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File: 47bce667dbb5cb1⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 985x656, 985:656, 47bce667dbb5cb128965385282….jpg)

062f43  No.75189

Old one hit bump limit.

78cf26  No.75192

File: 199f5ebe327cc75⋯.jpg (129.66 KB, 874x1280, 437:640, IMG_20190122_003508_473.jpg)

This is me last night, about to pad up again. what's happening?

062f43  No.75193


I'm thinking of wearing again tonight, having messed earlier and cleaned up just now.

What to do though.. Banana trick? Wet a diaper until it leaks?

78cf26  No.75194

>>75193 banana trick for sure! I just padded up again, I wanna mess myself but the clean ups too hard with house mates around

e107c3  No.75206


Do both.

062f43  No.75228



Don't have bananas, maybe tomorrow.

062f43  No.75242


With that being said I kinda got bored of the banana trick after doing it a few times, what else can I do in about 4-6h time?

0f61b7  No.75253

how can I manage a high sex drive. I'm getting distracted by DL thoughts all day

7e42c2  No.75257


How high are we talking about here?

d505d8  No.75261


Well, you're cute!

d505d8  No.75264

Do y'all have any tips for soaking as much of a diaper as possible before it starts to leak? I point my penis down and try to tilt my body if I'm standing/sitting while I wet, but I still end up starting to leak once the diaper (Safari/BetterDry) is wet enough, even if the back 30% of it is completely dry. I know it's a common problem. Any tips?

655cb1  No.75278


Frequent, gripping scenarios that pop up every half hour or so

I don't want my thoughts to be centered around this, only when I find its appropriate I don't mind. It spoils my focus

7e42c2  No.75310


Like intrusive thoughts? I have a pretty high sex drive myself but I can usually keep it under control by masturbating once or twice a day everyday. It's worth it for me to jerk off for ten to twenty minutes a day just so I don't spend my day looking at porn / thinking about diapers. How much do you masturbate?

7e3118  No.75323


the fuck is a banana trick

1ff511  No.75324


Picky maybe but it always drives me crazy that they call it the banana trick, the marshmallow trick, or whatever.

It's food in the butt. Eventually it comes back out. How is that a trick?

57945f  No.75325


Because it gives you an enema too

29ac15  No.75332


I try not to

0a4c41  No.75334


>It's food in the butt. Eventually it comes back out

The thought of that unironically grosses me out more than messing myself ever does for some reason. Something about shoving pieces of a banana or some rubbery marshmellow up my ass and shitting them back out is just offputting tbh


You need to masturbate more so you won’t be horny constantly

29ac15  No.75335


If I was OK with masturbating then I would and this would be a non issue, however I am not

0a4c41  No.75338


Why are you so against masturbating if avoiding is obviously having a detrimental affect on your day-to-day life? I can’t even think straight when I’m horny and I can’t imagine being plagued with thoughts of diapers all day

1105eb  No.75342


Masturbation has failed me in that regard, i'll do it in the morning without thinking about it yet those intrusive thoughts were present

I'd rather not stifle something by feeding and nourishing it, is what i'm saying. im not denying that i'm a DL, they turn me on like nothing else in this world, but I want to exercise some self control in my life

20ba1c  No.75344


The whole point of it is for people who want to mess themselves without actually messing themselves, bar the marshmallow trick anyway

817158  No.75345


>I'd rather not stifle something by feeding and nourishing it

>what is literal hunger

1105eb  No.75347


it's not like its helping my hunger

7e42c2  No.75348


No retard, he’s saying it’s like hunger. You feel hungry, then you eat. You don’t have to gorge yourself on food and turn into a fatass with no control – the same principles apply to masturbation. You feel horny, you jerk off and then continue on with your life

1105eb  No.75353


>You feel horny, you jerk off and then continue on with your life

i don't think this is plausible given that im horny throughout the day in any situation.

0a4c41  No.75355


Probably because you never masturbate. I’m starting to think you’re fucking with us so you figure out your own issues

1105eb  No.75363


yeah you're right

on a different note, what's more common, ABs or DLs? I've never had any affinity for pacifiers or onesies

c27a16  No.75382

File: 5e18161b9a5e239⋯.png (1.19 MB, 761x920, 761:920, translation.PNG)


We need a translation over here

0b1cec  No.75387



day 12 of no fap here

d12d2b  No.75393


> what's more common, ABs or DLs?

I'd say DL's are more common, because every AB is a DL, but not every DL is an AB.

640e15  No.75423


JewTube translate captions seems to communicate what's going on.

d3f4b1  No.75430

I was going to order a single diaper sample off of wearing clouds. Is there anyway to make sure it has discreet shipping or do they do it automatically?

b96888  No.75519

File: 07811785567a6c0⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 500x334, 250:167, tumblr_lz6njc62Nk1r20il2o1….jpg)

So, been writing a story on and off, and I'm not sure what to do about "babytalk" in regards to mental regression. I think it's cute and works well with mental regression stories generally so I wanted to include it at some point, but I feel like it also has the potential to get super annoying rather quickly. Anybody have any preferences in that regard, or examples of it done right/wrong?

2ed4be  No.75556


It really depends on the theme of your story. Is it hypno? Forced regression?

If I were you I'd keep the babytalk short, and color it with the inner thoughts of my protagonist in a more adult way of talking, as if he/she were making comments on his/her actions, unheard by the rest of the characters in your story. Later on you could add a little babytalk to the inside voice of your main character, indicating that regression is taking over his adult personality.

b656ba  No.75576

Whenever my diaper is a little bit wet and I pee some more, it'll kind of pool up then drip to the sides, go by the side wings and leak outwards from there.

What am I doing wrong?

d74bcb  No.75580


It's always discreet shipping. He triple wraps everything, etc. However, I'm pretty sure the shop is closed down right now.

6db0f5  No.75595


Maybe you filled it? I leaked for the first time tonight.I like sitting in a wet diaper too much and I filled it I guess.

7e42c2  No.75596

>can’t get diapers (due to living situation)

>can’t stop thinking about messing

>literally have had dreams recently of me messing diapers or close female friends messing their panties

How do I get this out of my system without getting a hold of diapers? I’m not ashamed of desiring it but I don’t need to wake up face down in bed fresh from a dream about messing, groggily humping my bed several times a week. Do any of you have experience with messing normal underwear? Would it be better just to buy some cheap pairs to use and dispose or just line the rear and bottom of one with strips of toilet paper and hope for the best? A year or two ago I filled up a pair of panties, love the sensations and got extremely horny but it felt kinda wasteful.

3459b7  No.75603


Rent a motel room

41b4d9  No.75620


have you tried simulated messing with bananas or oatmeal

5b7134  No.75621


>can't get diapers (due to living situation)

Idk what your situation is but I'm almost positive there'd be a way around it. While living with my parents and siblings, I kept my stash in an old, inconspicuous gym bag in the corner of my room. Nobody touched it for 7 years.

0229a5  No.75640

File: 88194784ccd236a⋯.jpg (152.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1442113379149.jpg)


Just poop your pants you fucking faggot

7e42c2  No.75649


I've never done it, and frankly the idea has always sounded a bit weird to me, but I'd be willing to try it, especially if the mess is less. Part of what I like is the warmth of the mess, so I don't know how good bananas would be, though I assume they'd warm up in your body. That said, I'm ignorant of the whole process for both of those.


