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File: ff7890312c457df⋯.jpg (63.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1424296855766.jpg)

6aa8e2  No.86248

Old one hit bump limit.

6aa8e2  No.86249

Starting this thread with a few questions:

>best forced diaper use laxative?

>best diaper for long-term (more than 4 hours and multiple wettings/floodings) wearing

14a0a4  No.86264


Tykables are good for long wear

0663e0  No.86266


a Tykables overnight will take 2-3 heavy wettings easily, definitely one of the higher capacity diaps i've ever worn.

14a0a4  No.86269

There's some really detailed diaper reviews on ADISC


04452e  No.86272

File: b7917d1f7017b13⋯.jpg (134.12 KB, 1080x836, 270:209, 47260521_397621070799253_1….jpg)

I've started dating a cute Vietnamese woman who's naturally submissive and almost childlike sometimes. How do I go about turning her into the ultimate diaper girl?

Pic related: It's what I fantasize about.

4f4da7  No.86279


If she is submissive then it shouldn't be too hard you just wait till starts acting childlike feed into energy and help to mentally regress her and after a week or so bring up the idea might be easiest to get like a small thing of pull-ups and then hand one to her

3cd262  No.86281


Tell her what you're into and ask if she wants in.

Seriously this isn't that hard. Don't be an abusive jerk trying to "trick" people into your fetish. Consent matters.

773f01  No.86282


There's no trickery involved. Do you think that women are dim-witted children who don't have the willpower or intelligence to resist being "tricked" into fetish play? Do you think that chatting a girl up so she'll have sex with you is tantamount to rape?

aa984e  No.86287

File: 003a48fea21c724⋯.jpg (166.35 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 1435019561852-1.jpg)

Thinking about trying out messing at least once.

>How much trouble is it to really clean up after you mess?

>How fast does it take to smell it and is it true its far worst of a smell then if you went in a toilet?

>If I put the used diaper in 2 garbage bags than into a 3rd bigger one will that mask the smell?

>will the room smell like shit after?

I just wonder if it's more trouble than it's worth.

236264  No.86289


Pretty much have to shower to get completely clean and get the smell off you

Smell depends on a lot, but for me its instantly noticeable.

Smell may be masked with a few tightly sealed bags, but only for a few days. Store in an outdoor bin

Room will definitely smell for some time, but if done on occasion, wont smell bad permanently. Open windows and/or use air fresheners.

aa984e  No.86291

File: 216bbb07a2c879a⋯.jpg (211.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1435019677267-2.jpg)


I was thinking shower almost right away, have my window open. spray a lot of fabreze, triple bag the used diaper, toss it in the trash outside. I want the smell in my room to go away quick and for the can outside not to reek of human shit. I'd be throwing it out Friday night and pick up for trash is Monday morning. That's if I even do this. I don't really shave, so I'd need to wash like crazy too, I bet.

236264  No.86293


Im unshaved, as long as it doesnt travel to the front, you should be fine. Also I would wipe down the area with something to get rid of as much as you can before you step in the shower. That stuff sticks to the drain pipes. Also be ready to wipe down practically any surface in and between your room in case something goes wrong, especially in the bathroom. Besides that you should be good as long as you use common sense

9fba89  No.86294

File: 787cd6276f4837f⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 1018x1018, 1:1, 1522675969904.jpg)


>How much trouble is it to really clean up after you mess?

I know this is kind of a gross answer but the truth is that it depends how messy your shit is, it can actually be pretty easy if everything goes right. Most people shower right after, but I usually don't. Instead, I just use a bunch of baby wipes but I don't have any hair down there and I usually don't spread it around very much so that probably helps.

>How fast does it take to smell it and is it true its far worst of a smell then if you went in a toilet?

In my experience it takes ~10 seconds to smell it, and while I think that the smell spreads faster I actually think it smells worse in the toilet I think because the water makes it smell worse.

>If I put the used diaper in 2 garbage bags than into a 3rd bigger one will that mask the smell?

I don't know, but I put my messy diapers (on the rare occasion that I do mess) into two special odor masking bags and that seems to do the job well enough, especially after I throw a bunch of other shit in the trash on top of it.

>will the room smell like shit after?

In my experience no, but I don't stay in them for more than 20 minutes so that might be why.

9fba89  No.86295



oh and also forgot to mention- my trashcan has a lid and that really really helps with stopping the smell from spreading

aa984e  No.86321




I'm having second thoughts now. I guess I see why a lot of people just never bother going that far.

773f01  No.86322


If you want to get the feeling of messing without much smell you can use bananas and/or enemas. Go to the toilet first so you're empty, then insert your preferred combination of bananas, water, and glycerine/marshmallows. It will feel just like a real mess, but the smell will be greatly reduced because your diaper will mostly be full of banana mush rather than poop.

You'll still probably want to take a shower afterwards though, especially if you haven't shaved down there. It just makes the clean-up a bit less gross.

07b088  No.86359


masturbating furiously in a shitty diaper makes the smell way worse, people upstairs were complaining about the smell. now I use a window fan, burn incense and candles and use a ton of air freshener spray.

