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File: 919dfe9ba36c6ec⋯.jpg (65.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, dsc03570-1.jpg)

a6d91d  No.78511

Old Thread -→ https://8ch.net/abdl/res/75538.html

Seems like it's time to start a new thread. Thanks everyone for sharing so many great videos.

a6d91d  No.78512

d5def6  No.78524

6e7465  No.78525

4ab04e  No.78530


Fuck off to the request thread you poor faggot.

477df8  No.78531

Stop bashing people for making a request. Though the requests typically out number the links posted this thread has always been a good place to see if someone has a video you're looking for.

Over the past couple of years I've been able to find a few things I was looking for as well as post a few links for what others were looking for.

Just, if you're going to request something maybe think about uploading something to Mega and sharing the link as well.

79779c  No.78532


fuck you pedos

477df8  No.78533

Here's a link to 13 Nokia Rose videos, enjoy.


3275d0  No.78534


No requests will be filled here. This is only for posting. Fuck your cancer.

There's a video request thread, go there.

477df8  No.78543


Why do you need to be such an ass?

5795c4  No.78546

File: ea0646a244a281e⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 623x530, 623:530, p.jpg)

a86705  No.78551


literally the link from OP …

753e77  No.78553

3275d0  No.78561


Thread is now full of cancer.

I won't be posting any more content.

5795c4  No.78562


You didn't post shit in the first place.

3275d0  No.78568


Post moar, beg less

5795c4  No.78605


I never begged for shit, disembowel yourself.

170c6f  No.78611

Well this thread has started off shit… like the last one ended, chill out folks, stop posting Clips4Sale shopping lists just post mega links like this, 1hr of Anastasia….



Put requests on the request thread

7921bc  No.78617

Well said.

7921bc  No.78621

AaliyahTaylorAndMaria- Hardcore diaper sex

LOVE girls in these single tape diapers ;P


f9ab0b  No.78624


decrypt does not work

170c6f  No.78625


Works fine for me

170c6f  No.78626

Right lets keep this thread going in the right direction, i love this clip….



91eb64  No.78710


because I can do whatever the fuck I want, and you have no reason to get so conceited about it

but really I was unclear, I was having problems with my ISP and I meant I'd post this couple videos as soon as I would have been able to upload them

so here they are, a couple misspandapants clips I downloaded from a saff thread I can't access anymore, I'll include the link so that someone else may keep up the work, or send me the filespace links so I can download the rest myself





saff link:

now if anyone had some Hikari content (>>77816), or the pictures and videos from the following link, I'd be very very grateful


bca3d8  No.78713





Thanks for the uploads.

22acb6  No.78725

Welcome! I will post something cool as fuck if someone will post something decent that isn't old and all over the tube sites. Fuck lets keep this going boys! Haha

06539a  No.78744


If you've been here a few years you'll know that for a good while the video threads ended up being dead as they were nothing but 99% clip4sale spam which turned many including me from sharing.

98afc0  No.78752


Decent as fuck, decided by you? If you had it youd post it, another one on the scrounge

e06479  No.78804


and another one begs, and another one begs,

another one on the scrounge

aefdb5  No.78805

You are all fucking douche bags I know that much. I posted the hardcore diaper sex vid and have TONS of files. Im an empornium member and contribute shit on there because people give back, Not run there dick suckers you little weasel fuck. Dick suckers like u are why this shit doesn't last. And anpother one begs and another one on the scrounge????????? Who the fuck even says that or anything close??? Dick sucker who live in their momma's basement. Find something better to do junior. What THE fuck have u posted? A bunch of troll bull shit thats what.

aefdb5  No.78807

You mother fuckers all either bitch about people asking for shit, or post bullshit that has been on the god damn tube sites for 5 or 10 years. Yeah, I dont give up all the shit I pay money for to see that. Im well off mother fucker, if I can't find it in 2 minutes I buy it. Fuck you.

dcd05d  No.78820



i think he's mad

aefdb5  No.78823

I think you are too fucking lazy to even capitalize I, let alone buy anything and post it. No money, momma's basement. Bet on it sports fans

aefdb5  No.78825

And u do realize that someone has to buy this shit sometimes or these chicks won't make it. They don't do it for fun. You're more than likely into dudes though. Oops, sorry about that momma's boy

1f53cb  No.78832

98afc0  No.78839



Excuse the pun but i think the little baby needs his diaper changed after that tantrum

7923ee  No.78841





Uh oh, I think baby needs a timeout.