I've tried to get diapers into the house before but was caught, leading to a fight and the diapers being sent back. Luckily it was (somewhat) played off as a mistake but it was still extremely embarrassing for me. I used to crossdress as well but the paranoia of keeping the clothes starts to get to me, and it would likely be a worse paranoia with diapers. Nowadays I have a car and don't have to worry about the package being intercepted so I'll have to see if I can use an Amazon locker and find a good spot to hide it maybe.

88a401  No.75667


can confirm, this doesn´t work usually.

I used to have a (really) small stash of Pampers. Just half a small pack, 9 or 10 diapers at best, inside an empty shoe box we always keep to throw away the shoes in when time comes. I don´t know why but my parents found them and threw them away. The box was completely invisible from every point in the room, there was no smell and nothing strange about it. But they still found it and I still don´t know why.

It´s why I stopped stashing them, too. Haven´t worn in at least a year now and the urge is getting worse.

0229a5  No.76039

File: c23c7dc3d1ef240⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 498x717, 166:239, 1390803730387.jpg)

File: 726890c19cc341a⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o4….jpg)

File: dcc5e6781a5963c⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o5….jpg)

File: ae220e0b66a52ec⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o6….jpg)

File: ed79e32979ed41d⋯.png (611.94 KB, 540x764, 135:191, tumblr_oda7jnbyIa1vwgtpqo1….png)

Does anyone remember wifeups? It was a great site full of armature 30-45 yo milfs that was active circa early 2000s, then vanished without a trace. I can't find any archives either, just a few ADISC threads dating back to 2005 asking about it's disappearance. Pics unrelated

5fc197  No.76066

I can't wait to do this again

it's been so fucking long, like 4 years at least, enough to drive a man insane

ea106b  No.76072


Why wait so long?

7e9b04  No.76363

So, I´ll be home alone for 4 days: Thursday to Sunday. I haven´t been able to wear for at least a year, so I want to spend one day in diapers now, but I can´t order because mail service sucks over here. So I´ll buy diapers in store, and make sure nobody I know sees me.

Before, I often bought Drynites 8-15years girls, because.. they are cute, soft and thick. I thought about buying the boys version this time, but.. is there even any difference other than the prints? any differences in the crotch area?

I´d rather have some tape diapers though. I think Tena Slips are available at the store, there are a lot of diapers in one of those packages though. Is it worth it? Are they comfortably thick?

Otherwise, Tena pants would also be an option. Not sure how thick those are though, or how comfortable they feel.

What´s with baby powder? what does it even do? I used it once wearing a drynites, and it felt.. well, smooth, I liked it. but is it worth it?

I think this is enough to discuss. I really got issues to decide, guys..

36b040  No.76366


Only thing I use baby powder for is the slight ‘cooling’ effect on the skin, which is helpful when doing a change without being able to give the skin some time to ‘breathe’ and dry. That and the lavender scent of the version I use, which I happen to love. Traditionally, it was used as an astringent powder (talc) to dry the skin. With modern diapers using SAP, it’s mostly useless and I’m not sure if corn starch is even considered an astringent.

b36692  No.76408

Anyone have experience with ABU's two-tape diapers?

93528b  No.76424


Does peeing and cumming into one count as experience?

b36692  No.76428


I'd say so!

144d60  No.76433


Kind of weird, but I duct tape the leg holes and around my waist. I'm a little too big for size Small, and a little too small for the leg holes on a Medium. I went to the dollar store and bought the cheapest duct tape they had. It sticks well enough to hold for as long as I keep the diaper on, but it doesn't stick so well that it's painful to remove. Doesn't leave any residue either.

93528b  No.76494


Well, then I qualify as having experience 😂 I filled quite a few hahaha.

What would you like to know, kind anon?

9052d3  No.76537

File: 2eb74794e0b83b4⋯.jpg (403.03 KB, 1280x1753, 1280:1753, 2eb74794e0b83b4b270c4cf0fb….jpg)

To all the guys out there, when you change or get changed, do you point up or down? Because I tried the whole up thing yesterday and peed everywhere :( and it was harder to go because it felt "kinked".

Yet, when I point down, I feel like it floods the seat of my diaper too much and i leak and my paws or stars arent even faded yet :(. I've tried a whole bunch of different taping and diapering methods but nothing seems to work. Halp me pls.

d104e1  No.76539


If you’re leaking before the diaper is fully saturated, especially if it’s around the leg openings, despite the standing leak guards, this usually signifies poor fit of the diaper. A way you can help avoid that without changing brands or trying to make the fit too tight, is to simply avoid ‘flooding’ (release a full bladders worth) the diaper. Maxiumum absorbancy means nothing, if the diaper doesn’t fit properly and being ‘comfortable’ doesn’t necessarily mean a proper fit. Also avoid ‘stuffers’ or ‘boosters’, as those often cause wetness to run over the leak guards of most diapers.

52a0bf  No.76559


Pointing down usually works. I'd try some different brands and different sizes to see if that helps.

52a0bf  No.76560


Baby powder is generally meh. I'd stick to Vaseline/diaper cream. Baby powder is useful if you want the baby powder smell, or if you're going to shit yourself and need help masking the smell.

As for the diapers, just double/triple diaper yourself if they're cheap.

b36692  No.76563


Just wondering about the fit; anything different ypu have to do while diapering, if you've had any leaking issues, etc

9052d3  No.76581

File: 7dff6b6b8c00260⋯.jpg (155.56 KB, 984x656, 3:2, 20190205_233014.jpg)


Ok… ok…. we are getting somewhere… but riddle me this batman. How come i always seem to leak in the same spot? It's always right here. I try and get it as solid as I can back there and try to avoid huge potties. But yet, I always end up in wet sheets :( maybe I do just need to try more brands 😅 i'm just too damn small. If you know any nice brands that have a small running medium I'd love to hear it.


I think I need to just stick with ordering tykables… they have been the only ones to not have this issue at least semi consistently. Not perfect but closer then the rest I guess 😅

bc9013  No.76584

File: c7b5f966e8ed47e⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1280x928, 40:29, Window.jpg)


Different Anon, but maybe getting yourself a pair of plastic pants would help? I know a number of places sell cute designs, and it might be enough to keep your little leaks contained.

Alternatively, maybe try boosters to give yourself some extra wicking power.

01f00b  No.76608


I agree. As I previously stated, I mostly use it because of the the scent (lavender). I likely wouldn’t use it at all, if that scented version were no longer available. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, and I’ve been wearing a long time, but the only thing is swear by is Balmex rash cream. It works the best, and unlike most other creams, you can actually wash it off your hands relatively easy.

01f00b  No.76610


Mate, I can’t tell you what diaper you need, or what will work best, but if you’re wearing the same diaper over and over and getting the same results.. well that’s pretty self explanatory innit? If you’re in between typical sizes, I understand your frustration. But it’s not always about size, in regards to fit. The cut/shape of the diaper is just as important. Also, the mix and placement of absorbent material in the absorbent may ofbthe diaper, matters. Two diapers of the same size may fit completely differently. Your leaking spot is typical and is a dead giveaway for bad fit. So yea, try different diapers, or don’t. They’re your clothes and bed linens. I’ve tried probably hundreds of diapers. The only ones that have never leaked were the (now discontinued) original Tena slip maxi, (was the best diaper ever) the current Dry24/7 (the first version from some years ago wasn’t as good) and the new LfB ‘little fantasy/dreamers’.

705ce2  No.76641


I definitely plan on messing at least once. Powder would probably be a good idea.

Double and triple diapering was also one of my ideas for when I choose Tena Slip, which come in bags of 20 or more. Only issue I found is getting rid of them, since I planned on throwing them in a trash bin at a bus stop. Might be hard getting a trash bag full of diapers in a small trash bin..

