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File: 945b0d2cb97850c⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_20190112_173548.jpg)

35a5d4  No.74521

Old one hit bump limit.

I've been here for a bit and haven't commented on meetups.

I'm in Alabama and am a switch boy that likes boys. I love taking care of cute little babies or being babies.

I'm really good looking according to a lot of people and have my own place and some equipment.

I'm 30.

fce208  No.74524

I'll give it a shot.

I'm 27, male, feminine in New York (NYC). I crossdress sometimes. I've never done diaper stuff but it would be nice to meet someone, maybe as a friend at first

3461d7  No.74551

File: 9183e0ccb4885dd⋯.jpg (235.87 KB, 661x1191, 661:1191, 7.jpg)

File: 1900235e894944a⋯.jpg (198.72 KB, 612x816, 3:4, 9.jpg)

File: 47b365d61261be2⋯.jpg (214.34 KB, 625x912, 625:912, 12.jpg)

File: 96657a6c7a7b547⋯.jpg (140.14 KB, 596x794, 298:397, 2.jpg)

File: d998175483eaee0⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 596x794, 298:397, 4.jpg)

Got to meet or at least hear from a couple people in my area through these so I'm not sure how many more there are to meet but I'll jump in

25/male/Edmonton/have a bf but we're poly and allowed to play with others

As always, looking for diapered cuddles and vidya and maybe to share toys.

Discord: Ethan#2438

a6a9a1  No.74555

File: 5696226d546ecba⋯.jpg (876.77 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, sy.jpg)

File: 0ed635f08b7252b⋯.png (472.42 KB, 778x719, 778:719, cfcc44faa7ab30e28e2c27b203….png)

File: 4a9a69324f830ac⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 720x540, 4:3, s.jpg)

File: 42d08126e32d7e0⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 238x488, 119:244, z66vk5hl.jpg)

Fort worth Texas Here!


807052  No.74565

File: 3412d10a326952a⋯.jpg (113.92 KB, 943x960, 943:960, Me.jpg)

34, Male, Greater New Orleans area. Down for meeting any gender.

3cc3f7  No.74566


21 m, also in Alabama. Send me an email at dprs3@hotmail.com and maybe we can meet up.

807052  No.74567

34, Male, Greater New Orleans area. Down for meeting any gender. >>74565

Forgot my email.


242417  No.74570


What 21 yo has a hotmail account? Oh well email sent.


Cute pic. I'd love to shave that beard off, give you a crew cut, and get a much more babyish shirt on you. Maybe a pastel blue with a little Peter Pan collar. Heehee. :)

113aa5  No.74572

hello there! Reas 20 male abdl in Tucson Arizona looking to meet up. email reaperspet577@gmail.com

5f095a  No.74575

I'll say it again, you're clicks away from /cow/, threads like this will never be a good idea

443980  No.74584


God, you're wonderful. It's a shame you don't live in Ohio.


While it's obviously a good idea to be cautious with this stuff, I don't think most people would share tons of info on themselves from the get-go until they know the person better. I think it would be pretty easy to find out if someone really has the fetish or if they are just trying to get laughs out of you pretty quick, imo

888998  No.74585

File: 6280d582a1f9e83⋯.jpg (136.96 KB, 958x539, 958:539, 29MSC39FSC.jpg)

29 M South Carolina little / 39 F South Carolina Mommy

Mainly looking for nonsexual playmates.

6983b3  No.74599

File: bab4011d06c0af6⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20180714_093418.jpg)

21/male/worcester MA

Twinkish, some people say I'm feminine but idk. Crossdress occasionally.

I'm a little, would be fine with bigs or other littles to play with.

Diaper stuff is always fun

143dc7  No.74601

Fuckit I doubt anything will come of it but

26/M/NJ (Border of NYC)/Straight

I'm pretty lowkey on my wearing but I'm currently going 24/7. I know the number of females that actually post here is almost non-existent but fuckit.

I'd be interested in either trying out Mommy play (really only a DL but I've been interested in it for a while) or even more interesting I'd like to be a big for a little girl.

