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File: 65d4582fac11e5c⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 758x777, 758:777, IMG_20180905_202409.jpg)

f5d205  No.73565

video request thread, starting with this

0f2440  No.73588

That's just a photo, no vid

21977e  No.73610

File: 7b65d81d93a86d3⋯.mp4 (7.24 MB, 382x288, 191:144, xvideos.com_f118154ee8727c….mp4)

Any and all videos of non-ABDL girls?

bdeea7  No.73729

I would also like to know where this photo came from (and video if there is one)

61a187  No.73756



21ed29  No.73776


ashley from abdreams

43b0f2  No.73845

Anyone have the higher quality version of "Dreamlike Baby" by Baby-Doll?


I have the lower quality file that has been passed around, but looking for the higher quality ~500MB file.


fcd698  No.73874

b4b3fd  No.73884


Natalie Mars's new abdl vid

33408d  No.73926


REQUEST: Because I'm a greedy fuckin' faggot who has no monies.

Does anyone have either this:


or this:


d2df0c  No.73928


Second this

d0003c  No.73956


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I wasn't a huge fan of traps, but goddamn if Natalie doesn't hit nearly all my fetishes at once.

29cc28  No.73966



I don't even watch porn, and I want to see this one, fuck.

56b25d  No.73975


holy frigging moly this would be the bomb diggity!!!

408aa1  No.73984

4759e8  No.73987


I second the omorashi video, I cant download it on my account.

bdf32a  No.74007


I am also voicing my desire to see this Natalie Mars gem. Please someone, be the hero us diaper faggots need.

c2c209  No.74009

File: 054e36906fbc69c⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 450x426, 75:71, abtvmovie61_720x576-042.jpg)

video request, please upload :)

adad2f  No.74012

c2c209  No.74014

This iż not video, assian actor od blonde

c2c209  No.74052

the actress in the movie I am looking for is blonde

543bc5  No.74069


Its the same actress, shes just wearing a blonde wig

c2c209  No.74075

I found only the price deters me, I do not have how to pay in the dollar buddy :(



4d1562  No.74098




Are you a fucking retard?

723ba8  No.74153

c79b1a  No.74228

4ecb03  No.74783

So here goes nothing, I've been a long time collector of ABDL-Diaper and femdom-related videos but unfortunately my HDD's crashed. Now I don't mind replacing and finding new vids however i'm especially bummed out because of one video which im unable to find. (Don't know the name). Kind people of this board, help me out!

The video is about a japanese girl who visits a mistress wearing a pink omutsu (diaper), while stayin with this mistress (curvy woman, wavy hair, wearing a leather bodysuit) she suffers a bondage harness and is forced (amongst other things) to: wear only a trenchcoat over her diaper and bondage while visiting a sex-shop. here she is masturbated by the mistress while also being made to entertain a male customer. all while wearing her diaper.

As you can imagine I hope to find this vid again and i'm hoping you can help me out!

e9602d  No.74875

9751eb  No.74876


holy shit i caught an abdreams mega while it was still up!

with this luck i should go buy a lottery ticket

e9602d  No.74877


huh? there's like 100 of their videos on pornhub.

06d17b  No.74880


and it's already removed

5663fe  No.74884

I still can't believe you retards haven't figured out how to use torrents yet.

8e2a5e  No.74891

a video link removed within an hour - they are watching. ABdreams is watching - while you are here, what happened to Vanessa?? Seriously! She was the hottest voluptious woman in porn to me; a perfect mommy. We never even got to see her ass! What happened to her?

0f2440  No.74892


Not everybody wants to leave their computer connected 24/7 for such a massive transfer

5663fe  No.74896


Torrents do not require 24/7 uptime. It's fine if you turn your computer off for a day or even longer, as long as it comes back eventually. Waiting a little while is far better than dealing with broken mega links.

0f2440  No.74900


It does if there are very few seeds

5663fe  No.74901


I stand corrected. Non-working links like >>74875 are much better than waiting for a day or two for a download to complete.

1cc5d5  No.74907

We need more Baby-Doll videos on here

0c2c77  No.74962

Nobody has natalie mars' new video?

e4ce22  No.74990

Anyone seen this one around the web? I saw it a few weeks ago but can't find it again.


08e205  No.75002

File: 916b7d96b8d52cc⋯.jpg (53.07 KB, 645x729, 215:243, H1ge0Nl.jpg)


so instead of waiting 1 or 2 days for content that you'd be forced to pay otherwise, you'd rather not to have the chance to obtain it at all… that's some big think right there.

d52440  No.75003

File: 1326d780f151b0f⋯.jpeg (12.03 KB, 223x236, 223:236, judgypooh.jpeg)


>this was so obviously sarcasm there's no way that you didn't get it.

you got it, right anon?


8cabff  No.75011


Does anybody have a k2s account? Can they put this on mega?


2dd3d3  No.75015

Didn't have any luck in another thread anyone have the follow up to this video?