Right now my solution would be getting Tena Pants, will probably change my mind last minute though since I don´t know what the store I´m going to has in storage. I just hope tena pants are worth it if I go with them, would suck to waste money on bad diapers.

062f43  No.76648


>long socks

>Tena Maxi


2ed4be  No.76660


>(now discontinued) original Tena slip maxi

Aren't they still selling them as Tena active fit maxi? Was anything different in the original other than the plastic backing?

6db0f5  No.76674


powder helps me feel good when I put one on. I always recommend it.


Not that guy, but so far the only time I leaked was after I drank a lot and was just sitting in my chair playing video game. I think I wet a good 6 times and they were full long wets. when I stood up I saw my fake leather chair was damped and my diaper was sagging a lot.

f3d6e3  No.76678


The active fit is a slightly reworked version of the diaper that replaced the original. It’s not the same diaper AS the original. I tried the first replacement when it hit shelves (I was living in the UK at the time) and it was just horrible. This version is better than that, but not the same as the original. Not even close. I would know, as I wore the original for years.

090cd4  No.76700

So.. I got myself a pack of Tena Pants Plus now. Allegedly 1.4L capacity, wearing two right now.

I drank 1.5L of water now and try to hold it as much as I can. Anything else I can do? except.. messing of course, gonna do that anyway at some point.

0fc1fc  No.76703

File: 0d71538864746c3⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, mostlyodourless_shareddiap….png)

Last night my boyfriend peed in my diaper. We were standing up chest to chest and he put his cock in my diaper and filled up my diaper while holding me. It was honestly one of the hottest things that ive ever done. Would recommend

e42d30  No.76704


Seconding this. Top tier experience

9d4819  No.76748


Advertised capacity is often measured using water, however SAP absorption capacity varies with the % of salinity in your urine. Also, if you're holding it, chances are you'll flood the diaper when you go. You should rather release as slowly as possible to emulate actual incontinence, in order to allow time for the padding to wick it up and avoid leaks. Only cloth diapers can handle a full bladder release at once without leaking, assuming it's thick enough and you're using good waterproof pants.

25041b  No.76751


Yup, figured out myself. Could only release slowly, but it did hold everything.. well, until I got up at least. that´s where it leaked.

Pants might not have been the best choice after all

67d7b7  No.76800

Something kind of wierd happend to me some nights ago. Now due to my living situation I only use diapers sometimes, otherwise just wear them because then there is no hassle of dealing with the smell. Wearing a betterdry to bed after a small break I woke up in the middle of the night with a urge to pee. In my mind I did not think about going to the bathroom and just pull my dick out. Instead I thought it was just logical to wet it and change diapers. So I just started to pee and then fell right back to sleep.

Has this happend to any other anon?

2ed4be  No.76817


You are about to finish training yourself to become a bedwetter agin.

6db0f5  No.77412

File: 43b4a2992c54a5d⋯.jpg (199.9 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 1422947513750-1.jpg)


oddly, I feel like I have better control now when I'm not wearing. I only wear on the weekends. For some reason I can't bring myself to wear on a weeknight. Not yet at least.

c4d6ca  No.77780

File: 36992701885fe31⋯.jpg (193.65 KB, 1194x1446, 199:241, PapaLoveBabyAya-1097743864….jpg)

File: 64cc0bb8b898cdd⋯.jpg (267.03 KB, 2149x1666, 307:238, PapaLoveBabyAya-1097743864….jpg)

File: 0b62f1c4aa4a2eb⋯.jpg (235.1 KB, 1207x2212, 1207:2212, PapaLoveBabyAya-1097743864….jpg)

File: b7de92b5c0bc942⋯.jpg (179.46 KB, 1245x1617, 415:539, PapaLoveBabyAya-1097743864….jpg)

Anyone know anything about these diapers? Like where/if I can buy them in the US? They look like they fit this adult person pretty well but I thought they were baby diapers…

0229a5  No.77784


Is that pic poutine princess? It looks like her mouth

b67ac1  No.77800


Pretty much what >>76817 said. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be a regular diaper wearing bedwetter in no time! 😁

f01a23  No.77810


You cannot say anything about the fit by just looking these pictures. It obviously just seems to fit because of the angle and how the clothing covers the diaper. I think the diaper isn't anything special and it doesn't fit any better although these pictures make it seem it does.

b18c45  No.77813


Based on the shirt, I wonder if the person took a plain white pharmacy brand diaper, and colored it themself.

1b2bc6  No.77814

File: fa39b7edcc7268c⋯.jpg (271.02 KB, 1447x2048, 1447:2048, DcRxYdrVQAADxSP.jpg)

File: ea3764d48dddfdd⋯.jpg (153.5 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, twitter_ckaoto7l_997293652….jpg)

File: 6c23255c97c35c1⋯.jpg (558.47 KB, 1358x1920, 679:960, 1490701701600.jpg)


ah, that's true, you can't really see the waistline…


I doubt it, ckaoto has drawn them a number of times. I'm pretty sure I knew the brand name at one point but I can't find it anymore

17d7a3  No.77815

Anyone else like sucking your thumb and edging while watching MLP?

6db0f5  No.77825


No, but I'll suck my thumb when I wet. Should get a pacifier at some point.

51b4ad  No.77839

File: 2005cbca671bd1a⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, product-top-super-big-pant….jpg)



Those are goon super big pants.

You won't find them out of Japan, and they probably wouldn't fit you anyway.

They're the largest of the children pullups you can find in Japan, they're still much smaller than western pullups though. They'll fit small adult Japanese women, but not medium ones.

I like them because of their pretty wide crotch. They also sell doublers to put inside, which makes them thicker and give them a pretty decent absorption.

1b2bc6  No.77844

File: 47be1fa0a1c76d5⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 320x399, 320:399, 13561976_1246198805421127_….jpg)

File: 0466ff68e14e280⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 300x400, 3:4, street.jpg)


ah, thank you! you're probably right about them not fitting me even though I'm pretty small, they look cute tho

17d7a3  No.77918

At my new job, I was told about a strange disturbed man who was harrasing the store last night, and this was the second time. He was in a bambi onsie, apparently went to the burger king and attempted to pay with a starbucks card, and would be sitting in multiple places in the mall sucking his thumb. They believed he was wearing a diaper. He got on the same bus as the security officer for the mall, and didn't understand he had to pay.

I don't know how to feel about this, since I am an ABDL. Made me feel weird. I don't even know what to say, just sharing and looking for a response.

51b4ad  No.77924


Ah yeah that was me lol. I was off my fucking tits. I need to get off that shit.

17d7a3  No.77925


I doubt that

67d7b7  No.77943

File: 9789188505928ae⋯.jpg (247.36 KB, 593x494, 593:494, 28-Prepared_medium_22829_1….jpg)



hmmm I'm not sure guys. I think it was a onetime thing… about a week later on a weekend I set my alarm so I would wake up in bed and pee and then fall back asleep. I did that for like 4 nights and nothing happend. :(

Maybe if I keep doing it though I could start bedwetting again. That would be totally awesome

17d7a3  No.78452


93cdf3  No.78500

File: 72d3350ac461da2⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1615x1211, 1615:1211, diaper1.png)

File: 49cc564752e103e⋯.png (533.78 KB, 720x1262, 360:631, diaper2.png)

File: 3fb502507c2346d⋯.png (627.27 KB, 1280x1245, 256:249, diaper3.png)

File: 9083d4b84f9fec8⋯.png (543.19 KB, 1169x866, 1169:866, diaper4.png)

Hi /abdl/, it feels weird coming here, but I'd like some advice. I never really thought of diapers in a sexual way, but after a (somewhat unintentional) inebriated night of masturbating to art containing them, and despite how strange adbl content is, I kind of want to wear one. Plus, they look kind of cute.

