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File: 1425982888914.png (234.3 KB, 341x350, 341:350, 1425905571692.png)


Yup, a new board to resurrect the old spirit of diaperchan's /s/. I thought it was a real shame that there wasn't really a board with a plethora of unfinished CYOA, so I made a new one!

You're welcome

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Our board was one of the last to be resurrected… feels bad man

File: 6ce76cf6882d27a⋯.jpg (41.93 KB, 512x512, 1:1, UJ92QMS10HLWEC76S84BH0Q91N….jpg)


Bout time this board got revived, and hey some free time over Easter is the perfect time to have a nice story… and a fap.

So let's get right into it.

It's 2035, and a black swan has come about. The discovery of actual magic. The world is getting rocked harder than it was when the internet came along and many people are scrambling to understand it and make a profit on it. A new city was built to be the epicenter of magical research and development, The city was named Zeus's landing but most called it District M. District M has two universities, made to mostly study magic and teach those who wish to learn about its effects. They are on the east and west side of the city. Thought the city are large towers, some of which have adornments along the sides, which help allow for magical crafting and the like.

Along the middle ring are some mid-high rise buildings that house a variety of business, and where most magical police are found. beyond that is the more low rise and suburban areas of the city, which are plagued by magical crime. Gangs that do their own research and development of spells and magical items, thugs that got lucky one day and have some cool magic to play with, even a few poor people who'd not hesitate to blow someone's head off if they were provoked.

Now there are a couple of special places that rest either between the different areas or are visited by a wider array of people. The town hall, where one goes to register businesses, get their licenses for magic and driving, and where the mayor presumably lives… It is in the second ring of the city with the miscellaneous businesses about 13 degrees off of north.

The memorial, a large monument in the center of the city, it's architecture is widely debated to be something that was artistsy at the time… to being the most powerful magical device ever constructed. It has about 37 jets of water and 700 lights located around a couple of metal pole like adornments.

The Delivery service rests in between businesses and the suburban area, often seen with drones flying out of it's top. Some drones even have special anti-theft magicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Eh, let's just go straight for the protection. It seems like a logical thing to do, given the recent situation.

Let's make some magical protection as well. Avoid the stores and such.



Please answer all questions.


Yes, we should go to store and try to find some pull-ups that would fit us

Maybe not tell our boss everything, but clearly something is going on with her. At least tell her we have night terrors

No, stay up, researching types of protection and what the terrors mean

Join the meeting today, yeah

Relax, read a book on effects from magic on the overall world

As we look stuff up in the internet, maybe try and find s few spells



I agree with some of this, however:

We should go get protection, however, I say we also look for something like a plastic sheet, a long with pull-ups since it may happen again.

I say we tell our boss everything. Obviously something is going on between her and us.

I agree with what the rest of this person said.



i vote this

File: 1435559661436.png (157.95 KB, 1300x705, 260:141, 1427859906576.png)


So this place look pretty dead, but years ago I was working on a shitty twine game that had a bunch of paths. Well I bit off more than I could chew and gave up.

I had made it so you could go down a AB path a DL path and so on. It was nothing original "you're locked in this place and get diapers. I also added "puzzles" and a "story" but it was mostly fetish fuel.

If anyone here is even around that would want to see it, let me know. I might finish it. I've seen too many of these things die off though. I'd hate to do that to you.

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I will finish it. A few things I find redundant will be taken out. I won't say when, but it will be mostly finished. I think I just want to try other ideas out too. The school path made me want to try a few things out, so I'll get this one down so I can make other stories. Thanks for sticking with me.


Thanks for taking your time to make it! Do you have any updates or an eta at the moment?



Nothing to report. Life keeps getting in the way. Sorry


File: affd256077a3997⋯.jpg (399.64 KB, 1599x1600, 1599:1600, 7c1848782dbacb907a859199c4….jpg)


I did have something. I'm ending the gay/sissy paths. If you're straight you wont care for them, but I added 2 paths that have girls. I said it before, but I'd like to wrap it up and make a new "game" from the things I learned here. Who knows. I'm cutting stuff I feel is a waste of time or things that are redundant. I want add a "school boy" path to contrast the sissy school girl one. I don't know yet. I might make that both gay and straight too.While im not into girls I understand most people are so I try and add in as much for them as I add for faggots like me. I'm not inept on what guys like in girls, but sorry if you can tell less passion goes into that as the fag stuff.


Any updates?

File: 1448478408017.png (447.3 KB, 1300x2550, 26:51, 1434715503124.png)


Hi, I've already posted in the story thread on /abdl/, but I think this board needs some love, so I'm going to post this here.

I write stories and post them sometimes on pastebin as mfmood, here's my latest story.


I'd love some critique, some suggestions, and some requests or something. This is by no means a "me" themed thread, so feel free to post random stories, requests and other things here.


File: 1448478482507.png (865.82 KB, 966x964, 483:482, 1435118222370.png)

Oh yeah, if it isn't painfully obvious, this story isn't finished, none of them are.







>Bumping a 2 year old thread

Good luck with that happening anon. That said, so far so good


File: 248e6d570766cc8⋯.png (82.2 KB, 1093x896, 1093:896, 2017-07-02 00_48_49-MFmood….png)



Uh.. thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I usually write these stories when I have no internet and am bored late at night, and it just so happens that I'm going to be in that very situation starting tomorrow for most likely a full week.

