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File: abeebb211b9ca1c⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 192x255, 64:85, 474b54993148d72baa7369fc0e….jpg)

47e765  No.86681

If you are smaller than 5 inches it's permanent pamps for you baby boy.

If you are less than 9 you can wear pullups I guess.

I'm gonna giggle at you teeny little weeny.

3808b7  No.86683

The fuck? This thread literally already exists.

e5a1cb  No.86690

If you want to beat your dick to a bunch of fantasies like that then go read the other thread that already exists, fucking stupid bastard.

fbf06b  No.86691



I believe it was recreated since the old one stopped bumping.

The least this person could do is link the old one, though.


f04a4a  No.86711


>tfw not gonna be in permanent pamps

Feels good

ad7ac1  No.86725


B-By 9 you're referring to centimeters, r-right?

3808b7  No.86731

Yes yes. But how small do you need to be for the diapers to be pink?

a3b1b5  No.86732


>implying non-pink options


Oh honey, how did your parents ever miss that you weren't meant to potty-train? We'll fix that right up after we fry those naughty no-no hair follicles and pad you right up.

6b3ab0  No.86733


Kill yourself you fucking creep

8591b3  No.86753

File: f723ccefb081ba5⋯.jpeg (37.18 KB, 720x720, 1:1, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAvohs….jpeg)


Oh goodness what a pouty little fussy baby. Is someone having a tantrum cause their little peepee is so small he needs to be in baby diapers? It's okay little tiny mister. We will get you in your very needed huggies and you can start being a totally little babykins cutiepie.

a3b1b5  No.86758

May as well link the biggest story of last thread.


2f77b4  No.86765


I want more tho

3808b7  No.86768


Th….there are non pink options right? I'm not a little girl after all.

47e765  No.86769

HRT has made my clitty pathetically small, its a good thing I've been in diapers 24/7 for the past 2 years now.

fb4fbe  No.86777

Glad to know a new thread is here. If anyone has questions about chastity or anal toys, I'm always here.

8a5ecb  No.86784


Actually on chastity, are there any chastity devices you would recommend that don't break the bank?

a3b1b5  No.86785


Let me know what you want, I just didn't see what new ground there is beside wash/rinse/repeat anon's day.


Its adorable that you think you're a boy and not just a nubaby that needs the pinkest everything.

aacae1  No.86786


eBay is your friend. Decent quality stuff (especially if you want to try for the first time) for 10-20 dollars

8a5ecb  No.86787


But I am a boy…..

adf8f5  No.86788

Does anyone in this thread remember a greentext from half chan that involved a guy training himself to be a hair trigger? I cant find it on my saved files.


3808b7  No.86795


Well I did get one on Amazon but found out the tube was actually too small, surprising me in that I didn't think they made devices too small for me.

a3b1b5  No.86798


It was cute the first time, but now you're getting into lying territory and the punishments that come with that. The insistence that your clitty could ever qualify you as a boy is laughable. Now tell everyone that you are a nubaby or the paci gag gets soaped and your nose will stay right in that corner.

3808b7  No.86799


Um….er..yes…I…I guess I am a nubaby. Bu…but I still feel like I could at least have some blue diapers……

a3b1b5  No.86800


Are you implying your opinion matters to the grown-ups around you? They picked what was best for you because they are *real* men and women. The best happens to be pink. Any more fussiness will be met with an enema and naptime in your locking crib.

3808b7  No.86805


Yes sir/ma'am.

fa5199  No.86811

I really really like this thread

fa5199  No.86812

Diapers and Chastity go hand in hand, nubabies~

3808b7  No.86813

I very suddenly want captioned images set in some nubaby school or academy.

1d06db  No.86814


If you have to ask this many questions about treatment and size you should probably just prepare yourself for a whole life time of pretty dresses and stuffed animal tea parties. Let's name you Princess Prettykins. Heehee

3808b7  No.86816


(Princess Prettykins)

Yes Sir/Na'am. Thank you Sir/Ma'am.

fa5199  No.86819

>Barely large enough for pull-ups

At least I'm not a complete baby, r-right?

e46e7c  No.86837



This, but not gay

How do the inbetween pee-pees get treated? Non of the stories have really mentioned them with the nubabies, but everyone in the genpop would still they're wearing pullups.

fa5199  No.86839


Maybe the inbetweens have to through like a class where they have to prove that they're mature enough to not wear diapers. The ones who fail get downgraded to diapers and the ones who graduate can make it to big boy pants. Things like pooping your pull-up would be an instant degradation, for example. Shall I try to greentext this? Any other ideas?