But where do I start? There seems to be quite a few abdl-specific sites out there. Should I just choose any one of them and buy a sample?

13fc85  No.78501


Just buy a full case and wear 24/7 for a week straight

93cdf3  No.78504


I don't think this is something I'd like to go big on right out of the gate (looking at just a pack or sample at the moment), and wearing 24/7 sounds insane. Actually, I was about to ask if that was a common thing, but then I saw the 24/7 thread.

649c50  No.78520

Went and saw Greta today. Not a good movie at all, would not recommend, but the last act had some ageplay tones that made me wonder if it wasn't written by a fetishist. Spoilers if anyone cares.

Turns out Greta kidnaps girls, drugs them and keeps them locked in a tiny child's room while re-raising them because she's so obsessed with being a mother and the main character was vulnerable because she misses her own mother. The room full of dolls and stuffed animals, being treated like a child and being tied to the bed/locked in a box as punishment, all it was missing was diapers and pacifiers and it would have been a fetish story. There was no toilet in that room and the girl spends most of her days and nights tied to the bed, maybe Greta just really likes laundering the sheets.

666726  No.78526

So like I’m having a ton of trouble trying to get my vanilla bf to do anything diaper related with me. He’s supportive and said he wants to do stuff with me if I want him to, but like I just feel like everything we’d do would be super awkward for him. The farthest we’ve done is him groping my diaper occasionally. Anyone have any advice or experience?

d6ede1  No.78528


He was fucking with you, my dude. For actual advice, I'd suggest one of two things.

You could get a sample pack from abuniverse. That's 2 diapers, and the cost is pretty minimal and helpful for testing shit out. Only problem for you would be that the tapes are only good for a couple of adjustments before they lose their stick, so if you fuck up the tapes too much the fit probably won't be right. And if you have no experience with it, you'll probably fuck up the tapes the first few times.

The other option is to get a 10-pack of Tykables Overnights. It's a bigger financial investment, but those tapes are hook and loop, so if you screw them up you can more or less keep trying over and over until you figure it out.

Whichever one you pick, you'll want to do your best to get the tapes right, as that'll affect how comfortable they are on you. If you plan to try to actually use the diaper too, fit will matter to see if you end up leaking. Once you've made your choice, I'd suggest just looking up guides on self-diapering to help you get started.


If he's said he's supportive, then bring up something you'd like with him that's a little more intense. Communicate with him, ask him how he feels about stuff as you're doing it, and use his feedback to decide how much farther you go and how quickly. Just do your best to make sure he's as comfortable as possible during the process. I imagine it's totally new to him, so you want to keep checking with him to avoid overwhelming him with it.

6f15fc  No.78565

File: d19791a8d2de154⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.3 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ouch.jpg)

Okay, so there are probably better places to ask this but I really need some advice about shaving my legs. The problem is that when I use a razor, I cut up my lower legs and get razor bumps on my thighs (pic related). But when I use a depilatory like veet or golden shaving powder, only like 65% of the hair is removed no matter how much I put on or how long I leave it on for. Also, no matter what I do when I come out of the shower my legs are extremely irritated and itch intensely for 15+ minutes.

So I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong in the process of shaving or if my skin/hair is shitty and maybe using lotion or caring for it in some other way would help with this, but if anyone here is more experienced with this I'd love to know what I can do.

7e42c2  No.78566


I've never done what I'm suggesting, but look into an epilator perhaps. I heard it gets the job done, despite being painful. I tried shaving my legs down a few times before with a razor and it always ends up a nightmare for me (ingrown hairs, razor burn). I've basically given up

7f746f  No.78567


Get a single blade safety razor. It makes a big difference.

6f15fc  No.78570

File: 90ff7e668d8b6e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.53 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, rzr.jpg)


It's funny that you say that because I actually do use a single blade safety razor (Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that before) and I was briefly considering trying out some disposable ones to see if it helped at all


Hmmm, this looks promising. I'm not sure how big of a difference there is between cheap and expensive ones but I'll probably try something out, thanks.

dfbcbd  No.78571


Get an epilator. I had issues with getting razor burn/ingrown hairs pretty bad, but the epilator hasn't given me any issues, and I stay smooth for longer. It is painful though, so might be too much for you

308adb  No.78581


>Personna blades

>what appears to be a shitty made in china $5 handle

I think I know what your problem is.

6f15fc  No.78585


The handle was $35 but sure close enough. Also, I could get better blades but I don't need them, the Personna blades shave my legs very well and it comes out smooth. The problem is that it destroys my skin, and I don't understand how that would change just by using a slightly different single blade. However, I do use that stuff for my face and I'm almost out so if I'm about to buy more anyways, I'm curious what you think are optimal blades

000000  No.78672

Does anyone else find it really awkward when a parent starts discussing the state of their child's diaper in public with the child who is old enough to have a conversation about it?

9e0fa1  No.78675

File: 43b5f5e9de13a2e⋯.jpg (389.26 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1510930686.jpg)


Do you mean when a parent is talking to their child about if they're wet/messy? I don't actually know at what age children start to talk or what age they're supposed to graduate from diapers but regardless I suppose that'd be awkward to overhear. Though I've never experienced that, is this somehow a common thing for you or…?

000000  No.78676


It's only been two or three times in my life, but I have heard parents asking their 3-4 year old kids if they wet their diaper. It's weird to hear because one, the kid should probably not be wearing diapers anymore, and two, I would think that the kid is old enough to be a little embarrassed to be asked such a question in public. I can remember being 3 and 4, and while I was potty trained, I definitely would not have wanted someone asking me in a full voice in public if I had wet myself.

9e0fa1  No.78679

File: aa4e7dfd6ba98ab⋯.jpg (53.77 KB, 540x787, 540:787, tumblr_ojmzcroA0U1tnmqnho1….jpg)


Yeah maybe you're right about that, some kids probably do find that embarrassing. But certainly there's a fair number of kids that don't clue into social norms like that until later on just because of how their parents treated/raised them. In fact, my mom would wipe me after I used the bathroom like well after the age that that would have been acceptable, but I didn't really think anything of it just cause I didn't know any different

43d755  No.78705


I could not agree more, it is extremely bizarre.

I was late enough to full potty-training that I still remember my time in pull-ups, and if a kid is forming memories, then they are going to be embarrassed about the state of their diaper being discussed.

I think most parents (like mine) try to be subtle about it and would only discuss the state of a diaper in front of people that know the parent/child well enough to already be aware of the diaper situation. But yes still very bizarre and cringeworthy when that happens.

35ee2b  No.78742

File: fde0a5627db76d7⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 1536x2070, 256:345, IMG_1383.jpg)

what happened to the "Tykables Galactic"-Diapers?

Can't get them anymore.

Did they stop producing?

Are there any diapers that come even close to the Tykables?

Reliable, superabsorbent and comfy as hell!

dc6519  No.78746


Yeah, they aren’t making the Galactic anymore. I had a bunch of them, but don’t know if I am going to reorder Tykables. Tapes kept ripping, might try ABU for a change.

e62b19  No.78758

74fd93  No.78759

>>78566 >>78565 >>78567 >>78571

Anyone want to weigh in on hair removal from your ballsack? I would optimally want it permanently removed, but it seems like even the electro and laser places won't do it, and the only thing I've ever heard anyone doing besides shaving is plucking with tweezers obsessively. I have a funny feeling that an epilator on your balls would be an absolutely FANTASTIC idea.