758961  No.75038

Poopypwinces videos

08e205  No.75069


oh man, this shit is taking forever

3fae03  No.75083


pretty good aside from that 20 min of rubber mask shit at the end

08e205  No.75091


I got an error message 1 hour away from completing the download, after almost 24hours, thank goodness I was so eager to take a peep I made a copy of the file and added ".mp4" at the end

fd0964  No.75092


Did you get the whole file? Would you care to upload it on mega?

fd0964  No.75093


If you've got the file I'd be willing to trade a shitload from my personal collection, ukdiapergirls, jamjarmonster, merunyaa, abdreams and AaliyahTaylor for it.

08e205  No.75129


it is 52:03 length and it gets cut at 48:55 :(

4b25f9  No.75134


Post it anyway that's something, and fuck 40 min is a lot of content

372aca  No.75141


That's where it gets rubber mask creepy anyway

d56ff8  No.75151

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c3925e7e8a8a has diapermess ever given a fuck about anything?

2e71b0  No.75153

Does anyone have videos of messy diaper blowouts?

c9f6b4  No.75162


Asking the right questions.

ea8879  No.75172


Hey man. I did you a solid by finding the k2s link, but I can't download that, any of it. Can you put it on mega?

fd0964  No.75173


Downloading it myself, no errors yet, 5 hours left. I'll keep you updated.

ea8879  No.75174


How are you guys able to download it? Do you have a k2s account?

I click the download button and it disappears. Looks like to big for free download.

fd0964  No.75180


Just clicked free download actually, then it started downloading at 50 KB/s which takes 23 hours but got myself 3 hours left now.

44f70a  No.75181


Looks my certificate store is jacked. It's failing on the ajax call the recapture, so it ain't showing the capture request.

My internet is flaky anyway. It won't last 20 hours without reconnecting.

Drop a link if you can get it to mega. Thanks mate.

f351d8  No.75183


Get an empornium account. It's on there.

fd0964  No.75185


Doesn't that require a lot of work and constant uploading of new content?

fd0964  No.75186


I gotchu mate, I'll drop it on Mega as soon as it's downloaded.

I would ask for anyone who wants to download it to share some of their own collection. I'm looking for more AaliyahTaylor stuff myself.

9a04ea  No.75195

I'll send the natalie mars video to anyone. Uploading to mega now.

Email: lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

f351d8  No.75197


The only requirement is that you keep a ratio of above .5. There is no need/requirement to upload your own material

fd0964  No.75202


Could you invite me then?

fd0964  No.75203

Here is the video: https://mega.nz/#!SCB1EYRT

Decryption key: zzDQMtS8EAienAQTgykL8Q47P23hXxfWM8m06DFv7_A

44f70a  No.75205




Good mate. Thanks mate.

6edc67  No.75210

what kind of diaper is the the girl in OPs picture wearing?

932ef4  No.75218

e7f549  No.75229




Thank you!

fd0964  No.75243


The video is right here mate


a24b8b  No.75259


Seconding this. Willing to see if I can fulfill some requests for DG content.

172011  No.75262

A bit unrelated, but does anyone have a working fboom leech site?

a438f5  No.75312


re-up? maybe under a diff file name?

915317  No.75327

5d79ec  No.75388


It's not this video, but for what it's worth,


has a video from them in the uk diaper girls folder

06796d  No.75394


i second this, please someone re-up the video >>74875

maybe encrypt it next time

18c157  No.75398


Or just use a torrent like every competent piracy operation.

50723c  No.75404

File: 3b0b4b69c17da19⋯.png (102.13 KB, 213x302, 213:302, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone able to get this ancient, lost gem?

dca1c2  No.75408

ab37ab  No.75410

380ac2  No.75414


i own this

email me at: lolmonkey91@hotmail.com

be2177  No.75417

File: 9b8cd62b8c97301⋯.jpg (222.39 KB, 968x1280, 121:160, 713ec69d-91b2-455b-809f-e5….jpg)

Hey does anyone have shitty fantasy's vids?

c64381  No.75431

56b25d  No.75455

Thank you!!!

50723c  No.75460


Could you not just share it over Mega? Is it not also bit dangerous for you to share your e-mail online?

eabd45  No.75469

b354b3  No.75570

acb91d  No.75659

Does anyone have any videos of diaper Kim?

ab37ab  No.75740



6a5e68  No.75812


seconding, por favor

dca1c2  No.75913

dca1c2  No.76108

anyone have any Spanked Skanks?

179d22  No.76156


Yep, its a really good clip, maybe if you said please first time around i'd post it. Ah well, buy the subscription!

832309  No.76167

f27c8f  No.76467

Anyone have the newest video of Picky from diapered online? The one where she gets an enema. I've uploaded a bunch in the past but my finances are fucked from the government shutdown and can't afford to join atm.


The fifth video listed. Any help is appreciated.

