No.73588

That's just a photo, no vid

21977e  No.73610

File: 7b65d81d93a86d3⋯.mp4 (7.24 MB, 382x288, 191:144, xvideos.com_f118154ee8727c….mp4)

Any and all videos of non-ABDL girls?

bdeea7  No.73729

I would also like to know where this photo came from (and video if there is one)

61a187  No.73756



21ed29  No.73776


ashley from abdreams

43b0f2  No.73845

Anyone have the higher quality version of "Dreamlike Baby" by Baby-Doll?


I have the lower quality file that has been passed around, but looking for the higher quality ~500MB file.


fcd698  No.73874

b4b3fd  No.73884


Natalie Mars's new abdl vid

33408d  No.73926


REQUEST: Because I'm a greedy fuckin' faggot who has no monies.

Does anyone have either this:


or this:


d2df0c  No.73928


Second this

d0003c  No.73956


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I wasn't a huge fan of traps, but goddamn if Natalie doesn't hit nearly all my fetishes at once.

29cc28  No.73966



I don't even watch porn, and I want to see this one, fuck.

56b25d  No.73975


holy frigging moly this would be the bomb diggity!!!

408aa1  No.73984

4759e8  No.73987


I second the omorashi video, I cant download it on my account.

bdf32a  No.74007


I am also voicing my desire to see this Natalie Mars gem. Please someone, be the hero us diaper faggots need.

c2c209  No.74009

File: 054e36906fbc69c⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 450x426, 75:71, abtvmovie61_720x576-042.jpg)

video request, please upload :)

adad2f  No.74012

c2c209  No.74014

This iż not video, assian actor od blonde

c2c209  No.74052

the actress in the movie I am looking for is blonde

543bc5  No.74069


Its the same actress, shes just wearing a blonde wig

c2c209  No.74075

I found only the price deters me, I do not have how to pay in the dollar buddy :(



4d1562  No.74098




Are you a fucking retard?

723ba8  No.74153

c79b1a  No.74228

4ecb03  No.74783

So here goes nothing, I've been a long time collector of ABDL-Diaper and femdom-related videos but unfortunately my HDD's crashed. Now I don't mind replacing and finding new vids however i'm especially bummed out because of one video which im unable to find. (Don't know the name). Kind people of this board, help me out!

The video is about a japanese girl who visits a mistress wearing a pink omutsu (diaper), while stayin with this mistress (curvy woman, wavy hair, wearing a leather bodysuit) she suffers a bondage harness and is forced (amongst other things) to: wear only a trenchcoat over her diaper and bondage while visiting a sex-shop. here she is masturbated by the mistress while also being made to entertain a male customer. all while wearing her diaper.

As you can imagine I hope to find this vid again and i'm hoping you can help me out!

e9602d  No.74875

9751eb  No.74876


holy shit i caught an abdreams mega while it was still up!

with this luck i should go buy a lottery ticket

e9602d  No.74877


huh? there's like 100 of their videos on pornhub.

06d17b  No.74880


and it's already removed

5663fe  No.74884

I still can't believe you retards haven't figured out how to use torrents yet.

8e2a5e  No.74891

a video link removed within an hour - they are watching. ABdreams is watching - while you are here, what happened to Vanessa?? Seriously! She was the hottest voluptious woman in porn to me; a perfect mommy. We never even got to see her ass! What happened to her?

0f2440  No.74892


Not everybody wants to leave their computer connected 24/7 for such a massive transfer

5663fe  No.74896


Torrents do not require 24/7 uptime. It's fine if you turn your computer off for a day or even longer, as long as it comes back eventually. Waiting a little while is far better than dealing with broken mega links.

0f2440  No.74900


It does if there are very few seeds

5663fe  No.74901


I stand corrected. Non-working links like >>74875 are much better than waiting for a day or two for a download to complete.

1cc5d5  No.74907

We need more Baby-Doll videos on here

0c2c77  No.74962

Nobody has natalie mars' new video?

e4ce22  No.74990

Anyone seen this one around the web? I saw it a few weeks ago but can't find it again.


08e205  No.75002

File: 916b7d96b8d52cc⋯.jpg (53.07 KB, 645x729, 215:243, H1ge0Nl.jpg)


so instead of waiting 1 or 2 days for content that you'd be forced to pay otherwise, you'd rather not to have the chance to obtain it at all… that's some big think right there.

d52440  No.75003

File: 1326d780f151b0f⋯.jpeg (12.03 KB, 223x236, 223:236, judgypooh.jpeg)


>this was so obviously sarcasm there's no way that you didn't get it.

you got it, right anon?


8cabff  No.75011


Does anybody have a k2s account? Can they put this on mega?


2dd3d3  No.75015

Didn't have any luck in another thread anyone have the follow up to this video?


758961  No.75038

Poopypwinces videos

08e205  No.75069


oh man, this shit is taking forever

3fae03  No.75083


pretty good aside from that 20 min of rubber mask shit at the end

08e205  No.75091


I got an error message 1 hour away from completing the download, after almost 24hours, thank goodness I was so eager to take a peep I made a copy of the file and added ".mp4" at the end

fd0964  No.75092


Did you get the whole file? Would you care to upload it on mega?

fd0964  No.75093


If you've got the file I'd be willing to trade a shitload from my personal collection, ukdiapergirls, jamjarmonster, merunyaa, abdreams and AaliyahTaylor for it.

08e205  No.75129


it is 52:03 length and it gets cut at 48:55 :(

4b25f9  No.75134


Post it anyway that's something, and fuck 40 min is a lot of content

372aca  No.75141


That's where it gets rubber mask creepy anyway

d56ff8  No.75151

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c3925e7e8a8a has diapermess ever given a fuck about anything?