8430ea  No.78843

Says the guy who is prolly the faggot that posts all the gay pov videos of some chick changing your diaper=GAY

5795c4  No.78845

File: 8ca11e366973f4d⋯.jpg (97.27 KB, 932x1024, 233:256, 8ca11e366973f4d9b7b5fc9e81….jpg)

ae8449  No.78851

File: 486c27fdb4c48a5⋯.png (1.14 MB, 779x901, 779:901, Unbenannt.png)


just GTFO with your mediocre and boring bullshit,

you fucking hoarder.

Nobody wants your boring and 1000 times reposted crap here.

8430ea  No.78854

Says the guy who prolly posted the 15 year old british girl from wetset vid the other day….If someone posts something that is good and I dont have, I post something in return. All 4 of the "Fae" vids floating around the net? Leaked by this guy. Ok though, I will go back to empornium. Now u will have old wetset vids if anything. Good job dbag, but I feel like u dont care because you are pretty certain I have no gay content to share or dudes being mommied or whatever the fuck u pole smokers call that nonsense. Bahahahaha

194c17  No.78856

File: ec8d6ba8010c309⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 315x466, 315:466, arguimginternet.jpg)

8430ea  No.78857

Ok, that was funny

2205e4  No.78863

2205e4  No.78865

Icy Winters Wet vibrations




2205e4  No.78866

ae8449  No.78876

File: 80f68918d58d445⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 270x360, 3:4, 75680.gif)


nobody cares.

At least I posted all my carefully selected porn I had before my hdd-crash online, so people could share.

Nobody will miss hoarders like you.

ea97f4  No.78925

Can we get some Mega links? No one wants to do this seeder torrent bullshit.

e34cf2  No.78926

can everybody just shut the fuck up and post mega links? you degenerates act like you deserve something for distributing other people's work.

>but why should I upload my collection if-

why should you not Eat a dick. fuck you, give me porn

8f65ad  No.78939

File: fafde6bd82e1ec2⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 352x288, 11:9, hid.webm)



98afc0  No.78940


Currently the video request thread has loads of mega links, this should be renamed the tiny tots tantrum thread. too many angry folk

33042d  No.78946


could someone re-up these mega links please

f4d391  No.78964




Heads up to anyone Hetero trying to get this vid…

9863ab  No.79012

Clip from naughty diaper girls - Odette (83)

link: https://mega.nz/#!aowQTKbS!p-1bFy1OnQmGdcGXBzQiiMu8ueNQMkTtEv7St34Dkw8

fa5a46  No.79056



Pretty sure the girl in the pic is underage…

eee054  No.79066


on her instagram she states her real age as 19.


33042d  No.79071


>Pretty sure the girl in the pic is underage…

unfortunately not :(

fa5a46  No.79098


As if people haven't lied about their age on instagram before? >>79071


What do you mean unfortunately? Do you get off to pictures and videos from Diapers World too?

f4d391  No.79100


So many fucking pedos on here, i swear to God…

a779c2  No.79103


This isn't a pun, it's a circumstantial joke.

f470fe  No.79113


Sweet! Thx Anon.

62eddd  No.79130


This girl is sexy as hell! Why is it that these good looking girls always have a thin, geeky looking boyfriend who's ugly as sin?

fa5a46  No.79133


Before we know it, this thread will be filled with pictures of the girls from Diapers World.

62eddd  No.79137


Link to Diapers World?

4241ec  No.79140


>>15 year old british girl from wetset

Which was that?


7a7eed  No.79156

Does anyone have the link to the mega collection? I've been trying to find it but I'm guessing it's in the last two threads and I'm just too lazy to dig it up.

8e186b  No.79174


they may or may not be in this folder, together with some other stuff gathered here and there



4ab04e  No.79177





What's with the sperg in this thread flipping shit constantly?

Just post videos you fucking faggot

fa5a46  No.79226


Why do you need a link to view underage girls in diapers? Do you not know how to use Google you autistic pedo faggot? Don't worry some other faggot will post it for you in this thread I'm sure.

62eddd  No.79242


I asked the link because I'm curious. I did type www.diaperworld.com - Nothing came up. I'm NOT a peado you fucking tranny cunt!

03723f  No.79257

Hey !

Does anyone can put this on mega please ?

Thank !

