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File: 7c82bbac7a2df5a⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 318x159, 2:1, download.jpg)

19999e  No.85797

OK lads this just happened to me

>Be me

>Diaper beta faggot

>Ordering stuff off of North Shore, because I got coupon codes and that's the only time I shop there

>Get Abena Flex Pull-Ons and a pack of ComfiDry 24/7

>Enter coupon code for $5 off and free shipping



>Enter code again

>still not valid

>Try other code

>Still not valid

Mind you, I got both these codes about a week ago so none of them should be expired


>Go where no sperg has ever gone before

>I call customer service

>Nervous and shaking, never talk to customer service by myself before

>QT 3.14 grill voice says hello

>Explain my sitchuation

She says both codes are still valid and should be working

>She offers to place my order for me and enter in the codes herself


>Tell her the diapers I want

>Silence as she clacks my order in with her keyboard

>She thanks me for the order

>I thank her back

So lads, have any of you ever delt with customer service over diapers?

ad1472  No.85798

File: 85db05535452de5⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 127993.jpg)


>Chick on phone sounds cute

Reminds me of a Beavis and Butthead bit.

fda5a1  No.85801

File: 3407a8502f58b95⋯.jpg (27.53 KB, 606x808, 3:4, acf3724b-2e47-4956-a703-1c….jpg)


Yes. With northshore too. The case I got was the wrong size, they offered to replace the three unopened bags, it was a very good call. Nothing to pop a boner over, but I know how prone to desperation people like us can get.

1bbcb6  No.85891


As far as she is concerned it's medical supplies and you are either disabled or a care giver.

873b40  No.85925


Hey guess what guys! I pooped my pants!

963455  No.86020


>So lads, have any of you ever delt with customer service over diapers?

I know the guy who makes the diapers I buy and I live close to the warehouse, so I just yell at him.

db7add  No.86030


This. I visit medical supply stores and it's never awkward because they assume I'm a caretaker

00ac1d  No.86086


Lucky you. I went to one and the guy there almost immediately recommended me bambinos (it was the B4NS satellite place in Montreal) and asked if I was autistic, assuring me it was because I could claim them against insurance.

It was a pretty "goddamn son, ive been fucking owned i guess" moment for me and so I went for Abena M4s or something after saying that the bambinos were "a little much" for me. (tbf they were the classicos with the giant B A B Y letter blocks)

I miss that place, it got bought out by another stomie company and no longer carries AB stuff

9c4d82  No.86087


Yo im in montreal tol

00ac1d  No.86091


shit nigger i moved away to NS like a billion weeks ago lmao

46190a  No.86092


>Ahahaha *autism*

It got bought out? I haven't been in a few years; and I had picked up some letter block and bunnies when that was the only thing worth getting. I had straight up asked the dude if they had any "ageplay stuff" and he walked me over. to the couple packs they had. Weird thing was check-out though, they make you sign something like it's for medical use, even if it totally wasn't.


There's a lot of autistic folks in montreal.

<all the qt are either taken, sugar daddy whores for rent, or straight up crusty/cringe

00ac1d  No.86093


>It got bought out?

Yeah, my best guess is the owner retired. It's owned by a similar company but not an AB friendly one. Some of the former employees stayed on for a bit as well. It's still at the same location next to Sherbrooke metro but it's since had a reno, and no longer carries Bambino products (though they do have Forsite and Abena and the widget Tena items and other premium diapers)


I got those at the montreal place once, best diapers I'd had ever until then, and for a long time after until I started ordering diapers online.

<all the qt are either taken, sugar daddy whores for rent, or straight up crusty/cringe

true fact

Where I live now has an oddly big gay scene for the size of the town, so I hope to find me a qtbf myself soon. I'm actually planning on attending a "onesie party" at a local gay club and I'm real fuckin' tempted to wear a diaper under mine (which is probably autismal as heck, but whatever, fuck it man)

46190a  No.86094


Forsite? Is that a printed one? I haven't been into the medical ones except the occasional Abena M4 because it's my OG fave medical, and I find I was disappointed at the clumping and tapes after a bunch of fetish diapers..

Ordering 3 cases in 1 order once while living in an 8 place apartment was pretty fucked. When I got home, they cases were all stacked in the doorway. I'm pretty sure I was the first in the building to see them though.

<One case said "PINK-M" on 'em.

I mean, most of our co-tenant/neighbours didn't really care that there was an odd same sex couple in the building, but sometimes we did freak the locals.

>gay scene

They won't give a damn unless they're into it; which then turns into a good thing typically, unless it's a creeper.

532e50  No.86106


Also in MTL, but not (too) autistic…

365d5e  No.86144

I once called Amazon cause some tool who had access to my account signed me up for Prime.

She asked me what my last order was, which was a toaster so i thought I was in the clear. But hen I heard her holding back giggles.

We got through the call, but when I went back to look at my profile, it turned out the last thing I bought before the toaster was a bundle of bambinos, a pacifier, and onesie. Before that I'd downloaded a cringeworthy, horribly written ABDL mommy fap fiction novella.

If I didn't have a girlfriend who loves and accepts my weird shit that would have been the end of me

c9f9f4  No.86160


Lucky you that she accepted toaster as a correct answer.

<please state the last item you ordered

>uhh a toaster

<oh im sorry anon, that's incorrect

> what you must be mistaken I clearly remember a toaster

<are you sure? Maybe you should got ask your mommy if that's the last thing ordered.

> WTF is that supposed to mean?

< someones a little grumpy do you need your diaper changed

>oh fuck… it was diapers, diapers were the last thing I bought.

<that is right and I will reverse the prime membership.

9c4d82  No.86177


Merunya is also in mtl fun fact

00ac1d  No.86193





what the fuck I was looking around in Montreal because I was goddamn born and raised there and no one ever even said "yeah, montreal at least exists" until I left

can't wait for the summer for when I was gonna go back anyway m8s

db7add  No.86203


Interesting. I usually ask about medium to large size diapers, and -usually in passing- mention I'm shopping for a bedridden individual. In normal drug stores, I occasionally ask about oxygen tank equipment (which they don't carry), to make it sound like I'm a care taker. Get gud

fda5a1  No.86238

One time I called <insert company> and the woman that helped my order asked me if I was a messy. Of course I was, so I told her 'me no knows' and using my billing info she showed up and mommies me right then and there. I've been 24/7 since and with her discounts I haven't had to work, just focus on playing and being cute!

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