I stay in shape and would definitely rate myself on the more attractive side but as long as you're not overweight I'd be interested in meeting up. I doubt I'll ever see a reply on this thread but I figured I've lurked long enough.

a6a9a1  No.74632

File: f49dab96ec04890⋯.jpg (47.97 KB, 540x720, 3:4, a04b8e8a1f70e9a9afd801301a….jpg)

File: 20ba4c23792a44d⋯.png (577.08 KB, 529x763, 529:763, gsrgsrg.png)

File: d85fd2d9487723b⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 720x540, 4:3, t.jpg)


sorry! >.<

have some more pics as recompense!

d12ad2  No.74638

File: 1884d2b116b8046⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190104_190129.jpg)

27/m/Worcester, MA

Looking for local friends and whatnot

000000  No.74639


Are you implying that 21 is too old or too young to have a hotmail address?

ba9aa0  No.74673

28/m/Worcester, MA

People always ask where I go to school, so I guess I look young

Interested in any gender

Complete virgin, really inexperienced

Really surprised to see so many Worcester people here.

48207d  No.74678


Hmm… thats like a border age. Like around that time everyone was using gmail, but maybe you had lame friends, parents, or you really only made a hotmail account for your xbox live subscription.

26964c  No.74680




Poast contact info, i live to the east but would be down to come visit and hang out. Im 27/m, love diapers have had some previous experience chilling with other ABDLs but not much

26964c  No.74682

>>74680 here, im an idiot my contact info is tonyabtiger@ymail.com

Would be down to meet up. Even if it's just like we meet at a bar or coffeeshop, it's been a while since i spoke to anyone IRL about the kink

f7e3b5  No.74683


32/m/Wareham, MA I'm kinda far out there and old but hey I still look young

ba9aa0  No.74684


>>74673 here, my email is captainchefhat@hotmail.com

d12ad2  No.74715

I'm >>74638 discord is amcp412#7491

Kik is huskyleash412



Yeah, Worcester is oddly specific for there to be so many of us

1e36ed  No.74721







Im haven't logged into my ABDL-mail in a year or so and forgot the password. My new address is tonyabtiger@gmail.com

Since there are so many of us, maybe we could hold a mini-munch. Organized off 8chan of course. Email me!

a6a9a1  No.74864

File: 809195e53ee0ff3⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ef8b715c-1a47-423c-842b-4c….jpg)

File: 8647acd396e0c94⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 36493964-91a1-4f7a-8e74-28….jpg)

File: 658e6d8454ec556⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 3264x1592, 408:199, 20180901_010405.jpg)



Hey if anyone wants to chat with me, my Kik is benjibab1

8af63c  No.74882

Omaha NE anyone?

bb63e7  No.74883



I'm in Boise ID, though I'm also in Cali often (Bay area)

Would love to find a mommy, but also down to have playdates or just hang out

bb63e7  No.74885


Also, my Kik is little_orca if you want to add me and chat

1aecad  No.74937

I'm also in the Bay Area now, right in SOMA! My kik is Captain0blivious. I'm married and monogamous, but open for friends and restaurant/bar meetups!

0416b6  No.74952


>posting your face

Do you have a death wish?

3edcdb  No.75077



you ever meet baby rebecca?>>74551

f3c538  No.75165

28 / M / Tucson, AZ / Straight

132257  No.75273

23 / M / Madison, WI / Bi/Curious

Looking for anything, Kik: Romantix95

3461d7  No.75285


Had to look them up as I wasn't sure but I don't think so.

f23cd0  No.75300

File: 5e7631427997f65⋯.jpg (134.44 KB, 958x638, 479:319, me.jpg)

22/M/New Zealand/Pawtistic/Smelly

ba6687  No.75307

File: 671c44a74b64036⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 427x231, 61:33, cry a lot.jpg)


you stink so much for being so cute yet totally out of reach for me

f23cd0  No.75366

File: 94e1d32b45b2295⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 3734x2485, 3734:2485, butte.jpg)


Yeah, iktf. I basically live in the middle of nowhere and it's very hard to find people that wanna do gross stuff.

d0af22  No.75369


Where abouts?

ef158f  No.75370

f23cd0  No.75409





efd214  No.75437

File: e160b1dbf39e7c7⋯.jpg (491.57 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, ef8bbb4a-b93d-4d3b-b103-72….jpg)

File: a7d114db488f679⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20180916_184556.jpg)

File: edcfcd6cfee050f⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20180928_092910.jpg)