48b6fe  No.79262


eh, whoever this is, is not lying. rarely buy stuff nowadays due to studios making a lack of content that i like but that shit does get expensive after awhile. like that latest fae video is $16 and there's no way im paying that for a 12 minute video that i'll just find alright. but if I also get something else I want out of it then it becomes more worth it. i've done trades with people in the past on here and given away a lot that way but have also been screwed over so really dont anymore. plus theres not really anything i want that badly in return. but i get where they are coming from. im sure anyone who actually buys stuff understands. it adds up.

7713e1  No.79318

I'm hesitant on buying a clip from mummy nera's store, anyone into the more "regressive" "cute" aspect of the scene bought her material?

I'm not asking for links to download, I just want some input on some other fellow kinkster who might get off on adorable roleplay stuff

62eddd  No.79330


I have brought videos from Mummy Nera's Clips4Sale.

I have two of her videos. I converted the other videos into audio MP3 because the videos are crap!

She's up her own arse and not a very nice person. I've stopped buying from her.

fa5a46  No.79332


If you are not a pedo then why even look for those pictures you autistic faggot?

3279fc  No.79333

Look, I'm just here for videos, so if you guys could just stop trying to wring each others throats like its WW3 and actually post something, that'll be great.

7713e1  No.79338


oh man, I was kind of hoping she would be a nice actually, I totally bought into her caring mommy persona.

thanks for the info anon, I'll stay the fuck away from her store.

90345e  No.79360

7d63d2  No.79364







use the goddamn request thread

2c8b83  No.79412



stop having autism meltdowns and post

9f02a1  No.79488

17c6fa  No.79503


I bought the photoset it was ok….

98afc0  No.79505


She looks like Rose West!!!! Its on Pornhub

17c6fa  No.79526


I own it. It's from DPF.

Email me at lolmonkey91@hotmail.com and we can work out a trade

98afc0  No.79534


Or alternatively watch it for free on Pornhub and dont trade with the above


9692db  No.79548


your selflessness would be an example for us all if you would be so kind as to post it somewhere for us too to enjoy

98afc0  No.79559

281ec7  No.79563

File: 9ff2fd64ae37959⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, made.png)

File: 5491c46a97ec060⋯.png (102.46 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, made2.png)


here proof I own the movie btw.

62eddd  No.79566


Because, I've never heard of Diaper World before, you dumb nigger!

62eddd  No.79567


That woman has also made another video - It's a lot better than the her other one.


Does anyone know who these people are?

4241ec  No.79597


Frankly i'm more concerned that these people DO know

21b25b  No.79604


Die scum

17c6fa  No.79628


All the movies are from DPF diaper pail friends.

294c1d  No.79629


omg so edgy.

a09f7f  No.79684

people who intentionally use the words "edgy and cringe" in their sentences, should not be allowed to write on the internet. Fucking Cunt

7d63d2  No.79688


Imagine being this mad. Cringe.

294c1d  No.79841


omg so edgy. *cringe*

7cd4c7  No.79855

can you all just kill yourselves already ffs

4022bc  No.79862


Mr. edgelord over here.


The stars mean I'm doing the action and not just saying it out loud

7d63d2  No.79900


Cringe at your edge tbh

9ce794  No.79903

Anyone have this folder up again?


25b49c  No.79909

File: 1a8ea24d171dc97⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 720x612, 20:17, 1552801317457.jpg)


how about you gtfo and rape your arse with a cactus,

you fucking degenerate hoarder?

25b49c  No.79910

File: a7b07e93e144571⋯.jpg (496.67 KB, 1280x1338, 640:669, 43656543480.jpg)


why is this called "naughty diaper girls" exactly?

There was nothing even remotely "naughty".

boring af.


3279fc  No.79940

Let it be known that this thread died off not with a bang, but with autistic screeching and 4chan idiocy/immaturity. Call me when actual videos get posted again.

-poster no.79333

40298f  No.79972


Dude your problems with me are so funny. Your problems can go away very easily and today I am going to help you.

1. Drink bleach

2. Grab a toaster and plug it in your bathroom and throw it in the tub while your taking a bath.

3. Go play hop skotch in on coming traffic

cb1ca5  No.79974


Man, tumblr really did bring all these autistics twats on 8chan eh? Missed the good old days of actually good content.

9c471b  No.80017

File: 14721ab26a25ba0⋯.webm (3.33 MB, 320x240, 4:3, cidstr.webm)


shut up and post links you retard!


shut up and post links you dipshit!

