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File: 4bbc81d83d40ca6⋯.jpg (161.1 KB, 800x778, 400:389, 2018-Hot-Custom-Printed-AB….jpg)

29451f  No.86794

I have seen on alibaba.com that there are a lot of known abdl brand diapers, sold , but you need to buy wholesale

Has anyone tried to order and can recommend any of the sellers? I live in a country where a pack of 10 from what ever seller on Ebay can cost as much as 50$ and I'm looking to buy more pcs at a cheaper price

Here's an example but there a lot of others


398798  No.86802

Most non-medical stuff is manufactured in china anyway, so you can get over supply from the same factories. The way it works that if you order 10.000 packets, they run till they run out of material stock, then ship you like 10.010 packets, and sell the extra.

BUT!.. I been following the news on what kind of crap has been seized by the EU/my country's customs, and I honestly wouldn't order anything directly form China.

Like few whiles ago in the news they had list of tested and seized stuff. Some of the included pacifiers which were toxic to humans. Make up which was basically just acid and would give you chemical burns. Cloth diapers with significant amounts of heavy metals.

Now… Cheap shit from China is cheap for a reason. The factories doesn't give a fuck about the quality. You can get quality stuff from China, but it will cost more.

433c78  No.86818


do you realize how many diapers you would get if you did the minimum order? do you have a place to store +1000 cases of diapers? do you realize this would cost +$30,000?

29451f  No.86838


Obviously, I'm not gonna order wholesale, I tried talking with one seller to say i need about 30 units for tests then I'll order more. They were down with that, I just wanted to check if someone here tried to order from there. I think they are the same factories that produce abu, snugglz and all the rest, so I'll be buying the same thing only cheaper

72f892  No.86966

File: 7bfbf822ab93a4d⋯.jpg (588.66 KB, 1295x2348, 1295:2348, chb.jpg)


There was an article not long ago, that china-factories use old "recycled" condoms (and basically everything thats thrown away plastic) and got their rubber- and plastic-components from trash-piles.



on other hands: Could be all fake.


(ok, they are talking about whole condoms sewn INTO hairbands, not about using shredded condoms for the rubber-components.)

532f32  No.87031

Order stuff fast before Trump causes another trade battle.

532f32  No.87033


I just shit myself and let my rescue dogs lick me clean.

d6d4dd  No.87045


Quite honestly I'd much rather buy American, including my fetish supplies. On a non-fetishistic scale, children's utilities such as diapers, clothes, and bottles should not be purchased from China.

a2547f  No.87085


This. Han Chinese culture tells people they should be primarily loyal to their extended clan even if it means cheating or counterfeiting other Han outside their own clan. This is part of why there was such a severe rice shortage in Mao's great leap forward; local municipalities would exaggerate their reported crop yield to win honors for their municipality. And in the presence of non Han people, they collectivize like against the foreigner to benefit themselves, since Han China is the only civilized culture; the Middle Kingdom with the Mandate of Heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I like most Chinese individuals, most of them are very nice, but their culture has some really fucked up exponents.

tl;dr: put your cock in chinese women, not chinese diapers

d967a3  No.88726


>I'd much rather buy American

Too bad literally all diaper shells used by American companies are manufactured in China.

3b15d8  No.88745

Will being /abdl/ in china lower your social credit?

31b4ea  No.88754



all the major ABDL companies are getting their diapers from china

let's just hope they have good QC/QA

226a59  No.88755


>Quite honestly I'd much rather buy American

American is just rebranded Chinese you fucking dumbass.

You already gave up your country as you voted this outsourcing-addicted monkey into your office (remember: 50% more debt in 4 years).

0e53ee  No.88761


American products made in China are subject to inspection at the material standards of US Law. So when you buy American, it has shit all to do with supporting America, and everything to do with not getting a fucking ass-load of lead in your fucking products. Which isn't to say that the companies aren't gonna try to do shit that isn't up to code, it just means it'll get caught faster and you have less chance of fucking killing yourself.

When you buy direct from China, you're getting what China thinks is the standard for a budget product to go to a white monkey, and they don't think highly of us. Yeah, you might be fine. Or your fucking skin will melt off overnight. I'll pay for the extra sense of safety, imperfect as it is.

226a59  No.88771

File: e1b217114412191⋯.jpg (143.91 KB, 800x599, 800:599, ap_070802042989-0a6c10d5e1….jpg)


>material standards of US Law

So, basically zero?

0e53ee  No.88774


If American standards are zero, China's are a negative number. America is the shittiest in the world at a lot of things, and their consumer protections are really bad, but you're legit retarded if you think that China's aren't worse.

3568ee  No.88792


It would probably help it, as long as you are quiet about it. Buying parenting related items is a positive social credit point.

2d59c0  No.88802


Are you fucking retarded? We have the lowest unemployment rate and welfare participation rate in a hundred years. You don't get that via offshoring. You must have him confused with the previous nigger-in-chief.

188cd6  No.88808


I don't disagree with your basic point, but unemployment numbers are routinely manipulated by governments across the world, just like inflation rates.

The welfare figure is even less meaningful.

Every reliable economic indicator shows that the US economy has been utterly raped by Wall Street over the last 50 years.

That said, U.S. made diapers (if they exist) are fractionally less likely to give you cancer than Chinese made ones. European manufacturers would be a safer bet, but I doubt any exist.

Your best bet is probably just to order from the same manufacturers that reputable ABDL suppliers use.

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