File: b66f37be72d29f6⋯.jpg (294.07 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, a9b45143-f5df-45c2-a81a-0c….jpg)

Sup fellas. 18 M in Philadelphia PA. Bi but I lean towards boys cause they are too damn cute ^_^ Looking for diaper friends within reason of my age. My Kik is: ILPDB Feel free to hmu but only if u are nearby >:( Grrrr

d0af22  No.75438

3650c2  No.75440

Male, 24, Straight, Sacramento, CA. Too shy to post any pics. Down to talk and possibly meetup


f23cd0  No.75480


Well if you're interested in talking to SMELLY FEMBOYS IN YOUR AREA hit up my email:

cummy(at)cock(dot)email (yes, I know…)

b4e285  No.75561

20/M/Bi/Submissive Switch

I'm from the Illinois Valley area and really looking for friends or anyone to do stuff with

b4e285  No.75562

File: 8115bea523198a7⋯.jpg (344.73 KB, 932x1920, 233:480, Snapchat-1000813217.jpg)


Oh! I'm also really into crossdressing and looking really cute. I dont have any diaper pics but heres one of my fav shots of me

3edcdb  No.75615


hey I used to be from MKE, if you wanna meet people take the dive and join the madison ageplay group and go to a couple munches

the pickings are slim but sometimes a dime walks in, also capcon isnt too far and I suggest going once

best of luck mate

b29536  No.75619

Anyone from Quezon City? I'm probably the only one with this fetish in my country.

3edcdb  No.75626


> Quezon City

rare philipines poster, odd question do you like the weird asian pullup style or do you like the 4 tape design

also I think in 4 years ive maybe seen 2 other people from the Philipines, ya gotta convert someone

5dfc47  No.75644

28 / m / switch. I like girls

lisbon portugal

6305ed  No.75678



You look like a more built noah antwilder, aka spoonyone

e7737e  No.75711

File: c7159a1c1c1a0a9⋯.png (858.68 KB, 604x1268, 151:317, Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at ….png)

26/m CT (near westchester NY)

looking for mommy/daddydom to give up control to of orgams/potty privileges, humiliation. I wear diapers to bed every night due to incon (which turned into abdl). I have the northshore megamax which can hold lots of wettings/cummies. kik me oneandonly358

b29536  No.75832


Never worn pullups, usually the taped ones I find in drugstores.

If you have an account somewhere, I'll try to chat to know more about you.

ae8403  No.75833


Glendale, WI reporting in here. There's some Uni's around so there is a little pop too.

cbb5ef  No.75839


26/m/straight/southwest Virginia. Am willing to drive to nearby states like WV, Kentucky, NC, etc.

>doubling up depends.

If you're using drug store diapers, it's more economical to use generic store brands for the inner layer and use the depend as the outer shell. I do this with tranquility ATN

a0f912  No.75849


Where in South Carolina? I have a place in Clemson!

888998  No.75880


We're about 2hr 40 min from there.

66f5f9  No.76044

File: ced4bdc0fc1fe22⋯.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2448x2930, 1224:1465, 20181205_0836520-01.jpeg)


>border of NYC

rip this is exactly me, 26/M/NJ here as well, same general area-ish.

we are a very rare bunch, us. NJ ABDLs are a dime a dozen, and there really isn't any female presence around to speak of, especially in northeast NJ the closer you get to NYC. everyone is either IN NYC or down south, least the ones that are active on places other than fetlife.

honestly I'm so fed up of looking already that I really don't care if I find someone male or female to have padded fun times with so long as they're in driving distance and can host. got a female friend here that is into it but is now on anxiety meds that have pushed her towards being asexual. so while she still finds abdl stuff cute, she's not looking for sexual contact in any which way. which is fine, having someone local I can talk to about this stuff is good in its own way.

if y'all want someone to talk to at least hmu.

discord is Sushi#1952.

0323f1  No.76165

21/M/Netherlands, anyone?

334722  No.76178

31, male. Asexual out of Dallas Tx

5f183f  No.76182


Yes, also Netherlands. Also M though.

53f919  No.76191

File: b9d6c603b43ebe7⋯.gif (549.92 KB, 728x720, 91:90, eheheh.gif)

d-dont think there would be any friends in anchorage alaska, but it's worth a try

be87c5  No.76228

25/M, Daddy, North ID.