3808b7  No.86840


Hmmmm. What are the odds that there would be second generation nubabies? Nubabies whos fathers were also nubabies?

fa5199  No.86842


Well that would mean that there were nubabies who fucked somebody, which is against the idea of nubabies.

3808b7  No.86843


Makes sense. Unless there was a really freaky woman who was into that but good point, I hadnt thought of that.

fa5199  No.86844


Anyway, what was your idea on second generation nubabies? Maybe we can spin somehow

3808b7  No.86845


Just wondering if there would be some stigma or demotion for people who were children of nubabies. Like people suspecting they will be just because their fathers were.

ad7ac1  No.86846

This is stupid, men with small weiners shouldnt be forced to wear diapers this isn't fair… to them

fa5199  No.86847


To them? So you're larger than 9 inches? Pretty impressive

ad7ac1  No.86848


I mean, yeah I guess so

fa5199  No.86850


So you're sure that if I inspect you here and now, I wouldn't have to diaper you?

fa5199  No.86851


So I tried expanding on the idea for a bit. Basically PID takes places just like before but only 9 inchhes and greater get to walk free. Less than 5 inches still get diapered immediately, and inbetweens have to wear pull-ups, even if they were potty trained before.

They have to prove that they were potty trained by going through the maturity courses. Pull-ups can only be taken of to use the potty and only if asked for permission. Having three wetting accidents, one messy accident, taking of your pull-up unsupervised or without permission will get you made into a nubaby. While at this stage, masturbation and intercourse are strictly prohibited and cumming in a pull-up will not only land you in the next nubaby facility but also heavily punished.

Also the definition of what is a wet or messy pull-up can be extend by the nurses/teachers however they like. So if a particular teacher or nurse doesn't like you they might count your pull-up being moist from sweating as a wet accident or if you didn't wipe sufficiently and leave 'brake marks' as a messy accident. So cases of people being turned into nubabies unfairy are very common.

>inb4 autism

feedback is appreciated

a3b1b5  No.86854


My stories didn't mention them because I never took the 9" requirement seriously, plus pull-ups are such a waste, they aren't underwear, they can't really handle an accident, so they aren't a diaper, they are just this mistake.

But if we let the 9" meme be actual canon, then I can't see them being very stigmatized because practically every man would be wearing them. Just makes the men that don't wear them all that more eye-catching. I'm picturing Male dancers in just a pullup and bowtie thrusting their stuff to let the female patrons see that their designs haven't faded.

a3b1b5  No.86865


Well of course you wouldn't wear huggies, those are for babies that haven't failed all expectations. You'll be getting some pink Crinkles that will fit you just fine.

cc8932  No.86879

I'm 6 inches. Can I just get diapered. Pull ups suck big-time

8591b3  No.86880


Well if you're gonna be a big old cutie pie about it I guess we can get you a diaper.

47e765  No.86883

I recently bought a bunch of ABU lavender diapers, perfect for a sissy like me. I also bought a disney princess bedset and some princess shirts in my size.

cc8932  No.86906


I like being a little cutie

eb723e  No.86943

I can't be trusted in a pull-up. I just had a messy accident last week. I need to be in big pink diapers 24/7.

690a72  No.86949

my size and my wet pants have nothing in common, thank you.

a5722d  No.86989

File: f7addbb0b6fd324⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 370x480, 37:48, 1558657808474.jpg)


You keep up this kinda behavior little boy and you're gonna get cuddles and smooches. :3

5d6132  No.86993


I mean, I suppose… But there isn't any need to

2679f2  No.86998

We could at least try to come up with some greentext prompts

f452e0  No.87002

File: 26e3303ecff7e1c⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 4A6F59B7-B190-46B6-84FC-0….jpeg)

I don’t have a ruler but here’s a sharpie for scale. Did I pass?

5d6132  No.87003

This measurement system is so unfair! There needs to be a rebellion against this!

a5722d  No.87005


Oh does the little rebel thing he can be a big boy? No revolution for you. Only babyhood. How can you be a rebel when you can't keep your pants dry and need to be bottle fed cutie?

5d6132  No.87009


By causing an uproar, this isn't fair! why don't girls get the same treatment!

a5722d  No.87010


You're jealous of all the girls? Well maybe we can arrange to get you some pink Pampers. You and all the other little rebels are gonna be so pretty.

5d6132  No.87011


Fuck off! I don't need any stupid pampers!

5d6132  No.87014

Even if I'm not a boy do I still have to be put in pampers if I'm not big enough…?

eb723e  No.87015

I just had another accident in my pull-ups. Can someone please put me back in my diapers?

