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File: 7107e481934d558⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 214x300, 107:150, s-l300.jpg)

6e6366  No.88399

What are your favorite movies to watch when you feel little. Pic related were my favorite movies growing up and I love padding up and grabbing a stuffie to watch

1820c4  No.88402

Just Disney crap I guess. A lot of the more mature themes kinda take me out of it though

dba7d9  No.88408

Requiem For A Dream.

6d7eb2  No.88411

Cannibal Holocaust

4782ad  No.88422

Schindler's List

002815  No.88424

a Serbian film

ec0221  No.88426

Whatever /pol/ likes

f76742  No.88433

Fraggle Rock!

23153b  No.88435

Muppet Classic Theater

Barbie as Rapunzel

Pikachu winter vacation

Princess Diaries

The first like 1/2 of the live action George of the Jungle

c12ca2  No.88442

I know it wasn't that good, but the Hitman movie.

7f91a4  No.88447

Homeward bound is one of my favorites

d2dbe5  No.88452

Brith of a Nation

f30423  No.88454

Schnidler's List, Truman Show and Donnie Darko

47e030  No.88466


Is the Truman Show now being memed as a pretentious movie like Donnie Darko (terrible movie btw)? I actually like the Truman Show


My Neighbor Totoro

Secret of NIMH

Kiki's Delivery Service

Land Before Time

Basically any Bluthshit or Giblishit

092586  No.88467

idk, a tutorial on killing yourselves? Is that a movie? You guys can film one.

47e030  No.88472


Have you had your nap today, anon?

f30423  No.88514

Top Gun, The Matrix, Airplane!, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Classic films are the only thing that sustain me.

e1ed27  No.88532

Gone in 60 seconds original. Nothing quite like an hour long chase scene to numb the mind

2fae82  No.88636


pad up and watch the extended edition of the lord of the rings in one sitting

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