851e8f  No.76477

This isn't for anything specific but I love breastfeeding and forced regression in abdl vids. If anyone has anything like that, or something like that's been posted, I'd appreciate it.

5a7c57  No.76480

hello all. I am looking for some video of ukdiapergirls if someone can help me thank you in advance.

I can also exchange with the one who wishes

645- Video Chloe and Laura 9- 11-05-2018


646- Video Minnie 14- 14-05-2018


651- Video Emma 2- 24-05-2017


652- Video Chloe and Laura 10- 25-05-2018


653- Video Minnie 15- 30-05-2018


655- Video Chloe 167- 06-06-2018


656- Video Chloe and Laura 11- 08-06-2018


657- Video Darcy and Lola 1- 13-06-2018


659- Video May 18- 22-06-2018


662- Video Emma 3- 02-07-2018


663- Video Chloe 169- 06-07-2018


664- Video Minnie 16- 09-07-2018


665- Video Emma 4- 11-07-2018


666- Video Kitty 4- 16-07-2018


667- Video May 19- 20-07-2018

93c553  No.76496

Hi. Has anyone seen videos of "Ageplay After Dark"? They look good but I haven't come across one so far.


5382e4  No.76508


I bought a couple and tossed them. Dude is creepy as fuck. Comes across as a fake dom and dude bro. I guess he used to be with Adrianna but he was abusive and she dumped his ass.

9e0dac  No.76705


is it that dominic king guy? he always seemed like a dick. i looked at the screenshots of the guy, but i don't recognize him from any other videos. i figured he would have been in some of her diapered online vids at some point.

cee6ba  No.76719

bd3093  No.76733

Does anyone have Ella's Punishment from Pampered Penny? I found two other ones with Ella Nova here:



94ebf6  No.77615

There used to be a video on Youtube titled 'Sassy Pants Diapers' which was a fake diaper ad featuring 3 girls in diapers. Sadly it got taken down and I never saved it. Anyone still have it?

87b944  No.77674

Anyone got any good diaper boy videos?

dc478f  No.77682

9a5745  No.77685


No Visa or credit card only 1 answer for that is your not old enough and judging by your grammar your still in grade school and shouldn't be on here or your just autistic.

dc478f  No.77736


skoncz pierdolic

462bb0  No.77754

File: 97dbf0e1943b1aa⋯.png (193.43 KB, 557x305, 557:305, 1468598483873.png)


<judging by your grammar

>your not old enough

>your still in grade school

26507b  No.77773

File: d7c92b32c4f75b8⋯.jpg (126.63 KB, 672x1008, 2:3, DzzigX4X0AAesBW.jpg large.jpg)

I'm into mommy videos, but I've seen very few of them that actually fit the criteria of what I'm looking for.

Does anyone have any mommy videos to recommend that fit the following:

1. Has to be a hot mommy.

2. Has to be loving and caring the whole time. No insulting or talking about how pathetic I am. Talking about how dirty or stinky my diaper is, is ok though.

3. Has to involve a diaper change.

4. Diapers involved have to be adult diapers. Preferably some ABDL brands. Definitely not Pull-ups. It just takes me out of it if they use actual baby diapers for these videos, since I know that's obviously not really for me.

5. Somewhat decent acting that at least halfway convinces me she's not absolutely appaled by this whole situation.

a24b8b  No.77781

File: 3a0e9f7a80da0e4⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 1550811569045.webm)


Sauce on this webumm? Seeing all that Mountain Jew go in and not come out is upsetting.

26507b  No.77783


This is pretty cute. I'd be down to see more like this as well.

7e94c5  No.77791


Holy fucking cringe

c68b67  No.77820

File: b9b3970b115e3ae⋯.jpeg (732.82 KB, 990x750, 33:25, FE81FB67-2EDF-4550-8E87-8….jpeg)

File: d7589ba88109de1⋯.jpeg (881.61 KB, 992x750, 496:375, E8A5F94F-2429-4C17-B576-1….jpeg)

File: 5e98f48916cf8fb⋯.jpeg (662.22 KB, 750x980, 75:98, B79304D0-F6A2-44AF-9469-7….jpeg)

I have Hikari content I can trade if someone can upload the below video to Mega and send to me. Let me know your email and we can trade.

342bef  No.77821

>>77781 That's Arellabell on instagram.

26507b  No.77829


I looked her up on Instagram. Am I missing something, or has she not yet set up a way for horny losers to throw money at her? That's insane.

She is really cute.

bdf32a  No.77833

Please help a poor faggot out. Request this on mega

26507b  No.77866

File: ebe045c88011a21⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 474x722, 237:361, ta9811392.jpg)

File: df7d72f16bd8c1b⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 180x498, 30:83, 05and230800.jpg)

File: e3111ff517869f3⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 9ffbe33573417b9fd2fa212650….jpg)

File: ecf7b09d750dbe2⋯.jpg (31.34 KB, 452x800, 113:200, 0 Bondage No 0010.jpg)

File: 1c4967253f325df⋯.jpg (146.77 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, tumblr_pi11t3MIxc1up5n25o1….jpg)

Is it just me, or is it really rare to see girls crying about using their diapers in ABDL videos?