2e71b0  No.75153

Does anyone have videos of messy diaper blowouts?

c9f6b4  No.75162


Asking the right questions.

ea8879  No.75172


Hey man. I did you a solid by finding the k2s link, but I can't download that, any of it. Can you put it on mega?

fd0964  No.75173


Downloading it myself, no errors yet, 5 hours left. I'll keep you updated.

ea8879  No.75174


How are you guys able to download it? Do you have a k2s account?

I click the download button and it disappears. Looks like to big for free download.

fd0964  No.75180


Just clicked free download actually, then it started downloading at 50 KB/s which takes 23 hours but got myself 3 hours left now.

44f70a  No.75181


Looks my certificate store is jacked. It's failing on the ajax call the recapture, so it ain't showing the capture request.

My internet is flaky anyway. It won't last 20 hours without reconnecting.

Drop a link if you can get it to mega. Thanks mate.

f351d8  No.75183


Get an empornium account. It's on there.

fd0964  No.75185


Doesn't that require a lot of work and constant uploading of new content?

fd0964  No.75186


I gotchu mate, I'll drop it on Mega as soon as it's downloaded.

I would ask for anyone who wants to download it to share some of their own collection. I'm looking for more AaliyahTaylor stuff myself.

9a04ea  No.75195

I'll send the natalie mars video to anyone. Uploading to mega now.

Email: lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

f351d8  No.75197


The only requirement is that you keep a ratio of above .5. There is no need/requirement to upload your own material

fd0964  No.75202


Could you invite me then?

fd0964  No.75203

Here is the video: https://mega.nz/#!SCB1EYRT

Decryption key: zzDQMtS8EAienAQTgykL8Q47P23hXxfWM8m06DFv7_A

44f70a  No.75205




Good mate. Thanks mate.

6edc67  No.75210

what kind of diaper is the the girl in OPs picture wearing?

932ef4  No.75218

e7f549  No.75229




Thank you!

fd0964  No.75243


The video is right here mate


a24b8b  No.75259


Seconding this. Willing to see if I can fulfill some requests for DG content.

172011  No.75262

A bit unrelated, but does anyone have a working fboom leech site?

a438f5  No.75312


re-up? maybe under a diff file name?

915317  No.75327

5d79ec  No.75388


It's not this video, but for what it's worth,


has a video from them in the uk diaper girls folder

06796d  No.75394


i second this, please someone re-up the video >>74875

maybe encrypt it next time

18c157  No.75398


Or just use a torrent like every competent piracy operation.

50723c  No.75404

File: 3b0b4b69c17da19⋯.png (102.13 KB, 213x302, 213:302, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone able to get this ancient, lost gem?

bd762b  No.75405

dca1c2  No.75408

ab37ab  No.75410

380ac2  No.75414


i own this

email me at: lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

be2177  No.75417

File: 9b8cd62b8c97301⋯.jpg (222.39 KB, 968x1280, 121:160, 713ec69d-91b2-455b-809f-e5….jpg)

Hey does anyone have shitty fantasy's vids?

c64381  No.75431

56b25d  No.75455

Thank you!!!

50723c  No.75460


Could you not just share it over Mega? Is it not also bit dangerous for you to share your e-mail online?

eabd45  No.75469

b354b3  No.75570

acb91d  No.75659

Does anyone have any videos of diaper Kim?

ab37ab  No.75740



6a5e68  No.75812


seconding, por favor

dca1c2  No.75913

dca1c2  No.76108

anyone have any Spanked Skanks?

179d22  No.76156


Yep, its a really good clip, maybe if you said please first time around i'd post it. Ah well, buy the subscription!

832309  No.76167

f27c8f  No.76467

Anyone have the newest video of Picky from diapered online? The one where she gets an enema. I've uploaded a bunch in the past but my finances are fucked from the government shutdown and can't afford to join atm.


The fifth video listed. Any help is appreciated.

851e8f  No.76477

This isn't for anything specific but I love breastfeeding and forced regression in abdl vids. If anyone has anything like that, or something like that's been posted, I'd appreciate it.

5a7c57  No.76480

hello all. I am looking for some video of ukdiapergirls if someone can help me thank you in advance.

I can also exchange with the one who wishes

645- Video Chloe and Laura 9- 11-05-2018


646- Video Minnie 14- 14-05-2018


651- Video Emma 2- 24-05-2017


652- Video Chloe and Laura 10- 25-05-2018


653- Video Minnie 15- 30-05-2018


655- Video Chloe 167- 06-06-2018


656- Video Chloe and Laura 11- 08-06-2018


657- Video Darcy and Lola 1- 13-06-2018


659- Video May 18- 22-06-2018


662- Video Emma 3- 02-07-2018


663- Video Chloe 169- 06-07-2018


664- Video Minnie 16- 09-07-2018


665- Video Emma 4- 11-07-2018


666- Video Kitty 4- 16-07-2018


667- Video May 19- 20-07-2018

93c553  No.76496

Hi. Has anyone seen videos of "Ageplay After Dark"? They look good but I haven't come across one so far.


5382e4  No.76508


I bought a couple and tossed them. Dude is creepy as fuck. Comes across as a fake dom and dude bro. I guess he used to be with Adrianna but he was abusive and she dumped his ass.

9e0dac  No.76705


is it that dominic king guy? he always seemed like a dick. i looked at the screenshots of the guy, but i don't recognize him from any other videos. i figured he would have been in some of her diapered online vids at some point.

cee6ba  No.76719

bd3093  No.76733

Does anyone have Ella's Punishment from Pampered Penny? I found two other ones with Ella Nova here:



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