I have to walk down a hallway and past a living area to get to the bathroom to clean up after crapping in my room. When I go by people I didn't want to stink so I sprayed air freshener on my balls and asshole but that really burned the skin. I cried in the shower for 20 minutes before the pain went down.

cleanup the first few times was real ugly, but now I can change my fully loaded diaper quickly and silently in the dark without getting shit all over the walls and carpet. I always wrapped the diaper in multiple garbage bags and waited until night to sneak it to the outside garbage can. It's all a huge risk but I think it is absolutely worth it. besides the best fapping i have ever had sleeping in a diaper is also really great(messy or clean). even just browsing the internet and wearing a diaper non-sexually is super fun, I highly recommend.

648600  No.86381

Is this board becoming more active? I feel like it has been recently.

f1a60e  No.86385


It wouldn't surprise me, the ABDL "community" as a whole has exploded over the last 2 years.

9fba89  No.86386


>I sprayed air freshener on my balls and asshole but that really burned the skin. I cried in the shower for 20 minutes before the pain went down.

this is retarded and hilarious


I don't feel like it is, but I don't know. I don't look at the posts per hour or number of unique ips, so


yeah, it's a big hassle so I don't do it very often but I do think it feels good enough to justify being an every once in awhile thing

6bb640  No.86410

Has anyone ever tried jello in their diaper?

f08fee  No.86411


It's not. There's been an influx of stupid babies that can't read though making threads that really don't need answered cause they can't check catalog.

76d2be  No.86414


I recommend you doing it least once. I rarely mess, maybe two times a month when everything is good. When I do, I take a bath soon after and I keep the used diaper inside two plastic bags before throwing it out. I also don't take laxatives, I use an glycerine suppository, it works really well.

If you plan to do it, be sure you'll be alone for the next 2 hours or so, then enjoy it. Keep the house well aired and you'll be fine.


I noticed it too. It's live waves, suddenly we have a lot and then it's gone. Most don't even read the faq and don't know even how to quote, they paste the entire URL of a thread when they want to link.


>jello in their diaper

When you flood your diaper, you're basically sitting in jello.

69b17b  No.86420

6bb640  No.86422


Yes but you're feeling the interior not the gel

76d2be  No.86426

>>86422 (checked)

If you want to feel the gel, just soak the diaper a lot then sit on it. Do this on a bed pad or in a easy to clean place.

My personal recommendation is wearing a fresh diaper and taking shower.

4a5f7e  No.86469

My boyfriend loves it when I mess my diaper, and he finds it extremely hot to clean up the shit while changing me. The problem is, I never need to poop enough while he's around. Are there any specific foods I can eat beforehand, that make need to poop more? Any help would be very appreciated.

4a5f7e  No.86470


Of course you can, but I don't expect it to hold very much.

a933b2  No.86507


People upstairs were complaining?? What the fuck were you doing, man? I can't imagine a single contained mess transcending floors inside a building.

5bf869  No.86512


No substitute for the good stuff like vegetables and fruit (sprouts, broccoli, pears, apples, prunes, etc.), but powdered fiber supplements are legit. Especially if you already have a lot of fiber in your diet.

Drink a good amount of water too and they'll make sure you stay full and turn all of your messes to mush. Flavored stuff like metamucil and citrucel will turn your shit orange, so stick with straight psyllium if you and/or your boyfriend want normal messes.

76d2be  No.86525


The guy must have some Über fecal matter that transcends any type of plastic bag. The kind of shit that you get for eating a dead vulture with doritos, moutain dew and eggs.

07b088  No.86531


I messed a ton in a diaper, did some extreme humping in diaper, took a nap in the messy diaper, then fapped again when I woke up. I probably sat in the diaper for too long after that. I had all windows open to air out the place and when I passed the people upstairs they mentioned a horrible diarrhea smell.

1e21ab  No.86554

I’ve never worn before and since my parents are going out of town for a week I’m thinking of buying and wearing while they’re away. I’m thinking I’ll get some Abena M4s delivered from Amazon by paying for quick shipping. I was trying to nofap but the idea just entered into my head and now I’m jittery with anticipation. God I can’t wait to see myself with a big, padded butt

4bb971  No.86653

Has anyone got a recommendation for babyish thigh-high socks for a 6', 175 pound man? I see a lot of options out there, but I don't know if they will fit my legs. I would prefer blue/pink and white striped socks.


I like enemas. They are the only thing I've ever tried to give me a completely helpless accident in a timely manner

897593  No.86659


>best forced diaper use laxative?

I have not tried all of them, but here are the ones I can speak for.

Marshmallows: So long as you actually have poop in your rectum when administered, these can be spectacularly effective. You usually hear about using a few big ones, but in the past I have always used a lot of small ones, since that is what I have. The urge will build over time, coming in waves. I have done this a number of times, and have found that it only works if your "cannon" is "loaded" (if you were to try to poop and would be unable to at the time of administration, it probably wont do much other than make you feel really desperate. But despite having overwhelming urges, there just wont be anything to come out. You will just fire "blanks".) Additionally, the urges come in waves. It IS possible to hold it long enough for the urges to recede, however if you have a large enough load this should be next to impossible. Another possible downside is that it can be very uncomfortable with cramping and whatnot. Conclusion: definitely try it at least once or twice and see what you think.