251b38  No.87016

File: c233205084e3946⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190525_164819.jpg)

So i guess who is gonna diaper this little sissy haha because i know i dont pass

b234f9  No.87019

Sorry if bad, half asleep and horny. Lambast me all you want, I'm sure it helps your ego. ~<3

>be me

>be transgender girl who wears dresses and skirts

>keep my clitty in a cage cause mommy says I can't get rid of it

>not even worried about PID, how could I pass? I'm just a girly girl with a caged peepee!

>PID comes, my diaper is soaked cause were forced to wait in the gym all day till everything is set up

"Anon! You're up!"

>giggle as I skip to the tent.

>sees the nurse and curtsys

Hello nurse! Do you thing I could have a stuffer with my diaper when we're done? I don't want to leak.

>she smiles and has the attendant prepare my next diaper

>untapes my soggy diaper and asks if my mommy gave me the key to my cage

>giggles and hands it over

Yup! Although you don't really need it, I know I'm just a diaper girl!

>she smiles and nods before unlocking my cage

>after pulling off the cage, her eyes go wide


>a schlong so big I feel it hit my knee

>I see confusion and surprise, and get nervous. I can't see what's going on over the dress I'm holding up

M-Miss nurse? What's wrong?

>she snaps out of it and chuckles

Nothing, it's just that you're way to big for diapers and dresses! I don't even have to measure!

>I start to tear up as she tells the attendant to put away the diaper

>I grab her wrist and look her in the eyes

P-please miss! Can't you just, fudge the numbers a bit? I promise it'll get smaller over time! Please! I don't wanna be a boy!

>nurse looks shocked, then smiles.

If that's what you want hun…

>she says as the marks down on her chart 1" where my penis size goes, and then locks back up my princess parts

>I wipe away my tears and hug her

Thank you miss! I promise to be the bestest nubaby girl ever!

>she nods and guides me over to the diapering station

Mark her down for the thickest diapers we have, plus a stuffer! I've not seen a smaller nubaby before!

>before she leaves she winks at me, I smile and give her a thumbs up as I'm laid down on the mat

>soon enough I'm diapered so thick I have trouble walking out the tent

>fall on my padded bum as I exit

>shrug and start crawling towards the rest of the nubabies

Our first and smallest nubaby! Only one inch, that dress suits her! Now onto the next, Chad McThunder, your next!

>smile as she leads a real man into the tent, while I find a dolly to play with

>my diaper gets soggy as I play and giggle at all the boys and girls who are gonna be my new playmates exit the tent and walk towards me, crying and sniffing

>the ones who weren't already diapered are waddling and trying to hide their shame

>too bad they won't get any enjoyment out of this, I think to myself as I feel a rumbly in my tummy

>just let my body push it out, nubabies don't have to worry about their diapers anyways! I'm sure I'll get changed when a grown up deems it time.

>I welcome my new life while squishing in my stinky diaper, happy as I can possibly be!

622407  No.87021



The diaper dystopia can't come soon enough

c1c326  No.87023

my penis is right about 5 inches so, does that mean i barely escape diapers, or did i nearly missed the chance to get away?

a3b1b5  No.87025


Well the wording says 'smaller than' but you can always opt-in to be a nubaby.

df39a8  No.87028

MY little clitty is only 1 inch and mommy says that it needs to be kept in princess diapers so big i have to waddle. I hope p.i.d goes well for me mommy hasn't told me how it works but i hope to not be a nubaby

d4b7f3  No.87029


With one inch I don't think you're going very far

9238d1  No.87043


It's so refreshing to see a sissy that doesn't make a big fuss over his little nubby. Plus, you even went and got all those cute diapers without any grown-ups telling you to. You've been so good, I'm not even gonna spank you for trying to wear big boy pants! Now get out of those ridiculous things before you dribble all over yourself.

dd9d3c  No.87053

Between this thread and the last I keep seeing people bring up girls but I suck at writing so imma throw out an idea and see if anyone wants to roll with it. What if the test for girls is an IQ test? Bimbos wouldn't be able to take of themselves anyway so might as well keep them as babies.

e29368  No.87055


I like this idea, I might try my hand at writing that if I can find time.

a3b1b5  No.87062


Reminds me of some tumblrs before the shitstorm, where there captions and what not of a world where women had their rights revokes, and most wanted to be bought by an owner as a sex-pet rather than be sent to the breeding farms. So they focused all of their attention/education into being a good fuck, none of that useless 'reading' or 'math', and no owner would want a girl that 'thought too much' and knew to go potty.

f04a4a  No.87063


That's a hillarious sight. Imagine a bunch of frail, babydick rebels trying to change the world, only for all of them to have liitle accidents in their pants during their harmless crusades. Tell you what, if you surrender now, I'll consider putting you in pullups, as long as you keep those clean.

de39d2  No.87065


Girls who can't control their emotions

a5722d  No.87089


The week after PID girls are given the Behavioral Regulation Aptitude Test or BRAT for short.

fb4fbe  No.87092



A chinese knockoff cage will be cheap and get you used to it. Other than that, a holy trainer is the next step up.