With that, I'll download a bunch of the stories I've abandoned on pastebin, write some new ones and maybe make some captions as well.

So stay tuned, I might be able to rustle up a sizable update for anyone who might still be interested.

Pic is proof that I'm actually the author, not that that's really necessary, who would want to impersonate an anonymous obscure fetish erotica author….

File: 1c7c28493e66ff9⋯.jpg (367.79 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1484976911094.jpg)



I noticed this board is especially sparse in it's CYOA's. Every one it has had a short life, with a crash and burn in which the author never pops back up. While I can't promise the world, I can promise I will work on this CYOA in my free time, which I have enough of to mean this CYOA will get attention.

In all honesty, I understand in comparison to /abdl/, this board could be thought dead. But imagine this is from the lack of content, and the lack of customization in the scenario's offered.

I hope to rectify this. This CYOA will be what I consider a 'realistic CYOA'. Readers will choose the beginning of our protagonist, and the advancing plot choices. Thus, I hope more democracy can lead to more participation, at least more than one vote. The realism means some choices are restricted, such as if you don't know how to babysit, or don't know a skill, you cannot break the fourth wall and magically learn these skills

They this will work: Majority rules, and if in what I deem a fair amount of time, too few people vote, I will go with the majority. Thus, votes will be time limited, and I hope this encourages more votes.

Choices and beginning of plot in the next post!

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RIP WiFeten. died in the storm



Well, not exactly.

I don't know if anyone even still checks this story, I imagine it is dead. I am sorry for the complete irresponsibility on my part. Uni and work started to take up my time, blah blah blah, no real excuses.

I will be restarting this story. For one, near the end, my writing style definitely went down the drain. I will admit that freely. Furthermore, daily updates just are not possible to keep my theme of a realistic story up and running.

Give me at most a week, and then I will be back, and better then ever. I fixed a few things that were going on so that now my writing will be more controlled, and less sloppy.

My last question for the possible zero people still reading this thread: should i stay on /abdlstory/ or migrate over to /abdl/? A simple vote is enough, I have no real preference either way.

I will be back, new characters, but a similar setting (realism, etc.). Don't worry, if I don't return by next week, that means Sam Hyde and I are both locked up in Guantanamo bay. More info in the new thread, coming soon!



I'd suggest starting a thread in /abdl/ and seeing if it's well received there. I'm not even sure if a large number of /abdl/ members even know that /abdlstory/ exists.



Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BB love ya

head over to /abdl/

still slow as maple syrup in January but is a fuck ton more active then here


File: 2c0603b5fb61f85⋯.png (54.38 KB, 836x955, 836:955, random_11_by_lilruffian-da….png)





Conflict of tremendous proportions, Armies charging into battle, Countries at war, Cities besieged, Buildings destroyed! This is what our society is based on, conflict, plain and simple.

So in light of this fact, how could I design a more visceral, a more engaging, a more spectacular CYOA?

I haven't a scooby…

But let's try adding two characters into the mix which are opposed to their goals and morals, and see if it sticks!

So those who wish to participate should just either one or three characters (Not two) To use, they should be named have an age, a gender, and various stats you perceive to be important, and possibly some skills, and a goal.

Skills can include: seduction, use of social power, Cooking, manipulation, hacking, Forklift opperation, Biochechemical enginering, ect.

This will be a comic book esk setting, modern, but furtistic tech and magic can exist.

If this is left I'll try something else to bring you the epic CYOA you deserve!

File: 1443039849817.png (2.3 MB, 1958x2000, 979:1000, d126f750-a1d0-4b48-cb95-3b….png)


Hey, /abdlstory/!

So i'm thinking about doing a wakfu abdl story but i don't know if people want it as a quest or as a normal story. As such, i decided to set up a strawpoll and hopefully get an idea how many people would be interested and which format they would like.


And here are the samples for both formats:

Quest Format (Second Person, Present Tense):


Normal Format (Third Person, Past Tense):


Both formats tell the same plot, but the difference is how it's told. Any feedback is appreciated. I hope you like at least one of them and make sure to vote. Thanks~

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What a cliffhanger, just in the best part.

The chapter does give a fair introduction to Gladius and advances the plot a lot more than the other chapters. Really worth the wait.

You're going to focus on the anonkun stories now?

Copycat, wanna be friends?



>What a cliffhanger, just in the best part.

I literally cannot end a chapter without a cliffhanger of some sort.

>You're going to focus on the anonkun stories now?

Yep. I'm following a bit of your advice and will be doing a poll to see if people want a conclusive ending or just want me to discontinue it. Depending on what wins, i'll do the poll you suggested. Also, should have the special diapers for spies update next week at max.

>Copycat, wanna be friends?

I'm usually a little leery about talking to people privately, but if you want to talk about the story or something else, feel free to email me or send me a pm on anonkun or pastebin.


File: 1460681936076.gif (1.69 MB, 250x183, 250:183, Average Day for The Automa….gif)

Before Dark Souls 3 consumes my life further, I'm posting chapter 6 (formerly chapter 5.5).


