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File: 47bce667dbb5cb1⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 985x656, 985:656, 47bce667dbb5cb128965385282….jpg)

062f43  No.75189

Old one hit bump limit.

78cf26  No.75192

File: 199f5ebe327cc75⋯.jpg (129.66 KB, 874x1280, 437:640, IMG_20190122_003508_473.jpg)

This is me last night, about to pad up again. what's happening?

062f43  No.75193


I'm thinking of wearing again tonight, having messed earlier and cleaned up just now.

What to do though.. Banana trick? Wet a diaper until it leaks?

78cf26  No.75194

>>75193 banana trick for sure! I just padded up again, I wanna mess myself but the clean ups too hard with house mates around

e107c3  No.75206


Do both.

062f43  No.75228



Don't have bananas, maybe tomorrow.

062f43  No.75242


With that being said I kinda got bored of the banana trick after doing it a few times, what else can I do in about 4-6h time?

0f61b7  No.75253

how can I manage a high sex drive. I'm getting distracted by DL thoughts all day

7e42c2  No.75257


How high are we talking about here?

d505d8  No.75261


Well, you're cute!

d505d8  No.75264

Do y'all have any tips for soaking as much of a diaper as possible before it starts to leak? I point my penis down and try to tilt my body if I'm standing/sitting while I wet, but I still end up starting to leak once the diaper (Safari/BetterDry) is wet enough, even if the back 30% of it is completely dry. I know it's a common problem. Any tips?

655cb1  No.75278


Frequent, gripping scenarios that pop up every half hour or so

I don't want my thoughts to be centered around this, only when I find its appropriate I don't mind. It spoils my focus

7e42c2  No.75310


Like intrusive thoughts? I have a pretty high sex drive myself but I can usually keep it under control by masturbating once or twice a day everyday. It's worth it for me to jerk off for ten to twenty minutes a day just so I don't spend my day looking at porn / thinking about diapers. How much do you masturbate?

7e3118  No.75323


the fuck is a banana trick

1ff511  No.75324


Picky maybe but it always drives me crazy that they call it the banana trick, the marshmallow trick, or whatever.

It's food in the butt. Eventually it comes back out. How is that a trick?

57945f  No.75325


Because it gives you an enema too

29ac15  No.75332


I try not to

0a4c41  No.75334


>It's food in the butt. Eventually it comes back out

The thought of that unironically grosses me out more than messing myself ever does for some reason. Something about shoving pieces of a banana or some rubbery marshmellow up my ass and shitting them back out is just offputting tbh


You need to masturbate more so you won’t be horny constantly

29ac15  No.75335


If I was OK with masturbating then I would and this would be a non issue, however I am not

0a4c41  No.75338


Why are you so against masturbating if avoiding is obviously having a detrimental affect on your day-to-day life? I can’t even think straight when I’m horny and I can’t imagine being plagued with thoughts of diapers all day

1105eb  No.75342


Masturbation has failed me in that regard, i'll do it in the morning without thinking about it yet those intrusive thoughts were present

I'd rather not stifle something by feeding and nourishing it, is what i'm saying. im not denying that i'm a DL, they turn me on like nothing else in this world, but I want to exercise some self control in my life

20ba1c  No.75344


The whole point of it is for people who want to mess themselves without actually messing themselves, bar the marshmallow trick anyway

817158  No.75345


>I'd rather not stifle something by feeding and nourishing it

>what is literal hunger

1105eb  No.75347


it's not like its helping my hunger

7e42c2  No.75348


No retard, he’s saying it’s like hunger. You feel hungry, then you eat. You don’t have to gorge yourself on food and turn into a fatass with no control – the same principles apply to masturbation. You feel horny, you jerk off and then continue on with your life

1105eb  No.75353


>You feel horny, you jerk off and then continue on with your life

i don't think this is plausible given that im horny throughout the day in any situation.

0a4c41  No.75355


Probably because you never masturbate. I’m starting to think you’re fucking with us so you figure out your own issues

1105eb  No.75363


yeah you're right

on a different note, what's more common, ABs or DLs? I've never had any affinity for pacifiers or onesies

c27a16  No.75382

File: 5e18161b9a5e239⋯.png (1.19 MB, 761x920, 761:920, translation.PNG)


We need a translation over here

0b1cec  No.75387



day 12 of no fap here

d12d2b  No.75393


> what's more common, ABs or DLs?

I'd say DL's are more common, because every AB is a DL, but not every DL is an AB.