6b3ab0  No.87093



Stopped reading there

The mental illness was overwhelming

5d6132  No.87096

I wish i wasn't forced to wear these stupid pampers

829323  No.87108


I for one welcome our Pampers police state

5d6132  No.87118


It's just silly and unfair

47e765  No.87143

Being a nubaby sounds comfy as heck

bb0c39  No.87144

File: efd4637668b5efb⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 393x366, 131:122, Imapro.jpg)

Baby boy?

d871d5  No.87149

File: d8f29aacf3e916d⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190527_024901.jpg)


I even did the proper sissy thing and shaved myself :3

f04a4a  No.87151



You'll get used to them overtime, anon.

36aa3a  No.87170


Making me blush

d871d5  No.87192

File: bd3881bf24b791e⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 15589930826821205248110.jpg)

Im so much of a nubaby i put on 4 diapiez :3

9238d1  No.87216

Take note, shrimplets. Instead of whining about how small your winkies are, you could be on a pampered play-date with >>87192. Maybe he can help you all realize that the only thing your peepees deserve is to be swaddled in thick diapers at all times.

a24e88  No.87224

File: 91c897b18b4bcb7⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 500x281, 500:281, hmmmmm.gif)


……..play-dates do sound fun…….What kind of playdate are we talking about though? Does he/she have any cool toys??? THIS IS REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR A PROPER PLAY-DATE!!!

f04a4a  No.87237

File: 6169798fe4ce85c⋯.png (810.36 KB, 960x720, 4:3, __drawn_by_aoi_chizuru__af….png)



That's a good nubaby, putting on so many diapers without such a fuss.


Why's that, anon? Are you sensitive about your penis? If you like, we can measure it for you. There's nothing to be ashamed of if you're 5 inches or less.

d0d54d  No.87238

I'm exactly 4.99 inches please don't put me in a chastity cage!

f04a4a  No.87239

File: de16a087a9de302⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, __otogibara_era_nijisanji_….png)


chastity cage? I'm not gonna put you in one of those, anon. What I will be putting you in however, is a nice, big poofy diaper.

d0d54d  No.87240


But I'm almost 5 inches! Can't I have a pull-up? That's so unfair…

f04a4a  No.87241

File: ed5efdc1921a8cf⋯.jpg (828 KB, 1000x1412, 250:353, __original_drawn_by_kanju_….jpg)


sorry anon, rules are rules. Now let's get you diapered up. Please lie down so I can put you in your first new diaper.

d0d54d  No.87242


>I reluctantly lie down

Please, you don't have to do this. Can't you just round me up to 5 inches miss? I'd do anything in exchange

f04a4a  No.87243

File: 738af7e47bc1edd⋯.jpg (568.87 KB, 1058x794, 529:397, __yukari_otona_akachan_no_….jpg)


Really? Are you sure you wanna wear pullups? What happens if you have a big accident and ruin your pants in public? I don't think you're ready for pullups just yet, anon.

d0d54d  No.87244


I won't have an accident, I swear. I'm potty trained. You can diaper me if I have an accident but please let me try the pull-ups miss, please.

f04a4a  No.87245

File: 7d8a9904bc99e1c⋯.jpg (174.94 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __kasumi_kantai_collection….jpg)


Sorry anon, I can't do that. Can you imagine how many nubabies would ruin their clothes if I let every 4 incher slide into some pullups? Besides, you can have play dates with the other nubabies, and you won't have any responsibilities anymore. All the girls would love to take care of a cutie like you, you know.

d0d54d  No.87246


>I start squirming and resisting you a little

Playdates? I don't want any play dates with all of these one or two inch losers… I'm much bigger than them anyway. Why do we have to be treated the same? Also surely girls wouldn't like to deal with a diapered nubaby…

f04a4a  No.87247


Well that's rather mean, anon. I'm sure the other nubabies would love to play with you. Also, what do you mean "surely girls wouldn't like to deal with a diapered nubaby?" I'm dealing with you right now.

>I finish putting anon in his first adult diaper.

There we go, all diapered up. Now, how about I make a deal with you. You can live with me, and I'll take care of you as if you were my own baby boy. If you behave, I'll even let you touch your big boy parts as a reward.

d0d54d  No.87248


It's not mean, it's the truth. Also you're only dealing with me cause it's your job.