Not particularly sexual with AB stuff and definitely not into feminine anything or twinks.

b27565  No.76231


I went ahead and added you just for curiosity’s sake. I have nothing really against meeting other DLs. If you see a request from an account starting with “R” go ahead and accept it. (Sry for being vague I just don’t want to post my account info in the public space)

c8b92c  No.76268


Tall (6'5"), fit, blonde-brown hair down to my ears, seeking F or MtF play partners.

Pretty experienced as a big, with two main past female littles, as well as a couple randoms, and somewhat experienced as a dom.

c91815  No.76269

Eh fuck it why not.

22/M/switch/Adelaide SA. Only interested in guys.

Down to do anything padding related.

53f919  No.76292


i'm cold plz send snuggle buddies

a4eff5  No.76301

File: 0cbf3bd8de2e8b0⋯.jpg (297.59 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, IMG_20181108_151343.jpg)

30/gay male/ western Colorado

Mostly looking for a Daddy, but I'm also into making friends to encourage each other

1e36ed  No.76370









Guys check it out, monthly munch


Next one is tomorrow (4 hours remain to register), but it's the first monday of every month

9c93fc  No.76491

File: 2453bce10a2ffaa⋯.png (129.33 KB, 489x424, 489:424, 1548897321647.png)

I suppose I'll give it a go.

I'm a 23 year old straight male in New Zealand.

It's a shame how few ABDLs there appear to be in NZ. It seems next to impossible to find a woman that's into this stuff here :(.

bcf24a  No.76506


then another fucking tranny from the same country that you are tries to catfish like a fucking girl and you get your hopes till the ice breaks and you know that it's a dude.

8a6d1f  No.76977


Where in SC are you at? I'm both interested and curious. And any contact info?

888998  No.76985


We're near North Augusta

8a6d1f  No.77000


Darn. I'm further into the Midlands and closer to the capital with no way to move much further than here. Best of luck though.

3baf1b  No.77183

File: ac841682323c31c⋯.jpg (111.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, b46a56d8-391b-46f8-bb40-6b….jpg)

19/m located in Houston

Kik is boomyousay :-)

664b48  No.77196



43af88  No.77203


Not too sure why, but I saw this guy and instantly though how fun it would be to take him out wearing only this to play T-Ball. He'd look like such a cutie swinging hi little bat. 😍

60bbe3  No.77210

File: 10ace1792ff89b2⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 74df83ae-69ff-461d-a00a-48….jpg)

Here is a bonus booty pic (I know I need to shave my legs)

60bbe3  No.77211


I'm really bad at sports so maybe you'll have to teach me :)

6b6031  No.77212

On fetlife as fundude89. Just made it.

43af88  No.77219

File: c600124edf00909⋯.jpg (85.68 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 2343.Jpg)


I'm sure you'll get the hang of it no time kiddo.

God I wish Houston wasn't a million miles from me.

f6fcd2  No.77380

File: 97737782ff5ad16⋯.jpg (611.9 KB, 1616x1212, 4:3, 20180604_125546.jpg)

Guess I'll contribute, only diapers atm. I have mittens and a pacifier gag coming in soon. Not into bondage, I just like having it in all the time

8a6d1f  No.77413

I guess I'll post too. 23 / M / SC / Local or Online

Just a trap looking for a daddy my age or older that likes platonic care as much as kink stuff and would want to be more than just people who like diapers. A romantic bf that's also a gentle cg. Someone that I can talk to about anything and enjoys my company as much as I do their's.

I'm a lot more AB than DL but diapers are still a major part. I'm just much more of a little than someone who just likes diapers. Kind of sexual, but not really. I like kink stuff and sexual stuff outside of ABDL, like any m/m stuff with a trap; mixing the two isn't exactly my cup of tea. Diaper sex ain't it for me.

I enjoy games of all kinds, being outside, listening to music, anime, art, fashion, making people laugh, cartoons, Sanrio, and anything that's cute.

Kik: MofuCake

9af89b  No.77422

Rochester NY

We have a munch today ( Saturday afternoon). It's pretty awesome!

bf16c9  No.77430


Hey, sent you a message on kik.

I'm SWhutfug

143dc7  No.77436


Where is it? when? How does one search it? So many unanswered questions why bother posting at all? =\

40e058  No.77956


I'd be tempted, but I'm all the way out in the 716 area with no real transportation. There are munches here, but they only ever happen on nights I'm working.