Ok, tell me if it wasn't just me, but the halfcase of tykables I got last year smelled of some sort of industrial glue or heavy machine smell, which has still persisted to now, it's the actual diapers that smell.

And yes, I also had the issue of the tapes ripping, especially the bottom ones. (and they fit very large on me for a medium)

e62b19  No.78760


Abu's are pretty good I have tried a few. Their super dry kids are pretty great. Has anyone tried those RAWR diapers yetsaw them the other day look like they pretty new.

3f1e5a  No.78762

What do you all do while wearing diapers?

Currently, my routine seems to be:

1) put on diaper

2) wet diaper

3) masturbate

4) lose all interest in continuing to wear diaper

5) usually keep it on anyway

6) repeat steps 2-5 until diaper is about to leak or I have to go do something

Today is a rare day where I have the house to myself, and Im wearing a carousel. Once I get past the masturbation stage, its just really unfulfilling, and its kinda annoying because its really rare for me to have this great of an opportunity to wear, so I feel like Im wasting both the diaper and the time.

I'm basically a DL, closest to AB I get is to do one person roleplay as a bedwetting 9-12 year old, if that helps.

>>tldr: What are some things people do on diapered days?

e62b19  No.78763


I personally just sit there and relax. Usually go on a video game binder.

74fd93  No.78765


I've started getting in the habit of wearing to work with a onesie under jeans, and changing when I get home, and then usually put a fresh one on to sleep if I'm too wet, so I've sort of gotten comfortable in wearing during the day and sleep. Basically the "day diaper" doesn't get cummed in until I get home from work, if I'm even feeling up to it at that point of that day.

I end up cumming in my pamps a few times a night, and end up sometimes feeling like I don't want to wear for a while afterwards, but then after my shower or anal session, I feel like I will sleep better padded up, and so I do. most nights.

I've on average been 23 hour wear, 5 days a week. (also doesn't help that I have about 3 full cases of ABU/Rearz)

TLDR: I simply do what I normally do, but diapered most of the time.

74fd93  No.78766



Oh, and if I put on some real premium diaper on and realize I will have to change it before I can use it all up, I will end up bingeing on soda/beer/juice/water until it's fully used up. and typically have an Underwatch or League of Laggings binge

3f1e5a  No.78769




cool, thanks. I could get back into ace combat 6 right about now actually.

What about messing? I enjoy it, but I dont want to wait too long after messing before cleaning up only because it stinks up the place and I live with some people who have a very sensitive nose who I dont want knowing about my abdl escapades. I also dont want to have a only partially full diaper and then poop in it then have to change it, since then I didnt get to wet it as much. I have thought about putting a mat of paper towels down in the back of the diaper before messing, then when Im done, I can go take a shower, flush the poop and towels, and put the diaper back on and keep wearing it. The problem is the towels get soggy from the wetness, and dont contain as well.

Any ideas on what to do there?

Someday I want to have a place to myself for a very extended period of time and be able to mess any time I feel like it, and wear it for as long as I like without having to worry about someone else noticing. Iv also thought of getting some of those odor pills.

6e27f8  No.78771


Not just you, mine smelled odd as well.


Depends on the day, sometimes I’ll just wear and have a normal day, other days I am feeling little I will wear babyish clothes, drink from a bottle, watch children’s shows and play with toys, even had a playpen for a while. Sometimes I’ll go on a multi-day adult baby bender.

e62b19  No.78772


My plan for this weekend is to get padded and finish some whiskey I've had stored away for a couple years now.

e62b19  No.78774


I'm planning on binging some Apex legends this weekend on ps. I'm going to try to get the hang of it but if not I'll go back to dead by daylight.

Honestly you gotta pick your battles. That one's a touchy subject though honestly I have had a couple roommates who knew but didn't partake and they just shrugged it off. So I'm not the best one to ask on that subject. Plus I've never gone number 2 while padded.

74fd93  No.78777

File: 2b8cbb613a7a7d2⋯.jpg (662.54 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190307_160053.jpg)


Messing just isn't worth the hastle, and the smell can linger in an entire apartment or basement hours after the mess was dealt with, and the cleanup usually sucks, and the diaper is scrap once you poop.

I'm not that into it, but if I have to mess in the evening just before shower time, I might do it anyways in my padding. I would hate to have to deal with wiping that shit during the day though.

Unless you're really into messing, just don't do it. And triple bag that shit if you can't take it outside right away.


Right on! I've nearly finished my Laphroaig from this past christmas. I'm cracking some microbrews tonight. Gotta flood this peekabu.

e62b19  No.78779


Never really tried the peekabus. I've been trying a whole bunch of different brands I gotta say though I really enjoy crinklz astronauts and the tykables overnight.

74fd93  No.78782

File: ab6edded150c484⋯.jpg (791.46 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190307_172137.jpg)

File: b14a6315ff30b8a⋯.jpg (792.54 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190307_172251.jpg)


I gotta hand it to ABU, even if they're a bit on the pricey side, my fave dips are all from them; Lavenders, Peekabu, SDK, Paws, barebums… and I've really wanted to try kiddos and cushies too, but they are always out of stock in mediums. They only problems I have with most of their 4 tape line is that the tapes have given out or can't be refastened more than once. (the lavenders and SDK, I seem to have been able to refasten 2-3 times, and the tapes are simply more sturdy)

Rearz are pretty good too, gotta say the safaris/princess/seduction lines are amazing, just too pricey and thus reserved only for special occasions.

The lil monsters are a good "budget" abdl diaper, and I like their built in scent. (stacked their boxing day sale with their defective tape sale to get a "case" for CA$60)

Only thing I dug tykables for was the refastenable tapes; but I liked their old snuggies look and feel more. If the overnights come on a good sale at some point I might order again for the simple fact that they're practical for the tapes, and still up there for absorption levels.

I have some little builders that I was going thru real quickly that I'm going to sit on now for the fact that they discontinued. They don't absorb much, but the design is so cool with the traffic cones that fade

Never tried crinklz, I am not very drawn to their designs.

TLDR: ABU master-race if they have your type/size available. Which they never do.

9757a6  No.78786


They discontinued everything but the Overnights. Apparently they have something new in the works but I dunno.

7e42c2  No.78788


>Unless you're really into messing, just don't do it.

I feel like I’m the only one in the world sometimes who likes messing a lot more than wetting. Even in fantasizing, I always imagine people messing, rarely wetting. I definitely agree that clean-up can be a pain and that smell is something you have to take into account

9757a6  No.78798


The fantasy is nice but the mess is just too hard to contain properly, and is a pain to clean up.


I usually put on a diaper to go to the bar. I got a case of Rearz Rebels a whole ago so it's usually one of those. I can put away a good two or three pitchers by myself on a good night, so that's a pretty full diaper by the end. Under normal clothes, they're probably not the most discreet, but no one's said anything or acted weird around me while I was wearing one or not at the same places I usually go to drink.

7e42c2  No.78802


>the mess is just too hard to contain properly, and is a pain to clean up.

It really depends what you do after you mess. Some people like to sit in it or squish it around but due to cleaning purposes and personal preference I prefer just to fill the diaper and not squish it too much. I’m more of a fan of filling the diaper up, feeling the warmth and smelling the smell and fapping rather than spending a lot of time in it

bd6e9f  No.78813

File: 76195edcd78eb75⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190307-205338.png)


Kushies are one of my favorites that they made and I heard tykables is killing off almost all their stock. They might be coming out with new designs and styles.

