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File: d7c10cd8298e443⋯.jpg (590.23 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 61ac66d2-68c0-4a67-88a6-9c….jpg)

1e77fa  No.78119

Making a new thread since the old one isn't working properly (at least on mobile)

24/7 Diaper Thread. If you're wearing 24/7, untraining, or curious, this is the thread.

This is one of the most referenced Diaper Training Articles: 12_Month_Diaper_Training_Program_For_Becoming_incontinent.html

Old Thread: >>1169

95c973  No.78121

File: 0ed4e176ae9db10⋯.pdf (147.03 KB, 12month.pdf)

File: 44f1519cef8a122⋯.pdf (7.8 MB, Bladder Training.pdf)

File: 8af04c093ba28ea⋯.pdf (92.8 KB, Practical247.pdf)

File: d1bba06cfaeddc6⋯.pdf (97.48 KB, risks.pdf)

Well let's fucking start this one off right. Attached are the following:

12 Month Guide Diaper Training Program

Bladder Training Guide

Practical 24/7

Risk Management for UI

1b8bd7  No.78142

File: 10f6d2319f1f1e4⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 958x539, 958:539, inside.jpg)

File: 8a610877f24028b⋯.jpg (120.48 KB, 958x539, 958:539, Crib.jpg)

Some people were talking about cribs in the previous thread, thought I'd post a few pics of mine my Mommy just bought me.

c8f90f  No.78147


Yeah I was asking about this. Those are cute. Were these purchased or made, and about how much did it cost? I would love one that looks like this if it didn't break the bank.

1b8bd7  No.78149


We had them made by a person on Fetlife. They are a little pricey at $2000 but we got a bit of a discount because we also bought a changing table from the person.

Both pieces are great quality though so they'll last for a long time. He also makes a few other items as well but I don't know He's busy making a nursery for CAPcon right now.

1b8bd7  No.78150


** I don't know the pricing or exactly what else he makes.

c8f90f  No.78152


Damn 2k is really pricy. but I'm not going to say no for that alone. Any chance you have a link to a store or a way to contact him?

1b8bd7  No.78154


Sure let me find out if he has a store or something and I'll get back to you.

1b8bd7  No.78161


He said fetlife was probably the best bet. He's really busy right now so it may take some time for him to build for you if that's what you decide to go with.


4e745e  No.79565



Two grand? Fuck that noise. I could build and sell an abdl crib just like his for half that. I work at Universal Studios as one of the prop and stage builders, and I've rebuilt the backlot facades on a tight schedule and budget so many times, I could probably turn some lumber into a crib just by willing it into existence. Threads like this make me wonder if I should start doing exactly that, make a nice side business out of it. Believe me, I would have built myself my own abdl nursery by now if I had the apartment space for it, but square footage in Hollywood is criminally expensive.

81b2e0  No.79589

File: 88f0ec24d44bd40⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, 94.jpg)

i've started wearing them to bed

it has amazed me how casually i just piss myself now without feeling bad or gross

its barely about fetishism anymore its just easier than getting up at night

when you think about it no ordinary person would be doing this ever. at least i can sleep in?

46c84f  No.79603


I've been wearing to bed every night for about 5 weeks now. I'm starting to wake up wet without ever knowing when I wet. I can only hope genuine bedwetting is on the horizon. I really want to wear every single night from now on, and it's super exciting to see progress.

I'm actually planning on bringing a change with me to a friends house so I can keep this going. If anyone asks, i "need" them. Simple as that.

b8c002  No.79608

File: 964b91b1fa4d9f4⋯.jpg (154.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Wood-Toddler-Twin-Bed.jpg)

File: cc634936621972d⋯.jpg (20.84 KB, 350x350, 1:1, imageService.jpg)

File: 842a77ceaf965c7⋯.jpg (5.24 KB, 186x164, 93:82, charlie-4-in-1-toddler-bed….jpg)




The thing preventing me from ever wanting to sleep in a crib is the fear of an earthquake and getting trapped while wearing diapers and slowly dieing with rescue crews trying to save me and the local news covering the whole thing.

Toddler bed I do want.

81b2e0  No.79617


any advice to make disposal smell less bad?

that's the only thing really stopping me, i don't want my outside bin to smell like poop.