Y'all mfs got a carpool or some shit?

f8c12d  No.77986

M 20 in the Orlando area looking for a hookup Male or female Kik me at danwalts17

9af89b  No.78026



Check Fetlife.

Im trying to host one monthly on Saturdays.

Or email me and I'll send you the details.


1d7b78  No.78259

25m in the DC/DMV area. Seeking ladies for anything physical but males for friendship. Hit me up on kik dljrva

159364  No.78260


Oh shit, 716 boys where we at. How about that snow today?

1b0603  No.78264

File: 53e845b807d688f⋯.png (218.25 KB, 366x581, 366:581, happo.png)

I doubt anything will come of this, but I'm in Northern Jersey. (NJ)

I'm 18, MtF, still working on getting HRT and if anything more of just a very feminine male.

As far as preference goes, I kinda like anything with a dick… but I guess I'm open to other things as well.

I'm a Sub who loves Chasity and to be humiliated, I guess hmu if you're interested.

Discord = Kinclair#2608

40e058  No.78275

File: 5531bbbc531f140⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1530103731342.jpg)


west seneca, about a half hour from downtown by bus. Had to wait over an hour for mine last night.

bottlecap #5236

c74b86  No.78276


Oh wow!

I'm in wasilla ATM, but Id love to come down to anchorage sometime and meet!

I'm a (shortly to be) 26 yo nerdy guy.

Especially since I'm feeling trapped out here…

6a2f14  No.78283

Anyone at all in Hawaii?

143dc7  No.78325


I'm not gay but I'd still be interested in at least shooting the shit. Discord is the one that starts with "R" and ends with "#2510" I already sent you a request.

ac7adf  No.78417

So I've seen a couple of South Carolina posts, so fuck it I'll bite.

I just turned 28.

I'm Male, 5'9, 190, Bi, and in an open relationship.

Really not much of an AB, but definitely a DL.

I wouldn't mind chatting or possibly meeting up, but I'm unable to host at my place unfortunately.

If there's any gamers out there I play games on ps4 for now, but getting a pc once I save for it.

Kik: Tremmuh

51e86d  No.78424

I'm an ABDL in northern New Jersey, would love to meet more people into the same stuff in the area, could be another ABDL or someone who's more of a caretaker.

I'm a 24-year-old gay guy, pretty thin and about average height. I'm a switch, though I lean submissive. For vanilla interests, I'm into computers and tabletop games.

Discord is Shto#7813

43af88  No.78428

I'm from the first post in this thread. So far I've gotten only the run around from folks that have responded, but I thought I'd see again if any Alabama babies wanted to play a bit.

c11844  No.78442

24, M, Christchurch NZ


b108d7  No.78470

Omaha, NE here.

017ba7  No.78558

File: a9e129ae11bbfbd⋯.png (6.13 KB, 958x660, 479:330, Blank _d51aab690d94cdd5e1c….png)

Anyone in the Seattle area wanting to meet up?

t. 20M, and I don't care as long as you're nice

8909d0  No.78563

25/M/On Canada

Looking for people to chat with :3 I'm bi. Would love a mommy or daddy to message. Kik soulassassin001

766431  No.78569


It really feels weird knowing that there are LOCAL ABDLS IN MY AREA. I've never met another ABDL in my fucking life. The closest I've come to 'meeting' another ABDL is when I went to the Rearz storefront and a middle aged dude came in while I was browsing. We didn't talk, we both just avoided eye contact and stewed in our weird mutual shame.

Anyways, yeah. I very often feel like I'm the only ABDL on the planet and its pretty lonely. Definitely feeds into the bad feels that are associated with having a taboo fetish. For that reason alone maybe I should go to a meetup or something. Idk, I'm rambling. /blog

40e058  No.78573


I hear ya. I'm all for meeting another diaperfag on friendly terms, but like I said above, pretty much everything that happens around here is something I can't do due to time and distance.

You're welcome to hit up my discord if you'd care to rant more.

If you ever feel bad about your kink though, just remember that findom is a thing.

94d7f9  No.78588


was wondering when another seattleite would show up in this thread

f701b8  No.78604

Any Central Europeans around?