I just ordered a brand I have never seen or heard of before. I'm hoping they are gonna be fairly decent.

518b97  No.78837


Fill up on liquid, ban myself from wearing pants, play video games until the need to pee and/or fap becomes overwhelming, then go ballistic in my conveniently disposable undergarments until the fucking plastic tears.

3f1e5a  No.78864



This guy again.

I too really enjoy messing, but I dont want to enjoy it around others. I'm in college now, but live at home during the summer. Parents know that the diapers are a thing, but its unclear how well they understand the why aspect of it. I just dont want them to be aware of it at all if possible.

The big thing I want to be able to do someday is to just wear diapers for a couple of days and be able to mess in them whenever without having to worry about anyone noticing. In an ideal world, I would just have an entire continent to myself with all the infrastructure still working, and not have anyone ask questions or even notice anything unusual was happening.

7e42c2  No.78875


>Parents know that the diapers are a thing

Did your parents catch you? I'm in a similar position as you but live close enough to my university so that I can commute. I have a similar messing fantasy to you but it's obviously impossible to wear much if ever when living with others who don't share the fetish

a01b47  No.79218

File: dd32c7f42af9868⋯.png (142.79 KB, 382x608, 191:304, ClipboardImage.png)

There was someone asking where to get crinkly plastic bed sheets, but I can't find the post now.

It turns out you can get printed plastic tablecloths in sufficiently large sizes to fit over a bed. I haven't tried it myself, but they might be significantly noisier than conventional waterproof sheets - not to mention the more babyish designs.

ad17a2  No.79219


Just FYI for anyone trying this. You’ll sweat buckets sleeping on these. I used a mattress protector (the kind they use for transport) and I would wake up drenched and sticky all over. And it was under my sheets

a01b47  No.79220


How warm was your room? I'd have thought you'd only sweat a lot if your body was trying to get rid of excess heat.

The warning is appreciated though.

f1b34c  No.79222


They found a case of tykables in a sealed box behind another box in the back of my closet while looking for a printer cable. Yeah. Like I would put a printer cable into a cardboard box, tape the box shut, then shove it to the back of my closet, then move other stuff in front of it. There were other minor things in the past, but mostly forgotten and nothing conclusive. Its kind of complicated because my brother is also abdl.

mom also saw a diaper pic on my computer out of the corner of her eye while I was browsing tumbrl. I managed to pass that off as "its an image board, people post all kinds of weird stuff like that here" but I dont think she bought it.

fcf0ed  No.79241


A cheap (cheaper the better really) shower curtain is also nice and crinkly. May habe to check the plastic tablecloth idea though.

Also, never really had an issue sweating at normal room temperature

a01b47  No.79245


A cheap shower curtain is a very good idea. If I had to guess I'd say a shower curtain is probably crinklier than a tablecloth, and the designs look better too.

Any of the 70"x72" ones would fit a bed fine.

504a09  No.79248

File: b7d3c2f7f2d1a31⋯.png (235.31 KB, 748x476, 11:7, Capture.PNG)

Cross site tracking has gone too far. YEARS of carefully keeping alt accounts on an alt email in a private window for anything ABDL related and fucking Amazon strolls in with this fucking shit on my main account on a totally unrelated search. I've NEVER bought or looked at ABDL stuff from Amazon on this account or any associated account and yet here we fucking are. I GUESS I CAN'T GO ON ANY FUCKING WEBSITE IN PUBLIC EVER AGAIN. End me.

17d7a3  No.79249


How did you find out about your brother? Ever pad up with him?

7e98e0  No.79253


facebook pulled something similar on me, very shitty stuff

a01b47  No.79255


Facebook invading its users privacy? How shocking.

6d0092  No.79264


Your account under your account, click advertising preferences, make sure that's off, then archive all of the baby stuff you order.

Of course, make sure the browsing setting are also off.

bed4db  No.79275


Well, I was in diapers in 5th grade. Nerve issue. I have little bladder control and near none then.

My mom would ask in public often if I needed a change. She had me do it myself by that time.

But she would change me right on a bench!

752c7c  No.79278


I’m not trying to call you out, but I have such a hard time imagining this. I suppose it’s possible, but it comes across as fantasy to me. 5th grade is typically 10 years old. I was born incontinent, from a birth defect (severely underdeveloped bladder and sphincter muscles, that simply don’t work.) by the time I started kindergarten (5yrs old) I had already been taught how to change myself. Accidents still happened, but my parents knew how important it was that I could take care of myself to overcome the challenge I had to face, fitting in and avoiding any ‘special needs’ criteria. By fifth grade, the idea of my mother asking me if I need to change, much less change me in public would have been mortifying, and incredibly strange. The last time my mother ever changed me in private was probably around 5. I’ve been a DL, I suppose forever? Since it’s pretty helpful when you don’t have a choice. I love diapers, though I’m sure they’d be more enjoyable if I didn’t need them. But even knowing as a young kid that I liked my diapers, my parents wanted my childhood to be as ‘normal’ and easy as possible. So did I, because people are generally mean and ignorant and a good school experience, and social integration is pretty important.

a6e2e6  No.79280


The problem with discounting all teen/adult real parent stories is the fact it obviously does happen. I agree these this particular story is unlikely, but it has definitely happened many times to many real people - most probably don’t end up with a diaper fetish and browsing 8chan though.

The reality is that some parents are nutty and over protective and others are downright abusive. If a fantasy is prevelant enough you can bet someone has acted it out, either consensually or non-consensually, or under the guise of discipline.

Just look at how prevelant spanking teenagers still is in the south. Not saying all of them are spankos, but it’s be naive to think many spankos don’t take advantage of it’s normalization

fcf0ed  No.79282


>The reality is that some parents are nutty and over protective

Bingo. Had a friend whose younger sisters were were still drinking from sippy cups and being bathed by their mother at like 8 or 9. The mom was a perfectionist nut and it seemed super weird even at the time.

ddc3b5  No.79305


>Had a friend whose younger sisters were were still drinking from sippy cups and being bathed by their mother at like 8 or 9.

Now this is relatable. I drank from a sippy cup until I was 12 or 13 and only stopped because the lid broke, not to mention stuff like still to this day (I’m in my early 20s) calling my parents “mommy” and “daddy” out of force of habit. My parents aren’t very weird but I’m an only child so I think that may be a contributing factor

ad89f8  No.79314


I can't even tell if they peed or not.

7e98e0  No.79316


first the tall one peed in the park, then the other girl peed while sitting in the toiler while still wearing.

nice to see latina girls doing this kind of silly videos, I laughed a little bit.

ad89f8  No.79323


can i have timestamps on account of being a brainlet?

6db0f5  No.79328

File: 19f76d208c462f2⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 650x1024, 325:512, 139956717628.jpg)


I want to relax as much as I can.

>get whatever snacks and drinks I want for the night. Mostly water, sometimes beer or liquor.

>put on diaper.

>spend night playing video games or watching whatever I feel like.

>use diaper when needed.

>might jerk off (in diaper) to make sure I don't get blue balls

>I'll change 2 or 3 times depending on how much I go.

>might put hypno on for the fun of it. They don't really do much for me, but get me more in the mood to go

>I'm not that much into AB, but I'll play around with the idea a little and suck my thumb laying in bed or act like a moron.

Once I'm done I'll take a shower and go to bed or go back to what I was doing before and use the bathroom like an adult.


Messing is one of those things I want to do, like the idea of doing, but hate everything with having to deal with the clean up so I've never done it. Maybe one day in the future. It's odd, scat does nothing for me, in fact I find it a bit gross, but I love the idea of messing a diaper.