Like they might whine or groan a little bit, but I mean like they wet or mess themselves and then burst into tears and desperately beg for someone to come change them?

Does anyone know of any good videos like that? If they're easily accessible, I might buy one or two and then share them.

c68b67  No.77903

File: 0812e4a16f723d4⋯.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 68929EFA-A4DB-48F2-96AA-1A….png)

File: c9b1cc55d3c4797⋯.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3A058ECD-A51A-4623-A0D2-3A….png)

Does anyone have any content (videos or pictures) of the beautiful Caprice with UK Diaper Girls?

I have exclusive SunDoll content I can trade. Reply with your email address and I’ll shoot you an email.

64d7b8  No.77938

anyone got the new honor may video from ukdiapergirls?

2780bd  No.77969

File: 64cb049257bf4df⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 853x480, 853:480, CaughtInMyPoopyDiaper-7_cl….jpg)

requesting if anyone has

asian diapered cutie/lihn caught in my poopy diaper



e47eea  No.78019

File: 10e08cf4c547cce⋯.png (89.3 KB, 1122x252, 187:42, request.png)

treid everything I know,

from DLhelper over Tubeoffline up to tbl-player

but can't download this hot video.

Can someone try, please?


does anyone know the source of this and know more?

c70aab  No.78022


Jdownloader seems to work.

e47eea  No.78023



d41c7e  No.78036

d41c7e  No.78037


I really don't get you. You're more than happy to upload a video that has been dumped all over the web by now, but you won't upload some that rare Japanese porn?

41eb47  No.78345

File: 4f20e3b15628062⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 498x266, 249:133, larkinlovefeeding.gif)

Anyone have the video for this of Larkin Love breastfeeding a girl?

2d6836  No.78353



Not the same as pic both fit the description

e3b9b7  No.78367


Seconding this request please

41441c  No.78379

File: 2d0083e6ff2084b⋯.jpg (91.77 KB, 640x427, 640:427, felicity_fiona05_20a.jpg)

File: c7d227191661412⋯.jpg (75.26 KB, 640x427, 640:427, felicity_fiona06_26a.jpg)

File: b93a22cce8c60f3⋯.jpg (69.63 KB, 640x427, 640:427, felicity_fiona06_30a.jpg)

does anyone have the video to these pics

39bea9  No.78401


Its not that hard to find….. Larkin Love and Star Nine


6cb421  No.78410

Anyone got a reupload of OPs



d25e27  No.78435

File: 71803663a29e58d⋯.png (608.79 KB, 852x823, 852:823, yugioh1202.png)

There's this person named yugioh1202 who had a bunch of videos on abdl.space, but at some point they all went private. Does anyone have another source for these?

4595b9  No.78564

Looking for this, since I haven't seen it anywhere else.


I know there's a public video but it's just a preview and i'm trying to find the whole thing.

Oh, and any other shower-diaper videos would be much appreciated.

39bea9  No.78608


The whole 11mins is on VK, toook me 30 seconds to find….


14561c  No.78622

0ba37d  No.78639

File: 90d3bd43eca61ca⋯.png (332.14 KB, 600x337, 600:337, fc02ee31d72cc820cda0695e88….png)

4595b9  No.78644


thanks a ton, anon. I'm also looking for this one. A scan through the playlist there didn't seem to have it (but I was scrolling pretty fast so I probably missed it, jesus christ i'm probably autistic


39bea9  No.78647

36ff5e  No.78691



cea494  No.78706

File: 2a4c011a2ec939a⋯.gif (5.39 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 022615DG_BdayDiapergif4.gif)

Anyone got this Adriana clip?

Searching for ages and no luck.


c45d67  No.78707

a5c627  No.78717

There's this video I used to watch way back in the day that DiapersFtmfw posted on youtube of Sasha Cane wetting in like the hallway of an apartment. It's not the greatest video but I've had an itch to find it again. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

d52440  No.78720


apologies for the quality not being great, not sure if there's a higher-res quality out there, but this is what i have



7dcd43  No.78726



Holy shit, thanks for the nostalgia trip anon, those were the first ABDL videos I have seen way back on YT.

ac6e50  No.78728

Does anyone have a link to this?


The last mega link I found in old video thread is dead. I would appreciate a reupload.

4463db  No.78748

Has Hikari done any nudes/lewds or is all her content super soft?

ca4b68  No.78757


Thanks for that clip, i had a shorter version that was really rubbish quality.