Soap: Carving off a few chunks of bar soap and slipping them up your but will irritate your rectum, causing it to try to remove the irritant. (Ill give you 3 guesses how it does this :) ) I have always tried to round off the soap chunks before inserting them so they are not pointy or jagged/sharp when inside. That being said, its just soap, its not like you are putting something hard and rigid up there like bones or something. This can give you similar involuntary messes as marshmallows, but doesnt create as powerful an urge or a goopy, sugary mess. Downsides: still produces some discomfort, but not nearly as much as marshmallow. It really just feels like you have to poop, but 1000x stronger. Where Marshmallows will make you unable to hold it, the soap will make you have to go with such ferocity that you wont be able to stop yourself from pushing on purpose.

Enemas: I have tried these a few times. You dont necessarily need special equipment for this. I have used fishtank airline tubing in the past. (with a back-check valve to ensure nothing comes back out) I will get a length of tubing, a cup, and insert one end into my bottom. Next, I take a pocket knife or pair of scissors (anything capable of cutting the tube will work) and cut a slit into the end not in my butt. This is so I cant get the two ends mixed up in the future. Next, I fill the cup with water and take a drink. Instead of swallowing, I pouch it in my mouth and then force it into the tube. (hence the reason for the back-check valve, which is commonly available along with the tubing from any pet or aquarium store) Do this until you have the desired amount of water inside, then pull out the tube and diaper up. You can also blow air in along with the water to make for a noisier mess, again using just your mouth. If you do have a fishtank air pump, this can be used to speed up this part. I had mixed feelings on enemas. I feel like on their own, it would not force me to mess. but it does make it a lot easier to lose control.

Maple syrup: Simply use a syringe or dropper to squirt some maple syrup up your butt. This works in a similar way to the marshmallow. The high sugar content irritates your rectum wall. You can warm it up, but dont over do it for obvious reasons. This can be very effective, butt you need to have enough in there for it to work.

Any of these can also be used in combination with each other, although an enema would dilute the maple sugar quite rapidly.

2799fb  No.86664


I personally think it's more trouble than it's worth. I put a banana in the microwave for a few seconds, squish it up and put it in my diaper. It feels just like mess but it doesn't stink. I get alot of squishy fun out of it without feeling disgusted with myself

bb63f3  No.86670

whats the diaper in op?

6aa8e2  No.86671


Fabine Xmas

07b088  No.86694

File: 06e8f05540593cf⋯.jpg (99.29 KB, 1246x576, 623:288, amazon.jpg)


I will also be alone this weekend and I am planning on being a tremendous faggot.

02a5af  No.86695

Hey mod, can we do something about people creating constant new threads of "where can I find more of this girl?" We already have several image and video request threads, but looking at the catalog I count 9 different "more of this plz" threads. And that's not even counting threads dedicated to specific artists like cushypin.

7b8a79  No.86776

Has anyone used thick cloth diapers? I've considered getting a few for casual wetting

76d2be  No.86789


They're new users. Some threads, I simply delete, while others I place the anchor.

There's not much we can do about it, they have to learn how to use the catalog and, specially, how to read.

That's what happens when there's a huge influx of newfags and why I don't want exposure of this board. It's nothing new, read about the "Eternal September" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_September.

6484a8  No.86797


Winter never came

f5e9da  No.86801


That's odd, it seems like there should be some way for BO's to link a thread to an already existing one. Maybe something where it'd be possible to move that persons new thread post into the proper pre-existing thread. Which then you could delete the new one, but still allow that person's post to be seen by others.

I'm not sure since I've never been a BO or anything like it. I'm also shit when it comes to programming or writing code that would allow that…so really I'm just talking out my ass.

734682  No.86804


Send them to the concentration corner.

1e21ab  No.86817


I hope we can both have a lot of fun, anon! I'm pretty excited

846ab1  No.87145

so I've only ever bought diapers from a thrift store and wear 2 or 3 at once (Covidien wings and attends breathable briefs) and i've noticed the tapes never give out, and i can reuse the outer layer diapers pretty easy without the tapes ripping off or anything. my question is, are abdl diapers like this as a whole? i don't typically wet every time i wear one and i get more out of the sensation of wearing it, so long-lasting tapes are what im looking for. again I don't have experience with the higher end abdl diapers.

d5ca87  No.87148

Yes and no.

If you're just worried about the tapes ripping or failing, most all abdl quality diaper tapes will last a pretty long time, as long as you get the right size and don't get baby powder on em.

If you want to be able to adjust them repeatedly, that's kind of a property of those cloth diapers. They use a combination tape+velcro that can be readjusted repeatedly without losing much stick, where as almost all abdl diapers use straight up tape, which doesn't like to be peeled off too many times.

Some exceptions: The Preschool Cloth backed by Abuniverse are cloth diapers with the velcro tapes, so you'll get the same quality tapes on a high quality diaper.

Abena (not technically abdl, but still high quality) have a fancy two layer tape: they have a backup tape over top of the first, so you can peel a bonus tab off if you need to readjust.

Rearz tapes are relatively high quality, and don't lose their stick too bad, so you can readjust them a couple times without too much worry

3c48b0  No.87153


>Some exceptions: The Preschool Cloth backed by Abuniverse are cloth diapers with the velcro tapes, so you'll get the same quality tapes on a high quality diaper.

Did they update their design? Because the ones I bought a year ago have a plastic landing strip and adhesive tapes

8c34b3  No.87154

I went out to get a pack of different diapers today from the store, and felt kinda.. observed. Felt like everyone that looked at me knew.