7e98e0  No.79337


7:20 first one peeing

8:43 the second one

ad89f8  No.79340

File: b48ef8eb5451f76⋯.webm (843.49 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1540456737300.webm)


thanks for being a chad

0229a5  No.79342




I honestly wonder if some of these fetishes don't correlate with narcissistic parenting/emotional abuse. Cluster B people generally make terrible parents who treat their kids in weird, disrespectful ways. Mine never abused me in any ways related to potty training, but did deliberately do things and say things to put me down, embarrass me, etc


That sounds like my night tonight and many others, with the addition of weed. I prefer beer for diapers since it makes me piss like a racehorse

530109  No.79346

File: 12f3c26d678ace7⋯.png (109.85 KB, 1108x1002, 554:501, pulls.png)

Has anyone else attempted to have a "real" wetting accident in diapers?

I've always enjoyed the marshmallow trick to simulate a genuine accident when it comes to messing, but when I try to do a long hold for wetting, I get pretty bad pain in my kidneys after a while and have to stop instead of involuntarily releasing.

Any similar experiences?

ec28ed  No.79350


You deserve this for not taking measures to protect your privacy.

Alt accounts are borderline meaningless when cross-site requests and cookies exist.

c581a1  No.79351

File: 7dad88a295956fd⋯.png (343.43 KB, 512x680, 64:85, 7dad88a295956fd22ab2aad20d….png)


It's off-topic, but my parents were honestly great. They offered emotional support when needed, never said or did anything embarassing or mean, and gave my a lot of freedom. I still have this fetish, and I enjoy the idea of strict "parents" and loving "parents" equally.


Due to living with my parents, who I don't want finding out about my fetish, I just do what I do normally. Play video games, talk to some friends on discord, and browse the internet. I wet a few times, and then I go to sleep. Usually, I masturbate when I wake up, then I change and take a shower.

The few times where I was alone for multiple days, I still didn't veer from what I normally do. Some baby-ish stuff happened, like I drank from a sippy-cup and watched cartoons.

a50185  No.79352


There was an interesting discussion a year or so back about using a catheter-like device to hold the urethral sphincter open. It didn't go the whole length of the urethra so you could still feel yourself peeing - you just couldn't control it.

There was a more recent suggestion of using a normal catheter but making a hole in the tube half way down and sealing the external end for a similar effect. Your pee would flow through the catheter past your sphincter, then exit through the hole and flow out of your body around the outside of the catheter.

Something like that would be your best option, although there's a slight risk of injuring yourself in the process.

If you have healthy sphincter muscles I suspect you'll risk injuring your kidneys before your muscles physically fail.

004bbb  No.79365


Been there, done that. Trick is to eat plenty of salty stuff and to pace your water intake.

2ed4be  No.79606

I don't know where to post this, if anyone reading this from the UK:

I used to buy size small rearz at abdlmarketplace/nappiesrus because it's a perfect fit for me, but I'm unable to find it anymore, all I find is large, extra large, and occassionally medium (which is also way too big for me).

Does anybody know what's going on? Are they closing down the business or is it just a temporary shortage? Do I have to start to order from the US or Canada? I thought retailers selling incontinence product are at least trying to keep a consistent supply due to the nature of the product.

9de2c5  No.79642

File: 03996d460e0b395⋯.png (202.55 KB, 700x1141, 100:163, 1525587938793.png)

Do you guys think its possible to have a casual ABDL relationship? I don't have any experience with relationships in general, but I think it would be super nice to meet a girl that's into diapers and being babied and stuff without the pressure of being too committed to each other. We could message each other about diaper shit and exchange all sorts of cute and dirty talk. Again it could just be my inexperience talking, but its a nice fantasy and I'd really like to make it reality,

6db0f5  No.79644


I drink a few glasses of water to go more too


My bladder is much stronger than I give it credit for. I just hate holding it so I use the bathroom a lot.

a50185  No.79660

Does anyone know of any companies selling electronic locks which are small enough to comfortably wear on (plastic) panties?

9757a6  No.79669

I have to get this off my chest. It's tearing me up inside. I have to let it out.

Tykables are my favorite diaper because the animals on them remind me of spurdo/gondola :D :D: :D:DDDD:D::DDD

2ed4be  No.79671


You could give Fipilock a try.

a50185  No.79672


The form-factor looks nice, but a fingerprint lock is far from ideal for self-bondage play.

I guess another option is to use a bigger electronic lock to control access to a physical key which can then be used to open a smaller padlock which secures the panties.

Maybe I'm overthinking this…

062f43  No.79687

File: ab15bf35fe1b345⋯.png (7.15 KB, 331x260, 331:260, 1529521005444.png)

874011  No.79692


Fug :D

3de691  No.79693


>designing an access control system for your panties

If anything, overthinking might make this even hotter. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get when the payoff of all your hard work is getting to cum.

5fc197  No.79967

I got a few days to myself so I decided to indulge a little since I can't remember the last time I did.

My old supplier of Tenders is apparently defunct so I had no choice but to branch out into the plethora of brands that have appeared since then.

For context, bambinos were just about on the scene but unless you lived in the states it wasn't worth considering.

I got the cheapest I could find which were Rearz, and I have to say I'm blown away by the quality. I was not expecting anywhere near this.

My only gripe, and it's a very stupid one to have, is that they're too loud. They crinkle like crazy because of the copious plastic.

I don't have the guts to wear these outside so it's just night time wearing for me.

This is fun, I wish I got to do this more often.

2ed4be  No.79976


Fipi FL-P4 pro can be controlled via bluetooth, using the biometric reader is optional.

Originally I wanted to suggest using Noke, because their mobile app already has a timer and is able to control multiple padlocks at a time, but that thing is much bigger and heavier in comparsion, making the product unsuitable for your plans.

Masterlock would be your best option, because you could set up limited access to your own padlock, so you could only unlock it at certain times using your mobile, but I'm afraid it's way too overpriced, and it's still bigger than Fipi.

I wonder how much effort it would tak to schedule an automatic lock/unlock sequence for a similar device.

Do you still feel like you are overthinking this?

5fc197  No.79980

I had a lot more trouble peeing in bed than I thought I would

my god did it feel good though, sleeping blissfully in a wet nappy

0229a5  No.80012

File: dffcd46893cf8f0⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x262, 150:131, giphy.gif)

>my mom goes away this weekend

>I have enough money for a little more weed and booze

>I have friday off

>pic related mfw

What should I watch friday night for kidspace? I'm thinking Kiki's Delivery Service.

66dc3b  No.80016


>I'm thinking Kiki's Delivery Service.

Good taste.

Any of the Ghibli movies are good. There's Mary and the Witch's Flower which came out recently and was made by an offshoot of Ghibli. You could also watch some proper magical girl series such as CCS, Ojamajo Doremi, etc.

0229a5  No.80077

File: f9feafddeb62254⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 620.7 KB, 1900x852, 475:213, Untitled7.png)


Yeah, my mom should be gone by 10 or 11 am tomorrow, so I'll be padded from then through Sunday. I'm very excited, this Saturday will be my second toilet-free day since potty training. Rugrats, Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh and genwun Pokemon are also on the menu.

I would consider Arthur, but /cow/'s "Slums of Elwood" thread has ruined that franchise for me

Pic related

7338be  No.80273

From a big picture perceptive, is long-term wearing ultimately more pleasurable than staying casual and only wearing till you cum?

Lately my fantasies have shifted towards wanting to adopt some form of permanence. Whether it's wearing 24/7, inducing bed wetting or just wearing training pants instead of boxers from now on. I'm willing to wear past the point of cumming or make lifestyle adjustments if this is ultimately worth it.