Unfortunatly ive got about 100 FL clips but not the ones your looking for, however ive got this one which is similar to the one you posted….. not the best quality but its a good clip…



ac6e50  No.78773


Thank you so much, you're a saint.

a24b8b  No.78814


Any of the interviews in your clips?

ca4b68  No.78838


I'd already got that one, thanks anyways, heres an FL clip you may not have (if you do its probably in 2 parts) I've combined the 2 clips together….




Sorry no interviews

ca4b68  No.78873


Out of my 88 FL clips only 4 are numbered (the ones where i dont know the names of people in them) All of them have a person name then clip name, so if you know that i might be able to help?

The 4 numbered ones ive got are 138, 183, 186 and 188… none you need, sorry

ca4b68  No.78874


If you can post 194, dont think ive seen that one.... im looking though your list, not sure ive got any you need

I'm not sure what numbers they are but Ive got a combined clip of Donna, Kimmy and Ann if your interested?.... think ones called door and diapered its about 30mins long

ca4b68  No.78896

ca4b68  No.78897


Ive got the other, thanks anways, looking at your numbers our collections are similar

0c8a34  No.78899











You both rock and I for one appreciate how chill and polite this conversation was. Doing great work Anons.

54420c  No.78901


key doesnt seem to work?

596022  No.78904


dont include the k: at the start

78317f  No.78933


This. Someone please post :) OPs video also interesting, please someone reup…

ca4b68  No.78936


Spot on thanks, been looking for that one for a while… think ive got nearly all of Donnas clips now.


Its how these threads should work, too much time is spent slagging people off and arguing

ca4b68  No.78937


… for anyone whos interested, a couple of good POVs were put on Pornhub last night, even a couple from Valora….


ca4b68  No.79003


Right ive just gone through your whole list and i think ive found one.. think its no.55 I dont have 54, im hoping youve got that one….



0d98e7  No.79015


Only finding the teaser. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55bad2adaffac

…which you probably found yourself tbh.

7995bb  No.79030

Does anyone have the OTHER video of this lady where she's speaking to her friend on the phone about getting some guy called "Lee" that she turns into her baby?

It's a vintage ABDL movie and was recorded in four parts.


Also, can someone upload this video please?


Dec 11 , 2012


Baby Girls Betty and Sheila are playing when they realize both their diapers are really dirty! They don't like being uncomfortable, spoiled brats they are, so call for daddy to come and change them.

This shitty website doesn't make it easy for anyone to provide information!


ca4b68  No.79049


Jesus, they like to make things confusing. Once again youve posted one i didnt have, you star!

I'm detirmined to find one you dont have, here are a the oldest ones ive got, not sure on numbers, hopefully theres something there you want….



d71b7a  No.79051

Does anyone have FLdiapergirls 265 or 266?

9b6a5d  No.79053

File: b3d9fe8361525a8⋯.jpg (12.26 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 150w[1].jpg)



here are 263 and 272

i'm hoping you (or anyone) has 150. I've been looking for it for a long time.

Please note there is a wrong 150 floating around i'm talking about this one:


091454  No.79055











I have some more that you have listed, but on a Metered connection so have to take my time uploading.

091454  No.79057





bdf32a  No.79059



I third this request. Please someone be the hero for us faggots.

091454  No.79062















9b6a5d  No.79063

could someone please post FLBG 188 and 223 i used to have them but i lost them.

a7c81e  No.79065


That third key seems to be invalid.

091454  No.79067









Try again, I double checked the key, it's correct and even tried on a different device and browser and it works fine. It's Something you're doing.


596022  No.79068


maybe he meant the 4th key, for 265. that one doesnt work for me. the rest do

9b6a5d  No.79069


thank you

091454  No.79070



Seems it's an issue in the copy/paste on here. Code is the same, except before the QJA is two hyphens. Copy/paste seems to combine them into one line


ca4b68  No.79083

Well done folks, this is how the video threads should be!

Top work!

26781b  No.79090

thanks for all the links

9b6a5d  No.79210


thank you i had been looking for 150 for ages

d71b7a  No.79217



8ff35e  No.79227

looking for some FLBG that im missing if someone has any i'd apreciate a mega link


308 – Truth or Dare You to Wet Your Pants

280 – no more wet panties

274 – hypnotized by diapers

276 – bratty wife

226 – Bedwetter Boy

225 – joys little boy

224 – gender bender

222 – Wet Girl POV

fcd698  No.79260


Seconding this.

eabb3d  No.79271

Someone had a mega collection of https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/55211/hubbies videos? Any chance I can get that link again

ca4b68  No.79283

Wow soo many Fl clips, great stuff heres 4 more… if anyones got any better versions theyd be appreciated. Cheers!



ca4b68  No.79284


Yep, i cant count, there is 5 there… enjoy

ec01eb  No.79290

This is very vague but it's mainly because I don't know about any of the videos out there.

Does anyone have any bondage videos with diapers, preferably, but not limited to, the absence of any males within the videos? I'll love any of you who could provide.