28095c  No.79619


If you don't need to carry any costs (i.e. your own woodshop) you should definitely advertise this.

You aren't likely to be drowning in customers but if it were profit for you on each order, it only makes rational sense to sell your skills.

1b8bd7  No.79624



I mean by all means if you're able to do it…put up or shut up.

The guy who built >>78142 builds escape rooms and such for a living, has his own warehouse and professional tools, he used to build custom cabinets, and does amazing shipping (every piece is bubble wrapped, has high quality packing materials around them, comes in a custom built heavy duty discreet box that just says "wooden furniture") After all the materials and labor he puts into these he said he makes about $9-$10 / hour which really isn't a lot for the quality.

e67b37  No.79635


Yeah, wrap the used diaper in newspaper before throwing it out. The paper absorbs the smell somehow.

1b8bd7  No.79638


This is actually a good idea >>79635 Wish I had thought of that. I used those febreeze trashbags and I'd wrap the soiled nappy in that then put it into another trash bag before throwing it out.

201302  No.79678


Here once again and holy crap I cannot believe it’s been three months of non-stop diapers.

So what’s new? Unfortunately not as much as previous updates but I’ll do what I can to describe changes. As I originally figured, things seem to be slowing down, I think.

I continue to find myself occasionally surprised at how wet I am and yesterday actually had a full on massive leak yesterday without even realizing. I was high and hydrated, I knew when I was going but my handle on how wet my diaper was was incredibly off and I didn’t even notice until I stood up to find a massive wet spot on my chair (oops). After cleaning it up I realized it might be about time for me to start checking myself a bit more 😅.

I also seem to be wetting much more frequently. As in, there are days where I’m continuously wetting in small little spurts upwards of every 5-10 minutes at times if I’m staying hydrated enough.

Finally, I think I might actually be becoming a bed wetter despite not actively trying to. Yes I’ve been waking, wetting, sleeping but bedwetting was never a real goal. It’s a bit hard to deny though as these last two nights I’ve slept soundly but found my diaper a bit more wet than when I went to bed. It’s possible I’m just forgetting waking up but my rest has been much more sound. I’ll keep an eye on this.

Finally, a mental change I’ve noticed is I seem mentally to not be comfortable out of diapers anymore. I’ve admittedly taken several “breaks” for a couple hours in which I haven’t had loss of control but every time I find myself returning to a diaper before long. It’s become a massive inconvenience for me to get up and use the toilet when I’ve got perfectly good diapers I can wet (and mess) and continue doing what I was doing.

We’re getting close to the time I originally intended to stop wearing but that concept has gone right out the window for the time being. I don’t know what’s next but I’ll see everyone with another update in a month! :)

87c634  No.79691


Waking up then wetting yourself and going back to sleep is what causing you to wet as you sleep now. Since you are telling your body is okay to wet yourself in bed and while asleep.

b8c002  No.79700


What the fuck is a newspaper?

40e9f6  No.79702


>Making a new thread since the old one isn't working properly

Can someone else confirm this? It's working here.

If you guys want to use this thread instead I'm fine with it. I can put it on cycle.

201302  No.79704


Haha I figured as much. I just didn’t expect much to come of it so soon since most people describe it taking much longer.

883c70  No.79837


Two grand is way too much to charge, but I understand lots of people are too lazy to learn to make shit, and there are few people who are providing the service he is.

Basically, anyone who knows how to do woodwork should make cribs for $1.5K to undercut his ass.

48727f  No.79857


Emergency crews run into this sort of situation all the time. We're good about now letting it get around, and we dont usually let news crews film at all. If you aren't properly dressed, you'll get a blanket for modesty.


b8c002  No.79860



But what about a fire then, boom trapped burned alive. I already wear a cotton onesie under my fleece jammies so it wont melt to my body

eba7bc  No.79888


If you are serious enough to get an adult-sized crib, you could always use a fail-open electromagnetic locking system to secure the bars and link it up to your fire alarm. It would probably cost at least a hundred dollars to buy all the parts for a professional quality system, but that's still a lot less than the price of a crib.

2f3ca3  No.79978

File: 8ce3a0a45459fc2⋯.png (412.19 KB, 1061x1024, 1061:1024, Squat.png)

hey, i've been 24/7 for a little over a month now and I just have a question that i haven't really seen discussed much. the most recent post on serah-in-diapers got me thinking, how do you deal with being in a rut over your incontinence? like, there have got to be off days where you have some thoughts of regret going through your mind. how do you deal with them, and how do you keep going forwards?