How do you guys, those that actually buy in stores, to be looked at? I kinda mumble to myself like I´m buying for someone else, and act like that but.. I still feel watched.

3c48b0  No.87155


>I kinda mumble to myself like I´m buying for someone else

Autistic as fuck.

No one cares about diapers as much as you do. That's the simple way to put it. In short no one gives a fuck what you're buying or why. I work in retail and the only customers I remember are rude ones, and this one very tall gay guy who tried on women's clothes in the fitting room. That's it.

In the unlikely event that anyone gives a shit enough to look at what you're buying, and the even more unlikely event that they care enough to waste time wondering if it's for you or someone else, they'll have forgotten by tomorrow

16607e  No.87156


>I kinda mumble to myself like I´m buying for someone else

Beta tbh. That draws unwanted attention to the purchase and you in itself. 99% of cashiers don’t give a shit and just want to go home. You’re just paranoid. I’m the same way

20b793  No.87160


stop being a fucking pussy and just buy the diapers you autistic bitch and a half

1e21ab  No.87161

File: 54cb9aad4de4ece⋯.png (448.72 KB, 600x624, 25:26, 05981E79-332A-4EA1-B166-A5….png)

>tfw you really have to shit but there’s a chance your diapers could arrive today

What will come first, a fun messing experience or an actual messing? Stay tuned

87bf6b  No.87167


I do it all the time. My teddy Bambinos have really good tapes and I can just keep reusing them however if you get even a little water on them they become useless. That that point I wet them. Good times and it really stretches my diaper budget

87bf6b  No.87168


From personal experience nobody cares. I just walked up to the diapers looking at memes on my phone smiling and chuckling like everything was normal. Casher scanned it paid for it and left. Easy as that

aacfa8  No.87191

If you see a hot chick in public, is your first thought "what would she look like in diaps?"

66cf19  No.87193


Yes. Of course it would be. I think about how hot a girl would look in diapers before I think any other sexual thoughts about them.

aacfa8  No.87198


does this bother you?

02a5af  No.87199


Just poop your pants you fucking faggot

846ab1  No.87229


normally it goes without a hitch. but one time i was buying from a goodwill and the cashier goes

>Diapers. *adult* diapers. interesting choice.

had no choice but to give the beta 'not for me' mumble. has only happened once though.

9ab92e  No.87234

File: d3434e740a7faf1⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2273x2799, 2273:2799, DiaperCostComparison-May20….png)

Updated an old comparison chart.

Do with this what you will.

e29973  No.87318


That is EXACTLY what I´m afraid of, especially since some cashiers around here are talkative, always trying to chat when things are slow. Happens with regular grocery buying all the time, so far didn´t happen while buying diapers though.

c9a675  No.87474

Would anyone know a diet to follow for a few days or so before messing to get the firmest mess possible? I've seen the Joyangeles videos where they're able to make a huge, firm mess, and I think something along the lines of that is what I'm trying to do, maybe just not as big. I like the idea and feeling of messing but the biggest problem for me is the smell and cleanup. I think it would be a lot more tolerable and would feel better. If I do end up finding something that works I'd plan to start taking chlorophyll a couple weeks beforehand to try helping with the smell, too.

b572c1  No.87475

Got Outted a few days ago. Fucking porch pirates (apt complex) Guess they didnt like what they saw so they put the opened package back.(Diapers) No one has said anything and doubt they will, unless they want to admit to theft. Still unnerving.

66cf19  No.87497


I tell everyone this, but get a PO box or UPS box, or FedEx box.

I live in New Orleans, not in a bad area, but still if any packages get brought to this house, then it's pretty much guaranteed they will disappear within a few hours.

Just get everything shipped to a PO Box instead. Actually FedEx boxes and UPS boxes are better because they count as actual addresses for the places that don't ship to PO Boxes.

9fba89  No.87510

File: c9b6f5f3733f425⋯.jpg (72.54 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 6618F929-CB8D-4CE4-A547-00….jpg)

File: 401618ce413ee72⋯.jpg (106.32 KB, 958x576, 479:288, _20180630_191809.jpg)

File: 44a85f0b3eaec30⋯.jpg (227.36 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, b022ac553e014adcaeb6bc22fe….jpg)


>MegaMaxes have the highest max estimated absorbency by 250 even topping PeekABUs

wow I guess I have to buy them now, everyone's saying they're good anyways. I guess this is what happens when a bonafide medical diaper company uses its resources to make an ABDL diaper


wow that's actually pretty funny imagining the person's reaction, but as long as they aren't actually "outting" you like telling everybody that you ordered diapers, then that's not too bad. but like the other anon said you should just get a box if you want to avoid that stuff




Obviously the only correct thing to do is to be confident and if anyone asks or gives you a look because of the diapers you just tell them you piss and shit in them everyday and then laugh

66f2dd  No.87516


>medical diaper company uses its resources to make an ABDL diaper

I wouldn't call them an, "ABDL Diaper," but they definitely scratch all the right itches for me. If you catch my drift. When those bad boys swell, it's like someone walking along cupping your balls the whole time.

d7f39c  No.87519


Northshore is a really awesome company. Massive props to them for making great products, having good customer service and being accommodating to the AB/DL community. I hope I get the chance to try some MegaMaxes soon!