640e15  No.75423


JewTube translate captions seems to communicate what's going on.

d3f4b1  No.75430

I was going to order a single diaper sample off of wearing clouds. Is there anyway to make sure it has discreet shipping or do they do it automatically?

b96888  No.75519

File: 07811785567a6c0⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 500x334, 250:167, tumblr_lz6njc62Nk1r20il2o1….jpg)

So, been writing a story on and off, and I'm not sure what to do about "babytalk" in regards to mental regression. I think it's cute and works well with mental regression stories generally so I wanted to include it at some point, but I feel like it also has the potential to get super annoying rather quickly. Anybody have any preferences in that regard, or examples of it done right/wrong?

2ed4be  No.75556


It really depends on the theme of your story. Is it hypno? Forced regression?

If I were you I'd keep the babytalk short, and color it with the inner thoughts of my protagonist in a more adult way of talking, as if he/she were making comments on his/her actions, unheard by the rest of the characters in your story. Later on you could add a little babytalk to the inside voice of your main character, indicating that regression is taking over his adult personality.

b656ba  No.75576

Whenever my diaper is a little bit wet and I pee some more, it'll kind of pool up then drip to the sides, go by the side wings and leak outwards from there.

What am I doing wrong?

d74bcb  No.75580


It's always discreet shipping. He triple wraps everything, etc. However, I'm pretty sure the shop is closed down right now.

6db0f5  No.75595


Maybe you filled it? I leaked for the first time tonight.I like sitting in a wet diaper too much and I filled it I guess.

7e42c2  No.75596

>can’t get diapers (due to living situation)

>can’t stop thinking about messing

>literally have had dreams recently of me messing diapers or close female friends messing their panties

How do I get this out of my system without getting a hold of diapers? I’m not ashamed of desiring it but I don’t need to wake up face down in bed fresh from a dream about messing, groggily humping my bed several times a week. Do any of you have experience with messing normal underwear? Would it be better just to buy some cheap pairs to use and dispose or just line the rear and bottom of one with strips of toilet paper and hope for the best? A year or two ago I filled up a pair of panties, love the sensations and got extremely horny but it felt kinda wasteful.

3459b7  No.75603


Rent a motel room

41b4d9  No.75620


have you tried simulated messing with bananas or oatmeal

5b7134  No.75621


>can't get diapers (due to living situation)

Idk what your situation is but I'm almost positive there'd be a way around it. While living with my parents and siblings, I kept my stash in an old, inconspicuous gym bag in the corner of my room. Nobody touched it for 7 years.

0229a5  No.75640

File: 88194784ccd236a⋯.jpg (152.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1442113379149.jpg)


Just poop your pants you fucking faggot

7e42c2  No.75649


I've never done it, and frankly the idea has always sounded a bit weird to me, but I'd be willing to try it, especially if the mess is less. Part of what I like is the warmth of the mess, so I don't know how good bananas would be, though I assume they'd warm up in your body. That said, I'm ignorant of the whole process for both of those.


I've tried to get diapers into the house before but was caught, leading to a fight and the diapers being sent back. Luckily it was (somewhat) played off as a mistake but it was still extremely embarrassing for me. I used to crossdress as well but the paranoia of keeping the clothes starts to get to me, and it would likely be a worse paranoia with diapers. Nowadays I have a car and don't have to worry about the package being intercepted so I'll have to see if I can use an Amazon locker and find a good spot to hide it maybe.

88a401  No.75667


can confirm, this doesn´t work usually.

I used to have a (really) small stash of Pampers. Just half a small pack, 9 or 10 diapers at best, inside an empty shoe box we always keep to throw away the shoes in when time comes. I don´t know why but my parents found them and threw them away. The box was completely invisible from every point in the room, there was no smell and nothing strange about it. But they still found it and I still don´t know why.

It´s why I stopped stashing them, too. Haven´t worn in at least a year now and the urge is getting worse.

0229a5  No.76039

File: c23c7dc3d1ef240⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 498x717, 166:239, 1390803730387.jpg)

File: 726890c19cc341a⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o4….jpg)

File: dcc5e6781a5963c⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o5….jpg)

File: ae220e0b66a52ec⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_o910dcKglR1v4j4h1o6….jpg)

File: ed79e32979ed41d⋯.png (611.94 KB, 540x764, 135:191, tumblr_oda7jnbyIa1vwgtpqo1….png)

Does anyone remember wifeups? It was a great site full of armature 30-45 yo milfs that was active circa early 2000s, then vanished without a trace. I can't find any archives either, just a few ADISC threads dating back to 2005 asking about it's disappearance. Pics unrelated

5fc197  No.76066

I can't wait to do this again

it's been so fucking long, like 4 years at least, enough to drive a man insane

ea106b  No.76072


Why wait so long?