7e9854  No.79994


I dealt with this a lot starting out and flip-flopped a lot on committing because of it. My suggestions would be:

1. Make "in the moment" backsliding inconvenient. 24/7 guides aren't just adding fap fuel when they tell you to throw out all your underwear; if it's easier just to put on another diaper, you'll probably do that even if you're having second thoughts at the time.

2. Make being padded and without control as convenient as possible. Wear padding that's as thick as you need. Make carrying a change/supplies with you an "always" deal, not a precaution. Being in a full diaper and unable to change is going to feel shitty…oun intended, sometimes. Make it easy on yourself.

3. Accept that you don't/shouldn't have control. This is a mental thing, so it's harder, but–try not to think of being diapered as a choics you're making. Once you start to lose control, even a little, diapers are just something you need. Reinforce that they're just a necessary part of your identity while you can, and you'll hit those ruts less.

4. Accept that you *will* get caught and be ready for that. You cannot go 24/7 and remain discreet to everyone; trying to do so will make you miserable. Force yourself to change while out and about, get used to thinking about what you'll say when–not if–someone notices. If you're not ready to face the risk of being "outed," you will make yourself miserable trying to be dependant full-time and still discreet.

48727f  No.80095

Bedwetting is the best! That is all.

5c9d56  No.80238


oh my lord i wish those numbers were just lightly less

bedwetting is in fact the best tho

i love waking up wet

i dont even mind changing the sheets at this point, it just makes me so happy to wake up like that

6392d6  No.80412

File: 0f55806778b2a23⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1690x1024, 845:512, 2hipColor.png)


Thanks for this, I really appreciate it. I think my problem is still seeing and feeling the stigma associated with adults wearing diapers, but you hit the nail on the head with the accepting that I don't have control bit. I've been slowly coming around to that realization, and I suspect sometime during April it'll fully kick in. You were also right about making diapers the sole undergarment I can wear. I've since thrown my panties out and I gotta be honest, there's a huge mental change between having them readily available vs. absolutely none at all. I'm barely skipping a beat not putting a diaper on after a shower or something, and it's slowly feeling more and more 'normal' each day.

On an unrelated note, does anyone have the link to the 24/7 discord? I remember someone posted it a while ago in the other thread but it's long gone now.

5cba61  No.80707


As someone with a MASSIVE panty fetish, it's always really sad to read that someone threw out their panties. They should've been donated…

51c441  No.80708

How high do the costs of wearing 24/7 get? I've never even worn diapers before but once I get my one place I'm highly considering trying to go 24/7. I fantasize about it a lot but I don't want to waste every cent I'll make on diapers.

688a1d  No.80715


For me, it runs about $200-$300/month, which covers 3 changes/day in just premium ABDL disposables. I wear cloth at home and to bed as necessary to keep costs down when my supplies start getting tight, but usually the cost stays towards the lower-end anyway.

You could definitely get by on less if you buy disposables based on price or rely on cloth more heavily, but honestly if it's not something you can budget around I don't recommend committing hard to untrain.

51c441  No.80717


I guess it ultimately depend on my financial situation and how much I'm willing to spend. I like the idea of untraining but I wonder how realistic it is or if the enjoyment goes away once you start to lose control. It's something I'll eventually have to experiment with. I saw an anon in the last thread who wondered if it was possible to untrain one's self in diapers only while at home. If that's possible I'd love that

1befe0  No.80748


Liking panties and diapers is suffering.

e857de  No.81064

File: 21fd224dde1d504⋯.jpg (701.64 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 73948030.jpg)



This makes me wonder how partners of 24/7 littles deal with that kind of episodic regret. I remember a few DDLG couples were posting in the last 24/7 thread a few years ago.

Making diapers convenient as possible is one thing, but if she suddenly insists on not wanting to wear diapers (even if you know she's going to change her mind later) the idea of telling her she's not allowed out of her diapers, or telling her there will be consequences for causing a scene in public about this, it's kind of hard to imagine.