629c80  No.79297

This is so active! I don't mean to be a leech, but i figure i may as well seize the opportunity; does anyone have any Star mommy content? or even better yet some pov stuff for the ladies? Much appreciate it, and sorry again if i seem like a total leech.

ac67c4  No.79331

0533fd  No.79335

Hey, since we have a thread of Fl content coming in does anyone have any content of Gwen?

4463db  No.79354

Which big name ig girls have real win not just lewds?

14561c  No.79356

Still looking for https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/118854/20420297/Curious+Nurse found other videos of her but not this one :(

264846  No.79358

any fae vids out there?

found this one so far


a915db  No.79359

b32a7f  No.79366


Some Gwen Content for you, Anon.

195 - Girlfriends



199 - Diaper Practice



200 - Diaper Model



201 - Diaper Practice 2



202 - Girlfriends Part 2



203 - Car Accident



dd5624  No.79369

b7a743  No.79380



b32a7f  No.79386


>Yes, that's Gwen. I didn't look through my files, I just posted the ones I knew she was in for sure.


Not trying to take away your thunder, but



b32a7f  No.79387

Decided to make one link for all the FLBG clips I've shared/uploaded.



Eventually there will be more added, but as I've said I'm on a metered connection, (400 GB then speed goes to 64 kbps) so that will be it for a while. I mean that is 10 GB in just a couple days.

dd5624  No.79388


not necessarily trying to move away from FLbabygirls, but does anyone have this one?

7fed0f  No.79389


Really? Two people respond to your first request, and without even a thanks or anything, you just go straight to something else? Wow.

dd5624  No.79390


Ah, first time I've been on this site, didn't know I had an ID and that people would know if it were me who said thanks! Thanks to >>79386 and >>79372 of course, much appreciated ;)

219039  No.79391


"Sorry I got caught"

d1bbb0  No.79392

Hi, anyone has the 315 Easter Egg Hunt ?

dd5624  No.79401



let me make it up to y'all



4de4a3  No.79410


Any more? This is great

24ed55  No.79418

>>78868 >>79227

More FLB vids.



The FLB videos I am looking for:

25, 55, 57, 83, 84, 85, 86, 89, 92, 103, 155, 212, 215, 222, 224, 226, 232, 240, 254, 260, 264, 266, 270, 271, 273, 274, 275, 277, 278, 279, 282, 286, 287, 288, 289, 291, 292, 293, 296, 297, 300, 301, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 313, 317, 318, 319, 320

dd5624  No.79493


I know, but those are my only venus clips, I'm sorry :/

98faf5  No.79495


That's alright, thanks for the reply pal.And yeah i wish there was more available. Maybe one day!

dd5624  No.79496


I found one more, uploading it right now

dd5624  No.79497


there you go



4469a4  No.79501


You freaking rock pal! I will uplaod if i find some as well!

ec01eb  No.79531


Really? No one at all?

ca4b68  No.79532


Google it, its not hard there are millions out there. Stop being lazy

ec01eb  No.79547


This wouldn't be that bad of a solution if it weren't for the fact that you have to pay to see what's in the video to begin with. Picture slides don't really tell you much and neither does the description. This has nothing to do with laziness, it's more to do with people who already know the contents of the video.

77a73d  No.79552


Hot tip: HDD dump floating around here (look a little deeper) have some of what you want. No males to be seen or heard.

Exercise a little patience and diligence.

ec01eb  No.79558


Dang, I'm having no luck finding it here or on the other video thread. Maybe it was already taken down. Also, I should stress that I'm not trying to rush or push anyone. I'm in no rush for these videos. However, there is still that ticking timer of how long something stays uploaded for until it's ripped down. So, if any urgency comes from my words, that may be why. I am trying to be as polite with this as I can be due to my unfamiliarity with everything here.

ca4b68  No.79560

Baby Em? Anyone know what site/sites she was on? I cant find anything other than these 2 short public clips, been looking for her stuff for ages, find lots of photos just fuck all clips…..



dd5624  No.79561


That's a coincidence, I was looking for stuff of baby em too today! I know she is/was with UKdiapergirls. Not sure if she's somewhere else..

ca4b68  No.79562


They have no clips, only photos

dd5624  No.79564


I remembered I had one where she was fucked in the woods (without a diaper). I lost the files, but I'd like to find them back..

c734f0  No.79568

Anyone got any Yukisplayhouse? It got pulled on January 1st off of clips4sale and I only bought two videos. Anyone got any of them? One of the few Asians to wear a disposable on film

d1bbb0  No.79592


Thank you so much!!

d71b7a  No.79640


Aunt-ellie and UKdiapergirls.There is also some clips and photos on Mydirtyhobby.


99c94c  No.79661

Does anyone have any gay or solo male stuff from clips4sale? I'd really like anything from abgussy but I'll be happy with anything.

7995bb  No.79663


Good luck with that. I've asked for abgussy videos for two years and no-one bothered!