7795c0  No.80022

how can people even gauge tone from a few phrases typed? Presumtive silliness; y'all are a bunch of babies :P

281ec7  No.80036

does anybody know where I can buy more of these?


Willing to share the sets if someone can help me.

4ab04e  No.80064

So somehow I managed to bypass the donor bullshit for omorashi.org and fulfilled my old request of the second one today because of some wizardry.


REQUEST: Because I'm a greedy fuckin' faggot who has no monies.

Does anyone have either this:


or this:



Anyone want the 2nd one or have the first one? I don't have any idea about uploading files here

d4e472  No.80076

File: be9b4e6f3d6d50b⋯.jpeg (136.18 KB, 1024x659, 1024:659, ItsBellaMarieBitch - Padd….jpeg)

it's bella marie bitch - padded, desperate, and pissy.


Key: PxJyyOSDybqW490z1bNjD9A8y8B-GOvn4LgxrW1HLEY

ead65d  No.80082


tq anon for resurrecting this thread

5e0f67  No.80148


What ever happened to this uploader, can't find their content on c4s anymore?

78b14e  No.80149


Fucking gorgeous, thank you.

b13aa6  No.80152

Pampbered penny Natalie Mars Demoted From Secretary To Office Diaper Slut




eee054  No.80155


Here is her tumblr http://itsbellamariebitch.tumblr.com/. There can be several reason to why she cancelled her clips4sale store. One can be break up with her partner another one shift of interest.

51f5fe  No.80192


fuck filespace ad bullshit.

444790  No.80201

File: 1d7bf6e148dfa72⋯.png (110.12 KB, 1820x572, 35:11, 2.png)

I made a link guide. Maybe someone can find it useful.


6c69c5  No.80214


Thank you!

6933c7  No.80221

File: 90c5e4085137f4f⋯.jpg (461.25 KB, 1917x946, 1917:946, [clips4sale.com]Natalie Ma….jpg)



purchaser of said clip here

i put in on emp, and whoever torrented it and put it on some shitty filespace website is an absolute faggot. kys

Anyway, here's the real mega link.

Don't say I don't do anything for y'all cucks <3



387f0f  No.80237


basically that site in a nutshell. about 5% of people uploading their own shit, and 95% people who just download the latest pornhub page

much danks for the mega though

a4b3f2  No.80250

File: 80202a3b976850c⋯.png (195.21 KB, 370x295, 74:59, download1.png)


>The Great Repostment

35136c  No.80360

23520d  No.80362

I found this link on Omorashi. It has 200 videos from a bunch of paid sites. You can download 3 a day for free but if you have a paid membership you can download them all. If anyone wants to transfer it to MEGA you can


c21def  No.80367

09121a  No.80377

Here is Bella-Marie-Stuff for you!



I'm looking for sundoll-content


anyone have?

4265d1  No.80391


What a hero, thank you, i had a couple of those clips already but some of yours were better quality. I've never seen that blog you posted but i think ive got one bella clip you havent posted, its the second part to Arcade Accident Adventures, ive combined both clips into one…..

(will post later as downloading your clips has spunked my mega storage for 5 hours)

Once again thanks… finally the video thread produces something other than a clips4sale shopping list ond mountains of abuse

aa0565  No.80392

thanks to everyone uploading stuff!

f4d391  No.80422


Thank you, sir!

I think I largely have what other people have already posted, but here are some of her videos:



4265d1  No.80424


Here it is as promised…



48b6fe  No.80437

File: ac40fb642a4a625⋯.jpg (505.03 KB, 1502x1234, 751:617, out there.jpg)

just letting people know that A Dreams pack which is all 2018 and 2019 is out there. the one thats on enpornium. knew it would be. theres links for all 82 videos in the pack.

not posting it here because it will get taken down but you can find it. if you do, you have to deal with an uploader with a slow speed but theres also a way around that too. about a 3-4 hour wait for each video otherwise.

48b6fe  No.80438

File: 622cccd92c834ce⋯.jpg (390.02 KB, 1502x1234, 751:617, outthere2.jpg)

recommend jumping on it because as soon as its found the whole directory will probably be gone. it was already removed from SAFF a few days ago. never see stuff removed from there so you have to be quick.

f6bda1  No.80447


Yeah, Google doesn't turn up shit for "enpornium" except for weird ass topics about feds and DMCA crap.