26a086  No.81081

File: cb5274dd784515e⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 275x275, 1:1, 91f50e8d-1195-4ee7-a9ec-25….gif)

File: 4e2c265c18af315⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 375x960, 25:64, 20181214-202005.JPG)


Yeah, I guess one thing that's important to keep remembering is that it can't all be kittens and rainbows. There are definitely going to be some hiccups here and there when you start having regrets, and it starts feeling like more of a burden than something that's a normal part of your life.

What my partner does whenever I'm in a rut like that is just keep encouraging me that it's okay to wear diapers, that I'm not any less of a person for doing so, and so on and so on. Having gentle nudging like that is far more effective and affectionate.


If it makes you feel any better, the higher-end ones went to a thrift store. the others I just threw out though.

1b8bd7  No.81088


Pretty much what this person said. With the added "I enjoy taking care of you and it makes me happy to see you happy, and I know this will make you happy" / "it's not a big deal, I like knowing you're safe and comfortable" thrown in there. Then a little bit of "you're too little" talk or some head pats with reassuring words can go a long way. At least that's what my Mommy does with me.

2b3efa  No.81091

I've been wearing the Abena M3s, and just switched to Northshore Air supreme, and It's enough that it's making me want to push past my last setting of a week in diapers. M3s were good for 2 - 2 1/2 wettings, but I've found that I can fully wet these 4 times and still feel fine in them. They are a bit more bulky in the crotch. But I feel that is actually what's pushing me to wear in public. Them being harder to hide, but not crinkly seems to work at scaring/anxiety that it's helping me get over it.

e857de  No.81134


Ah! I've thought of another thing, The Snuggy Analogy:

Marketing a product designed for handicapped people to a general audience to offset the RnD cost and production cost.

In other words, people who constantly use and purchase diapers when they don't exactly need them, or don't need them at all are probably making life easier for the people that do need them since the more, since the less niche a product is the less expensive it is to produce in bulk.

c1b0cb  No.81169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

811baf  No.81191

If not for where I work, I'd probably wear diapers at least the majority of the time. Most if not every day, if I'm at home, I'm either diapered or enjoying being naked.


>people who constantly use and purchase diapers when they don't exactly need them, or don't need them at all are probably making life easier for the people that do need them since the more, since the less niche a product is the less expensive it is to produce in bulk.

AXKSHUALLY the super-premium diapers we wear don't do so well on normal markets; actual caregivers and incontinent people don't actually like the increased capacities, since while fewer changes means fewer units used and it being usually cheaper in the long run, it's not worth the increased time sitting in your own piss or shit. Likewise, a lot of genuinely incontinent people who would be the target market for tape-up briefs that hold a gorillion litres of water generally use catheters or colostomy bags instead because they're often wheelchair or bed bound, and diapering is simply physically impractical (since you have to get out of the chair to change, and if you could get out of the chair, why are you in the chair)

All that said, there's only very slightly little wrong with wearing diapers. It's wasteful and smelly, sure, but so's owning an overpowered 4x4 truck or >>79565

>Threads like this make me wonder if I should start doing exactly that, make a nice side business out of it.

The big problem isn't materiel cost, it's shipping.

28eb75  No.81216

File: 0d4245798524890⋯.jpg (565.66 KB, 1558x1900, 41:50, Naruse Mio messy.jpg)

Is it possible to become incontinent from using a catheter full time? I haven't tried it, but I assume if you used one long enough the muscles would get held open constantly and eventually fail from disuse?

8fb8f6  No.81232


Got any stories about Universal Studios?

8fb8f6  No.81234


It is so interesting to see real people with highly successful jobs here. EMT and an employee of Universal Studios. Wow. Makes me feel better about my fetishes, like when I saw that rubberpup who was a doctor talkimg about pissplay with another to which his nurse responded "oh my God!"

e7b12f  No.81238


theoretically yes but i'm sure you'd get many complications way before you risk incontinence such as UTI.

4c3733  No.81241

File: 00479011d3f8d23⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, image_manipulation__kurone….jpg)

So here's the problem that I have.

I'm wanting to go fulltime in diapers and eventually lose my control, which I actually already have some control issues so in a way I kind of have a head start, but my problem is that thee are times where I really suck at letting go.

Like, I feel like I've messed things up in some way for myself because, there are times where I accidentally clamp down like out of reflex when my body is about to go, which stops everything obviously and uses the muscles.