9b6a5d  No.79670

File: 64cb049257bf4df⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 853x480, 853:480, CaughtInMyPoopyDiaper-7_cl….jpg)



here you go


key: Nj5npDoe1tH7Bg6pGcnAiw

be fast probably wont stay up for long

taking this opportunity to remake previous a request.

looking for asian diapered cutie/lihn caught in my poopy diaper



d52440  No.79835

anyone have this?

I know it's $, like penny's clips tend to be, so i doubt anyone will buy it, but i might as well throw it out there


i put a request up on emp as well, so any emp users pls vote

f268ae  No.79847

ca4b68  No.79848


Requesting a clip that came out 2 days ago? Good luck with that

870ac7  No.79851

Requesting any of the ABDL clinic stuff from Ageplay 247

77264d  No.79880


Looked at the preview, was gonna… $31 tho!?

f268ae  No.79890





What ? its 13$ lol


d52440  No.79891


i think he might be talking about mine


Yeah, she charges a lot. I don't expect anyone to buy it, but i might as well put it up here in case someone does.

92679e  No.79904

Anybody interested in getting/sharing this video?


92679e  No.79911

4463db  No.80018

Has Hikari sold actual nudes or anything other than what she normally posts?

6d5698  No.80020


Nope, she's pretty pg. She doesn't even post wet diapers.

36e2fc  No.80030

4463db  No.80031


In that case would you or anyone else know if any of her friends have done anything?

d52440  No.80032


read thread before requesting, please.

already requested here


9b6a5d  No.80097


i've added a video of here with the same hat/cap and pokemon plushies on this mega :



i think its the closest you're going to get to vid from that pic

ea6911  No.80099


Already gone *sigh*

b9ba20  No.80100


Yeah, that one was gone quick. Any sites better than mega?

7e94c5  No.80125

Anyone have the WhiteWard diaper videos?

ca4b68  No.80127


Nothing wrong with mega, the uploader just took it down

9b6a5d  No.80132




yep they are fast. as a consolation prize have this


password will follow in a later post


the link was taken down by mega not by me.

e046b9  No.80138


This is the smart approach.

427f0a  No.80151

Does anyone have anything from this store?


e018e2  No.80154

adad2f  No.80157

Any more similar to this? I'd love some untraining / brainwash stuff for VR.


ca4b68  No.80166


Governess X was her old name, her clips are easy to find, think there is a huge folder on omorashi

ca4b68  No.80167

427f0a  No.80174



I am looking for her new stuff

ca4b68  No.80176


Get your wallet out then, doubt youll get any new stuff here

ea6911  No.80184

0ab1de  No.80189


So, what's the password? :)

56a508  No.80195




password is:


i've removed the link now

3338e7  No.80196


yeah, we warned the guy to make a more subtle post but he didn't listen.

I only managed to get three of those clips and they certainly weren't the best.

ca4b68  No.80199



Ah i see why the first one got deleted now, shes shit hot on nabbing clips of hers posted anywhere… ive got another clip of Ashley putting the little paws on

3338e7  No.80204


I only managed to get 3 of the ones I wanted, that stupid wait for filespace really screwed me

I have:

52 Lolette's Magic Potion Pt-1.mp4

51 Lolette's Magic Potion Pt-2.mp4

17 Diaper Therapy for Sasha.mp4

and I was looking to download

06 Claire Changed by 2 Mommies.mp4

07 Stephie and Lolette.mp4

12 Lolette and Winnie - Diaper Clinic Change.mp4

14 Diaper Change for Binkie.mp4

32 Bunny Lolette and Oliver.mp4

41 Oliver Diapered by Two Nurses.mp4

42 Binkie in Bondage With Candy.mp4

50 Lolette's Magic Potion Pt-3.mp4

54 Fae in Bambinos.mp4

59 Candy Soft Bondage.mp4

70 April Change Fae.mp4

76 Candy Visits The Regression Clinic.mp4

77 Fae in the Crib.mp4

56a508  No.80216


not the original poster.

A brilliant anon in the video thread (i don't know how to refer to other threads but it is

>>80201 there) archived most links and this was in it


key: !XKmH1rDF_AL752cBVJjoAQ

d52440  No.80219

File: 0f3308d0a7ff577⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1764x975, 588:325, ClipboardImage.png)

i got it from EMP


93d1c5  No.80222



I used to have an EMP account, but I was super young and fucked up my ratio and forgot the password. Any chance you can rehost a torrent for the rest of us?

d52440  No.80223


If you know what torrent it is, I could do that.

93d1c5  No.80224


The abdreams siterip you have right there would be nice, are there any video and image rips starting from like 2017 onward?

3338e7  No.80228


it wasn't a torrent it was a directory in filespace and it got taken down by a copyright claim, torrents don't get taken down people just stop sharing them

2ab4dc  No.80229


Whatever it is, it would be fun if it was ripped for everyone.

fcd698  No.80234


Damn! I'm like nine days late. Can you upload it again?