48b6fe  No.80449


i don't need anything. just saying they are out there.


not going to find it by searching that way. something that was posted in the request thread can be copy and pasted. something specific to the file. there should only be a few results to it.

3e1b36  No.80459


Man, I've been wanting an Empornium account for a while now. If you could upload that torrent somewhere else, I'd truly appreciate it.

ff4950  No.80477


That's because it's "Empornium"

6933c7  No.80488

File: 7ab32dfc49aacb8⋯.png (4.16 KB, 246x56, 123:28, ClipboardImage.png)




hit 'em with them good emp scores

ff4950  No.80489

File: a68d90cba5626be⋯.png (3.29 KB, 301x78, 301:78, EMP.png)


Aw, that's cute

ff4950  No.80490

File: 6759ba86c39089f⋯.png (18.1 KB, 179x76, 179:76, EMP Medals.png)

93b1a5  No.80493


anything similar to this^ where the guy comes on the outside of the diaper?

eec015  No.80509

f65026  No.80520

Less shopping lists more Mega links….



If anyones got any better quality versions of these 2 clips it'd be appreciated

b38b96  No.80526


these vids are disappointing af. nothing that hasnt been covered in the 300+ vids that are already out there, just different models.

and binkie is ugly af.

48b6fe  No.80538


not disagreeing. faye is gorgeous though and that was sunnies last video so those were worthwhile.

the scenarios were nothing new though outside of maybe claire in lingerie. they should do more stuff like having faye show up how shes dressed in the nursing lolette video and is forcibly regressed.

they used to do those types of ideas with apple and lolette but hardly go there anymore for some reason. apple and a few of the others are good in the domination role so not sure why.

48b6fe  No.80539


sorry dont have an empornium account. found them another way. was just giving those a heads up who wanted them who dont have access.

and all of the links are down now after being uploaded to a different premium site. so just me saying what I did without giving out any actual information on where they were was enough for someone the site hires to find them. thats why i recommended to move quick. directory is still up but all the links are down.

48b6fe  No.80540

File: 955e6f096b8ecfa⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 790x513, 790:513, nitroex.jpg)

so anyone looking for that pack outside of emp. good luck. they take their stuff down fast if it is uploaded anywhere else.

1dca2a  No.80542


You're a fucking idiot. You didn't help anyone and all you really did was get the content hit by the fags at ABdreams. Apple, if you're reading this, you're a manly looking slut.

aa0565  No.80576


big thanks for the heads up. doubt i'll get to it in time, but at least it's out there.

c21def  No.80579

8439df  No.80609


Thanks for letting me know about this, I've got my seedbox on the case.

b6425e  No.80621


Could you post the magnet link?

69d539  No.80624

Anyone knows what this studio is called?


Im trying to track down a specific video of two baby girls being taken care of by a cute blonde that is acting as a baby in this video

8439df  No.80634


Sorry but no. Empornium uses passkey protected torrent files not magnet links.

Most people on Empornium now, started with using Pornbay first. As Pornbay isn't usually invite only.

00cb2a  No.80694


I was a member since the old empornium that existed before cheggit.

ba9067  No.80698

File: 651b1bf84914835⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Tara_Babysits.jpg)


It's from Diaperedonline. I think you are tracking "Tara Babysits"

a2f145  No.80705


the heads up is appreciated, but this is downright ridiculous, the people from ABDreams have a much better idea where and what to look for, they're bound to find the links before anyone who doesn't

I'm downloading the videos, I'll be sure to upload them in the coming days when I have some time

7713e1  No.80710


♥ thank you anon I really appreciate it

the blond chick with ponytails has to be one of the most convincing abdl girls I've ever seen, I remember going to motherless.com to fap to it regularly but eventually they got taken down

54acb0  No.80730


ah, a fellow man of taste, i really loved the way she acted it out and def one of the most convincing abdl girls

iirc i actually sent the diaperedonline dude a fuckin email about it and he was like "she likes spanking more but wanted to try abdl" or something like that

1e7b3b  No.80731

42d555  No.80738

File: 9d34728d3aa6691⋯.png (868.29 KB, 900x598, 450:299, ClipboardImage.png)

who got this movie?

aa0565  No.80769


How does that work? I actually am on a bunch of private trackers, but I can't enter from there since I don't want to be dragged into Empornium by another user who knows my name.


Please upload them when you can, I used to watch these years ago back when I only used streaming too, but I never saw a link for them otherwise.