I blame myself because I feel like I've gotten to a point where I'm too nervous about trying to wet properly without clamping that in a way my own nervousness is making me clamp down accidentally? I don't know, it's really frustrating and can happen multiple times in a row.

Like I'll literally leak sometimes into my clothes just from sitting down because of my incontinence but when I'm trying to stay relaxed for my body to use a diaper whenever it wants, I get nervous about screwing it up and then that makes me screw it up. I guess I focus too much on trying to make it work?

Can someone please help me get better at this ;-;

5cf2a0  No.81271


i've seen both ways - studies that show reduced capacity and increased urgency from long term (6 months) of cathing, versus anecdotes on DD where it had little effect on them

you could always try it and see


if you're nervous about leaking you have to become comfortable with leaking, and know when a leak is likely. that may mean deliberately leaking, but better to do so intentionally than not

e7b12f  No.81279


try drinking a lot of water and practice deliberately wetting small amounts. If you drink enough you'll get to a state where you have to go very often so you can practice letting it out.

Just don't do it too often or drink too much. Your body won't like it.

bd6981  No.81300

File: 59ff2d582f570c9⋯.png (1.4 MB, 834x1238, 417:619, 59ff2d582f570c9a19ecc23692….png)


Thank you very much for your advice : ) I think I'm going to try this tomorrow when I have a spare day and can get some practice in. I guess practice makes perfect!

Part of me feels like I have this mental things from my incontinence, where I'm so used to trying to clamp down so I don't wet my clothes that my brain tries to do it automatically, ha ha


I think I used the wrong wording in my post, because I meant more like leaking from my body than my diaper, ha ha. I already have some incontinence so getting wet patches is kinda common. Sorry if I confused you : )

fc9939  No.81313

File: 6249e540fd424c4⋯.jpg (353.06 KB, 1028x1220, 257:305, tumblr_pdmx39TKUX1us3lqdo1….jpg)

24/7 for over 2 years now, fully untrained. Bladder and bowel incontinence

b82451  No.81317


lol fucking imposter

That's a picture of Serah in Diapers and she hasn't been 24/7 for over 2 years you loser

Next time you try to impersonate someone get your facts straight

fc9939  No.81318

Pic is unrelated

0395fc  No.81320


Are you actually dumb. The pic doesn't have to be related lol. Nobody would actually pretend thats their picture, it's too professional looking

c28ed7  No.81324

File: c193afe8f9da41e⋯.jpg (365.14 KB, 1280x1711, 1280:1711, tumblr_p03wi8pz6c1us3lqdo1….jpg)


Just added some thicc ass diaper bitches to make those autistic post more enjoyable.

f7a0e9  No.81325

How long did it take you guys to start messing spontanteously or at least start losing control? I fantasize more about that than wetting

96d18a  No.81327


I think it's way easier to lose bowel control than losing bladder control, so I honestly think you could do it much faster than wetting. I think it's because bowels don't give a fuck and just start trying to push a mess out when they decide to, not when you feel like doing it like with the bladder

f7a0e9  No.81328


This is good to hear. I think you’re right in that controlling your bowels takes a lot more conscious effort (at least for me) than with peeing. Just generally speaking, diapers aside, I’ve never gotten close to pissing myself, but I’ve definitely had small accidents when I try to hold my bowels for too long before so with a little push I hope I could become diaper-dependent quickly.

562e73  No.81422

File: 32217b367addeaf⋯.png (862.39 KB, 613x960, 613:960, tumblr_pjthf9xc431sj1pcto2….png)

So how do people here handle the whole 24/7 diaper wearing / incontinence thing as far as the public goes?

Are you super careful not to show off your diaper? Or do you not worry about hiding it?

I feel like part of doing this is deciding just how open about your diaper wearing you're going to be and if you're going to stress about what people think or not.

201302  No.81428


I’ve recently started work at two new jobs (one full time office job and one retail part time) that I’ve been wearing 24/7 to. Realistically, I just purchased pants in a size up and now I have no worries any more. I just tuck in an under shirt and wear a shirt and I get changed on lunch.