Does oncoming arousal while wearing or the humiliation of having done this to yourself, lend to a stronger sense of pleasure?

d67c92  No.80276

I used to go pee and poop in my underwear in my 20s, without diapers, so I could continue doing stuff. But now, I should be proactive, age is making me leak and I'm newly into scat, and still into CP, so this fetish is definitely on the horizon!!

7de236  No.80291

I found this article by chance this morning. It's an interesting read. Shame that other women don't do this for Adult Babies; they'd make lots of money.


9a0193  No.80478

File: 43fb4353a837e4b⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 512x288, 16:9, Kill Yourself.jpg)


>still into CP

2ddf83  No.80761

Hey guys, I am trying to decide what brand to purchase and I am caught between Tykables and ABU. The last time I wore Tykables was the original Size 1's and they fit me great. The last ABU's I tried were medium Peekabus, which fit me perfectly. Littlepawz are a little big on me though. I am 125, with a 28' waist. What do you guys recommend?

74fd93  No.80800


Peekabus masterrace.

Tykables smell weird too. New Barnyards are just slightly better at everything tykables do, built in baby smell instead of weird industrial glue smell… it's just also a bit more pricey.

6db0f5  No.81042

File: fd8b0285e798868⋯.jpg (325.18 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 139512644767.jpg)

When you buy, do you buy in bulk? Is spending 100-120 to have a good stock seem fine to do? How much would you say you spend on diapers? do you buy a large amount in bulk or low amounts as you need them?

12583f  No.81044


Crinklz are Master race.

fcc863  No.81046


Crinklz are just shitty medical diapers with a print.

These are master race:


Perfect tapes, hold a considerable amount of accidents, super cute.

4976f2  No.81047


When I have the money I buy in bulk simply because I know that I'll use all of them and it's a much better value, but usually I can't so I just buy a pack.


If you mean the BetterDry reskins then yeah I think they're good for the value but I've had problems with weak tapes like the adhesive wasn't strong enough so it came off in my sleep


I noticed these recently and they looked promising

6db0f5  No.81048


Money is not an issue and I know I'll use them, I'm just weird when I spend money on myself for luxury items.

4976f2  No.81050


everything's a luxury item when you think about it

fcc863  No.81054


I'm in love with the changing times ones, they just seem to hug everywhere just right.

12583f  No.81063


I get that the definitely they should have upgraded the tapes but the way that you can take the old ones off and have the new ones are kinda nice.

6db0f5  No.81073


I never said I was being logical about it.

b6a7b2  No.81075

File: 7440c4318df1b50⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h20m2….png)

File: a127cfcc8c0f239⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h18m2….png)

File: 08b58974cef8c5a⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-04-09-07h13m2….png)

Anyone else wear all the time in public but can't bring themselves to document it? I always just end up pissing like crazy when I get home because my bladder is too shy around people. Even hypno and relaxants don't help.

806113  No.81080

I met a guy last night, how do I tell him I'm into diapers? I'm a sub he's a dom

4083fc  No.81082


The best way is probably just to be up-front about it. Maybe ask him what fetishes/kinks he's into, then tell him your fetishes.

If you're nervous, you could always make a game out of it. Take turns describing things that turn you on, with the rule that each has to be weirder than the last.

6d9768  No.81083

Just got my Hitachi Wand in the mail, was skeptical about how it'd work on a dick but holy shit does it deliver some power. Triple diapered and it still works like a charm (no hitachi-on-dick contact also keeps it 100% clean). I highly recommend for anyone who hasn't experienced this joy. I got mine on sale for $80

6d9768  No.81084


How would one completely cover their tracks completely?

806113  No.81094


What if he thinks I'm weird and tells people?

1105eb  No.81096

what diapers have tapes that can be reattached easily? I sometimes like to relax just wearing one without using it, especially if i can double or triple layer them and use them in the future.

e19dcf  No.81097


tykables would be your best bet. not adhesive, more like velcro

6db0f5  No.81112

File: 6d203e8f2809ec9⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 140371759264.jpg)


Good question. I'd use my pay-pal, but my name and email on on that, right? And even if I send it to be picked up at a fed-ex or UPS store, It's still got my name on it.

I think I'll use a pre-paid card if I can. Guess I can't do anything about the shipping having my name.

000000  No.81357


You could use "resident" as the name on the shipping address. Often forms will require first/last name so you could break it up. Or use "current" as a first name.

6db0f5  No.81412

For those of you with pacifiers. Did you get it from someone that makes abdl ones? I'll sometimes suck my thumb when I get into it, but I think I'd like a pacifier.

78aeac  No.81415

Whatever happened to BambinoGirl? I know she created a page on BDSMLR after the Tumblr purge, and the dominance between her and her husband switched, but I can't find anything else that's been updated recently.

745c39  No.81450

I´m gonna have a free weekend to spend in diapers soon, and after that slight disappointment I had last time, wanted to get diapers that are more worth it. Initially I planned on buying a pack of Drynites 8-15 years again, then remove the fabric layer on the outside for crinkly effect. It´s easy since these are available almost everywhere where I live.

Recently though I found out about Pampers Baby Dry size 8, which have almost the same size as the drynites, but actually hold more. from experience I know that pampers smell nice and are comfy as heck, but I don´t know.

need some opinions on which to choose. The only other option would be ordering tena slip maxi online, which I´m not really fond of in terms of price, diapers per pack and especially having that order in my bank transaction list. generally having it delivered is too unsafe for me..

806113  No.81523

Do this board really need so many fucking gay threads?

>cumshots in and on diapers

>gay porn proposal

>diapered boys 3.0

>professional ABDL gay porn

And the furries have a number of threads too. Can we not just quarantine these people to 1 or 2 threads?

e98a8d  No.81599

I love putting my face into diapers but I keep getting getting pink eye how do i solve this? (don't tell me to stop squishing my face against messed diapers)

412657  No.81631


Put a layer of plastic wrap between your face and the diaper?

2fda47  No.81646


For the love of god or what's left of it… YES!!!! PLEAASSEE



375e8f  No.81720

>Last night

>Wake up around 2 AM

>Need to pee

>Sit up and scoot to the edge of the bed

>Feeling groggy as hell

>Relax and let go

>…Feel my hand getting wet?


>Suddenly snap awake

>Jump up and force myself to stop peeing

>Feel around the carpet with my foot

>Find a wet spot

>Get a towel and start scrubbing it up

So that's my adventure for last night. Guess that's what I get for only wearing diapers to bed part of the time.

6db0f5  No.81762

File: 842f1e7b0ea7c20⋯.jpg (222.43 KB, 768x1218, 128:203, 1422947250760-0.jpg)

File: 6dfebbcec497240⋯.jpg (439.63 KB, 1504x1024, 47:32, 1422404201945-2.jpg)


Shit like this is why I don't wear at night to bed. I don't want to start habits. I've been on vacation so I'm wearing a lot.

I don't want to be 24/7 so I don't wear at night and I have no plans to mess myself for a while.

9029af  No.81766

For those of you who have had luck introducing this kink to partners: what are the traits I should be looking for in a vanilla girl that won't mind me wearing diapers all the time?

d6c79c  No.81769


if you remember the url use the way back machine

7e42c2  No.81832


>don't tell me to stop squishing my face against messed diapers

What's the appeal? This is coming from someone who is a complete degenerate and loves messing / scat

412fe0  No.81870


10 for $25?

Ain't exactly cheap but fuck if that isn't a lot more economical than fucking Tykables.

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