I feel that this chapter kind of brings up the problem of doing a plot that isn't completely centered on the fetish, meaning that this chapter is way more action oriented with very little stuff pertaining to diapers. Next chapter will be more fetish oriented though, so hopefully that'll make up for the last couple chapters.

Also, holy shit is it hard to make an oc villain that isn't overpowered and yet is a threat to the characters. Hell, i still think i made him overpowered.

Anyways i hope you guys like it. Comments and critiques are welcomed.


File: 45d4087a928a905⋯.png (256.39 KB, 700x550, 14:11, amalia_by_yamiyonofen-d618….png)

Here's a long overdue update.

I have been somewhat working on chapter 7 but my life has been a little crazy and i find myself not in the mood to write. Another issues is the actual writing of it. Frankly, i kind of hate what i have so far with it. Nonetheless, here's what i have so far:


The biggest problem is Machina and the fact I haven't quite nailed his character yet. Like, sometimes i imagine him being one way and other times i imagine him being another. Hell, I haven't even given him a physical description in the text itself besides Grovy's comment in the previous chapter.

Besides that, i think i find the topic of the chapter kind of boring. Even the fetish element is kind of dull to me (I did this shit with Trapped and to certain extent Diapers for Spies). I was given a suggestion to skip it and come back to it later, but i sort of want to give it another shot at it.

So yeah there you go. Comments and critiques are always welcomed.



With Machina you can do two things:

If you already have an idea what the other villians are supposed to be take Machina and ask "what is missing from this ensemble?" and find something that complements the rest.

If Machina is inspired by some other character just look back at the inspiration.

With the plot:

You could spice up the chapter with fetish scenarios you have not tried before, dunno what those could be.

You could mix up what you already have with Machina talking about his backstory or more plot development with other characters.

Personally I imagined Amalia escaping, getting tangled in some technological trap and getting a different punishment everytime.

BTW is Unum in diapers?

File: 1438527069233.jpg (71.44 KB, 628x1000, 157:250, too_much_blue_by_sixonesix….jpg)


Your not quite sure how it happened, one moment you were in the boy's locker room getting dressed for the big game, the next you're in the girl's, getting ready to cheer lead with an adorable blue school girl uniform to do it in. You feel a wave or what could only be described as magic flow around you, you look to the mirror behind you and lift up your skirt.

You're absolutely adorable, your uniform and your hair in pigtails like that, but the diaper is a bit odd. You look at the pink accented diaper as it hangs there hugging you bum softly and warmly. You feel what can only be described as memories flowing into your mind, you're playing, learning cuddling and getting your diaper changed. It's like your still a preschooler, you know this is wrong but it only seems to implant itself more as you think so, the finnal blow being when you see a lump form in the diaper in the mirror.

Some girls sound like they're coming but you can't help but cry, you want out of this stinky diaper! Will the girl's be nice or will they make fun of you? You have little time to contemplate as you feel the front of your diaper grow warm.

> They find you and change you.

> They start to laugh

> They oggle at how cute your are and ignore your discomfort

> Their even cutter! and they need your help!

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File: 1441939607918.jpg (685.43 KB, 4860x4860, 1:1, 1399177046949.jpg)

Is this dead?


File: 1441988430179.jpg (92.37 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, blue_maid_by_sixonesixone-….jpg)

>>160as you enter the chanmber you notice a scrap of paper on the ground, you set sammy down and she goes to suck on her toes as you pick the peice up. It seems to be some loouse leaf from a journal or something it reads;

"This is a very odd place, It's the domain for the god a chaos so you should figure as much. I've been her but a few days and already I've seen massive beasts reduced to the status of newborns, demons suckling eagerly on some women's breasts and monsters that caused all this. I belive the only way to get out of her without losing all ability is to defeat the god of chaos, to do this I'll have to collect some artifacts that are gaurded by those monsters. In doing so It's clear that I risk my mind my ability to talk, read and walk and my sanity but I must do it!"

On the back there is a crude map that seems to match up with where you are. There is also an X over another chamber, surly it'll contain something of use…

> Forget that!

> Go to the chamber

> Search the rest of the map, and improve it

> Sit there and wait



> Go to the chamber



You follow the map best you can, trying to keep it away from sammy who seems to really want to drool over it. You come to the chamber this one is much differnt, it seems liek there's a bit of a gauntlet to run to get to the item.

Of corse the diaper makes it tought and each jump you have to check on Sammy to make sure she's safe. When you get to the top, winded as you were there is a large rattle like object and a note.

The note read "It seems this artifact can only be held by females, oh which I am not, despite there being quite the bias for them in this dimension!"

it glows, an ungaurded treasure… what do you do?

> take it

> try to replace it

> wait for the 'monsters'

> grab it and run!



>take it

Also rip in cyoa

File: 1444666717990.png (85.25 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, people_always_ask_about_th….png)


You're life has been nothing but dispare… Torment, day in day out, everyday, since you knew how to speak. You remember thinking about how best to kill yourself. Then one day, you felt something snap inside you, you no longer wanted to just simply fade away, you wanted to hurt someone… Bring those who had wronged you to their knees. There's just one propble with that…


They are literally everywhere, super fast, super strong and nye invincible. So as you walk by your bank, you think of how exactly will you stop them… That's up to you, you'll need some money to fund this, so you'll have to at least have some sort of payoff soon or else your villain career is over…

You could develop anything to combat the heros, but right now, you need a base, some supplies, maybe some cheap henchmen if posible. The loan you got isn't great so you could either rent out some office space, buy an abandoned ware house or see about some subtreainian digging supplies…

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we should test and get it dialed in while still the element of surprise.