Realistically, if you’re thinking about going 24/7 you’ll eventually stop giving a shit about people seeing because realistically, nobody is paying attention. When I started this I had the mindset “There’s no way NOBODY will notice.” Now, it’s become “fuckit, there’s no way they’ll know what they’re looking for unless they already know and even if they do everyone is too polite to stop you and go “OH MY GOD IS THAT A DIAPER?!””

4bbcce  No.81429

I find whenever I have tried going 24/7 what wears me down the most is work. Not to mention the extra hassle of changing and the consciousness of crinkling and my shirt rising up, most of all I find that the great feeling of the diaper itself is what drains my energy the most. I just dont work as effectively when I'm that distracted, which is what bothers me the most about wearing and it's usually what ends my streak - particularly when there is a high priority item that demands my full attention. Does anyone relate to that?

In regards to being "found out" and trying not to care, I get concerned more than anything that being seen as an invalid would affect my career.

27d091  No.81432


>do everyone is too polite to stop you and go “OH MY GOD IS THAT A DIAPER?!””

This. Only a complete asshole would call you out for wearing a diaper and calling attention to it. People genuinely won’t assume that it’s being worn for fetish / preference reasons but rather for a medical need. Unless you’re walking around in a full diaper for hours and smell like shit no one is going to mind

48727f  No.81467



Also work full time, also have no issues with getting 'caught'. I'm not even particularly careful, to tell the truth.

26a086  No.81486

File: 916b6e8233732c3⋯.png (863.91 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, Space.png)




i also work full time in a warehouse, where i'm constantly bending over and lifting things above my head. no one has noticed. i change during my breaks, and again, no one has commented on me bringing my bag into the washroom. no one really cares.

429f08  No.81501

File: 299c05fc496ed6f⋯.jpg (409.99 KB, 1090x1900, 109:190, hina tachibana wet.jpg)

So this might be just a me thing, I don't know, but does anyone ever find that their bladder or like, bladder muscles, ache a bit after having a day where you wet a ton?

It never seems to happen on normal days, just when I've wet heaps throughout the day.

48727f  No.81505


Yeah, that happens to me too. I thought it was a halfway-to-a-UTI, but I think it's just muscle soreness from disuse.

6589dc  No.81636

File: 960da7e449de043⋯.jpg (120.58 KB, 685x900, 137:180, tumblr_pg4xk4LX2K1w4ls6ro1….jpg)

So what is everyone's opinion on diet when it comes to becoming diaper dependent? Did you change your diet to accommodate going into diapers full time and untraining or not so much?

I know that most guides I've seen say you should completely change your diet to a bunch of very specific foods, but I also saw Serah say that she didn't really change her diet except for adding more fiber when she started experiencing bowel incontinence.

If I should change my diet, should I be having things that irritate my bladder or not? I know on incontinence support sites for example they say not to drink coffee because it irritates your bladder, so does that mean I should be drinking lots of coffee then to work towards incontinence?

Am I overthinking it, lol

5fb2c7  No.81640

How to spit on the grave of your ancestors by making yourself sexually unmarketable and therefore prematurely ending their bloodline.

6589dc  No.81643


Nobody here is going to listen to you dude

dbe6c7  No.81645


Nope, which is kind of a shame, since everyone knows this is at best frowned upon by normal people. That's why no one will be telling their friends and family the actual reason why they can't normally use the restroom anymore. Doubt is all it takes to have people not make stupid decisions. From then it's repression of impulses, a good therapist, a healthy social circle that doesn't enable weird stuff and an understanding that your life isn't independent of that which came before it or that which is still to come.

b8c002  No.81647


> your life isn't independent of that which came before it

Ancestry focused asian detected. White people don't care, and most of their ancestors were asshole hick farmers anyway so not a big loss.

33fd83  No.81651


Bleh, I am mutt so theie legacy is already ruinned

48727f  No.81670



If they wanted a sexually marketable kid, perhaps they shouldn't have made me incontinent to begin with? Same logic applies.

b1a783  No.83891


6bccf6  No.83896


You don't owe anything to your ancestors. The one problem our world doesn't have is a shortage of humans. Some faggot with weird fetishes deciding not to reproduce will not in any way hinder our species' chances of surviving into the deep future.

8827fc  No.83898



Human population is directly correlated to how cheap it is to acquire goods and services throughout all human history

less people = life harder.