9fba89  No.87523


yeah I guess that's fair, there's maybe nothing about the diaper that is inherently ABDL. I tend to just refer to anything that's large, swells up and has a high capacity as an ABDL diaper because I feel like the majority of the demographic that buys them is ABDL

4832ed  No.87536




So far as bringing this up with a partner goes I found it pretty easy. We agreed we were both into abdl and we would slowly "try new stuff together".

Started gently, colouring book and crayons, paci, sippy cup, then I was like, "last thing to try is diapers I guess, you up for it?"

Now it's pretty much routine. If you dance around the subject a bit it will come as much less of a shock and appear to fit in as a part of your wider sexual experience together. Also for us, this has made them much more enjoyable because they aren't the focus but an addition to great foreplay

4832ed  No.87537


Crap meant both into ddlg

1b9301  No.87540


The smell is hot don't worry about it, really the only issue is cleanup if you rolled around in your stinky diaper

aa984e  No.87598


For what it's worth, Bambino ships to fedex stores

cf7125  No.87602

is abdl shit common now, or what?

>meet guy at gay bar

>he's obviously into it, notes my wet spots, I hand him a diaper, lots of very dl language exchanged

>once we leave tho its revealed that hes a fukken crackhead

>seeming third wheel is definitely not down to do some crack, nor am I

>evade but bring third wheel with me

>third wheel guy is really clingy onto me

>subtly mention and outright tell "I'm wearing a diaper; you won't like me; go away, go home"

>had already unzipped fly just to show as if to go "I'm weird; please go be not weird away from me"

>eventually at a bus stop literally strip my diaper off and shove it in his face in an honest attempt to get this guy to FUCK OFF just from sheer offense and weirdness

>hes somehow ok with this

>someone I know walks by and goes "Hey [my name]!"

>I can only go "Whats up [his name]" as he walks by, while i am shoving a wet diaper into a man's face

the fuck is wrong with people these days

whys it so hard to be a degenerate

66cf19  No.87604


This sounds hella fake.

cf7125  No.87605


anything is possible when you go out a lot and drink even more

for every night where silly shit happens, theres hundreds where i go home quietly with no story to speak of

33500d  No.87625

File: 4024cc0cb484299⋯.jpg (95.69 KB, 867x685, 867:685, m9p7pgtph3v21.jpg)

>first time wearing today

>tinkling in my littlepawz, playing vidya and drinking beer

life can be nice sometimes, frens

bfe680  No.87657

gf was easily able to fit goodnites l/xl and loved them. what are the largest baby diapers we could try?

aacfa8  No.87704


first time ever? enjoy and stay hydrated with water


pampers 8 are the biggest. it's easier to find luvs 6 or pampers 7 tho

aacfa8  No.87705

a8a6c0  No.87716


Fake as fuck, putting some girls face on pictures from UKDG

aacfa8  No.87718


just wanted to confirm. It is Chole right? Thanks for responding

62b0b0  No.87732


Yep, first time ever! I gotta say, I'm pretty happy I held out and got myself a proper ABDL diaper instead of being a horny teenager and buying some gay pampers. Unfortunately, I did forget a bit about the water part so I got a minor headache, but it's fine!

2b62ba  No.87751

i've only been able to sleep an entire night wearing a diaper once. every other time i try i end up waking up in the middle of the night and taking it off.

what's the deal? any insight?

aacfa8  No.87798


Lol even if you don't wear dips, it's important to drink enough water throughout the day!


Why do you take it off? Cause it's uncomfortable?

8a0852  No.87800


hahaha yeah man, but I was way too into it so I just forgot. fuckin littlepawz, I love 'em

39f2a2  No.87801

God a pretty good question. What happened to Princess Erin? They were great captions, but Erin disappeared from my radar.

aacfa8  No.87803


brah don't forget. Wearing dips should actually make you remember to drink water. Good choice with the littlepawz

d7f39c  No.87806


I mean really lol. When I wear I drink way more water then normal. Usually chug a glass right after I diaper up because I want to soak myself immediately.

aacfa8  No.87808


don't chug water. take gulps and sips throughout the day. if you plan to pad up, just take more frequent sips/gulps. I like to make sure I'm hydrated BEFORE I pad up because clear pee=squisher diap

aa984e  No.87880


I'm a water chugger myself. I do drink enough during the day, but when I wear I have a full glass of water or 2 and keep more near by. I don't try and see how long I can hold it since I have a good idea on that, I just like sitting in a wet one so I try and get there as soon as I can,

d7f39c  No.87886


Yep if you chug a big glass you should be wet in about 15-20 minutes. Great feeling.

2b62ba  No.87930


yea, it's super uncomfortable.

260bb3  No.87945


What's uncomfortable about your diaper? Too hot? Chaffing? Leg gathers biting in to your thighs? Is your diaper wet?

Wearing anything you dont normally sleep in will take time to adjust to normalcy. Keep trying. For reference, I can now hardly sleep without a diaper now.

2b62ba  No.87982


a mix of being too hot and being wet. it probably doesn't help that i live in florida.

969687  No.88068

anyone bought those tykable training pants? how are they?

ac5d04  No.88083

What's the best way to stop chaffing in latex diaper covers?