>I start blushing, realizing you already put the diaper on me and send me on my way to becoming a nubaby

Y-You're saying I don't have to life at the nubaby facility, like everyone else? Yes please, that'd be so nice miss.

f04a4a  No.87249


You don't have to live at the nubaby facility at all. You can live with me and I'll feed you, change you, bathe you, cuddle with you, and make sure you feel loved. But I will to take you to the nubaby daycare at least 2-3 times a week, and I'll treat you like a nubaby pretty much all the time, especially in public. Would you still like to live with me, Anon?

d0d54d  No.87250


Yes miss, I promise I'll behave. But you gotta change right after I use my diapees please, I don't want stay in them too long, I'm sure they get so icky

f04a4a  No.87251


Don't worry, I'll be checking your diapers hourly to see if you've had an accidents, and you can always come to me if you have an accident. Now, does nubaby Anon want to take a nap on the car ride home?

>I take anon's hand and lead him outside to the facility parking lot, diaper bag wrapped around one arm.

d0d54d  No.87253


I'm not really feeling tired but I always get sleepy in cars.

>I blush a little at being called a nubaby but realize that's what I am now. I also realize how Lucky I was that you carried out the inspection and not someone else

T-Thanks miss.

f04a4a  No.87254


You're welcome, Anon.

>I hand anon a pacifier, once I strap him into a carseat, attaching the seatbelt and making sure Anon is comfortable.

That's for you, if you need something to suck on while you nap.

>As the car pulls out of the parking lot and onto the main road, I notice anon drifting off in the back seat.

Remember Anon, I'll always love you.

d0d54d  No.87255


>Without even thinking I take the pacifier in my mouth and start sucking on it. As I think about how you managed to turn me from resisting it and hating it to embracing being a nubaby, I start nodding of. Finally I fall asleep excited for me new future.

f04a4a  No.87256

File: 940b4032b13c9fa⋯.jpg (443.06 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, __takami_chika_love_live_s….jpg)


(I hope you enjoy your nubaby life, anon. I gotta go for now, but if you want, I could add you on discord so we can continue our fun another time.)

d0d54d  No.87257


(It was really fun anon, I'd love to talk to you again. You can add me at EE#6395)

8a5ecb  No.87260

Um….so I know I passed and all, but some of those nubabies look like their having fun……do you…..do you think I could try diapers for an hour, maybe two…..just to see what its like?

92b4e1  No.87267


Only if you pick a nubaby who gets to be an adult for a few hours in your place.

…Pick me please

59c741  No.87290


Pretty sure that's for the school to decide, not nubabies like you.

36aa3a  No.87299


No. I'm not sensitive about my pee-pee. I can hold it. I'm a big boy. I don't need diapers.

a24e88  No.87316

File: cd356ed70bcb5e4⋯.jpeg (6.48 KB, 242x208, 121:104, smugwow.jpeg)

pfffft, wow, look at all the silly nubabies, thinking they have an opinion on the matter, when their tiny little man clits made the decision for them~

d0d54d  No.87317



1d06db  No.87321

File: 247f24c6a16fb4b⋯.jpg (103.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1559061072659m.jpg)


No baby. It's huggies for you forever and ever. You're not a big boy at all little baby.

36aa3a  No.87331


Those are just words. I still don't need diapers. (Which btw are you on discord by any chance?)

3808b7  No.87340


So…..can I try it for an hour or two even though I passed?

9238d1  No.87349


Such impatience for a so-called "big boy". If you're this eager to get into a diaper, then maybe they should be permanent. Now pants down and legs up, little one.

d871d5  No.87354



Heeeeeyyyy!! I dont live in a nubaby factory i live by myself thank you very much!!!

19f52d  No.87357

File: fd2f45ea26a5af4⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20180703_004003.jpg)

I've got a little peepee. Perfect for diapers.

8591b3  No.87365


Naw. Discord destroyed my account for "right wing terrorist behavior". Bunch of pussys.


8591b3  No.87366


You are an adorable little babu and a luh you. :3

8a5ecb  No.87367


I….I Just said I'm a little curious, that's all. ….. *drops my pants anyway*

f04a4a  No.87369




Why does a big boy want to go back to diapers? You don't need to wear diapers, you're a responsible young man.

8a5ecb  No.87371


I….I'm Just curious. ….some of then look like their having fun. ….I dunno. …

111d0c  No.87379



Heehee maybe he is a nubaby like all the rest maybe he should have to admit to being a nubaby and beg to be in diapers hahahha

3808b7  No.87380


I…I'm not a nubaby. I…I'm very certain I'm not.