Testing is very important, if something were to go wrong you need to know how why and how to fix it… but then again your loan… You're sure it's going to be fine. I mean what has ever gone wrong with C++ code?

Using that increadibly stupid logic you finish up with the bear and start to roam the streets. The local hero seemes to be flying overhead, the perfect time to enact your super awesome plan!

Conviently enough you see a rather seedy looking little girl stealing a man's wallet, "Hello…" you say startling her.

"Don't call the cops?"

"Oh no in fact I'm willing to give you some more if you do one little thing for me…"

She looks a little suspious but nods and you tell her to push the bear's ear and throw it into some sort of tree, then cry until the superhero takes pity on her.

Clearly a girl breed for chaos she accepts and you give her fifty bucks. To her it was the best deal ever, to you it was the cheapest business expense ever.

soon enough the superhero grabs the bear and it plays it's hypnotic tune, giving her all you're triggers and what not. You have a nagging feeling something is going to go wrong as you didn't really test it but…

You don't have time! You need to rob a bank and soon… maybe you should go with the one you got the loan from, irony at it's finest. You spend all night working on some sort of mask getup with Frank.

There's only one thing left to do, what triggers are you going to use to incapasitate the superhero?



Wet mess and weaken



You walk to the bank as the little girl is thanking the superhero and you pull out a little noise maker, to make them think you have a gun, because a licencs for one of those would take too long and cost to much!

Everyone screames thought and hits the deck, and the local superhero is imediatly alerted and flys in.

"Never fear citizens I'll stop this, rather ulgy criminal!"

You squeak, that wasn't very nice, you not that bad looking right? You feel angry now You're so happy you have the upper hand in this fight.

"Oh really? How will you do that if, Penguin!"

you shout it out and think you should of planed those triggers a bit better. None the less the superhero starts to pee her little leotard and gasps.

Everyone around looks at you confused as you smile, "While we're at it, juice, walrus!"

She falls to her knees and goes red in the face as you walk to the teller and ask for her to puts the money in the bag and tie it with a neat little bow.

A little girl points to the superhero and says that she messed her panties and that she sould wear diapers. The superhero starts to tear up, still weak from walrus and more humiliated than you were when she caled you ulgy!

You confidently walk out, knowing your little bussiness will totaly work… Question is… what next?


I guess, we can use this loadsamoney to buy better equipment and get more Henchs (preferably henchwomen) and maybe if still have some money left start spec out the warehouse into diaper factor as a our front for our nefarious dealings

File: 1444965135516.jpg (100.72 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, greencolor_by_muy_x-d9chdm….jpg)


You walk into the club, people are drinking and smoking some weed and some people are even doing some other drugs, you rock your head to the grooving beats and grab a brew youself as you start to party. You're lovely green dress working perfectly when it came to getting some boys' attnetion as you dance and have a great time.

Finnaly you get in touch with the friend who invited you here, "Hey sammy what's going on?" you say as she looks around worried. She smiles and grabs you hand, "Oh nothing lover girl!" she says. Her tone is getting you hot, you're pretty stright but hey, your friend sammy is a fine young lady.

She goes over to the bathroom, you scoff a bit but hey like you said before she's a find lady to for such an event. She walks in with you and things take a turn for the weird.

As she pulls you in and walks in herself her clothes change, gone goes her lovely blue dress and out comes this pinkish blueish sort of onesie crap. Her perfectly sculpted ass puffs out and you can tell thought that onsie she's sporting a diaper.

She turns around and her necklace is now a big, and you mean big pacifier. The magical transformation leaves you flabbergashted as she leans in and gives you a kiss. Now it's your turn to transform, you can feel your diaper puffing out from your neither reagions and your green dress turns into a green onesie.

Your nice necklace turns into a pacifier and makes it way into your mouth. Much to your chagrin you're sucking like a baby, as your firend is caressing your face, suckling her own. She pops hers out and talks to you, "Hannah… This is your baby counter part…"

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we should hide out inside house/apartment and maybe ask her who trying unlived me or stuff to avoid that make us unlived or maybe some hidden power of our kind.



You sujest many things, of places to go and things for her to tell you, but she really doesn't seem to know much and she really doesn't want to spend any more time with you espiacly going to a place where you could both be killed.

"Come on Sammy…" you say, feeling yourself tear up a bit.

"We-gotsa work together! I don't get was going on!" you say as Sammy gets rather worried.

"Hannah you're going baby! You can't do that out in the open like this!"

It's too late as you hug her tight and feel you diaper come again. You're sobbing into her dress like a kid throwing a trantrum when suddenly, gunfire.

You turn back and turn around, "Darn it Hannah now their after you too!" Sammy says as she grabs your hand and runs. Luckly you were able to get away, but now you were both marked for death.