Thin lube, thick lube, powder, or something else?

e1ba0f  No.88185

Is it possible to hire a caretaker to basically baby me in a non-sexual fashion

c2dd77  No.88187

98d668  No.88216


What about breastfeeding? It's technically food

e1ba0f  No.88218


You might be able to find someone who is into lactation

aacfa8  No.88230


cute chick that sells content

123560  No.88298

File: 5df5894561cd473⋯.png (81.86 KB, 680x427, 680:427, ea0.png)

I just posted something about wearing diapers on r9k. The reactions were kinda toxic and cancerous. Just as I expected xD

39479c  No.88307

What's a good way to hold water/pee for a long time with letting out?

The more held, the better

c5299e  No.88310

File: b9697a06e4f5b5b⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 748x578, 22:17, NASA.jpg)

Do you think you'll get to wear NASA-diapers when NASA invites you to their Space-Station Hotel?

502093  No.88336


Link to post? Kinda curious because we're seen as scum tbqh


I wish. Aren't they giant pullup boxer briefs that are the most absorbant diapers ever made. Id pay a heafty price for a pair. I can imagine hard wettings all day and it would be dry still

47d487  No.88351


The MAG (Maximum Absorbency Garment) was designed back in the early 70's and they ran out of their original production run some time in the mid 80's. Since then they have purchased from commercial manufacturers in small batches as needed.

eb1fb9  No.88352


Please don't tell me you were demanding Chijo to wear them in his shitty thread

b02b66  No.88395

I told my bf about my diaper wearing and I don't think he likes it. I hope he doesn't think about me differently. We have a DDLB relationship so I thought he would be ok with it. I don't think he'll break up over it but it's quite embarrassing and I don't think I should have told him. Has anyone else told a bf or gf about diapers

b02b66  No.88396

File: b70895a1936f9ad⋯.jpg (120.84 KB, 806x605, 806:605, spacecraft-dscf0218.jpg)



Basically enormous pullups. They have a massive capacity of 900cc of fluid

fd648a  No.88397


I told mine. He finds their usage disgusting but he's cool with me indulging in it as long as I don't do anything dirty while he's around. Could be worse, could be better, eh…

4670dc  No.88403


Halfchan /r9k/? They're pretty chill about it usually. Might've gone in too strong with a sissy pic and talking about self inflicted incontinence. But yeah there used to be regular diaper threads and amazingly they were probably the least autistic threads on the board

0d9d97  No.88407


A WHOPPING 900CC? Dang, were they just all pulp or something?

0fd338  No.88413

File: c2ebe047a36a174⋯.gif (25.14 KB, 572x338, 22:13, DACT.gif)


Yep. I find it funny some astronauts get ass mad if you call them diapers. Here's a cutaway to show what it's made of

07b088  No.88429

>"get one last bit of fun out of a dirty diaper by wearing it in the shower letting it swell up to max size"

This sounded good but now I am thinking it is a troll. It was fun for a few minutes at first but then all of a sudden my tub is clogged with shitty diaper pulp and is filling up with shitty water. People are returning home in 30 minutes and i am panicking trying to shovel dissolved diaper insides using my hands and taking it to the trash can, getting gross water all over the bathroom floor.

the smell was terrible but i managed to stomp enough down the drain to get it flowing in time. that cant be good for the pipes at all. Would not recommend fapping in a diaper in the shower.

9fba89  No.88431


I dont have personal experience with this, but it is my understanding that eventually you must tell your significant other about this. If not, they will find out given long enough and it will seriously damage their trust if they see that you've been hiding something like this from them for all this time instead of just being honest. So even if they have a negative reaction it's probably better to tell them.

508b67  No.88437


I've done this before. Never got to the point where it actually explodes yet but the added weight and bulk makes it much harder to dispose of

508b67  No.88438

I bought some Abu space diapers and made the mistake of ordering large. These are stupidly huge and go up to my ribcage. What's my best course of action to get maximum use with minimal leaks?

aa984e  No.88444


I wonder how soft those are.


I used to post there a long time ago. Never saw any threads about it there.

4670dc  No.88445


Id say January of 2 years ago was the peak. Some furfag ruined the threads by spamming them and replying to himself

bd4d40  No.88449


I've done it a handful of times in my Bambinos. Usually the tapes get a little wet and the weight of the diaper makes the tapes fall off. Idk how you can make it explode

6aa8e2  No.88499

I need some new /abdl/ related things to do, I ran out of them a while ago.

Forced diaper messing? Doing something in public? bad idea I know

98d668  No.88504


Just poop in your pants your fucking faggot

508b67  No.88511


What is the most you have done in public?

6aa8e2  No.88513


Messing myself very late at night, that's about it.

ca36f0  No.88551

File: f5259891e92cb5b⋯.jpg (101.62 KB, 548x550, 274:275, 2019-06-13_22.38.46.jpg)

Just a funny meme

66f2dd  No.88572

File: cd871a53453d16a⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 336x400, 21:25, stoppit.jpg)

6c2a84  No.88589


Nice English.