9238d1  No.87381


Sorry anon, but big boys drop their pants for their girlfriends, not for diaper changes. I don't know how you managed to pass inspection, but obviously there's been an mistake on our part. We're sorry for making you think you could be a big boy when you're so clearly destined for diapers. Don't worry though, we'll get you nice and snug into a chastity cage until you more closely resemble the nubaby that you are~

3808b7  No.87382


But I'm bit enough. I'm ten inches. I just wanted to see what it was like….I…In fact don't worry…I changed my mind….*Grabs my pants and starts to lift up*

9238d1  No.87383


Any real grownup would be thrilled to finally get their big boy license. They've already gone off to enjoy their well-earned adulthood. You're the one who's still lingering around the nursery, meekly asking to be put into diapers like the rest of the nubabies. It's time to stop playing pretend, little guy. Now quit fussing, I already have your diaper laid out and your bottle is getting cold. You can leave those silly pants by the trash.

3808b7  No.87384


No…I don't want you to throw my pants in the trash. Just let me go please. I just wanna forget about this..

9238d1  No.87385


I understand, missy. You want to forget about having ever been a big kid. That's precisely why you're here, isn't it? Well, after spending a few months caged and padded, I doubt you'll even remember what your peepee was supposed to be used for in the first place! Now, we're going to have to address this little stubborn streak of yours before it gets out of hand. For every second you spend not lying on the changing table, I'm going to add another dose of laxatives to your bottle.

3808b7  No.87386


N..no way! *Tries to run to the door* I don't want a laxative!

9238d1  No.87387


Aww, I don't know what you expect to do without a key. Do you really think we would leave our doors unlocked from the inside? Any nubaby could crawl out and get themselves in trouble! Now, you're going to drink your baba one way or another. The only question is whether or not you'll be changed after your tummy is emptied. Are you ready to be a good nubaby now?

3808b7  No.87389


P..please don't…*I look back at you fearing the bottle*

8f5c79  No.87390

Hi.. I stumbled upon this website to learn more about myself and I clicked this thread as it seemed like the easiest one to follow.

I’m looking for a roleplay partner that I could pay for his/her services. D.. does anyone mind talking to me on discord or kik? I’m really interested in doing this, I don’t knowhow much longer I can take hiding this.

9238d1  No.87391


Alright, missy. I've had just about enough of your little episode here. I'm going to go fetch my paddle and if you're not on that changing table when I get back, your bottom will be as pink as your new diapers.

3808b7  No.87392


*I blush and go sit on the changing table* Pl..please not pink ones. I can be a good little boy. Promise.

9238d1  No.87394


I chose the pink ones so that means you'll be wearing the pink ones. If you knew how to dress yourself, you wouldn't have come here in the first place! Now, if you're such a big kid, then maybe you can drink from your baba all by yourself while I powder and tape you up?

3808b7  No.87395


*I lay back down for you as I start to suckle from the bottle you handed me* Okie…..

9238d1  No.87396


Aww, you already know how to suckle! Most others need help with that at first. I knew you were meant for this! Now once you finish, I want you to go and apologize to all the nubabies whose nap-time you've undoubtedly interrupted up with your little commotion.

3808b7  No.87397


*I tear up a bit and nod as I lay there, letting you get my undies off* P…please don't let the other girls around here tease me….

9238d1  No.87399


First of all, missy, teasing comes with the title of nubaby. I can't expect everyone to keep perfect composure once they see you in one of your cute new dresses. Secondly… this is not ten inches. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of time to learn how to count in your new classes.

3808b7  No.87400


But…but the nurse from earlier said that it was ten inches. She told me it was enough for me to be a big boy. She promised me.

9238d1  No.87402


Sweetie, this is closer to ten centimeters than it is to ten inches. Look, you can't even tell it's there underneath the powder! It's a good thing you came in here. You would have ruined some poor girl's night if you showed her this.

3808b7  No.87403


But the nurse gave me a pass. Why would she say that if it wasn't true?

9238d1  No.87405


She probably just wanted you out of her hair! Not that I can blame her, given how fussy you've been through this whole ordeal. Everything's going to be okay, though. I'll update your record to include permanent Pampers. I'll even add an amendment for mandatory booster pads since you were so adamant on trying diapers when you came in here~

3808b7  No.87406


*I groan and nod finishing my bottle* Um…al…all done……*I say as I hand the bottle over to you*

9238d1  No.87407


There, that sure was yummy, huh? And what's more, your diapers are a perfect fit! Normally you'd be in a onesie for nap-time, but seeing as it's already halfway over, you'll just have to go without one Now arms up, missy. Shirts like that aren't appropriate for little girls.