"Hannah…" Sammay starts to say as she transforms, out of a feeling of guilt you transform as well, and now you're two babies sitting in a hallway.

"I wanted ya to be able to live with da mean men shooting ya! Now dey know…" She starts crying, hugging you. It seems you screwed up, now how are you going to fix it?

You need to not only survivie but get these people off your back, with only the ability ti give someone else the curse by kissing them while a baby…


We need go on the offensive, but first thing first where are we?



You get a little angry, "Den, we go make dem us! Go on fencive!" You can't help but think you are the most adorable thing right now.

Sammy is just tearing up sucking her pacifier, "Deres no way too many!"

You look around, you wandered into some sort of office building, laying your backs on a cubical, you get the idea that if you both waited here you could posibly kiss a whole bunch of people.

"Sammy, wook!, Office building, we stay kiss wots! Get bad gusy!"

Sammy shook her head, "N-no hannah das mean ta da people!"

She crawls to you and leads you into a cubical after that she lays down and cuddles with you. It's still emotinaly charged but the warm feeling of your friend near sooths you.

"I kissed yoo because me know yoo would wike it in time, dey might not… and its mean to gets them ta be shoot at…"

You want to scream that you don't care, that if they make it out alive it'll be worth it, but you're also in baby form, and it's late.

You suck your pacifier and snuggle into sammy, tomorrow maybe you could change her mind, or leave her to die while you survive…


I drift asleep *start dreaming* to wake up a lot calmer and find Sam nowhere to be found

File: 1438349547092.png (63.34 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, redraw___big_blonde_babygi….png)


It's the middle of the night, yet you can't sleep. This has been going on for almost two months now, you hate not being able to sleep but no matter how hard you try you just can't fall asleep. You get up, frustrated, tired, and a bit hungry, what could a little food right now do? Your already stuck awake for the foreseeable future.

You carefully step down the stairs, no one to wake, your family is on business trip, but you still don't want to fall. You get to the kitchen and open the fridge door, but for some reason the light isn't coming on, a blessing to your now night adapted pupils but worrying. You look to the clock, nothing, it seems as though the powers out, which is odd, as you see a light on in your neibior's window across the street.

Just as you're about to go investigate further, you're forced into the air as a loud crashing sound is heard really close. The impact knocks you off your feet, and a few louse items go to the floor. It's almost as though something big just crashed in your backyar… You go to your backyard and find a suprisling small crater.

Inside lies the body of a girl, still alive… somehow, or at the very least, still breathing. You timidly step into the crater and get a closer look at the girl. She has long flowing blond hair and some sort of cybersuit-esk-thing, that's torn to shreds. She looks to be in pain but other than that she seems fine.

You move a bit closer and she opens her eyes, "Your wish… is my command…" she says before falling unconscious again. You take her inside, being a gentalman of corse and place her on your couch. Having nothing better to do with the whole sleep thing and all you watch her sleep.

About an hour latter she awakes, jolting up and gasping, like she had a nightmare. She turns to you, eyes looking on in silent horror, "W-what is your wish?" she askes plainly. You look confused for a moment, and she catches this, "I am a construct, desined to grant any desire of my master, you, there is no limit, there are no rules, all that matters is your satisfaction…"

What do you do?

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You every intersted in dirty diapers decied, once you have some free time, to use your wished for power of refilling bowles to make everyone at the store mess themselves.

You close your eyes and consitrate, as you do so everyone in the store takes a collective squat and starts to mess their diapers, Sarah notices this, but thinks it's just a coenicdence.

You open your eyes and everyone has a sagging diaper. You giggle a bit to yourself but get back to work.

A bit of time passes and the dreaded, angry and or annoying customer gets to your cash, demanding free things for some reason that makes no sence, unfortunetly as people are incontinet in this world making her mess herself won't do much…

Use Sarah, or just wait…


Wish that we could age or de-age people at will, and that there would be a mechanical nursery that would take care of the de-aged people who can't care for themselves anymore.

Then keep de-aging the mean customer until she's nicer or is taken away.



Oh yea, but lets add a cost. When ever we de-age people, Sarah will poop a pound for each year they go back



What if it's not Sarah but the person being de-aged?



How about both?

File: 1444172486638.jpg (114.53 KB, 750x631, 750:631, image.jpg)


You were stranded alone in a small cold room. As you begin to awaken you realize that you're being restrained and chained to a nearby wall. Struggle as you will you cannot move your arms but a couple inches forward. Your vision begins to come back but your memories are still clouded. You slowly begin to look around and see that you're in a solid steel room with a single dimly lit florescencent light. You look down and see that you were wearing a gray jumpsuit that looked bulky at the hips. It dawns on you that you were wearing a diaper underneath as you squeeze your legs together to feel a plastic cushiony substance between you. You see what appeared to be two tubes running along both walls to the left and right of you. Being chained to the wall as you are gives you a limited view of anything else but you hear overhead what appears to be an intercom buzzing to life. "Welcome my dear" a voice begins to speak "you are my new subject and will be conducting a little experiment." You begin to wander who the fuck is this voice and what they want you for. " WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!" "My my the session has not even begun and you are acting much more babyish than I would've initially thought." "LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!" You yell again. "What a persistent baby you are. I will let you go once you finish our game." A game? This voice is clearly a maniac and has kidnapped you and is probably going to force you to do horrible things. "NO! I WON'T PLAY YOUR GAME!" You yell more. "But that's not fun. You can leave once I finish and you must agree to obey my rules. No harm will come to you, this is my experiment. Now please look to your left. There is a feeding tube attached to the wall there, which will contain a well balanced meal of formula for growing babies, you must eat all of it to pass. Look to your right now. On the right wall is also a tube containing another formula. You must choose to drink from one of these tubes and drink it all up. You will be rewarded with your first key to freedom of you comply. Now play along and I can assure you baby you will be freed soon after." You think over this voices words, and decide staying chained to a wall in a room forever is not on your agenda anytime soon. You would opt for freedom any day. " OK, I ACCEPT YOUR GAME." Now you have to decide what tube you will pick to drink from.