05edfd  No.78607

Yep, Central Europe here. Have a feeling that no other ABDLs exist in my country though.

02f310  No.78609

is there anyone in OC particularly south OC california?

45e1dd  No.78612

Everyone in a major city should just go to one open munch. I know they’re kinda bullshit because of the amount of SJWs involved, but just go to one open gathering so that people will friend you on Fetlife and then you can start hitting on women/getting invited to more interesting get-togethers and actually get laid. Just don’t be a weirdo at the first gathering.

Remember: unless you’re extremely handsome, you’re going to get ignored on fetlife if you don’t meet people. Girls standards are really high for guys they have never met IRL. I’m almost positive my current girlfriend wouldn’t be dating me solely based on my pictures

9c2524  No.78613


If you're the sort of person who thinks being SJW is a bad thing don't show up at a munch. Your bullshit bigotry is not needed.

45e1dd  No.78614


I think most wokeness and moral outrage these days is insufferable. The amount of twitter activism in this fetish is offputting for less left wing people. I’m a very liberal person. I’m not traditional in any sense. I have a diaper fetish for christ’s sake.

Forgive me for not buying into popular moral dogma of the times. If I wanted to be self righteous I’d join the catholic church.

b8f837  No.78615


>agree with everything I say or you can git out!

Isn’t the type of person who doesn’t like SJWs pretty much everyone that isn’t an SJW? I think Terry Crews just went off today - and that guy is liberal AF

>twitter: all views other than our views are harmful to society!

Ya’ll are in a cult and ya don’t even realize it

f701b8  No.78632


>If you're the sort of person who thinks being SJW is a bad thing

Who let you out of the gas chamber?

017ba7  No.78633


Well, outside Seattle. No one lives in that city unless they're either really well off or homeless. Fuck King County

443980  No.78642


>who thinks being SJW is a bad thing

It wouldn't be a bad thing per se if the people that were labelled with that term did anything besides engage in moral outrage and virtual signaling. Transgender people are mentally ill

t. far left liberal-hating TERF

380030  No.78650

Gay ftm looking for daddy

Tri Cities WA

0fac2f  No.78651


It’s easier to say

>I’m a straight woman

380030  No.78652


I'm a cute boy looking for a daddy

Mind ya business

0fac2f  No.78653


You are a mentally ill women looking for a man. If you were born without a penis you are not a male and never will be a male

380030  No.78654



186549  No.78656

I will never not be amused by degenerates posting on a diaper board trying to claim some sort of kink superiority over other degenerates.

We're all fucked here folks, now post ASL and decent OC.

0e85db  No.78657


You got any stuffies?

t. a daddy a little west of you

ac7adf  No.78661

File: eb26db9df7dab46⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20170828_061118.jpg)


Should I repost? Haha.


9af89b  No.78669



Next rochester munch is the 23rd.

See fetlife or my email above for more info.

380030  No.78681


I have an octopus! He's very cute. Doesn't rly have a name…

I travel often to the west side :)

f701b8  No.78685


They do exist in mine, but most of them appear to be 30+ men and/or severely retarded.

94d7f9  No.78699


yeah I'm across the lake from the city so I'm not technically "in" either

017ba7  No.78700


Must be kind of nice to have everything right there though, right? I live down a little south, so it's a commute if I need to go to Seattle or Tacoma

017ba7  No.78701

File: aa30018e9d58ede⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 640x349, 640:349, zDPT6CQ_d.jpg)


Is he bigger or smaller? And, it's okay to not have a name for him. It just means you're putting a bit more thought into it.

Do you have an email or Kik you use? Mine are either snufkinandbear@gmail.com or GlassyRain for Kik, if you wanna chat

53f919  No.78703


hey fren! lets surely meet, my discord is Tomogachi#8155

d58342  No.78737

File: e181c7e06f73487⋯.gif (901.27 KB, 266x270, 133:135, 1551246167106.gif)

Guess I'll post my stuff as well :x , I'm a 24 m in the Philadelphia suburbs , I'm not super active in the community but I'm hoping to change that , was hoping to make some new friends who share this kink , message me on Kik if you want to ~ gallushans

d58342  No.78738


It's actually gallusstorm , my bad

511278  No.78747


You still around OP?