3808b7  No.87408


Wh….why am I going to be a girl? *I ask as I obediently raise my arms for you regardless, demonstrating my obedience*

9238d1  No.87410


What do you mean, missy? You gave up your manhood when you demanded to be put back in diapers. I can't even feel your little nubby through all this padding, and once your cage is fitted, it'll stay that way! Besides, you look much cuter in pink.

3808b7  No.87411


I do? Well, if you think I'm cute, would you maybe consider, going out with me?

9238d1  No.87413


Oh Nonnie, that's precious, but you seem to be confused. The closest thing that you'll ever get to a relationship is with a babysitter. The only dates you'll be going on are play-dates. The closest you'll ever get to making out is when you and your nubaby friends make your diapers kiss each other… with adult supervision, of course!~

3808b7  No.87415


I don't get to date you? *I ask as I get off the changing table and are led to the door*

9238d1  No.87416


I can see you're still confused. Let me put it this way: would you want to date a diaper-wearing baby?

3808b7  No.87417


Um….maybe if she were you…*I offer a bit weakly as we leave the examination room*

9238d1  No.87418


Well I wouldn't, especially not after having to change their messy diapers! Speaking of which, it's time to say sowwee to all your nubaby friends for disturbing their sleepy time with your little temper tantrum. Then, one of the nice nurses here will help you into your own crib. You'll be changed after nap-time…maybe

3808b7  No.87419


Sowwy all da nubabies in here. I thought I was a big boy.

9238d1  No.87420


Now that was hardly convincing! You should at the very least apologize in advance for making everyone have to smell your dirty diaper.

3808b7  No.87423

Huh? Eep! Um….sowwy for thinking I was a big boi….and sowwy for um…..messing my diapee……..

9238d1  No.87432


That's a bit better, I suppose. Now it's time for the little princess to get her beauty sleep! It's time for me to go now, but if you need anything, just keep whimpering like you've been doing and one of the nice grown-ups here will come and make everything better. I'll contact your mommy and daddy to let them know what happened to their "big boy" and send them a list of shopping supplies. Don't fret though, I'll be sure to mention how much you love the color pink. Ni-Ni, nubaby~

36aa3a  No.87440


Awww that sucks er I mean that stinks. *blushes some more* But going back to what I was saying, I don't need diapers.

ab080c  No.87447


I have a discord. I'd be happy to do some RP to help you discover the fetish a bit more

8f5c79  No.87467


What is your discord? I'm the guy that posted that.

ab080c  No.87472



36aa3a  No.87632

Hehe all of these stinky little babies with their tiny pee-pees, feels pretty silly that you're still in diapers huh?

3808b7  No.87644


Hey don't tease us. It's not our fault that we need to wear diapers now and that we're just treated like a bunch of toddlers who need their mommies and babysitters to check their diapers, or that we now wear skirts or dresses because it makes checks easier and because we're more girl than boy these days. That's not our fault. :(

36aa3a  No.87653


Maybe you should keep your diapers dry then, huh little one?

47e765  No.87656

I woke up soaked and sadly I leaked on my Sofia the First sheets, good think I was diapered or it would have been way worse

3808b7  No.87660


If I keep them dry does that mean I can leave diapers behind and work my way back up to big boy pants?

7cb141  No.87779

That's not fair! I'm only having these accidents cause you're not letting me out of these diapers! And the cage is making it harder to hold it! Let me prove I'm a big boy, please!

f04a4a  No.87805


How big is your peepee, anon? If it's more than 5 inches, we can bump you up to pullups, otherwise, it's permanent pamps for you.

f945d4  No.87809

It may sound odd, but I've never checked my size before and I'm 31. I'm just under 4.9 inches, does that mean I have go wear my tena supers to work tomorrow?

f04a4a  No.87811


if you're under 4.9, it's permanent pamps time! From now on, you'll be wearing those tena supers all the time. Also, throw out all your underwear while you're at it, you won't be needing those anymore.

77a5fb  No.87812

To all you faggots that desire to have tiny baby cocks, I ask you this: why do you want to have a small cock? Is it because you want pity from vanilla men and women?

Or because you want a small cock to perfectly fit your pampers? The ladies will laugh and coo over your small baby cocks…only because they know you can't make love to them…that's why they'll need a real man…a Daddy.

f945d4  No.87813


Dubs?! but, I, what? So I really gotta throw out all my underwear. But I'm a big boy.

f04a4a  No.87814


You're not a big boy anymore. toss out those panties and tape on that diapee, before you have an accident.