Any disproven Maltusian economics to the contrary is idiocy. Unfortunately, it still carries because everyone loves doom and gloom and since we know the size of the rock we live on, we think we can us it up.

For us to use up this rock human population would need to be on a scale several magnitudes higher and, by that point, we'd easily develop the technology to start pulling resources from outer space.

Look a Japan if you want to see what happens when populations decline. It's a sad, slow decline where every year is slightly worse than before. The U.S. is falling into it just now. World population expected to cap 2060-2080 because everyone's too damn selfish to raise kids.

82a56e  No.83905

File: 20c46e91861fad0⋯.jpg (231.4 KB, 1000x1433, 1000:1433, lovingmommy.jpg)


The root argument is the problematic one. Millions of women marry men who are incontinent.

Orientations are not done by choice. Sure, they can be taken to an extreme, but they can also be compensated for.

Anyone 24/7 can still get the girl. Work hard, earn lots of money, and be a provider by day… even if you're a brat in bed. With the state of economics for women in the Millennial generation, it's less of a risk than ever to be a 24/7 ABDL. You just have to be able to be a functional adult by day too.

788bd7  No.83922


>prematurely ending their bloodline

lmao I had an orchiectomy cos' my balls were basically cancer waiting to happen, I can be as degenerate and as gay as I want without that shame

6bccf6  No.83932


No. Everything you just wrote is staggeringly stupid.

But hey, I'm sure 99% of scientists are wrong about what's going to happen if we don't drastically reduce our resource consumption. Some guy from CBS News has got it all figured out.

Honestly, opinions like yours only reaffirm my belief that bringing children into this world is profoundly unethical. You can dig your own kids' graves - not mine.

4c3733  No.83935

Can we get back to talking about diapers and incontinence and stuff, who cares about global reproduction rates and shit

23b389  No.83999



Listen fag no one wants to hear you preach about your god and what he thinks might happen.

Posts unbiased facts or gtfo

51c441  No.84002

File: 123f864618ba014⋯.gif (381.62 KB, 200x200, 1:1, happy merchant.gif)



>(((science))) worshiper

>muh ethics

4038d7  No.84003


Dont worry about "messing things up" too much. You have been deliberately holding it since you were potty trained. Accidentally holding it some of the time when you are trying to just let go wont make it any harder in the long run to lose control. It might delay it, but it wont make it less possible. You might just need more time to get used to just using diapers all the time.

I would say just try to not worry about it. The more relaxed about everything happening down there, the better. If you accidentally clamp down, no big deal, just go with the flow (no pun intended).

The ideas about drinking lots of water to "practice" is good too.

48727f  No.84043

I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for wetting for a while now, and I want to make the transition to using them for everything, no toilets. It's kind of scary, but I know I want to do it.

Any tales of encouragement…?

f11f32  No.84067


I'd recommend reading the posts on Serahs blog but she writes insanely massive posts and hated messing to start with so you have to read a lot before it gets encouraging and she ends up liking it

Worth it though if you can be bothered

811baf  No.84186



tell me more about /r9k/

3f3bf8  No.84206

Oh great all the threads are getting spammed again.

efb12a  No.84271


Actually there was good economic theory about that - so it's not really anecdotal as much as argumentative.

But the whole point of that argument was getting the thread back on track by validating that you can be functional in a relationship, and a male wearing a diaper all the time. Which is very not /r9k/

Anyway back to topic. As someone trying to wear more and get closer to wearing 24/7, what is a good pull-up for that?

I have Abri-flex and Tranquility. Which works better with boosters?

5ad374  No.84313


Abri-flex in my experience, more roomy to fit stuffers in, but it's been at least 5 years since I wore pull-ups regularly. If you don't mind an additional suggestion, I've worn the Northshore pull-ups recently that they send as bonuses in their cases and they hold up pretty damn well. When I first saw it in my package I thought it was a thinner diaper at first because it looked thicker than a typical pull-up. Worth contacting them for a free sample imo.

52aeaa  No.84330


I've always had a fantasy of slowly sabotaging someone into becoming involuntarily incontinent (wouldn't have to be permanent, just frequent enough accidents that they'd have to wear at night or occasionally throughout the day)

Anyone got anything on that subject?

d28a6a  No.84331


Uhm, I think everyone in this thread would be doing such a method to themselves if it was easy to sabotage someone's control.

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