Will you choose the left tube?

Or will you choose the righPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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(Glad it's April too)

You gazed up at the woman at the podium addressing you. This was April? You were a bit taken back. This woman was your former friend. She got married and became an electrical engineer, or so you thought.

"Confused baby? This is a very private facility you were admitted in for an experiment. You signed the paperwork, so you were accepted into our testing program. You have done wonderfully up to this point. You remember me, don't you Jacolyn. Yes of course you do. I was an electrical engineer up until three years ago, when an anonymous offer came to my door. It was a new job at this facility, becoming the replacement overseer of these tests. You thought you were the only one, baby? Of course not! Look at the monitor, darling."

You stared at the monitor that slid out from the ceiling. A surveillance camera showed someone in babyish clothing and playing happily with some dolls.

This was your secretary, Cassidy!

"We admitted her a week after your arrival here, looks like she is progressing along in the experiment rather nicely."

You try to yell at April but all that comes out is mumbled up babyish words, it stinks that you really can't talk normal anymore. She smiles and goes on.

"The purpose of this facility is a well kept secret from the population. Depressed people sign up to enhance their emotions through a screening exam. If they are rated low on the scale, we prescribe them medicine to give them better insight and a clear mind. However, if those people score above a certain level they are placed into the experimental program. It is a test designed to designate logic and how far people will go into regression."

"Two thirds of the subjects recover by the second stage of the experiment, and we wean them back into normal behavior. They will forget the experiment occurred and will leave without any complicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Force pill in aprils mouth



Given the two choices, you opted out of being told between two choices, and decided to do something entirely different. April was chatting to you with the pill in your hand. You popped it into your mouth, and immediately leaned into Aprils lips and kissed her. You pushed the pill into her mouth and hoped she would swallow it in the sudden shock. Luckily she did.

"YOU NAUGHTY BABY!" April yelled, trying to cough up the pills before they slid any further down her throat. You were immediately grabbed by two guards who appeared out of the sides of the room, and you were hoisted onto a gurney that the two guards had brought with them. As you were strapped down, you witnessed a miracle and you began to laugh. April was peeing her pants. She was beet red at this discovery, and she glared angrily at you. One of the older scientists rose to his feet and walked over to the podium. "Well my former colleagues! It seems we have reached a new breakthrough. It appears our over confident young head of the engineering department is going to receive a taste of her own medicine. My dear Jacolyn, we truly are sorry for the events that have transpired to regress you to this stage, and I and my staff can assure you we will reverse all the processes your body has undergone here, both mentally and physically. Our psychiatric staff will look after you until your full recovery, I can promise you."

First of all, you were just some sort of pawn in all of this 'voluntary' experimental drug testing? And you were not even going to get some reward other than treatment to revert back to normal? This is absolute lunacy!!!

"Why." You clearly stated. "Why hewp me?" "I hab a howwibu wife. Howwibu wewasunsipss, howwibu fwensips, an u wet me go ba ta noma? Ma wife ha newa few betta!

(Why help me? I had a horrible life. Horrible relationships, horrible friendships, and you're letting me go back to normal? My life has never felt better!)

The old scientist nods, and understands. "My dear, that is the reason we chose you and the few others who have gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



stay with mommy



You waddle up to Cassidy, and give her an incredibly large hug. You didn't care to grow up again, not after this life changing experience. Cassidy bent down and embraced you. "It's going to be alright baby, it's going to be alright." You felt tears streaming down your face, tears of joy. You had a mommy again, someone who cares about you. Cassidy picked you up and went "whew, someone's a stinky baby!" Let's get you changed and go home, ok baby Jackie?" You giggled and smiled, and were carried out of the lab on Cassidy's shoulders.

Oh that's right. You forgot to ask about April's situation. She took that pill meant for you after all. "Wa abow Apwiw" you asked as Cassidy walked. "Oh don't worry, you might end up with a baby sister pretty soon. Taking that pill annulled her contract with the company, and automatically made her begin a new trial. The one you went through. If she doesn't break from the overdose of babyish things I would be surprised." As you neared the exit you saw a glimpse behind you of April. She was unconscious, in what looked like a very thick diaper and a magenta onesie. You smiled. Looks like you might get a baby sister soon enough.