87f3bb  No.87815


I don't know! They measured me AFTER putting on the chastity cage, as if they planned on diapering me anyway…

7410df  No.87903

5'3 tall, and 5.9inch. At least those pull-ups will fit me very well!

f04a4a  No.87924


Such a good nubaby, willingly accepting his pullups and not putting up a fight. Do you need help putting those on?

6b3ab0  No.87925

6b3ab0  No.87926

Why are you people still giving this pedophile attention

1d06db  No.87928


>shorter boy in pullups

Kinda my jam. I'd love to put cute clothes on you (shorts too small so your waist band shows) and do a bunch of fun activities. You can play in the sand box while drinking your sippy cup or we can have you sing a bunch of nursery rhymes.

36aa3a  No.87939


What? Who is being a pedo on this board?

7410df  No.87942


Cute clothes you say? You have my attention. Slightly exposed waist is a cute look as well.

f945d4  No.87948


I actually changed into a diaper while I was at work today. Went to the bathroom stall and just put it on without even thinking about the noise or anything. What is happening to me?!

96a82c  No.87960


Sailor suits, shortalls , the whole cute works man. :)

80b9ae  No.87961

I'm over 5", can I have princess pull ups though?

f04a4a  No.87971


You're becoming the big nubaby you were always meant to be. At least you're smart enough to put on your diapers by yourself.

7410df  No.87973


Now where's the fun in putting them on yourself? :)

6704c6  No.88066

>ywn reluctantly take of your pants and hope that you'll pass as the nurse measures you up

>ywn feel your heart sink as she tells you barely missed going diaper-free and commands you to get on the changing table

>ywn never struggle and plea for them to make an exception as they force you onto the table and restrain your hands and feet, sealing your fate as a nubaby

f04a4a  No.88119

>ywn measure anon's tiny penis and watch as the hope fades from his eyes when you tell him he's only 4 inches

>ywn try to hold back your laughter as he begs you to remeasure him

>ywn hold him down and force him into some big, pink disney princess diapers as he attempts to resist

>ywn strap on his new diapers and pop a pacifier in his mouth to stop his crying, and seal his fate as a nubaby

24fb25  No.88121

File: 9a6fa6b402e2450⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 0d1a10a95501e092f65edcf880….jpg)

Anyone interested in a kind of discord rp sever with a nubaby school atmosphere? I created a discord group but havnt set up anything yet. If anyone is interested in working on it with me let me know and I can make you an admin.


3808b7  No.88122


Interested yes but I feel skeptical that we would get enough long term doms for it to be viable.

24fb25  No.88140


Realized I forgot to set the invite to not expire



Thats a good point but these threads seem to have gotten pretty popular and stuck around longer than a lot of other ones.

24fb25  No.88141

Screwed up the invite code again


92b4e1  No.88152


Please do this to me anon

f04a4a  No.88163


I'm interested, but I'll wait and see if this gains traction.

a3b1b5  No.88167


Well I joined, anon from last thread that did the fuck off long story. I would love to see more input.

1a03db  No.88207


>Im a talent-less hack of a writer that needs practice.

>This thread needs more stories.

Someone give me ideas to go off of and Ill report back later with a diaper full of a story.

31b310  No.88208


talentless writer goes back to pre-school english class

a3b1b5  No.88224


Nubaby find tranisition to be nicer than he thought, but deals with conflict of wanting to be his crush's boyfriend/eager nubaby.

4190f5  No.88242


what happens when nubabies fall in love with each other?

1a03db  No.88244



So I think I can do something with this. Its taking longer than I thought though. Will probably have to spread it out into a few updates over the course of this week.

dd2731  No.88392



these both expired and i lost the account

d9caf3  No.88405

This thread has degenerated into a worse-than-reddit autistic RP thread

d9caf3  No.88406


What's worse is that no one besides me called them out

42d02b  No.88428


yeah mostly the last thread was good because of write-anon and the general lack of rp

5c941e  No.88497

File: 1518ab38cfda626⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20190613_091232.jpg)

Good thing I went to diapers 24/7 a month ago

4190f5  No.88721


any updates?

0de8ae  No.89135

File: 6f3156d2dee5b42⋯.jpg (75.31 KB, 1080x1845, 24:41, 1458713396641.jpg)

Hows this?

4190f5  No.89329

I don't know what you guys are complaining about? I love being a nubaby!

Sex is yucky, and potty training is overrated. But here, I have lots of nice friends to play games with, and the nice ladies dress me in the cutest outfits and have nice and squishy boobies to suckle. Why bother being an adult? This is so much more fun!

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