0ad56a  No.88592


Apple has free next day shipping

309588  No.88692

File: 654b684981e2427⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 2432x4320, 76:135, IMG_20190616_105732229_HDR.jpg)

Based target with adult sized cart seats

fd7a30  No.88793

File: 92d5625f61aedc5⋯.png (91.44 KB, 319x361, 319:361, underwear party.png)

There'll be an underwear party at a local gay club soon. How terrible an idea is it to go there diapered instead of wearing a jock strap or panties or whatever? I'm real fukken tempted to go show off some Magnificos or PeekABUs, talk me out of it


stuffers (more for wicking than absorbency) or use them for night where you'll be laying down

b4779a  No.88794


>talk me out of it

Are you seriously asking that, or are you just looking for some rando to tell you it's a bad idea so you don't feel bad for pussying out at the last minute?

Maybe check with the event organizer on what's acceptable attire. Also, just don't piss yourself while you're there. You might think it'll be cute, but that ain't what everyone else signed up for.

fd7a30  No.88795

File: c60dad2c7277da1⋯.jpg (306.29 KB, 839x738, 839:738, 1557371318.deruuyo_diaperf….jpg)


>just looking for some rando to tell you it's a bad idea so you don't feel bad for pussying out at the last minute?

basically this

>Maybe check with the event organizer on what's acceptable attire.

not trying to be snarky, but how do you propose asking the DJ if I can wear diapers to his event or not

40663a  No.88797


"Hey, DJ, would it be okay if I wear a diaper to the underwear party you're hosting?"

b4779a  No.88807


I've pussied out of way too much to tell someone else to do the same. Wear that fuckin diaper, fag

edb6dc  No.88820

Rearz Barnyard r gud. Thank you for listening frens. That is all.

e4e89d  No.88821


If you are that genuinely terrified of someone thinking that the diapers are for you, presumably a young-looking adult man - and I'm telling you, most people don't even know this fetish exists, so they wouldn't even BE ABLE to come up with that idea - then spend less energy trying to convince OTHER PEOPLE that you aren't buying them for you to use, and use that mental energy to temporarily convince YOURSELF that you aren't. If you act like what you are doing is normal in this world, 99+% of people take it at face value. Period. We're all just stupid, inattentive apes. You could walk down main street covered in blood, and if you walked like that wasn't something you had to conceal, people would just rationalize that what you're doing makes sense and they're missing something.

e4e89d  No.88822


Don't even try to deny that they're for you directly. What you should be doing instead is act like you hadn't even considered being confronted with that. Raise your eyebrow, make THEM feel weird for bringing it up.

f5e9da  No.88824


What if you wore diapers, and then put some underwear over them? Like hey I need these diapers, but didn't wanna be out of theme so I put on some boxers or something.

28be5f  No.88835


>not the worst idea. I think I have some cheap lacy womens "lounge wear" that could go well over a diaper but still be a little revealing. the theme is explicitly summer heat and especially mesh clothes but breezy/skimpy lounge stuff kinda fits I guess

4841e6  No.88856


reporting back having got these.

there's just basically a thin layer of towel in them they're kind of handy though. i thought my personal hygiene was amazing but these look dirty almost all the time.

would really recommend as a general purpose underwear rather than anything to do with this fetish. now has anyone tried baby pants trainers or rearz?

9a3d9b  No.88886

I've been using powder with diapers for a while now and I decided a few months ago to powder my diapered area even while I'm wearing underwear. It's helped with my comfort at work since it gets hot. I didn't know just a little baby powder before work could make such a big difference with chaffing. Not to mention it smells good.

d24530  No.88945

File: 19127c1b9f51d3d⋯.jpg (88.82 KB, 676x468, 13:9, D8Al8CuW4AEso7r.jpg)

Just broke things off and cut contact with my mommy/roleplay parther who I've known about two years now. Shit hurts. Bad. But it'll save me on stress and worry in the long run.

Daily reminder to be cautious in falling for e-girls and online relationships. Shit's a fucking meme 99% of the time and I went against my better judgement going into it.

edb6dc  No.88947


Nice blog.

e1ead0  No.88955


Let the fag spill his emotions, damn. It's a general discussion thread afterall. What exactly did she do >>88945?

6aa8e2  No.89017

>cleaned myself out with a enema yesterday

>took some physillium husk powder

>repeating that until next Wednesday

>insert suppository

>hope for gigantic mess

Wish me luck /abdl/!

66cf19  No.89018

File: c374b7ce03a4389⋯.png (414.94 KB, 831x1153, 831:1153, d4il3ks-0ca7bce7-2a94-48aa….png)


RFSwitched's DeviantArt account got taken down. Anyone else know anything else about this?

fd3d79  No.89021


Most likely it turned out to be a fat middle-aged dude, not a mommy.

e0296f  No.89029


RF has been chancing it for years with DA admins. These kinda suspensions aren't anything new on that site.

fd7a30  No.89069

File: 82f3f2503027925⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1560543709408.jpg)

>everyone into changing a guy speaks with that weird hushed cooing voice straight out of garbage hypno vids

is it so much to ask to have a guy who is both at least just okay with me being diapered and who speaks like a normal goddamn person

>aww. look at you.. your diaper… so much pee in it.. wow… you like that dont you… wow.. huh… wow… huh… so full… for me… wow…

would you speak to your bedwetting nephew or incontinent grandpa like that? Come the fuck on, stop making this weirder than it has to be, all I wanted was to watch some fucking Top Gear goddamn

also why do they all look like this or like this but fat

stereotypes dont need to be this real

11b6bb  No.89077



Also checked

6aa8e2  No.89112


Well, fuck, that didn't work out. I hoped to hold it until Wednesday but I ended up going to the toilet this evening.