62eddd  No.80789


I second this!

7713e1  No.80794

a79fff  No.80796

Thanks /pol/ !!!

0af964  No.80917

Hello everybody

0af964  No.80918

Hello everybody,

please excuse my poor English..

I'm desperately looking for a former Youtube video of Daddyiwantthis (tumblr name) also known as Lo (The girl next door).

The video was called "Neediness" and was showing Lo on his partner's knees, talking about ABDL relationship

Does anyone could find or share it to me??

I got many abdl videos (clips4sale and stuff) in exchange :)

Thank you very much,

have a nice Sunday everbody

a11af1  No.80920

6933c7  No.80933


>How does that work? I actually am on a bunch of private trackers, but I can't enter from there since I don't want to be dragged into Empornium by another user who knows my name.

You don't have to give them your name, just an email to send the invite to.

b38b96  No.80941

822a8f  No.81007

f65026  No.81016


Does anyone have a clip that came out about a week ago… good luck with that

6a2e03  No.81018


That clip came out in 2018…

535c15  No.81026


God damn. Remember that video from ages ago on netporn. How I got into lords of acid. Formative moment right there.

aa0565  No.81029


Uh, that's cool. And they don't know my nickname afterwards?

ab49ac  No.81036


Holy shit the nostalgia is real

I slapped the shit outta my dick to that vid more times than I can count

ab49ac  No.81037


Nope. This is something every Emp user has awkwardly asked about in the forums. So many of us sat on our invites for so long because we didn't want people to see the shit we were uploading.

Me, I'm sitting on 4 invites, but I value my account way too much to risk it by handing out invites to randoms. I'm Sextreme, yo.

cfe380  No.81040

File: 2a1692a84786ddb⋯.png (20.06 KB, 377x235, 377:235, 1554769889.png)

Torrents are just really dangerous. Your ISP could at any time send you mail saying that you downloaded "Brandy Messes While Breastfeeding" and your neighbor or landlord could accidentally pick up your mail.

8439df  No.81045

>> 81040

That's why you use a seedbox. If the RIAA snoops my torrent usage, they'll think I'm in Finland or some such country.

2ccc1a  No.81053

38c118  No.81079

Anyone have a mega link or videos of Rainbow of DiaperedOnline. Thanks you ! ;)

2f39bc  No.81111


It's 2019 and you've never heard of VPNs and seedboxes?

Fucking amateur

37b458  No.81126

eced36  No.81129

Hey I'm not asking for a copy I'll pay for the video but I need to know if anybody knows what I'm talking about.

There was a video on vk.com I think it was called "babysitting the bosses daughter" it had 2 girls. One dressed I think as Super Girl and the other Wonderwoman. One kept messing herself (nothing was shown) and the other ended up in diapers at the end.

Does anybody know where I can find this? That's all I have to go on

c8df74  No.81136

37b458  No.81138


That's it. Found it. Here is the not Mega link if anyone else wants it. http://filespace.com/3w2hx51a0xhw

Larger list of Non Mega FLBabyGirls vids.

37b458  No.81141


Nevermind. Same ppl. Different vid. The search continues…

b9193f  No.81142

File: a76c15ef43ad2c4⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 640x853, 640:853, dc07f0a4955eee876f56ff0fe1….jpg)


indeed the dankest upload thank you

f65026  No.81148


Ive got a few clips with Tiffany and Kirk, not the one your looking for though… easy to find, went into the clip store and searched for Kirk, bingo… a tad expensive though


305113  No.81175

I made a MEGA directory containing a lot of old stuff from AB-DL.com (they had a $5 trial membership)


Key: !m9m9zuICxa_RE9RfehH0Rg

bc93ce  No.81213

Looking for stuff from asiandiapercutie. There was a post awhile back with four videos but the link is bad now. Thx!

483fe4  No.81275



i was an emp user way back in the day. i got a letter from comcast telling me to upgrade my service as i had used something like 1.5TB of bandwith in a single month… this was back in like 07. i usedto super seed but these days id only be able to give it a day a week.

id love to get back onto that site but it seems to be impossible to get an invite. i guess those who give out invites are penalized if the person they invite does not keep a positive ratio?

wish there was a better way :/

0ee75a  No.81278

Anyone have any of the Janira vids from MDGF? There were a handful up a while back, and haven't seen them back in circulation

d3572f  No.81289


Many thanks for sharing. I've had this fetish for a long time, but almost all of those videos were new to me.

a09f7f  No.81299

8ecab6  No.81319

8ecab6  No.81321

a720e4  No.81322


Needs the decryption key.