Cassidy had a car seat ready for you in the backseat and she buckled you in. She got in an began to drive, answering some questions you might have had. "You have been laid off from your job permanently, I made sure of that. You have a lifetime of health and money benefits and trust funds made out to aid in your life Jackie. All the scientists made sure you were the crowning success. I'm so glad you made all the right choices there baby. The lab also gave me a new house, and it looks like we are here now." Cassidy pointed at a large gated fence like something for a mansion. Turns out this building was a luxury estate converted for your and Cassidy's needs. "Oh and one thing I never mentioned. I'm also a tester. I was part of the hormonal treatment tests, and was required to interact with you a lot, but that's fine. The medicine they gave me is giving me overbearing maternal instincts but you love your mama don't you Jackie? I kind of…am lactating now." You looked at Cassidy with a sudden surprise. Lactating? Then you are probably goingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1445625619390.jpg (148.85 KB, 687x709, 687:709, image.jpg)


This is a new cyoa idea, I have seen some pokemon cyoa stories in the past and I decided to do one in a new region with an array of 'fakemon.' So I hope you will enjoy this bootleg ab/dl adventure!

It is a bright and cheery morning outside. You wake up, spry and ready to begin your adventure. This is going to be some journey and you want to get your Pokemon as soon as you can. You get dressed up in your trainer gear, grab your backpack, fully stocked for the first part of your journey, and head downstairs. Your mother is sitting watching television, a program dealing with the ongoing construction issues in the nearby town. You sit down and eat breakfast quickly, you can't miss the time, the professor has a pokemon picked out for you and you have to be on time! You kiss your mom goodbye and roller skate out the door. Speeding along you spot your rival, Meredith, trying to outrun you to her fathers lab. You speed past her and get inside moments before her. She is fuming she got beat out once again.

You approach the professor, and he gives his full introduction in front of the two of you, it's the same speech every new pokemon trainer gets, your older brother had the same speech three years ago. He is now the pokemon champion of the Mistral region. You cannot wait to beat him in battle someday either.

The professor presses a button on the lab table and out pops three pokeballs.

"These are the three starter Pokemon you will get to pick from for this region. Here is Snyrbra, the fire snake pokemon. Beside that is Bubluor, the water bear pokemon, and lastly we have Vedgestoop, the stump hedgehog pokemon. Take your pick new trainer."

Meredith gets second pick. Meredith was legitimately fuming in the corner. You go ahead an pick a starter Pokemon anyway




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Eh, screw it. Let's sleep on it for now. You decided to not take any chances and used the toilet before you went to bed that night. Pilgrim and Bubba both slept beside you, and you slowly drifted off to sleep.

You were in a pink haze. There was nothing around you but the haze. You began to walk forward, trying to spot anything in this haze, until you spotted some silhouette in the distance. It looked like a human and you called out to it. It looked like it was walking away from you and so you ran after it. No matter how fast you ran the human silhouette stayed the same distance. You stopped to catch your breath, stooping down, but as you looked up the silhouette was right in front of you. It was your brother. He was looking right into your eyes, and suddenly he turned into a black mist. What? There was a two legged being in the distance, a glimmering white being with three golden eyes. It was brandishing a ball of energy and it exploded in a white light. The pink mist disappeared and you saw only the being. "FREE ME" it said. And when you questioned it it yelled FREE ME in an explosion of gold and eyes.

Instantly you jumped awake. Pilgrim and Bubba jumped awake, startled by your reaction. You looked down to see if you happened to have accidentally peed again. Nope. Good. You stared at the clock on the counter by the bed. It was pretty early in the morning, so you decided to get up and go get some breakfast since you were up. You walked downstairs and walked to the breakfast counter, grabbed some poffins, some berries and some juice. Walking back into your room you also grabbed some pokemon food and set it out for your pokemon, which they gladly began to eat. After the meal you got up and checked out of the hotel. It was time to continue your journey today! First thing was to get directions towards the route to the next city. You walk north of town to the exit and spot Meredith looking at some brochures. She notices you and immediately gets really moody with you for not finding her yesterday when you came into the city. She decides to challenge you to another pokemon battle. You quickly beat her Vedgestoop and her Gwinee and she gives you some prize money and a technical machine for beatiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Forest path



Heading along the footpath, you veered towards the entrance of the Miasmun Forest. You wanted to go gather information from the area, and so you headed to the local forest campsite where several pokemon rangers were stationed. You talked to some of the local forest people who lived in nearby cabins, and learned a great deal about this forests history. This forest was known for some legendary pokemon that many people revered as a deity in their eyes, and practically no one had seen it. This pokemon was said to be the spirit of destruction, and forest creation. You decided that you would head to any sites in the forest that had markings of this creature and check out more for yourself. As you explored the forest, many new Pokemon appeared. During the battles, voodoo learned a new move called poison grip, which was a highly successful attack on fairy pokemon. You explored the forest more and encountered several pokemon fights, helping to level up your pokemon even further. Your Pilgrim was almost at a level where he looked ready to evolve. Upon further exploration, you found many items in the forest including pokeballs, healing items, and even a new TM, 39, which was Salivate. The pokemon would use this to greatly lower defense and have a chance to make the target fall in love. You decided it was a good time to leave the Miasmun forest, but as you were leaving you had a fear about having to come back in the near future. You walked in to the entrance of Avalonia town, an upbeat suburban city with a dash of old world charms. First thing you decided to do was to head to the towns marketplace, and you bought a couple of boost holding items for Bubba and Pilgrim to use in battle. You noticed the towns specialty drink was something called Briroot Beer, and this was a delicious beverage the town exported all across the Mistral region. Deciding you were satisfied, you wandered down to the towns pokemon center. Outside of the center you saw King, apparently waiting for you.