897593  No.89117

I am looking for diapers that match these criteria (in no particular order)

1) velcro/hook and loop style tapes (as opposed to adhesive)

2) discreet when worn (not loud, possibly cloth backed, but would be fine with plastic as long as it wasnt loud)

3) reasonable price + shipping to midwestern USA

4) At least moderate absorption. I dont need it to hold 56 wettings or anything, but I want to be able to use it more than once or twice without having to stop and worry about leaking.

5) discreet shipping and bank statement

Anyone know of a diaper that fits all these, or even some of them?

2b62ba  No.89132


I think Tykables is all hook-and-loop fasteners. I wouldn't call them reasonably priced by any means, though.

fd7a30  No.89148


they are, and they're priced about as evenly as any other ABDL diaper that isn't made by Rearz at this point.

66cf19  No.89150



Yeah, all ABDL diapers are expensive as fuck. I still pay it though. Colorful designs and thick plastic diapers just send me into a whole nother world.

6aa8e2  No.89176

File: e2b332eea875af4⋯.png (28.25 KB, 432x437, 432:437, Knipsel.PNG)

Input, everyone? Ordering real soon.

c2dd77  No.89209


Great picks, based on personal experience. Consider adding a pack of boosters and a pair of plastic pants.

aa984e  No.89213

File: 65f227389ce3ced⋯.png (547.63 KB, 800x757, 800:757, 14085572832.png)


Not bad. I enjoy the rearz myself.


>Consider adding a pack of boosters

I plan on restocking soon, how worth it are boosters? do they just help them feel thicker? How many more wettings can I get with them.

I got myself a pacifier. I like it, but I need to dip it in something so it doesn't taste so bland

c2dd77  No.89233


Boosters make diapers thicker when dry and squishier when wet, but also tend to distribute the wetness better to the back, so you can make the most out of a diaper without having to lie on your back when you wet.

If you notice there's often not much pee in the back of your diaper when you change, this means you might get 2 or 3 (or more) wettings worth out of every diaper, but 1 extra wetting is the bare minimum if you get the 1300mL ones.

Basically, boosters will usually get completely soaked through before even getting to the diaper and is much cheaper than doubling up, if that's something you do.

They also seem to help with leaks, since pee that goes through the soaker won't have to be contained by the leak guards.

c2dd77  No.89236


I also have a couple pacifiers, which I like to dip in honey and even smear some of it around my lips so they get sticky, for the extra little feeling.

Among the pieces of clothing I bought over the years, I'd highly recommend the back-zip sleepers from LittleKeeperSleeper, which they now make in footed version even for adult sizes (on some but not all colors, I'm 5'7", 150lbs and the size 16 fits perfectly, while the size 18 is actually baggy on me) and I have 2 back-zip/lockable onesies (without crotch snaps) from Cuddlz, one fleece (which includes a built-in pocket for a pillow for that extra waddle factor), the other cotton.

And of course plastic pants, including a lockable pair from Gary, but those I'd recommend most are the flannel-lined ones from Rearz, as they'll actually absorb minor leaks, as opposed to plain plastic pants only containing them and which will still leak if you're really into making the most of your diapers.

aa984e  No.89303

File: ed3f59cbde1d377⋯.jpg (146.48 KB, 440x682, 20:31, 139965689023.jpg)


I'll have to get a pack I guess.


I might get a sleeper one day. It's way to hot for that right now.

I'd love lockable plastic pants to keep me from getting to my diaper. I really need to get my SO to dom me more with this fetish.

edb6dc  No.89337


>which I like to dip in honey and even smear some of it around my lips so they get sticky, for the extra little feeling.

The fuck does having a face covered in honey have to do with being little? Pretty sure most parents clean their kids face before jamming a pacifier in their mouth

edb6dc  No.89338


Don't wanna sound like a shill, but I just got into Rearz Barnyard. Velcro tabs, very thin and flexible when fresh, supposedly 6000ml capacity, cute designs.

Price is up there though, but there's 12 in a pack rather than your usual 10

c2dd77  No.89352


There's a lot of things ABDLs do to feel little that wouldn't be good parenting if done to a child, what's your point?

edb6dc  No.89374


Just don't see what the fuck smearing yourself with honey has to do with anything? I can see staying in a diaper too long. But when have you ever known a kid to get their pacifier dipped in honey and smeared all over their face? Just sounds like a you-thing an not a little-thing

6aa8e2  No.89376

>mfw abdlfactory is closed for the time being


1de39d  No.89377


Is ABDL Factory even any good? their stuff looks like low quality knock offs

6aa8e2  No.89379


It's legit, I order my ABDL related shit (CARLOS!) there.

Going to order from SaveExpress in September next time though.

3d8605  No.89389


SUPER legit. I ordered everything there, and didn't have a single problem.

Do we have any information what happened? Will they be back?

da0ac5  No.89393


Not him, but I'd guess it's to emulate how young kids are messy eaters and will sometimes end up with sticky residue around their mouths after snacking.

I probably wouldn't do it myself but it does sound kind of cute and little.

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