7e9b04  No.76363

So, I´ll be home alone for 4 days: Thursday to Sunday. I haven´t been able to wear for at least a year, so I want to spend one day in diapers now, but I can´t order because mail service sucks over here. So I´ll buy diapers in store, and make sure nobody I know sees me.

Before, I often bought Drynites 8-15years girls, because.. they are cute, soft and thick. I thought about buying the boys version this time, but.. is there even any difference other than the prints? any differences in the crotch area?

I´d rather have some tape diapers though. I think Tena Slips are available at the store, there are a lot of diapers in one of those packages though. Is it worth it? Are they comfortably thick?

Otherwise, Tena pants would also be an option. Not sure how thick those are though, or how comfortable they feel.

What´s with baby powder? what does it even do? I used it once wearing a drynites, and it felt.. well, smooth, I liked it. but is it worth it?

I think this is enough to discuss. I really got issues to decide, guys..

36b040  No.76366


Only thing I use baby powder for is the slight ‘cooling’ effect on the skin, which is helpful when doing a change without being able to give the skin some time to ‘breathe’ and dry. That and the lavender scent of the version I use, which I happen to love. Traditionally, it was used as an astringent powder (talc) to dry the skin. With modern diapers using SAP, it’s mostly useless and I’m not sure if corn starch is even considered an astringent.

b36692  No.76408

Anyone have experience with ABU's two-tape diapers?

93528b  No.76424


Does peeing and cumming into one count as experience?

b36692  No.76428


I'd say so!

144d60  No.76433


Kind of weird, but I duct tape the leg holes and around my waist. I'm a little too big for size Small, and a little too small for the leg holes on a Medium. I went to the dollar store and bought the cheapest duct tape they had. It sticks well enough to hold for as long as I keep the diaper on, but it doesn't stick so well that it's painful to remove. Doesn't leave any residue either.

93528b  No.76494


Well, then I qualify as having experience 😂 I filled quite a few hahaha.

What would you like to know, kind anon?

9052d3  No.76537

File: 2eb74794e0b83b4⋯.jpg (403.03 KB, 1280x1753, 1280:1753, 2eb74794e0b83b4b270c4cf0fb….jpg)

To all the guys out there, when you change or get changed, do you point up or down? Because I tried the whole up thing yesterday and peed everywhere :( and it was harder to go because it felt "kinked".

Yet, when I point down, I feel like it floods the seat of my diaper too much and i leak and my paws or stars arent even faded yet :(. I've tried a whole bunch of different taping and diapering methods but nothing seems to work. Halp me pls.

d104e1  No.76539


If you’re leaking before the diaper is fully saturated, especially if it’s around the leg openings, despite the standing leak guards, this usually signifies poor fit of the diaper. A way you can help avoid that without changing brands or trying to make the fit too tight, is to simply avoid ‘flooding’ (release a full bladders worth) the diaper. Maxiumum absorbancy means nothing, if the diaper doesn’t fit properly and being ‘comfortable’ doesn’t necessarily mean a proper fit. Also avoid ‘stuffers’ or ‘boosters’, as those often cause wetness to run over the leak guards of most diapers.

52a0bf  No.76559


Pointing down usually works. I'd try some different brands and different sizes to see if that helps.

52a0bf  No.76560


Baby powder is generally meh. I'd stick to Vaseline/diaper cream. Baby powder is useful if you want the baby powder smell, or if you're going to shit yourself and need help masking the smell.

As for the diapers, just double/triple diaper yourself if they're cheap.

b36692  No.76563


Just wondering about the fit; anything different ypu have to do while diapering, if you've had any leaking issues, etc

9052d3  No.76581

File: 7dff6b6b8c00260⋯.jpg (155.56 KB, 984x656, 3:2, 20190205_233014.jpg)


Ok… ok…. we are getting somewhere… but riddle me this batman. How come i always seem to leak in the same spot? It's always right here. I try and get it as solid as I can back there and try to avoid huge potties. But yet, I always end up in wet sheets :( maybe I do just need to try more brands 😅 i'm just too damn small. If you know any nice brands that have a small running medium I'd love to hear it.


I think I need to just stick with ordering tykables… they have been the only ones to not have this issue at least semi consistently. Not perfect but closer then the rest I guess 😅

bc9013  No.76584

File: c7b5f966e8ed47e⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1280x928, 40:29, Window.jpg)


Different Anon, but maybe getting yourself a pair of plastic pants would help? I know a number of places sell cute designs, and it might be enough to keep your little leaks contained.

Alternatively, maybe try boosters to give yourself some extra wicking power.