I'm from around that area, my disposable email address is candlejackdp@gmail.com

4628bc  No.78764

23 m in MT mostly a DL. Looking for friends and people to talk to.

Tumblr is paddeddriver.

d9de69  No.78900

I'm 21 and from Tampa. Male. my email is okamiamaterasu98@gmail.com if you're from the area and interested in meeting up. I'm a top/Dom. Mainly looking for females/sissies to play with.

98564c  No.78903

why the fuck not

i'm a thirty year old degenerate tran in michigan, sometimes little, always DL, want to find a mommy/gf/femme partner who is interested in making me wear 24/7, toilet denial, sneaky public stuff, etc

1f5af0  No.78922

25M on central coast of Australia. Doubt there's any women ITT but curious all the same.

cea74a  No.78956

26/m/London ON, no gay shit plz

69e8a4  No.78958



>having any females

Top kek

43af88  No.78967


Yeah I'm still around. I send a message.

04f9d4  No.80337

I'm a 35-year-old Ageplayer and Adult Baby Boy seeking a Daddy in England/UK.

I'll only chat to Daddies aged 35+

My Kik is abdlboy35

Anyone not of my preference above will be blocked. Thanks.

024911  No.80373


Howdy, daddy dom in northern San Diego County


Into cute boys and girls

Kik is impactisfun

9c6c26  No.80382

If anyone is in France.. 21y/M, why not talk a bit

79ddcd  No.80386


There's a few chick in this city that are into it, I found like 4 on fetlife. None of them are lookers tho, sad to say.

If you're that desperate then send out some messages on there. I know one girl is real desperate after I got tf outta there.

Also lemme know if you reconsider on the gay shit ;)

77655d  No.80394

Fuck it why not.

Anyone from Maine?


eec8e9  No.80398


Im in columbia! 21m cute boi here! My FetLife is BeanyBaby1212 or you can reach me on Kik with the same username

935996  No.80407

any cute Texas boys here? :^)

8257a8  No.80446

File: 36f7ba23730ee40⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2268x2835, 4:5, IMG_20180829_185634_595.jpg)

23/M Norway … fetlife is Abdluc, instagram is Vikingdrengen. I visit Philly/NY pretty often though so hmu US boys :)

50de32  No.80472

Fuck it, why not

28/M/Bi - Chubby switch, primarily DL but open to some roleplay

I'm currently in southern Wisconsin on work contract, pretty close to Rockford. I travel for work so I'm pretty much all over the midwest.

a02396  No.80552


Hey, I'm from France and would love to talk, what's your Kik or discord?

8c1e87  No.80561



Primarily and AB. I like playing with other littles and also Bigs.

Open to friendly conversation and some mostly non lewd roleplay. I really like to be teased.

Add me on Discord:


ce6b15  No.80585

Hi, M/28/Ontario, Thunder bay, Canada

I'm a bit shy, and I've lost 120 lbs (from 300!) so I'm actually getting something close to confidence in myself. I wouldn't mind a friend or two to talk to, since there's nobody actually around here except for a few people that are extremely creepy and one person who I'm pretty sure I weirded out a little bit when I was over so now there's like no chance of being friends.

I'm okay with talking c=

5bbdac  No.80655

File: ed5691dbdd68a34⋯.jpg (396.46 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1514374432759.jpg)



Oh cool other cheesehads! 28/M/Rhinelander,WI

I'm actually down for just about anything. Sucks being in the north woods because we have virtually no other AB/DL's. But being alone diapered in the woods is also fun.

f34bb5  No.80686

I figure I've lurked around here long enough. Keeping with the trend of everyone in NJ being male (or MtF, don't wanna leave >>78264 out) I'm also a male from New Jersey but apparently I'm one of those elusive southerners. I'm 26 years old and am a fairly large little, in the height department not so much the weight department. I generally tend to prefer people with feminine traits that are within five years of my age, be it over or under, but I like to imagine I'm pretty open-minded. I'm looking for someone to meet up with in vanilla space and see where it goes from there. I've also been known to switch occasionally, but that's highly dependent on the person. Sometimes there's just something about them that makes me want to baby them.

Anyway I'm sure I made this all sound weird by completely ignoring the A/S/L format but eh, I don't have high hopes for this post.

6ac2f3  No.80696


I'm kinda far in Toronto but would luv to chat :3

ce6b15  No.80699


I'm down!