He began to discuss how he got here a few hours ago and the locals were mentioning reports of strange men in white going around and stirring up trouble for the local pokemon trainers around town. You both realized that since team Crystic was here, you would both investigate their whereaboutPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




File: 1442417748582.jpg (1.76 MB, 1600x1501, 1600:1501, 1434377279823.jpg)


I'm throwing my lot in with /abdlstory/ in the hopes that I can actually develop a story that doesn't fall apart early.

I have the rudimentary outline for what is going to happen in this cyoa in terms of setting, twists and characters, but other than that it's completely open. I'll try and update about twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays most likely, but that's subject to my spontaneity and my busy schedule. I'll give options at the end of each episode which I already have preconceived ideas about, but feel free to suggest alternate action, especially in an important situation. I'll try and keep each choice important, instead of "Pick one, one is fluff and the other moves the plot", so a true branching paths CYOA instead of multiple, smaller routes to one forgone conclusion.

Anyway, feel free to critique, vote and discuss. On with the show. This episode's going to be a little short due tot the fact that there's a pretty big decision early on that'll effect how this story goes. It'll be mostly exposition too.


The house was even bigger than I had thought. I had assumed they were based in some kind of big house near my area due to the fact they had quite a few models, custom made diapers and extensive sets, but the house was even bigger than I imagined.

Of course they didn't have any big sign that said "DiapersNDreams pictures" in the front, but I looked on the sheet of paper I held in my hand and the address matched up. I reached towards the doorbell and internal conflict struck me. Was I really going to do this? Try and get a job in the porn industry? The fetish porn industry? I didn't even know if they paid well, I didn't even know if I even had the qualifications for the job!

1)Ring the doorbell

2)Go back home!

Like I said, fairly short and simple. I might even make another update within a day or two because this one is so short, but whatever, enjoy.

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> go back home

Well duh I mean come on we can't have the protaganist willingly diapered!


File: 1442794977247.png (1.54 MB, 1652x1024, 413:256, 1433551285528.png)

I'm going for the first vote here, considering that I like the first option more and first come first served. Take heart though, the protagonist diapered doesn't mean the end of this story!

>1)Ring the doorbell

Whether the conflict in my head was settled or not was irrelevant as my hand took over and pressed the smooth, white button in the center of the ornate casing. I could hear the muffled chime and was struck with an almost nauseating nervousness. The glass around the door was frosted and distorted in such a way that I could see a figure coming towards the door, but couldn't make out the finer details. My imagination ran wild, would it be some large daddy figure? Or maybe some model clad in only a diaper.

The person that opened the door was a woman, and I was kind of surprised with how normal she looked. She was tall and rather busty, but other than that she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, nothing special.

"Hey, you must be Ally, right? Come on in!", she said with a smile, moving aside and gesturing me inside. I walked in and looked at the majesty that was the foyer, and how it opened up into two massive staircases on either wall and had a huge entrance into the ground floor of the house.

"It's big, isn't it?" She asked.

"It's huge.. er…" I paused awkwardly, "Sophie, right?"

"Yep!" Sophie said, "Come on, let's interview you, right this way."

She lead me down a hallway into the house, and I followed, all the while looking for some models just walking around or doing everyday things, but I didn't see any. Eventually I just assumed that they were all just doing something, or maybe still asleep, because it's pretty early if you're not traditionally employed.

Sophie lead me into a small office. The man on the other side of the desk immediately stood up and shook hands. He was big, bearded and rather homely-looking, and was also dressedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Thanks but i need to do something today.

Let's make this intersting…



I second this one.


Op? You there? I would really like to see where you take this if you still can update it…

File: 1442650190048.png (488.21 KB, 1440x1040, 18:13, Diaper emblem.png)


Shoulda realized this would be a placed after Diaperchan bit the dust.

I guess I'll post that FE story that everyone loved so much: http://the-fiery-elf.deviantart.com/art/Pampered-Princess-in-Peril-544600167

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Story I wrote (the initial stuff anyway) on an island. About a girl on an island.

Was toying with the idea of having her get caught and then kept in diapers for a while.

Here's what I got so far: http://pastebin.com/d435dbFY

haven't worked on it for a very long time cause college.








Looks good nitpick. Any idea when you can finish it? Also, you need more messing in your stories


File: 1444276649631.jpg (1006.88 KB, 2500x1140, 125:57, gallery_6149_361_974420.jpg)


I dislike messing, actually. but I have written a practice scene that had messing. But it always struck me as being very creepy, so I haven't put it on my DA.

Here it is if you want it: http://pastebin.com/RUSx25WF

I came up with this after constantly bringing this image up over and over and just loving how Aroma Girl was drawn and all that.



Also it's going to be a while. I'm in a hell of a writing slump, and it's starting to mess with my grades in college.

But I promise I'll try to finish it off, and then I'll post it somewhere.

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