01f00b  No.76608


I agree. As I previously stated, I mostly use it because of the the scent (lavender). I likely wouldn’t use it at all, if that scented version were no longer available. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, and I’ve been wearing a long time, but the only thing is swear by is Balmex rash cream. It works the best, and unlike most other creams, you can actually wash it off your hands relatively easy.

01f00b  No.76610


Mate, I can’t tell you what diaper you need, or what will work best, but if you’re wearing the same diaper over and over and getting the same results.. well that’s pretty self explanatory innit? If you’re in between typical sizes, I understand your frustration. But it’s not always about size, in regards to fit. The cut/shape of the diaper is just as important. Also, the mix and placement of absorbent material in the absorbent may ofbthe diaper, matters. Two diapers of the same size may fit completely differently. Your leaking spot is typical and is a dead giveaway for bad fit. So yea, try different diapers, or don’t. They’re your clothes and bed linens. I’ve tried probably hundreds of diapers. The only ones that have never leaked were the (now discontinued) original Tena slip maxi, (was the best diaper ever) the current Dry24/7 (the first version from some years ago wasn’t as good) and the new LfB ‘little fantasy/dreamers’.

705ce2  No.76641


I definitely plan on messing at least once. Powder would probably be a good idea.

Double and triple diapering was also one of my ideas for when I choose Tena Slip, which come in bags of 20 or more. Only issue I found is getting rid of them, since I planned on throwing them in a trash bin at a bus stop. Might be hard getting a trash bag full of diapers in a small trash bin..

Right now my solution would be getting Tena Pants, will probably change my mind last minute though since I don´t know what the store I´m going to has in storage. I just hope tena pants are worth it if I go with them, would suck to waste money on bad diapers.

062f43  No.76648


>long socks

>Tena Maxi


2ed4be  No.76660


>(now discontinued) original Tena slip maxi

Aren't they still selling them as Tena active fit maxi? Was anything different in the original other than the plastic backing?

6db0f5  No.76674


powder helps me feel good when I put one on. I always recommend it.


Not that guy, but so far the only time I leaked was after I drank a lot and was just sitting in my chair playing video game. I think I wet a good 6 times and they were full long wets. when I stood up I saw my fake leather chair was damped and my diaper was sagging a lot.

f3d6e3  No.76678


The active fit is a slightly reworked version of the diaper that replaced the original. It’s not the same diaper AS the original. I tried the first replacement when it hit shelves (I was living in the UK at the time) and it was just horrible. This version is better than that, but not the same as the original. Not even close. I would know, as I wore the original for years.

090cd4  No.76700

So.. I got myself a pack of Tena Pants Plus now. Allegedly 1.4L capacity, wearing two right now.

I drank 1.5L of water now and try to hold it as much as I can. Anything else I can do? except.. messing of course, gonna do that anyway at some point.

0fc1fc  No.76703

File: 0d71538864746c3⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, mostlyodourless_shareddiap….png)

Last night my boyfriend peed in my diaper. We were standing up chest to chest and he put his cock in my diaper and filled up my diaper while holding me. It was honestly one of the hottest things that ive ever done. Would recommend

e42d30  No.76704


Seconding this. Top tier experience

9d4819  No.76748


Advertised capacity is often measured using water, however SAP absorption capacity varies with the % of salinity in your urine. Also, if you're holding it, chances are you'll flood the diaper when you go. You should rather release as slowly as possible to emulate actual incontinence, in order to allow time for the padding to wick it up and avoid leaks. Only cloth diapers can handle a full bladder release at once without leaking, assuming it's thick enough and you're using good waterproof pants.

25041b  No.76751


Yup, figured out myself. Could only release slowly, but it did hold everything.. well, until I got up at least. that´s where it leaked.

Pants might not have been the best choice after all

67d7b7  No.76800

Something kind of wierd happend to me some nights ago. Now due to my living situation I only use diapers sometimes, otherwise just wear them because then there is no hassle of dealing with the smell. Wearing a betterdry to bed after a small break I woke up in the middle of the night with a urge to pee. In my mind I did not think about going to the bathroom and just pull my dick out. Instead I thought it was just logical to wet it and change diapers. So I just started to pee and then fell right back to sleep.

Has this happend to any other anon?

2ed4be  No.76817


You are about to finish training yourself to become a bedwetter agin.

6db0f5  No.77412

File: 43b4a2992c54a5d⋯.jpg (199.9 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 1422947513750-1.jpg)


oddly, I feel like I have better control now when I'm not wearing. I only wear on the weekends. For some reason I can't bring myself to wear on a weeknight. Not yet at least.

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