7eebff  No.80235

Does anyone have Torvea customs beautification mind control?

d741e8  No.80252

File: ee9d32731ab9da7⋯.png (101.19 KB, 170x255, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

could anyone PLEASE pretty please do a mega upload of Pull-ups or Pampers (or both)? I can't find many of such vids around… Pic related

09f168  No.80263


What's the password? Thanks

4bf1c5  No.80264


You aint looked then, there are millions

d613ca  No.80270

Looking for a video that's probably a decade old by now, featured a girl messing her diaper before walking around her house and getting spanked, all set to Spank My Booty. If it helps I think the video creator was something like Totallymessy.

9e0dac  No.80271


I have it. I'll upload it when I get back home.

9fb4d4  No.80295



d71b7a  No.80304

Okey so did anyone have FLdiapergirls 266?

a438f5  No.80307


wanna re-up, bro?

3338e7  No.80308


I still wonder how the fuck you got all of them, they were up for about three or four days and with the filespace time limitations it would have been imposible without paying for an account

ea6911  No.80312

d064b9  No.80313

File: 0e450cf1cf17b06⋯.jpeg (183.99 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, Mmm... Diapers - Bailey's….jpeg)

Hey, I've been looking for Bailey's Humiliating Enema around and the only place that has it is downloading at like 10kb/s. Would anyone here who has it be willing to pop it up onto Mega?

fc5e2d  No.80361


I would also be grateful for this. I know I had downloaded it, but even after searching multiple times, couldn't find it in my computer.

ac67c4  No.80366

8539ff  No.80415


Can someone grab this and create a torrent. thats the only way its not going to get taken down. most of the site has been ripped since last year and these will be the same.

really only after the faye, sunnie and regression clinic videos.


54 Fae in Bambinos.mp4

70 April Change Fae.mp4

77 Fae in the Crib.mp4

only going to be a matter of time before it shows up on uploaders or as the rip as a whole. thanks

8539ff  No.80420

does anyone know a premium link generator that works with file.al? i've tried the ones that say it does but its either always dead or premium.

8539ff  No.80421

to anyone that has access to EMP and can download that torrent, i'm looking for these out of that pack.

06 - Claire Changed by 2 Mommies

12 - Lolette and Winnie - Diaper Clinic Change

13 - Claire in Lingerie and Diapers

49 - Fae Nurses Lolette

54 - Fae in Bambinos

57 - Fae Spanked and Diapered

66 - Binkie and Nurse Amber

70 - April Change Fae

75 - Fae in the Playpen

77 - Fae in the Crib

78 - Amber DL

don't care about any of the others. if you can do download these and upload them, please let me know and i'll send you a throwaway email. doubt youll be able to upload them on mega on here because theyll be taken down quick.

i have a lot of videos that no one else has or is posted anywhere and i'll send one or a few from like 24-7 or somewhere else recent thats in the same style for doing this. just dont feel like dealing with premium uploaders.

d71b7a  No.80560

I'm requesting leaky diaper videos, especially with pants over. Does anyone have anything?

1ea64b  No.80622

File: b86657b5d7d8d27⋯.jpg (458.5 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 1cc3f49c-0b55-41f6-9b6e-d9….jpg)

Anyone have a mega or anything with any of her videos? Everytime I see someone mention anything of hers I'm way too late :(

aef713  No.80630

3338e7  No.80793


cee6ba  No.81157


Could anyone put this on to mega please?


aef713  No.81442


As you said please….



it failed on 98% the first time round, so has taken effing ages. hope its worh it

For anyone who wants to know its https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/16312/14710261/Cheating+Husband+Diaper+Humiliation

09a47d  No.81773

File: ae50f8d23753869⋯.jpg (464.45 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 6adbab56-9c9a-460d-a615-de….jpg)


Anyone got any of her stuff? Will sell soul.

ac6e50  No.81777

0eab76  No.83991

c21aa1  No.84060

Could someone please share any of the Ageplay247 ABDL Centre videos if they have them?

Thank you!

7e1240  No.84165

8539ff  No.84170


if you are into girl on girl dominating stuff, this one is worth that price. penny is one of the best when she has someone who can act realistically in the submissive or captive role and ella looks even hotter with brunette hair in that style. and they went all out here, specifically using pampers baby wipes and johnsons baby powder and make sure to mention it in the slow burn.

she absolutely douses ellas entire body two times with powder while shes tied up which ive never seen done before in a video while shes baby talking her the entire time. the only thing that came across as off was the last 30 seconds but thats easily skipped. best thing on clips4sale in a long time in that category. probably years

aef713  No.84175


Post it then

05333b  No.84177


Mother of all boners, I'd kill for a link to that video. Is there a chance that a kind souls has it and is willing to share it with us horny beggar, please?

ac8c31  No.84178


4/tv/ needs this video. A great PSA for the upcoming 3 hour Endgame movie.

705243  No.84258

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