Your link doesn't work.

fddf2e  No.81334

If anyone has anything from Tiffany and Kirk, that'd be awesome

6a2e03  No.81341


seconding this!

2e1d33  No.81345


I have some of her stuff.


(unsorted folder)

ccb174  No.81351

c870f0  No.81425


key: f8aDGz2wWtoAreJyam_WOA

e70610  No.81437


Holy shit misspandapants acting is terrible. I know it's been said on here a million times, but no amount of good looks offset the spaghetti and autism of her acting

7d63d2  No.81444

File: ca6dd05161e1692⋯.gif (15.79 KB, 320x288, 10:9, 1364947414701.gif)



f4820a  No.81459

does anyone heard of them before ?

Some french girls, having fun together: https://www.patreon.com/lngu

would be nice if some of you could upload on mega!

thanks for sharing

2e1d33  No.81462

Anyone know of girls who like to mess and masturbate and show the inside of the diaper.

I will sub to them and rip the content to post.

7ce091  No.81466

90345e  No.81495

Does anyone have any of the ageplay247.com videos

cd71bd  No.81520

f65026  No.81535


Enjoy what?

cd71bd  No.81538




Try this

e7944b  No.81638


I can help you

Sand me a message here: yen.diaper.123@gmail.com

7713e1  No.81642


this one got taken down, damn, I cound't download any of those

025c6c  No.81698

File: aacc7616330259b⋯.webm (770.62 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, dance.webm)

aa0565  No.81738



thanks a lot¡

90345e  No.81780

Does anyone have any of littlefantasyabdl videos or photos

90345e  No.81781

Does anyone have any of littlefantasyabdl videos or photos or any diaper girl videos

2cea9c  No.81782

919b88  No.81794


thanks, anon.

2e4d3e  No.81801

f65026  No.81813

People on here need to realise saying stuff like…

upload this? got that? i want insert clips4sale link here?

Aint gonna get you far, have some manners when trying to scab off people

ff7ca8  No.81866

Are there any diaper girl videos from the 90s/2000s? because that would be a fun aesthetic for me to watch

be3949  No.81884

Any Janira videos from MDGF?

f65026  No.81900

This thread is pointless, starts off quite well and ends up with loads of leaches who have no manners. Buy your own porn, scabs

ff7ca8  No.81905

Are there any diaper girl videos from the 90s/2000s? because that would be a fun aesthetic for me to watch





ff7ca8  No.81906


We broke as hell

80e75b  No.81922

cfe380  No.81936


???? You are a legend, pal.

f65026  No.83878


Saying please dont cost anything

f2f33b  No.83879


We're just here to wank. Stop taking yourself so seriously not everyone buys porn..

51f5fe  No.83880


Is this Cochella?

f65026  No.83889


As i said before not many people will upload clips after someone posts a clips4sale list with 'I want these clips'.

Good luck

fa5a46  No.83929

Does anybody have any videos of barely legal teens in diapers? I will take pics too if anyone has them. I really want girls that JUST turned 18 don't try to fool me with videos of Odette Delacroix. I know who that is. I prefer if these barely legal girls were in baby diapers but I will take what I can get so long as they are as young as legally possible. Thanks my fags!

633ffa  No.83987


Im interested

b0850a  No.84023


db3ae6  No.84059


Broken link

0d5a59  No.84061

b13ca5  No.84062


Just because you're being a giant faggot about it I'm going to buy all current requests not honored just to laugh at how retarded you are.

e70610  No.84120


Profiles like that are the only justification for reddit existing

f65026  No.84128


Ok… and im retarded? lol

8fc645  No.84133

File: ea5486b53a83402⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 325x315, 65:63, tumblr_p7jvdh5PXS1s8rwvgo1….gif)

43ec57  No.84243

d5d4c5  No.84322

File: d1be22473d78ef2⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1411x795, 1411:795, marst.png)


this is HOT AS FUCK

but takes 11 hours to download!

Any kind soul able to upload it to Mega or UL.to, please?

c9034b  No.84361

>>84322 right click

open video in new tab

three dots next to the video time bar


7a7eed  No.84364


>eleven hours

These newfangled websites think I haven't put up with worse from the dialup days.

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