63d7e7  No.80702


You know I never check these threads because I know how isolated we are. Good thing I was really bored today.

30/m/tbay, almost confident we haven't met. There's a few of us here, though we've only done a meet once. I'm pretty shy/paranoid but I'd be willing to start with chatting

You got a kik or discord?

aa45dc  No.80703



I'm the Toronto guy lol if you wanna chat this is my kik x3


6c881d  No.80860

24, Chch, NZ


ce6b15  No.80930


I actually am a bit shy/paranoid too, don't you worry.


Come chat me up fam c:

b7596c  No.80958


Nothings coming up for your tag

ce6b15  No.80986



Sorry, I guess it's case sensitive?

02e4e2  No.81002

File: 1d7a0e87f895f8e⋯.jpg (313.49 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190408-133022.jpg)


Here anon, sorry for the delay

000000  No.81135


me, send an email to anon8ch at protonmail dot com if you want to talk

77655d  No.81249

ce024a  No.81263

Anyone near Kansas city mo? 22 male twink

9d4033  No.81272

31 M in the MN central area. YEARS ago we had a munch every other month or so but i havent seen any ABDL meetups in the area in a good 7 years. id be interested to figure out a new meetup if others are around.

d50834  No.81326



28/ M/ los angeles

looking to meet others in the city maybe

27b302  No.81329


sent a friend request discord Starts with C and ends with number 55

864208  No.81330

Switch. Florida baby! Jacksonville area

c40bad  No.81331


Also im 19/M I live in maryland, always been too shy to talk to others that share this fetish but life is too short

6c64bb  No.81333


Kik or discord? I'm near Jax

e51c9d  No.81339

File: e4f6a25530d7d6f⋯.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1843FE04-9594-40B7-BC84-B….jpeg)

Anyone from Seattle? Renton city bab here. Discord is raf#8719

d8fb96  No.81340


To be honest there is a pretty big absence of ABDLs in Los Angeles. I do remember that we have SOAP and thats pretty much about it, only other ABDL in LA is a Little from the /aco/ threads.

ae8403  No.81344

Wisconsin, MKE reporting in!

Near Glendale

ce024a  No.81355

File: d3067e75a04e7b1⋯.png (115.28 KB, 1200x1201, 1200:1201, POW_Product_Feature_Image.png)

22 Male, Kansas city MO,

Looking for friends to play games with :) maybe meet up :)

Kik SillyBBoy22

83f7af  No.81356

File: 51da1aaa44bda42⋯.png (341.11 KB, 1440x2712, 60:113, Capture _2019-04-14-05-45-….png)

Right outside of Jacksonville, Florida :)

Discord is ZucchiniHater#7917

Love to meet new people or talk to like-minded individuals… Feel free to add me even if we're thousands of miles apart

26dbf5  No.81381


Only really looking for friends. I'm in the Tulsa area, but could probably be convinced to go to OKC every now and then.

E-mail is jaguar (dot) of (dot) torment (at) gmail

2f33b2  No.81660

File: 31e2148e7096065⋯.jpg (150.39 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_2092.jpg)

I'm 27, male in the SoCal area. I'm looking for friends :>

here's my thisvid account: https://thisvid.com/members/640286/

122149  No.81725

File: 6f4695104886276⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 599x357, 599:357, 1554151036599.jpg)


Hey, I sent a friend request and tried sending a DM, but it was saying you might not be accepting DMs from those who aren't on your friends list. Anyway, I'm a 22M daddy who lives in Kent and my profile pic on Discord that I sent a request is a pink Evangelion pic

Hope you're nice!

02d3f9  No.81775


Hi! I'm 21 nb (I look male as of now) and I'd be suprt down to meet up. Discord's my main way of talking to people

766af1  No.81788

18/Male/O H I O G A N G, Near Cleveland

T o t a l subdork, more or less looking to find someone with similar interests who'll give me headpats and buttslaps from time to time c:

Throwaway email's Dougbiggay@gmail.com

(my name isn't doug)

ae8403  No.81821


Still in this thread?

Also is there a Wisconsin ABDL Discord?

443980  No.81826



I feel like everyone I see online from this state seems to be from Cleveland. I'm from near Columbus personally, it's not fair!

1244c1  No.81865


Whats your details?

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